The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

Chapter 5: Marceline's Wrath

Last time Booser and Yang tried to search for the power shard. Sadly, it grew dark, and they had to camp out. As they did so they tried to relax a little before going to sleep. But a teenage girl sent by Booshido appeared and attacked Booser and Yang. They managed to beat her, and found out that she had been controlled by Booshido. Booser and Yang introduced themselves, and they found out that the teenage girl was Marceline, the Vampire Queen. The next day Marceline decided to repay Booser and Yang by joining their adventure. Now, we see the three heroes exiting Forever Forest, coming to the front of Bow's Mansion.

"Well, we had no luck in there," says Yang.

"Yeah, I thought you said it was here," says Booser.

"It showed me the forest, Bow's Mansion. My visions have never led me wrong before."

Yang thinks, then gets an idea. He looks up at Marceline. "Marceline, when you were hypnotized, did you happen to notice anything shiny or diamond=shaped?"

"Sadly, no. In fact, I don't remember anything he said to me when I was hypnotized," she replies. Yang sighs.

"Okay. Let me try again." He takes out the power shard and begins to meditate. Then, an image appears. It shows a blue and black-colored X-Naut in a factory. We then go out further, and find out that the factory is on top of...

"Gusty Gultch?!" cries Yang.

"WHAT?!" cries Booser. "Then that means Doopliss and Tubba Blubba are in trouble! Did you happen to see them?"

"Sadly, no. But we have to hurry!"

Booser and Yang go running off, but Marceline stops them. "Woah! Who are you guys talking about?"

"Doopliss and Tubba Blubba. They are our friends, and they need our help."

"So, you're going to run all the way to where they're being held?"

Booser and Yang look at each other, and hang their heads. "She's right. We might get easily caught if we travel on foot."

Marceline laughs. "Hahahahaha! You might be caught, but I won't!"


"Watch." She lifts off the ground and into the sky.

"Oh, that's right, she's a vampire."

She flies back down. "Well come on," she says, grabbing Yang's hand.

They both fly up into the sky, Booser following. Yang begins to worry that she might drop him. "Can't you hold onto both of my hands?"

"I could, but I would get burned to a crisp by the sun if it wasn't for this umbrella I'm holding."

Yang sighs, and they continue forward. Eventually they make it past the village of Boos, and Gusty Gultch itself. They reach the top, and see that Tubba Blubba's Castle has been transformed into a factory.

Marceline lands, and puts Yang down. Booser lands beside them, and all three of them look at the size of the factory. It's bigger than Tubba Blubba's Castle. Booser gulps in fear, Yang takes a deep breath, and Marceline observes the door. She then notices a keypad. She approaches and studies it. She then takes her free hand, forms a fist, and punches the keypad with ease. The keypad gives off sparks and shuts down, thus opening the door. Booser and Yang stare at her in amazement. "Boy, for someone who has skinny arms, you sure are powerful," comments Yang. Marceline chuckles.

"Vampires have immense strength, and it gives me the ability to crush a lot of things that get in my way."

Booser and Yang look at each other and shrug. The three of them walk inside, and since there is no sunlight, Marceline closes her umbrella and stashes it away. They look around and notice that the entrance has three doorways: one in the center and others to the left and right.

"Looks like we're going to be splitting up. We have no idea which one is the right path," says Booser. Yang sighs.

"All right, I'll take the left. Booser, you take the right, and Marceline, that leaves you with the center."

They both nod and head to their paths, as  Yang also goes to his. But, we see a camera on the ceiling. And watching from that camera is the black and blue X-Naut seen in Yang's vision - better known as Senshi X, the same X-Naut who was with Booshido, Senshitu, and Bloopshi. Senshi X chuckles.

"Whehehehehe! Little do these heroes know, I have not only redone the castle, but I have also set TRAPS within each hall! Robot minions, sentry drones, lasers, you name it!"

Behind him in two glass cases sit Tubba Blubba in one glass case, and Doopliss in the other.

"Don't get so cocky buddy! Booser and Yang can take on anything!" cries Tubba Blubba.

"Yeah, Slick! You're dealing with the guys who helped Mario and Luigi take down King Boo!" yells Doopliss.

"Ah, King Boo. Booster did mention something about being ruled by him for a little while. But, it doesn't matter! For me and the rest of my friends have much more power than that King Boo you speak of! Now, let's see where the heroes are... Ah. Yang has just entered my trip laser room. This should be quite interesting."

Yang looks around the empty room. He slowly takes a step forward, but trips up a laser. An alarm goes off, and the walls open up. Out come robots that look like X-Nauts.

"Great. I get the room with trip lasers, AND robots. I wonder how the others are doing."


In Booser's room, there are giant machines everywhere he looks.

"What kind of room is this?" Booser goes deeper into the room. He sees the machines making robots, new weapons, everything you would see in a factory. Booser goes further and makes it to a door. He opens it, and when he gets through, he is attacked by robot X-Nauts. Booser quickly disappears, and reappears behind them. He shoots fireballs at them, and they burn rather quickly. Booser finds this odd. He keeps going and sees another door. He opens it. When he goes through, he sees two giant glass containers holding Tubba Blubba and Doopliss. Booser rushes to try to save them.

"Booser, NO! IT'S A TRAP!" Tubba and Doopliss both cry. Booser is confused. Then a glass case drops on him. Booser tries to go through it, but ends up getting zapped. He then hears laughter. He looks up and sees Senshi X.

"One down... two to go!"


Yang is seen doing a series of jumps to avoid the X-Naut Bots. He manages to land behind them, and pulls out an exploding shuriken. He throws it to the ground in front of them, and it explodes and the bots burst into pieces. Yang sighs and moves on, but activates another trip laser. More X-Naut Bots come out, as Yang just gets angry. He spins around and lets loose exploding shuriken. All the X-Naut Bots explode, and Yang lands right next to the door.

"Jeez. That was annoying. Now I'm a little worried about the next room."

He opens the door and sees Booser, Tubba Blubba, and Doopliss all in separate glass cases. He rushes toward them to try to free them, but another glass case falls on him and heís trapped. He tries to break through, but nothing happens. He then hears laughter, and sees Senshi X.

"YOU! I should've figured that it was you when I saw those X-Naut Bots!"

"Gahahahahaha! Two down... one vampire queen to go!"


Marceline hasn't really encountered anything in her path. She just keeps walking. But, aas she enters a hallway that leads to a door, Sentry Drones appear and charge at her. Marceline waits until they are right in front of her. Once they are, she scares the drones to death by making a scary face and hissing at them. The drones shiver and fall down, scared to death of Marceline. She walks by them and opens the door. On the other side of the door is Tubba Blubba, Doopliss, Booser, and Yang all trapped in giant glass cases. She takes a step forward, but Booser stops her.



She looks up, and sees a glass case about to fall on her. But she dodges it with ease. Then Senshi X comes down from the control booth.

"If it isn't the vampire queen, Marceline!" says Senshi X.

"What did you do to my friends?" questions Marceline.

"Ah, I have merely captured them, for I have a plan that involves all of you. But since you have managed to avoid my trap, I'm going to have to trap you myself!

Senshi X pulls out a ray blaster. "Let's see what you have against me!"


Senshi X fires the ray gun, and Marceline flies out of the way. Senshi X tries blasting her out of the sky, but she manages to swiftly dodge every blast. She then comes down and punches Senshi X right in the face. He is launched back and into a wall. He quickly gets back up and starts firing his blaster again. Marceline flies into the air again, but Senshi X quickly aims his blaster at Marceline and shoots her out of the sky. Marceline falls to the ground, and slowly gets up.

"Jeez. That is one powerful blaster."

"Yes. I modified it myself. It has the power of four ray guns!"

He aims it at her again, and fires. Marceline quickly goes up into the air. Senshi X sighs. "This flying stuff is starting to irritate me. I think it's time I took to the skies!"

Senshi X pulls out a jetpack and takes to the sky. Marceline gets surprised, but goes and dive bombs him. Senshi X quickly fires blasts, but Marceline dodges with ease and manages to punch Senshi X in the face once more. He flies into the wall, and when he hits it, he drops his ray gun. It hits the floor and breaks.

Senshi X growls. "No matter. I have other ways to deal with a vampire like you!"

Senshi X reaches into his outfit, and pulls out a green potion, drinks it, and grows big. He charges at Marceline and lands a punch on her. Marceline flies into the wall, but quickly gets up, and charges at Senshi X, fist extended. Senshi X flies out of the way and Marceline rams into the wall. Senshi X then comes flying in and starts punching her rapidly. Marceline manages to turn into a bat and fly away. She transforms back into her regular self and begins weakening. "Man, this is getting harder as this battle continues. I gotta end this fast."

She then gets an idea. She charges at Senshi X, who still has the effects of the potion he drank. He laughs and charges at her as well, fist extended. They are about to collide, but Marceline flies up, surprising Senshi X. She then flies up behind him and bites into his neck. Senshi X screams in pain and begins to revert back to his normal size. Marceline begins sucking out his blood. She then pulls off him and Senshi X holds his neck and looks at her, anger in his eyes. "You're going to PAY!"

Then, Marceline charges at him and bites down on the jetpack, which causes it to malfunction. Senshi X begins flying around like crazy. He hits the ceiling and his jetpack short circuits and stops working. Senshi X falls, but as he falls, a red potion falls out of his suit and Marceline catches it. It has a label that reads "Health Potion". She grins, opens it, and drinks it, or sucks all the red out. This still fully heals her. All that's left in the vile is gray liquid. She drops it, and it splashes right in front of Senshi X, who is still holding his neck.

"You... you drank my health potion!" cries Senshi X, pointing at Marceline, who just landed.

"No I didn't. I sucked up all the red. Now, I suggest you let my friends go, or else."

Senshi X laughs. "Hehehe. Hahahaha! GWAHAHAHAHA! Think again!"

Senshi X pulls out a control, and pushes a button on it. Then, out of the ceiling comes a giant glass case. It has four tubes connected to the bottom and one tube that goes up through the ceiling. The top of the glass cases holding Yang, Booser, Tubba, and Doopliss open up, and the tubes attach themselves. Senshi X pushes another button, and the tubes start sucking. The four within the glass cases are getting weaker and weaker as the suction continues. Marceline watches in horror as her friends lose their power. Eventually, they can't stand up, and just fall to the ground.

"Wh...what have you done?"

"Gahahahahaha! I have sucked up all of their power. And I know vampires have tons of it. That's why I needed you to get trapped! But, all of their power combines might match up to your own power."

"But... what is the power being used for?"

He chuckles, and pushes the only other button. The ceiling opens wider, and a small box connected to the end of the tube that goes into the ceiling falls to the ground. The box then grows bigger, and its sides slide open and Bullet Bill cannons come out. Then the top of the box opens, and out pops a robot that looks exactly like Mack, but his arms are claws now and one of them is holding a knife like a sword.


"But... it doesn't even look like it's on, even with all that power."

"Oh, then let me activate him."

Senshi X gets up, and uses the technique flash step to get on top of the robot. He opens his head and jumps in. He closes the hatch and turns Mad Mack on. Mad Mack then lets out a loud battle cry. From inside, Senshi X laughs. "Get ready, Marceline! For this is where your vampire life ends!"

Marceline looks up at the bot, but doesn't back down. "You're going to pay for what you did to my friends, you psychotic scientist!"

She then pulls out a guitar in the shape on an ax. This is her ax base, which she straps around her. "Bring it on!"

BOSS BATTLE: Mad Mack/Senshi X

Mad Mack tucks back into the box and starts hopping around trying to squish Marceline. She flies up into the air and performs a dropkick right onto the top of the box. No damage is done. Mad Mack, however, quickly spots her and makes the Bullet Blasters turn around and fire two Bullet Bills. Marceline retaliates by grabbing her ax base and slashing the Bullet Bills in half. Mad Mack starts jumping around again, but faster. Marceline flies up into the air again, trying to figure out how to bring Mad Mack himself out of the box. Then she gets an idea. She waves her arm, and a sound speaker appears. She plugs in her ax base and strums all the notes, sending earsplitting soundwaves at Mad Mack. From inside, Senshi X's controls begin malfunctioning. "NO! Those blasted soundwaves are causing the controls to malfunction!"

Mad Mack then pops out, dazed from the soundwaves. Marceline flies down toward him and starts slashing him with her ax base. Mad Mack screams in pain. From the inside, Senshi X fixes the malfunction and manages to have Mad Mack swat her away. She is sent toward the ceiling, but stops herself from hitting it. She looks down and sees Mad Mack tuck back into the box. Marceline sighs, and goes to summons her sound speaker again. This time, Mad Mack aims a Bullet Blaster and fires at her. Marceline was not expecting that, so she gets hit, and the explosion sends her into the ceiling. She quickly recovers and waves her arm again, but Mad Mack fires again. This time Marceline slashes her ax base through the Bullet Bill, splitting it. She strums all the notes again, causing more soundwaves to appear and short circuit Mad Mack once again. From inside, Senshi X begins fixing the problem. Mad Mack comes out again, and is dazed once more. Marceline divebombs the robot and starts slashing it again.

Inside, Senshi X growls. "Time to kick things up a notch!" Mad Mack roars loudly and knocks Marceline away. He then gives off a spurt of energy. He grows twice his size, and in his other claw a shield appears, while Mad Mack gains a knight's helmet. Marceline shrugs and summons her sound speaker again, and sends soundwaves. But Mad Mack puts up the shield to block the shockwaves. Marceline gasps and Mad Mack points his knife at her. He throws it, and it heads straight for Marceline. She quickly turns into a bat and flies off. Mad Mack's knife comes right back to him, and he looks around for Marceline. He feels a tap behind him and turns around. Marceline is seen and she hisses at him along with delivering a scary face. This causes Mad Mack to jump back. Marceline takes this chance to try to have him short circuit. She makes her sound speaker appear and strums the notes, but Mad Mack does not short circuit.

"This doesn't make since. He short circuited before. But...! Wait. The knight helmet! His shield protects against soundwaves, and the night helmet prevents short circuiting. I need a more powerful blast. But where can I get that kind of power?"

She looks around and sees that the door Booser came through is still opened. She can see all sorts of electrical equipment. "Bingo."

She dives through the door, and slams it shut. Mad Mack hops over and cuts a large hole in the wall that leads to the room Marceline flew into. He points his sword at her, but then lets it hang as he sees what's coming his way. Marceline is seen with her sound speaker plugged into the generator that makes the machines function. She smiles, but from inside, Senshi X gets wide-eyed. "Crud."

She strums the notes, and larger and more powerful soundwaves are launched at Mad Mack. He puts the shield up, but the soundwaves knock the shield up into the air and hit Mad Mack square center in the face. The knight helmet cracks a little, but Mad Mack manages to resist malfunctioning. He laughs, and grabs his shield. Marceline notices that the helmet has a crack on it. "If I can destroy the helmet, this battle is all over."

From inside, Senshi X hears her. "Let's see you try to strum those notes again when I do THIS!"

Senshi X pushes a button, and from one side of Mad Mack, the Bullet Blaster goes back inside while another, larger cannon pops out The cannon has a skull and crossbones symbol on it. Senshi X laughs. "GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Prepare to meet your maker, Marceline!"

He pushes the button again, and the cannon fires... *gasp!* A King Bill! Marceline unplugs her sound speaker and flies off with it. The King Bill makes contact with the generator, causing a great explosion. This causes the ceiling to break, and light shines through.

"Great, the generator is destroyed, and sunlight is coming in. I need to figure out a new plan before he gets any ideas."

Before Marceline goes to fly off, Mad Mack appears behind her. He knocks her into the sunlight and holds her down. She hisses in pain and begins to burn severely. From inside, Senshi X laughs. "GAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now all I do is wait for you to burn into nothing!"

Marceline begins to burn more and more. But, she sees one of her hands is free. She points it at the hand Mad Mack is holding her down with, and a red beam is shot out. The hand then becomes immobilized, and lifts off Marceline. She quickly crawls out of the sunlight, and feels a lot better. She grabs her ax base and sound speaker. Then she flies over to Mad Mack's helmet and starts chopping at it with her ax base. The crack begins to get bigger and bigger, and eventually breaks apart. "NO!" screams Senshi X.

Marceline plugs her ax in her sound speaker, and strums all the notes. The soundwaves are launched and cause Mad Mack to do more than just malfunction. From inside, an alarm goes off, and Senshi X begins panicking. "No... NO! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!"

Mad Mack begins to shake, and Marceline flies off. It then explodes, launching Senshi X into the room with his captives. "MAD MACK! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Marceline flies in, and sees Senshi X on the ground. "It's finally over."

All of the power Mad Mack sucked up is released and flows back into the bodies of Yang, Booser, Tubba Blubba, and Doopliss. The glass cases rise and the four trapped within them are freed.

"Marceline!" cries Booser. He rushes over to her. Booser then hugs her, and Marceline returns the hug. Yang, Tubba Blubba, and Doopliss approach her as well.

"Marceline, that was an amazing battle," says Yang. "If we hadn't let you join our team... we would've been done for. So, I thank you." Yang extends his hand, and Marceline shakes it. She turns to Tubba and Doopliss.

"Well... we really don't know you... so... thanks," says Tubba.

"I second that," says Doopliss.

Then, they hear a moan. They look, and see Senshi X getting up. Yang rushes over to him and grabs him by the neck. "All right, how did you find that shard before us?!" asks Yang.

"Ugh... After you released Marceline from our control, the remote Booshido used to activate her necklace short-circuited, which was a true sign that you had bested her. So while you guys were sleeping, Booshido sent me to hunt down the power shard, and I succeeded. But, my job was not over. Booshido wanted me to make sure that I killed you guys. So that's when I took over this castle, turned it into a factory, and built Mad Mack. I thought my plan was foolproof, until I saw Marceline had teamed up with you. But I didn't worry about anything, thinking that I'd catch her with ease. Or if that didnít work, I believed that Mad Mack would be enough to take her down. But I thought wrong," explains Senshi X.

Yang gets a tighter grip onto him. "Where is the power shard?"

Senshi X sighs, and points up at the ceiling. The tube that was giving Mad Mack its power is seen. A glimmer is seen and Marceline flies up, and sees it's the power shard. She takes it and flies back down and hands it to Yang, who adds it to their collection, making that two. Yang releases Senshi X, and he opens a portal.

"Just you wait, Yang! You too, Marceline! And you, Booser! Booshido will someday rule this puny kingdom! Once we have all the power shards in our hands, just you wait!" yells Senshi X as he jumps in.

Yang, Booser, and Marceline turn to Tubba Blubba and Doopliss. "So, what are you going to do now Tubba?" asks Booser.

"Well, we will be destroying this factory, that's for sure. We will have to rebuild the castle. But I'm pretty sure Bow wouldn't mind if we stayed with her for a while," explains Tubba.

"Plus, this gives us a chance to build the home of our dreams!" cries Doopliss.

"Well, good luck with that," replies Booser. "Come on, guys."

Booser, Yang, and Marceline exit the factory. Of course it is still sunny out, so Marceline opens her umbrella. She grabs Yang's arm and lifts off into the sky with Booser, and they fly back to the Mushroom Kingdom, where they will find out the location of the next power shard.

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