The Monty Mole

By Badyoyo

Day 21
Castle Koopa

Badyoyo: This journey ends here, a 3-week journey that has brought 10 ordinary people an awesome long way. Many were too dumb to make it, but for those lucky 3, they are going to learn a secret. A secret we all want to know. A secret that has never been revealed on Lemmy's Land because no one has ever completed a story like this. But what is the secret you ask? Why am I in Castle Koopa? All of this will answered shortly, when we jump back to beginning of the tale. The first day, the first chapter of his great journey. The story, of the Monty Mole.

Day 1
Diamond City Airport

Cars come up and show 10 people.

Badyoyo: 10 people, some famous, some not famous, some making their first gameshow debute- on yeah, and only one woman. They're all going on one flight on a private jet. They don't know anyone, and they don't know where they're heading, the only reason they're in Diamond City is because my last gameshow took place there. 9 of these people have answered a newspaper ad. But one of them has been hired by us, as a traitor. That person, is the Monty Mole.

Badyoyo plays dramatic music on a piano.

Badyoyo: For the next 3 weeks, these people all have to trust each other in challenges to make a LOT of coins. But they must remember that one person is their enemy. No one (but the Monty Mole) knows this yet. But they're soon going to.

The 10 contestants are shown in a security tape.

Badyoyo: Everyone is here. Everything is set, let the games begin.

Intercom: Will all players get their bags and make their way upstairs?

They do and all enter the room in this order.

Kamek Koopa
Age 57
Magic Administrator
Dark Land

Bowser Koopa
Age 45
Dark Land

Age 23
Food Taster
Birthplace Unknown

Age 32
Mandibug Leader
Honeyhive Galaxy

Gourmet Guy
Age 36
Shy Guy Toybox

Waluigi Wario
Age 24
Oil Company President
Dinosaur City

Age Unknown
Leader of X-Nauts
Birthplace Unknown (because he's a robot)

Captain Syrup
Age 34
Birthplace Unknown

General Guy
Age 34
Shy Guy’s Toybox

Age 25
Birthplace Unknown

Badyoyo appears on a television screen inside the room

Badyoyo: Welcome, I can finally tell you all why you're here. Right now, you're 10 people no one really cares about. But for the next 3 weeks, you'll be working as a team in many challenges. Each challenge you win will give you money in your pot, and a maximum of two million coins can be won. However, there is always bad news: one of you isn't playing by the rules. One of you is a traitor, specially selected by me to do anything to ruin any chances of making money, and that person is The Monty Mole.

Badyoyo plays more dramatic music.

Badyoyo: Your one true task is to figure out the identity of the mole. At the end of every episode, the person who knows the least about The Monty Mole’s identity will be eliminated, with no chance of ever appearing on the show again. Eventually, only three of you will remain. One of you will screw up in the last task, one will be the Mole, and one will get the money and unmask The Monty Mole. For now, make your way out the backdoor. We have a plane to catch.

The 10 leave the room and go out the door to see a giant private jet, specially built to hold all of them and withstand their weight. Next to the plane is Badyoyo.

Badyoyo: Good morning, everyone. I hope you all feel chirpy. We have a challenge for you. If you win, you get 100,000 coins for your pot. If you lose... Wario, come out here for a second.

Wario runs out holding an empty bag.

Wario: Give me the money! Losers!

Badyoyo: If you lose, your money will go into Wario's Pot, which he will get at the end of the game.

Wario: So lose the game! Morons!

Badyoyo: Since this is your first challenge, we'll pity you and make it simple. You're going to fly up in that plane, but you have to jump out before the plane lands.

Contestants: Oh no.

Badyoyo: First you need expert training, with some of Diamond City's best Paratroopa pilots.

10 Paratroopas fly to the contestants for offscreen ground training. When they all feel ready they head into the plane. To win the challenge, all 10 must jump out of the plane and land on the ground without dieing. They will land on a remote beach close to Dr. Crygor's island. If one of them refuses...

Wario: I get the money! WAHAHA!

Kamek, Bowser, Bugaboom, Waluigi, and Captain Syrup have faced this task before. But Belome, Gourmet Guy, Grodus, General Guy, and Goomba haven't, and looking at them, they never planned to.

Badyoyo: All right guys, you’re at the maximum height, now it's time for jumping.

Kamek: All right, time for someone to actually speak. I'm going first!

Kamek jumps out, but while in midair he pulls out his wand and teleports to the beach he sees.

Badyoyo: Well.. you're on the ground at least, just don't use it for anyone else.

Bugaboom: Hello, Lemmy's Land! This is my first gameshow! Woohoo!

Bugaboom jumps out and flies down to the beach.


Bowser jumps out and opens his chute after a couple of seconds

Belome: *gulp*

Waluigi: Waluigi Number One!

Waluigi jumps out of the plane and gets his chute ready.

Grodus: Chances of surviving with mass... 10%... That is a chance I must allow.

Grodus rolls his way out of the plane and, counting to 10 really fast, opens his chute.

Gourmet Guy: Uh... I haven't had lunch yet. Can I back out?

Captain Syrup: AR! No of you scurvy dogs will be backing out on this ship! You all will be walking the plank!

Captain Syrup jumps out and waits patiently, then opens her chute.

General Guy: Captain Syrup's right, we have to do this. Besides, if someone doesn't jump, he's probably the Monty Mole.

General Guy jumps out and opens his chute, leaving 3 scared minions up in the plane.

Gourmet Guy: I don't want to do this.

Belome: I don't either.

Goomba: MOMMY!

Badyoyo: You have 5 minutes to jump out of the plane before you lose the money!

They wait around for a minute, suddenly Goomba gets up.

Goomba: All right, I'll do it for the money.

Goomba jumps out.

Goomba: Goodbye, cruel world!

Goomba doesn't have arms so he can't open the chute, luckily he lands in a hay bale.

Badyoyo: One minute!

Gourmet Guy: Well it looks like the end.

Belome: Yep.

Gourmet Guy: But just imagine what food we could get for just 100,000 coins.

Belome: Yeah...

Gourmet Guy: I'm doing it.

Gourmet Guy waddles out of the plane.

Gourmet Guy: This is for you, cheeseburgers!

Gourmet Guy lands safely on the beach.

Badyoyo: 30 seconds!

9 who jumped: COME ON, BELOME!

Belome: NO!

Badyoyo: 10 seconds.

Belome sits down.

Belome: Take me down.

Badyoyo: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0... I'm sorry, guys. But you lost.

The 9 who jumped start complaining.

Wario: Hey! That means Wario gets the money!

100,000 coins fall out of the sky and land in Wario's bag.


The plane lands and Belome gets before 9 angry teammates.

Badyoyo: Well, you lost. But have no fear. There are plenty more challenges where that came from. For now, let's take you to your hotel.

2 cabs approach the contestants. Kamek, Bugaboom, Bowser, Grodus, and Waluigi get in one, while Goomba, Gourmet Guy, General Guy, Belome, and Captain Syrup get in another. However, one goes off course and goes back to Diamond City Airport. Kamek, Bugaboom, Bowser, Grodus, and Waluigi get out, confused. They see Badyoyo near a luggage rack.

Badyoyo: Well, everyone, you may have lost the first match. But have no fear, ‘cause I have another challenge for you. I hope you recognize these.

Badyoyo shows the five their suitcases.

Badyoyo: The good news is, your stuff is still here in one piece, the bad news, you have too much stuff. You have 5 minutes to stuff your stuff in these duffel bags.

Badyoyo shows 5 black and green duffel bags.

Badyoyo: Anything goes, but you must leave one item behind...  GO!

The five run over. Kamek has traveled light. Maybe he prepared for this challenge.

Kamek: All my stuff easily fits in the duffel bag... but just to play nice, I'll throw one of my wands away.

Kamek tosses one of his many wands into his old suitcase.

Bugaboom: I didn't really bring a lot with me, just a couple of berries to remind me of home.

Bugaboom tosses all but one of his berries into his duffel bag. He puts one berry into his old suitcase (which is a paper bag).


Grodus: Then leave it behind.

Bowser puts his spare shell in his gigantic suitcase. His collars and steak fit into the duffel bag perfectly well. Meanwhile, Grodus is doing a lot of work with his duffel bag.

Grodus: Each component is made to help fix me in case of danger. I need to put in all rare things, essential things, and things I can put together myself.

Grodus is doing careful work.

Waluigi: Hmm, Waluigi needs his pants, his shirts, his shoes, and his hats.

Waluigi tries to stuff them into his duffel bag.

Waluigi WAAH! They don't fit!

Waluigi throws out a pair of shoes, now all his stuff fits.

Waluigi: Waluigi has to go without all of his technology and utensils. Waah!

Badyoyo: 5... 4… 3… 2… 1

In the last second Waluigi squeezes in his iPhone.

Waluigi: Just to be safe.

Badyoyo: Well done, everyone. Now that you’re traveling a little lighter... or in Waluigi's case, a lot…

Badyoyo opens Waluigi's suitcase, to see over 80% of it full.

Badyoyo: I'm afraid to tell you, your challenge is far from over. Now I need you to do it again. But only with these suitcases.

Badyoyo shows them the suitcases belonging to the other members.

Badyoyo: Grab one of them each. No sharing your space for someone else, and one must leave one item behind. You have 3 minutes to do this, GO!

Everyone begins opening the suitcases. Immediately Kamek is struggling with Gourmet Guy's bag. It's undoubtedly the largest, but to his surprise...

Kamek: This is a suitcase full of food!

Kamek, angry, now starts tossing all healthy food into Gourmet Guy's duffel bag. Bugaboom is doing well with Captain Syrup's stuff, until he finds.

Bugaboom: *GASP*

Bugaboom finds a can of bug spray.

Bugaboom: Bug Murder!

Bugaboom tosses it back into the suitcase, then begins rearranging the stuff.

After 2 minutes, Bowser hasn't even opened General Guy's bag.


Grodus: Must toss only thing Goomba has.

Grodus doesn't change anything as the only thing Goomba brought was a pair of socks.

Waluigi: Waluigi don't like sort out food!

Waluigi tosses all of Belome's eggplants into Belome's duffel bag.

Waluigi: There.

Badyoyo: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... stop.

Back at the hotel, Gourmet Guy, General Guy, Belome, Goomba, and Captain Syrup are chatting, not knowing what's going on. A butler comes over.

Butler: Telephone for you, sir.

The butler hands General Guy a ringing cell phone.

General Guy: Thank you.

General Guy answers it.

General Guy: Hello?

Badyoyo: There's been a problem with your luggage, I need all of you at the airport, straight away.

General Guy: Got it.

General Guy hangs up.

General Guy: TO THE AIRPORT!

The camera cuts to the airport, where everyone now is.

Badyoyo: I'm sorry to say that you packed too much stuff. So they had to be repacked by the others. The bed news is at least one of your items has been left behind. Good news is, we have a challenge for you. If 3 out of the 5 of you can guess one item that has been left behind, you will win 50,000 coins for your pot. Belome, you go first.

Belome: I predict an eggplant was left in the bag.

Badyoyo: All right, go search.

Belome opens his suitcase, seeing all his food except eggplants is there.


Waluigi slowly raises his hand and Belome tackles him and starts trying to eat his nose. Bowser pulls him off of Waluigi before any major damage is caused.

Badyoyo: Captain Syrup.

Captain Syrup: AR! I predict a bandana was left behind.

Badyoyo: All right, take a look.

Captain Syrup looks in her suitcase, seeing a can of bug spray and all of her pairs of pants.

Captain Syrup: (I know Bugaboom did this, and I'm going to kill him for making me wear the same pair of pants for these 3 weeks.)

Badyoyo: Well you 3 have to get it right now. General Guy.

General Guy: I predict my plans for my latest tank have been left behind.

Badyoyo: All right, let's see.

General Guy opens his suitcase to see that everything is still in it.

General Guy: Who did my suitcase?

Bowser: I DID!

General Guy: I hate this guy already.

Badyoyo: Well that's one point. Goomba, you're next.

Goomba: A sock.

Goomba opens his bag and pulls out his pair of socks.

Badyoyo: All right, that leaves Gourmet Guy to get it right.

Gourmet Guy: I predict I'm going to lose my broccoli, no one wants that on a trip.

Badyoyo: Time for the moment of truth.

Gourmet Guy opens his suitcase, seeing that all the unhealthy stuff is there.

Gourmet Guy: NOOOOOOOO!

Badyoyo: Well, you guys lost again. And Wario gets another 50,000 coins.

Badyoyo regrettably hands Wario a check for 50,000 coins.

Wario: YES! Keeping losing losers! I love the money!

Badyoyo: Right now, get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow.

The camera cuts to a dinner table with people having dinner. Bowser, Belome, Gourmet Guy, and Waluigi are having meat. Bugaboom and Goomba are having some berries, Captain Syrup is having some muffins, General Guy and Kamek are having vegetables, and Grodus is drinking some oil. Badyoyo enters.

Badyoyo: Hello, everyone. I just want to give you all a little toast, and I wish all of you good luck.

Competitors: Cheers.

Badyoyo: Also, before you go to bed tonight, I want you all to think on who you want to have an early morning wakeup call. That person I'll see later, and I'll see you 9 at breakfast. So good night everyone.

Before the end of the day, everyone has to make some kind of video diary. This will also contain their vote.

Kamek: When Badyoyo told me to jump out of a plane, I thought it was no sweat.


Belome: I really chickened out, up there. But there was no way I was going to jump off anything.

Bugaboom: Having the ability to fly really helps you in those kinds of challenges.

Gourmet Guy: The hard part is just leaving the plane, the easy part is landing.

Waluigi: Waluigi had lots of fun lunging to his doom!

Kamek: That luggage challenge was easy... until I had to handle Gourmet Guy's suitcase. There's a little rule in traveling, your suitcase stinks if it's filled with food.


Belome: I don't know how long I'm going to last without my precious food. Curse you, Waluigi.

Bugaboom: I feel that the reason we lost is because of bad luck. We can't really tell who did our suitcases. I don't think we have the Monty Mole really trying that hard to ruin a simple challenge as this.

Gourmet Guy: Who puts broccoli in a suitcase instead of meat? Stupid Kamek, that's who. I think he could be the Monty Mole

Kamek: The Monty Mole is someone who can lie to us, cheat in the challenges, and steal away our gold, and yet still has to be creative and sneaky.


Belome: I haven't noticed anything suspicious about anyone other than Waluigi. So wake him up.

Bugaboom: A problem for the Monty Mole is that he's got to stay secretive.

Gourmet Guy: I don't think there is a Monty Mole.

Kamek: I think Belome is most deserving of an early morning call, because he eats too much, plus he ruined the plane challenge.

Bugaboom: Captain Syrup, for trying to kill me... or other bugs, I don't know.

Gourmet Guy: Wake up Kamek.

Waluigi: Waluigi want to wake up Belome!

Grodus: Systems say best person to wake up is... Waluigi.

Captain Syrup: AR! Wake up that stupid Bugaboom!

General Guy: Bowser, for not even trying at the suitcase challenge.

Goomba: Um... Waluigi, I guess.

Day 2
3:00 AM

Badyoyo pours ice water on Waluigi.

Waluigi: AAAH!

Badyoyo: Get dressed and meet me in the hall.

Waluigi: *yawn* Ok.

Waluigi gets out of bed, puts on his overalls and shoes, and walks out to Badyoyo, who covers his head with a blindfold.

Waluigi: What the?

Badyoyo: SHHH! Don't wake the others.

Waluigi: Well okay.

Badyoyo drags the blindfolded Waluigi to the car, then throws him in the backseat. Badyoyo drives off and Waluigi falls asleep.

Waluigi: ZZZZZ.

Badyoyo stops the car and drags the sleeping Waluigi into a house. Badyoyo removes Waluigi's blindfold, then shuts and locks the door.

8:00 AM

Everyone is having breakfast. Belome, Gourmet Guy, and Bowser are having bacon. Kamek is having orange juice, Captain Syrup is having milk, Goomba and Bugaboom are eating more berries, General Guy is having some toast, and Grodus is still having oil.

Grodus: Yum yum.

Badyoyo appears.

Badyoyo: Good morning, everyone. Now, you see that a member of your party is missing.

Everyone looks around to see Waluigi is gone.

Badyoyo: Yes, Waluigi's been taken captive.

Everyone starts murmuring with their table partner.

Badyoyo: That's the bad news, the good news is, we have a challenge for you, and it's worth 100,000 coins. The challenge is simple. Find Waluigi. Follow me.

Badyoyo leads the 9 to a room filled with maps.

Badyoyo: You will spend 5 minutes in here, discussing how you will find Waluigi. Yyou can go 3 ways. 3 people must fly, 3 people must drive, and 3 people must ride on a boat. Discuss... now!

Kamek: All right, me and Bugaboom will fly.

Captain Syrup: AR! I'll be flying as well!


Gourmet Guy: ME TOO!

Belome: ME THREE!

General Guy: Well, I guess that leaves me with Goomba and Grodus.

Grodus: Systems predict, we still have use in here.

Kamek: We don't have time! We have to go.

Goomba: Yeah, let's just go tell Badyoyo.

Bowser: GOOD IDEA!

The 9 leave, not knowing that if they’d studied the maps they could've found Waluigi's location on the map, marked with a thumbprint.

Badyoyo: Okay, everyone, you have 90 minutes to go and find Waluigi... GO!

Captain Syrup gets on Kamek's broom.

Captain Syrup: AR! Let's go find that stupid scallywag.

Kamek: Yes! Let's… Come, Bugaboom!

Bugaboom: Got it!

Kamek and Bugaboom take to the skies.

Meanwhile at the docks…

Bowser, Belome, and Gourmet Guy jump on the boat.


Gourmet Guy: I don't think it works that way.

Belome: So hungry...

By the car…

Grodus: Systems predict I cannot fit in that car.

General Guy: Well we need to do something.

Goomba: Don't you have the ability to remove your head or something?

Grodus: Yes. Head Eject.

Grodus's head pops out of his body.

Grodus: Let's go.

They head into the car.

General Guy: Uh oh.

Goomba: What?

General Guy: I'm too short to reach the pedals.

Goomba: Grodus, you do it. I'll handle the shift and observe. General Guy, you steer.

General Guy: Yes sir!

They get the car rolling, and speed off.

Meanwhile in the air…

Kamek: You see any sign of Waluigi?

Bugaboom: Nope.

Captain Syrup: AR! That feeble idiot must be here somewhere!

At Sea…


Gourmet Guy: Maybe we should've read the maps.

Belome: Shut up and find me some food.

On Land:

Goomba: Turn left! ... RIGHT!

General Guy: Yes sir!

The car drives wildly down the street.

Grodus: Chances of winning this task... 2%.

Meanwhile back at Waluigi's hostage place…

Waluigi: *yawn* What a nice rest... Wait... Where is Waluigi?

Waluigi looks around, not used to his new environment.

Waluigi: Hmmm. What's this?

Waluigi picks up a note.

Note: You are locked behind a locked door and require 3 keys.
The three keys are in the 3 vehicles going to rescue you.
The drivers don't know about this.
So when they call, tell them, for if not all the keys are together, there will be a lock-in and you will not win the coins.

Waluigi: Got it!

Waluigi notices a cell phone.

Waluigi: Cool!

Waluigi tries to call someone, but finds he cannot make outbound calls. He can only receive calls from the vehicles.

Waluigi: All right... Waluigi will wait.

30 minutes pass, no one has any clue on what to do and all have been mindlessly driving/flying for half an hour with no plan whatsoever. No one has even thought to call Waluigi.


Suddenly Kamek has an idea.

Kamek: I think we could get great information on Waluigi if I called him.

No, really?!

Kamek starts to dial, Waluigi's cell phone rings.

Waluigi: Hello?

Kamek: Waluigi, this is Kamek. Can you please describe where you are?

Waluigi: Hold on! Waluigi has to tell you something though.

Kamek: What?

Waluigi: In each of the 3 vehicles, a key is hidden. We need all 3 to save me. If we don't have all 3 at once, there'll be a lock-in and we'll lose the money.

Kamek: Got it... Wait a minute! We have no keys up here, we're on a broomstick!

Captain Syrup: Uh...

Bugaboom: What?

Captain Syrup: I just remembered.

Captain Syrup removes her necklace, revealing a key was tied to it.

Captain Syrup: Badyoyo gave this to me before we left.

Kamek: You couldn’t've told us that SOONER?!

Captain Syrup: I thought he was just giving me a treasure.

Kamek: All right, I'll phone the others, but please tell us where you are.

Waluigi looks out a narrow window and sees a rocky beach next to a road.

Waluigi: Waluigi is in some kind of two-story building on some sort of island surrounded by a rocky shoreline and connected by some road.

Kamek: Gotcha! Goodbye!

Kamek hangs up.

Kamek: We have to follow the coastline road.

Kamek veers his broomstick toward the shoreline, then calls the car.

Meanwhile on the boat:

Belome: So... hungry...

Belome eats the cell phone.


Belome: I'm so... HUNGRY!

Belome starts trying to get a bite of Bowser.


In the car:

Their cell phone starts ringing.

General Guy: Can somebody get that?

Goomba: I have no hands! And you have to drive!

Grodus: Purpose for task... work gas.

General Guy: Let it go to voice mail!

Goomba: Also turn right here!

Cell Phone: Listen guys, there's a key hidden in your car somewhere. We need to free Waluigi, if we don't have it, we'll lose the money.

General Guy: Goomba! Search the car!

Goomba: I have no hands! Pull over!

General Guy stops the car. He unbuckles his seatbelt and starts searching the car.

General Guy: See anything?

Goomba bonks his head on the glove compartment. Maps fall out, but no key.

Goomba: Nope.

General Guy searches the backseat pockets.

General Guy: Aha!

General Guy pulls out a key.

General Guy: Back to driving!

General Guy jumps back into his seat and begins steering again.

Back in the air:

Kamek: I can't get a signal out to the boat.

Captain Syrup: Let me try!

Kamek: No! You sit there and appeal to the audience.

Kamek keeps trying. After a couple of tries he gives up and calls Waluigi.

Waluigi: Hello?

Kamek: Listen, you got something to hang out the window so we can find you?

Waluigi: Waluigi got a sleeping bag.

Kamek: Good, hang that out the window.

Waluigi: Got it.

Waluigi takes the sleeping bag and puts it right out the window.

Waluigi: There, now you should be able to find me.

Meanwhile on the water…

Belome is still trying to eat Bowser, but Gourmet Guy and some crewmembers are finally able to pull him off.

Belome: So... hungry... I could eat... a Giant Mandibug!

Belome spots Bugaboom and points him out to Bowser.

Bowser: Follow that Mandibug!

The boat starts chasing Bugaboom.

In the air:

Kamek: Hey... I think I see his sleeping bag!

Kamek spots Waluigi's place.

Captain Syrup: AR! Let's go.


Gourmet Guy: They must be heading toward that house with a sleeping bag hanging out the window.

On the Road:

The phone rings again.

General Guy: Again, put it to voicemail.

Goomba: Right!

General Guy: Got it!

Goomba: ... Wait... NO!

General Guy drives off the cliff and onto the boat.

General Guy: I take it you meant "Correct"?

Goomba nods and glares at General Guy

Bowser: HEY GUYS!

General Guy: Oh, hey Bowser, Belome, Gourmet Guy.

Gourmet Guy: Hi

Grodus: Chances of finding key because they have no cell phone... 3%.

Bowser: WHAT KEY?!

Grodus: The defense rests.

General Guy: There's a key somewhere on this boat, and we need it to free Waluigi, without it there'll be a lock-in and we'll lose the money.


Everyone starts searching.

Meanwhile in the air:

Kamek, Captain Syrup, and Bugaboom have landed.

Kamek: All right, now we wait for the others.

Captain Syrup checks her watch.

Captain Syrup: AR! There be only 10 minutes left in the challenge!

Bugaboom: Hey guys! It's the boat, with the car on it!

Kamek: Well that's certainly lucky.

Meanwhile on the boat:

Grodus: Clock time for challenge... 5 minutes.


General Guy: Good, land on that shore!

The boat lands and everyone gets off.

Kamek: Look, we only have 3 minutes. So everyone just place their key in the gate at the same time... 1... 2... 3!

Bowser, Kamek, and General Guy place their keys in a gate, which opens.

Grodus: 2 minutes to go.

Kamek: GO GO GO!

Bowser runs up the stairs and breaks the door to Waluigi's room, and the clock stops at 1:30

Waluigi: Yay!

Bowser: WE DID IT!

Kamek: OH YEAH!

Waluigi and the others have a small celebration on the beach.

Waluigi: As Booster would say in a completely different Fun Fiction: HOORAH!

Competitors: HOORAH!

The camera cuts to a small meeting room with Badyoyo and the competitors.

Badyoyo: Well, congratulations on your win... Now, we looked at the footage, and I think I need to show you something.

Badyoyo shows everyone the clip of General Guy parking the car in the middle of a highway to look for the key.

Badyoyo: You absolutely know you could get killed. You're lucky nothing ever goes down that highway.

General Guy: I couldn't see over the steering wheel.

Badyoyo: I don't care, you broke the law. Therefore you broke the game. You must comply with the law in your challenges. So I'm afraid that-


Badyoyo hands a check to Wario for 100,000 coins.

Wario: Hooray!

Badyoyo: Well, was this just stupidity that you guys don't have money? Or is the Monty Mole really clever? You guys are going to have to find out. It's time to take the test!

Each player is going to have to take a questionnaire about the Monty Mole. The person who answers the least questions right about the Monty Mole will be eliminated. The last question is optional, but if a player makes a guess and is correct, he will automatically be safe. But if he guesses incorrectly, he will be eliminated. Also the Mole can see everyone else's answers, just like you

1. How old is the Monty Mole?
Kamek: 23
Bowser: 34
Belome: 36
Bugaboom: 34
Gourmet Guy: 23
Waluigi: Unknown
Grodus: 25
Captain Syrup: 34
General Guy: 34
Goomba: 34

2. What did the Monty Mole have for dinner?
Kamek: Meat
Belome: Meat
Bugaboom: Muffins
Gourmet Guy: Meat
Waluigi: Oil
Grodus: Berries
Captain Syrup: Vegetables
General Guy: Meat
Goomba: Muffins

3. What did the Monty Mole have for breakfast?
Kamek: Bacon
Belome: Bacon
Bugaboom: Milk
Gourmet Guy: Bacon
Waluigi: Bacon
Grodus: Berries
Captain Syrup: Toast
General Guy: Bacon
Goomba: Milk

4. What color hair does the Monty Mole have?
Kamek: Yellow
Bowser: RED!
Belome: No hair
Bugaboom: Red
Gourmet Guy: Yellow
Waluigi: No hair
Grodus: Red
Captain Syrup: No Hair
General Guy: Red
Goomba: Red

5. Did the Monty Mole rearrange his or her own luggage?
Kamek: No
Bowser: NO!
Belome: No
Bugaboom: No
Gourmet Guy: No
Waluigi: Yes
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: No
Goomba: Yes

6. Did the Monty Mole jump out of the plane?
Kamek: No
Bowser: YES!
Belome: Yes
Bugaboom: Yes
Gourmet Guy: No
Waluigi: Yes
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: Yes
Goomba: Yes

7. Where was the Monty Mole born?
Kamek: Unknown
Belome: Shy Guy’s Toy Box
Bugaboom: Unknown
Gourmet Guy: Unknown
Waluigi: Unknown
Grodus: Dinosaur City
Captain Syrup: Shy guy Toy Box
General Guy: Unknown
Goomba: Unknown

8. What is the Monty Mole's occupation?
Kamek: Food Taster
Bowser: GENERAL!
Belome: Roadblock
Bugaboom: Pirate
Gourmet Guy: Food Taster
Waluigi: Leader of X-Nauts
Grodus: Oil Company President
Captain Syrup: General
General Guy: Pirate
Goomba: Pirate

9. What was the Monty Mole's role in the hostage challenge?
Kamek: Sea
Bowser: LAND!
Belome: Sea
Bugaboom: Air
Gourmet Guy: Sea
Waluigi: Land
Grodus: Hostage
Captain Syrup: Road
General Guy: Air
Goomba: Air

10. Is the Monty Mole male or female?
Kamek: Male
Bowser: FEMALE!
Belome: Male
Bugaboom: Female
Gourmet Guy: Male
Waluigi: Male
Grodus: Female
Captain Syrup: Male
General Guy: Female
Goomba: Female

11. Did the Monty Mole find a key?
Kamek: No
Bowser: YES!
Belome: No
Bugaboom: Yes
Gourmet Guy: No
Waluigi: No
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: Yes
Goomba: Yes

12. Did the Monty Mole talk to a tablemate when they were told that Waluigi was captive?
Kamek: Yes
Bowser: NO!
Belome: Yes
Bugaboom: Yes
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: Yes
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: Yes
Goomba: No

LAST. Who is the Monty Mole?
Captain Syrup:?
General Guy:?

Everyone is out in an open field, Wario is by a machine, and Badyoyo comes over.

Badyoyo: Well, we've known each other for so long. But one of us has to go. Wario here has seen the results of your test, and will put different carrots into a machine. The carrots will pop out of the pipe next to you. If it has a green top, you're alive for another episode, if it has a red top... oh Gloooooomtail!

Gloomtail flies right behind the players.

Badyoyo: Gloomtail here will spew poison breath on you.

A Dark Koopa pays Badyoyo 20 coins.

Badyoyo: All right, we'll go in alphabetical order. Starting with... BELOME!

Wario types his name into the computer, and the carrot pops out, but Belome gobbles it up.

Badyoyo: Drop it!

Bowser whacks Belome on the back and Belome spits out a green top.

Badyoyo: BOWSER!

Wario types Bowser’s name into the machine, Bowser snatches his carrot to see...


Badyoyo: BUGABOOM!

Wario types Bugaboom's name into the machine, his carrot pops out as...

Bugaboom: RED?!

Badyoyo: Bugaboom, it's time to go.

Bugaboom: But it's my first game! I should at least survive another epi-

Gloomtail spews poison breath on Bugaboom, who collapses, then a hole appears below Bugaboom and he falls in.

Badyoyo: The Monty Mole has claimed his or her first victim... Who will be next?

Interview with the Mole: Poor fellow, he had so much potential. But on this show, you can't get just appear and expect to win.

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