The Mole: Mushroom Kingdom

By abcd

Episode 4

Last time, on The Mole:  Mushroom Kingdom…

The group was down to eight after Mario and Wendy had been eliminated.  The new group of eight won 15,000 out of a possible 100,000 coins.  That’s a grand total of 65,000 out of a possible 260,000 coins.  After a disappointing loss to the Wario Bros, the group returned to the hotel to take a quiz challenge.  Only Ludwig, Iggy, and Shy Guy got 100%.  Then, in the quiz on the identity of the Mole, Grodus had the lowest score and was eliminated.

After the quiz…

Iggy:  Well, that was unexpected.  Grodus was the smartest of all of us, and then he became the Mole’s latest victim.

Shy Guy:  Yeah, that’s a little strange… Mario, then Wendy, then Grodus.

Peach:  Wait… Wendy, then Grodus?!  Ludwig’s sister, then his roommate!  Ludwig is the Mole!

Ludwig:  Hahaha!  Think I’m the Mole if you want, Princess.  That will only put me farther in the game when you score lowest on the quiz tomorrow!

DK:  Peach dumb.  Mario first to go before even had a chance to know anything about Mole.

O’Chunks:  But that Mario laddie, he’s not the smartest one around.

Daisy:  I’m going to have to agree with DK.  If Ludwig were the Mole, those closest to him wouldn’t have suspected him in the first round and avoided answered him.  Iggy is living proof of Ludwig’s innocence.

Luigi:  Well, let’s head off to bed now.  You have a big day tomorrow!

*In Room 1*
Daisy:  *yawn* Peach, I’m gonna head to bed like Luigi said we should.

Peach:  I’m going to go out for a midnight snack.  Do you want anything?

Daisy:  Nah, I’m going to go to bed.

*In Room 2*
Ludwig (in his personal journal, don’t ask how we got it):  I’m starting to feel a little lonely in this game.  First Mario, my nemesis, then Wendy, my sister, and then Grodus, a kindred spirit of mine.  I only have Iggy left.  I’m starting to think that I’m going a little bit crazy.  I have to watch my every move, or I could be next.

*In Room 3*
O’Chunks:  I swear, I’m going to CHUNK the Mole when I find out who he or she is.  The Mole’s going down!  I won’t be next!

DK:  DK know who Mole is.  Mole going to lose to DK!

*In Room 4*
Shy Guy (In personal journal):  Losing my roommate on the first day has its benefits.  Now I’m already used to being alone.  Having Mr. Wiggles here makes it all worth it.  What the rest of them don’t know is that I’ve installed a two-way camera in his back so that I can see my family and they can see me.  It’s weird seeing how all these people remind me of my family… Peach reminds me of my cousin Bill, also known as Snifit 1 at Booster’s Castle:  While not being truly in charge, they are both truly in charge.  O’Chunks reminds me of Uncle Frank, an Anti Guy.  They’re both really strong and could beat me up any day.  DK is like Gourmet Guy, he can eat a lot!  Daisy reminds me of Aunt Beatrice, a Beezo who flies right to her target.  They’re both really dedicated.  Iggy is like Cousin Will, a Woozy Guy.  They’re both really smart, just a little bit off their rockers.  And Ludwig reminds me of Cousin Jill, a Jetpack Guy.  They are both clever are a little dependent on inventions and magic.

*In Room 5*
Iggy (in personal journal):  Let’s see how the last few days have gone:  Mario, my dad’s worst enemy (Here’s a shout out to Bowser and the rest of my family!), got eliminated.  That’s awesome!  Then Wendy, which was a little bit of a downer because now I’m a little bit lonely.  Next Grodus was gone, and he was the smartest one here.  Now it’s either me or Ludwig who’s the smartest, and I feel as if I could truly win this game.  Hahahahahaha!  Mario, you may have beaten me in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but here, we Koopalings have gotten revenge!  Hahahaha!  Roy thought he was pulling a prank on me by sending me here, but now I’ve got all the power here!

*In the Lobby*
Peach:  Oh, a vending machine… Reese’s, Hershey’s, Lay’s— Wait, what’s that in A4?  Exemption-O’s?  This is definitely something Luigi would think was funny.  It’s only 50 cents.  I’ll take it! Let’s put in one quarter, two quarters, A-4…

Suddenly an alarm goes off in Rooms 1-5.

The group of contestants see Luigi and migrate toward him.

Luigi:  Hey, everyone!  I’m sure you’re all excited to see me at… 11:24!

Group:  Uhh…

Luigi:  This is just letting you all know that Peach has found a hidden exemption in the hotel!  You may go back to bed now.

Iggy:  Peach, I swear…

O’Chunks:  Lassie, you’ll get your CHUNKIN’… when I’m awake enough…

Ludwig:  Come on, guys, let’s get to bed.  I know we’re all upset, but there’s nothing we can do about her exemption.  She got lucky and we didn’t.

The next day…

*Room 2*
BeepBeep BeepBeep

Ludwig:  I have designed my own alarm to go off ten minutes before the real one should.  It’s 8:20 now.  I’ll shower now so that I can be in the lobby in time.  Oh, here’s a note from Luigi.

It says:

I want you to all arrive downstairs between the times of 9:20 and 9:30.

Ludwig:  Oh well, I’ll shower now and be down there early.

Ludwig is in the lobby at 9:01.

*Room 1*
Beep Beep Beep Beep

Peach:  Ugh… Let’s get up.  Wow, it’s already 9:20.  Let’s find Luigi’s note…

Daisy:  Ok.  Let’s-a go!

Peach:  Please don’t imitate Mario.  It’s only cute when he says it.

Peach and Daisy read Luigi’s note.

*Room 3*
Beep Beep Beep Beep

DK:  9:20!  DK read note!

O’Chunks:  Ach, read whatever that laddie Luigi wrote for us!

*Room 5*
Beep Beep Beep Beep

Iggy:  9:20 already?!I hope I’m not late!  Let’s see what Luigi wrote for me!

*In the Lobby*
Luigi:  I’ve been here since 9:15.  I was surprised to see Ludwig already there, waiting for me.  DK and O’Chunks arrived at 9:25, Iggy at 9:27, and the princesses at 9:28.  Where’s Shy Guy?

*Room 4*
Beep Beep Beep Beep

Shy Guy:  It’s… 9:27?!  Luigi’s note says I need to be downstairs in three minutes!  Oh no!

Shy Guy quickly changes into the clothes he was going to wear that day, and rushes to the elevator.

Lugi:  Shy Guy has thirty seconds…

*In the elevator*
Shy Guy:  We’re on the fourth floor now… floor three…floor two…  What?!  It’s stopped!

The same couple who got on last week get on at the second floor.

Mother:  Going down?

Shy Guy:  Yes…

*In the Lobby*
Luigi:  Five, four, three, two, one, TIME!

Shy Guy’s elevator then reaches the bottom floor.  He runs to where the group is standing, and asks if he made it on time.

Luigi:  No.  You didn’t.  This is a mini-challenge for the day.  Each person who arrived between 9:20 and 9:30 earned the team 5,000 coins.  That makes a possible 35,000.

Peach:  So we got 30,000?

Luigi:  Not quite.  Two of you did not arrive between 9:20 and 9:30.

DK:  But only Shy Guy late!

Luigi:  True, but Ludwig was early.  He arrived at 9:01, before the time he was supposed to.

O’Chunks:  Ludwig, you would get yer CHUNKIN’ if we didn’t need you for any challenges today.

Luigi:  Speaking of challenges, here’s challenge #1 of the day.  I’m going to need you to split up into one group of four and one group of three.  The group of four must be able to carry a tune, and the group of three must be able to cook some food.  Decide amongst yourselves.

Shy Guy:  I have mad dance skillz!  I spent the summer with Cousin Jimbo, AKA Groove Guy.

Peach:  I can cook.  Mario loves my cakes!

Daisy:  I’m a pretty good dancer.  I’ll carry a tune.

O’Chunks:  You laddies and lassies really don’t want to see Ol’ O’Chunks on the dance floor.  I guess I can cook.

DK:  DK! Donkey Kong!  He’s the leader of the bunch, you know him well, he’s finally back, to kick some tail!

Iggy:  Cooking’s not my thing.  I’ll do the other one.

Ludwig:  I guess that leaves me with cooking.

Luigi:  The people who can carry a tune will attempt to make a music video that our panel of experts, including Mouser, Noki, and Groove Guy, think is better than their competitors.

Ludwig:  And who are they?

Luigi:  It’s the Wario Bros!  They’ve been given this task ahead of time to compensate for the fact that there’s only two of them, and their music video is already complete.  You’ll be able to see their video after you make yours.  And the people who can cook must bake a batch of cookies that our judges - Yoshi, Gourmet Guy, and Bowser - like more than the cookies that the Wario Bros. will make at the same time.  You will each have two hours for your task.  The people making the music video will go to my favorite music studio down the block, and the people baking cookies will go to Bob-omb Bakery across the street.  For each task that the judges pick your product, you win 15,000 coins! Go!

*Music Studio*
DK:  DK sing!  In Donkey Kong 64, DK sing really good!

Daisy:  What song are we gonna play?

DK:  DK theme song in Donkey Kong 64!

Iggy:  What about Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, and Chunky?

DK:  I can be Donkey and Chunky, Daisy can be Tiny ‘cause she’s a girl, Shy Guy can be Diddy ‘cause he’s small, and Iggy can be Lanky because that’s the only one left!

Iggy:  Uhh… Ok?

DK:  Let’s do this!

*Bob-omb Bakery (The Mole Contestants)*
Peach:  Toadsworth’s Sugar Cookies Recipe:  So… three cups of sugar, one cup of flour, 2 eggs…

Ludwig:  Wait… Three cups of sugar?

Peach:  Yeah— Wait, sorry, it’s one cup of sugar, three of flour.

O’Chunks:  Where’s the measuring cup?

Ludwig:  Ok, we have all the ingredients, now to just make the cookies.

*Bob-omb Bakery (Wario Bros)*
Waluigi:  Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix!  Just add water…

Wario:  Yes!  I love cookies!  I’m so ready for this challenge!

*Music studio*
DK:  How much time left?

Shy Guy:  30 minutes.  Now we edit…

Daisy:  Shy Guy, what’s that on your arms?

Iggy:  Why are they green?

Shy Guy:  I thought it would be a nice touch.

Iggy:  That was a terrible addition!  Should we make them red?

DK:  No, that take too long.  Leave them the way they are.

Shy Guy:  Iggy, you’re a terrible dancer and look nothing like Lanky Kong.

Iggy:  Yeah, I thought I would be playing guitar…

*Bob-omb Bakery (Wario Bros)*
Wario:  30 min. left!  Let’s put these in the oven!

Waluigi:  Ok!

*Bob-Omb Bakery (Contestants)*
Peach:  How much time’s left?

O’Chunks:  20 minutes!  We won’t be able to put these in the oven and let them cool off!

Ludwig:  I know what we can do.  Put the cookie dough in twelve blobs.  I can heat them with fire.

Peach and O’Chunks:  Okay.

Ludwig breathes fire for ten minutes straight.

Ludwig:  Huff… huff… huff… That must be a new record!

Peach:  Yeah, but they’re a little burnt.

O’Chunks:  Oh well.  We’ll get them to the judges!

*Music Studio*
Iggy:  Done editing!  Let’s get this to the judges!

*Bob-omb Bakery (Judging panel)*
Yoshi:  Umm… Yoshi no like chocolate chip.  Sugar cookies get Yoshi vote!

Gourmet Guy:  You can’t be serious… These chocolate chips were far superior to the sugar cookies.  They get my vote.

Bowser:  Hmph.  My son Ludwig probably burnt the sugar cookies, so I’ll pick those.  Yay for nepotism!

Ludwig, Peach, and O’Chunks:  Woohoo!

*Music Studio (Judging Panel)*
Judges:  First, we’ll watch the Wario Bros…

In the Wario Bros. video, Wario sings in a tenor voice while Waluigi does soprano.  It is an epic opera performance.

Noki:  Wow!  That’ll be hard to beat!  Let’s see the other group’s:

The judges watch the music video of the contestants.  The dancing is out of sync, the singing is abysmal, and the song is simply much different from the other one.

Noki:  Well, I think I’ve made my decision.  I’ll go with video #1 because of superior vocals, never mind the lack of dancing.

Mouser:  I’ll disagree.  Rap is much cooler than opera, and abysmal dancing is better than none.

Groove Guy:  The green hands… they light up the stage.  That’s my cousin!  I’ll go with his video!

Luigi:  And so, it looks as if nepotism has gotten the contestants both challenges.  They win 30,000 coins!  What are your thoughts on today’s challenge, DK?

DK:  Group finally win challenge against Wario Bros.  Group stronger now!  DK win more money!

Luigi:  And how did your part of the challenge go?

DK:  It was awesome!  I led, and everything was good!

Luigi:  Iggy, Daisy, Shy Guy, what do you think?

Iggy:  I can’t agree with DK.  He made us do a song that we weren’t comfortable performing, and I think it hurt our chances.

Shy Guy:  My mad dance skillz shone with DK’s terrible rap and Iggy’s terrible dancing!

Daisy:  I agree with Iggy.  DK’s song choice made the rest of us perform badly.  I’m a little suspicious of all my partners for the challenge.  DK’s song choice was terrible, Iggy’s dancing was abysmal, and Shy Guy put green stuff all over his hands to make himself stand out.

Luigi:  And bakers, how did your challenge go?

Peach:  I think we made our fair share of mistakes, but it went pretty well.

O’Chunks:  Ludwig burned the cookies!  I would have CHUNKED him if we hadn’t won!  He may be the Mole.

Ludwig:  I’m a little bit suspicious of Peach, she read me the recipe wrong and it almost cost us the challenge.

Luigi:  Ok, go have lunch at Bullet Bill Buffet, and when we you guys come back, we’ll have our next challenge.

The contestants all go to Bullet Bill Buffet, where they see three different tables of food, one piled high with fruits and vegetables, while the next is a pasta bar and the last, a butcher with roast beef.

Iggy:  I need to stay in shape for these challenges.  I need protein!  Roast beef!

Peach:  I have pasta every night with Mario.  I’ll go to the fruit and vegetable bar, just for a change.

O’Chunks:  The butcher’s protein will keep me strong.

Shy Guy:  If Mario eats pasta and Mario can destroy me… I should eat pasta to be like him!

DK:  Ohhh, bananas!

Ludwig:  I’ll go to the pasta bar… No chocolate in sight!

Daisy:  The pasta bar looks delicious!

After a long lunch, Luigi comes to the buffet.

Luigi:  Back to the hotel, everyone!  It’s time for the last challenge of the day!  I’ll need you to get into groups again.  This time, though, it’s one group of four, a group of two, and a loner.  Each group has the chance to win 10,000 coins.  And, I lied yesterday.  I told you that O’Chunks and Ludwig would get their items back on the last day, but they are in their rooms now.  This will come into play for one of the challenges.  But now, split up!

Shy Guy:  I call being the loner!

Ludwig:  Iggy and I have a ton of chemistry!  We should be in the group of two!

Iggy:  I agree with Ludwig.

Daisy, Peach, O’Chunks, and DK:  I guess we’re the group of four then…

Luigi:  Ok.  The group of four will go around Dark Land with one loaf of bread.  By seven o’ clock, they should have earned 500 coins that I can keep.  If they succeed, they win the challenge.  The group of two will, once again, face off against the Wario Bros!  This time, they’ll be competing in a doubles tennis match.  And the loner, Shy Guy, will come talk with me.

*Bread Team*
Daisy:  So… how are we supposed to make 500 coins by seven o’ clock?!

Peach:  There’s no way this bread is worth 500 coins!

O’Chunks:  I’ve learned something…Desperate times call for desperate measures.

DK:  What O’Chunks mean?

O’Chunks:  I think we may need to steal some money, laddie.

Peach:  No way!  We could get arrested for that!

O’Chunks:  But it’s the only way…

Peach:  No it’s not!  We’ll think of something.

Daisy:  Well, let’s think.

DK:  DK think too.

*Tennis Team*
Ludwig:  So this is a five set match, right Iggy?

Iggy:  Yeah, that’s what it looks like.

Ludwig:  Good, because we’ve already lost the first two sets.

Iggy:  It’s because you’re awful at tennis!

Ludwig:  I know, I know.  Speed has never been my best asset.  They keep hitting it past me!

Iggy:  I have an idea.  After every serve, you’ll move forward, and you’ll move back so I can cover the long balls.

Ludwig:  Anything to win!

*Shy Guy*
Luigi:  Ok Shy Guy, we’re going to see how dedicated you are to winning money.

Shy Guy:  What do I have to do?

Luigi:  We’ve seen how much you love your teddy bear, Mr. Wiggles.

Shy Guy:  Oh no.  What do you want with him?!

Luigi:  If you give him to me for the night, the team will win 10,000 coins.

Shy Guy:  Can I talk to Mr. Wiggles first?

Luigi:  Sure.  He’s in your room, you have until seven to give him to me.

*Bread Team*
Daisy:  I think we’re going to need to split up.

Peach:  Yeah, that sounds good.

O’Chunks:  But who takes the loaf of bread?

DK:  DK take bread!

Ludwig:  That was a brilliant idea, Iggy!  We’ve won the third set!

Iggy:  Yeah, Ludwig, you’re awesome at tennis!

Ludwig:  You too, Iggy!

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy (talking in to the cameras on Mr. Wiggles):  Mom, Pop, Bro, and Mary, I think I may have to give you guys up.  They want me to give Mr. Wiggles to Luigi for the night, and he’ll surely take out the cameras.  It’s for 10,000 coins.  I’m not sure what to do.  The contestants all think that I’m strangely attached to Mr. Wiggles, but it’s not true.  I just want to see my family.

Mr. Guy:  Son, do what you think is right.  If we don’t see you until you’re back home, that’s ok with us.  It’s what’s fine with you.

Shy Guy:  Can I talk to Danny?

Mr. Guy:  Sure.

Shy Guy:  Hey, Little Bro!  How’s school going?

Danny Guy:  It’s going pretty well.  Mr.  Kooper gave me a B+ on my science report!

Shy Guy:  That’s good.  I’m not sure if I’m gonna see you ‘til I get home, because they’re taking Mr. Wiggles away, but I just wanted to check in with you.  How’s baseball going?

Danny Guy:  Good!  Coach said he might put me at starting first baseman if I play well next game.  George will be on vacation, so I’m filling in.

Shy Guy:  That’s good.  Can I talk to Mom?

Danny Guy:  Ok.

Peach:  Hmm… How can I make some money quickly… I know!  I could borrow some from the bank!

O’Chunks:  Hmm…What could I do to make money… A Scottish heritage club!  There could be a 15-coin membership fee!  I’ll start advertising now!

DK:  Donkey Kong no know about money… DK no need money in jungle.  I think this bread worth lots.  100 coins for bread loaf!

Daisy:  So… I would only need about 140 coins to make the average… I could call my dad at home and ask him to bring 150 coins!  That’s brilliant!

*Ludwig and Iggy*
Ludwig:  Sweet!  We’ve tied it up!

Iggy:  Yeah, I had no idea how good we are at tennis!  This is awesome.  One more set!

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy:  Hey, Mom.

Mrs. Guy:  How are you holding up, Son?  Is it going well?

Shy Guy:  Yeah, I think so.  I’m pretty sure I can do pretty well.  How are things at home?

Mrs. Guy:  Things are going ok.  We’ve been low on money, so I’ve taken a job at the supermarket to make some more money.

Shy Guy:  I’ll win this game, Mom.  And when I do, I’ll make enough money so that you can quit your job.  Even if I don’t, I can make enough to support our family.  I think I’m running out of time.  Can I talk to Mary?

Mary Guy:  Hi, Shy.  How are things going?

Shy Guy:  They’re going well.  When I get home, I’ll be sure to take you on another date.  If I win, we’ll have enough money to be set for a long time.  We’ll have as many coins as Mario!

Mary Guy:  That sounds wonderful! Please win, and if I don’t see you for a while, goodbye.  Good luck in the game, and stay focused.  Make a good decision.

Shy Guy:  I will, Mary.  See you soon!

Peach:  What’s the biggest loan I can take out?

Bank Toad:  Well, let’s see… You have a bad credit score, so…200 coins.

Peach:  I guess that will do.  I’ll take out a loan of 200 coins.

O’Chunks:  Scottish Heritage Club!  15-coin entry fee!  First meeting this Saturday!  Anybody interested?  Oh, Mario!  You wanna join my Scottish Heritage Club?

Mario:  I’m Scottish?

O’Chunks:  Um…Of course you are!  Only 15 coins!

Mario:  Sure, I’ll be there.

O’Chunks: (snickering)  That’s my eleventh member.  165 coins!  And it’s 6:50.  I should go back now.

DK:  Oh no!  It’s already 6:50 and I still have bread!  I’ll eat half.  *tears bread in half*  Anybody want half a loaf of bread?  25 coins!

Random Toad:  I’ll give you 15 for it.

DK:  Fine.  Here.  15 coins.

Random Toad:  Thanks.

Daisy:  Where’s Dad?  I only have seven minutes left!

Suddenly Daisy’s father comes running up to her.

Daisy’s father:  I took a plane here, and had to run into the heart of the city to get you the money.  Here’s 140 coins.

*Tennis match*
Ludwig:  *huff…puff…* Tiebreak!

Iggy:  Only one point more to win… Just one more point, Ludwig!

Ludwig:  Fine, here goes my serve…

Wario returns the serve to Iggy as he’s running to the back of the court.  Iggy hits a desperate shot that Wario returns once again to Ludwig, who hits the ball to Waluigi… who can’t return it!  Iggy and Ludwig win the challenge!

Iggy:  We won!  Let’s go back to the hotel!

Luigi:  Let’s begin with Shy Guy.  Have you made your decision?

Shy Guy:  Yes, I have.  I have decided to let you have Mr. Wiggles for the night.

Luigi:  And the group wins 10,000 coins!  How did you and Iggy do, Ludwig?

Ludwig:  We won the tennis match in a tiebreak.

Luigi:  Awesome!  And how much money did you make, O’Chunks?

O’Chunks:  165 coins through Scottish Heritage Club!

Luigi:  And DK?

DK:  15 coins by selling bread…

Luigi:  Only 15?  You are horrible with money!

DK:  DK know…

Luigi:  And Daisy, how much did you make?

Daisy:  My dad flew in 140 coins for me.

Luigi:  Why didn’t you have him fly in 500 coins?

Daisy: … I don’t know.

Luigi:  And Peach?  Daisy got 140, O’Chunks got 165, and DK got 15.  You need to have got 180 coins to win.  How many did you get?

Peach:  I took out a 200-coin loan from the bank.

Luigi:  From the bank?  I need to be able to keep the money.  You borrowed it rather than earned, it.  You earned 0 coins, and lose that part of the challenge.  But you still got 20,000 coins today!  But now, it’s quiz time!  For everyone except for Peach, who has an exemption from yesterday.

*Conversation between ? and ?*
?:  I think that the Mole may be DK.  He’s really been doing Mole-ish things today.  Only 15 coins in the challenge?  And what a terrible song choice!

?:  I’m not so sure.  The 15 coins was way too obvious.  I’m leaning more towards Shy Guy.  He seemed to volunteer quickly for a job that would make him look like a martyr, giving up his item, even though it was a teddy bear.  That would throw us off.

*Conversation between ? and ?*
?:  Daisy’s looking a lot like the Mole.  She hasn’t made very many obvious moves, but she could easily have won us that coin challenge.  She made a dumb decision that cost us the challenge.

?:  I’m actually thinking it might be Ludwig.  Iggy said that he had to take charge in the tennis challenge.  And in the cooking challenge, he burned the cookies.

?:  No, it’s Peach.  In the cooking challenge, she read out the wrong recipe, and Ludwig had to correct her.  That would have made a completely wrong recipe!  And in the money challenge, she gained a total of zero coins.

*Conversation between ? and ?*
?:  Iggy looks like a Mole.  He did well in the tennis challenge, but he was terrible in the dance challenge.  And he took an exemption, costing Ludwig or O’Chunks their item.  It was only for a day, but that only points to the fact that he might have known something.

?:  I think you’re wrong.  O’Chunks hasn’t really made any moves; he looks like a really good candidate for a Mole behind the scenes.

Luigi:  Discussion’s over.  Quiz time!

Question One:  Has the Mole taken an exemption?
Ludwig:  No
Daisy:  No
O’Chunks:  Yes
Iggy:  No
DK:  Yes
Shy Guy:  Yes

Question Two:  Was the Mole in the Music or Baking group?
Ludwig:  Music
Daisy:  Baking
O’Chunks:  Baking
Iggy:  Music
DK:  Music
Shy Guy:  Music

Question Three:  When (if ever) did the Mole’s roommate get eliminated?
Ludwig:  Never
Daisy:  Episode 1
O’Chunks:  Episode 2
Iggy:  Never
DK:  Never
Shy Guy:  Episode 3

Question Four:  What did the Mole have for lunch?
Ludwig:  Fruits and Vegetables
Daisy:  Pasta
O’Chunks:  Fruits and Vegetables
Iggy:  Fruits and Vegetables
DK:  Roast Beef
Shy Guy:  Roast Beef

Question Five:  In the Second Challenge, was the Mole a money maker, a tennis player, or a lone team member?
Ludwig:  Money Maker
Daisy:  Lone
O’Chunks:  Lone
Iggy:  Money Maker
DK:  Tennis
Shy Guy:  Money Maker

Question Six:   How many challenges did the Mole win today (including the challenge in the morning)?
Ludwig:  3
Daisy:  3
O’Chunks:  3
Iggy:  2
DK:  2
Shy Guy:  2

Question Seven:  Who is the Mole?
Ludwig:  ?
Daisy:  ?
O’Chunks:  ?
Iggy:  ?
DK:  ?
Shy Guy:  ?

Luigi:  Ok, now that you’ve all finished your quiz… Let’s get to the results…After the commercial break.

Luigi:  Ok, we’re back.  Daisy, we’ll start with you.


Luigi:  Daisy’s safe.  DK?


Luigi:  Daisy and DK.  Iggy?


Luigi:  One of the next three is going home.  Is it Ludwig?


Luigi:  Ok, O’Chunks and Shy Guy.  Who wants to go first?

Shy Guy:  I’ll go first.

Luigi:  Ok.



Luigi:  You know what that means, O’Chunks.


Luigi:  And O’Chunks is gone!  Now we’re down to the final six!  Who will be the first to go?  And who will make the top five?  Find out in the next episode of The Mole:  Mushroom Kingdom!

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