The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

Chapter 6: The Fall of Samurghost

"Please... please, my Lord. I won't fail you again. Just give me another chance!" pleads Senshi X. He is seen kneeling before Booshido, who is pretty angry over his failed mission.

"You told me that Mad Mack was for sure going to get me Yang's power shards, as well as kill him and his friend!" yells Booshido.

"Master, I was certain. But none of them defeated Mad Mack. It was Marceline. She was able to cause him to malfunction and explode thanks to that dumb ax base of hers!"

Booshido stares at him with an angered face, but slowly calms down. "All right, Senshi X, you have persuaded me not to punish you. However, I expect better from you next time. And if not... you know what will come your way."

Senshi X gives off a sigh of relief and rushes off, running past Senshitu, Bloopshi, and the Duplighost. They shrug and move into the main room.

"Ah, I'm glad the three of you are here. I was just about to locate another power shard. As you know, Yang has one in his position thanks to Senshi X's failure, and we have two. Which means five are left out there. Now, give me a second..." He begins to meditate, and an image pops up. It shows a house somewhere in Grass Land.

"How interesting," comments Bloopshi.

"Yes, this power shard appears to have been found by someone," says Senshitu.

Booshido comes out of meditation and looks at the Senshi. "Indeed, Bloopshi. This is very interesting. Someone has somehow managed to get their hands on this power shard."

"Did you happen to see who had it?" asks Bloopshi.

"No, I wasn't able to. Now, which one of you would like to go and fetch this for me?"

Bloopshi and Senshitu look at each other, then the Duplighost pipes up. "I'll do it, Master."

Bloopshi and Senshitu sigh with relief.

"Ah, Samurghost, you are up to the challenge. Well then, I expect you to come back with the power shard. As well as the death of Yang and his friends."

"Will do."

Samurghost opens up a portal, and jumps in. Bloopshi and Senshitu leave the room. Booshido sits and begins to wait for the results. But, from around the corner, a Shy Guy is seen.


In a different part of the castle, Booster, Shroobiorra, and the black Yoshi with sunglasses and spiked wristbands are seen sitting at a small table, enjoying a snack.

"So, I go into my release form, and beat the tar out of Bowser's children. Then he comes in acting big and powerful. And I revert back to my Boo form and beat the tar out of him easily," says Booster, telling the story of when he was in King Boo's army and took over Bowser's Keep. Shroobiorra and the Yoshi begin laughing their heads off at the fact Booster didn't even need to break a sweat to beat Bowser.

"Oh Booster, it's good to have you back," says the Yoshi.

"It's good to be back, Spikeshi," says Booster.

"Well, we're going to go train, wanna come?" asks Shroobiorra.

"Nah, I think I'll stay here for a little longer," says Booster.

Shroobiorra and Spikeshi shrug, and leave. Booster gets up, and begins to float around the room. Then, a voice is heard. "Something troubling you, Booster?"

Booster looks around, and sees a Shy Guy standing in the doorway. "Oh, it's just you, Senshi Guy."

"Yeah, now come on, what's the problem?"

"*sigh* Well, I was just thinking... When I was part of King Boo's army, Yang and I had a showdown. And he bested me. So, I really wasn't thinking... and I kinda gave Yang a piece of the power gem, which means he has two."

"I see, and... where did you obtain that piece?"

"After Yang crushed it, I was able to grab a piece before they all flew off."

Senshi Guy gets up. "You know, Booster, I know what you're going through. You're too scared to tell Booshido because he might go awall and punish you severely."

"Yes, that's it."

"I thought so. However..."

Senshi Guy walks to the door, shuts it, and locks it.

"I'm not scared to tell him. You know why? Because I wasn't the one who made the foolish mistake."

Booster approaches him. "Senshi Guy... what are you saying?

"Hehehehe. What I'm saying is... either you follow my orders, or Booshido's going to hear some very interesting info." says Senshi Guy, a malicious grin on his face. Booster pulls out his jester stick and fires a powerful blast of magic at him. Senshi Guy quickly jumps to avoid the attack, and lands behind Booster. He pulls his scythe out and tries to slash Booster, but he puts his jester stick up to block the hit.

"Ah, you are quicker than I imagined."

"Yeah, I am. Now, why are you doing this?"

"Ah Booster. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time! I've been waiting for you, Shroobiorra, or Spikeshi to mess up, and you are the winner, my friend!"

Booster and Senshi Guy split apart, and stand on opposite sides of the room. "Why only us three?"

"Hehehe. Because the other six are weak compared to you three and myself!"

They charge at each other again, each weapon colliding again. "Then why don't you carry out your plan yourself? Why do you need one of us?"

"It would be too obvious for me to carry this out."

Booster realizes what Senshi Guy means. "You... you want someone dead."

"Of course I do." Senshi Guy and Booster back off each other once more, but Senshi Guy turns around. "Listen Booster, I know someone. Someone who is FAR more powerful than Booshido, or the Senshi combined. He was a good friend... until he backstabbed me and my team!"

Booster takes this chance to attack him while his back is turned. He takes off the head of his jester stick, revealing a blade. He charges at Senshi Guy and tries to stab him. But, Senshi Guy quickly blocks the blade with his scythe, his back still turned. Booster cannot believe his eyes. Senshi Guy turns his head to him, a grin on his face.

" I have more power then you'll ever have. I should be the first Senshi. However, Booshido put me at rank four for a reason. I shall figure that out on my own time. But for now, either you follow my orders, or..."

He backflips and lands behind Booster, scythe ready to do some hacking and slashing. "I'll end your pitiful dead life!"

Booster begins shaking in fear, and sighs. "All right. What is it that you want?"

Senshi Guy looks around to make sure no one is seeing this or can hear this. He then turns back to Booster.

"I want you to kill Samurghost."

Booster is taken back by this. "Why?"

"I cannot tell. In due time, Booster, in due time."

Senshi Guy withdraws his scythe, walks away, and mutters to himself. "This could not be going any better. With me knowing Booster's secret, he is my puppet."

Booster continues to watch Senshi Guy walk away, and he sighsand disappears.


Yang, Booser, and Marceline have just arrived in Toad Town and are beginning to locate the next power shard. An image appears showing a house somewhere in Grass Land.

"Hmmm, that's strange," says Yang. "I've never seen this place before."

"The house looks like it was just built," says Booser.

Marceline looks up and sees the sun going down. She closes her umbrella, and stashes it away. Before she can say anything, a portal opens up in front of them, and Samurghost pops out.

"Drat! This isn't Grass Land. However, this is pretty close. I'll be able to travel by..."

He then notices Yang, Booser, and Marceline. "Well... I guess the second job on my list is now the first on my list."

"Can we help you?" asks Booser.

"Yeah. I'm here to get a power shard somewhere in Grass Land, but since I found you first... I guess I'll be heading back with two power shards."

Yang reaches into his pocket and pulls out the power shards. Samurghost cannot believe his eyes. "Wait... two? But... how?"

"You mean... you don't know? While Booster was part of King Boo's army, he gave me a power shard to challenge me or something."

"Oh... This is too good! When I'm done here, I'll have not two, but THREE power shards, all three of you will be dead, AND Booshido will LOVE what I have to say to him about Booster."

"Just who are you anyway?" asks Booser.

"Your worst nightmare! You're going to be dealing with pain now. You're up against Senshi #5, Samurghost! Now hand over the power shards, and we can get this over with nice and-"

He is cut off by Marceline, who grabs her ax base and swats him away. "He talks way too much."

Samurghost jumps back and pulls out not a sword, but shuriken. "Get ready for pain!"

BOSS: Samurghost

Samurghost throws shuriken of all elements: fire, ice, electric, you name it. The three heroes dodge the attacks, and Yang throws shuriken of his own. All of them collide, causing a colorful explosion. From around the battle, Toads begin watching - a bad choice. Now shuriken are getting fired everywhere, and the Toads begin panicking. Booser turns to Marceline. "You help Yang, I'll calm the residents down."

Marceline nods and flies into the smoke, where Yang and Samurghost's brawl continues. Booser floats up to all the Toads. "Everyone just stay calm, and follow me!"

It doesn't work, and Booser sighs. "This is going to be harder than I thought." Booser then gets an idea. He lets out a scary scream, and all the Toads freeze, staring at Booser. "Now that I have your attention, let me take you to safety!"

All the Toads follow him south of Toad Town.

Meanwhile, the battle continues. Samurghost throws shuriken like crazy. Yang tries to find an opening, but cannot due to Samurghost's movements. Marceline then flies in and charges at Samurghost. She swings her ax base, and Samurghost is sent into the air. Yang takes this chance and throws fire, ice, and electric shuriken. Samurghost is hit and begins falling down, knocked out. He hits the ground with a thud. Samurghost gets up and recovers quickly. He then flies up into the air and goes for a powerful headbonk on Marceline. But she takes her ax base and swats him away. Yang then jumps and throws fire, ice, and electric shuriken. They all hit Samurghost again and cause another explosion. Yang lands, and he and Marceline high five, but to their surprise, Samurghost slowly gets out of the ground.

"I'm... not... finished... YET!" A burst of energy begins coming off of him and he puts his hands together, and he is caught within an explosion. Yang and Marceline are confused at what's happening, then Yang soon understands. When the smoke clears, a giant, boney-looking Duplighost with magical boney hands is seen floating in the air.

"It's... his release form!" cries Yang.

Samurghost laughs. "Let's see what you can do to me NOW!"

He then forms one of his boney hands into a fist and launches it at them. Marceline flies off and Yang uses flash step to dodge, but Samurghost is fast, and uses his other hand to grab Marceline. Yang notices this and goes to help her, but is then caught by the other hand. "HA! I told you I'm your worst nightmare. Now get ready... BECAUSE THE PAIN IS COMING!"

He launches them into the air and fires a magical blast at them. They are hit and launched further up. They come crashing down toward Samurghost, and he gets ready to finish them. But as he waits for them to fall, he notices that they aren't coming. He looks up, and sees Booser carrying them away from him. Samurghost then quickly appears right in front of him and Booser nearly drops his buddies. Samurghost opens one of his hands, and a ball of magic forms. Booser thinks fast, then gets an idea. He throws Yang and Marceline up into the sky, and Samurghost is distracted. Booser than exhales a stream of fire. Samurghost did not see this coming, and begins to burn. Yang and Marceline fall, but Booser catches them with ease. He flies to the ground  and puts them down. They begin to open their eyes.

"Oh, thank goodness you guys are okay," says a relieved Booser.

Marceline sits up, rubbing her head. "Man, that was some attack," she comments.

Booser turns to Yang, who slowly comes to. "You all right, dude?" asks Booser.

Yang gets up. "Yeah, I'm fine, thanks." He looks at Samurghost, who is still burning. He then gets an idea. "I think we can finish him if we combine all our attacks."

Booser nods, and Marceline summons her sound speaker. Yang pulls out an exploding shuriken and  throws it, while Booser releases a stream of fire and Marceline launches soundwaves. Samurghost manages to put the flames on him out, but sees all three attacks heading toward him, and he isn't fast enough to dodge at this point, so he gets hit with by all three attacks. He is engulfed within an explosion and falls down, reverting to his regular form. He lands with a thud.

Yang, Booser, and Marceline approach the body of Samurghost. They see he is motionless, but suddenly Samurghost jumps up and knocks the three of them to the ground. He is seen with fire in his eyes. "THERE IS NO WAY I'M LOSING TO A BUNCH OF LOSER HEROES LIKE YOU! I'M GOING TO FINISH YOU OFF RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!"

Samurghost forms a giant ball of energy, and Yang, Booser, and Marceline close their eyes, knowing that their games will end. Well, something else in Marceline's case. But before Samurghost can fire his ball of energy, something goes through him. He looks down and sees a sword running right through his chest. The energy ball he was forming disappears and Samurghost falls down, black blood gushing out.

Booser looks and sees Samurghost is dead. He shows Yang and Marceline. Yang gasps, but Marceline licks her lips and flies over, sucking the rest of Samurghost's blood. But, she then spits it out. "YUCK! This blood tastes really bad."

"But you said you usually don't suck blood anyway…" says Booser.

"I only do if I'm really hungry. And I am very hungry right now, but still this won't do."

Then Smaurghost's body begins to disappear. He is no longer part of this world. Booser, Yang, and Marceline stare in astonishment. "How... do you think this happened?" asks Booser.

Yang sighs. "I don't know. Maybe he had just a little life left in him, and then he died."

"But that doesn't explain why he was bleeding so badly," says Marceline.

"We'll worry about this in the morning. Right now, let's get some shuteye."

The three of them head to the inn, but as they leave, a Boo in a jester hat appears. He is holding a bloody sword. "The deed has been done."

"Very nice, Booster."

He turns around, and sees Senshi Guy. "Look, I did what you want, Senshi Guy! What are you doing here?"

"Hehehehe. I'm actually surprised you did this, Booster. Taking out one of your own cohorts…"

"So what, you might've done the same if you were to do this!"

"I would've, but the deed has been done. You have served me well..." Senshi Guy walks away.

"For now..."

He then disappears, as does Booster.

Back at the castle, Booshido and the other nine Senshi are seen sitting at the long table from the prologue. They have one seat empty, Samurghost's.

"Senshi... I have bad news. We have lost Samurghost," says Booshido.

All the Senshi gasp, except Senshi Guy and Booster. Senshi Guy gives an evil smirk to Booster, who tries not to look at him.

"However! Samurghost was not very powerful."

"What are you talking about?" cries Senshitu. "He was in the top five! Of course he is important!"

"No. Samurghost was nothing but a weak creation. He had little power, and a weak release form. Plus, there is someone far more powerful. Samurghost was just here to replace our real rank five Senshi. He was in severe punishment, but I think that since we are desperate, his punishment shall be lifted."

Booshido raises his stubs, and a door behind him opens and a figure is seen. It is a Koopa wearing an old robe and a black shell and shoes. He also has a white number 5 on his shell, but you cannot see it due to the robe. He walks in slowly, and as he walks in, all the Senshi just stare, except Senshi Guy. He gives off an evil smile. The Koopa stops walking and looks at his cohorts. He then turns to Booshido.

"Master, I thank you for bringing me back."

"It's my pleasure... Explosivo."

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