Koopalings' Mansion

By Fred the Mole

Prologue:  Mansion Contest

One day the Koopalings were sitting around in the castle when they heard the mail bell.  None of the Koopalings wanted to get the mail.  So Roy chased Iggy until he got the mail.  He came back 10 minutes later holding a lot of mail.  Larry got some seeds from the seed of the month club, Morton got a letter about his speech in Mountain World, Wendy got the next issue of Koopa Vogue, Iggy got a new pair of glasses, Roy got the new fitness magazine, Lemmy got fanmail from Lemmyís Land tourists, and Ludwig got bills for all the chocolate he bought that month.

Ludwig:  5,000,000,000 coins?!  But I was hungry!

Lemmy:  Dude, you bought 3,000 pounds every week.

Iggy:  Hey!  Look what else we got!

Iggy shows a mysterious letter that says itís from a guy named Ian M. Bokigo.

Roy:  What kind of stupid name is that?

Iggy:  I dunno, but it says we just won a Mansion!

Larry:  Really?  How?

Iggy:  In a contest.  King Dad must have entered one.

Roy:  I have an idea.  Letís go to the mansion without Bowser.

Morton:  But what about Bowser Jr?  Heís a big tattletale.

Roy:  Weíll make sure he doesnít know.

The Koopalings sneak through the back window of the castle and follow the directions on the map.  They soon get to the mansion.

Iggy:  Uh, guys?  Are you SURE we have the right place?

Roy:  This is where the map says to be.  Come on.  Letís go explore

The Koopalings open the front door and step inside.

Morton:  Hello?

And on that note, 7 Boos come out of the wall and to capture the Koopalings.  Morton, Iggy, Lemmy, Wendy, Roy, and Ludwig all get dragged away

BamBoo:  Are you ready, Larry?


Suddenly BamBoo starts yelling and gets sucked into E. Gaddís vacuum.

Larry:  Who was that?

E.  Gadd:  Gaddís the name.

Larry knocks E. Gadd out and takes his vacuum

Larry:  Haha!  Hey, look!  He also has a Gameboy!  Iíll take it.

Larry runs up the stairs and through the Parlor door.

Chapter 1:  Big Baby Blowout

Larry walks into the Parlor.

Larry:  Boy am I tired from that walk to the mansion.

Larry sits down on the couch.

Larry:  I think Iíll play the Gameboy now.

Larry turns on the Gameboy.

Larry:  Hey!  This isnít a Gameboy!  All it does is let me observe stuff.

Larry throws the Gameboy at the candles, making them go out.

Larry:  Oops.

Suddenly the painting above the candles starts shaking.

Larry:  Eeeeek!

Painting Guy:  Who put out my candles?  Was it you, Mr.  Turtle Guy?

Larry kicks the painting and it breaks

Painting Guy:  Ouch.

Another Painting Guy:  Hey!  You canít do that to George!  Ghosts, get him!

Suddenly 3 gold ghosts appear and start moving in on Larry.

Larry:  Maybe I should do what that E. Gadd guy did to the Boo that was about to get me.

Larry turns on the vacuum and sucks up all 3 ghosts, and the lights come on.  Then a treasure chest appears.

Larry:  Well, that was easy.  I HOPE THEREíS MONEY IN THAT CHEST!

Larry walks up to the chest and opens it.  A key pops out.

Larry: NO MONEY?!

Larry throws the key at the wall. Then the Gameboy starts beeping.

Larry:  Huh?

He picks up the Gameboy and it shows a map of the mansion and where the next key is.

Larry:  Sweet!

Larry picks up the key and unlocks the Anteroom.

Larry:  This room is BORING!

Suddenly, a purple puncher appears


Larry sucks up the ghost.

Larry:  Hey, that was easy!

Then a gold ghost and 3 purple punchers appear

Purple Puncher 1:  Hey!  That was my cousin!  How dare you?

Gold Ghost:  Come on, letís attack him

Purple Puncher 2:  Yeah!

All of the ghost close in on Larry.  He tries to suck one of them up, but instead, he sucks all of them up in one blow.

Larry:  I didnít know I could do that.

The lights in the room turn on and Larry grabs the key.  He then heads into the Wardrobe Room.

Larry:  Boy, this place is dark.

Then a ghost Larry hasnít seen yet comes out, eating a banana.

Garbage Can Ghost:  Nummy nummy in my tummy.

Larry starts sucking him up, but then slips on a discarded banana peel.

Larry:  Ouch.

Garbage Can Ghost:  Haha, you fell.


Garbage Can Ghost:  Um, maybe?

Larry sucks the ghost up.

Garbage Can Ghost #2.  WHAT DID YOU DO TO- Hey look, a banana!

Larry sucks up the second ghost.  Suddenly 3 gold ghosts and 1 more garbage can ghost appear.

Larry:  Um...

In fear, Larry drops the vacuum and it goes crazy and sucks up all 4 ghosts.

Larry:  Well that was usf-aaaaaaaaaaaa!

The vacuum sucks in Larryís hair.  Larry pulls it out and now has an afro.

Larry:  NOT FUNNY!  Hey, why didnít the light turn on?  Maybe thereís something in one of these closets.

Larry walks up to the first closet and inside there is money.


Larry opens the second and a jewel comes out.

Larry:  YAY!  IíM RICH!

Larry opens the 3rd and a ghost comes out.


Larry runs out to the small balcony and accidentally pushes the Toad off.

Larry:  Haha, watch him bleed.

Toadís ghost comes back.


Ghost from cupboard:  Hey!  Iím going to haunt him!

Toad:  Oh, yeah?

Ghost:  Yeah!

Toad:  Oh, yeah?

Ghost:  YEAH!

Toad:  OH YEAH?!


Toad and Ghost get in a fight and both die.  The lights turn on and a treasure chest appears.

Larry:  Wait, how can a ghost die?

Fred the Mole:  DONíT ASK QUESTIONS!

Larry;  Ok, Aunt Petunia.

Fred:  Who did you just call me?

Larry:  Nothing, nothing

Larry walks out of the room and back into the Foyer.  His Gameboy starts shaking

Larry:  Wah?

Suddenly E. Gadd appears on the Gameboy.

Larry:  Hey, arenít you the guy I knocked out earlier?

E. Gadd:  Yes, I am.  But you have to listen to me!  You have to vacuum up all of the ghosts!

Larry:  Why?

E. Gadd:  Because you have to put a stop to Ian!

Larry:  Ian?  But I thought King Boo would be behind this!

E. Gadd:  Nope.  King Booís on holiday.  Someone is behind this, and theyíre going by the alias of Ian M. Bokigo.

Larry:  Either that or theyíre going by a fake name.

E. Gadd:  Ö

Larry:  Iíve already lit up 3 rooms, and they were really easy!

E. Gadd:  Well, in the next couple rooms youíre going to be in, there will be even harder ghosts.  Ghosts that escaped from portraits.  You are going to need to vacuum up all the ghosts.

Larry:  BUT WHY?!

E. Gadd:  Youíll see eventually, just trust me!  Now GO!

The Gameboy shuts off.

Larry:  BUT I HAVE TRUST ISSUES!  Oh well, I do want to rescue my brothers and earn money, so, IíM OFF!

Larry goes through the right door on the second floor.  He ends up in a small hallway.  He then goes through the door closest to him.  He sees a rocking chair rocking by itself.

Larry:  What the?  Maybe if I observe the chairÖ

Larry looks into the Gameboy and sees Neville rocking in the chair.

Larry:  Oh, look.   Another ghosty.


Larry:  Ö MeanyÖ Doesnít he know books donít help anyone?


A book flies off of a bookshelf and hits Larry in the face.

Larry:  OwÖ

Neville:  Boy, all of that commotion made me tiredÖ

Neville yawns and his heart appears.


Larry sucks up Neville.  The room lights up and a treasure chest appears.

Larry:  Hmm, he was a bit harder than the other ghosts, but he was still pretty easy!

Larry opens the chest, grabs the key, and heads into the hallway.

Larry:  Letís try the room next door.

Larry tries opening the door but it squishes him

Larry:  Thatís not very nice!  Oh, well, how about next to that room?

Larry goes into the master bedroom and looks through his Gameboy Horror.  He sees Lydia at the vanity in the corner.

Larry:  You call combing your hair scary?

Lydia:  I try to look my best when defeating twerps like you.

Larry:  Hey!  Iím going to suck you up, even if I canít see your heart!

Larry aims the vacuum at Lydia, but accidentally latches onto the curtains and flings himself out of the window.


Lydia:  Oh, my!  What a draft!

Larry climbs through the open window with bruises and twigs in his hair.  He then sucks up Lydia, since her heart is now exposed.  The room lights up.

Larry:  Still easy!

Larry grabs the key and goes back into the hallway.  He then hears a cry coming from a room on the other side of the hallway.

Larry:  I should probably go in that room.

Larry unlocks the door and heads into the nursery.

Larry:  Boy, this room is so immature and childi- HEY LOOK!  A ROCKING HORSE!

Larry jumps onto the rocking horse and rocks back and forth. Suddenly Chauncey appears.

Chauncey:  Hey, strange stranger, do you want to play with me?

Larry:  Um, I never had a good experience playing with little kids!  Um, want to play catch?

Larry picks up a beach ball and throws it at Chauncey.

Chauncey:  OW!  YOU GAVE ME AN OWIE!  I HATE YOU!  Do you want to have the same fate as this other turtle who a Boo gave me?

Chauncey points to a teddy bear with a star around its eye.

Larry:  MORTON!

Morton:  helpÖ meÖ

Chauncey:  Now I will make you small!  Wee Goo Goo Gaga GOOOOOOOOOOO!

Chauncey shrinks Larry and puts him in his crib.

Boss Battle:
Larry:  100 vs. Chauncey:  100

Chauncey:  Do you want to play with my rocking horses?

Larry:  YEAH!

Chauncey:  Well, here ya go!

Chauncey makes a rocking horse zoom towards Larry

Larry:  WAH!

Chauncey does the same thing 3 more times

Larry:  Ok, so maybe I DONíT want to play with your rocking horses.

Chauncey:  Ok, then letís play catch.

Larry:  Ok!  Ahh, catch.  Such a relaxing game.  Hey, Baby!  Start the game!

Chauncey makes 10 beach balls fly at Larry.  9 of them disappear.

Larry:  Ouch.  Hey!  Letís see how you like it!

Larry throws the remaining beach ball at Chauncey.  Chauncey then spins around and his heart appears.

Larry:  Well that works!

Larry starts sucking up Chauncey, but lets go by accident by the 49 mark.


Larry:  Wow, he sounds like Wendy.

Wendy (from place sheís being held captive which Iím not telling):  HEY!

Chauncey starts bouncing around in the crib, trying to squash Larry.

Larry:  Yow!

Chauncey then makes more rocking horses charge toward Larry.  They all miss.

Larry:  Haha.

Chauncey:  Letís play catch again.

Larry:  Here we go.

Chauncey throws all of the beach balls at Larry. But this time, they miss.  Lay picks one of them up and throws it at Chauncey.  Chaunceyís heart appears.

Larry:  Hereís my chance!

Larry sucks Chauncey up and grows back to normal size.  The room lights up and a chest appears.

Chauncey (from vacuum):  Oh, well.  You can have the teddy bear.  He talks too much anyways.

Larry opens the chest and gets a key shaped like a heart.  Then the Gameboy starts rumbling

E. Gadd:  Larry!  Are you all right?  The wifi on the computer I talk to you on went out!  I see you defeated Chauncey!  Nice work.  He was one of the boss portrait ghosts that escaped.  Come down to the lab.  We can turn the ghosts back into paintings and turn your brother back into a Koopa.

Larry:  Ok.  Iím on my way now!

Larry goes down to E. Gaddís lab.

E. Gadd:  Perfect timing, Larry!  Now, put my- err- your vacuum into that machine and watch the three portrait ghosts turn back into paintings.

Larry does what he was told and the ghosts turn into paintings

Larry:  WaitÖ GoldÖ equalsÖ MONEY!!! GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!

E. Gadd:  No, Larry.  It just says you did a good job vacuuming up ghosts.

Larry:  Naturally

E. Gadd:  Now to turn Morton back into a Koopa

Larry:  Wait, how did you know his name?

E. Gadd:   Ummm, PLOTHOLE!  Just put Morton into the other side of the machine.

Larry once again does as he was told and Morton comes out of the machine.

Morton:  Thank you, dear brother, for turning me back to the way I usually am.

Larry:  Iím glad that youíre norma- Well, back the way you used to be again.

E. Gadd:  I suggest that you two should keep going through the mansion.  That key you have probably gets you through the double door to the first floor.

Larry:  Why would you think that?

E. Gadd:  Because thereís a heart on the key and thereís a heart on that door.  Now, GET TO IT!

Morton:  Ok!

So, Larry and now Morton travel back up to the mansion.  What will they see next?  Who is Ian?  Where are the rest of the Koopalings?  Why does Larry like rocking horses?  How do ghosts die if theyíre already dead?  Why did Larry call Fred, Aunt Petunia?  Does Larry even have an aunt?  What is the capital of Denmark?  What is 3 + 5?  Does it equal fish?  Where is Gwakashmerland and what is its average rainfall?  Find out next time on an all new addition of, Dora the Explorer.  Oh, waitÖ Koopalings' Mansion!

Read on!

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