The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

Chapter 8: Shroobiorra, the Vampire King

Back at Booshido’s Castle, Senshi Guy and Explosivo continue laughing evilly.

“Senshi Guy, can this actually be easier than you thought?” asks Explosivo.

“It might be, Explosivo... it might be. All we need are the rest of the power shards, and some old adversaries. And I believe our friend Shroobiorra shall be bringing us the next one.”

Senshi Guy walks out, and Explosivo follows. They eventually make it to Shroobiorra’s room, and knock. He opens the door and is surprised to see them.

“Congratulations on getting us another power shard, Explosivo,” says Shroobiorra. “So to what do I owe the visit of you two?”

“Booshido wanted us to tell you that he’s located another power shard, and wants you to get it,” says Senshi Guy.

“Ah, it’s about time he sends me out on a mission. Where is the shard located?”

“Some old mansion in Boo Woods,” says Explosivo.

“All right. Thanks, guys.” He walks out of his room, opens a portal, and walks in.

“So, when shall we fetch these old adversaries of ours?” asks Explosivo.

“When the time is right, Explosivo. For now, we wait.”

They then walk off, chuckling evilly.


The day is still young, the rain has stopped, and our heroes are seen walking through Toad Town. Blue and Yoesh, the newest members of the team, ask Yang a question about why he’s doing this.

“I’m doing this because my sister is trapped within the eight pieces of the power gem. If we manage to get them back together, we can free her and use the power gem to defeat Booshido.”

“So, this Booshido guy... he sounds pretty strong,” comments Yoesh.

“Oh, he is. But he’s not the only one we have to worry about. You remember that Koopa who used all the explosives?”

They nod.

“He’s a senshi, which is a top-ranked fighter. He’s number five, and there are nine more where he came from.”

As Yang continues to explain everything to Blue and Yoesh, Booser and Marceline begin having a conversation of their own.

“So... you a little nervous about going back to the place where you switched sides?” asks Marceline.

“Not really. I mean, before we met you, we had a little run in with my brothers. Managed to beat them... But something tells me that we won’t get a very warm welcome.”

Marceline gives a little giggle, and they continue on.


Inside Boo Mansion, two Boos are seen down in the secret alter speaking with a much larger Boo with yellow eyes. One of the Boos is seen holding a diamond-shaped shard.

“So, after you were knocked out by Booser and his friend, you woke up, and found that shard on the way back to the mansion?”

“Yes sir. We’re not sure what it does, but we thought we might get an answer from you.”

The Big Boo takes the shard and observes it. “Hmm... I can feel power emitting from it.” He turns back to the two Boos. “Booful! Tamboo! I’ll try to find out more about this shard, you two get back to your posts.”

“Yes King Boolossus!” they cry. They rush off, and disappear right through the door. Boolossus then looks around to make sure no one is looking. He then tosses the shard up into the air, opens his mouth, and it falls right in. He swallows, and gives a sigh of relief.

“I love being king! Bwhahahahahahaha!”


At the entrance of Boo Mansion, a portal opens, and a Shroob with red spots instead of white, and a sword sash steps out. He then spots the mansion, and grins. He approaches the front door, but is ambushed by a Boo and Spear Guy ghost.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” asks the Boo.

“I think he wants a whooping,” says the Spear Guy ghost.

They slowly approach the Shroob, but he grins. He then takes his right claw and slashes the Spear Guy ghost’s mask. It splits in half, and he begins to panic. The Boo goes to aid his buddy. The Shroob then opens his mouth and begins sucking in air. The two ghosts’ bodies begin to slowly disappear. Eventually, they are gone. The Shroob laughs, and knocks down the door. Inside no one is seen, and he advances.


Our herors are seen walking a winding path that leads straight to Boo Mansion. They make it out of the forest and advance toward the mansion. They notice the door is knocked down.

“What... happened?” asks Blue.

“I think someone is invading Boo Mansion,” says Booser.

“Who would wanna attack the Boos?” asks Yoesh.

Yang then approaches the doorway. “I think I have a hunch, and he’s one of the deadlier enemies we’ll be encountering. Come on.”

They head inside, and Booser stops everyone. He looks around, and sighs. “All right, guys. This mansion if full of paths and traps. So, we’ll have to split up if we want to find the shard. I’ll take the basement. Yang, you take the hallway behind this door. Blue, Yoesh, you take the outside area. Marceline, you take the balcony and everything beyond that point. Got it?”

Everyone nods and goes to the assigned areas. Booser flies down to the basement. He finds himself in the breaker room, and sees three rare blue puncher ghosts playing cards. Booser raises one eyebrow. “Uh...” They turn and see him. “Hehehe... So... have you guys seen any... diamond-shaped shards?” asks Booser.

One of the blue ghosts gets up. “It’s that no-good Booser! Put the game on hold, guys.”

Another ghost gets up. “But I have a royal flush!” cries the ghost.

The other two throw their cards down. “Fold,” they both say.

“Dang it!”

The three of them turn to Booser and charge at him.


Yang is seen going from room to room trying to look for the power shard. He starts at the fortune teller’s room, and finds nothing. He then goes to the washroom, dining room, weight room, wreck room, bathroom, and music room. Nothing. He then goes into the ballroom and sees five Spear Guy ghosts dancing. Yang gets an anime sweat drop, and the Spear Guy ghosts notice him. Yang pulls out a shuriken and throws it at them, but one Spear Guy ghost blocks the attack. They then charge at him. Yang looks around and finds a chandelier. He jumps up and lands on top of it. He pulls out an exploding shuriken, and all the Spear Guys’ masks fall off. They begin panicking, and Yang takes this chance to attack.

“Ninja skill #10... SUPERSTAR!” A star blasts from his forehead and hits the ghosts, causing them to disappear. Yang jumps down and sighs. “It’s obvious that the shard isn’t located in any of the rooms. I’d better go see how Booser’s doing.”

He then goes off to the basement.


Blue and Yoesh are seen in the graveyard, searching every tombstone. They have no luck. They go to leave, but a bunch of Dry Bones pop out of the ground and begin throwing bones at them. They jump when one flies past them. Blue tucks into his shell, and Yoesh eats him. He then spits him out at the Dry Bones. Blue manages to hit half of them. The remaining Dry Bones begin throwing bonemerangs. Blue comes out of his shell as Yoesh eats one of the bones, making an egg. He throws it, and hits the remaining Dry Bones. The two buddies high five, and leave. They end up back at the mansion, and are in the hallway Yang searched. They run into him.

“Blue? Yoesh? Done already?”

“Yeah. We started the search by going to the little area with the well. We didn’t find anything down there. Then we went to the graveyard and had a little run in with some Dry Bones. We managed to beat them, but still didn’t find anything,” explains Yoesh. “You?”

“Checked every room. Nothing. Although, some Spear Guy ghosts tried to give me a little trouble. But I beat them easily. So, I thought I’d go and help Booser.”

“Hey, we were just about to come help you. But since you didn’t find anything, we might as well help Booser too,” says Blue.

They go to the door that leads to the basement, but a scream is heard, and a flaming blue ghost flies through the floor and eventually poofs away while trying to put himself out. The three of them turn to each other. “Booser.”

They head for the breaker room and see Booser finishing off one more blue ghost. He licks him, and his foe becomes paralyzed. Booser throws a lightning orb, and the other ghost poofs away. Booser then notices his friends. “Hey guys. How’d your search go?”

“Yeah, none of us found anything.”

“Ah. Well, no point in standing around here. Let’s move.”

The four of them move to the next room, and see that the floors are clean. “’Bout time someone cleaned these floors,” comments Booser. They head for the door, and enter another hallway. They check the freezer... nothing but small, harmless fire ghosts. The check the pipe room... nothing but three Grabber Ghosts, who get destroyed by Booser’s lightning orb. That leaves only one room... the Secret Alter.

Booser slowly opens the door, and Boolossus is seen, back turned. He then chuckles. “Booser... so nice of you to come back. Are you going to rejoin the Boo Army?”

“Not on my dead life!”

“Hmm, pity. Oh well. What are you doing here anyway? I haven’t even done anything bad.”

“We came for the power shard!” cries Yang.

Boolossus looks at him with a confused face. “Power shard? Oh! That must be this thing.”

He coughs, and sticks out his tongue. A diamond-shaped shard is seen standing on his tongue. The four of them gasp. He then swallows it again.

“So that’s what you call it, huh? Well then, I must have more! I can feel the power flowing through me!” Before he goes to say something else, he realizes something. “Wait... how did you guys get here so easily?”

“Well, we really didn’t run into much except Spear Guy ghosts, Dry Bones, and those rare blue ghosts,” says Yang.

Boolossus turns around. “Strange. There should’ve been a lot more than that... I’ll worry about that later. Right now, I’m going to defeat all of you!”

The four heroes charge at him while he readies a lightning bolt.


Marceline is seen looking around the balcony. She finds nothing, and heads into the hallway. She finds two doors, and goes to the one on her left. She finds out she is in the telephone room. She sees three old-fashioned phones. “Wow, this mansion must be pretty old.”

She then finds a big, metal door, and heads inside. It is the toy room. “This is even weirder. What kind of mansion has a telephone room that leads all the way to a toy room... with an elevator?”

She gets on, and it takes her up to the roof. She looks around, and gets wide-eyed. She sees the same Shroob that knocked down the front door. He is seen standing over Spear Guy ghosts and Purple Punchers. He opens his mouth and sucks them right in. He then licks his lips clean, and sighs. “Ah, nothing like a good snack while searching for the power shard. It seems that the shard is not located anywhere on the first or second floors. So, it must be somewhere in the basement. Time to go check it.”

He turns around, and sees Marceline. His jaw drops to the ground. “Woah! You are one hot lady!”

Marceline folds her arms. “Save it, chump, I’m already taken. Now, what in the world do you know about the power shard?”

The Shroob takes a small step back, wondering how she knows what he’s talking about. Then a grin appears on his face. “Oh, you’re no ordinary girl... you’re that vampire queen who was freed from our control and took down Senshi X’s Mad Mack robot. What was your name again... oh, right. Marceline.”

“How... how do you know my name?”

“Hehehe! Why you ask? Because I am rank 2 of the Senshi. Shroobiorra, at your service.”

“Yang said that someone might be here. I guess he was right.”

Shroobiorra chuckles. “Yes, he was. Now, if you don’t mind, how about you move so I can get to the power shard.”

Shroobiorra goes for the elevator, but is whacked by Marceline’s ax base. He is sent to the floor. He gets up and looks at her, fire in his eyes. “You DARE hurt the vampire king?!”

Marceline is taken back by this. “Vampire... king?”

“Yes. I am Shroobiorra, the Vampire King. Booshido found me when I had just killed off the original vampire king. Once I killed him, the title of king became mine. Then Booshido found me and offered me a spot in his Senshi. I couldn’t refuse, so I happily accepted his offer.”

Marceline takes a step back.

“You know, I bet you’ve been looking for a king ever since you became a vampire. How about it, sweetie? You and me. Together, we can rule!”

Marceline then gets fire in her eyes. She flies at him, and punches him right in the face. “Not a chance! I’d never rule with someone like you! Besides... I already have a king,” she says, Booser popping into her head. Shroobiorra chuckles.

“You don’t know who you’re messing with girl,. You see, I’m not a regular vampire, and I happen to know you’re not a regular one either. You rarely suck blood, and mostly feed on the shade of red. However, I’m not like that. I do suck blood, but that’s not how I survive. THIS is how I survive.”

He opens his mouth, and a large orb launches out, causing his head to take the form of a right angle. Marceline looks at him with a disgusted face. Inside the orb, she sees Spear Guy ghosts, Boos, Boo Guys, and every other ghost found in the mansion. The orb goes back inside, and Shroobiorra closes his mouth.

“I feast on souls. However, since these are already souls, I’m basically erasing them from existence. If I were to suck up the soul of a human, they’d become my puppet. Now, I think it’s time you join these guys!”

He takes out his sword, and Marceline gets her ax base ready. The two royal vampires then charge at each other.

BOSS BATTLES: Boolossus/Shroobiorra

Boolossus fires his lightning bolt, but the four heroes jump to avoid it. Yang pulls out a fiery shuriken and throws it. Boolossus turns invisible and avoids the attack. He reappears behind Yang, about to lick him. Blue then comes from behind and karate chops him into the wall, which he goes through. He then flies back through, throwing lightning bolts everywhere. The heroes dodge each one with ease, and Booser shoots a fireball into the air. It lands on him and catches him on fire. He spins toward Boolossus and tackles him to the ground. Boolossus bounces off the ground and through the ceiling. Booser’s flames die down, and they wait for Boolossus’s next move. Then a giant, slimy, red tongue flies through the ceiling. It heads for Yang, but he jumps. The tongue goes back through the ceiling, but comes back, this time going after Booser, who turns invisible.

“Boolossus is trying to paralyze us from above. How are we going to get him back down?” asks Yang.

“I’m on it,” says Booser. He then forms a lightning orb, which surprises Yang.

“Where did you…?”

“I learned it during my battle with Explosivo.” The tongue lashes back for another round. Booser then grabs the tongue with the lightning orb on it. It zaps the tongue, and on the other end, Boolossus is getting shocked. Booser then pulls on the tongue, and Boolossus comes flying through. Yang pulls out a shuriken and throws it at him, causing him to burst into 15 Boos.

“Quick! Find the one with the power shard!” cries Yang.

The four of them begin attacking the Boos. But the Boos are too fast, and they only manage to hit four, which leaves eleven. They form back into Boolossus, who laughs.

“Wehehehehehehe! You’ll never get this power shard!” He then gains a new power. He opens his mouth, and a blue ball forms. He then fires an icy beam at the heroes. They are hit, and launched into the wall. Boolossus laughs.

“This might be harder than we anticipated,” says Yoesh.


Marceline swings her ax base at Shroobiorra, but he blocks with his sword. They jump back, but Marceline takes to the skies. She divebombs Shroobiorra, hand out in front. Shroobiorra sees her sharp nails. He jumps out of the way, and Marceline misses. He lands behind her. She charges at him again, this time dragging her nails on the ground. This gives off a spark that surprises Shroobiorra. However, the spark is only a distraction. She manages to slash him right in the stomach, which sends him into a pillar. He quickly recovers and charges at her, sword out in front. Marceline blocks the attack with her ax base. She then goes for a swing at him, but Shroobiorra is fast and blocks. They start trying to swing at each other repeatedly. Eventually they go into a state where they are consistently blocking each other’s weapons, and begin talking.

“You’re pretty good,” comments Shroobiorra.

“Thanks. You’re not half bad yourself. But, I think this is where I get my advantage,” says Marceline, grinning.

“What are you talking about?” asks Shroobiorra.

Marceline giggles, then her eyes turn red. She then hisses at him with a scary face. Shroobiorra jumps into the air, scared. Marceline flies up above him and drop-kicks him back to the ground. She then starts slashing him with her ax base. Shroobiorra takes severe damage. Marceline jumps off, thinking that he’s had enough, and waits for his next move. He slowly comes out of the ground, slash marks all over him.

“How *pant* is that ax base *pant* still intact?” asks Shroobiorra.

“This is my family ax. It used to be a weapon, but I turned it into an instrument as well. This thing is made of a strong substance that never breaks. Now, you gonna call it quits?”

Anger is seen in Shroobiorra’s eyes. “No way! I might have *pant* fallen for that trick, but *pant* I think that it’s time *pant* I show you my true *pant* power!”

He then gives off a spurt of energy, which causes Marceline to take a step back. He rises into the air, and bat wings come out of his back. He grows fangs, and his eyes transform into bat eyes. He looks down at Marceline, and grins. “What you are looking at is my release form. Not all of it. This is my weak form, but still pretty darn powerful!”

“Release... form?”

“Yes, release form. All the senshi have release forms. Our release forms give us more strength. But, we are only able to activate it when weakened: a slight limitation, but it gives us all this power. And I’m going to use that power to destroy you!”

He charges at Marceline and grabs her by the neck with his claws. Marceline struggles to escape, but Shroobiorra has a tight grip on her. He then hangs her over the mansion roof, and throws her down. He laughs, and goes toward the elevator, but a loud hissing sound is heard. He turns around and sees an object fly up into the sky. He looks up, and sees it’s Marceline, but somewhat different. She has bat ears coming out of her hair, bright blue eyes, and her skin has the color of bat fur. Shroobiorra grins.

“Not bad. I see you are able to transform into, not a full bat, but a bat/human hybrid.”

Marceline hisses at him, showing off her serpent tongue. “Oh, I have a more threatening form, but I’m not going to waste transforming into that.”

“Well, this is going to be an interesting battle.”

They hiss and charge at each other, ax base and sword at hand.


Yoesh is seen throwing eggs at Boolossus, but they have no effect on him. Blue tucks into his shell and tries to send Boolossus into something sharp, but Boolossus just lashes him into the wall with his tongue. Booser fires fireball and lightning orbs nonstop, but Boolossus destroys them by shooting ice beams. However, they are only distractions. Yang is seen standing on a chandelier. He pulls out a shuriken and throws it, but Boolossus disappears, then reappears behind him. He licks Yang and paralyzes him, sending him to the ground. Boolossus laughs, then readies an ice beam. Booser then fires a stream of fire, and it collides with the ice beam. This causes a ball of fire and ice to form.

Yoesh then gets an idea. “Booser, how long do you think you can keep this up?”

Booser cannot reply.

“Oh yeah. Well, keep it there for a little longer. I’ve got an idea. Blue, tuck into your shell.”

Blue nods, and does so. Yoesh then eats him, and spits him toward the ball of fire and ice. Blue goes right through it, and comes out surrounded by a fiery/icy coating. Boolossus gets wide eyed, and Blue hits him point blank in the face. This causes Boolossus to stop and fall to the ground, dazed. Booser stops breathing fire and Blue comes out of his shell, unharmed. Yoesh is seen trying to heal Yang. He manages to, and Yang throws a shuriken at the dazed Boolossus. He bursts into the eleven Boos that now make him up. Yang and the others begin attacking the Boos faster than before. Still, none of the ones they defeat have the power shard. They manage to get six Boos, but the other five transform back into Boolossus, who is now smaller. He then gets angry, and gains another power. His eyes glow red and fire a red laser beam. The heroes jump out of the way, surprised by all of Boolossus’s attacks.

“Lightning. Ice. Lasers. We know how he attacks, now we just need to find a way to use it against him before he destroys us all,” explains Yang.

Before the others can react, Boolossus forms a ball of ice and shoots it into the air. Then he uses his lasers to cause the ice ball to burst. This causes thousands of sharp pieces of ice to rain down on the heroes. Boolossus then begins firing lightning bolts. The heroes get zapped and pelted with ice. Booser begins panting, Yang kneels to the ground to rest, Yoesh lays on his belly, and Blue tucks into his shell. Boolossus laughs.

“Whehehehehehe! I knew this was going to be fun! I think it’s time I sent you to the Underwhere!” He readies his laser eyes, and the heroes wait for their fate to come. But, banging is heard. Boolossus stops readying his lasers, and looks up. Bits of ceiling fall, and Boolossus and the heroes look up in confusion.

“What in the world?”


Marceline and Shroobiorra are seen slashing at each other, weapons blocking each of their strikes. Shroobiorra then flies at her, claw in front. Marceline opens her mouth and bites down on the claws. Shroobiorra yelps in pain, and gets his claw free. Two bite marks are seen, and he growls at her.

“You DARE bite down on the claw of the vampire king? You’ll pay for that one, Marceline!” He then hisses and points his other claw at her. Marceline waits for what he will do, but nothing happens. Until...

“Cero.” A giant purple and red beam of powerful energy fires out of his claw. Marceline flies out of the way, and looks down on Shroobiorra.

“What was that?!” asks Marceline.

“All the senshi are able to do this too. We call it cero, which is Spanish for zero beam. This is made up of powerful energy, and could severely damage the target.”

*Note: I know cero really just means zero, but it’s a Fun Fiction, so there. Back to the story.*

Marceline hisses and dives down on him, launching soundwaves from her ax base. Shroobiorra swiftly dodges them all and grabs Marceline by the neck again. She slashes her nails on his stomach again, which causes him to let go of her. He looks down on his stomach and notices a giant gash, though with no blood. He looks up at Marceline.

“I’ve come too far! I’m not letting Master Booshido down! And I’m most certainly not going to lose to a vampire QUEEN!”

Shroobiorra charges, and slashes her up into the air. He then flies into the air and comes down, grabbing her neck again. But, they don’t hit the ground... they crash through it. The two of them continue breaking through the floor, Shroobiorra still maintaining a grip on Marceline.

In the Secret Alter, the heroes (who have recovered a little) and Boolossus are seen looking up at the ceiling, wondering why it keeps shaking. Then Shroobiorra and Marceline break through. A big chunk of ceiling lands on Boolossus, smashing him. This causes the five remaining Boos to appear. The four heroes defeat four of the Boos, and see only one remaining... with the power shard inside him. He begins to shiver as the heroes slowly approach him.

Shroobiorra continues gripping Marceline’s neck, when he sees the one Boo. “The power shard!” He looks down on Marceline, who needs air. “We’ll settle this later!”

He throws her into the wall, and flies at the Boo. He slashes him, and the Boo poofs away, leaving the power shard. Shroobiorra grabs the shard, and holds it high in the air. “The power shard is mine!”

The four heroes stop, staring at Shroobiorra. Yang then goes to attack, but Shroobiorra swats him away and laughs. He then glows, reverting back to his normal form. He opens a portal, but before entering, looks back at the heroes.

“The end is drawing closer.”

He walks in, and the portal closes.

Yang pounds the ground in anger. “Dang it! Another gone! Why is this happening?!”

Booser has never seen this side of Yang before. He goes to approach him to calm him, but Blue taps him on the shoulder.

“Uh, you might wanna help your lady there, bro,” says Blue, pointing at an injured Marceline. Booser gasps, and flies over to her.

Blue and Yoesh try to comfort Yang. “Dude, it’ll be all right. I mean, how many are there left?”

“Only two.”

“Ah. We gotta get those last two,” says Yoesh. “And once we do, we’ll beat the tar out of those senshi!”

Yang looks up at him, a smile on his face. “Thanks, guys.”

Meanwhile, Booser is seen trying to get Marceline to wake up. When she hit the wall, she fell unconscious and reverted back to her regular form. “Marceline. Marceline, please get up!”

She doesn’t move. Booser looks down on her, and tears form in his eyes. He begins sobbing. “No... please... Don’t be dead...”

A tear falls from his face and lands on her hand, which twitches. The hand then rises, and pats Booser on the back. He stops sobbing, feeling her hand. He looks down and sees Marceline’s eyes slowly open. Booser then gets a smile on his face. “Marceline! You’re all right!”

Booser hugs her. She returns the hug, and their faces meet. “I thought you were dead.”

“No, I can’t die. Only if I’m hit with sunlight, garlic, or a wooden stake. I’m just glad to see you’re all right.”

Booser smiles, and the two of them kiss each other for at least ten seconds. They then get up, and Marceline dusts herself off. They approach Yang, Blue, and Yoesh, who have been watching Yang locate the next shard. An image appears, and it shows a tropical island and a giant volcano.

“Well, well,” says Booser. “Mt. Lavalava on Lavalava Island.”

Yang comes out of meditation and looks at Booser. “It appears that the shard is located somewhere in the volcano. And I think we know who we’re going to meet inside.”

Booser nods. Marceline looks up at the hole she and Shroobiorra made. She sees dark skies. “If it’s an island the shard is located on, we can go get a ticket for a ship to take us to the island, and arrive by morning.”

“I like the way you think,” comments Blue.

“Yeah. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go see that island,” says Yoesh.

They go with Marceline’s plan, and head back to the Mushroom Kingdom. They are able to buy five tickets and get on the boat to Lavalava Island. Onboard, they fall fast asleep in their rooms.


A portal opens up in Booshido’s throne room, and Shroobiorra comes out. He presents Booshido with the power shard. He laughs with glee. “Excellent work, Shroobiorra! However, I should expect that from a rank 2 senshi.”

Shroobiorra bows to his master. “Thank you, Master.”

“You are dismissed.”

Shroobiorra nods, and leaves the room for some well-deserved rest. But he does not leave Booshido alone: Senshi Guy, Explosivo, and Bloopshi are also present.

“Yes! Now we have four in our collection! And there’s only one left out there. The other three belong to Yang and his buddies, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now, let me see where this next shard is located...”

He mediates and Lavalava Island appears. Booshido comes out of meditation. “An interesting location. Who shall I send...?”

“I’ll go, Master,” pipes up Bloopshi.

“Ah, how kind of you to offer, Bloopshi. Bring us that last power shard.”

“Will do.” He rushes off to get ready for his journey.

Booshido turns to Senshi Guy and Explosivo. “Ah, things are going along smoothly now. You two are dismissed.”

Booshido disappears, leaving Senshi Guy and Explosivo alone. They grin. Senshi Guy pulls out his scythe and opens a portal. He puts his hand through and makes a motion that says come on. He pulls his hand out, and three figures emerge behind it. One is a green Cobrat with robotic arms and a tail that looks exactly like the tail of a Seviper (Pokemon). Next comes a Boo wearing a witch's hat, and last comes a black-robed Magikoopa with a wand as his right hand. Senshi Guy and Explosivo grin.

“Fellow assassins, I have brought you here for a reason. And that reason is... we’re going to be rulers very soon.”

The three assassins grin, and Senshi Guy and Explosivo chuckle evilly.

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