The Mole: Mushroom Kingdom

By abcd

Episode 3

Last time on The Mole:  Mushroom Kingdom:

The group, after failing to earn any money the day before, finally earned 50,000 out of a possible 90,000 coins for the day.  They have now earned 50,000 of 160,000 possible coins.  Wendy, after knowing the least about the identity of the Mole, was eliminated.

Back to today…


Iggy woke up with a loud yawn.   He looked at the clock. 8:30.  He guessed that he should wake Wendy up.  He looked at her bed, only to realize that she was gone.

Iggy:  No, Wendy’s not here because she wasn’t proactive.  If she had taken that exemption, she would still be here.  Well, I’m not gonna let that be me.”

Daisy also heard the alarm and looked at Peach sleeping on the other bed.  Should she wake Peach up?

Daisy:  No, I shouldn’t.  I’ll let her sleep.

Sir Grodus needed no alarm, having woken up at 8:25 all by himself.  He looked at the alarm and determined that it would go off at 8:30.

Grodus:  Better get Ludwig up…

DK and O’Chunks heard the alarm as well.  They got up, DK put on his tie, and O’Chunks changed into his normal clothes.

Shy Guy heard the alarm and awoke.


Shy Guy looked all around the room, but found nothing but another letter.  At the same time, Iggy, O’Chunks, Grodus, and Daisy saw the same letter.  It read:

Meet me in the lobby as fast as you can.  I have taken all of the items that you listed in the first episode.  If you want them back, you’d better be one of the first three down here.  There is also a surprise.

Grodus:  Ludwig, if you want your toast-energy toaster thing, you better go to the lobby now.

Ludwig bolted out of his room and quickly began running down the fifteen flights of stairs.

Daisy and Iggy got out of their rooms simultaneously.  Seeing an elevator, Daisy pushed the button.

Iggy saw Daisy press the button, and turned around.  The elevator was already there.  They both ran inside.  Iggy, realizing that he needed his wand, threw Daisy out of the elevator and pressed the door closed button.  Daisy was so surprised that she didn’t even react fast enough to put her foot in the door.  She began running down the stairs.

O’Chunks, after reading the letter, dashed out of the room.  He began the arduous task of running down the stairs.  At this point, Ludwig was already 5 flights of the way done, and Daisy was 3.  DK, seeing O’Chunks leave, read the letter and began down the stairs.  Except instead of running, he climbed in between the railings of the spiral staircase.  He was much faster than both O’Chunks, Daisy, and Ludwig, and was neck-and neck with Ludwig.

Peach, after reading the letter, left her room and began running down the stairs.

Shy Guy, reading the letter, went through Mario’s bag.  Aha!  Mario’s 1-Up Mushroom!  He took the item, and headed for the stairs.  What he was doing was crazy.  In fact, it was suicidal.

Iggy’s elevator reached the lobby, and he reached Luigi first.

Luigi:  I will wait for the others to arrive before giving you your wand and revealing the secret.

Iggy:  Ok.

Grodus finally exited his room and waited for the elevator with Peach.  He had no stake in the contest.

Shy Guy finally got the courage to leap over the edge of the railing.  He immediately fell to the bottom floor, and died.  However, because he had Mario’s 1-Up Mushroom, he immediately came back to life.  He ran into the lobby, and was the second to arrive.

Finally, the elevator arrived for Peach and Grodus, and began to go down.  It would be a race between the elevator and DK, who had two flights of stairs to go.

The elevator, being faster, reached the floor above the lobby before DK.  However, a couple with two children got on.

Peach:  What rotten luck!  Who gets on an elevator to go down one floor?

DK finally reached the lobby, and was the third person there.  Eventually the others reached the lobby as well, but in worse spirits.

Luigi:  Now that we’re all here, I’ll reveal the surprise: each one of the people here now has a choice to make.  We’ll start with DK.  Here are your bananas, DK.  Now, here’s the choice.  You can either receive an exemption from tonight’s voting, or give someone else their item back.  Everyone else will get their items back on the last day.  Which will you choose?

DK:  DK give Peach back crown.  Because Peach need crown to rule.

Luigi:  And Shy Guy?  By the way, here’s your teddy bear.


Luigi:  Sorry, here’s Mr. Wiggles.  Now your choice?

Shy Guy:  I want you to apologize to Mr. Wiggles.

Luigi:  I won’t— fine.  I’m sorry, Mr. Wiggles.

Shy Guy:  He forgives you.  I’ll give Daisy her crown back, for the same reason as DK.  And depriving someone of their item would be cruel.  I can’t sleep without Mr. Wiggles.

Luigi:  And finally, Iggy.  What will you do?

Iggy:  Let’s see.  So Grodus already has his item, as do Peach and Daisy.  You already gave DK and Shy Guy theirs, so it’s only Ludwig and O’Chunks who don’t have theirs… O’Chunks doesn’t need a Scottish flag, and what can Ludwig do with a toast-powered toaster?  Sorry guys, I’m taking the exemption.

O’Chunks:  Arrgh!  I wanted my flag back!

Ludwig:  Grr… It was only a prototype anyways.

Luigi:  Ok, now it’s time for the next challenge.  We will once again be bringing back our guest stars, Wario and Waluigi!

Wario and Waluigi:  Hi guys!  We’re a-gonna win!

Luigi:  The goal of this challenge is to make and sell more orange juice than the other team.  Because Wario and Waluigi have ¼ the members of your team, they’ll need an advantage.  So we’re going to double the amount of coins they receive!  And they get to have their orange juice stand in the center of the town, while the contestants must stay on the outskirts.  Only four people can sell the orange juice. The others can make or advertise for it.  If you make twice as much money as Wario and Waluigi, you win 60,000 coins.  Who’s going to do what?

Iggy:  I’ll be a salesman!

Grodus:  I can sell as well.

Shy Guy:  Don’t pick me.  There’s a reason they call me Shy Guy.

Daisy:  I will sell.

DK:  DK wanna blend oranges!

O’Chunks:  Uhh… I’ll sell.

Ludwig:  Fine by me.

Peach:  Me too.

Wario:  Wario expert salesman!  Waluigi, you make juice.

Waluigi:  I guess that’s ok.

Luigi:  You have two hours.  Each team has a map to their stand.  Go!

The Mole contestants quickly ran off to their stand after Grodus set his GPS to their stand, while the Wario Bros.  wandered over to their stand.

Iggy:  Dark Land’s Finest Orange Juice!  Get yer orange juice, only 8 coins a cup!

Grodus:  Optimal selling price… 5 coins.  Now, monitoring other contestants…

Iggy:  Don’t worry, Grodus, 8 coins is better.  Trust me.

Daisy:  Princess Daisy drinks Dark Land’s Finest!  Umm… Yum!

O’Chunks:  If ya don’t wanna get CHUNKED, buy some Dark Land OJ!

Ludwig:  Ughh… Making Orange juice is hard work.  Why am I the only one here?

DK:  DK here too!

Ludwig:  DK?  Where are your oranges?

DK:  DK smash oranges!

Ludwig:  Don’t smash the oranges!  Put them in a blender.  How many did you… A quarter of our supply gone.  Where’s everyone else?

DK:  Shy Guy and Peach left.

Shy Guy:  Buy Dark Land… umm… Where’s the stand?  What are we selling?  Oh… I fail.

Peach:  And the Wario Bros’ supply should be… right here! (to Wario):  How much have you made?

Wario:  45 coins at 5 coins per glass.

Peach:  I’ll take one.

Wario:  Uh… Ok?  Here.  5 coins.

Peach:  Thanks.

Peach drank the juice…

Peach (loudly):  Blech!  (spitting out juice)  This is the worst thing I’ve ever tried!  I’m never coming back!

Crowd:  Oh… I guess we shouldn’t try that…

Back to Iggy, O’Chunks, Daisy, and Grodus…

Daisy:  Grodus!  Money total!

Grodus:  88 coins.

Customer:  I’ll take one.

Iggy:  Here you go.

Customer (loudly):  What’s that in the orange juice?

Iggy:  What?

Customer:  You’re trying to poison me!

Iggy:  Why would I try to poison you?

Customer:  Because Daddy always liked me best!

Iggy:  Bowser Jr…

Bowser Jr:  Yes!  It’s me!  And you tried to kill me!  Nobody should ever drink here!  They tried to kill me!

Iggy:  No I didn’t!  There’s just something in your orange juice!  Here, have a new one!

Bowser Jr:  No!  I don’t want it!  I want a refund!

Other people who bought orange juice:  So do we!

They took their refunds, leaving the group out of money.

Luigi:  Time’s up!  We’ll gather everyone else and see what the totals are.  Wario Bros, how much did you sell?

Wario:  We made 45 coins!  And it would’ve been more if Peach hadn’t ruined our business!

Luigi:  And Grodus?

Grodus:  Final total:  0 coins.

Luigi:  How… how… are you so incompetent?  And more importantly, how did I get to be a host of a show where contestants sell orange juice for no profit?!

Shy Guy:  Maybe it’s because your parents never loved you?

Luigi:  Shut up!

Shy Guy:  Just trying to be helpful.

Luigi:  *facepalm*  Back to the question, how did you make no money?

Iggy:  Bowser Jr. got all of our customers to demand refunds!

Luigi:  Aww, so sad.  You lose.  No money for you.

*Personal Thoughts after challenge*

Ludwig:  Now I’m starting to suspect DK.  Honestly, he’s hiding behind a façade of stupidity to be the Mole.  What honestly competing person would do that?  (Façade’s my new word now.  Maybe I’ll start a “word of the day”.)

Grodus:  Number One suspect… Shy Guy.  Justification… failure in challenges such as getting lost, being slow, and just making mistakes.

Iggy:  DK and Ludwig have shot up on my suspect list.  What was in the orange juice?

Daisy:  I would put Iggy and Peach at the top of my suspect list.  How would she have known where to find Wario and Waluigi’s stand, and how did the food get in the lemonade?

*Personal Thoughts after challenge ended*

Luigi:  Ok, moving on to the next challenge.  The group as a whole will be forced to take a quiz about Dark Land and its inhabitants.  Every perfect score earns 5,000 coins, resulting in 40,000 coins possible.  Here is the quiz.

Question One:  Which minion is least common?
A:  Hammer Bro
B:  Goomba
C:  Koopa Paratroopa
D:  Magikoopa

Question Two:  How many Koopalings are there?
A:  Eight
B:  Seven
C:  Six
D:  Four

Question Three:  Bowser’s hair color is ____.
A:  Red
B:  Green
C:  Black
D:  Trick Question:  He has no hair!

Question Four:  Which of the following defected from Bowser?
A:  Game Guy
B:  General Guy
C:  Sergeant Guy
D:  None of the above

Question Five:  Which of the following has not been captured by Bowser?
A:  Mario
B:  Peach
C:  Luigi
D:  Daisy

Luigi:  Time’s Up!  Let’s see…

Two people missed question #1.  They were Grodus and Peach.  The correct answer was D, Magikoopa.  Grodus put A, Hammer Bro.

And Peach missed question #2.  She put A, Eight.  The answer was B,  Seven.  (Bowser Jr. doesn’t count.)

Everyone got question #3 right.

Question four was missed by… Daisy, DK, and Peach.  They both answered A, Game Guy.  The answer was C, Sergeant Guy.  He defected in Bowser’s Inside Story.

Shy Guy:  Yeah.  Cousin Jerry always was a little shifty.

Question five was missed by O’Chunks, who put A, Mario.  The answer was C, Luigi.  Mario was kidnapped in Mario Is Missing!

That means that Ludwig, Iggy, and Shy Guy got all the answers right.  That’s no surprise, they live here…

Luigi:  The team wins 15,000 coins.  I’ll see you guys later tonight.  Go back to your rooms.

*Conversation between Peach and DK*

Peach:  I’m a little suspicious of Shy Guy.  He does live here, but those questions were hard!  And he got all of them right!  He seems too clueless at times, but knows everything at others.

DK:  DK think Ludwig!  Ludwig do nothing!

*Conversation between Ludwig and Grodus*

Ludwig:  I suspect DK.  He smashed oranges in the challenge!  For no reason!

Grodus:  Most likely Mole suspect… Daisy.  Reason… Daisy has stayed in the shadows, perfect for a Mole.

*Conversation between Iggy and O’Chunks*

Iggy:  I think Daisy might be the Mole because she hasn’t been too much of a help in challenges.  She’s not very smart or physical.

O’Chunks:  Laddie, I’m guessing it’s Grodus.  He’s been too quiet, and yet he knows everything.

*Conversation between Daisy and Shy Guy*

Daisy:  I’m leaning towards voting for O’Chunks.  He’s been selfish with the taking of the exemption, but hasn’t done much else.  He’s been very quiet.

Shy Guy:  I’m leaning towards Peach today.  She knew where the Wario Bros’ stand was without having any clue before, while also staying under the radar.

Luigi:  Quiz Time! (Except Iggy, who has an exemption.)

Question One:  In the morning, did the Mole earn their item back, have it given to them, or not get it back at all?
Peach:  Earned
Ludwig:  Given
Grodus:  Earned
Daisy:  Earned
O’Chunks:  Given
DK:  Not at all
Shy Guy:  Earned

Question Two:  What is the Mole’s item?
Peach:  Toaster
Ludwig:  Teddy Bear
Grodus:  Bananas
Daisy:  Flag
O’Chunks:  Crown
DK:  Wand
Shy Guy:  Nothing

Question Three:  Who is the Mole’s roommate? (Nobody is an acceptable answer.)
Peach:  Nobody
Ludwig:  O’Chunks
Grodus:  Nobody
Daisy:  DK
O’Chunks:  Peach
DK:  Nobody
Shy Guy:  Nobody

Question Four:  Did the Mole advertise, make orange juice, sell orange juice, or sabotage the Wario Bros. in the orange juice challenge?
Peach:  Advertise
Ludwig:  Make
Grodus:  Sabotage
Daisy:  Sell
O’Chunks:  Sell
DK:  Sabotage
Shy Guy:  Make

Question Five:  How many questions did the Mole answer correctly in the quiz about Dark Land?
Peach:  All 5
Ludwig:  2
Grodus:  4
Daisy:  5
O’Chunks:  5
DK:  4
Shy Guy:  5

Question Six:  Has the Mole taken an exemption so far?
Peach:  Yes
Ludwig:  No
Grodus:  No
Daisy:  No
O’Chunks:  No
DK:  Yes
Shy Guy:  Yes

Question Seven:  Who is the Mole?
Peach:  ?
Ludwig:  ?
Grodus:  ?
Daisy:  ?
O’Chunks:  ?
DK:  ?
Shy Guy:  ?

Luigi:  And, there was a tie… until question seven, which saved someone from elimination.  Let’s begin, going with alphabetical order, starting with O’Chunks, the only person who has never had to see if they were red or green.


Luigi:  Now, on to Peach.


Luigi:  Now, Shy Guy.


Luigi:  We’ll start back at the top with Daisy.


Luigi:  And DK.


Luigi:  Finally, Grodus.  If yours comes up green, Ludwig is eliminated.  If you’re red, you’re eliminated.



Luigi:  And Grodus is the third person eliminated!

Grodus:  Gack-Ack!  Systems shutting down…

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