Snifit X Season 5: Super Paper Snifit

By Red Shy Guy


Merlon: Ohohohoho. So you come back in one piece again.

Tippi: Merlee said that five heroes are needed.

Merlon: So Merlee said you are heroes. Iím not fully convinced, but place it in the next Heart Pillar.

Snifit 2: Got it.

So the Snifits go back along the same route and blow up every wall, enemy, Flipsider, etc. After they put the Heart in its Pillar they go back to 1-2 for cheap items. then cook and take a nap. run from another angry mob. and make it to the tower.

Tippi: I really wish you would stop doing stuff like this. It irritates me.

Snifit 2: Itís who we are.

Tippi: *sigh* Letís just go.

They enter the door.


Tippi: Hmmmmmmm. I sense a Pure Heart but I can- ACK!

Snifit 1 sees that a tongue got Tippi.

Snifit 1: What the?

Francis: Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. I got a new pixilated butterfly. Must get home and watch the season finale of the Grodus Chronicles.

Snifit 2: What just happened?

Barry: Tippi got kidnapped.

Snifit 1: She got eaten. And you are with us now.

Barry joined your party.

The Snifits continue ignoring Barryís comments. The Snifits fall into a pit by accident and see the underground stage, but for some reason they see DK, Diddy, Yoshi, and Kirby brawling down there.

Snifit 1: ? Um, okay. ACK!

Kirby hits Snifit 1 and Snifit 2 uses Bolt on all of them and then Snifit 1 dunks DK, then Snifit 2 POW Bills Diddy Kong away and before Yoshi can react Snifit 1 throws Yoshi into the air, KOing Yoshi as Kirby just runs away. The Snifits go into the warp pipe and move on but a Koopa Striker sees them.

Koopa Striker: This is Bowserís awesome fortress! I declare war! Come out, men!

Many minions of Bowser come out.

Snifit 1: Bring it on!

Snifit 1 jumps on the Koopa Striker and kicks his shell into other enemies, but the Hammer Bros. jump and throw their hammers at Snifit 1. Snifit 2 comes and throws Barry like a Frisbee and hit the Hammer Bros. and then Snifit 1 uses Bolt on them and defeats them. Some Chomp Bros. get the Bullet Bills but since Bowser doesnít have bullets they chuck them at them but the Snifits dodge them. Snifit 2 sees the crack in the fortress and puts a Bulky Bomb and light it. The Bulky Bomb explodes, taking out the fortress. Bowser comes out with a tied up Snifit 3.

Bowser: OW! What the?!

Snifit 1: Bro!

Bowser: You guys! GRRRRR!!! You get instant death for destroying my castle!

Bowser does a ground pound and pushes Snifit 2 away and then an arena forms.

Bowser: No more sequels to your adventure. Your story ends here.

Snifit 1: Iím not scared.

Snifit 1 30/30
Bowser 30/30

Bowser: You canít win!

Snifit 1 uses Bolt on Bowser and he gets hurt. Bowser gets in his shell and hits Snifit 1. Snifit 1 gets back up.

Snifit 1: Pixl Frisbee.

Bowser breathes out fire and kills Barry.

Snifit 1: Oh man! OW! HOT! HOT! HOT!

Bowser breathes fire out on Snifit 1. Snifit 1 uses POW Bill on Bowser. Bowser jumps into the air and ground pounds the floor, making a shockwave. Snifit 1 jumps in the air and uses Bolt. Bowser gets mad and uses Whirling Fortress on Snifit 1. Snifit 1 uses Drain on Bowser but Bowser fights the pain and breathes out fire on Snifit 1. Snifit 1 becomes a Pyro Snifit and uses Flare Blitz and hits Bowser hard and Bowser hits the wall, cracking it. Bowser throws an Ice Storm and Snifit 1 takes major damage. Bowser does a Bowser Bomb but Snifit 1 uses Lightning Orb and gets Bowser. Bowser falls down and Snifit 1 uses POW Bill and hits Bowser. Bowser hits the wall again, cracking it. Bowser uses Overheat and hits Snifit 1. Snifit 1 fights all the pain and uses POW Bill once more and sends Bowser flying into the wall, breaking it, but Bowser is still flying and falls into the Tile Pool and drowns.

Battle Over. +1000 EXP.

Snifit 3: Thanks, Bro. What are you doing here?

Snifit 1: WellÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ.................................................................. But we decided to change plans Ďcause Tippi needs our help.

Snifit 3: Well Iím coming along.


Snifit 2: Letí move.

The Snifits move on.

Chapter 3-2: Is that you, Moby Dick?

Snifit 1: Hmmmmmmmmmm. Tippi canít be far.

Snifit 3: How do you know we had to go this direction?

Snifit 2: Science Fiction.

Snifit 3: Makes sense to me. Letí move on.

The Snifits start to swim and after much swimming they realize they donít need to breathefor some reason. After getting lost they find a door and enter. They see the door gets locked and a lot of enemies are in the place but the Snifits easily defeat them. They open a chest and Thudly comes out.

Thudly: Got to check your Girth Points.

Face: ?
Body: 50
Clothes: 100

Thudly: Iíll tag along.

Snifit 3: Woo.

The Snifits move on and, after more swimming, the place suddenly shakes and Big Blooper comes out.

Snifit 1: Is that you, Moby Dick?

Big Blooper: BLOOOOOOOOOP? BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! (Is that you, Ishmael? It is you! DIE!)

Snifit 3: It doesnít look friendly.

Snifit 3 25/25
Big Blooper ???/???

Big Blooper slams his tentacle on Snifit 3. Snifit 3 throws Thudly at a tentacle but the tentacle just grabs Thudly and takes him away.

Snifit 3: Oops. BLUB!

Snifit 3 gets tentacle slammed. The Red rentacle slaps Snifit 3 but he uses POW Bill on it.

Big Blooper: BLOOOOOOOOP! (No, please! Anywhere but there!)

Big Blooper makes a whirlpool and Snifit 3 gets hurt by it. Big Blooper grabs Snifit 3 but he uses Bolt, and Big Blooper and Snifit 3 get hurt badly. Big Blooper skewers his tentacle at Snifit 3. Snifit 3 dodges another skewer but the other tentacle hits him. Big Blooper makes another whirlpool and Snifit 3 gets hit. He slams his red tentacle but Snifit 3 uses POW Bill. Big Blooper flees. The Snifits swim away and get onto dry land.

Chapter 3-3: When Clowns Attack

Snifit 1: That is one humongous tree!

Snifit 2: How are we going to cross that gap?

Snifit 3: The old-fashioned way.

50 minutes laterÖ

Snifit 3: Itís not the same if someone says ďIím telling you this wooden rocket ainít going nowhere.Ē

Snifit 2: True. How are we going to lite it?

Snifit 1 gets out a match and drops it but misses and the tree catches fire, but so does the rocket and it flies, but while itís going very high something hits it and it explodes, but the Snifits manage to cross the gap.

Snifit 1: Ugh. What happened?


Snifits: !

They turn around and see Dimentio.

Snifit 3: *gasp!*

Dimentio: Shocked to see me. Why Iím-

Snifit 3: A clown! Here, tie my balloon into an elephant. That is the only one Iím missing for my balloon animal collection.

Dimentio: FOOLS! IAM NO CLOWN! I am the master of dimensions, pleaser of crowds. I am DIMENTIO!

Snifit 1: Dimenti-who?

Dimentio: You are insulting, like a fat man getting a salad instead of a burger.

Snifit 2: Is that you, Fawful?

Dimentio: ENOUGH! If you think youíre going to insult me like this then try this on for size!

Dimentio teleports them into Dimension D.

Dimentio: My attacks are way powerful. Now we must duel like two gleaming banjos on a moonlit stoop!

Snifit 1: Where does he come up with this? YIPES!

Snifit 1 15/30
Dimentio 40/40

Snifit 1: CRUD! YIPES!

Snifit 1 dodges the starburst.

Dimentio: Can you pierce this illusion?

Dimentio makes a clown and they start throwing three starbursts and Snifit 1 gets hit. Snifit 1 uses bolt but hits the fake. They throw more starbursts and Snifit 1 gets hit. Snifit 1 uses Bolt and Dimentio gets hit. He teleports and flips into 3D and so does Snifit 1. Dimentio clones himself and throws more starbursts but Snifit 1 dodges and uses POW Bill and hits Dimentio. Dimentio falls down and Snifit 1 run towards him.

Dimentio: Foolishness. Meteor Blast!

Snifit 1: Huh? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! MustÖ keepÖ fighting.

Snifit 1 takes out a Shroom Shake and drinks it, +10 HP. Dimentio uses his Dimension Box and does a ton of damage to Snifit 1. Snifit 1 still gets up and uses Bolt on Dimentio. Dimentio teleports behind him and uses Psycho Cut. Snifit 1 faints and Snifit 2 joins the fray.

Dimentio: I already took care of one with ease.

Snifit 2: But can you keep up with me?

Snifit 2 gets out his whip and grabs Dimentio but he merely teleports away. Dimentio appears behind Snifit 2 and uses Psychic on him and flings him against the wall. Snifit 2 uses Bolt and Dimentio gets hit. Dimentio clones himself and starts throwing starbursts but Snifit 2 activates his shield and then uses POW Bill and hits Dimentio.

Dimentio: Itís time I stop being so merciful.

Dimentio uses Recover, +15 HP. Snifit 2 eats a Fried Shroom Plate, +15 HP, +3 magic. Dimentio uses dimension box and Snifit 2 activates his Buzzy shell.


Dimentio snaps his finger and Snifit 2 gets hurt.

Dimentio: Aha ha ha ha ha. This is truly pathetic.

Snifit 2: We shall see!

Snifit 2 18/25
Dimentio 38/40

Dimentio clones himself but Snifit 2 uses Bullet Tornado and hits Dimentio.

Dimentio: OW! I see so youíre no ordinary Snifit.

Dimentio throws five starbursts and Snifit 2 gets hit by three. Snifit 2 gets back up and uses Bolt and Dimentio gets shocked but Dimentio teleports into 3D and unfortunately for Snifit 2 he canít do that so he gets hit by another Starburst. Dimentio flips back into 2D and uses his Dimensional Box but Snifit 2 uses Bolt and hits Dimentio, making him lose his concentration. Dimentio uses Clone Bombs and starts throwing his clones all over the place and the clones explode once they make contact with the place and Snifit 2 is pelted by multiple explosions. Dimentio uses Psycho Cut but Snifit 2 uses Lightning Orb and the two cancel each other out, but Dimentio quickly hurls another starburst at Snifit 2. Snifit 2 quickly chugs a Shroom Shake, +10 HP. Dimentio starts making a huge powerball but Snifit 2 shoots his bullets and messes up his attack. Dimentio teleports behind Snifit 2 and uses Psycho Cut on him. Snifit 2 gets back up but Dimentio throws a starburst at him. Dimentio prepares to do an attack but Snifit 2 pushes -, 1, and 2 and a cannon appears on his remote and shoots at Dimentio.

Snifit 2: COOL! Oh dear.

Snifit 2 is put in a Dimensional Box.

Dimentio: Ciao.

Snifit 2: SHIZA!

Dimentio: Wha?

Snifit 2: Some guy in the Real World says that. Now where was I? Oh right, SHIZ-


Dimentio: Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Huh?

Snifit 3 comes out.

Snifit 3: Youíre not getting away with this, clown!

Dimentio: We shall see!

Snifit 3 25/25
Dimentio 27/40

Dimentio: I recognize all your attack patterns, you canít-

Snifit 3 uses Lightning Orb and gets Dimentio trapped in the electricity.

Snifit 3: Hereís something I borrowed from Bowser.

Snifit 3 takes out a Bowser Punch (MP5 Super Duel Mode) and starts punching Dimentio silly. Dimentio uses Starburst Rain and a bunch of starbursts falls on Snifit 3. Snifit 3 gets back up but Dimentio uses Clone Party Bombs and a bunch of clones hit Snifit 3. Dimentio uses Psycho Cut but Snifit 3 jumps at the last minute and lands on Dimentio. Dimentio teleports away and creates a clone of himself. Snifit 3 uses Bolt on the punch and it becomes electrifying. Snifit 3 punches one of the starbursts shot by one of the Dimentios and it gets sent back and hits the real Dimentio, and before he can teleport away Snifit 3 jumps towards him and punches him. Dimentio then teleports and uses Dimensional Box but Snifit 3 uses Bolt on Dimentio.


Dimentio uses Psychic and holds down Snifit 3. Then he snaps his finger and a Dimensional Box appears over Snifit 3 as heís still being hold down. Dimentio snaps his finger and it explodes.

Dimentio: And for overkill, Magic Ball Barrage X2.

Dimentio shoots a huge barrage of starbursts.

Dimentio: I did it! Aha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Again for dramatic effect. AHA HA HA HA HA HA!!! HUH?

Dimentio sees as the smoke he caused clears and Snifit 3 is still standing.



Dimentio: Ugh. My face.


Battle Over. +2900 EXP.

Dimentio: Your blows are like mini jackhammers held by tiny angry road workers. How could I have lost to you?

Snifit 3: Life Shroom.

Dimentio: Aha ha ha ha ha.

Dimentio gets up.

Dimentio: Know this, Snifits, I only took mercy on you. For the next time we meet you will dine on an eight-course attack. But until we meetÖ

Dimentio returns the Snifits to the normal dimension.

Dimentio: Ciao.

Dimentio teleports away.

Snifit 1: Weird.

Back with DimentioÖ

Dimentio: They are powerful, but maybe too powerful. I will still see what they can do.

Dimentio teleports again.

Back with the SnifitsÖ

The Snifits walk on and hit the Star Block.

Chapter 3-4: Storming the Nerd Lair

Snifit 1: Weíd better be careful, we donít know what to expect in this fort.

Snifit 2: Well, letís go in.

The Snifits blow the lock away and enter.

Meowmaid: Welcome to Fort Francis.

Snifit 3: I donít like this place.

Snifit 2: Letís move on.


Snifit 2: What?

Snifit 1: I didnít say anything.

Snifit 3: Then who did?

????: Tippi, you donít remember me, Francis. Nerr, that is not Schwet.

Snifits: !

They look behind and see a huge door. They look through the keyhole and see Francis.

Snifit 1: Letís find the keys!

The Snifits run around the fortress and see a Meowmaid.

Meowmaid: Please deliver the password.

Snifit 1: Uh .. Duck

Snifit 2: Duck

Snifit 3: Goose?

Meowmaid: WRONG!

They fall through a trapdoor and for some reason fall near Carry.

Carry: HELP!

They break her out.

Carry joined your party.

Snifit 2: Letís go.

They move on but see a Meow Bomber. Snifit 3 jams Carry into the cannon and the Meow Bomber explodes along with Carry.

Snifit 3: Oops.

Snifit 1: Letís go.

They find the same Meowmaid.

Meowmaid: Please deliver the password.

Snifit 1: Fine.

Snifit 1 types 121432172374-057564-7-32612649374591`52189417215snifitsrule357-2

Meowmaid: OVERLOAD!

It explodes and the door reveals itself. They go in and see a chest. They open it and get a key.

Snifit 2: Hmmmmmmmm. It seems our old pal Tubba Blubba made his own show. Good for him.

Snifit 3: Hey, even the X-Nauts and Grodus have a show of their own.

Snifit 1: Thatís one nice Magnus Von Grapple action figure he has there.

Snifits: !  This is no time to look at stuff, we need to help Tippi!

The Snifits go toward the place with the next key and put in the same password and access the place. When they get there Snifit 3 notices something and picks it up.


Snifit 3: Nice.

Snifit 1: I donít like this place.

Snifit 2: Is it because of its cat things?

Snifit 1: No, itís because some of his plush toys are partners that Mario went with in Rogueport.

Snifit 3: Yeah, we did not have good times there.

Snifit 2: Luckily for us, they donít know where we live.

Snifit 1: !  Come on, we need to save Tippi!

The Snifits grab the key and head towards the main door and put them in.


Snifit 1: Like weíre scared of-



Snifit 1: How are we gonna get past this cat door?

Snifit 2: Letís bomb it!


Snifit 3: Not a scratch!

Snifit 1: Uh, letís use a lever.



Snifit 3: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. We donít have any other options left.


Snifit 1: WAIT! What if one of us uses the Return Pipe and gets Peach to help us?

Snifit 2: But we destroyed the tree, remember?

Snifit 1: Oh yeah.

Snifit 3: What if we use this Warp Whistle that I just remembered I have?

Snifit 2: Good Idea. Iíll be back.

Snifit 2 uses the Return Pipe. In about 10 minutes he returns with Peach and they open the door.

Francis: !  Nerr, itís not Schwet.

Peach: Francis, you-

Francis: !  PEACH! What are you doing here? (I wonder if I-)


Francis: Erm-

Snifit 1: Hey, I just thought of something. Why didnít we just use that Warp Whistle in the first place to get here?

Snifit 2: -_-

Snifit 3: -_-

Peach: -_-

Francis: Nerr.

Peach grabs the Return Pipe and leaves.

Tippi: SNIFITS!!! You came to save me?

Francis: !  (If that thing is up thenÖ.Of course!) YOU ARENíT TAKING HER AWAY!!! PREPARE FOR COMBAT!

Tippi is hidden by something and Francis turns invisible.


Snifit 3 25/25
Francis 40/40

Snifit 3 tries to use his hearing to detect Francis but Francis appears behind him and eats Snifit 3. Snifit 3 struggles to get out until Francis spits him out. Francis disappears again and Snifit 3 tries to sense where he is but Francis again appears behind him and eats him and spits him out.

Snifit 3: This is getting me nowhere.

Francis reappears and Snifit 3 uses Bolt and stuns him, then Snifit 3 pushes 1 and 2 on his remote and a hammer comes out and he smashes Francis with it. Francis disappears again and Snifit 3 slams his hammer into the ground. He sees Francisís shadow but before Snifit 3 can reactÖ

Francis: Ultra Hand Return!

Snifit 3: Wha-


Snifit 3: OW!

Francis used Warioís Defensive Power Shot from MPT. Francis disappears again and Snifit 3 waits and Francis reappears and uses the Ultra Hand Return, but Snifit 3 uses Bolt on it and the electricity travels into Francis, stunning him. Snifit 3 uses POW Bill and hits Francis. Francis then disappears again and reappears in the ceiling and takes out his laptop.


The Meowbots fall down but Snifit 3 destroys them easily.

Francis: Nerr herrr, not Schwet. Eat Tanooki Statue Fall.

Francis takes out a Tanooki Suit and turns to stone and tries to crush Snifit 3, but he moves out of the way. Francis disappears while he is stone and reappears in the ceiling again and tries to crush Snifit 3, but Snifit 3 leaves a bomb and that returns Francis back to normal and Snifit 3 starts pelting him with bullets but Francis quickly disappears again.

Snifit 3 15/25
Francis 22/40

Francis moves around and reappears back in the ceiling.

Francis: Eat Wario Buckets.

Francis drops a Wario Bucket on Snifit 3 and Snifit 3 just walks around and Francis takes out a POW Block and throws it at the ground and Snifit 3 is hit. Francis drops another bucket on Snifit 3 and Snifit 3 again walks back and forth. Francis takes out a Waluigi Eggplant Bomb and throws it at Snifit 3, poisoning him. Snifit 3 quickly gobbles down a Fried Shroom Plate, +15 HP, +3 Magic. Francis throws another bucket but Snifit 3 dodges it and uses Lightning Orb on Francis, but Francis takes out a tennis racket and hits it back, but Snifit 3 hits it back. Then Francis takes out a big, squeaky hammer.

Francis: Eat Luigi Power Shot, nerr herrr.

Francis hits the Lightning Orb with incredible force, but Snifit 3 spins around and gets a grass skirt, a shield, and some paint on his mask. Snifit 3 does a chant and then electricity hits his spear and Snifit 3 hits the shot back, yet Snifit 3 still gets blown away though the Lightning Orb goes back and hits Francis and he falls down.

Francis: Nerr, not Schewt. Must eat Super Mushroom.

Francis eats a Super Mushroom, +10 HP. Snifit 3 gets back up but Francis takes a picture and disappears. Snifit 3 waits for him to attack and Francis reappears behind him and throws three blue shells that hit Snifit 3 and freeze him, Francis gets a windup bomb and puts it next to the frozen Snifit, then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Snifit 3 falls back down, hurt, and sees Francis has disappeared. Francis reappears and throws a Bullet Bill, but Snifit 3 just jumps on it and then uses POW Bill on Francis. Francis wraps his tongue on Snifit 3 and throws him away. Francis hits a ? Block and eats a Super Mushroom, +10 HP. Francis disappears again and gets out a certain item.

Snifit 3 13/25
Francis 32/40

Francis reappears and rings a Boo Bell. Boos come out of nowhere and start hitting Snifit 3. Snifit 3 pushes A on his remote and it turns into a vacuum cleaner and the Boos flee. Snifit 3 eats a Fried Shroom Plate, +15 HP, +3 Magic. Francis takes out a Lightning and Snifit 3 gets hit and he shrinks. Francis squishes him, causing major damage, but Snifit 3 grows back and uses Bolt on Francis and before he can disappear Snifit 3 uses POW Bill on Francis. Francis disappears and reappears in front of him, but Francis throws a Bumper at Snifit 3 and he starts bumping around the room. Francis takes out a Chomp Whistle and blows on it, and a Chain Chomp comes out and starts mauling Snifit 3, but Snifit 3 takes out a bone and throws it and the Chain Chomp leaves. Francis quickly disappears but Snifit 3 presses 1 and 2 again and waits for Francis. Francis sticks out his tongue and Snifit 3 smashes it and then he does a horizontal swing and Francis hits the wall. Snifit 3 rushes towards him but Francis throws a Thwomp Orb and Snifit 3 gets crushed by a Thwomp. Francis takes out a Blue Shell that has spikes and wings on it, but Snifit 3 shoots a bullet at it and it explodes in Francisís hands. Francis gets up and in a last ditch effort he hurls a Zess Dynamite.

Snifit 3: HOLY-

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Snifit 3 flies up and falls down. Francis looks at him and all of the sudden ZAP! Francis gets hit by a bolt of lightning, but Francis is still standing. Then Snifit 3 gets up and pokes him and Francis collapses.

Battle Over. +4000 Points. Level Up.

Francis: Nerr. Ugh.

Francis faints.

Tippi: Wow. Thanks guys, you really came for me?

Snifit 1: Of course. We need you and you need us.

Snifit 2: Weíre not heartless, you know. We are heroes.

Snifit 3: We are glad to help out.

Tippi: Thanks, and-

The Pure Heart comes out of Tippi.

Tippi: The Pure Heart? Take it, Snifits.


Back at Castle DimentioÖ

Count Bleck: Are you sure you are okay?

Dimentio: Iím fine, Count. Just continue your job.

Count Bleck: If it pleases you, Dimentio.

Dimentio: Okay Nastasia, did you sent our three newest minions?

Nastasia: Confirmed, Dimentio. Those three are gonna stop these nuisances.

Dimentio: Excellent. Iím gonna need a nap, so for now, Ciao.

Count Bleck: We should get some rest.

Nastasia: Right. Soon we will have our own perfect worlds.

And so our idiotic heroes have gotten the fourth Pure Heart. What other challenges await them? Can they stop the void? Why must they kill every Pixl they come in contact with? And-




Um, sorry about that. Um, anyway, stay tuned for the next part.

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