Snifit X Season 5: Super Paper Snifit

By Red Shy Guy


Merlon: ! OH YOUR BACK!

Tippi: Merlon thereís a problem.

Merlon: Let me guess? The Pure Heart turn to stone.

Snifit 1: Yes. WHAT DO WE DO!?!?

????: The heroes cry. Their tears flow down like sad chowder!

Snifits: !

Dimentio appears.

Tippi: DIMENTIO!!!

Dimentio: Yes we meet again. Iím sorry to tell you that thereís no way to restore a Pure Heart.

Merlon: Yes there is you-

Dimentio throws a starburst at Merlon knocking him out.

Tippi: MERLON!!!!

Dimentio: As I was saying thereís no way to restore a pure heart. All your work was in vain.

Snifit 2: WHAT!?!?

Dimentio: Do not worry. You get a complimentary prize.

Snifit 3: COOL! Whatís the prize?

Suddenly the dimensional boxes appear on the snifits.

Snifit 1: What kind of prize is this?

Dimentio: I didnít say it was a good complimentary prize. Ciao.




Tippi: Oh no! Snifits!!!!!!

Dimentio: AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I will finish you when the time comes but for now Ciao.

Tippi: Oh this is horrible.

Back with the Snifits.

Snifit 1: Ugh. Huh?

Snifit 1 looks around.

Snifit 1: Where am I?

Suddenly Snifit 2 and 3 falls on him.

Snifit 1: OW!

Snifit 2: This place is creepy.

Shade: Greetings. WELCOME TO THE UNDERWHERE!!!!!!!

Snifit 3: 0_0 OH @#$%!

Shade: So how did you guys died?

Snifit 2: This canít be happening!

Shade: Denial is always the first step.. Just see Jaydes. Just hope you didnít sin too much.

Snifit 1: CRUD!

The Snifits walk towards Jaydes palace and wonder what becomes of them. They walk and walk and soon they see Jaydes.

Jaydes: So you have arrive so I could see if you go to the Overthere.

Snifit 2: Uh actually.

Jaydes: So let me seeÖÖÖ. Huh? You have a pure heart?

Snifit 3: Well you see-


Jaydes: Hang on. Hello? Mhm. Uhuh What? Fine. Listen you Snifits. Luvbi has wondered into the Underwhere. A monster is loose, and Iím very busy so could you look for Luvbi?

Snifit 3: Uh sure?

Jaydes: Let me hang onto that Pure Heart.

Jaydes gets the Pure Heart.

Jaydes: Take this key and go to the River Twigz. Someone has fallen there.

Snifit 1: Sure.

The Snifits go to the River twigz and see some Underhands and quickly swim down and make it to the next room. They just blast the blocks and use a Poultergust 300 to get rid of the hands. They move on and go through the fountains and they see two familiar faces.

????: Where are we?

?????: I dunno Bro. All I remember is we got surrounded and thenÖ..thenÖ. Oh whatís the use! Weíre stuck!

Snifit 1: Hi!

Grate Guy & Knife Guy: YIPE!

Grate Guy: Snifits!!!! Where are we?

Snifit 2: Where in the Underwhere. The land of ended games.

Knife Guy: Oh that is just bee-yoo-ti-ful!!!! Now what!?!?

Snifit 3: Weíre looking for someone named Luvbi.

Grate Guy: Well help since we have nothing better to do.


Grate Guy: Lets go.

Grate Guy makes use of his springy body to activate as a trampoline to help his comrades and himself. They go back and soon get our of the river.

Grate Guy: By the way. How did you get killed?

Snifit 1: Dimentio killed us. Luckily for me we still kept our remotes and this nifty Poultergust 3000 I forgot I had.

They see the huge pipes. Knife Guy jumps on his head and uses his knives to put it through the pipe and use it as a climbing material. He goes through and kills all the Frost Piranhas and then sees Luvbi in the next room.

Luvbi: Who be this uglyth clown.

Knife Guy: Why you- No. Knife Guy your mission is not to kill. Hey Brat! Your momís looking for you.

Luvbi: Brat!?!? Taketh that backeth.

Knife Guy: Nevah! Listen Luvbi Jaydes is waiting for you!

Luvbi: Grr! Fine.

Luvbi leaves and then they go back and see Jaydes.

Jaydes: Thank you. If it pleases you take this.

Jaydes gives them back the Pure Heart.

Snifit 1: ! How did you do that?

Jaydes: I have power over life and death, so I use that power to revive the Pure Heart. I donít know why you have it but it seems to be shining on you. Oh and I can return you back. Your game didnít truly end.

Snifit 1: Sure take us back.


A star appears over them and they disappear.

Snifit 2: ! Weíre back. Good scenic view.


Snifit 3: Then how are weÖÖÖ.oh.

They fall down and crash onto Merlonís house.

Merlon: OH @#$%! I just finish painting that roof!

Tippi: ! You guys are alive?!

Knife Guy: Yeah.

Merlon: ! And who might you two be?

Grate Guy: Iím Grate Guy & this is Knife Guy.

Merlon: Could you be the other heroes?

Knife Guy: I guess so.

Tippi: Well now what?

Snifit 2: We got the pure heart back to normal!

Merlon: ! Excellent. Now go put it in!

The Snifits take the warp pipe and proceed to the next heart pillar but since theyíre so lazy they use the Drill they used back in Chapter 5-1. They dig through and make it to the pure heart and put it in.

Tippi: Hurry we must stop Blumire & Dimentio. ! Wh-what did I just say? Um.

Grate Guy: Come on. We better get a move on!

They use the return pipe and enter the next door.

Chapter 7-1 Are we dead again!?!?

Grate Guy: ! Hey! Itís the underwhere!

Tippi: I felt like Iíve been here.

Snifit 3: Are we dead again!?!?


Snifit 3: OW! I was starting to like this adventure until you guys showed up.

Knife Guy: Nice. Lets go talk to Jaydes.

They go through the place again and meet Jaydes.

Jaydes: You again? ! You must be looking for the Pure Hearts!

Luvbi: Whatís happening mother? Did thoueth games endeth now.

Jaydes: ! Listen. Go to the Overthere and talk to Grambi. But be careful someone has freed Bonechill from his prison. I want you to protect Luvbi at ALL cost.

Snifit 2: Sure thing.

Jaydes opens the door and they proceed to enter and continue.

Chapter 7-2 I CANíT SEE!!!

Snifit 1: Are we there yet?

Luvbi: NO! Stop asking that question!

Tippi: Well lets move on.

The Snifits enter the next room and it gets very dark.

Snifit 2: I CANíT SEE!


Grate Guy: Sorry.

Snifit 3: WHO SAID THAT!?!?

Knife Guy: HIM YOU MORONS!!!!!

Snifit 1: ITíS THE BOGEYMAN!!!!!!!!


Luvbi: What is the screaming?



Grate Guy & Knife Guy: -_- face palm.

Tippi: ENOUGH with the screaming! We must meet Grambi!

Snifit 1: Huh? R-right lets go!

The Snifits continue on and scream once in a while. Suddenly they meet up with Doorguy the first.

Doorguy: Who are you?

Snifit 1: Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Cookie Snifits.

Grate Guy: Wha?

Doorguy: Prove it.

Snifit 1 takes out a Mokumoku cookie (from SMRPG)

Doorguy: Hmmmmmmmmm. Who are these cookies for?

Snifit 2: Grambi.

Doorguy: Okay sure.

Snifit 3: Thanks. Hereís this cookie for you.

Doorguy the first opens and they enter.

Doorguy: I wonder if this cookie taste good.

Suddenly a Mokumoku appears and starts attacking Doorguy the first.

Doorguy: @#$%@%#%@$%%^^$$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luvbi: What was that?

Snifit 3: I dunno.

Knife Guy: Hey the door is locked.

D-man 1: Sorry dude but as you can see we are blocking the door to a scary monster.

D-man 2: Yeah unless you can tame it you ainít going nowhere.

Grate Guy: Weíll accept.

D-man 3: Thatís a go- wait what?

Knife Guy: You heard us!

D-man 1: Good luck dead meat.

They open the door and its dark again.

Snifit 1: EEP ITS DARK!!!!!!

????: WHO SAID THAT!?!?

Snifit 2: THE BOOGYMAN!!!!



Grate Guy: SHUT UIP!


The place lights up and they see Bowser.

Bowser: YOU!

Snifit 1: Oh dear.

Bowser: Prepare to be fried!

Snifit 1: Luckily, what he doesnít know is Iím wearing my pyro suit. You may fire when ready.

Bowser instead takes out a huge blaster and blast Snifit 1 into oblivion.

Snifit 2: WOAH!!! DA-




Grate Guy: Bring it on!

Grate Guy 55/55
Knife Guy 50/50
Bowser 75/75


Bowser breathes out a stream of fire but Grate Guy kicks his ball at him and the ball catches on fire and hits him with more direct force. Knife Guy uses Ice Slash on his tail causing major damage. Bowser quickly does Whirling Fortress and hits Knife Guy. Grate Guy kicks his ball again but Bowser punches it back at Grate Guy. Knife Guy uses Fire Slash but Bowser retreats into his shell and does whirling fortress again. Bowser corners Knife Guy and he uses Firebreath but Grate Guy uses Echo Finder and silences Bowser. Knife Guy uses Skewer and stabs Bowser in the stomach. Bowser goes into Fury Mode and grabs Knife Guy and slams him into the ground. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast and hits Bowser. Bowser jumps high into the air and creates a shockwave that stuns them. Bowser does a sliding punch right onto Grate Guy. Knife Guy throws five knives but Bowser retreats into his shell. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast but before he can execute it Bowser breaks free of his silence and breathes fire on Grate Guy. Knife Guy sees this and uses Flame Slash. Bowser catches on fire but he curls into a ball and starts smashing on the walls on top of the ceiling and fire starts falling down. Grate Guy uses party recover. +15 HP. Knife Guy puts his sword in defense to absorb the fire but Bowser comes down and smashes right onto Knife Guy. Grate Guy quickly trips Bowser and then uses Psi Smash. A psychic hand appears and smashes Bowserís tail.


Grate Guy: Had enough?


Bowser glows out of nowhere and he becomes Giga Bower.

Knife Guy: CRUD NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grate Guy 30/55
Knife Guy 19/50
Giga Bowser 15/75

Giga Bowser uses Shadow Punch and hits both Grate Guy and Knife guy. Knife Guy & Grate Guy eat a Shroom Roast. +25 HP & 5M. Giga Bowser uses Head Explosion but the jesters quickly duck and dodge the attack. Knife Guy uses Ice Slash but no damage is given. Giga Bowser uses Blizzard Shell and freezes Knife Guy. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast but little damage is done. Giga Bowser uses Elec Shell and electrifies Grate Guy with 100, 000 volts. Knife Guy breaks out of the ice and uses Guillotine on him but he hits his tail and Giga Bowser screams and stuns them. Giga Bowser grabs Knife Guy and starts crunching on him. Grate Guy sees this and gathers all his psychic energy and uses Star Smash. A Star falls from the sky and hits Giga Bowser knocking him a few feet and he lets go off Knife Guy.

Grate Guy: BROTHER!!!!!

Knife Guy: Ugh.

Grate Guy: You rest. Let me take care of this large lizard freak!

Grate Guy uses Psi Smash but Bowser catches the punch and sends back his shadow punch back at Grate Guy but he uses his springy body to bent in a way to avoid it but Giga Bowser uses Giga Bomb and smashes right on Grate Guy.



Knife Guy: Shouldnít let your guard down! A great knight taught me this!

Knife Guy puts out all the torches and then a huge slash hits Bowser making a huge cut on him. Giga Bowser falls down but gets back up. Giga Bowser throws a huge fireball at them hitting the two jesters and making a huge smoke cloud.

Giga Bowser: I-IWON!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Grate Guy: Th-think fast.

Suddenly a gold bob-omb is thrown at Giga Bowser causing a massive explosion and he reverts back to Bowser.

Bowser: D-donít think you have won. I-Iím still invincible. I-


Bowser: Ugh.

Battle Over. +4000 EXP. Level Up.

Bowser: I-I lost!?!? Why you-Huh?

Suddenly a white light hits Bowser and he rises up and disappears.

Snifit 1: Ugh. What just happen?

Grate Guy: His kids must of revive him but when did you guys have that Golden Bob-omb?

Snifit 2: Its Boosters new weapon. According to a buyer it has mass power of Dededestruction. Donít know why he wanted it but something about defending a kingdom.

Snifit 3: We brought it in case of really desperate situations.

Knife Guy: Well good job. Now lets keep moving.

D-man 1: Hey good job. Now lets unlock that door.

The D-Man unlocks the door and they continue on and see its dark again.

Snifit 1: I CANíT-


Snifit 2: OW!

Grate Guy: Oops.

Knife Guy: how can we move on?

Snifit 3: Iím sure my Wii mote can help. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ! I got it! LET THERE BE FIRE!!!!!!

Suddenly a fireball hits Snifit 3 and he becomes a pyro snifit and the place lights up. They continue and they go through the Money Warp pipe.

Snifit 1: MUCHOS CASH!!!!! $.$ Dashell give us a hand!

Dashell makes Snifit 1 run at Mach 2 and gets 999 Gold Coins.


They get out of the pipe and move on. They see Doorguy the Second.

Doorguy: Who are you?

Snifit 1: Lawyers.

Snifit 2: Business man.

Snifit 3: Biologist.

Grate Guy: Jesters.

Doorguy: Jesters! I love jesters! No jester can be evil! Wait. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Knife Guy: How about we do a magic trick for you.

Doorguy: Sure. Do a suicidal one please.

Grate Guy: Uhhhhhhhhhh sure.

Knife Guy: We never master that one and it almos-

Grate Guy: First I have this Powder Keg plus a Bob-ulk and a ton of gunpowder. Grate Guy puts it down and puts a fuse lit to it. Knife Guy sets it on fire.

Grate Guy: Now I shall make it disappear. What was the magic words again? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Knife Guy: Hurry up!

Grate Guy: Oh right. Mooshi ooshi osh osh osh. Explosives shall now ramoose!

The Explosives disappear.

Doorguy: Excellent. You may pass.

The Doorguy opens up and they enter. They see the other door is locked. They enter the door with the hags.

Knife Guy: Hey Hag. Do you have the key?

Hag: Yes but I wonít give it up.

Grate Guy: Why not?

Hag: Cause I donít want to whippersnapper!

Snifit 1: GIVE IT TO US!


The other 2 Hags come and they start powering up.

Grate Guy: 0_0 Wait I can make a bunch of explosion reappear.

Hag: Oh yeah?

Knife Guy: You can?

Grate Guy: Yeah I learn the words last Tuesday. I believe it was wing wing where. Ping ping pear. Make old explosives reapear.

Knife Guy: Reapear?

Grate Guy: itís a magicians book not a poetry book.

Snifit 3: I DONíT CARE IF IT RHYMES!!!!!!!!!!!

Grate Guy: Please.

The explosives appear but its about to explode.

Snifit group: 0_0 QUICK DASHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dashell quickly makes them run and they jump and a huge explosion appears in the room, killing the hags.

Grate Guy: Well that couldíve worked better.

The key falls on Luvbi.

Knife Guy: It did!

Luvbi: Enough with the destructiveth. Mom will get angrieth!

Snifit 1: Yeah yeah. Lets go!

They enter the next room and its dark again but the Snifits do not complain. They make their way and see Doorguy the third.

Doorguy: Iíve heard a lot of mayhem so I must test you.

Grate Guy: Not even if we do a magic trick?


Suddenly the Underchomp appears.

Doorguy: Time for an RPG BATTLE!!!!!

Snifits: WHAT!?!?

Snifit 1 50/50
Snifit 2 45/45
Snifit 3 45/45
Red 16/16
Blue 16/16
Yellow 16/16

Snifit 1 blast a bullet. 1 damage to red.
Snifit 2 uses bolt on Blue. 2 Damage.
Snifit 3 uses POW Bill on Yellow. Miss.
Red uses bite. 3 damage to Snifit 1.
Blue uses Iron head. 5 damage to Snifit 3.
Yellow uses stinky breath. 2 damage to Snifit 2.

Snifit 1: THIS IS BORING!!!!!!!!

Doorguy: Sorry but since theyíre stuck to the chain it has to be RPG.

????: Then lets fix it.

A starburst hitís the chain and they break free.

Dimentio: But for more fun!

Dimentio claps his hands and suddenly a huge steel dog like body appears and Dimentio puts the Underchomps on it and they become huge.

Snifit 1: 0_0

Dimentio: Have fun.

Snifit 1 47/50
Snifit 2 43/45
Snifit 3 40/45
The Underchomp 16/16 each

The Underchomp uses Giga Impact and smacks the Snifits. Snifit 1 uses POW Bill and it hitís the body but nothing happens. Snifit 3 uses his Wii remote and uses Hammer Boost. He makes a huge hammer appear and hits Blue. Red gets angry and breathes fire on Snifit 3. Snifit 2 uses Thunder. A huge  bolt hits Red. Yellow responses by spraying a toxic gas on Snifit 2 and he gets poisoned. Snifit 1 decides to end this and takes out a shooting star. A bunch of starts start hitting the under chomp but they survive the attack. Red uses Fire Fang on Snifit 1 but he moves slightly to the left dodging it and Red accidently bites a hard platform breaking his teeth thus defeating him. Blue and Yellow get attack up and Blue uses Ice Fang on Snifit 1 freezing him then Yellow uses Iron Head, defeating Snifit 1. Snifit 2 uses Canon mode and he shoots a beam that lowers the Underchompís defense. Snifit 3 uses his hammer again but Yellow uses Thunder Fang and bites his arm and Snifit 3 lets go off his Wii remote in pain. Snifit 2 uses Bullet Rain and a bunch of bullets hit the Underchomp. Yellow uses Iron Head but Snifit 2 jumps and Yellow hitís a wall and a Spiky Tromp falls on Yellow knocking it out. Blue gets really angry and jumps in the air and uses ????.

Snifit 3: What is that Body Slam?

Snifit 2: No. Its called Heavy-




Snifit 3: OW!

Underchomp bites Snifit 3 and is slamming him around but Snifit 3 quickly grabs his Wii Remote and starts smashing Blue Underchomp. Underchomp spits him out and uses Giga Impact again. Snifit 3 quickly does a roll dodge and Blue smashes into the wall but it dodges the Spiky Tromp but Snifit 3 uses Elec POW Bill and hits Blue knocking him out and the body thus defeating Underchomp.

Battle Over. +3900 pts. Level UP!

Doorguy: You may pass.

The Snifits continue on.

Chapter 7-3 Duel in the Sky

Luvbi: We have madeth

Grate Guy: So now we are close to Grambi?

Luvbi: Not quite. We must acendeth the staircaseth. Hurry!

The Snifit crew quickly start climbing the clouds and see the place is surprisingly empty. They just shrug and keep going. The Snifits get tired and see a Tree with golden fruit.

Snifit 1: Mmm. Looks tasty.

Snifit 1 prepares to bite it-

????: STOP!!!!!!

Snifit 1: !

Luigi appears.

Luigi: If you eat that you will fall asleep forever.

Snifit 2: That donít sound pretty.

Luigi: Exactly so donít eat any of the fruits around here.

Snifit 3: Okay.

Luvbi: Luigi? Did your game endeth?

Luigi: I think so. I remember I was hit by something then wellÖ..blank.

Grate Guy: Yeah we saw that then I believe that happended to us.

Luvbi: We must hurrieth. Grambi is waiting!

????: Why hurry? Grambi is domed any how.

Everyone: !

Dimentio appears.

Everyone: DIMENTIO!!!!!!!!!

Dimentio: and again we meet like two burly dinosaurs with terrible indegestion!

Snifit 1: You already used that!

Dimentio: Oh. Well I wanted to use it again.

Grate Guy: What do you want you freak!?

Dimentio: Why to kill you people of course. I donít want you to stop the plan my master is completing.

Luigi: You canít win Dimentio!

Dimentio hits him with a starburst.

Dimentio: Silence fool!

Luvbi: You shanít escapeth this time Dimentio. Father and Mother will make sure you rotteth with Bonechill.

Dimentio: You mean Bonechill will killeth Father. Right?

Luvbi: NO!

Dimentio; I canít let you get to him soÖ.

Dimentio suddenly makes all of the clouds dissappear and the place changes to Dimension D but this time their in the sky.

Dimentio: Iíve been working in my dimension now we must-

Snifit 2: We heard that!

Dimentio: Grr!

Knife Guy: Come on bro lets handle this chump!

Grate Guy: Yeah!

Dimentio: ! Well well well. This will be intresting. Now we fight.

Grate Guy 60/60
Knife Guy 55/55
Dimentio 75/75

Dimentio throws two starburst.

Knife Guy: Wait. How can we dodge if were in the-AAAAAAAAH!!!!

Dimentio: AHA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! Thatís the point you canít!

Grate Guy: Then how are we floating?

Dimentio: My powers of course. You canít win now!

Grate Guy: But I can still perform magic!

Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast and hits Dimentio. Dimentio makes a clown of himself and throws three starburst but Knife Guy makes his knife big and reflects back the Starburst at him at double the power and hits Dimentio. Dimentio uses Dimension Crush. A part of the dimension starts crushing Knife Guyís bones. Grate Guy sees this and uses Echo finder but Dimentio dodges the attack with ease but Grate Guy throws fire spell catches Dimentioís hat on fire.

Dimentio: ! @#$%!!!!

Dimentio starts floating around like mad and Knife Guy stops being crushed and uses Multi stab and stabs Dimentio but since Knife Guy was at a close range Dimentio uses StarBURST. He leaves a star and it makes a small supernova explosion hurting knife Guy but mildly hurting Dimentio. Grate Guy uses Recover on his brother. +15 HP. Dimentio uses Dimensional Box on Grate Guy but Knife Guy throws a knife at him and it hits him in the chest but before it hit him he quickly snaps his fingers hurting Grate Guy. Dimentio makes a huge starburst and flings at him. Grate Guy uses Super Size on Knife Guyís knife and Knife Guy slashes at the starburst and flings it back but Dimentio does too and it becomes a Deathman Volleyball match. Grate Guy decides to mess up Dimentio and uses Echo Finder and then the startburst goes to Dimentio.

Dimentio: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Grate Guy; We did it!!

Dimentio: Dimension pain!

Suddenly Dimentio shares his pain with both of them.

Knife Guy: Youíre not getting away with this!

Grate Guy 28/60
Knife Guy 28/60
Dimentio 28/75

Dimentio uses Meteor Swarm and the starburst falls down on them and hits them but Knife Guy reflects one and hits Dimentio. Dimentio uses Gravatation. Suddenly the brothers start falling down fast and start catching on fire.

Grate Guy: WEíRE GOANNA CRASH!!!!!!!




Dimentio: AHA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!! Again for Dramatic affect! AHA HA HA HA-


Dimentio: OOF! Huh?

Dimentio sees Knife Guy.

Dimentio: But how?

Knife Guy: I bounced off my brotherís ball but unfortunately he didnít. Youíll pay!


Knife Guy spins around and throws a bunch of knives and Dimentio throws many starburst cancelling it out but Knife guy quickly throws one that hits Dimentioís foot. Dimentio screams in pain and Knife Guy uses Guilotine. SHINK! Dimentio survives with one HP. He uses Reverstar. He throws a Blue Star that the more pain he has the more power it is but Knife Guy gets an ultra knife and reflects it but so does Dimentio but Knife Guy hits it and throws a sword but Dimentio catches it and reflects it back but Knife Guy uses Knifearang and hits it and the knife goes toward Dimentio who catches it but when his hand grabs it, it makes him spin as well and the star hits him defeating him.

Dimentio: Curses.

Battle Over. +4000 Pts.

Dimentio: You are powerful but you need to be better if you want to best me again.

They return to the Overthere.

Luvbi: Prepare to go backeth to the underwhere!

Dimentio: Oh I donít think so. Besides Bonechill is probably snacking on someone.

Luvbi: NO!

Dimentio: Now if you excuse me Iíll leave with my participating prize.

Dimentio grabs Luigiís unconscious body.

Dimentio: Ciao.

Luvbi: We must hurrieth.

Snifit 1: How?! We canít just grow wings!

Snifit 2: we can.

Grate Guy: How?

Snifit 3 takes out some Red Bull.

Knife Guy: Thatís just some fooney baloney.

Snifit 3: Not in the mushroom Kingdom.

10 Minutes later.

Grate Guy: Well that went well.

Luvbi: Hurry!

Grate Guy: Okay okay!

They hurry to Grambiís temple.

Chapter 7-4 Revenge is best serve chilled.

When the Snifits arrive at the Overthere they see the place is destroyed.

Snifit 1: Wow.


Grate Guy: We better hurry then.

The Snifit  crew take one step and their lower parts of their body get frozen.

Knife Guy: Well thatís just great.

Suddenly Bonechillís army appears.

Skellobit: Hmmmmmm? Intruders I see. Wait a minute our leader knows you.

Snifit 2: Uh. No he doesnít.

Spiky Skull bit : ! Wait youíre the ones who stop Bone chill a few years ago! Bonechill we be pleased!

Luvbi: Where is father!?!?


Spiky Skullbit: Right!

20 Minutes later.

Snifit 1: Ugh. Where are we?

Snifit 3: Beats me. ! DONíT LOOK DOWN!!!!!!!

Grate Guy: Wha? !

They see theyíre tied up and hanging over a pool of liquid nitrogen.

Snifit 2: CRUD!

Skellobit: SILENCE! Bonechill will deal with you after he gets the pure heart.

Snifit 3: Got any ideas?

Knife Guy: If I had my knives I could free us but apparently these bone freaks took our weapons.

Snifit 1: Whereís Luvbi?

Skellobit: Sheís going to be fed to Bonechill as well as other Nimbis.

Snifit 2: Wait we still have our masks!

Skellobit: Your point being?

Snifit 2 shoots a Fire Bill and destroys the skellobit.

Grate Guy: Now what?

Knife Guy: ! My knife is over there! GRATE GUY USE YOUR SPRINGY BODY!!!!!!!

Grate Guy: Right.

Grate Guy throws his lower part of his body and grabs the knife. Knife Guy grabs it but Grate Guy throws his body again and grabs a nearby pole. Knife Guy begins to cut the ropes and the Snifits climb on Grate Guyís body and then soon Knife guy does his and then Grate Guy.

Knife Guy: Lets hurry!

They move on and see a huge icy mist. They see the place is underground for some reason and there are huge icicles on the top.

Snifit 1: Remember. Talk quietly.

Grate Guy: Sure.

Snifit 1: WHAAAAAAAAAT!?!?

Suddenly the icicles start to fall.

Knife Guy: IMBI-


All the icicles miss them.

Snifit 3: Sweet!

Suddenly a ton of skellobits appear.

Spiky Skellobit: GET THEM!!!!!

Snifit 2: CRUD!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly more icicles falls and destroy the Skellobits.


They get out part of the place but as they move on the mist gets even more bigger. They bump into a blue door and see a lock.

Grate Guy: Now what?

????: STOP!

They look back but only see Red eyes in the mist.


Snifit 1: Bring it on!

VS. ????

An Ice Blast is fired and hits Snifit 1 and he gets flash frozen. Snifit 2 uses Fire Bill and hitís the strange enemy but suddenly a punch hits Snifit 2 in the face but he gets grab again and body slammed onto the ground. Snifit 3 uses Bullet Tornado and some of the mist clears and it hitís a muscular Skellobit.


He smashes the ground and icicles fall down but Snifit 3 dodges it but Musclebit grabs one and smashes it onto Snifit 3. Musclebit grabs and prepares to launch an Ice punch. Snifit 1 breaks free and uses Storm and a huge thunderbolt hits him. Snifit 3 uses POW Bill and he gets blown away and then Snifit 3 shoots another Firebill and he gets blown to pieces. Suddenly the mist returns and his head bites onto Snifit 1 and his body gets fix and punches Snifit 1. Snifit 2 uses bolt but he misses and the skull bites onto Snifit 2 and the body Mega Punches him. The skull goes to bite Snifit 3 but he uses Pyro suit and the skull gets stunned and then he breathes fire on him and destroys the whole head and then the body crumbles leaving a skeleton key.

Battle Over. +2000 PTS. Level Up.

They open the door and see theyíre close to the temple.

Grate Guy: SWEET!!!!

Knife Guy: Lets hurry!

Skellobit: Oh no you donít!

The Skellobits shatter the rainbow bridge.

Snifit 2: PLAN B!

Snifit 2 takes out some skittels and another rainbow forms and they get transported but they get surrounded by a skellobit army.

Grate Guy: Me thinks we be doomed.

Snifit 1: Save me Grambi!

Suddenly a light ball falls and destroys the skellobits.

Snifit 3: WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

They quickly climb up the stairs and enter the door.

Grambi: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Canít keep this up.

Luvbi: Father please donít give up. ! SNIFITS!!!!!!!!!!

????: So they have returned.

Snifits: Gulp.

Bonechill appears although this time heĎs hiding his tail.
Bonechill: If it isnít the morsels that stopped on that a cursed day. No matter. Iím nearly done with this old fool. BROO HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!

Luvbi: Forget it bonechill. Iím not the Pure Hearteth anymore.



Bonechill: When the void reappear the Pure Heart needed to come back so you became a Pure Heart in your sleep. Grambi just didnít tell you.

Luvbi: No. Is this true father?


Bonechill: The old fool can weigh the sins of others but not HIS OWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Snifit 1: THATíS COLD!!!!!!!

Bonechill: BROO HA HA HA HA!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Snifit 2: Youíre not getting away with this Bonechill!!!!!


Snifit 1 10/55
Snifit 2 10/50
Snifit 3 10/50
Bonechill 100/100

Snifit 1: Wait! Why are we all out here and why are we still damaged?!?!

Bonechill: To make it easier for me! BROO HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

Bonechill uses Frost Breath but the Snifits quickly back flip but Snifit 1ís feet get frozen.

Snifit 2: We have to fight fire with Ice remember.

Snifits: PYRO SUIT!!!!!

The Snifits catch fire and sue flamethrower but Bonechill quickly ducks and avoids the flames. Bonechill creates a huge icicle out of his canon and smashes it onto Snifit 1 defeating him but since Bonechill got close Snifit 2 uses Flare Blitz and smashes onto Bonechillís face. Bonechill shakes it off and uses Frost Breath again but Snifit 3 uses Fire Blast and stops the freeze breath.

Snifit 2: The coldest ice is nothing against the hottest fire!
Bonechill: Oh really?

Bonechill uses Absolute Zero and hits Snifit 2 with an ice blast.

Snifit 2: Never mind. X_X

Snifit 3: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Snifit 3: Donít think for a moment you won! It ainít over till its over.

Snifit 3 uses Flame Charge and hits Bonechill. Bonechill uses Frost Breath but Snifit 3 has gotten quicker and dodges it and hits Bonechill with another Flame Charge. Bonechill gets angry now and uses Absolute Zero but Snifit 3 quickly ducks and the absolute zero hitís the wall freezing it completely. Snifit 3 uses Inferno and a huge fire blast heads toward Bonechill but he hides in his canon and avoids all damage. Bonechill rams into Snifit 3 but he roll dodges but Bonechill pops out and uses Ice Fang and bites Snifit 3 defeating him.

Bonechill: BROO HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! TOO EAS-



Grate Guy 65/65
Knife Guy 65/65
Bonechill 75/90

Bonechill uses Frost Breath but Grate Guy makes his ball huge and the ball takes the hit and gets frozen. Grate Guy throws it back and it explodes on Bonechill making him lose some of his ice on his face. Knife Guy makes a huge knife while he was distracted and slams it on him destroying more ice. Bonechill gets angry and uses Glaciate. He lets out an icy mist that freezes everything including Grate Guyís and Knife Guyís lower part of their body.

Grate Guy: Shoot. ! I can still do this!

Grate Guy uses PK Fire Omega and a huge fire blast hits Bonechill making him loose more ice again. Suddenly Grate Guy and Knife Guyís energy is being depleted by the ice. Grate Guy uses PK-

Bonechill: YOU STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

Bonechill makes another icicle and smashes onto Grate Guy, knocking him out momentarily. Knife Guy starts focusing and uses knife rain and a bunch of knives fall but Bonechill hides in his cannon. A Knife hits Knife Guyís lower part and breaks the ice. Knife Guy grabs his knife and cast it on fire and puts it through the canon but  the canon shoots out an ice beam that hits Knife Guy. Bonechill comes out of the canon but his face has all his ice again.

Knife Guy: What the?

Bonechill: PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!

A huge Icicle spear appears in front of the canon and charges towards Knife Guy.


Bonechill: BROO HA H-


Knife Guy: What the?

Knife Guy sees that Grate Guy has reawaken and he sees his ball. Bonechillís wheel has tripped on the ball making him miss several inches and crashing into the wall. Bonechill starts to get up but Knife Guy quickly cuts his hands off. Bonechill roars in pain but Knife Guy makes a huge Knife and puts it through his head. Bonechill tries to get up but Grate Guy uses Psychic and he keeps him down. Knife Guy prepares to slash him a lot making him loose all his Ice around him.


Bonechill falls down in defeat.

Battle over. +5000 Points.

Grambi: Thou has donneth. Bonechill is slaieth again.

Luvbi: Am I a Pure Hearteth again.


Jaydes: LUVBI!

Luvbi: ! Mother! Am I a pure hearteth.

Jaydes: Yes you are.

Luvbi: I donít feel well.

Luvbi starts turning into a Pure Heart again.

Grambi: Luvbi is sensing someone worthy of possessing her!

Luvbi: You mean those two ugly clowns? That stinketh!

Grate Guy: HEY! One we just save you! And two were jesters! Thereís a huge difference!

Luvbi: *sigh* If I must turneth into a Pure Heart. Right Mother and Father?

Jaydes: You must Luvbi. If you donít all worlds will end and whoever is controlling the Chaos Heart will want to rule the entire world or whatís left of it. But remember this we love you.

Luvbi: And I loveth you too Mother and Father.

Luvbi turns into a Pure Heart.

Grambi: Great Jesters. Take care of Luvbi. Saveth all the worlds.

Grate Guy: Sure.

Knife Guy: You can count on us!

????: Thank you very much for handing over the Pure Heart.

Grambi, Jaydes, Great and Knife Guy: ! What was that?

????: Broo ha ha ha ha!!!!! Fools!!! You think I be taken down that easily!

Knife Guy: NO!

They turn around and see Bonechill has risen back up, he has regained all the ice on his face but heís still missing his hands.

Bonechill: Now that Luvbi is just a helpless Pure Heart I can just take it from there.

Jaydes: NO! Back Bonechill you canít get Luvbi over my dead body!!!!

Bonechill: That can be arranged!

Grate Guy: You two leave with Luvbi. Weíll take it from here.

Bonechill: Foolish! You canít defeat me. Iím too powerful!

Knife Guy: Bring it!

Grate Guy 40/65
Knife Guy 50/65
Bonechill 50/100

Bonechill uses absolute Zero but the brothers dodge it again but Bonechill rams them against the wall. Bonechill makes the room frozen again and more slippery that Knife Guy canít even stand still right. Grate Guy uses Trick Room and Bonechill feels slower. Knife Guy throws a knife at extreme speed and hits him in the eye.

Knife Guy: He has to have a weak point.

Grate Guy: ! Thatís it bro!

Knife Guy: Whatís it?

Grate Guy: His tail must be his weak point. It must be hiding in his canon.

Knife Guy: Youíre right! Iíll see if I can hit it!

Bonechill spews out dry ice that hits Knife Guy and it burns him badly.

Knife Guy: IÖ.thoughtÖ..dryÖ.iceÖ..wasÖÖcccccccccccold!!!!!!!!!!

Grate Guy throws his ball into the canon but Bonechill shoots an icicle and pops it but when he takes a closer look a bob-omb comes out of the ball.

Bonechill: O_O OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The canon breaks apart and Bonechill breaks to pieces.

Knife Guy: Okay. NOW WE WON.

Grate Guy: Yes we did.

Bonechill: NotÖ.YET!!!!!!

They see Bonechill repaired himself. Half of his face seems to be missing, his hands are gone and his wings are keeping him in midair but at the tip of his tail is a little ice crystal.


Bonechill shoots a huge Icy Blast from his tail but Grate Guy ducks it but it hits Knife Guy and he gets flash frozen. The Ice around him starts absorbing his energy. Grate Guy touches the ice and his hand gets frozen.

Bonechill: Lets end this!

Grate Guy 30/65
Knife Guy FROZEN
Bonechill 40/100

Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast and he hits Bonechillís tail cracking it and he screams in pain. Bonechill shoots another Ice Blast but Grate Guy ducks but it hits his hat and the ice starts going towards his head but he quickly throws his hat away but while heís not looking Bonechill constricts around him and starts freezing him. Grate Guy uses Meteor Swarm and a bunch of starts smack Bonechill and he falls right onto Knife Guy breaking him free but it is too late and he is KO. Grate Guy sees his dead brother and gains a huge boost in power. Bonechill sends out liquid nitrogen at him but Grate Guy quickly puts his ball in front and it freezes and breaks but now Grate Guy canít balance on the ice and he gets hit by the ice blast and starts to freeze.

Bonechill: Game Over.

Grate Guy gets completely frozen.

Bonechill: Broo ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

Grate Guy: (No this canít be the end! I must fight back! It is time! I havenít tested this but its worth a shoot!)

Grate Guy puts all his psychic energy into a ball and he starts glowing.

Bonechill: ? What the?

Grate Guy: (PSYCHO BOOST!)

Grate Guy fires a small but power ball thatís filled with all his psychic energy but Bonechill quickly rolls into the ball and dodges It.

Bonechill: Missed!

Grate Guy: (WasnĎt aimingÖÖÖ.for you.)

The Psycho Boost starts ricocheting off the walls and then goes so fast it smacks Knife Guy breaking him free of the ice but he is still dead but a 1-UP he brought with him revives him. Bonechill shoots another ice beam but Knife Guy roll dodges and slashes his tail chipping the ice crystal even more and loses its permanent freeze power. Bonechill shoots the floor with his ice beam and all of the sudden huge evil snowflake monsters appear.

Bonechill: I call these CRYOGNALS!!!!!!!!

Knife Guy: Iím pretty sure there fro-


A Cryognal throws an ice crystal at him. Knife Guy uses Fire Knife rain and the knives hit Grate Guy freeing him. Grate Guy uses Mega Recover on himself. +35 HP. The Cryognals start shooting ice beams but Knife Guy throws a bunch of the knives that take the hits and they become frozen solid but another Cryognal makes a huge flash of light that blinds Knife Guy and Grate Guy then Knife Guy is hit by Bonechillís Dark Pulse defeating Knife Guy. Grate Guy sees this and uses Meteor Swarm but the Cryognals block the hit and hardly receive damage.

Bonechill: Broo ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! Ready to surrender?

Grate Guy 45/65
Cryognals 75/80
Bonechill 20/100

Grate Guy quickly summons another ball and he makes it huge. Bonechill uses Dark Pulse again and he hitís the ball making it hit the wall but it bounces back and smashes into the Cryognals destroying them and hits Bonechill in the face. Bonechill makes a huge icicle and pops the ball and while Grate Guy falls down he smashes the icicle right into Grate Guyís face. Grate Guy gets back up and makes another ball and Bonechill makes more Cryognals. Grate Guy uses PK Fire omega but the Cryognals block it again and hardly receive damage. Grate Guy kicks his ball but Bonechill simply eats the ball and then starts flapping his Nimbi wings so fast he creates a hurricane that hits Grate Guy then the Cryognals shoot a huge Ice Beam at him and finally Bonechill grabs him in the air and slams him onto the icy floor. Bonechillís crystal starts glowing and starts preparing a Sheer Freeze attack while Bonechill and the Cryognals hold poor Grate Guy down.

Bonechill: Any last words worm?

Grate Guy: IÖÖhopeÖ.youÖhaveÖ..aÖblast.

Bonechill: I WILL!!!!!!!

Bonechill shoots his Icy Beam of destruction creating a huge glacier in the room.

Bonechill: BROO HA HA HA H-HUH?!?!

Bonechill sees a Golden Bob-omb in front of him in short fuse.

Bonechill: O_O So thatís what he meant. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH-


Bonechill breaks apart into a ton of pieces.


Bonechillís crystal breaks and then bone chill dies.

Battle over. +5000 Pts.

Grate Guy reappears.

Grate Guy: Good thing I know how to teleport.

Grambi: Thank thee Jester. Thou has saveth the Overthere and the Underwhere.

Grate Guy: I canít take all the credit sir. Its also thanks to my friends or what used to be my friends. Iím just glad the Snifits had two Gold Bob-ombs.

Jaydes: I will heal them.

The Snifit crew get revive by Jaydes power.

Grambi: Now great heroes taketh Luvbi and saveth every world.

Snifit 1: No problem Grambi.


Back at Castle Dimentio.


Mimi: You okay boss?


OíChuncks: Chill boss. Mimi is just a wee bit scared.

Dimentio: Those idiots will be here soon! I need to stall for more time!

Nastasia: Stall for what?

Dimentio: All in due time. All in due time.

Count Bleck: With all due respect sir I couldíve finish them off back in Sammerís Kingdom if y-

Dimentio: COULDíVE SHOULDíVE WOULDíVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU! MUST! STAY! IN! THIS! CASTLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Capish?

Count Bleck: Y-yes sir.

Dimentio: I want all of you to prepare for the Snifitís coming. Summon all the troops, destroy parts of the castle, I donít care! I need to be going somewhere. Count Bleck! Here is your final order. After this do whatever you want. If my minion, OíChuncks, Mimi, and even I fail to defeat the Snifits you must destroy the Snifits  and their friends with The Chaos Heart, then make sure the void does its job. Then you may do what you want. Understand?

Count Bleck: Yes sir.

Dimentio: So lets go. Ciao.

Dimentio leaves.

And so Dimentio will now ensure the Snifitís total demise! Who is Dimentioís minion? What will Count Bleck do? Will all the Worlds end? Where is Mario? What has happen to Luigi? One of these questions will be answered in the next part of Snifit X Season 5!

Read on!

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