Snifit X Season 5: Super Paper Snifit

By Red Shy Guy

Chapter 8: Showdown in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

Snifit 1: Well that was certainly close.

Snifit 2: I’ll say but the final battle is near and its only going to be a lot harder from there.

Snifit 3: Well we must put the Pure Heart now. Where’s the final heart pillar?

Tippi: It’s in the outskirts of Flopside.

Grate Guy: Let’s not waste any time then!

Knife Guy: Relax. Look at the void.

They look and see the void here is actually medium size instead of gargantuan.

Knife Guy: Before we know it we’ll be in the castle and we won’t worry about any last ditch efforts.

Grate Guy: I guess you’re right. Well, let’s hustle.

The Snifit group hurries to Flopside but they see the Warp Pipe to Flopside is broken. When they hurry to the normal way to Flopside the road there has been destroyed.

Grate Guy: ! What in the world?

Tippi: Did Blumiere anticipate our movements? !!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Snifit 1: Don’t worry about it. I’ve got an idea.

Knife Guy: Is this another one of your idiotic suicidal plans?

Snifit 1: A little.

10 minutes later…

Knife Guy: Are you sure this is safe?

Snifit 2: No.

Snifit 3 throws a Bullet Bill and hits a switch, then the group is flung off a medieval catapult and they land on the first floor of Flopside.

Snifit 3: OW!

Grate Guy: That went well.

????: MAIL CALL!!!

Snifit Group: !

They turn around and see Parakarry.

Snifit 2: What are you doing here?

Parakarry: People here need their mail delivered. Here’s your mail.

They get a big box.

Parakarry: See you all later. Always glad to help people. Thanks for saving the Star Spirits that one time when there was nobody else.

Snifit 3: No prob. Bye.

Parakarry: Bye.

Grate Guy notices something attached to the box.

Grate Guy: It’s a letter form Booster.

Knife Guy: Booster?

Grate Guy: It says “Dear great friends of mine. How are you guys doing? The weather is swirly and black. Talk about crazy weather. I’m still waiting for my beetles but I’m pretty sure you’re out there doing your crazy stuff. I wish I could help but I need Beetles to fill me up. In the package Valentina made you something that will help you on your journey. Keep fighting and look out for Dodo, he will bring you something later. Thanks from all of us, Booster Mario.” MARIO?!

Knife Guy: Mario’s last name is Mario?

Snifit 2: Didn’t we establish this in the last story? Remember when we fought Cackletta in that one weird lab?

Knife Guy: Right. What’s in this box?

You got 5 Emergency Rations! Your other HP Items were replaced.

Snifit 3: Well that could’ve gone better.


Tippi: It was a nice thought though.

Knife Guy: You’re right. Let’s go.

They get on the elevator and head down, but…


Grate Guy: What the?

Something hits the elevator and the elevator starts falling down really fast and crashes down into a warp pipe. The elevator opens up and they see a dark place.

Grate Guy: Where are we?

Tippi: The Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.

Snifits: 0_0 @#$%!

Knife Guy: We’re trapped, aren’t we?

Tippi: Yes.

Grate Guy: We can get out. Let’s fight our way.

Snifit 1: Nope. Cheat Code time.

Snifit 1 takes out a Warp Whistle but when he blows on it nothing happens.

Snifit 2: Now what?


Knife Guy: WHO’S THERE?!

Knife Guy stabs the Goomba and kills it and the Goomba leaves a key behind.

Grate Guy: Let’s keep going.

Pit 02-20
Killed a Dark Goomba, Koopa, Boom Box, Buzzy Beetle, Cleft, Dayzee, Jawbit, etc.

Pit 21-49
Killed a bunch of other enemies.

Pit 50
Grate Guy: *huff, puff* This is harder than we thought.

????: You have done well to make it this far. But you will never make it to me. Even if you make it to me you will be obliterated by my power. See if you can defeat this.

Suddenly a bunch of black blobs fall from the ceiling and start forming into a weird creature. It turns out to be a D. Megasmilax.

D. Megasmilax: PREPARE TO DIE!!!

Grate Guy 65/65
D. Megasmilax ??/??

D. Megasmilax breathes out Shadoo Flames. Grate Guy quickly puts up his ball in defense but it just gets burned to a crisp. Grate Guy uses PK Freeze alpha and D. Smilax freezes. Grate Guy starts charging a huge PSI Punch. He makes a huge fist and punches D. Smilax to pieces, shattering it. Suddenly a bunch of black blobs appear and they reform back into D. Megasmilax. He uses Hammer Tree. Suddenly a huge tree pops out of the ground and D. Smilax smashes onto Grate Guy. D. Megasmilax grabs Grate Guy and eats him but then he is hit by a huge Thunderbolt three times. It turns around and sees Grate Guy.

D. Smilax: ! HOW IN THE?!

Grate Guy: Like my clone bombs?

D. Megasmilax: Clone bombs?


D. Megasmilax explodes into black blobs again but the blobs burn up this time.

Grate Guy: That was weird.

Knife Guy: Let’s hurry!

They enter another door and see a huge Dark Muth. The Dark Muth quickly sees them and starts charging.

Tippi: Do something!

Snifit 2 is busy eating a banana and throws away the peel, on which the Muth slips and heads into a new direction and hits a wall destroying, it and itself and revealing a gray pipe.

Knife Guy: Awesome! Maybe it’s a shortcut.

The Snifit crew enter the pipe and they fall into an arena.

Snifit 1: Pit 60. This is weird.

????: HOW IN THE?! Um. You may have defeated my weakest minion.

Snifit 3: Weakest?

????: Yes, weakest. Now see if you can stop this! TRY AND FAIL, HEROES!!!

A cage falls down on the arena and Knife Guy gets caught.

Knife Guy: Who’s my challenger!

Suddenly another black blob falls down and it scans Knife Guy, then it transforms into D. Jinx.

Knife Guy: Oh boy.

D. Jinx: Scared, shorty?

Knife Guy 65/65
D. Jinx

D. Jinx smashes the ground, creating a shockwave, and Knife Guy gets stunned. D. Jinx then quickly uses Triple Kick on Knife Guy, sending him flying, then it uses Rising Break, but Knife Guy puts an unbreakable knife in the way and stops the attack. He puts a glowing knife onto the ground and a bunch of knives come out of the ground and hit D. Jinx. D. Jinx uses Silver Bullet but Knife Guy puts his unbreakable knife again but there is so much force in the silver bullet an explosion occurs, sending both back a couple feet, but D. Jinx immediately uses D. Bombs Away. A huge aura ball forms in its hands and throws it hitting Knife Guy, causing a huge explosion. Knife Guy is down but he is trying to reach a glowing sword. D. Jinx jumps in the air and smashes down onto Knife Guy. D. Jinx prepares another D. Bombs Away but Knife Guy quickly reaches his sword and makes it grow huge and makes a huge slash attack that destroys Jinx and the cage. D. Jinx gets cut in half and explodes into nothingness.

Knife Guy: *huff, puff* What’s all this madness?

Tippi: I don’t know, but we must keep moving.

The Snifit crew hurry on down but the pipe they take immediately takes them to Pit 70.

Snifit 3: ! What in the?

Suddenly Snifit 3 is grabbed and tossed into a rocky arena.

Snifit 3: OW! Huh?

Suddenly a huge, black blob falls into the arena and rocks start attaching to it and it forms into Bouldergeist, only the rocks are completely dark and he already has his hands and his eyes are red instead of yellow.

????: How you lived past the other guy I have no idea, but this guy will make sure you don’t live. Prepare for GAME OVER!!!

Snifit 3 50/50
D. Bouldergeist ??/??

D. Bouldergeist throws his punch at Snifit 3 he is hit with huge power. D. Bouldergeist makes 10 rocks appear and starts throwing them, but Snifit 3 quickly shoots out a bunch of Bullet Bills, destroying all the rocks, and 3 D. Bomb Boos appear. They start charging at Snifit 3 but he jumps over one and grabs it by its tongue and flings it right onto D. Bouldergeist, destroying part of it. D. Bouldergeist makes stalagmites rise up and hit Snifit 3 but he backs up and jumps on a stalagmite and jumps again over Bouldergeist and throws a POW Bill that destroys part of him again. The other 2 Bomb Boos tackle Snifit 3, hurting him. Bouldergeist grabs Snifit 3 and starts squeezing him but all of a sudden a bunch of Bullet Bills rain from the sky and start hitting D. Bouldergeist, breaking him apart. The Black Blob starts running away but Snifit 3 shoots a fireball, burning and destroying it.

Suddenly the place starts rumbling, causing a warp pipe to appear.

Snifit 2: What was that?

Tippi: We have to hurry!

They head down the pipe and make it to Pit 80. The entire place is completely dark. Snifit 2 wanders off and all of a sudden a D. Cackletta appears.

Snifit 2: ! What in the?

D. Cackletta: Eyaha ha ha ha ha!!!

Snifit 2 50/50
D. Cackletta 50/50

D. Cackletta raises her arms and two dark lightning bolts hit Snifit 2. Snifit 2 shoots an Elec Bill and hits D. Cackletta. D. Cackletta starts making holes in the ground and they start heading towards Snifit 2, who is able to jump over them, but D. Cackletta hits Snifit 2 with Dark Lightning and he falls into one of the holes, making him feel very sluggish. Snifit 2 pulls out an herb and eats it, overcoming his sluggishness. D. Cackletta makes 5 clones appear and they all raise an arm in the air and a huge lightning bolt strikes Snifit 2, leaving a crater where he was standing.

D. Cackletta: EYAHA HA HA HA HA HA!!! ? Wait a sec?



Snifit 2 shot a huge immense of lightning ghe absorbed from the lightning that hit him in his Elec outfit though it still singed him. D. Cackletta’s clones disappear but she decides to make more holes. Snifit 2 jumps over them with ease but Cackletta makes Dark Fire and it burns Snifit 2 badly. D. Cackletta makes her fist grow to immense proportions but Snifit 2 quickly uses Bombshell Bill and shoots one, causing a big explosion that stuns her as he then uses POW Bill. D. Cackletta explodes.

Another pipe is revealed and they make it to Pit 90.

????: ! YOU’RE HERE ALREADY?! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Take this?

A few black blobs appear and D. Snifit appears.

Snifit 1: That’s it?


Snifit 1 55/55
D. Snifit  ??/??

D. Snifit starts shooting D. Nightmare Bullets, but Snifit 1 jumps over it and shoots a POW Bill, hitting D. Snifit, who jumps on Snifit 1 and grabs him, then chucks him at the wall. Then he grabs Snifit 1 again and throws him against another wall and D. Snifit grabs him again but Snifit 1 activates his Pyro suit, burning D. Snifit. Snifit 1 uses Corona, destroying the imposter Snifit.

Snifit 1: HURRY!

They enter the door instead of a pipe and start clearing more of the pit, but…

Pit 99

Snifit gang: !

They turn around and all the black blobs they’ve seen turn into a D. Magibot. They can see its Red eyes, he has four hands and is wearing a Wizzerd hat.

Elite D. Magibot: I can’t let you go any further. You may have destroyed all my other creations but you won’t get past me!

Snifit 1 40/55
Snifit 2 40/50
Snifit 3 40/50
Elite D. Magibot 40/40

Elite D. Magibot shoots three power balls but the Snifits dodge. D. Magibot quickly summons lightning, hurting the Snifits, but Snifit 1 fights the pain and uses POW Bombshell bill. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Elite D. Magibot is sent flying a couple of feet but quickly teleports away. All of a sudden a bunch of icicles start falling from the ceiling. Snifit 2 throws a fireball up but nothing happens and a huge icicle hits him. Snifit 3 pulls out his Wii Remote and fires a huge missile and the Elite D. Magibot falls down but quickly throws a fireball at Snifit 3, but Snifit 2 uses his Wii Remote and throws a net over him.

Elite D. Magibot: You think this can hold me?

Snifit 2: No.

Elite D. Magibot: Wait a sec-


Elite D. Magibot is hit by Snifit 1’s bullets and Snifit 3’s hammer setting. D. Magibot makes a small dark blast but only hits Snifit 3. Snifit 1 shoots another POW Bill, hitting Elite D. Magibot.

Elite D. Magibot: Hmmmmmmm. You guys put up a bigger fight than I expected. But know this, the only reason you won is because it was 1 Vs. 3. The next time we meet you will be obliterated. AND I DO MEAN THE NEXT TIME!!!

Elite D. Magibot disappears and leaves behind a key.
The Snifits open the door.

PIT 100
????: The heroes arrive, as I expected. Prepare to die.

Shadoo comes out as D. Mario but takes a look at the Snifit gang.


Snifit 1: We are heroes!


Shadoo ?????/?????

Shadoo throws a hammer at the Snifits which they quickly dodge, but Shadoo jumps on Snifit1 and then swings him around and flings him at the wall. Snifit 2 uses POW Bill but Shadoo jumps over it but gets hit by a bolt from Snifit 3. Shadoo makes a huge Shadow fist and slams the ground, making a dark shockwave that hits all the Snifits. Shadoo makes a huge Super Jump but the Snifits activate their Pyro suit but Shadoo hits Snifit 2, still hurting him badly. Snifit 1 starts Flare Blitzing towards him.

Shadoo: Fools. ABYSSAL WAVE!!!

Shadoo throws a huge wave at Snifit 1, sending him flying, but Snifit 3 grabs onto Shadoo and starts breathing fire on him. Shadoo does a Tornado and shakes Snifit 3 off. Shadoo prepares to slam the ground again but Snifit 2 shoots a huge fireball, hitting him.


Shadoo does the tornado spin and starts throwing hammers everywhere, injuring all the Snifits and covering them.




Shadoo is hit by three Bolts, which transformed into a huge Thunderbolt. The Snifits quickly break out of the hammer mass but Shadoo jumps to Snifit 1 and makes his fist huge and meteor mashes Snifit 1 into the ground. Snifit 2 rushes to help his brother but Shadoo unleashes another abyssal wave, sending Snifit 2 away, but just as Shadoo is about to finish Snifit 1, Snifit 3 sends out a Plasma Wave, hitting Shadoo. Then Snifit 1 activates his Wii Remote and sets it to Tennis and hits Shadoo away.

Shadoo: *huff, puff* I’ll sh-show y-you why I am the ultimate enemy! DARK WHOMPS!!!

Shadoo smashes the ground and a Dark Whomp appears.

Shadoo ?????/??????
D. Whomp ??/??

Snifit 1 takes out one of his emergency rations but Shadoo knocks it away and then punches Snifit 1 away, but Snifit 2 catches the emergency ration and eats it. + 50 HP and 20 MP. Snifit 3 tries to take his out but the D. Whomp squishes him, knocking him out. Snifit 1 shoots out a Bullet Bill in the air and it explodes, releasing a bunch of other bullets, but D. Whomp blocks them all. Snifit 2 uses his Remote and shoots a power ball, destroying the dark creature, but Shadoo rushes towards him and uppercuts him into the air. Shadoo super jumps but is stopped by Snifit 1’s bolt. Shadoo gets so furious that red eyes appear on his face, frightening Snifit 1 and giving Shadoo enough time to unleash a Dark Beam, defeating the Snifit. Snifit 2, in the air, sets his Wii Remote on “Shake and Bake”. The Wii Remote turns into a laser and Shadoo super jumps towards him but Snifit 2 shoots a POW Bill but Shadoo grabs it and smashes Snifit 2 into the ground. Shadoo pins him down and prepares another Dark Beam but Snifit 2 activates his laser beam. frying Shadoo.


Shadoo falls off the screen.

Snifit 2: I-I did it.

Shadoo: N-not yet you haven’t!

Shadoo reappears but he’s in the shape of Tubba Blubba/Macho Grubba except he is holding a huge club.


Snifit 2 9/50
Shadoo ???/???

Shadoo smashes his club but Snifit 2 dodges but it creates another shockwave and Shadoo approaches him but Snifit 2 activates his laser but it just bounces off. WHAM!

Snifit 2: X__X

Shadoo: Pathetic. They must have gotten here by sheer-


Shadoo is hit by a Meteor Blast and a giant sword.

Shadoo: HURK! ! WHO ARE YOU?!

Grate Guy: Chosen heroes.

Grate Guy makes his ball grow huge and throws it at Shadoo but he hits it back with his club but Grate Guy also hits it back but when Shadoo is about to hit it Knife Guy sneaks up behind him and slashes his tail off, making Shadoo scream and the ball breaks open revealing a Bomb that Shadoo gulps down and makes him explode into a bunch of black blobs. Shadoo quickly reforms but this time into a dark version of Wracktail though not as large. Shadoo breathes out Shadow Mega Flame but Knife Guy uses Blizzard and weakens its power and Grate Guy uses PK Thunder omega and the electricity strikes the antenna, hurting Shadoo. Shadoo swings his tail, smacking the brothers, then he flies into them and grabs them and does an ATOMIC PILE DRIVER. SLAAAAAAAAAAM!!!

Knife Guy: why does it hurt momie?

Grate Guy: No time to panic, BRO!

Shadoo uses Giga Impact but Grate Guy uses teleport and Shadoo crashes into the wall. Grate Guy & Knife Guy eat their Emergency rations. +50 HP & 20M. Shadoo snaps out of it and starts breathing out his shadow flame but Grate Guy makes his ball big and flings it at Wracktail but he hits it with his tail but the ball pops and a Bulky Bob-omb comes out and explodes on Shadoo. Knife Guy jumps and puts his Flame Sword through the antenna and Shadoo explodes.

Grate Guy: W-we won.

Shadoo: N…….not y-ye…….t!!!

Shadoo transforms into D. Mario.


Jester Bros.
D. Mario ??/??

D. Mario throws a million dark hammers but Grate Guy uses protect and blocks all the hammers. D. Mario jumps up and is about to Meteor Mash but Knife Guy uses Knife Beam and beam slices D. Mario in half but he quickly regrows. Grate Guy makes a huge fireball but D. Mario uses ABYSSAL WAVE and knocks the brother into the wall. D. Mario starts letting off a dark aura. Knife Guy uses Knife Rain but he doesn’t even flinch.


D. Mario uses Dark Mario Finale and three huge black fire dragons appear and hit the bros.



A bunch of Dark enemies emerge from the dark fire and start ripping Grate Guy & Knife Guy apart.


D. Mario: As I expected, I am victorious.

Tippi: You’re wrong, you evil monster!



A combination of Psychobots with a million knives hits D. Mario with huge force.
Grate Guy & Knife Guy are shown standing. D. Mario is baffled and doesn’t notice an ice rock falling towards him. SMASH! Shadoo tries to get up but Knife Guy uses Guillotine and slices him to bits. Shadoo quickly reforms into Dark Grate Guy.

Grate Guy: LAME!

Jester Bros.
Shadoo ?/?

Shadoo uses Dark Star and it crashes into the arena, causing a huge explosion, but Knife Guy stabs Shadoo in the back, but he uses Sheer Cold and freezes Knife Guy with a dark ice. Grate Guy uses Psycho Boost and Shadoo uses Dark Psycho Boost and both power orbs collide with one another, causing a huge implosion. Shadoo uses Shadow Mega Flame and throws a huge fireball in there but a ball hits Shadoo in the face. Shadoo uses Meteor Swarm and a bunch of Ztars hit Grate Guy.


Four large, dark lightning bolts fall towards Grate Guy.

Grate Guy: BLOCK BLOCK!!!

The Block Block reflects the immense lightning back at Sahdoo.





Shadoo burns up and explodes.

Battle Over. +10000 EXP. Level Up. Power ups.

A chest appears and a bunch of magic surrounds them. New special abilities obtained. Use them in the final battles.

Snifit 1: Let’s get out of here.

They get out of The Pit and see the Void is gigantic and looks as if is about to swallow Flipside and Flopside.

Grate Guy: Oh no. HURRY!!!

The heroes start rushing towards the final heart pillar.

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