The Monty Mole

By Badyoyo

Day 21
Castle Koopa

Badyoyo: Is it the Monty Mole at work? Or is it double bluff? Suspicion is high, trust is low. Everyone in the group is playing two games, one for the team and one for themselves. Last time the Monty Mole claimed another victim, Gourmet Guy. He braved so many challenges with a smile, but the Monty Mole was one step ahead of him. Then again, it always is.

Waluigi is running.

Grodus is talking on a cell phone.

Captain Syrup is talking through a walkie talkie.

General Guy is jumping.

Badyoyo: This is... the Monty Mole.

Day 17
9:00 AM

After a long 4-day trip, Badyoyo and the four remaining contestants are in Glitzville.

Badyoyo: Well, after 4 days in the same blimp, you still all look so fresh. Are you feeling ready for a challenge?

The contestants nod.

Badyoyo: Good, first I need a volunteer, someone who can mix with any crowd.

Captain Syrup: AR! I nominate General Guy!

General Guy: SIRS! Why me SIRS?!

Waluigi: Grodus is a giant robot, Waluigi is a thin purple man, Syrup's a good-looking pirate. You're the most normal out of all of us!

General Guy: All right SIRS! I nominate myself SIR!

Badyoyo: All right, go over to those trailers please.

General Guy goes over to them.

Badyoyo: All right, for you three, please make your way to that car.

The 3 get in.

Badyoyo: This is the Sports Challenge. Waluigi, Grodus, and Captain Syrup will find a camera in the car, on it are 3 pictures of sporting champions from either Bowling, Fencing, or Jet Skiing. The first picture is of Anti Guy

Waluigi: That must be a bowler!

Grodus: Calculating person... Most likely sport... Bowling.

Badyoyo: The next picture is of Mario.

Waluigi: Cousin Mario likes to Fence and Bowl!

Captain Syrup: AR! Which one is he better at?

Waluigi: He's good at both!

Badyoyo: The last one is a picture of Biff Atlas

Grodus: Most likely sport... bowling.

Waluigi: So if Biff Atlas is the bowler, Mario must be into Fencing, so that means Anti Guy is the Jet Skier.

Grodus: Okay, most likely task for me... fencing, best fighter for me... Anti Guy.

Waluigi: Waluigi will jet ski with Biff Atlas.

Captain Syrup: AR! I be taking Mario on in bowling then!

The car drives up to the location given.

Badyoyo: Well, due to listening on your conversation, we already know who's doing what against who. So Anti Guy, you have to fence this man.

Grodus rolls up to General Guy.

Grodus: En garde.

Badyoyo: Save it for the challenge, Grodus, Here are the directions to the Fencing School.

Badyoyo gives Anti Guy the directions as he and Grodus leave to find the Fencing School in Glitzville.

Badyoyo: Mario, you have to bowl against Captain Syrup.

Captain Syrup: AR! Let's get bowling!

Mario: Who-a are you?

Captain Syrup: ...

Badyoyo: Mario, Captain Syrup, the bowling alley is just next to the fencing school, please follow Grodus and Anti Guy. That leaves Biff Atlas to have a Jet Ski race against Waluigi!

Biff Atlas: Let's do this!

Waluigi: Waluigi number one!

Badyoyo: Here are your round trip tickets to Rogueport and back, as well as the directions to get to the course.

Badyoyo gives Biff Atlas the directions and tickets.

Biff Atlas: Let's go, former partner!

Waluigi: Oh Biff Atlas, Waluigi isn't here for some money. Waluigi is here for revenge!

Biff Atlas: Revenge? For what?

Waluigi turns on a conveniently placed TV that happens to be showing "Wario's Apprentice" reruns.

Waluigi: Watch.


Silver gets in a taxi, with Lakitu holding all the coins.

Biff Atlas: I just realized something, guys. How can a Lakitu with a very big cloud due to holding coins, Lemmy Koopa, a Bandit, Waluigi, Bowser - a giant, spiked turtle - and me - a giant muscular ghost who can lift 100-pound weights - fit in a little-

The taxi explodes in the middle of the road. Chocolate coins fly everywhere. The camera this time focuses on Waluigi, who falls down to the ground jaw-first.

*End Flashback*

Waluigi: You got Waluigi fired because of that!

Biff Atlas: I should care, why?

Waluigi: Waluigi hate you and will destroy you!

Meanwhile with Grodus and Anti Guy:

Teacher: To fence, you must keep one hand on the-

Grodus: Already downloaded how to fence. Let's go.

Anti Guy: But I-

Grodus: En garde!

With Captain Syrup and Mario:

Captain Syrup: AR! I suspect you already know how to bowl!

Mario: Yep-a. Do you?

Captain Syrup: AR! I be a member of the "Seven Strikes" (the bowling team that gets at least that many strikes from every member). I think I can beat an idiot like you.

Mario: We'll-a see.

Captain Syrup and Mario: Let's bowl!

Mario throws first, and gets a strike. Captain Syrup prepares a cannon, puts the bowling ball in, then fires the bowling ball into the pins, getting a strike.

Captain Syrup: AR! Har har har!

With Biff Atlas and Waluigi…

Instructor: All right, your job is to ride around this dangerous course once. You'll be going at the same time, first one back wins. The course is marked by colored Bloopers; if you try to cut corners, the Bloopers will pull you under! Understand?

Waluigi and Biff Atlas: Yes sir!

The two get on their jet skis and ride off toward a swarm of angry Cheep Cheep.

Biff Atlas: This is what I have to deal with? Pathetic!

Biff Atlas jumps over the Cheep Cheep with ease, as does Waluigi, only he has more of a rocky landing, Biff Atlas takes the lead. He comes up to some Boss Bass, which fling themselves at him.

Biff Atlas: Yipes!

Biff Atlas ducks, slowing himself down. The Boss Bass make a wave so large, Waluigi's jet ski flies into the air, then goes underwater.

Biff Atlas: Good riddance to him!

The path is clear for Biff Atlas, who is almost at the turning point. However…


Waluigi regains control of his jet ski and slams right into Biff Atlas's jet ski, breaking. They both fall off in the ocean, with only one jet ski left. They both grab onto it, make the turn, and start fighting for control.

Waluigi: This is Waluigi's jet ski!

Waluigi tries to poke Biff Atlas in the eye, but Biff Atlas grabs his arm and slams it into the jet ski.

Waluigi: Ouch!

Biff Atlas: Yah!

Biff Atlas makes a roundhouse, but Waluigi ducks and delivers a roundhouse kick back at Biff Atlas, who goes down.

Waluigi: Ha!

Waluigi straightens himself up and rides to the finish line. Until-

???: You can't hurt a ghost, remember?

Biff Atlas has secretly been inside the jet ski, having pretended to be hurt by Waluigi's roundhouse kick. He grabs Waluigi and hurls him off the jet ski into the water. He crosses the finish line.

Biff Atlas: HA!

Instructor: Biff Atlas wins!

Waluigi: CHEATER!

Biff Atlas: You're the one who broke my jet ski, think of this as payback!

With Grodus and Anti Guy:

Anti Guy: AH! Ouch! Hey! Woah! STOP!

Grodus: You stink at fencing.

Grodus is absolutely massacring Anti Guy at fencing, going way over the needed 15 points.

Teacher: STOP! Grodus is the winner.

Grodus: Yes!

With Captain Syrup and Mario:

It's the tenth frame, last roll for each player, both have 290. Mario makes his last throw, it's a little lopsided.

Mario: Come on, come on…

The bowling ball knocks over all but one pin.

Captain Syrup: AR! Har har! One more cannonball should finish you off!

Captain Syrup places the bowling ball into the cannon, but while she makes sure everything is good, Mario whips out a Fire Flower and lights the fuse early. The cannon blows out the bowling ball, and Captain Syrup gets knocked down into the bowling lane. The cannonball hits the pin and it's…

Captain Syrup: AR! It be a strike! A perfect game!

Bowling Alley Owner: Mario wins!

Mario: Yahoo!

Captain Syrup: WHAT?!

Bowling Alley Owner: You crossed the line, it's an automatic gutter ball. Mario wins!

Mario: Yay!

Captain Syrup: AR! Hopefully the others won their tasks!

The camera cuts to Badyoyo and Wario in Glitzville square. The first to arrive are Captain Syrup and Mario.

Captain Syrup: AR! That Mario be a cheapskate!

Mario: I-a won!

Badyoyo: Well, that was obvious. Mario's the bowling champion of Glitzville.

Captain Syrup: What?!

Badyoyo: You three made the wrong choice. Oh look, Grodus and Anti Guy are here, why don't you tell them the bad news?

Grodus and a beat up Anti Guy walk into the square.

Captain Syrup: AR! Mario's a cheater and a champion!

Grodus: Situation... Okay. I have won my match against Anti Guy. Scanners predict he's never fenced in his life.

Badyoyo: That's true.

Captain Syrup: AR! That's makes him the jet ski champion, which means Waluigi's going up against a novice jet skier!

Badyoyo: Well, let's see... The blimp’s coming this way.

The blimps lands, Biff Atlas gets out and so does a soaked Waluigi.

Waluigi: Waluigi lost! ... Again!

Biff Atlas: Waluigi ain't number one this time, is he?

Badyoyo: I'm sorry, Waluigi, but you lost to a jet ski rookie, and Wario gets the 50,000 coins.

50,000 coins fall out of the sky and land in Wario's pot. He goes up to it and smells it.

Wario: Ah! I-a love the smell of money!

Badyoyo: Well 50,000 coins down the drain, but all is not lost because-

Waluigi: *in a mimicking voice* We have a challenge for you~

Badyoyo: And you just lost it because the challenge was not to insult me.

Captain Syrup kicks Waluigi in the gut.

Badyoyo: Just kidding, here's the real challenge that's worth 50,000 coins. While you three have been doing your sports challenge, General Guy has been trained in the art of disguise. He's somewhere on this busy Saturday afternoon street. In this challenge we're going to split you up: two are going up on the rooftops, one of you is going to be a runner. To win the 50,000 coins the runner must catch General Guy within 10 minutes. If you fail to catch him, General Guy will be given an exemption pass.

Waluigi nominates himself to be the runner, and Captain Syrup and Grodus get into position. To make sure the contest is fair, Grodus's scan option has been shut off. Captain Syrup is on the stadium, Grodus is on top of the item shop. Waluigi's in a van next to stadium. They can only communicate through radio. To search for General Guy they can only examine Glitzville through a camera they have control of.

Badyoyo: GO!

Captain Syrup: AR! Point the camera up the street!

The camera moves up the street, showing a wave of people. It's Four Seasons Day and four bands are playing, each representing a season.

Grodus: Waluigi, can you hear me?

Waluigi: Waluigi can.

Grodus: Good.

Captain Syrup: AR! I see a person who looks like Peewee Herman in the Spring Section. Zoom in on him!

The camera zooms in on a street performer.

Captain Syrup: AR! He be a bit too tall!

Grodus: Chances of him being General Guy: 65%.

If they spot General Guy, they have to describe him to Waluigi, who'll have to catch him.

Captain Syrup: AR! Pan left!

The camera pans left, showing the Summer Show.

Waluigi: Waluigi's bored!

Waluigi can only leave the van after eight minutes, so he's stuck for a while; by that time Syrup and Grodus must be CLEAR on where General Guy is.

Grodus: Wait!

Captain Syrup: What?

Grodus: I found Waldo!

The camera shows Waldo walking around.

Captain Syrup: AR! No one cares about Waldo! Search each Season!

Grodus: Starting at Spring Show.

Captain Syrup and Grodus get another look at the Spring Show, where a lot of street performers are.

Captain Syrup: AR! Keep your eye on that Peewee Herman guy!

Grodus: Looking for possible people General Guy could be... Here's one.

Captain Syrup: Who?

Grodus: There's a short guy who keeps getting beaten up.

Captain Syrup: AR! That be Kaval, a human! We're looking for Shy Guys!

Grodus: What do Shy Guys look like without they're masks?

Captain Syrup: ... I don't know.

Grodus: Let's move on to Summer.

The camera pans to the Summer Show. The Who are playing.

Captain Syrup Wait! The drummer of that band is a Shy Guy!

Grodus: Mmmmmm, no. General Guy has stubby arms.

Captain Syrup: The group plays good music though, what's its name again?

Grodus: Who.

Captain Syrup: The name of the group.

Grodus: Who.

Captain Syrup: The group on stage.

Grodus: Who.

Captain Syrup: The group playing onstage.

Grodus: Who.

Badyoyo: Stop! Pause the challenge!

The clock stops at 3:11.

Badyoyo: We can't just steal jokes from a show as good as Animaniacs! Who do we look like? The Irate Gamer?

Meanwhile down in The Monty Mole's Cafe, Bowser plays a laugh track.

Badyoyo: You be quiet down there! Just cut the joke and continue with the story!

The clock continues.

Grodus: Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Captain Syrup: Ar! Nothing here! Let's move on to Winter!

The cameras pan to Winter, where Vanilla Ice is playing, along with some... strange dancing snowmen that seem to be changing colors.

Grodus: Is there a drug for computers? Because I feel like I'm on it.

Captain Syrup: Any sign of General Guy?

Grodus: ... Yes.

Captain Syrup: Where?

Grodus: Right here in the Fall Section.

Grodus looks down and sees a Shy Guy conducting a band of Shy Guys.

Captain Syrup: AR! That totally be him! Ok Waluigi! There be sections in the times square, each one representing a season. Find the Fall section, then grab the conductor!

Waluigi: Got it! All Waluigi needs to do now is wait for the doors to open.

After a couple of seconds the doors open and Waluigi runs out into the times square, however Waluigi isn't the strongest and takes a lot of time to get through a mob of people to the Fall section.

Waluigi: Al*grunt*most there.

Soon an opening is made and Waluigi grabs the conductor at 10 seconds.

Waluigi: HA HA! Waluigi number one!

Badyoyo walks over as well as Grodus and Captain Syrup.

Badyoyo: Well, looks like you caught someone.

Waluigi hands the conductor to Badyoyo.

Waluigi: 100,000 coins please.

Badyoyo inspects the conductor.

Badyoyo: I think you need to have a closer look.

Captain Syrup: AR! What tomfoolery are you mumbling this time?

Badyoyo takes the mask off the conductor to reveal-

Grodus, Captain Syrup, and Waluigi: TOAD?!

Toad: What are you people doing?! How dare you interrupt "The Toad Guy Concert".

The band of Shy Guys also remove their masks, they're all Toads as well.

Waluigi: Now wait just a minute, if Toad's here, then where's General Guy?

Badyoyo whistles for General Guy. Suddenly one of the dancing snowmen in the Winter Section blinks and walks over to the others.

Badyoyo: Here's the man I think you were look for.

The nose, eyes, and forehead of the snowman pop off, only they're not snowman parts, it's actually General Guy's mask. He's also wearing a color-changing shirt.

General Guy: SIR! That was extremely fun SIR!

Captain Syrup: But... how?!

General Guy: It is very simple SIR!


General Guy is sent to the Four Seasons Festival, where he goes into a dressing room and changes from his normal general outfit (which is now smelly because he never changed it) into a color-changing shirt. Then he takes off his hat and offers to control a dancing snowman for free. The controls are hidden so only his head is up on top of the snowman, making the perfect disguise for General Guy.

*End Flashback*

General Guy: SIR! It was one of my best plans SIR!

Badyoyo: Well, your best plan earned you an exemption pass, but it also cost your pals 100,000 coins. Well, you guys lost, he won. Now let's get some rest and do some Video Diaries.

General Guy and Grodus go to sleep/shut down before their interviews, while Captain Syrup and Waluigi go back to the pool to suntan (Waluigi NEEDS one). After their rest they make their video diaries. However they don't have much to say.

Waluigi: Waluigi never wants to jet ski again.

Captain Syrup: AR! What you be trying to pull here?! First everyone but me and Kamek get a chance at immunity, then Goomba gets a chance, then Grodus, now GENERAL GUY?! Where's my chance?! I’ve worked the hardest! It's not fair... It's just not fair.

Grodus: Searching files... I require all the data I can get to pass the test.

General Guy: SIR! I am truly grateful for now having a free spot in the finals SIR!

Day 18

Everyone is finally having a different breakfast. Grodus is having oil, but this time Waluigi gives it a taste.

Waluigi: Bleah! This stuff is awful!

Meanwhile General Guy and Captain Syrup are having cereal.

General Guy: SIR! Trix is by far the best cereal of all time SIR!

Captain Syrup: AR! You be half of a halfwit! You be a quarterwit! Frosted Lug-Nuts is by far the best cereal around!

It's a good thing they never leave the room, because adjacent to that room is a mini-casino with a roulette wheel. Badyoyo comes in.

Badyoyo: Well, how is everyone doing?
Remaining Contestants: Good.

Badyoyo: I certainly hope you are, because in this next challenge, you're going to play Roulette!

Captain Syrup: That certainly doesn't sound too bad-

Badyoyo: OF DOOM!

Remaining Contestants: ...

Badyoyo: Well, let's get started. Everyone follow me.

The Final Four enter the mini casino with Badyoyo.

Badyoyo: On this table are two things: a roulette wheel and four blank cards. Each card has different tasks on it, each with different difficulties. After you get a card you'll throw the ball into the roulette wheel. If it lands on red you get to do the easier task, if you land on black you get the harder task. Here are the four cards.

Badyoyo reveals the cards.

Card #1
Red: Paint your nails blue.
Black: Dye your hair blue.

Card #2
Red: Paint a girl in a bikini.
Black: Be painted in a bikini.

Captain Syrup: AR! What be so tough about that card?!

Card #2 Black, con: If you’re Captain Syrup, be painted in a bikini in the middle of Ice Land.

Captain Syrup: ...

Card #3
Red: Have your ear pierced.
Black: Have your eyebrow pierced.

Card #4
Spin the wheel 3 times, and do every challenge.

The contestants cringe at hearing the last on.

Badyoyo: If 3 out of 4 of you successfully complete your challenges, then you win 100,000 coins. Please decide an order on who will do this.

Grodus: Systems predict I will do worst in the challenge; I will go first.

Captain Syrup: AR! I be going second.

Waluigi: Waluigi goes third.

General Guy: SIR! I will play the game last SIR!

Badyoyo: Very well, please wait outside while I change up the cards.

The Final Four leave, then Badyoyo switches up the cards into different colors.

Badyoyo: Send in Grodus first.

Grodus: Procedure of choosing a card... Eeny... Meeny... Miney... Moe.

Grodus picks up a red card. It's card #4.

Badyoyo: Ooooh. Bad luck, drop the balls.

Grodus drops the first one for determining which body part will be blue.

Grodus: ... Black.

Badyoyo: A nice shiny blue cockpit; next.

Grodus drops the next to determine who will be painted in a bikini.

Grodus: ... Black.

Badyoyo: Double Black, bad day for you. Finally…

Grodus drops the third ball to determine what will be pierced.

Grodus: ... Red.

Badyoyo: You need to get the side of your head pierced. Now go on.

Grodus leaves, then Captain Syrup comes in.

Captain Syrup: AR! I be doing anything but the bikini shot!

Badyoyo: Well, time to take a chance.

Captain Syrup grabs a red card. It's card #1.

Captain Syrup: Phew.

Badyoyo: Let's see what will be blue.

Captain Syrup drops the ball in.

Captain Syrup: AR! It be... BLACK?!

Badyoyo: You're going to be called Captain Bluehair after this. *snicker* Go on and do that.

Captain Syrup and Waluigi enter.

Badyoyo: Let's see what you have to do.

Waluigi picks up a green card. It's card #2.

Waluigi: Uh oh.

Badyoyo: Oooh, this should be interesting.

Waluigi drops the ball in.

Waluigi: Come on Red. Come on Red.

The ball lands on...

Waluigi: Of course... Black.

Badyoyo: This should be entertaining at least.

Waluigi stomps out while General Guy enters.

Badyoyo: Well, you only have one choice.

General Guy: SIR! I hope it is an easy task SIR!

General Guy picks the yellow card. It's card #3.

General Guy: Why me SIR!

Badyoyo: Let's see what you have to pierce.

General Guy drops the ball and it lands on...

General Guy: SIR! This is stupid SIR! I have to pierce my eyebrow even though I don't have any SIR!

Badyoyo: Hmm, good point... Get your eye hole pierced then.

General Guy: SIR! YES SIR!

General Guy leaves, Meanwhile Grodus has printed out a picture of what he will look like if he does the challenges. It's not pretty.

Grodus: Chances of this being humiliating and lethal to my fragile circuitry... High... I'm sorry, but I can't do this.

Meanwhile, Captain Syrup's at Wendy Koopa's Hair Salon.

Wendy: Where I specialize in humiliating you!

Wendy pours a bucket of blue paint on Captain Syrup's head.

Wendy: Done.

Captain Syrup: ... *sigh*... Anything for the money, I suppose.

Meanwhile Waluigi is seen trying on bikinis. He's too thin to wear even the smallest one.

Artist: Well you can forfeit the challenge, or wear a loose bikini, what do you want?

Waluigi looks at the camera, then at the mirror, then looks at the camera through the mirror.

Waluigi: Waluigi forfeits...

Meanwhile General Guy is getting his eye hole pierced.

General Guy: OW! SIR! OW! SIR! OW! SIR! OW! SIR! OW! SIR! OW! SIR! OW! SIR!

The piercer isn't all that great with making rings for eyes, so it takes quite a long, painful time for him to get the ring in.

8:00 PM

Badyoyo and Wario are at the pool.

Badyoyo: Well, the players have done their challenges, but who forfeited? Did they win the 100,000 coins? Or did Wario?

Wario: Here's a hint, it's ME!

Badyoyo: First down is Captain Syrup.

Captain Syrup walks to Wario and Badyoyo, who burst laughing at how stupid her hair looks.

Badyoyo: One *hee hee* point for the contestants. Let's get Grodus down here.

Grodus rolls down, looking exactly the same.

Badyoyo: Well, Grodus didn't take the chance. One point for Wario.

Wario: Come on, let's have another loser forfeit!

Badyoyo: Bring over Waluigi.

Waluigi walks down looking the same.

Badyoyo: Ouch, and Waluigi forfeited his test. So Wario wins the 100,000 coins.

Liquid gold starts spewing from the fountain and fills up Wario's pot.

Badyoyo: And for laughs, let's see if General Guy accepted his task.

General Guy walks down with a ring wedged into his eyehole.

Badyoyo: General Guy has done his task... however you four still lost.

General Guy: SIR! I had this put in me for nothing?!

Badyoyo: Yep, but before you complain, it's time for the semifinal... test.

1. Did the Monty Mole win its sport challenge? (Not being there counts as a win.)
Waluigi: Yes
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: No

2. In the Capture General Guy challenge, was the Monty Mole on the streets? Or on top of the buildings?
Waluigi: Buildings
Grodus: Streets
Captain Syrup: Streets
General Guy: Buildings

3. Has the Monty Mole been offered an exemption pass?
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: No

4. Did the Monty Mole suntan or sleep before giving its video diary?
Waluigi: Sleep
Grodus: Suntan
Captain Syrup: Sleep
General Guy: Suntan

5. What did the Monty Mole have for breakfast on Day 18?
Waluigi: Oil
Grodus: Cereal
Captain Syrup: Cereal
General Guy: Cereal

6. In the order of the Roulette challenge, Did the Monty Mole get an even number or an odd number?
Waluigi: Even
Grodus: Even
Captain Syrup: Even
General Guy: Odd

7. Did the Monty Mole successfully complete its task?
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: Yes

8. How many words are in the Monty Mole's name?
Waluigi: One
Grodus: One
Captain Syrup: Two
General Guy: Two

9. What is the Monty Mole's favorite food?
Waluigi: Pizza
Grodus: Pizza
Captain Syrup: Pizza
General Guy: Goat Ice Cream

10. Where was the Monty Mole born?
Waluigi: Unknown
Grodus: Unknown
Captain Syrup: Shy Guy’s Toybox
General Guy: Unknown

11. Does the Monty Mole like TV?
Waluigi: Yes
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: No

12. Did the Monty Mole care about Gourmet Guy's elimination?
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: No

13. Who is the Monty Mole?
Waluigi: ???
Grodus: ???
Captain Syrup: ???
General Guy: ???

If you've read this story from the beginning then I shouldn't need to explain where everything is.

Badyoyo: So, one last elimination before the final episode, where The Monty Mole will be revealed. Well, we've gotten to know each other quite well, now it's time to finally see... that poor semifinalist who you were rooting for and just got eliminated. We'll start with... CAPTAIN SYRUP!

Wario types her name into the machine, she catches the carrot as it pops up.

Badyoyo: ...

Waluigi: ...

Grodus: ...

General Guy: ...

Captain Syrup: ...

Captain Syrup slowly opens her hand, revealing it to be...

Captain Syrup: ... Red.

Badyoyo: Captain Syrup... It's time to go.

Captain Syrup soon snaps.


Captain Syrup starts firing cannonballs at Badyoyo, however Gloomtail spews poison breath on her before she can land a hit. She faints, the ground opens up, and she and her cannon fall in.

Badyoyo: *Phew* Nearly hit me there. Anyway, the Monty Mole has claimed his seventh victim. Who will be the last, who is the Monty Mole, and will be the winner?

Interview with the Monty Mole: Such a tough girl, she tried oh so hard to find out who I was, but was just a little too off topic to figure it out. Well, her loss.

The Monty Mole begins laughing evilly again, and the camera fades out.

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