The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

Chapter 9: Hot Battle in Mt. Lavalava

It’s a new, beautiful day, and Yang, Booser, Blue, and Yoesh are seen playing volleyball on the ship’s relaxing area, two on two, Yang and Booser against Blue and Yoesh. The score is 20-20, each team needing one more point to win. Booser serves, and launches it over the net. Blue hits it up in the air, and Yoesh jumps in to spike it. The ball goes flying toward Yang. He quickly hits it up in the air, and Booser flies up and spikes it back down with incredible speed. Blue goes to dive, as does Yoesh.  Unfortunately, they bump into each other, missing the chance to save the ball. It hits the ground, giving Yang and Booser victory. They high five each other, and Blue and Yoesh get up and congratulate them.

“Good game, guys,” says Booser.

“Yeah. You sure were more challenging than we anticipated,” says Yang.

“Yeah. We’ve played the game a couple of times,” says Blue.

“But how are you guys so good? What, do you play the game everyday?” asks Yoesh.

“No, but we do have a volleyball court back at Luigi’s Mansion. We play it when we get bored,” says Booser.

“I see. Since when did Luigi have a mansion?” asks Yoesh.

“Dude, he’s had it for a very long time.”

As they continue their conversation, Marceline is seen relaxing on a lawn chair under an umbrella. Then a Toad waiter comes up, holding a tray with a smoothie on it. “Here’s your smoothie,” says the Toad waiter, sitting the smoothie down on the table next to her.

“Thanks.” The Toad walks away to serve the other passengers. Marceline picks up the smoothie, a strawberry smoothie to be exact, and begins sipping down the smoothie with delight. “Ahhh... This is the life,” says Marceline, continuing to enjoy her smoothie.

Then Yang, Booser, Blue, and Yoesh come along, and take up the four lawn chairs next to Marceline. Booser sits in the chair next to Marceline. Yeah, who didn’t see that coming? “Hey, I thought you just suck up the red out of an object,” says Booser.

“Only from solid objects, and a few liquid objects, but I usually drink red drinks like strawberry smoothies or strawberry juice.”

“I take it you’re a big fan of strawberries.”

“Well, they’re the only red beverage I know of.”

They relax on the rest of the boat ride to Lavalava Island, making it to the island within an few hours. They get off the boat and head for Yoshi Village to meet up with the Yoshi Elder. As they enter the village they see all the Yoshis eating fruit and relaxing. The kids are seen playing, but the elder is nowhere to be found.

Yang approaches one of the Yoshis. “Excuse me, but we are looking for the Yoshi Elder. Do you happen to know where he is?”

“Oh, yeah. He went to ask Raphael the Raven about something,” says the Yoshi.

Yang turns to his buddies. “It seems we’ll have to go find him.”

“Couldn’t we just wait here ‘til he gets back?” asks Marceline, who spots a red apple and sucks the red out of it.

Yang sighs. “I wish we could, but time is running out. We need to find that power shard before one of Booshido’s senshi do. Booser, do you know where Raphael is located?”

Booser understands why Yang is asking him this. Yang has never set foot on this island. “Yeah, just follow me.”

Booser leads the group into the jungle, and they begin the trek to Raphael’s tree.

The group enters the jungle, and everyone looks in amazement at the scenery, which features clear and fresh water as well as flowers everywhere. This even surprises Blue and Yoesh, who haven’t seen the island either but have heard about it and always wanted to see it. Marceline then finds an odd-shaped flower. She approaches and sniffs it. The flower then begins shaking, and closes on her head. Booser jumps and tries to pull Marceline out, but the flower refuses to let go of her head. Booser sighs, and shoots a tiny fireball at the flower. It begins burning, and disintegrates. Marceline pulls her head up. “What was that thing?!” she asks.

“Just ignore those flowers. They try to trap anything that comes near them. So stay away from those guys.”

“Thanks for saving me, Booser.” She kisses him on the cheek, causing Booser to turn completely red.

Yang and Marceline go forward, but Blue and Yoesh stay behind with Booser. “Way to go, dude,” says Blue as he and Booser fist pound.

“Man, you are one lucky Boo. How do you get a lady like that?” asks Yoesh.

“Eh, I think it’s the way I care for her,” lies Booser, who knows the real reason.

The three of them catch up with Yang and Marceline, but they find them looking at an area with no place to go: a dead end with water. “Crud, what do we do now?” asks Blue. Booser then looks across the water and sees the Raphael statue in the distance. He looks up and sees the sun hiding behind some trees.

“Okay. We need to work fast. I can see where we need to go from here. But, we’ll have to fly over. Marceline, you’ll have to stash your umbrella away for a few seconds so you can carry Blue and Yoesh over.”


“Don’t worry. The sun is behind some trees. If we hurry, we can make it, and you’ll be unharmed. I’ll carry Yang over, so just follow me.”

Marceline sighs, and stashes her umbrella away. She grabs Blue and Yoesh’s hands while Booser grabs Yang’s, and they take off. Marceline follows close behind Booser. Booser reaches the statue, but Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh get attacked by two Jungle Fuzzies, which slows Marceline down. Marceline tosses Blue and Yoesh over to land, then pulls a Jungle Fuzzy off her and tosses him into the water. The other latches himself on her and begins sucking. However, his eyes go dark and he falls over right into the water. Marceline lands, and pulls out her umbrella just in time.

“What happened to that Fuzzy?” asks Blue.

“Anyone who tries to suck the life out of me ends up coming dry,” says Marceline.

“But that doesn’t explain why he just keeled over,” says Yoesh.

“I think he was low on health, and when he came up dry, he just fainted,” says Yang.

Blue and Yoesh look at each other. “I guess that makes sense.”

“Come on, we’ve gotta keep moving,” says Booser. He leads the team into a deeper area of the jungle, where they find themselves in a room full of vines. Booser looks around, and finds one hanging off a tree. He pulls it, and bushes move out of the way, revealing a path. They head in, and find themselves in the area with water shooting out of the ground, as well as a big rock blocking the path. There are several small blocks seen. Booser tells everyone which block to push and when to cover the water spouts. They succeed, and the large rock is launched up into the sky, never to be seen again. They head through, and find an area full of Jungle Fuzzies, Spear Guys, and Putrid Piranhas. Booser and Yang unleash fire breath and fiery shuriken to defeat them all and move on.

Finally they see Raphael’s tree, which is pretty big. Everyone sighs, but Booser shows them a path up the tree. They head inside and start climbing stairs, and eventually end up at the top, where Raphael and the Yoshi Elder are seen. The elder notices them. “Who do we have here?” asks the elder. “Ah, Booser, how nice of you to drop by.”

Yang turns to him. “You know him?”

“Yeah. I’ve vacationed here sometimes.”

“So, who are your friends?” asks the elder.

“Oh, this is Yang Duplighost. These two guys right here are Tommy G. Koopa, or Blue, and Yoesh Yoshi. And this pretty dame right here is my girlfriend Marceline, the Vampire Queen.”

“Ah, well any friend of Booser’s is a friend of mine...” He motions Booser over. “She won’t suck my blood, will she?” he asks in a whisper.

Booser chuckles. “No, you’re good.”

“All right then. So, what is the reason you are here, Booser? We didn’t expect to see you for another three weeks.”

Yang looks at him. “How many times do you actually come here?”

“I plan a vacation every summer. But that’s not important right now. We came here because we are hunting down these diamond-shaped gems called power shards. Do you happen to have one?”

The elder ponders this, and turns to Raphael. “Raphael, do you happen to have this power shard they are speaking of?”

“No, I’m afraid I don’t.”

Everyone hangs their heads, but Marceline is quite surprised. “That... thing can talk?”

“Yes, I can talk. And I’m not a thing, I’m a Raven.”

“Well... I’m not from around here.”

“Ah. Anyway, I did, however, see something of the same shape fall into the volcano,” says Raphael.

“Really? Well, we really appreciate the help. Thanks,” says Yang.

“No problem. Booser, please show them the way to get into the volcano.”

“With pleasure.”

Booser motions them to follow him, and he jumps. They look down and see him land safely on a bouncy tree branch. Marceline shrugs, and jumps after him. She too lands safely, and turns to Booser. “That was AWESOME!” she exclaims.

“Yeah, it can be a load of fun.”

Screaming is heard as Yang, Blue, and Yoesh all jump, and land safely on the branch. “EXTREME!” Blue and Yoesh exclaim.

“I have to say, that was pretty exciting,” says Yang.

They continue, and Booser leads them to the zip line, where they grab on and slide across to the entrance of the volcano. “Who knew getting to the entrance of the volcano could be so fun?!”

They head inside, and a hot journey begins.

A portal opens up, and a black Blooper with a sword comes out. Bloopshi steps one foot into the volcano, and cannot take the heat. “Jeez! If I had known it was going to be THIS hot, I wouldn’t have volunteered to fetch this power shard.”

Bloopshi begins going forward. He then enters a room where there is nothing but lava everywhere, with very little ground. He gulps in fear. “If I can’t get past this... I think Booshido will be having cooked calamari tonight.” Bloopshi takes a deep breath, and begins jumping from platform to platform. He eventually makes it to a bigger piece of land. Unfortunately a Lava Bubble spots him, and whistles. Two more come and the three begin charging at Bloopshi. He notices, and pulls out his sword. He brushes one of his tentacles across the blade, which turns a light blue blade. He slashes the air, and a slash of water goes at high speeds toward the three of them. They get wide-eyed and try to escape, but end up getting extinguished by the water. Bloopshi laughs, but then sees a moving platform. He sighs. “Ugh! It’s only the first room, and I’m all ready irritated.”

The platform begins coming back, and Bloopshi gets ready to jump on it. But an icy shuriken and a lightning orb fly his way. They miss him by an inch. He quickly turns around to see Yang riding on Booser, firing lightning orbs and icy shuriken his way. Bloopshi growls.

“I knew I’d run into you sooner or later. I was hoping later, but we all can’t get what we want. But, I guess this does give me the chance to finish you right here.” Bloopshi jumps on the moving platform and points his sword at Booser and Yang. “Come and get me!”

Booser goes at a faster speed to catch up to Bloopshi. But he swings his blade, which is still light blue, and a gush of water is sent at them. Booser flies up to avoid the attack. Bloopshi points his sword at Booser and fires more water. Booser exhales a stream of fire to turn the water into steam. Bloopshi cannot see a thing, nor can Booser or Yang. They wait for the steam to clear, but when it does, Booser and Yang have disappeared. Bloopshi gets confused, and is then kicked in the face by Yang. Bloopshi is knocked to the ground, but quickly gets up and starts slashing at Yang. Yang jumps and ducks every slash Bloopshi sends at him. Bloopshi gets angry and sends one of his tentacles at Yang, wrapping it around him. Bloopshi then points his sword into the air. “This is where it ends, Yang. Hope you enjoy the Underwhere.”

Bloopshi swings his sword down, but a light blue shell sends the sword into the air. Bloopshi looks and sees that the blue shell belongs to Blue, who seen being carried by Marceline. Bloopshi looks for his sword, and sees that Yoesh, who is riding on Booser, is now holding it. Bloopshi growls in anger. Yang takes this chance to break free and send Bloopshi to the ground. He slides across the moving platform, stopping close to the edge. Yang stands over him. “Thought you could pull off an easy victory, Bloopshi?”

Bloopshi grins. “And you thought you could easily kill me, Yang? You forget... I’m a Blooper... which means I can do THIS!”

He splits his tentacles apart, and ink squirts on Yang’s face, limiting his vision. Bloopshi laughs, then fires ink at Booser, who also gets hit in the face. He falls toward the platform, and lands with a thud. This causes Yoesh to drop the sword. Bloopshi picks it up, then notices that the platform has reached the end.

“So long, suckers! I’ve got a power shard to get.” He jumps off the platform and heads into the next area.

Yoesh takes Yang and Booser and puts them down in the next area. Marceline and Blue fly in and notice their condition. “Will they be okay?” asks Marceline.

Yoesh examines the ink that Bloopshi shot in Booser and Yang’s eyes. He sighs. “They’ll be fine, but that Blooper’s ink is no ordinary ink. It’s some sort of sticky ink.”

“How can you tell?” asks Blue.

Yoesh takes a small rock and dips it a little in the ink. He then puts it on the ground and lets it sit for fifteen seconds. He then goes to pull the rock off the ground, but the ink is still attached to the rock. Yoesh then lets go of it, and the rock flings back to the ground. “That proof enough?”


Marceline approaches Booser. “Oh Booser, how do you feel?”

“Well... it really stinks that I can’t see. Now I won’t be able to see your beautiful face.” Marceline blushes and giggles.

Blue turns to Yoesh. “Well this really sticks. Yang and Booser can’t see, and Booser is our only way of getting through the volcano.”

“And since we can’t see, me and Booser are useless in battle,” says Yang.

Booser starts to float a bit. He then hears something. “You guys hear that?”

Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh look at each other, and shrug. “We don’t hear anything, Booser,” says Marceline.

“Hey, I hear it too,” says Yang. “It sounds like... laughter.”

Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh then realize what’s going on. “It’s because of sight. They can’t see, which makes their hearing more advanced,” says Blue. Marceline picks up Booser and begins turning him in all directions. Then Booser puts his hand up as he begins hearing laughter. He points down a hallway. Marceline runs down that hallway. Blue and Yoesh follow while carrying Yang. They find a zip line, and go down it. This takes them to the room with the giant spiky Thwomp that broke a hole in the wall. Since that hole is the only exit in the room, they head inside and find themselves with two paths to take: straight or down some stairs. Marceline turns Booser in all directions again. He points to the stairs, and they head down. Then they find a lava pool, the power shard sitting right on the opposite side.

“I’ve got it!” cries Blue. He runs over, but is stopped by a blast of ink. He narrowly avoids being hit. He looks up and sees Bloopshi hanging from the ceiling. Bloopshi drops down, causing Blue to jump back.

Bloopshi laughs. “Wahahahahahahaha! You didn’t think I’d just let you swoop in and take the power shard without a fight, did you?”

“Well... actually... yes,” says Blue. Bloopshi sighs.

“Yeah, that’s not how I fly. Now, I think it’s time I kill you all and leave this volcano with the power shard, not to mention all your power shards as well.” He points his sword at them and it glows light blue. But as Bloopshi readies his attack, the lava pool begins to bubble. Then Lava Piranha rises out of the lava. Bloopshi stops and looks to see him.


He shoots a fireball at Bloopshi, who is hit and launched to where the heroes stand, landing out cold. Yoesh turns to Booser and Yang. “You guys stay here. We’ll take care of this guy.”

Yoesh, Blue, and Marceline charge at Lava Piranha. Then Booser and Yang hear moaning, and Bloopshi gets up. He sees the blinded Booser and Yang. “Well... I see my sticky ink is still in effect. Might as well kill you two, then move on to your friends.”

Bloopshi pulls out his sword, and charges at the two blind heroes…

BOSS BATTLE: Lava Piranha/Bloopshi

Lava Piranha whips one of his vines at the three heroes. Marceline pulls out her ax base and blocks the vine from hitting them. Yoesh jumps for Lava Piranha’s head. Yoesh takes out an egg and throws it at Lava Piranha’s head. He yelps in pain, and starts shooting fireballs. Blue tucks into his shell and avoids the fireballs. He then launches himself at Lava Piranha, and hits him right in the face. Lava Piranha yelps in pain again, and sends his vines at Yoesh and Blue. They wrap around them, and he brings them up to his face.


Lava Piranha opens his mouth, and a giant fireball begins forming. Blue and Yoesh wait for their demise. Lava Piranha finishes charging up and goes to fire the fireball, but the vines wrapped around Blue and Yoesh are suddenly cut. Lava Piranha screams in pain and looks at his vines... cut right off. He looks and sees Marceline holding her ax base. Lava Piranha then roars loudly and the vines begin regrowing. In a matter of seconds Lava Piranha has his vines back.


Lava Piranha points his buds at Marceline and they shoot mini fire bombs. Marceline whips her ax base at them and sends them flying back at Lava Piranha’s face. He screams in pain and sinks back down into the lava, defeated. Blue, Yoesh, and Marceline high five, but the lava pool begins bubbling again. They look and see Lava Piranha fly out again, this time with its head and buds covered in fire.



Bloopshi goes to slash Booser, but Booser quickly moves to the side to avoid the hit. Bloopshi quickly turns around and goes to slash Yang, but he does the same, angering Bloopshi. He swipes the blade, which turns light blue. A gush of freezing water shoots out of the sword. Booser and Yang jump to avoid the freezing water. Bloopshi just stares at them in confusion. “How in the world are you avoiding all my attacks?!” cries Bloopshi.

“This sticky ink in our eyes has caused out hearing to increase,” says Booser.

“Well, that plan backfired on me.”

“So will THIS!” cries Yang. He drop-kicks him from the sound of his voice.

Bloopshi quickly gets up. “You’ll pay for that!” Bloopshi slashes the air repeatedly and gushes of freezing water fly at Booser and Yang. Booser and Yang swiftly dodge the freezing water, but end up getting hit by the last one. They are knocked down and shivering from cold despite being inside a volcano. But the sticky ink in their eyes begins to wash off. Bloopshi looks at what he’s done. “Uh oh.”

Yang and Booser slowly open their eyes, and can finally see. They turn to Bloopshi and charge at him. Bloopshi sends more freezing water at them, but Yang throws a fiery shuriken, which creates steam. Booser then turns invisible and charges through the steam. Bloopshi is seen waiting for their move. He is then attacked by a lightning orb. He screams in pain, and his sword loses its water capabilities. Bloopshi gets up, angry at Yang and Booser. He jumps into the air, squirting ink everywhere. Yang and Booser swiftly dodge the ink blasts and jump into the air, sending a fiery shuriken and fireballs. Bloopshi is hit and sent to the ground smelling like calamari. Booser and Yang stand over him to make sure he doesn’t escape.


Lava Piranha flings his head into the air and shoots meteors into the air (similar to Prince Pikante’s meteor attack), and they come crashing down. Marceline sends soundwaves at some to break them. Blue tucks into his shell and slams into some, causing them to break. Yoesh pulls out some eggs and sends them at the rest of the meteors, causing them to burst. Lava Piranha then points his buds at them and they shoot out a giant wave of fire. Blue and Yoesh get burnt and try to put themselves out. Marceline, however, comes through with no burn marks.


“I’m a vampire. I am unaffected from getting burnt.”

Lava Piranha then lashes out one of his vines and wraps it around Marceline. She struggles to get free, but cannot. “SINCE I CANNOT BURN YOU TO DEATH, I’LL JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF AIR!”

Marceline begins to lose air, but Blue and Yoesh, who have put the fire out, jump and smack Lava Piranha on the head. But this only causes them to get burnt due to Lava Piranha’s head being on fire. Then Blue tucks into his shell and charges at Lava Piranha’s head. His shell protects him from getting burnt as he safely hits Lava Piranha, who screams in pain. He lets go of Marceline, and she smacks him on the head with her ax base. This deals Lava Piranha even more pain.

“MY HEAD IS THROBBING!” He rubs his head in pain, and turns to the hero’s. “I HAVE ONE LAST TRICK UP MY VINE!” He begins focusing his energy. Then, the volcano begins shaking.

“VOLCANO WILL ERUPT VERY SOON! GOOD LUCK FINDING A WAY OUT! BLECK HYUCK HYUCK YUCK!” Lava Piranha sinks back into the lava pool as the volcano continues to shake. Blue rushes over to the other side of the lava pool and grabs the power shard. They then head over to Yang and Booser, noticing that their vision is back.

“Good job getting your eyesight back, guys, and defeating that Blooper. Now, one question... HOW DO WE GET OUTTA HERE?!” cries Yoesh.

Booser looks and sees the next room. “Follow me.” Everyone follows Booser to the next room. There they find a stairway, and come across another hole. They head through, find another stairway, climb up, and find a dead end.

Back in the room where the battles with Bloopshi and Lava Piranha took place, Bloopshi begins to wake up, and realizes the volcano is shaking. “Shoot! This place is going to erupt soon. I’ve gotta get outta here!”

He goes to open a portal, but then realizes the heroes are gone. “But not without that power shard!” He goes the same way the heroes went, and finds them trying to formulate a plan to escape. Then the lava begins to rise, and the heroes put their plan in action. Yang climbs onto Booser, and Marceline has Yoesh and Blue grab her hands. They then fly out of the volcano. Bloopshi then disappears.

Booser and Marceline fly at fast speeds to get out of the volcano. They reach the outside, but are ambushed by Bloopshi. They run into him and go flying out of control. Booser manages to control himself, but Bloopshi decided to go after Marceline, Yoesh, and Blue. Yoesh lashes his tongue out at Bloopshi, but he dodges all the attempts. He then manages to get a hold of Blue, who is still holding the power shard, which Bloopshi tries to get. But Blue tosses the shard in Booser and Yang’s direction. Yang catches it, and stashes it away. Bloopshi growls, knowing that going after Booser and Yang now will be suicide. So he does the next best thing. He turns back to Marceline, Yoesh, and Blue, grabbing hold of Yoesh and Blue.

“I don’t think I’ll need any hitchhikers,” says Bloopshi, an evil grin on his face. He tosses them into the air, and they come crashing down. But Booser charges toward them and has Yang catch them. Suddenly Bloopshi charges at Marceline, wrapping his tentacles around her. Booser gasps.

“Wahahahahahaha! If you ever wanna see your girlfriend again, you’ll deliver all of your power shards to us!” Bloopshi opens a portal and goes inside, but Booser acts fast and charges at the portal.



He goes faster despite carrying Yang, Blue, and Yoesh. He then tackles Bloopshi, and the six of them fly into the portal. The portal then closes.

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