The Mole: Mushroom Kingdom

By abcd

Last time on The Mole:  Mushroom Kingdom:

Six contestants remained.  They included:

Daisy Toadstool:  Daisy’s been playing in the shadows.  She hadn’t thrown much suspicion of being the Mole on herself, but was eliminated last time.

Donkey Kong:  Lover of bananas, this ape’s been caught making stupid mistakes, starting with the very first challenge, where he jumped before all of his teammates were ready.  Are his blunders really intentional actions?  Is DK the Mole?

Iggy Koopa:  The often overlooked middle child of Bowser Koopa, Iggy took on a selfish role for the past few episodes.  However, last episode he made a selfless decision to sacrifice an exemption for money.  Did he make that decision because he knew he would be safe because he was the Mole?  Or has Iggy really had a change of heart?

Ludwig von Koopa:  Ludwig hasn’t made a whole lot of noise.  He’s been inconsistent in the challenges and hasn’t made very many huge moves.  Last time he disqualified the team in the plumbing challenge on a technicality.

Peach Toadstool:  Peach seems to have an endless supply of knowledge about the game.  She’s discovered two exemptions, more than any of the other contestants.  If it’s luck, it’s bound to end soon.  But what if it isn’t just luck?

Shy Guy:  This masked villain has always seemed to take the easy route in challenges.  He has always volunteered to do the individual parts of the challenges, and seems to be controlling the game.  He’s the only contestant who has had any contact with the outside world.  Maybe he knows too much…

These six earned 60,000 out of a possible 105,000 coins.  This gives them 200,000 out of a possible 455,000 coins.  The penultimate elimination occurs today.  Who is the Mole?  Who is innocent?  And who will be in the final four?

*Room 1*
Peach (waking up):  *yawn…* I’m alone today.  I was the only contestant to always have had a roommate.  Oh well.  Today’s a new day.  Should I get out of bed?  Or should I wait here?

*Room 3*
Shy Guy:  No alarm today… DK’s still sleeping.  I’m going to go get myself an exemption.  Maybe those Exemption-O’s are still there today.

*Room 2*
Ludwig:  I guess the alarm’s off today.  Let’s look for a note… there’s no note here.  Oh well.  I’m just going to stay here.  We learned what happened last time…

Iggy:  I’ll stay here too.

*Room 3*
DK:  DK think DK should get up!  Where Shy Guy?  Did Luigi take Shy Guy?  Where note?

Shy Guy:  Let’s see… no Exemption O’s.  But there’s a bag of Quiz O’s where they used to be… Aha!  I’ll bet that gives me free points on a quiz or something!  E-5.

An alarm goes off in Rooms 1-3 and Luigi’s room.  The contestants and Luigi gather in the lobby.

Luigi:  Just when I was going to give you a morning to sleep in, Shy Guy ruins it.  He took the Quiz O’s, didn’t he?  Yes, he did.  Shy Guy, you know that those have a consequence, don’t you?

Shy Guy:  Do I get free points on the quiz?

Luigi:  You do.  For the next quiz, you get a bonus of -1 points.

Shy Guy:  What?

Luigi:  That was a trick.  You fell for it.  Did you honestly think I’d hide two exemptions in the same spot?

Shy Guy:  No, sir.

Luigi:  Ok… Now that everyone’s up, we can start the challenge I was planning on giving you later today.  You will all be doing an individual challenge that is worth 20,000 coins each.

DK:  That worth… 100,000 coins!

Luigi:  Correct.  Now, I’ll give you the categories:  Who’s dumb?  Who’s cold?  Who’s a rat?  Who’s green?  Who’s thirsty for victory?

Shy Guy:  I’m cold!

Ludwig:  I would like to nominate DK as dumb.

DK:  DK no dumb!

Ludwig:  You have yet to master the first person.  Yes, you are the dumbest of all of us.

DK:  Fine.  DK dumb.

Iggy:  I don’t think anyone can dispute that I am green…

Peach:  I’m thirsty for victory.

Ludwig:  I guess that makes me a rat.

Luigi:  I’ll send you off to your locations for your challenges.  DK, you go to the Wario Bros’ house; Shy Guy, you go to Mr. Blizzard’s house; Ludwig, you go to Private Goomp’s house; Iggy, you go to Pipe Land and find the first Piranha Plant on level 3; and Peach, you stay here.  Go!

Iggy:  And so, here is Pipe Land, where the Piranha Plant lives.  What does any of this have to do with being green?

Piranha Plant:  Hey, Iggy.  I’m supposed to give you your challenge.

Iggy:  What is it?

Piranha Plant:  You see, there’s a meat processing factory that Ludwig’s set up over there. *points*  It’s really hurting the environment, so I need you to take it out by 5:00.  It’s 12:00 now.  Go!

Iggy:  Oh… this challenge had nothing to do with the color… he meant eco-friendly!  Ludwig should really have got this job…

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy:  Why did he send me to Mr. Blizzard’s house if I’m cold?  It doesn’t make sense… Oh well.  I’m here.

Mr. Blizzard:  Shy Guy?  From The Mole:  Mushroom Kingdom?

Shy Guy:  Uh-huh.

Mr. Blizzard:  There are these people who need rescuing over in that cabin there.

Shy Guy:  So am I supposed to do it?

Mr. Blizzard:  Nope.  You’re not supposed to save them.

Shy Guy:  So I’m supposed to be cold as in… harsh, or cruel, not as in freezing…

Ludwig:  I remember Private Goomp!  That rat and his little friends betrayed Bowser for Fawful!  I would get back at him, but it would cost us the challenge.

Private Goomp:  Oh, hey Ludwig.  Sorry about the whole thing with your dad.  Here’s your challenge.  You have half an hour to find three lumps of cheese in my house.

Ludwig:  What does that have to do with your betrayal of my father?

Private Goomp:  Nothing.  Rats like cheese, don’t they?  And they’re notorious for being able to find it in a maze, right?

DK:  *grumble, grumble* DK no dumb.  Ludwig think DK dumb because of way DK talk.  That no make DK dumb.  There Wario Bros’ house.  Hi Wario Bros!

Waluigi:  I can’t believe Luigi talked me into doing this TV show… I’m scared of TV!

Wario:  Yoshi’s here too.  Your challenge is to play charades.

DK:  Charades?

Yoshi:  It a game where you act something out, and Yoshi and Waluigi guess what it is.

DK:  Ok.  But what do I act out?

Waluigi:  Wario has a topic.

DK:  But what does that have to do with me being dumb?

Yoshi:  Dumb means no talk or no smart.  Luigi mean no talk.

Peach:  I guess I got lucky to stay here, didn’t I, Luigi?

Luigi:  No, not really.  Your challenge is harder than some of the others’.

Peach:  Like whose?

Luigi:  For example, Shy Guy doesn’t have to do anything, and DK has to play charades.

Peach:  What’s my job?

Luigi:  Today we’re being sponsored by Victory, an energy drink company.

Peach:  Thirsty for victory… I have to drink a lot of Victory, don’t I?  You meant thirsty for the energy drink, not for winning.

Luigi:  Right.  You have ten minutes to drink five gallons of Victory.

Iggy:  Ok, so I’ll spread a rumor that they’ve been poisoning the meat.  No, what I should do now is tell Bowser Jr, who’s ruling right now.

Iggy arrives at Ludwig’s Castle, which is now run by Bowser Jr.

Iggy:  Hi, Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr:  Whaddya want, Iggy?

Iggy:  So, there’s this meat factory over there by level three, and it’s poisoning the meat.

Bowser Junior:  How do you know?

Iggy:  Um… One of my friends from school, Kevin Koopa, ate it for a whole month and then had a heart attack.  Doctors think the meat caused it.

Bowser Junior:  So what?  This is Ludwig’s land, not mine.  If it gets messed up, he takes the blame for leaving it.

Iggy:  It’s also hurting the environment…

Bowser Junior:  Still don’t care.

Iggy:  Fine.  I’ll go now.

Bowser Junior:  Please do.

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy:  I don’t care about this challenge, people’s lives are worth way more than 20,000 coins. But it’s a long way… The challenge ends in four hours.  I’d better get going if I’m to save them!

Ludwig:  Three and a half hours… I’d better focus more!  I haven’t found any cheese at all!  I’ll take the top-to bottom approach.

In the attic…

Ludwig:  Old boxes… a stuffed bear… ugh!  I don’t want to know what that is!  Let’s keep going.

Third floor…

Ludwig:  Two rooms here… and three hours left.  In the guest room, I see a closet, a dresser, and a bed.  Nothing in the closet except for some mothballs, nothing in the dresser, let’s check under the bed.  Aha!  My first piece of cheese!  This’ll be a piece of cake!

DK:  So what’s my topic?

Wario:  The movie Finding Cheep Cheep.  I’ll give you a minute to think about it, and then you’ll have another minute to get them to figure it out.  If you talk, you lose.

Luigi:  Ready, set, go!

Peach finishes the first gallon in forty five seconds, tosses it away, and opens the lid of the second.  This one takes a full minute to finish, but she’s still way ahead of the pace.

Iggy:  Drat.  That didn’t work.  Maybe I’ll try spreading a rumor. (loudly) Ludwig’s meat factory produces rotten meat!  Tear it down!

Ninji:  Do we care?  We don’t even eat meat.

Iggy:  Well, it hurts the environment!

Ninji:  I don’t live here.  I don’t care.

Iggy:  Don’t people who live here care?

Koopa:  Not really.  Ludwig will provide.

Iggy:  Grr… I guess I’ll have to go there myself!

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy:  Halfway there… and two hours to go!  I need to pick up the pace!  There are lives at stake here!

Ludwig:  Let’s see, there’s nothing in the other room… Let’s go down to the second floor.

Second Floor…

Ludwig:  Argh!  There’s only a hallway here!  And nothing in the hallway for cheese to hide in!

First Floor…

Ludwig:  A kitchen and a random relaxing room.  In the kitchen, I should check all of the cupboards… Nope, nope, nope.  In the relaxing room… agh!  That smells like old cheese!  Behind the TV… That’s disgusting!  Where should I go now?  Only one hour left!

Wario:  Time’s up!

DK:  I’m ready.

Wario:  Go!

DK does a move that identifies that it’s a movie.

Waluigi:  Movie!

Yoshi:  Planet of the Ukikis!

Wario:  Not everyone’s seen that commercial.

Yoshi:  Oh.

Meanwhile DK’s making a searching motion.

Waluigi:  Looking, exploring?

DK:  No.

Wario:  You lose!

DK:  Why DK lose?

Wario:  You talked.

DK:  DK no talk.

Wario:  Yes you did.  You said “No”.  Go back to Luigi.

Luigi:  And you’re halfway there!

Peach:  Three gallons done… I’m really slowing down.  Can I finish a fourth?

Luigi:  You’ll have to try!

Peach gets midway through her fourth gallon, but then throws the jug away.

Peach:  I’m done.  I have to go to the bathroom, and I’m sick of Victory.

Luigi:  Fine.  You still get the last five minutes in case you change your mind. It’ll cost your team 20,000 coins if you don’t finish.

Iggy:  Fine.  I’ve talked to Bowser Jr, I’ve talked to the people, I guess I should just talk to the factory owner himself.

Iggy arrives at the factory

Iggy:  Everyone!  Listen to me!

Workers:  Huh?!

Iggy:  My brother Ludwig has sent me to tell you that he’s decided to shut down the factory!

Foreman:  Shut down the factory?  Why?  And why did he send you?

Iggy:  Didn’t you hear?  He conquered Giant Land and made me his servant.

Foreman:  That sounds like Ludwig.   We’re headin’ out!

*Shy Guy*
Shy Guy:  *huff… huff…* I’m here.  With only 15 minutes to spare!

Shy Guy rushes to the cabin.

Shy Guy:  I’m here!

Shy Guy looks in the kitchen, dining room, and hallway, and finds nobody.  However in the basement, he finds a note.  It reads:

There are no people here.  Did you honestly think that we’d put people’s lives in danger?  If you get back to Mr. Blizzard’s house by 5:00, you’ll win the coins.  Alternatively, you can sacrifice the coins and take this warp pipe.

Shy Guy:  I’m taking the warp pipe.

Ludwig:  Ten minutes left.  I’ve checked everywhere!  I’ll check the kitchen again…

Ten minutes later, Ludwig has found nothing.

Private Goomp:  Time’s up!  The last piece of cheese was in the basement.  Take this warp pipe back to Luigi.

Peach gets out of the bathroom.

Luigi:  You still have two minutes.  If you drink these two gallons in two minutes, you’ll win.

Peach:  This has got to be horrible for my digestive system…

Peach finishes off the first gallon in one minute and five seconds.  Seeing that she only has fifty-five seconds left, she picks up the pace, and gets halfway done with thirty seconds left.  She continues her drinking pace slightly slower, and finishes with... three seconds left.

Luigi:  Time’s up.  You’ve finished!

Peach:  I have to go to the bathroom again…

Luigi:  Ok!  It’s 5:00.  I’ve called in all of your supervisors.  Piranha Plant, how’d Iggy do?

Piranha Plant:  He closed down the factory for good!

Luigi:  Just so you guys know, Iggy was tasked with closing down Ludwig’s meat factory.

Ludwig:  Hey!  Not cool!

Luigi:  I don’t need to call in Mr. Blizzard for this one.  Shy Guy was caught on tape inside the cabin where he was told that there were people he was not to rescue.

Shy Guy:  Lives are more important than money.

Luigi:  On to Ludwig.  He failed in finding the 3 pieces of cheese in Private Goomp’s house, getting only two.  He didn’t look in the basement.

DK:  DK always look in basement for cheese!

Luigi:  Speaking of you, DK, you didn’t do so well.  You failed in charades by talking.

DK:  DK no like charades.

Luigi:  And Peach succeeded in drinking five gallons of Victory Energy Drink in ten minutes!  What did you think of it, Peach?

Peach:  It was terrible.

Luigi:  We’re cutting that part out.  You guys won 40,000 coins!  Now, let’s get on to the next challenge.  This one is much simpler.  Do you see that palm tree outside?

DK:  Which palm tree?

Luigi:  The only one there.

DK:  Ok.

Luigi:  You have ten minutes to climb the palm tree.  If you do, you get 20,000 coins.  Go!

DK:  DK go up tree fast!

DK climbs halfway up when …

Peach:  DK!  Come down!

DK:  Why?

Peach:  Take me on your back!

Ludwig:  I’ll go up myself.

Ludwig takes a while to climb up the tree, but he manages.

Luigi:  Seven minutes left!

DK:  Now we go.

DK and Peach climb halfway up the tree until Peach falls off.  Luckily Iggy, Shy Guy, and Luigi catch her.

Iggy:  Come back down, DK!

DK:  DK getting mad!

Shy Guy:  I’ll climb up.

Iggy:  I’ll toss you up, hopefully you can climb the rest of the way.

Iggy tosses Shy Guy one quarter of the way up the tree.  Shy Guy climbs the rest of the way up.

Luigi:  Five minutes left!

Iggy begins climbing.  By now DK has gotten back to the bottom and has started climbing up with Peach on his back. DK reaches the top with Peach, and Iggy is three-quarters of the way up when…

Ludwig:  Aaaaahhhhh!  Shy Guy!!!

Ludwig falls off the tree.  Luckily he hid in his shell on the way down, so he isn’t hurt.

Luigi:  Last two minutes!

Iggy reaches the top of the tree.

DK:  DK get Ludwig!

DK jumps all the way to the bottom of the tree and carries Ludwig back to the top.

Luigi:  And 20,000 coins go in the pot!  Quiz time!

?:  I think Iggy may be the Mole.  He climbed up the tree way too slowly today, and he’s been doing decently in the challenges.  That’s the perfect disguise for the Mole!

?:  I think that Peach may be the most suspicious.  Luigi showed us the challenges on tape, and Peach left to go to the bathroom during a ten minute challenge!  So what if she won?  She was close too quitting!  It’s perfect for a Mole.

?:  I’m looking at DK here.  Honestly, talking during Charades!  His stupidity is phony, I think.

?:  Ludwig may be the Mole.  He couldn’t find three pieces of cheese in the entire house, and he fell off of the tree.

?:  Am I the only one suspecting Shy Guy?  Did you notice how Ludwig yelled Shy Guy’s name when he fell today during the climbing challenge?

Question One:  Has the Mole done anything to affect their quiz score (exemption or loss of point) so far?
Shy Guy:  No
Peach:  No
Ludwig:  Yes
DK:  Yes
Iggy:  Yes

Question Two:  Did the Mole complete their part of the individual challenge?
Shy Guy:  No
Peach:  No
Ludwig:  No
DK:  Yes
Iggy:  No

Question Three:  In which room is the Mole?
Shy Guy:  Room 2
Peach:  Room 3
Ludwig:  Room 3
DK:  Room 2
Iggy:  Room 3

Question Four:  Name a person whose name is before or after the Mole’s alphabetically (DK and Shy Guy are considered before/after each other.)
Shy Guy:  Ludwig
Peach:  Peach
Ludwig:  Shy Guy
DK:  Peach
Iggy:  Iggy

Question Five:  True or False:  The Mole’s roommate is currently an enemy of the first person eliminated.
Shy Guy:  True
Peach:  False
Ludwig:  True
DK:  False
Iggy:  False

Question Six:  Has the Mole had a female roommate?
Shy Guy:  Yes
Peach:  No
Ludwig:  Yes
DK:  No
Iggy:  Yes

Question Seven:  Who is the Mole?
Shy Guy:  ?
Peach:  ?
Ludwig:  ?
DK:  ?
Iggy:  ?

Luigi:  Let’s do this.  Alphabetical order.



Luigi:  And so we move to the final four!  The last elimination takes place next episode!  Who won’t make it to the last episode?  And who is The Mole?

Iggy:  I wish I could stay longer, but I have really changed my character.  I’ve become less selfish as a result of The Mole.  Good Luck, Ludwig!  Koopa Pride!

Author's Note:  Please vote in the poll I’ve created if you want your five favorite characters to return!  (Six of the ten will return, the winner as host.)

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