The Mole: Mushroom Kingdom

By abcd

Episode 2

Last time, on The Mole: Mushroom Kingdom:

Luigi, the host, began the show with ten contestants, including Mario, Peach, Daisy, Sir Grodus, O’Chunks, Shy Guy, Ludwig von Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, and Morton Koopa.  Then Donkey Kong hitched a ride on the bus, knocking Morton out.  He replaced Morton.  The group, sadly, was unable to win any money out of the possible 70,000.  Mario scored lowest on the quiz, and was eliminated.


Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!

Shy Guy groggily awoke and checked what time it was.  Putting Mr. Wiggles back on the bed from where he had fallen during the night, he saw that it was 8:25.  He remembered the events of the day before, ending in Mario’s elimination.  He had the room to himself now.  He saw a note written on Mario’s bed.    It read:

Meet me in the lobby in five minutes, or else.

At the same time, Peach, O’Chunks, Sir Grodus, and Iggy found the same letter.  All four woke their still sleeping partners and began to get dressed quickly.

Shy Guy, being without a partner, arrived in the lobby first.  The clock in the lobby read 8:27.  Peach and Daisy were the next to arrive at 8:28, along with Ludwig and Grodus.  O’Chunks and DK arrived carrying Iggy and Wendy at 8:29.

O’Chunks (carrying Wendy):  Lassie, if you don’t hurry up, yer gonna get yer CHUNKIN’!

DK:  Iggy late.  If Iggy and DK later, then we not on time.

Luigi:  I’m glad to see that you’ve all made it.  10,000 coins into the pot!

Group:  Woohoo!

Daisy:  How long can it take to get ready?  Iggy and Wendy knew what was on the line, and if DK and O’Chunks hadn’t come along, they would’ve been late.

Luigi: Now, on to your first challenge.  I can guess that you are all hungry.  So, what I’m going to do is offer all of you a chance to win more money.  Now, if you can all wait until 1:30 to eat, 40,000 more coins go into the pot.  If not, you will lose the challenge.

30 minutes pass…

DK:  DK hungry!  What time?

Iggy:  Only 9 o’clock, DK.

DK:   Ook!  Four more hours!

1 more hour passes…

Luigi:  It’s ten o’clock already.  If any of you are willing to forfeit now, you can all eat.  We have a wonderful menu today, including ham and cheese croissants, blueberry muffins, and banana bread.

DK:  Banana bread!  DK want banana bread!

Luigi:  Are you willing to quit the challenge for it?

DK:  No, DK no quit yet.

2 hours pass…

DK:  (stomach grumbling)  I want food!  I need it now!

Luigi:  Ok, now that you have waited a long time, I’m willing to sweeten the deal.  Anyone who quits now will receive an exemption from taking tonight’s test.  Any takers?

Grodus:  My sensors indicate that—

O’Chunks:  I will, laddie!

Luigi:  O’Chunks, you are safe from taking the test tonight.  No money for the pot, but dig in!

Peach, Daisy, and Iggy order ham and cheese croissants.  Ludwig, O’Chunks, and Shy Guy eat blueberry muffins, and DK, Wendy, and Grodus decide on banana bread.

Peach:  Mmm, this croissant is delicious!  Right, Iggy?

Iggy:  I don’t really like it.  I wish I had ordered the muffins.

Daisy:  I think that Peach is right.  This is the best breakfast I’ve had in a while!

Ludwig:  I love these muffins!  What about you, O’Chunks and Shy Guy?

O’Chunks:  Whoever made these deserves to be CHUNKED!  I hate these!

Shy Guy:  I’m gonna side with O’Chunks…

Wendy:  I love this banana bread!  How about you guys?

Grodus:  This banana bread is filled with carbohydrates that I can digest and use as energy.  I approve.

DK:  Banana bread no taste like bananas!  I no like banana bread!  Luigi lied to DK!

As they finished up their brunch, DK couldn’t help but feel cheated.  He talked to Daisy about it.

DK:  We only needed one more hour!  And then O’Chunks ruined it!  DK wanted food earlier, but DK kept DK from eating.  And then O’Chunks does it and gets exemption.  DK think O’Chunks is Mole.

Daisy:  I don’t know.  O’Chunks getting the exemption is a little bit suspicious, but I don’t think it makes him the Mole.  I’m upset with him too, but he’s not the Mole.  The Mole doesn’t want to be caught, right?  Then they would be watched and less effective.

Luigi (to all contestants):  Now, another opportunity to win more money.  You will be split up into groups for this challenge.  Divide yourselves into three groups of three.

Who’s strong?  Who’s agile?  Who’s a good eater?

Daisy:  I’m agile!

Iggy:  I’m super strong!  I can do that job easily!

Grodus:  Sensors indicate:  I could consume vast quantities of nutrients with speed.

O’Chunks:  I’m a good eater too!

DK:  Yes, and we saw that this morning.  I will eat as well.

Peach:  I’m guessing I should do the agile part as well.

Ludwig:  I’m stronger than Iggy, so I should do the strength part as well.

Wendy:  Yeah!  King Bowser taught us to be strong!  I’ll do strength too!

Shy Guy:  I guess that leaves me with agility.

Luigi:  Ok, here’s how the challenge will work.  The strong people will stand atop a raised platform, holding the agile people by ropes tied to their feet.  The strong people must carry the agile people by rope to a watermelon that is sitting on the ground, below the platform.  There are 9 watermelons total, 3 per person on the rope.  If some groups are more successful than others, they may pick up the slack.  Then the agile people must toss the watermelons to an eater, who is standing ten feet away and must consume the entire watermelon.  Pair the strong people with agile people.  On my command, you have 30 minutes to complete the challenge.  The prize is 40,000 coins.

Ludwig:  I’ll carry Daisy.

Daisy:  Ok.  (There’s no way he’ll drop me.)

Peach:  Can Wendy carry me?

Wendy:  Sure.

Iggy:  I guess that means I carry you, Shy Guy.

Shy Guy:  Ok!

Now the strong people are situated above the platform, with the people on the ropes dangling below.

Luigi:  Go!

Ludwig immediately positions Daisy over a watermelon.  Daisy tosses the watermelon to DK, who begins eating it.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Peach are having trouble.  Peach can’t reach the watermelon, and Wendy can’t get the rope to go any lower.

Iggy and Shy Guy are doing fine, as Shy Guy picks up a watermelon and tosses it to O’Chunks, who begins eating it.

Seeing that Wendy and Peach are falling behind, Ludwig begins to pick up the pace.  He’s just about to position Daisy over a watermelon when the rope snaps.

Daisy:  Oof!

Luigi:  Daisy and Ludwig can no longer grab watermelons!  It’s down to Wendy and Peach, and Iggy and Shy Guy!  Twenty minutes left!

Shy Guy gets a watermelon and tosses it to Grodus, who begins chopping it into pieces he can shove down his throat.

Finally, Peach stretches down and tosses a watermelon to DK.  He finishes his first one and begins eating the second.

Iggy and Shy Guy get two more, which they toss to Grodus, who is already finished with his first, and to O’Chunks, who is struggling.

Wendy positions Peach over a second watermelon, which she tosses to DK again.  He finishes his second, and gets halfway through the third before stopping.

DK:  I can’t eat any more.

He gives it to Grodus, who has finished two already.

Iggy and Shy Guy give another watermelon to Grodus once he finishes the one DK gave him.

O’Chunks has finally finished his second watermelon, and Peach tosses him his third.

Luigi:  Five minutes left!

Grodus finishes the fourth watermelon and begins helping O’Chunks with his third by eating half of the half that was remaining.  O’Chunks finally finishes the last watermelon.

Luigi:  And 40,000 more coins go into the pot!  It looks like the Mole was unsuccessful!

Everyone:  Hooray!

Luigi:  Let’s go back to the hotel.  I’ll be seeing you all at eight.

DK:  I think that Ludwig is the Mole.  It’s strange that Daisy fell from the rope in the challenge…

Wendy:  I think that Peach is the Mole.  She could’ve reached those watermelons.  It’s the perfect kind of subtle sabotage for a Mole.

Ludwig:  I suspect O’Chunks.  In our penultimate challenge, he gave up the money for an exemption, and his performance was sub-par in the watermelon challenge.

Peach:  I think that DK is the Mole.  He didn’t finish his watermelon in the challenge, and he cost us the first one, too.

Luigi:  Quiz Time!

Question One:  Does the Mole have an exemption?
Peach:  No
Daisy:  No
DK:  No
Ludwig:  Yes
Shy Guy:  No
Wendy:  Yes
Iggy:  No
Grodus:  Yes

Question Two:  What did the Mole eat for breakfast:  a croissant, blueberry muffins, or banana bread?
Peach:  Bread
Daisy:  Bread
DK:  Bread
Ludwig:  Muffin
Shy Guy:  Muffin
Wendy:  Bread
Iggy:  Muffin
Grodus: Muffin

Question Three:  Did the Mole enjoy breakfast?
Peach:  Yes
Daisy:  Yes
DK:  No
Ludwig:  Yes
Shy Guy:  No
Wendy:  No
Iggy:  Yes
Grodus: Yes

Question Four:  Does the Mole share a room with anyone?
Peach:  Yes
Daisy:  Yes
DK:  No
Ludwig:  Yes
Shy Guy:  Yes
Wendy:  Yes
Iggy:  Yes
Grodus:  Yes

Question Five:  What role did the Mole take in the watermelon challenge?
Peach:  Eating
Daisy:  Eating
DK:  Strength
Ludwig:  Eating
Shy Guy:  Eating
Wendy:  Eating
Iggy:  Eating
Grodus:  Strength

Question Six:  Is the Mole male or female?
Peach:  Male
Daisy:  Male
DK:  Male
Ludwig:  Male
Shy Guy:  Female
Wendy:  Male
Iggy:  Male
Grodus:  Female

Question Seven:  Who is the Mole?
Peach:  ?
Daisy:  ?
DK:  ?
Ludwig:  ?
Shy Guy:  ?
Wendy: ?
Iggy:  ?
Grodus: ?

Luigi:  Let’s begin.  We’ll go in alphabetical order today, starting after Mario.




Wendy stared in shock.  She was sure she had been right.  But, apparently not.

Luigi:  Bye, Wendy.

Wendy left the hotel teary-eyed, returning to Bowser Castle.

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