The Mole: Mushroom Kingdom

By abcd

*Author’s Note:  In Episode 3 there was a question about who had never been kidnapped by Bowser.  I wrote that the answer was Luigi, but it was not.  The answer was Daisy, as she had only been captured by Tatanga but never Bowser, and Luigi had been captured by Bowser in Super Princess Peach along with Mario.*

Last time on The Mole:  Mushroom Kingdom:

Seven contestants remained.  After successfully winning most of their challenges, the group received 75,000 out of a possible 90,000 coins yesterday.  This brings their total up to 140,000 out of a possible 350,000 coins.  The group had to make sacrifices to get their money, including Shy Guy severing his only link to his family.  O’Chunks, after knowing the least about the Mole, was eliminated.  Only six are left.  Who won’t make the cut to the final five?

*After the elimination last night, in Room 5*
Iggy:  Time for bed…Wait!  Here’s a note from Luigi!  I thought he wrote those in the mornings.  It says:

Pick up your suitcase and go to a room of your choice.

Iggy:  Well, I could either room with two girls, one brother, an ape, or some weird guy that’s oddly attached to a teddy bear.  I guess I’m rooming with Ludwig…

Meanwhile, Shy Guy was reading a similar note.  His also mentions that it was discovered that Mr. Wiggles allowed him to communicate with the outside world, and that the communication has been removed from him.  Shy Guy would receive Mr. Wiggles in the morning.

Shy Guy:  I am not getting stuck with DK!  No way!

Iggy and Shy Guy both go to knock on Room 2’s door.  Coincidentally, they both get there at the same time.

Iggy:  Hello, Shy Guy.  I got a note saying that I’m supposed to find a new room.

Shy Guy:  Me too.  You do realize that one of us is going to be stuck with Donkey Kong, right?

Iggy:  I guess so.  We should knock now.

Shy Guy:  Yeah.

(Knock Knock)

Ludwig:  Who is it?

Iggy:  Iggy and Shy Guy!

Ludwig:  Coming…

Iggy:  We both got notes saying that we’re supposed to go to another room.  Can I room here?

Shy Guy:  Me too?!

Ludwig:  Well, there’s only one bed, so I’m going to have to go with Iggy.  He’s my brother, after all.  Shy Guy, you can leave now.

Shy Guy:  Darn… I guess I’ll room with DK.

(Knock Knock)

DK:  Who there?

Shy Guy:  DK, it’s me, Shy Guy.  I’m supposed to room with you.

DK:  Okay, come in.  I wanna go to sleep.

*Room 2, Today*
BeepBeep BeepBeep BeepBeep

Ludwig:  Sorry, I forgot to turn off the alarm I made.

Iggy:  It’s fine.  Let’s go back to sleep…

*Room 1 *
Daisy:  Ahh… No alarm.  What time is it?

Peach:  It looks like… 10:30.

Daisy:  We should go to the lobby, shouldn’t we?

Peach:  Yeah, let’s get ready.

*Room 3*
Shy Guy:  *yawn*  Oh yay!  Mr. Wiggles is back!  Woo-hoo!

DK:  Why Shy Guy wake DK up?  What time it?

Shy Guy:  It’s… 10:35.  We should get ready, shouldn’t we?

DK:  Yeah.

*Room 2*
Iggy (waking Up): Ludwig, it’s, it’s… 10:40!  We’re probably late!  We’ve probably lost our team money!  Let’s leave now!

Ludwig:  Okay, okay.  I’m getting up.  We’ll run downstairs now.

*Rooms 1, 2, and 3*
Rriiiing…. Rriiiing… Rriiiing…

Daisy (picking up phone):  Hello?

DK (picking up phone):  Hi?

Luigi (on other side):  Don’t leave the room.  This is the first challenge of the day.  I will come to you.  If you aren’t both in your rooms when I get there at 10:50, you won’t win 5,000 coins for the team.  And, there’s another surprise.

Daisy, DK:  Ok.

*In Lobby*
Ludwig:  What time is it?

Iggy:  It’s 10:40.

Ludwig:  Should we go back up?

Iggy:  Let’s just wait here for Luigi.

Ludwig:  Ok.  If he’s not here by 10:55, we’ll go back up.

*Room 1*
(Knock Knock)

Daisy opens the door… to find Luigi standing there!

Luigi:  Good morning, Daisy, Peach.  How are you doing today?

Daisy:  We’re doing ok.  What do you have to tell us?

Luigi:  Well, since you answered my phone call first, you’ll get first choice for what challenge you’re doing today.

Daisy:  What are the choices?

Luigi:  Well, you can either do earth, wind, or fire.  I won’t give you any more description than that.

Peach:  Um… We’ll do fire.

Luigi:  Good choice.  You’ll find out your challenge third.  I have to go talk to DK and Shy Guy.

Ludwig:  It’s 10:55. Let’s go.

Iggy:  Fine.  Let’s take the elevator.

One floor up, the same couple with two children gets on.

Wife:  Going down?

Iggy:  No!  And who needs an elevator to go down one flight of stairs?!

Ludwig and Iggy are two flights away from their floor, when… it’s 10:57.

*Room 3*
(Knock Knock)

DK:  What Luigi doing here?

Luigi:  I’m here to give you a choice on which challenge you would like to do.  Earth or wind?

Shy Guy:  We’ll do wind!

DK:  I guess we do wind…

Luigi:  Oh, look.  It’s 10:58!  I should go back to Ludwig and Iggy.

The doors open.  Ludwig and Iggy dash to their room, only to see Luigi arrive there before them.

Luigi:  Guys, you didn’t make it before 10:50, like I told you on the phone.

Iggy:  What phone call?

Luigi:  I called you earlier in the morning and told you not to leave your rooms.

Ludwig:  Darn!  How many coins did we lose?

Luigi:  Only 5,000.  But I need to tell you, we’re doing a Mario-themed bonus challenge today, and you’ll be doing the earth section.  Your challenge starts now.  You’ll be playing a two-player version of Ground Pound Down, from Mario Party 5.  Winner moves on to the next round.

They magically teleport to the site of Ground Pound Down.

Luigi:  Go!

Ludwig surges off to an early lead after getting a faster start than Iggy.  But he runs into a succession of harder rock blocks, and Iggy takes the lead.  He’s nearing the finish when Ludwig hits a streak of well-timed ground pounds at a point of weak blocks.  But then, Iggy breaks through the last tough block, and finishes first!

Luigi:  And Iggy’s moving on!  DK and Shy Guy will participate in the next part of the challenge.

DK, Shy Guy, and Luigi teleport to the top of a cloud.

Luigi:  And now it’s time for your part of the challenge!  In twenty seconds, this cloud will dissipate, and you will play Parasol Plummet from Mario Party 3!  Whoever collects the most coins by the end wins the challenge!  Pick up the parasols now!

Shy Guy gets his open early, collecting six coins right off the bat.  DK can’t seem to open his, and doesn’t get any.  Suddenly, a hammer comes flying through and hits Shy Guy, preventing him from collecting any more coins.  DK collects one, two, three, four, FINISH!

Luigi:  And Shy Guy moves on with a score of four to six!  Peach and Daisy will be in the third part of the challenge.

Peach, Daisy, and Luigi are teleported to a field.

Luigi:  And let the third part of the challenge commence!  Peach and Daisy, you will have to play Lava or Leave ‘em from Mario Party 8.  The volcano behind us will erupt soon.  You may have noticed that you’re wearing fireproof suits.  That’s so you don’t die when one of you gets hit by a Podoboo.  Whoever’s suit doesn’t catch on fire first, wins.  And BOOOM!  Go!

The Podoboo moves towards Peach, who runs around it.  It splits in half, and the other half follows Daisy around.  Daisy jumps on Peach, reducing her mobility.  As revenge Peach jumps on Daisy, landing on one half of the Podoboo!

Luigi:  And Iggy, Shy Guy, and Daisy are in the finals!

Iggy, Shy Guy, Daisy, Luigi, and a guest are teleported to a block of ice floating in the Arctic Ocean.

Luigi:  Yes, Yoshi is our guest today!  The four of you will play Glacial Meltdown from Mario Party 8.  Whomever doesn’t fall off of the block of ice wins an exemption.  If Yoshi wins, the team wins 50,000 coins!  Go!

Daisy jumps on a Buzzy Beetle and sends it at Yoshi.  He is nearly knocked off, but he jumps and kicks Shy Guy, sending him into the water. Iggy jumps on Daisy, going to the center of the ice.  She punches him near the edge and he jumps over Yoshi to kick her.  He jumps on a Buzzy Beetle and sends it at her, knocking her out. Iggy and Yoshi stare each other down.  Iggy makes the first move, jumping… off the ice block!

Luigi:  Challenge over!  The team wins 50,000 coins after Iggy sacrificed an exemption for the team!

Iggy (private Interview): At that point, I realized:  being selfish isn’t going to make me any friends in this game, or in real life.  Wendy didn’t leave because she wasn’t cruel enough, she left because she knew nothing about the Mole!  Maybe that’s why we Koopas always have a bad reputation…

Luigi:  Congratulations!  This is the first time in a while that the team has actually won all the coins possible!  But now, we have another challenge.  As part of this challenge, I’m going to need someone to come with me.

Shy Guy:  Me!  Pick me!  Pick me!

Ludwig:  Fine, Shy Guy it is.

Luigi:  Now, you five will have to do a separate challenge with me.  As you know, Mario and I have always been plumbers by profession.  Today, you’re going to see what it’s like to be he and I.  There will be five different broken toilets all around the city.  I will give you clues as to where they are.  To confirm that you’re fixing the right resident’s toilet, you’ll ask the person who answers the door, “Am I supposed to be here?”  If they show you their broken toilet, you may begin working on it.  Your job is to fix all five toilets within 6 hours from now.  It’s 2:00 right now.  I’m not gonna make this challenge easy for you.  There’s no partial coins.  You either get all 40,000 I’m offering, or none of it.  Ready?  Go!

Ludwig:  Ok, here’s what we should do!  Let’s each take a clue, run to the location, fix the toilet, and come back here by 7:00.  Then we can switch clues and double-check.

Peach:  Let’s go with that plan.

Iggy:  But why don’t we give each person six hours, and just have one toilet fixed?

Daisy:  Because we’re almost certain that one of us is the Mole.  Let’s go!

Peach:  Ludwig will take Clue #1, DK will take Clue #2, I will take #3, Iggy #4, and Daisy #5.

Clue #1:  A place of early scholars.

Ludwig:  Where could that be?  Scholars in the morning?

Clue #2:  A popular hangout spot, high in the sky.

DK:  Trees in the park!  I’m going!

Clue #3:  Don’t look far.

Daisy:  In this hotel…?  It could be any room!

Clue #4:  A royal place.

Iggy:  That’s Castle Koopa!  I’m going home!

Clue #5:  This clue… is a free exemption!  There are actually only four toilets!

Peach:  Well… that’s awesome!  Who’s still here… Ludwig or Daisy?  I’ll stick with Daisy, for sure. *to Daisy*  You need any help?

Daisy:  Sure.  But don’t you have your own toilet to find?

Peach:  My clue is an exemption.  Where’s yours?

Daisy:  I think it’s in this hotel… Where should we find it?

Peach:  Let’s find the front desk.

*Luigi and Shy Guy*
Luigi:  Ok Shy Guy, all you have to do is go to the local supermarket.  There, you will find someone you know.  Spend the day with them.  You can’t win any money today.

Shy Guy:  It’s really cool that I’m getting to see someone I know, but I wish I could win some money, you know…

Ludwig:  Hmm… Early means just beginning… Scholars are students… young students… Of course!  The local Koopergarten!  I’ll go see the principal.

DK:  Ahh… DK make it to park.  Better get to fixing toilets.  Oh… nobody here for me to ask if they need help.  But I can ask people coming out of bathroom if they know what clue mean!

*Daisy and Peach*
Peach (to person at front desk):  Excuse me, am I supposed to be here?

Person at front desk:  Oh, you’re the people from the TV show!  Yeah, the toilet’s on the fifth floor, in room 18.  Here’s the key.  Nobody’s in there.

Daisy:  Thanks!

(Knock Knock)

Bowser:  Who is it?

Iggy:  Dad, it’s me.  Am I supposed to be here?

Bowser:  No… You’re supposed to be on a TV show!  Just kidding, come on in.  The toilet’s in Roy’s room.

Iggy:  Great, Roy will never let me live this down…

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy:  I’m here… Where am I supposed to– Ohmigosh it’s Mary! Mary! I haven’t seen you in person in forever!

Mary Guy:  Shy Guy, it’s been five days.

Shy Guy:  Well it feels like a lot longer than five days!  How are you doing?

Mary Guy:  Great!  But Luigi told me to tell you something.

Shy Guy:  What?

Mary Guy:  He wants you to think over an offer that he has.

Shy Guy:  What is it?

*Commercial Break*

Ludwig:  Hello, Miss Koops.  How’s Koopergarten going?

Miss Koops:  Ludwig!  I haven’t seen you since you took this class!  How long ago was it, 20 years?

Ludwig:  Yeah, it’s been a while.  But I am supposed to ask you if I’m supposed to be here.

Miss Koops:  Oh, the TV show sent you.  Mr. O’Koopa’s classroom has a broken toilet.  That’s where you’re supposed to go.

Ludwig:  Ok, thanks Miss Koops!  I would stay to talk, but I have a toilet to fix!

DK (to person exiting restroom):  Where popular hangout spots high in sky?

Person:  I haven’t the faintest idea…

DK:  Uh oh.  DK in trouble…

*Peach and Daisy*
Daisy:  Let’s get to opening this door…

Peach:  Here’s the toilet!  What’s wrong?

Daisy:  Try flushing it.

Peach:  Eww!  Toilet water’s everywhere!  Come here!

Daisy:  That’s a problem…

(Knock Knock)

Iggy:  Roy!  I need to get into your room!

Bowser:  Roy’s not home.

Iggy:  Where is he?

Bowser:  I can’t tell you.

Iggy:  Darn.  Hey!  The door’s locked.

Bowser:  Yeah, you’ll have to find your own way in.

*Shy Guy*
Mary:  Luigi told me that, if you would like to, you could stop this challenge right here.

Shy Guy:  Right here?!

Mary:  And he would give the team half of the coins.

Shy Guy:  Hmm… Half coins.  I’m not sure whether we’d get all of them, but I have to trust my team… But one of them is the Mole… That’s a tough decision.

Mary:  But don’t make that decision just yet… There’s another offer, and you can only do one of them.

Shy Guy:  What’s this new offer?

(Commercial Break)

Ludwig:  Aha!  Here’s the toilet!  I know I can build a better toilet than this!  I’ll just reroute the plumbing…

DK (to a Bob-omb who has just come out of the bathroom):  Do you know a hangout place in the sky?

Bob-omb:  No…

DK:  DK should go back to hotel…

*Peach and Daisy*
Daisy:  Go to the nearby hardware store.  We’ll need a wrench and some duct tape.  A lot of duct tape.

Iggy:  I… can’t… break… down… the… door… I need to climb up to Roy’s window!

30 minutes later…

Iggy:  Finally!  Now, what’s wrong with the toilet?  I’ll try to flush it…

*Shy Guy*
Mary:  The second offer is… to bring someone back. By doing so, you would gain 50,000 bonus coins.

Shy Guy:  But who would I bring back?

Mary:  Any one of the four who have already lost.

Shy Guy:  Interesting… Let’s talk about them over dinner.

Ludwig:  … And ta-da!  It’s done!  I, Ludwig von Koopa, have built an amazing toilet!  Let’s see if it flushes…. It works!  I’ll go back to the hotel now!

DK:  DK no see anyone, and then… There’s Ludwig! *to Ludwig*  Ludwig!  DK need help with clue!

Ludwig:  You haven’t started?!

DK:  Nope.  But it says a popular hangout place high in the sky!

Ludwig:  Where is that?

*Peach and Daisy*
Peach:  Here’s the tape and wrench, Daisy!

Daisy:  Ok, let’s put the tape here to seal this up… and it works!  Let’s go down to the lobby!

Iggy:  Wow.  I can’t believe it… Roy stuffed Lemmy’s ball down the toilet.  *facepalm*  I’ll just take it out, and back to the hotel I go!

Ludwig (seeing Peach, Daisy, and Iggy come back):  I’ve finished mine, but DK needs help with his clue!  Where’s somewhere high in the sky?

Daisy:  Peach and I got my clue!

DK:  What about Peach’s?

Peach:  Mine was a free exemption — there are only 4!

Iggy:  That’s Sky Land!  Roy wasn’t home when I went there, but he’s probably in Sky Land!  Let’s go!

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy (to waiter):  I’ll have the fettuccine alfredo.

Mary:  And I’ll have the beef and broccoli.

Shy Guy:  About those two offers, what do you think?

Mary:  I’m still stuck on the first one.  How confident are you in your team?

Shy Guy:  I’m pretty confident, but one of them is the Mole, so…

Mary:  Good point.  We’ll talk about that one later.  The second offer.  50,000 coins is a lot…

Shy Guy:  But is it worth reducing my chances of winning?

Mary:  But it’s free money!

Shy Guy:  But all that does is put one more person in the mix who could take it.  The first offer only has to do with this challenge, the second affects the whole game.  It would change the whole dynamic.

Mary:  True…

*Sky Land*
Iggy:  Here we are!  Roy’s Sports Hall!

Daisy:  And there he is!

Ludwig:  Roy, are we supposed to be here?

Roy:  Yes, you are.  The toilet’s in the locker room of the Green Corner.

Peach:  Let’s see what’s wrong…

In the locker room…

Ludwig:  Wow.  Is Roy serious?

Peach:  What is it?

Ludwig:  He stuffed Larry in the toilet.

Daisy:  Is he alive?

Ludwig:  Yeah, Roy gave him scuba gear.

Iggy:  Let’s pull him out on three:  one, two, three!

Larry:  Thanks for saving me!  I was about to run out of air!  If I could beat up Roy…

DK:  What time is it?

Larry:  6:45.

DK:  We need go back to hotel!

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy:  Waiter, can we have the bill?

Mary:  I’ll pay this time.

Shy Guy:  No, you paid last time.  It’s my turn.

Mary:  You’re in the middle of a game!  You’ll need every penny of your money!

Shy Guy:  Fine, you can pay.

Waiter:  And here’s your bill.

Mary:  Here’s the money, including a tip.

Waiter:  Thanks!

Luigi:  It’s 6:59… and everyone’s here.  Let’s begin with Shy Guy’s part.  Shy Guy, could you tell us what you did today?

Shy Guy:  So, I met my girlfriend, Mary.  She told me that I had the choice whether or not to accept one of two offers Luigi gave me.  The first involved me forfeiting the challenge for you guys and getting half of the money.  The second involved me bringing a player back into the game, but gaining 50,000 coins.

Luigi:  And which did you choose?

Shy Guy:  Neither.  I believed in you guys, and bringing a player back was too risky.

Luigi:  Interesting choice.  Let’s move on to the plumbing challenge.  Toilet #5... didn’t exist!  You got that one.  And, let’s get the camera on Iggy’s toilet #4!  We’ve sent the host to check each of these out.  Bowser, does it work?

Bowser:  Let’s see... *flushes* Yeah, it does!

Luigi:  Toilet #3!  In this very hotel!  I personally checked this one.  And it works as well!  For Toilet #2, let’s go to Roy Koopa!  Roy, does it work?

Roy:  Yeah, unfortunately they saved Larry.

Luigi:  And Toilet #1!  Let’s go to Koopergarten teacher Miss Koops.  Does the toilet work?

Miss Koops:  The toilet does not work.

Ludwig:  What?  How could the toilet I built not work?

Miss Koops:  The challenge clearly said to fix the toilet, not build a new one.  The toilet Ludwig built works just fine, but the old toilet doesn’t even get water!

Luigi:  Well, you guys lost the challenge.  And now it’s time for the quiz!  Except, of course, for Peach.

Question One:  Has the Mole taken an exemption?
Daisy:  Yes
Iggy:  No
Shy Guy:  No
DK:  No
Ludwig:  Yes

Question Two:  Did the Mole win or lose in the challenge against their roommate?
Daisy:  Lose
Iggy:  Win
Shy Guy:  Win
DK:  Lose
Ludwig:  Lose

Question Three:  Did the Mole gain a new roommate?
Daisy:  Yes
Iggy:  Yes
Shy Guy:  Yes
DK:  Yes
Ludwig:  No

Question Four:  In which month was the Mole born?
Daisy:  April
Iggy:  August
Shy Guy:  June
DK:  November
Ludwig:  February

Question Five:  Did the Mole take part in the Toilet challenge?
Daisy:  Yes
Iggy:  Yes
Shy Guy:  Yes
DK:  No
Ludwig:  Yes

Question Six:  Is the Mole male or female?
Daisy:  Male
Iggy:  Male
Shy Guy:  Male
DK:  Female
Ludwig:  Male

Question Seven:  What is the Mole’s current room number?
Daisy:  3
Iggy:  3
Shy Guy: 2
DK:  2
Ludwig:  1

Question Eight:  What is the sum of the Mole’s room numbers?  (If it’s the same room number, add it twic.e)
Daisy:  7
Iggy:  4
Shy Guy:  7
DK:  7
Ludwig:  7

Question Nine:  Who is the Mole?
Daisy:  ?
Iggy:  ?
Shy Guy:  ?
DK:  ?
Ludwig:  ?

Luigi:  Time’s up!  We’ll begin alphabetically once again.


Shy Guy:  I thought the first person was always safe…

Daisy:  Me too…

DK:  DK upset Daisy leave.

Daisy:  Aww… That’s so sweet.

DK:  DK knew that Daisy not the Mole!

Daisy:  Oh.  That’s just DK being competitive.

Luigi:  Sorry Daisy, it’s-a time to go.

Daisy:  Oh well.  I had fun anyways!

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