The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

Chapter 11: Senshi Battles Part 2

After Yang passes through the door, he walks down another long hallway. He eventually makes it to a giant room with five exits from the previous hallways, and five entrances to more hallways. In the room, we see Yoesh taking a breather. Yang approaches him. “How’re you feeling, Yoesh?” asks Yang.

“Well, my battle was pretty tough, but I somehow managed to get some lucky breaks.”

“Yeah. You know, my electrical shuriken ended up killing my opponent. Sure, he was in water, which conducts electricity, but my electrical shuriken are not strong enough to kill someone.”

They then hear the sound of a guitar. They look and see Marceline come out of a hallway playing her ax base. She looks up and sees Yang and Yoesh. “I see you guys made it out all right,” says Marceline.

“Yeah, how’d your battle go?” asks Yoesh.

“Ran into that idiot who I fought back at that factory.”

“Senshi X?”

“Yeah, I managed to beat him. I actually killed him by sucking out the rest of his blood.” Yoesh and Yang look at each other.

Then, steps are heard, and Blue comes out of one of the hallways. He sees Yoesh and he approaches him. The two of them high five. “Dude, you made it!” says Yoesh.

“Yeah. I ended up fighting that guy we met at Mt. Lavalava.”

“Bloopshi. How’d that go?” asks Yang.

“Well, I was on the verge of giving up, until some heroes of mine told me something that I needed to hear to keep going.”

Marceline looks around, trying to find Booser. She begins getting worried. Yang approaches her. “I know you’re worried. But I know Booser, he’ll be all right.”

At that exact moment, Booser flies through. He and Marceline make eye contact. Booser flies at Marceline, and hugs her.  “Marceline, you’re okay!” cries Booser.

“I’m glad to see you’re okay too, Booser,” replies Marceline. The two kiss, then turn to Yang. “So, what do we do now Yang?” asks Booser.

Yang gets into a meditative position, and begins floating. Then a big orb forms around the five heroes, and they heal entirely.

“That was a healing orb. All I have to do is meditate, and concentrate on healing. Anyway, we are fully healed. And we’ll need to be because what we are about to face is more powerful than what we’ve faced before.”

Booser, Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh realize they will have to split up once more. Booser and Marceline kiss each other for good luck, Blue and Yoesh fist pound for luck, and Booser approaches Yang. “Good luck, Yang.”

“You too, Booser.”

Booser heads for a hallway, but as he tries to enter, it rejects him. “What in the world?”

Yang, noticing this, observes all the hallway entrances. He then looks up and sees each one has a symbol above them. The first one has a shuriken. The second hallway has an ax base. The third has a Yoshi egg. The fourth has a Koopa shell. And the fifth hallway has a Boo above it. “These hallways will only accept a certain person.” Yang shows everyone which hallway they are supposed to go down. The five heroes then separate once more.

Yang’s hallway is full of nothing but lit candles. He makes it to a large arena, where Booster is seen at the other end. “How’d I know I’d come face to face with you? Actually, I haven’t seen you since we took you down back when you were with King Boo.”

Booster just floats there, which confuses Yang. “Is this some kind of trick?” Booster then pulls out his jester stick, and points it at Yang.

“Must... kill... Yang!” He shoots a magical blast that Yang easily dodges.

“Something’s not right... but I’ll worry about that later.” Yang then pulls out a shuriken.


Marceline floats down her hallway and ends up in a big arena. Up on the ceiling, a giant orb is seen with spirits inside. Marceline gasps, then clapping is heard. She looks and sees Shroobiorra.

“Marceline, I see you’ve made it to my arena. It’s time to finish what we started back at Boo Mansion!”

“You took the words right out of my mouth!” Marceline grabs her ax base, and Shroobiorra grabs his sword. They charge at each other.


Yoesh makes it to a big arena. No one is seen. “Strange. Something isn’t right here.” He goes for the door, but spikes are launched at him. He quickly dodges, and sees Spikeshi.

“Well, well, well. Looks like my opponent is the Yoshi. This should be pretty interesting.”

“I don’t remember ever seeing you. Who are you?” asks Yoesh.

“The name’s Spikeshi, rank 3 of the senshi.”

“Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me. I go from fighting the lowest rank, and jump all the way up to three?”

“Yeah, that’s bad luck for you! Now...” he pulls out a sword, “we shall see who ends up killing who!”

Yoesh grabs an egg, and Spikeshi charges at him.


Blue tries to relax while walking down his hallway. He make it to an arena, and at the other end, Senshi Guy is seen.

“Who are you? I’ve never seen you before?”

“I go by Senshi Guy. I am rank 4 of the Senshi. I’ve had a run in with Yang and his Boo friend. Yang hasn’t said anything about me? Shame. Now then...” He pulls out his scythe, and points it at Blue. “Let’s see which one of us will come out on top.”

Blue tucks into his shell and charges at Senshi Guy, who just smirks.


Booser finally ends up at a big arena like the others. At the other side of the room, Explosivo is seen with a new belt of explosives. “So, we meet again, I see.”

“Yeah. I’ve actually been wanting some revenge on you!”

“Why me?” asks Explosivo, acting so innocent.

“You tried to kill me AND my girlfriend! You messed with the wrong Boo that day, buddy!”

“Still upset about that? Whatever. It’s time to end your dead life! What you faced before is NOTHING compared to what you are about to face now! You lucked out last time because you eliminated my bomb belt. But there’s no way you’re going to be able to do that again. Now, let’s begin!”

He pulls out a Bob-omb and chucks it.

SENSHI BATTLES ROUND 2: Booster/Shroobiorra/Spikeshi/Senshi Guy/Explosivo

Yang throws a shuriken, but Booster quickly turns invisible to avoid the attack. He then reappears and shoots a magical blast. Yang jumps out of the way, just barely avoiding getting hit. He then pulls out three shuriken: icy, fiery, and electrical. He throws all three of them, but Booster spins his jester stick around to avoid getting hit. The shuriken go in different directions, and explode. Yang charges at Booster and goes for a drop kick, but Booster lashes his tongue out, grabbing Yang’s foot. Booster swings him around and sends him to the wall. Yang quickly recovers, and performs a ninja skill.

“Ninja skill #91... ELEMENTAL BEAM!” A blast is sent out of Yang’s hand. This blast is multicolored with the colors red, green, blue, yellow, light green, brown, and light blue: the colors for fire, nature, water, electricity, wind, earth, and ice. The blast hits Booster, and he is sent flying into the wall, hitting it pretty hard. Yang then charges at him and uppercuts him into the air. Booster is motionless, and Yang jumps high into the air and goes to finish him. But Booster quickly pulls off the top of his jester stick, revealing a blade. Yang gets wide-eyed and gets out of the way as Booster tries to slash him. Yang lands, and Booster slowly floats down.

“So, you do have a sword. It’s been your jester stick this whole time.”

Booster stares at him, and then disappears. Yang jumps in shock, and is then slashed from behind. Yang goes to the ground, and Booster is seen floating behind him with a grin on his face. He then flies up and charges down, trying to stab Yang. He quickly disappears, and reappears behind Booster, drop-kicking him. Booster hits the ground face first, and gets up. He turns to Yang, eyes red. Booster swings his sword, and points it at Yang. A magical blast is fired from the tip, and heads straight for Yang. He is hit, and goes up into the sky. Booster flies up and licks him, paralyzing him. Yang hits the ground and is barely able to move. Booster floats down in front of him.

“So, that jester stick of yours can do magic and act like a sword? I never knew.” Booster then turns his sword upside down and makes it float. He then swings his stubs out, and the sword begins to expand and wrap itself around Booster until he is completely covered by the blade. He then begins to stretch himself out. He gets a long, serpentine body, and horns that look like the Pokemon Rayquaza’s, as well as the face. His arms begin to grow from stubs into three-clawed hands. The metal disappears off of him, as does his jester hat. And in Booster’s place is a giant, white dragon. Booster roars loudly, and slaps Yang into the wall.

“His... release form.” Booster charges at Yang and slaps him up into the air, and opens his mouth. A ball of white and black energy forms, and he fires a cero. Yang sees this, and struggles to get free from paralysis. He manages to, and uses flash step to avoid the cero. Yang reappears and starts throwing all types of shuriken he can use: fire, ice, electric, and exploding. They all hit Booster, but have very little effect on him. Booster roars, and flies up to Yang. He wraps himself around Yang and goes to fire another cero. Yang quickly uses the only ninja skill that can get him out of this jam.

“Ninja skill #85... MIND BLAST!” A powerful blast of energy is shot from Yang’s mind, and hits Booster right in the face, causing him to stop charging the cero. Yang manages to escape and jump high into the air. Booster flies up and tries to grab Yang, but he throws an exploding shuriken right in his face. Booster flinches, and Yang lands on his serpentine body. He runs to the head. He then notices something sticking out of his head: a small, green sprout. Yang looks at it, and realizes what it is.

“A Floro sprout. Booser and Luigi told me about these things. Someone has got Booster under their control...  but who would do this?” Booster then starts getting angry, and starts thrashing around. He flies in an upward direction, causing Yang to grab onto the Floro sprout. Booster roars in pain and stops flying upward. Yang notices this, and gets an idea. He pulls out shuriken of all kinds and throws them at the Floro sprout. They hit, causing Booster to scream in pain. But it’s not enough to defeat him. Yang then goes to perform a ninja skill.

“Ninja skill #99... LIGHT BEAM!” A blast of powerful, light energy hits the Floro sprout. Booster screams in pain, and falls toward the ground. Yang jumps off and uses flash step to easily get to the ground. Booster lands with a loud thud, and Yang reappears beside him. He looks up, and sees the Floro sprout disintegrate. Booster then reverts back to his original Boo self, as his jester stick appears next to him and his jester hat lands beside him.

Yang sighs. “I’ve got to get going.” He heads for the door, and goes right through.

As he goes, Booster begins to slowly regain consciousness. He looks around, and sees nobody. He puts his jester hat back on, and sees the door slightly open. “Yang... did he save me? Or just beat me to move on?” He goes to float, but doesn’t have the strength, and falls to the ground. Then a memory flashes in his head.

Booster is seen talking with a Shy Guy and Koopa. But the Shy Guy shakes his head and laughs, as does the Koopa. Booster frowns, and goes to leave, but the Shy Guy snaps his fingers, and Booster is hit in the head by a mechanical hand. He falls to the ground, knocked out. The Shy Guy laughs, and snaps his fingers again. A black-robed Magikoopa comes into view and takes off Booster’s hat. He points his wand at his head and shoots a tiny spark of magic. Then a Floro sprout grows. He puts the hat back on Booster, and the Shy Guy laughs evilly.

We go back to the real Booster, who gets an angry look on his face. “Senshi Guy! I’ve got to do something!” He tries to float again, but cannot. He grabs his jester stick, and begins dragging himself along the floor.


Marceline and Shroobiorra slash at each other, and end up bouncing off each other. Marceline hisses, and launches soundwaves. Shroobiorra laughs, and quickly dodges with his great speed. He then slashes the air, and a burst of energy in the form of a slash flies at Marceline. She takes to the air and sends more soundwaves. Shroobiorra points his claw at hem, and forms a purple and red cero, and fires it, destroying the soundwaves. Marceline quickly dodges the cero and dives down onto him, fangs baring. She quickly bites down on his Mushroom head, which causes him to scream in pain. Shroobiorra takes his sword and tries to slash Marceline off, but she quickly lets go of his head and flies off. Shroobiorra then growls, and looks up at Marceline.

“Okay, Vampire Queen! Time to really pick up where we left off!” He then glows, and grows a pair of bat wings, bigger fangs, and his eyes transform into bat eyes. Marceline then focuses her energy and gains bat ears, bat fur, and light blue eyes. They hiss at each other, and charge, ax base and sword making contact with each other. They bounce off each other. Marceline then brings out her sharp nails, and dives at Shroobiorra. But Shroobiorra takes to the skies, and avoids the slash. Marceline flies up after him, but ends up flying into the orb holding the souls. Shroobiorra then takes the chance to try to stab her, but Marceline is fast and blocks with her ax base. She hisses, and manages to swat Shroobiorra’s sword away from him. Shroobiorra hisses in anger, and charges at Marceline, grabbing her neck.

“Not this time, Shroobiorra!” She kicks him in his... well... let’s just say that this causes him to let go and scream in pain, as well as fall to the ground. Marceline laughs and dives down on him, ax base ready to do some slashing. Shroobiorra, who is still in pain, notices his sword laying next to him. He grabs it and blocks Marceline’s attempt to finish this. He hisses, and tries to get up, which he does though he is still in pain. He flies up and charges at Marceline. She bares her sharp nails and slashes him in the stomach again. Shroobiorra is launched into the wall and begins showing signs of weakness.

“You know, I haven’t had a battle this intense for a long time. But alas, I must wrap this up very quickly. If you remember, this is only a weak version of my release form. So now... I think it’s time I show it off.” He takes his blade and swipes his claw on it. He then begins to grow in size, and turns from purple to black. His spots transform into white spots, and he gains a third claw on both his two-clawed hands. His bat wings turn into something more demonic. His fangs grow as well, and he gets a long, thin, black tail. Marceline looks up at Shroobiorra, who is now in full release form. He laughs.


Marceline chuckles. “You’re not the only one who can transform. I can transform as well!” She grows to the same size as Shroobiorra, and transforms into a full-blown bat monster. Her ax base is seen dangling from her neck, acting like a necklace. Her hands turn into claws, her fangs grow, and she gains thin bat wings.

“So... this is the final battle between the vampire king, and the vampire queen. We shall now see who is truly fit for royalty!” cries Shroobiorra. Both he and Marceline hiss at each other, and charge. Marceline swings her arm and slashes Shroobiorra. He quickly fights back by firing a cero, but Marceline puts her arms up to defend herself. She gets pushed back, but comes out okay. She charges at Shroobiorra and punches him right in the gut. He flies up into the air, but comes flying back down, claws extended. Marceline forms a fist and goes to punch him in the face, but Shroobiorra blocks it with one of his claws. Marceline gasps, and Shroobiorra grins evilly. He slashes her right in the stomach, and she is sent into the wall. She recovers, and hisses at him. She then charges at him and goes to bite down on him. But Shroobiorra uses his tail and wraps it around Marceline to stop her.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is where I end it, Marceline! Your life of being the vampire queen is OVER!” yells Shroobiorra. Marceline struggles to get free. She then notices Shroobiorra forming a cero. “Say goodnight, Marceline!” He fires the cero, but Marceline quickly gets an idea and transforms into a small bat, and flies out of range. She transforms back into her bat monster form. “NO! I was so close!”

Marceline then punches him in the face, and sends him into the wall. Shroobiorra hisses and flies at her, slashing her. She stands her ground, and slashes back at Shroobiorra. He is on the verge of fainting, then gets an idea. He opens his mouth and starts sucking. Nothing happens, until Marceline notices she is reverting back into herself. Eventually Shroobiorra is seen holding an orb of energy, and Marceline is back to her regular self. “What did you just do?!”

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ve sucked up your transformation ability. Once I consume this orb of energy, I’ll be able to defeat you once and for all, making me the only royal vampire!”

Marceline hisses at him, then remembers the orb full of spirits. She then gets an idea. She flies up, to the orb, and slashes it open. Shroobiorra notices this. “What did you just DO?!”

“I’ve released all the spirits you captured back at Boo Mansion! Now, GO GET HIM!”

The spirits pour out of the orb and charge at Shroobiorra, distracting him. He tries to swat them away, but they easily turn invisible. Marceline then gets below him and starts drawing a big smile face into the ground with her ax base. Once finished, she spins her hand around, and a carton of juice appears. She throws it at the face, and it bursts. It begins getting absorbed. “Let’s hope this works... MALOSO VOBIS COM ET CUM SPIRITUM!”


Shroobiorra is completely sucked in, leaving behind the orb of energy he was holding. The portal closes. Marceline approaches the orb and sinks her teeth into it, regaining her transformation ability.

“Looks like I’m the only vampire fit for royalty. Better luck next time, Shroobiorra... if there ever is a next time.” She then turns to all the spirits. “Okay guys, you’re free to go!” The spirits give joyful cries, and disappear through the walls and ceiling.

Marceline heads for the door, and goes through.


Yoesh jumps out of the way and throws at egg down on Spikeshi’s head. Spikeshi gets hit, and turns to Yoesh. He then jumps into the air and ground pounds, sending shockwaves toward Yoesh, who is surprised and gets hit. He is launched to the air, and Spikeshi quickly makes his move by launching spikes at Yoesh. They stick to him and send him to the wall, where he is unable to move. Yoesh struggles to get free, but as he does Spikeshi laughs.

“It’s useless to struggle. My spikes won’t be moving anytime soon. Might as well end this.” He points his finger at Yoesh, and a ball of black and red energy forms. Yoesh acts fast and lashes his tongue at Spikeshi, wrapping it around him. He swings Spikeshi around and launches him into the wall. Yoesh then uses his tongue to pry the spikes off of him. He manages to do so, and looks around for Spikeshi. He finds him charging a cero, which he then fires. Yoesh forms an egg and rolls around, avoiding the cero. He then charges at Spikeshi and jumps out of the egg. He punches Spikeshi right in the gut and sends him to the ceiling. Yoesh sees a chandelier, and uses his tongue to grab onto it. He lands on top of it and sees Spikeshi recovering from hitting the ceiling. He sees Yoesh, jumps on the chandelier, takes out his sword, and tries to slash him. Yoesh avoids the slashes and launches an egg at Spikeshi, who gets hit in the face. He growls, and launches more spikes. Yoesh forms an egg shield and blocks all the spikes. He breaks out and fires eggs at Spikeshi. He is hit in the face, and falls off the chandelier. He grabs onto the edge and tries to get up, but Yoesh steps on his fingers, causing him to let go and drop to his death.

Yoesh goes to jump off the chandelier, but a loud roar is heard. He looks down and sees a flying object. It comes into view, and Yoesh sees that the object is black, has dragon wings and sharp teeth sticking out, sunglasses, a long dragon tail with a spiky ball at the end of it, claws, and that his feet have sharp nails. Yoesh’s mouth hangs open.

“Time to end this!” cries the dragon. Yoesh then realizes that he is up against Spikeshi, in his release form. Spikeshi roars, and starts shooting fireballs. Yoesh dodges most of them, but the last of the fireballs hits and knocks him off the chandelier. He quickly recovers and flutter kicks his way to the ground to soften his landing. He looks up, and sees Spikeshi come crashing down. He roars, and points one of his claws at Yoesh, and fires spikes. Yoesh forms another egg shield and blocks all the hits. He then pops out and lashes his tongue around his claw, which causes Spikeshi to grin. He tugs on Yoesh and causes him to fly toward Spikeshi, who opens his mouth and fires a cero. He hits Yoesh and sends him to the ground. Yoesh slowly gets up but is in terrible pain. Spikeshi flies down and floats above him.

“BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I told you I’d end this!” Spikeshi roars as he swings his tail at Yoesh, who is sent into the wall hard and is covered in spikes. He slowly gets up, trying to ignore the pain. Spikeshi laughs. “Still want some more? All right then.” He opens his mouth and breathes fireballs. Yoesh manages to dodge them and charges at Spikeshi, still ignoring his pain. He jumps, and lands on Spikeshi’s head. Spikeshi tries to shake him off, but Yoesh keeps a tight grip on him. However, Spikeshi flies up into the air and causes Yoesh to fall onto his face. Spikeshi roars, and Yoesh tries to think of something fast. He then pulls off Spikeshi’s sunglasses, revealing blood red eyes. Spikeshi covers his eyes, which confuses Yoesh.

“I wear those sunglasses because my eyes are VERY sensitive to light!” cries Spikeshi, who still continues to fly up. Yoesh looks up and sees they are heading right for the chandelier. He jumps off, and Spikeshi, who is still coving his eyes, runs right into the chandelier. He falls to the ground and lands with a powerful thud. He begins panting and turns to Yoesh, who has flutter kicked his way down. Spikeshi roars at him, but is then hits his head on the chandelier again. The chains holding it had snapped off when he hit his head on it. The chandelier breaks into a million pieces of glass. The impact from the chandelier causes Spikeshi’s eyes to close. Yoesh slowly approaches him, and checks for a pulse... nothing. Spikeshi is dead.

“Man... That was one epic a battle. I’d better get going.”

Yoesh heads through the door and shuts it, leaving behind his sunglasses.


Senshi Guy swats his scythe at Blue’s shell, which causes him to be launched back and hit the wall. Blue pops back out, a little dazed. He rushes toward Senshi Guy. Senshi Guy grins and slashes his scythe, but Blue jumps over it and drop kicks Senshi Guy. He is sent to the ground, but quickly gets back up. Senshi Guy points his hand at Blue and fires a green and black cero. Blue tucks into his shell and swiftly dodges the cero. He then charges at Senshi Guy and sends him to the wall. Senshi Guy quickly recovers, and opens up a portal. He jumps in. Blue waits for something to happen. A portal opens up behind him, and a scythe slashes out. Blue is slashed in the shell and sent into the wall. Senshi Guy jumps out and charges at him. Blue quickly wall jumps off the wall, and comes crashing down in his shell. He hits Senshi Guy in the head, causing him to drop his scythe. Senshi Guy growls at Blue and begins firing off ceros everywhere. Blue quickly dodges the ceros being fired at him, but ends up getting hit by the last one. This launches him into the air, and he lands on his shell. He tries to get up, but cannot. Senshi Guy grabs his scythe and approaches Blue.

“Too bad it has to end like this. I was having fun. But, I have a job to finish. So say hi to the other senshi for me!” He goes to fire another cero, but Blue tucks into his shell and spins around, which confuses Senshi Guy. Then Blue launches himself into Senshi Guy, which knocks him to the ground. Blue then jumps into the air and flips over, landing on his feet. He turns to Senshi Guy, who is getting up. “Not bad, Koopa. I have to admit, you’ve got some fighting abilities.”

“That’s because me and my buddy train everyday to become great fighters,” replies Blue.

“Interesting. However, as much as I am enjoying this battle, I have to end this... right now!” Senshi Guy turns his scythe sideways, and it floats up into the air above his head. It then begins spinning around. Senshi Guy then puts his hands together and mutters something. “Gosuto Karitori-ki!” A burst of energy flows through Senshi Guy, and he begins to undergo a change. He loses his feet, and his robe closes up at the bottom. His robe also becomes more tattered. The scythe stops spinning as it becomes two. They both float down into Senshi Guy’s hands. Blue gasps, and Senshi Guy laughs. “Yes! This is my release form! Now, since you were able to defeat Bloopshi, let’s see if you have what it takes to defeat me!”

Blue takes a step back. “ did you know that I took down Bloopshi?”

Senshi Guy chuckles evilly, then it turns into an evil laughter. He charges at Blue and slashes him up into the air. Blue tucks into his shell and comes crashing down on Senshi Guy. But he quickly blocks the attack with one of his scythes. He pushes Blue back and fires a cero from his mouth. Blue notices, and bounces off the wall to avoid the cero. He hits Senshi Guy right in the face, knocking him to the ground. Senshi Guy growls, and quickly gets up. He extends his scythes out and starts spinning around the room, chasing Blue. Blue bounces off the walls to his advantage to get away from Senshi Guy. However, Senshi Guy throws a scythe at Blue and catches him by sticking him onto the wall. Senshi Guy approaches Blue and takes the scythe, which causes Blue to fall to the ground. Senshi Guy floats over him.

“Not bad. You’ve got some fighting skills, I’ll admit that. But this is where I end this.” He raises one of his scythes, and it comes crashing down. But Blue quickly tucks into his shell and starts spinning. This reflects the scythe and sends it up into the air. Blue then charges into Senshi Guy, which causes him to drop his other scythe. Senshi Guy is sent flying into the wall, but recovers. However, he is now weaponless; both his scythes are seen sticking out of the ground, Blue guarding each one. Senshi Guy growls, and fires cero after cero. Blue dodges each one, but that was only a distraction. Senshi Guy disappears, leading Blue to worry. He looks around to see where he might reappear. Then, both of Senshi Guy’s scythes come out of the ground. Blue turns and sees two floating scythes. They slash at him, but he jumps to avoid the attacks. Then Senshi Guy reappears, holding the scythes. He growls at Blue and charges at him. Blue then gets an idea. He flip kicks one of Senshi Guy’s hands, and the scythe flies out. Blue then jumps into the air and grabs the scythe. He comes crashing down on Senshi Guy, who is shocked by what Blue did. Then the scythe makes contact with Senshi Guy, and goes right through his mask. Senshi Guy gives off a faint smile.

“Good... battle...” He then glows white, and explodes. The scythe Blue is holding disappears, and Blue gives off a sigh of relief.

“There was something weird about that Shy Guy. But, it’s over now.”

He heads for the door, and walks through. But as he’s leaving, a portal opens up. A Shy Guy walks out.

“So... he managed to defeat my clone. He’s not half bad a fighter. The time is drawing very close. All I need is... the power shards,” says Senshi Guy, grinning evilly.


Booser pulls out his tennis racket and smacks the bomb back at Explosivo, who quickly avoids the bomb. He then appears behind Booser and tosses a bomb at him. Booser is caught by surprise, so the bomb explodes and sends him flying. Booser stops high in the air and sends down a lightning orb. Explosivo jumps toward the lightning orb, which confuses Booser. Explosivo then tucks into his shell and merges with the lightning orb. He charges at Booser, all electrified. But Booser quickly smacks him with the tennis racket and sends him back toward the ground. He then forms a fireball and smacks it with his racket. Explosivo hits the ground unharmed, and sees the fireball. He chucks a grenade and it makes contact with the fireball, causing an explosion. Explosivo jumps through the explosion and surprises Booser. He pulls out a Bob-omb and chucks it at him. Booser is hit by another explosion, and this time is sent to the ground. He lands with a thud, and slowly gets up. Explosivo lands with ease, and chuckles. “This is far too easy for me.”

“Oh yeah? Lets see how you deal with THIS!” He forms a lightning orb and a fireball. He launches the fireball up, tossing the lightning orb as well. They merge, creating an electrical fireball. While Explosivo is distracted by looking up at it, Booser lashes his tongue out and licks him. Explosivo becomes paralyzed. The electrical fireball falls down, and Booser smacks it right at Explosivo. It causes a huge, fiery and electrical explosion. Booser sighs in relief.

But, from all the smoke, chuckling is heard. Booser gets wide-eyed, and sees Explosivo come out of the smoke. However, he is much different than before. His left eye area shows a Dry Bones skull, and the skin on the lower right half of his face is completely gone, nothing remaining but bone. He also has a scar going down the right side of his face, stopping at the eye. His robe is also more tattered. Explosivo pulls out an eye patch and wraps up his lower face. He pants heavily.

“Yeah! That’s right! I *pant* survived! You thought *pant* you could kill me by *pant* having my *pant* bomb belt *pant* explode! But I was *pant* able to detach my *pant* belt before you *pant* sent that combo attack.”

“But I paralyzed you…” says Booser. Explosivo chuckles.

“You did, but I *pant* managed to get my arms and *pant* hands to remove my *pant* belt,” explains Explosivo, who is now reattaching his belt. “I think *pant* it’s time I *pant* end this!” Explosivo pulls out a weird-looking bomb. He then tosses it to the ground, and smoke engulfs Explosivo. His shell grows to giant size and gains two cannons on the side and a giant cannon on the top. Explosivo himself grows too, but is unable to move as his skin turns to metal. Booser gasps.

“Yes! My release form! It’s not much, but I’ve now turned into a battle fortress! I am unable to be hurt. You might’ve escaped death last time, but this time, I’ll be ending this!” He then fires cannonballs from his cannons. Booser turns invisible and avoids the explosions. However, Explosivo aims his big cannon into the air and fires. It explodes, and fireballs rain down. Booser reappears, and sees the fireballs. He tries to avoid them all, but ends up getting burnt by some of them. Explosivo laughs. Booser quickly gets up and launches a lightning orb. Explosivo tucks into his shell. The lightning orb hits the shell, and Explosivo comes out laughing evilly. Then static starts coming off. Explosivo gets shocked. He growls at Booser, who now knows how to deal with this.

Explosivo fires more cannonballs, and Booser shoots fireballs to cause them to explode early. He then fires lightning orb after lightning orb to make sure Explosivo gets shocked. He does, and this ends up causing a large explosion. Booser turns invisible to avoid it. When the explosion ends, Booser reappears and sees Explosivo motionless, his eye patch and wrapping still on. Booser sighs, and heads through the door.

Once he is gone, Explosivo opens his eye and gets up, dusting himself off. Then a portal opens up, and Senshi Guy walks out.

“So he passed?” asks Senshi Guy.

“Yup,” replies Explosivo.

“The time draws nearer, Explosivo. All we do now... is wait for the right moment to strike.” Senshi Guy and Explosivo laugh evilly. Then, Senshi Guy asks something. “What happened to you, anyway?”

“Yeah, that Boo managed to blast me with a powerful strike, and ended up destroying the skin around my left eye and my lower right face. So yeah, you could say I’m partially a Dry Bones.”

Senshi Guy nods. “Right, now... we wait.” He opens a portal, and they step through.


Yang makes it to a big area like last time, along with Booser. They meet up. “You made out all right?” asks Yang.

“Yup. How’d your battle go?”

“I was up against Booster. He was being controlled. How could I tell? He had a Floro sprout.”

“That’s weird, who’d wanna control Booster?” asks Booser.

They hear footsteps, and turn around to see Yoesh and Blue come out of their hallways. The four heroes regroup. “Good to see you guys are all right,” says Booser.

“Yeah. My battle was pretty interesting,” says Yoesh. He explains how he and Spikeshi battled it out. Blue then explains how tough his battle with Senshi Guy was.

“Senshi Guy is one of the tougher ones. Hey, aren’t we missing someone?” asks Yang. They look around, but there is no sign of Marceline. Booser begins to panic, but the strum of an ax base is heard. They see Marceline emerge from her hallway. Booser rushes up to her, and hugs her. Marceline returns the hug. “Good to see you’re all right Marceline,” says Yang.

“Yeah. That Shroobiorra is one tough dude. But, I managed to beat him. Making me the only royal vampire.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear,” says Booser, giving her a kiss. Yang then turns around, and a giant door is seen. He takes a deep breath.

“Okay guys. This is the final battle, and let me tell you, it won’t be easy.”

“Dude, we faced all the Senshi and managed to defeat them all. I think we can handle this guy,” says Blue.

“I like your enthusiasm, but Booshido is not like the Senshi. He has an enormous amount of power. I just don’t want any of us getting cocky,” says Yang. Everyone nods, and Yang heals everyone up. Yang kicks the door down, and a long hallway is on the other side. Everyone steps in.

“Hang on, Ying, we’re on our way,” mutters Yang.

Read on!

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