The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

Chapter 7: Explosivo, Master of Explosives

Booshido dismisses the Senshi, but keeps Explosivo with him to explain everything that has been happening.

"Wow, I was in punishment for a long time," comments Explosivo.

"Yes, it has been a while. However, this can all change. Samurghost has been defeated, and I had sent him to fetch me the power shard. But he was killed. So, I have brought you out of punishment. And, if you manage to bring me the power shard, I shall give you back your Senshi status."

Explosivo is silent. He then looks up. "Give me the location of the power shard."

Booshido goes into meditation and the same picture from before shows up. It shows the house somewhere in Grass Land. Explosivo turns and goes, but Booshido stops him.

"Wait, you haven't even learned about this Mushroom Kingdom, how will you get there?"

Explosivo turns around. "Do not worry, Master. I shall be back with the power shard."

He then pulls out a bomb and throws it to the ground. Smoke engulfs him, and when it disappears, he is gone. Booshido has a confused look on his face. He then disappears. Then, from around the corner, Senshi Guy appears.

"Hehehe. My plan is going along smoothly. I have Booster under my control, and Booshido has released Explosivo. All that's left... are the others."

He walks away, leaving the meeting room empty.


Back in Toad Town, Yang, Booser, and Marceline are seen checking out of the Toad Town Inn. When they leave, they see the sky is really cloudy. Booser turns to Marceline. "I guess you won't need your umbrella today."

Yang continues to look up. "There might be rain. Come on, let's go."

Marceline grabs Yang, and begins to fly. Booser follows after them. As they are flying, they begin to hear thunder. "There's definitely going to be rain," comments Booser.

"Then we’d better get a move on," says Yang.

They begin to fly faster to Grass Land.


*Note: The tourist gave me permission to use his characters.*

We see the house that holds the power shard Yang and Booshido located. Inside, we see a Koopa with a light blue shell and a light blue bandana practicing some ninja moves. Then, a black Yoshi with hair that looks like Sonic's, only gold, walks in carrying a diamond0shaped gem. The Koopa stops, seeing the Yoshi. "Hey Yoesh, what're you holding there?" asks the Koopa.

"Huh? Oh, I found it last night, and meant to show you. But you were asleep."

He tosses it over to the Koopa, and he observes it. "Hmm, I've never seen anything like this before," says the Koopa.

Then, the door explodes. The Koopa and Yoesh look to see who is in the doorway. They see a Koopa with a black shell and shoes, and an old robe.

"I believe you have something that belongs to us."

The Koopa and Yoesh slowly back up. The robed Koopa steps forward. "I suggest you hand over that shard you have there, or else!"

Yoesh looks at his Koopa buddy. "Blue?"

"Yeah?" asks the Koopa, or Blue.

"What do you think we should do?"

Blue looks at Yoesh, and they nod. They then charge at the robed Koopa, who just grins.


The three heroes make it to Grass Land and begin to search for the house that holds the power shard. They hear an explosion, and head for it. They find the house, and land beside it. They rush inside to see Yoesh and Blue dodging explosives from the robed Koopa.

"Who in the world is this guy?" asks Booser.

"I don't know, but he's attacking that Yoshi and Koopa. We’ve gotta save them!" cries Yang.

"I'm on it," says Marceline. She flies at the robed Koopa, and taps his shoulder. The Koopa turns around, and she hisses at him. The Koopa jumps, and an explosive flies up into the ceiling. It explodes, and a big chunk of ceiling hits the Koopa on the head and knocks him to the ground.

Booser and Yang approach Blue and Yoesh. "You guys all right?" asks Booser.

"Yeah, we should be," says Blue.

"Well, I'm Yang."

"And I'm Booser. And you guys are?"

"My name's Yoesh."

"And my name is Tommy G. Koopa. However, my look makes people think I'm one of the Koopa Bros, so I got the nickname Blue Koopa Bro, Blue for short obviously. And who would that be over there?" He is seen pointing at Marceline, who is making sure that the robed Koopa stays down.

"Oh, that's Marceline, the Vampire Queen."

Blue and Yoesh look at each other, and smile. "Well, she looks like one radical dame," says Blue.

Booser then gets in front of him. "Save it, buddy, she's all mine."

Yang sighs, and turns to Yoesh. "How did this happen?"

"Well, I found this diamond-shaped gem, showed it to Blue, and then this guy comes in asking for us to give it to him, or else."

"Hmmm... I wonder..."

"Uh... Yang?"

He turns and sees Marceline looking into his robe. He approaches her, and she points at something. Yang looks and sees he is looking at a black shell with a white number five on it. Yang gasps. "I know who this is!"

Booser turns to him. "Who?"

"This is..."


Everyone is puzzled; then, the Koopa begins to move again. He quickly gets up, and turns to Yang, Booser, Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh.

"I am Explosivo, rank 5 in the Senshi. And I believe that that power shard belongs to us!"

"But... you can't be number five!" cries Booser. "Samurghost is, and he died!"

"Hehehe. Samurghost was just my replacement. I had been gone for a long time, so they replaced me until that time was up. I am the true Senshi number 5! And now, it's time for you to go bye bye!"

He pulls out a large grenade, pulls the trigger, and tosses it at Yang. He jumps, and tosses it to Booser. "Keep this thing away from me!" he yells as he tosses it to Blue.

"Woah!" He tosses it to Yoesh.

"No WAY!" He tosses it to Marceline, who sighs.

"How about instead of passing it back and fourth, we do THIS!" She throws it out the window, and it explodes.

"Yeah... that would've been a better idea," says Yang. Explosivo just laughs and takes a Bob-omb, lights it, and tosses it. Booser jumps in and pulls out a... tennis racket? "Why did you bring that?!" asks Yang.

"Because I thought it would come in handy." He smacks the Bob-omb back, and it flies at fast speeds toward Explosivo. He tucks into his shell, and the bomb explodes. This does no damage to Explosivo.

"I am so glad I'm a Koopa. Now, I think it's time I strike a nerve." Explosivo takes out a weird-looking bomb: a small, round one with what looks like chains going around it. He chucks it at Marceline, and it explodes. Chains then form around her, and they attach to the ceiling. This renders Marceline helpless. Yang, Blue, and Yoesh gasp, but Booser gets fire in his eyes. Then Explosivo chucks a bomb up to where the chains are attached. A timer appears, and it shows 5:00. Explosivo then pulls out a trigger.

"Now, I'm going to give you a little challenge. Beat me within five minutes, and your girlfriend won't end up dead!"

"She's already dead. She's a vampire," states Yang.

"Ah, but I had Senshi X develop this bomb. This bomb is filled with mini wooden stakes, and garlic. So unless you wanna see her dead for good, you'd better give this all you got."

Yang, Blue, and Yoesh get into fighting position, but Booser stops them. "You guys get far away from here. I'm taking care of this guy myself."

"Uh... Booser, are you sure...?"

"Just go."

Blue and Yoesh shrug, and get out. Yang stays a little longer, and sighs. He then goes for the window, but then stops. "Good luck." He jumps out.

Booser then turns to Explosivo. "You shouldn't have done that. This is going to be a quick match."

"Bring it!"

BOSS BATTLE: Explosivo

Explosivo pushes the trigger, and the timer begins. "Let the battle... BEGIN!"

Booser shoots two fireballs up into the air, and they form into a large one. He then smacks it at Explosivo with his tennis racket. Explosivo takes out a bomb, and tosses it. The fireball ignites the bomb's fuse and heads for Booser. He smacks it back, and Explosivo swats his hand at it to send it right back. Booser then catches the bomb with his tongue and smacks the bomb at high speeds at Explosivo. The bomb is too fast for Explosivo to swat away, so he tucks into his shell to avoid damage. He comes back out, laughing. "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Fool! My shell is very sturdy! You cannot put one dent into my shell... OR ME! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Booser grunts, and charges at him. He shoots a small flame onto the tennis racket, and it ignites. Booser begins swatting at Explosivo, who keeps getting smacked in the face by a fiery racket. Explosivo manages to get away, and pulls open his robes. On his waist is a belt full of bombs. "Hehehehe! I'm fully prepared, little fool! Take THIS!"

Explosivo takes off a Bob-omb, ignites it, and chucks it. Booser quickly smacks it back, but Explosivo catches it. "It's only been forty-five seconds into the match, and I already know how you're going to operate this whole match! This will be easier than I... Hey! Where'd he go?"

Booser is nowhere to be seen. Explosivo tries to find him, but cannot. He then gets a surprised look on his face. He quickly turns to the Bob-omb he is holding, and the fuse is practically gone.

"Oh s..."

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The Bob-omb explodes, and Explosivo is sent toward the ceiling, which was already practically destroyed gone, so he flies through and lands on a bed. He slowly gets up, and looks around. He sees a floating tennis racket right by the night stand. "So that's where you were this whole time."

Explosivo pulls out a grenade, chucks it, and it explodes. This causes Booser to get startled, and reappear. Explosivo then takes out another bomb, and chucks it at Booser, who is hit and launched through the floor. He lands right under Marceline.

"Booser! You’ve gotta hurry. There's only three minutes and thirty seconds left until this bomb goes off!"

Booser slowly gets up, and Explosivo is seen jumping down from upstairs. He lands with ease. "Face it! You will never be able to defeat me. You might've fooled me once, but that's not happening again."

Booser begins panting. "You *pant* are pretty powerful, I'll *pant* give you that. BUT! No one *pant* messes with *pant* my *pant* love life!"

Marceline is taken back by this. "Booser..."

"Oh boohoo. So what if you don't defeat me? You can get another girl. Besides, why would you want a vampire for a girlfriend anyway?"

Booser's eyes begin filling with rage. Then, something unexpected happens to Booser. His free stub begins giving off static. A ball of lightning begins to form. Booser notices, and grins. He tosses the lightning orb up, and smacks it right at Explosivo. He then gets a powerful shock. "YYYYYYYYEEEEEEOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH!" He falls to the ground, a little burnt. Booser floats above him.

"Now, try THIS on for size!" Booser shoots a stream of fire at Explosivo. He is hit, and begins burning, as does his belt of explosives. He quickly gets up, and tries to put out the fuses.


"Yeah, right." Booser charges at him, and turns invisible. Then Explosivo's belt comes off, and Booser reappears, holding it. He spins it around and tosses it up into the air. He hits the belt with his racket, and the belt is launched away from the house. It explodes high in the air. "How do you like... that?"

Booser sees Explosivo enraged. Above him, a giant bomb is seen forming, but not just any bomb: a King Bob-omb. Booser gasps. Explosivo then throws the King Bob-omb into the ground, where it sticks. Then, his fuse lights.

"Without my belt, I'm nothing more than a mere Koopa! So, I have the ability to make one giant King Bob-omb. Only one though. Until this one explodes, I cannot make more. BUT! This should be able to finish you off! Good luck saving your girlfriend AND yourself from my bombs! Now, I'm off to go get that power shard from Yang and that Yoshi and Koopa. The pressure is on... Better hurry."

Explosivo runs out the door, and Booser begins panicking. He looks at the timer on Marceline's bomb. It reads 1:30. And the fuse on the King Bob-omb is slowly getting shorter. Booser turns back and forth. He then makes his decision. He flies up to Marceline, and tries to break her chains. Unfortunately, nothing works. Marceline is looking at the King Bob-omb's fuse, which is already halfway gone. "Hurry, Booser!"

Booser groans, then gets an idea. He shoots fireballs at the chains, and they begin burning. Booser then takes his tongue and slams it down on the chains. They break, and Marceline is free. "Wow! How did you do that?"

"It's an old trick I learned back when I was evil. Came quite in handy. Now, time to stop that King Bob-omb!"

Booser turns, and sees the fuse is almost gone. He then gets an anime sweatdrop. "We're dead, aren't we?"

Marceline then looks at the bomb the chains were connected to. It reads 10. "That garlic and stake bomb only has ten seconds left on it! We have to go!"

"But we'll never make it in time!"

Marceline grabs Booser, and she begins flying through the holes in the ceiling. They make it to the uppermost part of the house. She breaks a hole in the ceiling, and flies out.

Back with the bombs, the garlic and stake bomb reaches zero, and explodes, sending stakes and garlic all throughout the room. This in turn causes the King Bob-omb to explode, and that makes an even bigger explosion. From high in the sky, Marceline and Booser watch the house explode into nothing. Marceline sighs, and lets Booser go.

"Um... Booser? Did you... really mean that back there?"

"What? You mean when I told Explosivo about how nobody messes with my love life?"

Marceline nods.

"Of course I did. Marceline, the minute my eyes saw you, I feel deeply in love with you."

Marceline blushes a little, and turns away. "You know, when we first met, I kinda... fell in love with you too."

Booser then turns completely red. Marceline turns to face him again, and their eyes meet. They inch toward each other, and their lips meet. This lasts for about ten seconds. They pull away from each other, and blush. Suddenly yells are heard. They look and see Yang, Yoesh, and Blue dealing with Explosivo, who is seen with a few bombs around his waist.

"He must've had those stashed away," says Booser.

"He might've been saving those for this type of occasion. Come on, we gotta help them," says Marceline. They fly down toward the brawl. But inside Booser's mind, all he can think about is Marceline. And in Marceline's mind, all she can think about is Booser…


Yang throws an icy shuriken, but Explosivo swiftly dodges the shuriken and tucks into his shell. He charges at Yang, but Blue jumps in and kicks him toward Yoesh, who eats him and spits him into a tree. Explosivo's shell is seen covered with saliva. He then pulls out a grenade, and chucks it. Yang jumps into the air and kicks the grenade back at him. Explosivo catches it, and chucks it back with greater power. It explodes and launches Yang, Blue, and Yoesh into the air. The explosion causes Blue to drop the power shard. It lands... right in Explosivo's hands. He grins.

Yang, Yoesh, and Blue then begin falling. But, a figure swoops in and catches Yang. Yang looks up and sees it's Booser. Yoesh and Blue continue to fall, but are also caught in time. They look up and see Marceline. They then dive down to Explosivo, who gets a grin on his face.

"Ah, so you managed to save your girlfriend and get out in time. But it doesn't matter. I got what I came for! But, I think Booshido would be very proud of me if I killed you all!"

Explosivo pulls out another chain bomb and throws it to the ground in front of the heroes. A chain whips out and tries to wrap itself around them. But Marceline takes out her ax base and begins slashing it to pieces. Explosivo frowns.

"I see." He looks at his spare belt, and sees nothing. "I have no explosives. You are VERY lucky to survive this round. But next time we meet, things won't be so lucky. Until next time..."

He then throws a bomb to the ground, and smoke engulfs him. When it clears, he is gone.

Yang sighs. "Dang it! We lost another one! Now they have two, which means there's four left out there."

Yoesh and Blue looks at each other, while Booser approaches his friend to comfort him. "Hey, it's all right, buddy. We’ll get the next one. Now, let's find out where it is."

Yang nods, and goes into meditation. An image pops up, and shows an old mansion. Booser gets wide-eyed. "Boo Mansion!"

Yang comes out of meditation. "I see the Boo Army has found a power shard. Well, we are going to definitely get this one!" cries Yang.

Marceline has a confused look on her face. "Okay, I'm completly lost. What is the Boo Army?"

"It's the army that I quit. Ever since then, they've had it out for me," explains Booser.

"I see..."

Yang turns to Yoesh and Blue. "Thanks for the help, you guys. I'm not sure what became of your house, but I'm sure it's not a pretty sight."

Yoesh and Blue look at each other, and nod. "Listen, we really don't know what's going on here, but we would like to repay you," says Yoesh.

"Yeah. How about we help you search for these... power shards?" suggests Blue.

Yang gets wide-eyed. He likes the idea of more help, but from an innocent Yoshi and Koopa? He turns to Booser. "I... What do you think... Booser?"

He turns, and sees Booser and Marceline kissing. Yang sighs. Blue and Yoesh groan. "Man, he was right. She is taken."

Yang turns back to the two buddies, and sighs. "All right. Things are looking bad now, so we need all the help we can get. Welcome to the team, guys."

Yoesh and Blue high five, and Booser and Marceline end their kiss. "What happened?" asks Booser.

"Oh, we just got two new recruits," says Yang.

"Ah... We should probably get going."

Yang nods, and he, Yoesh, and Blue head back to Toad Town. Booser and Marceline stay behind and go back to kissing. Yang then comes back, an annoyed look on his face, and splits them apart. "Hehehe... Sorry."

Yang sighs, and goes forward. Booser and Marceline follow. But from behind a tree, Senshi Guy comes out.

"Hehehe. Two is what you THINK we have Yang. And you say four are left out there. But little do you know... WE have three thanks to Explosivo's victory, and there are three left out there. And it appears that that Boo and vampire have hooked up. I might be able to have a little fun with this."

He then opens a portal, and walks in.


"Master, I bare you... a power shard!" cries Explosivo, holding out the shard. Booshido laughs with glee.

"Excellent work, Explosivo! You have really proven yourself worthy once more!"

Explosivo bows down before him. Then a portal opens up, and Senshi Guy walks out.

"Ah, Senshi Guy. What brings you to my throne room?"

"Oh... I was just... wondering if you've located another power shard?"

"Oh, I was just about to. Now, let’s see..."

He meditates, and the same image that Yang saw appears.

"Ah, I see the next shard is located somewhere in that mansion. Now, who shall I send..."

"How about Shroobiorra?" suggests Senshi Guy.

"Interesting choice... All right. Senshi Guy, go deliver the message to Shroobiorra."

"Will do."

Senshi Guy leaves, and Explosivo follows. Booshido sits on his throne and laughs.


Senshi Guy is seen in his room meeting with Explosivo.

"All right, Senshi Guy, what's the next step in our plan?"

"Well, so far I have Booster under my control, and freed you. All we need are the power shards and... some old adversaries," he says, a smug grin on his face. The two then begin to laugh evilly.

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