The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

PHASE 2: The Realm of Booshido
Chapter 10: Senshi Battles Part 1

We see a portal open up out in an icy realm. Six figures fly out. One of them is a black Blooper with a sword sash. He gets up and dusts himself off. He looks and sees the five figures who came along slowly get up. The Blooper growls. “This isn’t good. Booshido will be furious with me!” He then opens up another portal, and walks in. It closes. The five figures look around, and can’t figure out their surroundings.

“Is everyone all right?” asks Yang, a little shaken up from that trip.

“I think I am,” says Booser, rubbing his head.

“We’ll be fine,” says Yoesh, helping a flipped over Blue up.

“I should be all right,” says Marceline, dusting herself off. The five of them look and see nothing but snow, and icy winds. Yang sighs. Booser approaches him.

“Listen, I’m sorry about this.”

“No, it’s not your fault. You were only trying to save Marceline. I understand. I just have the strangest feeling that...” Yang stops. He then closes his eyes. Then, a large thought bubble appears. An image shows up, and it shows Booshido laughing evilly holding four power shards in his stubs. The hero’s gasp.

“THAT’S Booshido?!” cries Yoesh.

“He’s looks like a serious guy!” exclaims Blue.

Yang comes out of meditation. “He’s got his hands on four of the power shards. We have the other four. I can’t believe it.”

Booser is seen looking at a giant object in the distance. “Hey Yang, I think I see something.”

Yang looks at the same direction Booser is, and he too sees the object.

“It looks like...” begins Booser.

“A giant castle,” finishes Yang.

“That’s gotta be where this Booshido guy is located,” says Blue. Yang clutches his fists.

“We’re invading that castle and getting those last four power shards!” Everyone gasps.

“But Yang, we have no idea what could be waiting for us there,” says Booser.

“Yeah, all those senshi are probably waiting for us as we speak,” says Marceline. Yang sighs.

“I know. But, we’ve come this far. I’m not giving up...”

Booser puts a hand on his shoulder. “We’re here for you man.”

Yang smiles back at him. “Thanks guys. Now let’s go!” The five of them start running to Booshido’s Castle, where a series of battles are about to take place.


Back at Booshido’s throne room, he, Booster, Shroobiorra, Spikeshi, Senshi Guy, Explosivo, the Dark Bones, Senshi X, Senshitu, and the Tanoomba are all lined up against the wall, waiting for Bloopshi to return. A portal opens up, and Bloopshi comes out.

“Ah, Bloopshi. Glad to have you back. Now, do you have the power shard?” asks Booshido. Bloopshi begins sweating. He then backs up a little, which causes Booshido’s smile to disappear. He then turns to Senshi Guy, and he nods. Senshi Guy disappears, and reappears behind Bloopshi, scythe drawn. Bloopshi begins to sweat even more. “What are you not telling us Bloopshi?”

Bloopshi begins shaking, and finally blurts out, “I couldn’t get the power shard...” Booshido and sighs, but Bloopshi continues. “However... I brought along... some... company... hehehe...” Booshido slowly gets up, and approaches him.

“What kind?” he asks, getting a little serious. Bloopshi, still shaking, manages to reply.

“Yang... his Boo friend... that vampire queen... and a Yoshi and Koopa...” Booshido rises up, and grins evilly.

“Bloopshi... you have done well.”


“What do you mean master?” asks the Tanoomba. Booshido chuckles.

“I mean that we have four power shards, as does Yang and his little buddies. Bloopshi has brought them here so we could terminate them and get their power shards.”

“Actually... I brought them here because they caught me by surprise and tackled me...”  he was cut off by Booshido.

“Either way, you’ve done a good job Bloopshi. Now, where are they now?”

“We’ll, the portal opened up somewhere outside the castle. So, my guess is that they’re on their way right now.” Booshido grins.

“Bloopshi. Senshi X. Senshitu. Bonz. Senshioomba. You five head to your stationed areas and try to kill off your opponents.”

Bloopshi, Senshi X, Senshitu(the Lakitu if you couldn’t remember), Bonz(the Dark Bones), and Senshioomba(the Tanoomba) all bow, and leave. Booshido lets out an evil laugh. Senshi Guy puts his scythe away.

“Sir, what if those five cannot defeat the hero’s?” asks Senshi Guy.

“Ah, then I’ll just send you five out.”

Booshido continues to laugh evilly, and Senshi Guy returns to his position with the other four.


The hero’s are seen in front of the castle door. Yang takes a deep breath, and knocks the door down. They enter, and find no one guarding the halls.

“Security sucks in this place,” says Booser.

“That’s because Booshido has no servants. He relies on his senshi to get the job done,” says Yang. They continue walking down a long hallway. They eventually make it to a room with five hallways.

“Uh oh,” says Yoesh. “Five hallways... and five of us.” Yang hangs his head.

“I knew this was going to come. We have to split up, and go down each hallway. We meet each other later. For now, we have to split up.”

The four others sigh. Yang continues. “I’ll take the middle path. Booser, you go to the left. Marceline, right. Yoesh, far left. Blue, far right. Got it?”

Everyone nods, and Yang nods back. He takes a deep breath, and runs down his hallway. Booser turns to Marceline. “Good luck Marceline. Please come out all right.”

“Same to you Booser.” They kiss, and head down their hallways.

“Good luck dude,” says Blue.

“Right back at ya,” replies Yoesh. They fist pound, and head down their hallways. We start with Yang, walking down a dark, long hallway. But as he goes further, torches begin lighting up. He begins getting more cautious. Then, he appears in a large, circular room. Torches light up around the room. Yang looks around, and sees no one. He takes a step forward, and continues. He reaches the center, and laughter is heard. Yang looks around and sees a pile of bones. Yang takes a step back, and the bones begin forming into a Dark Bones with a sword sash. He then speaks.

“So nice of you to choose my path Yang. Out of all the other paths, I am far more deadly than any of the other senshi down the other paths.”

“Why do you say that?” asks Yang.

“Why? Because I’m Bonz, senshi rank 6. And let me tell you something... you should’ve chosen another path.”

“Bonz... I really don’t remember you.”

“That’s because I am the most mysterious out of all the senshi. Booshido doesn’t even know where I originated. But I’m not upset. Booshido made me a senshi because I am loyal, and can get the job done.”

“Then why didn’t he send you to get any of the power shards?”

“He didn’t want me to waste any of my energy on finding one. He wanted me to save my energy for this occasion. Get ready Yang, because...”

He then pulls out his sword. “This is where your game ends.”


Booser is seen floating down a hallway with lamps hanging from the walls. He eventually make it to a large, circular room with clouds everywhere. Then, a Lakitu with the facial hair of Solid Snake comes down, holding a sword.

“Ah, it appears I have a guest,” says the Lakitu, grinning. Booser doesn’t back down.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Senshitu, rank 9 of the senshi. But just because I’m rank 9, doesn’t mean I’m easy. Oh no, I’ve been waiting for this day to come. One of Yang’s friends coming into my arena. Prepare yourself Boo... for this will not be an easy battle.”

Senshitu then flies up into the clouds, and they turn into storm clouds. Booser readies a lightning orb.


Marceline flies down her hallway, ax base out. She is playing a little tune while flying down the hallway. She eventually makes it to a large, circular area, and stops playing. One the other side, she sees Senshi X, and groans. “Ugh. How did I know I was going to end up facing you?”

Senshi X laughs. “I was hoping I’d come face to face with you again Marceline. Ever since that defeat back at Gusty Gultch, I’ve been trying to find a way to defeat you. Until... it hit me. Another robot. I’ve been working on this bad boy ever since I got back from that defeat. Marceline... I’d like you to meet...”

He pulls out a button, and presses it. Then, the floor opens up, and a giant robot comes out of the floor. It looks exactly like Senshi X, and bigger than Mad Mack.

“The X-Bot! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This bad boy is equipped with all of the weapons a regular X-Naut would have. And the best part... I’ve given it fighting capabilities of someone you know well. Prepare yourself Marceline, for THIS is where I kill you!”

Senshi X jumps high into the air, and lands on the robot. The head opens, and he jumps in, and turns it on. The robot begins moving, and gets into a fighting position. Marceline gets her ax base ready. “Bring it on!”


Blue is seen in a large arena all ready. But, this arena is filled with water all around the room, which might get you thinking that Blue will die due to lack of air. Wrong, there is some type of special energy in the water that allow him to breathe. Anyway, Bloopshi comes out, looking at him.

“Ah, so we meet again. My plan had failed back at Mt. Lavalava, but that’s okay. Booshido was actually glad that I brought you guys here. Why? That’s a reason I cannot reveal. But, I can tell you this... your game ends here!”

He pulls out his sword, and Blue gets into a fighting position.


Yoesh is walking down a hallway with pictures of Booshido on each side. “Boy, whoever I’m going up against really likes his boss,” comments Yoesh. He makes it to the arena, where he sees Senshioomba on the other side.

“Ah, I see my opponent is the Yoshi. Welcome. I am Senshioomba, rank 10 of the senshi. I live to only obey Master Booshido. This is where I kill you right now, and tell the goods news to him.”

“Right... good luck trying!”

“Ah, it appears that you think this will be easy. Well... you are way off. I might be rank 10, but...”

He then transforms into a black Yoshi. “My transformation ability can make this battle quite interesting.”

He charges at Yoesh, who pulls out an egg, and throws it.

SENSHI BATTLES ROUND 1: Bonz/Senshitu/Senshi X/Bloopshi/Senshioomba

Bonz charges at Yang, and jumps high into the air. He comes crashing down, sword first. Yang takes out a shuriken to block the hit. Bonz hits the shuriken, and bounces back into the air. He growls, and spins down on Yang this time. Yang throws an exploding shuriken. Bonz and the shuriken make contact, and explodes. This causes Bonz to burst into a million pieces. Yang watches as the bones rain down.

“Way too easy.” Yang goes for the door, but the bones begin to jiggle. Yang stops and notices. Then, all the bones start rising into the air, and begin reforming. Eventually, Bonz is remade. He grabs his sword, and points it at Yang.

“You didn’t think I’d go down THAT easily did you? I might be a Dry Bones, so yes, I am weak to explosives. But that doesn’t matter. Booshido gave me the ability to repair myself to any attack. You cannot beat me Yang. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Bonz then charges at Yang once more, adding a spin. Yang jumps into the air, and looks done on Bonz.

“Ninja skill #77... METEOR SHOWER!” Yang shoots a blast of energy into the air, which explodes and sends down millions of meteors. Bonz grins and uses this to his advantage. He jumps on meteor after meteor and reaches Yang’s height. He makes it, and slashes Yang to the ground. Yang quickly gets up, and performs another skill.

“Ninja skill #31... BLAST FROM THE PAST!” A portal opens up, and a spiritual form of Bonz comes out, and attacks but charging at Bonz and spinning. Bonz, who did not see this coming, is hit and sent into the wall. He quickly recovers, and swipes the blade of his sword. It glows, and it turns into a black blade with dark aura coming off of it. Bonz grins, and charges full speed at Yang. He hits Yang with a power slash, and sends him into the wall. Yang notices a cut on his left arm... or sheet. Anyway, Yang growls, and starts throwing icy, fire, electrical, and exploding shurikens. Bonz stands still, and takes them all out with one fall swoop. He then laughs.

“You’re pathetic Yang. There is no way you could possible beat me! I’m invincible, so I might as well kill you.” He points his hand at Yang, and a ball of red and black energy forms. “Cero.” Then, the ball releases a large red and black blast at Yang. He gets wide eyed, and quickly jumps out of the way. Bonz continues to fire blast after blast at Yang. Then, something pops into Yang’s head. He remember Bonz getting hurt by his own attack after Yang used ninja skill #31.

“If I can get a more powerful blast... I might be able to win this.” He looks down at Bonz, and is starting to slow up on the blasts, which take a lot of energy from him. Yang takes this chance and uses another ninja skill. “Ninja skill #2... NEUTRALIZE!” A red wave of energy appears around Bonz. He tries to move, but cannot.

“What kind of magic is this?!”

“It’s not magic... it’s a ninja skill. Now... it’s time to finish this. Ninja skill #32... BLAST FROM THE FUTURE!” A portal opens up, and a red and black blast of energy fires out with twice the power. Bonz tries to move, but cannot. He is hit with the blast, and bursts into pieces. Yang gives a sigh of relief.

“It’s over.”

He takes a step, but something strange happens. The floor beneath Yang begins opening. He falls in, and lands in water. This confuses Yang. All the bones fall in as well, and sink to the bottom. Then five floating platforms appear. Yang swims to the nearest one, and gets on. He looks around for Bonz, but cannot find him. Then, the water begins bubbling. Yang takes a step back, worried what might come out. Then, a giant boney shark that somewhat resembles Kingfin flies out of the water. The bones are red and black, and Yang realizes what he’s up against.


The shark laughs. “Yes, but this is my release form! Prepare to DIE!” Bonz dives back underwater, and Yang begins wondering how he’ll finish this. Bonz then jumps out of the water again, and comes crashing down on Yang’s platform. Yang quickly jumps onto another platform. Bonz sends the platform underwater. It floats back up. Yang looks around for Bonz, but cannot see him in the murky water. Bonz then flies out again, a ball of red and black energy forming in his mouth. He then fires another cero. Yang tries to jump out of the way, but ends up getting hit, and sent into the wall. He falls into the water, and sees Bonz charging at him. Yang swims away, but Bonz is too fast and ends up catching him with his teeth. He throws Yang out of the water, and sends him into the air. Bonz quickly flies out of the water, and slaps him with his boney tail, sending Yang into the wall again, and into the water. Bonz dives under, and sees a motionless Yang.

“Time to end this!” Bonz charges at Yang, full speed. He opens his mouth wide, ready to chomp down on Yang. But, he quickly disappears, confusing Bonz. He then look behind him, and sees Yang with an exploding shuriken. He throws it at Bonz, causing him to flinch, giving Yang a chance to swim up onto land. He gets on a platform, and pulls out an electrical shuriken. He throws it at the water, but Bonz flies out, and chews the shuriken to bits. He then dives down on the platform Yang is standing on. Yang quickly jumps to another platform, and performs another ninja skill.

“Ninja skill #90... DEEP FREEZE!” He swings his arms out, and the water begins to freeze. Bonz tries to quickly swim up, but gets trapped. Yang sighs, and slides his way to the door. He goes to reach the handle, but a rumbling sound is heard. Yang looks back, and sees Bonz break through the ice, and lands on top of the ice.

“Thought you could just freeze the place up and take it as a win huh? I don’t think so! I told you I’m tough Yang, and no one is leaving unless you’re DEAD!” He then fires another cero at Yang. He quickly jumps out of the way. Bonz then slides on the ice, and smacks Yang with his boney tail, sending him into the wall. Yang slowly gets up, and throws and exploding shuriken. Bonz slides on the ice to avoid the shuriken, and it slides into the wall. Yang then gets an idea. He pulls out two regular shurikens, and puts them on his feet, turning them into ice skates. And I know what you’re thinking, yes, it would hurt to put a shuriken under your foot. But, Yang has stepped on worse things, so this is nothing to him. Anyway, he starts skating, and Bonz chases him. Yang heads for a wall, and bounces off it while Bonz slams into it, sliding him back into the center, a little dazed. Yang then begins circling around Bonz five times. Bonz comes out of being dazed, and finds Yang standing in front of him. Yang then stomps on the ground in front of Bonz, and the ice under him breaks, causing him to fall into the water. Yang quickly pulls out an electrical shuriken, and throws it in the water. Bonz gets shocked with a powerful jolt of electricity, which causes the ice to break. Yang falls in the water, and sees Bonz go belly up. He then begins shaking.

“You’re going... to pay... Yang! Just see... what awaits... you... on the other... side of... that... door!” He then glows white, and explodes into a million pieces of bones. The water drains, and Yang dries himself off, and heads for the door. Then, a portal opens, and a Shy Guy walks out.

“Yang is far more powerful than I thought. But it doesn’t matter, for this adventure will be drawing to a close here soon,” says Senshi Guy.


Booser fires the lightning orb into the clouds, and expects some results. However, nothing happens. Then, a lightning bolt comes down. Booser dodges swiftly. More lightning bolts fire down on Booser. He begins dodging lightning bolt after lightning bolt. They suddenly stop. Booser waits for the next attack. Then, it begins hailing. Sharp shards of ice pelt Booser, and some leave scratch marks. Booser looks up, and starts shooting fireballs into the clouds everywhere. Nothing happens. Then, a powerful windstorm kicks in, and a tornado is created. It heads toward Booser, who tries to get away from it. Unfortunately he is sucked right in. But ends up getting sucked into the eye of the tornado. He looks around, and looks up. He fires a lightning orb. The orb flies up, but then heads for the right. This causes more lightning bolts to fire down on Booser. He turns invisible, and begins flying up. He makes it out of the tornado, and into the clouds. He looks around, and sees nothing but a dark abyss. He then sees Senshitu, sword hanging above him.

“So, you’ve decided to enter my domain have you? In this place, I have the ability to use my sword as a lightning rod, and can create weather conditions. Such as hail and tornados. However, I’m surprised you decided to enter it so fast. But, it doesn’t matter. You are a worthy Boo to face, but this is where I end this.” Senshitu begins shaking, and he lets off a bright light. Booser shields his eyes. When the light disappears, Booser looks and sees Senshitu as a giant cloud spirit. No cloud, and no feet. He is staring down on Booser. “You are witnessing my release form. I am a cloud spirit, controller of weather. Prepare for your demise!”

Booser exhales a stream of fire, but Senshitu quickly flies out of the way, and fires a powerful ball of air at Booser. He is hit, and sent flying. He stops himself, and fires a lightning orb. But Senshitu raises his hand in the air, and the lightning orb circles around it, which confuses Booser. “FOOL! You’re lightning orb is useless in my domain. I can make my hand act like a lightning rod to avoid being hit, and I can use it to my advantage!” He then throws the lightning orb with double the power. Booser turns invisible to avoid the hit, but Senshitu quickly flies up to him, and turns his hand into an electrical fist, and punches Booser when he makes himself visible. He flies higher, but stops himself again. Senshitu laughs.

“Face it! You’re too weak to fight me! I have to say though, I’ve never seen a Boo fight so well before. Tell me... why are you risking your life to help your friend? It’s just some stupid gem.”

“Some stupid gem? It doesn’t seem that way to your boss, or Yang. To Yang, it’s a prison his sister is trapped in. As for your boss, it’s a gem that gives extreme power to the user.”

“But you never answered my question. Why are you risking your life to help your friend?”

“Why? Because I’ve known him for a long time... of course... he was incognito at the time, but he’s been there for me, so I’ll be there for him! But...”

Senshitu raises an eye brow. “But what?”

“I’m also fighting... to see my girlfriend again!”

“Ah, that vampire girl. Explosivo said something about you two hooking up. So... I’ll just have to make sure that you never see her again.” Senshitu then swings his arms, and a hail storm starts up. Booser gets blown back a little, but resists. He then fires a large stream of fire at Senshitu, which hits him and causes the hail storm to stop. Senshitu comes out burnt a little. “Where did THAT come from?”

“I... don’t know.” Senshitu then forms large balls of ice, and chucks them at Booser. He then pulls out his tennis racket, and starts smacking them back at Senshitu, who is now getting pelted with his own attack. Booser then shoots a fireball into the air, and smacks it at Senshitu. He quickly recovers, and forms a ball of water, and shoots it at the fireball. They collide and the water ball destroys the fireball, and keeps going. Booser forms a lightning orb, and throws it right at the water ball. It creates an explosion, somehow, and causes smoke to appear. Senshitu then points a finger through the smoke, and fires a purple and yellow cero. It goes through the smoke, and a yelp is heard. Senshitu grins, and clears the smoke. Then, Booser comes flying through on fire, and smashes right through Senshitu.


Booser, who is still on fire, and comes back around replies, “Nope. I only pretended to get hit. That’s why I yelped! TIME TO END THIS!” He smashes through Senshitu again, and he screams in pain. And being made of cloud doesn’t help. Booser continues sweeping through him, until nothing is left but his head. Booser charges at him, and Senshitu is unable to move. Booser rams into him, and sends him out of his domain, and down to the ground. Booser flies out, and finds his head on the ground.

“You... are not... a normal... Boo...”

“I know I’m not. And by the way... the name’s Booser.”

“It doesn’t... matter. You have... bested me... you are free to... pass...” The head explodes, and the clouds and Senshitu’s domain disappear. Booser heads through the door. Then, a portal opens up, and Senshi Guy walks out.

“That Boo isn’t half bad... but is he capable of handling what’s in the next area?”


Marceline swings her ax base to block a powerful blast from X-Bot’s rocket fist. X-Bot then opens it’s chest, and pulls out a blue potion. He throws it at Marceline. She breaks the potion bottle, but the blue substance falls toward her. She quickly avoids it, and it hits the ground. It burns right through. Marceline turns to X-Bot. “You tried to use chemicals to kill me?!”

“Wehehehehehehehe! I told you this thing has every attack an X-naut would use! Time for the next one!” X-Bot pulls put a large ray gun, and starts blasting at Marceline. She takes to the skies, and avoids the shots easily. She then summons her sound speaker, and strums some notes, thinking she’ll get the same results from her battle with Mad Mack. However, X-Bot is unharmed, which causes Marceline to gasp, and get hit by a blaster she failed to notice. She hits the ceiling. From inside the bot, Senshi X laughs.

“Nice try Marceline! But I knew you’d try the same thing you did to beat Mad Mack, so I made sure your ax base wouldn’t malfunction the controls. Good luck trying to destroy X-Bot! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” X-Bot shoots more blasts at Marceline. She recovers and quickly flies out of the way. X-Bot keeps on blasting at her.

“How am I supposed to hurt this thing? It is resistant to my sound waves... I wonder...” She dives down, and avoids all the blasts shot at her. She then flies behind the back, and sinks her teeth into the bot... which causes her to yell in pain.

“Okay! Never try THAT again!” She is hit with another blast, and sent into the wall once more. She lands on the ground, and notices it is wet. “What the?” From inside the robot, Senshi X notices this too, and frowns.

“Bonz... he has been defeated...” He then feels something strange, and gets wide eyed. “Senshitu as well.”

“What are you blabbing about?” asks Marceline.

“How could you hear me?” asks Senshi X.

“You left the speakers on.”

“Oh... well, what I’m blabbing about is that Bonz and Senshitu have been defeated! How do I know? Because that water is from Bonz’s room, which is right next to mine. I’ll know when he’s dead because he uses that water when he goes into his release form. I know that Senshitu is dead because he was our spiritual messenger. Every time something isn’t right, he would let us know. But when he dies, he let’s off powerful energy that let’s us know. And now I’m going to avenge Bonz and Senshitu! Prepare to die!”

X-Bot puts the blaster away, and shoots out rocket fists at her. Marceline dodges, and looks down on the bot.

“I thought you said that the moves were based off of X-nauts!”

“Oh, well I added this one in because I like rocket fists.” The rocket fists follow Marceline, and she flies around the room, trying to ditch them. She then gets an idea. She dives down toward X-Bot, and charges at it. She then flies up, but the rocket fists hit X-Bot, and knock it down. Marceline then lands, and turns to him.

“You said that they were dead, right? Well... I might be able to use this to my advantage.” She extends her arms out. “Corpses buried beneath mud that’s black, from death I command you to come back!” Nothing happens. By now, X-Bot has gotten back up. From inside, Senshi X laughs.

“Foolish girl! What ever that was, it failed on you. Time to end... this?” From the ground, bunches of hands begin coming out. They eventually turn out to be Dry Bone hands, and Dry Bones’ themselves begin coming out. But one of them is red and black with a sword sash. Then, from above the sky, a Lakiboo appears with the facial hair of Solid Snake. Marceline laughs.

“I knew it would work! Now... time to turn the tables!” The Dry Bones turn to Marceline, and the red and black Dry Bones and the Lakiboo approach her, and bow.

“Wh... what did you do?!” cries Senshi X.

“I’ve brought back that Bonz guy, and that Senshitu guy you were talking about back from the dead. This is only temporarily, but for now... they are my slaves!” cries Marceline, a malicious grin on her face. She turns to Bonz and Senshitu.

“You two, help me take down that robot!”

Bonz and Senshitu nod. Bonz then speaks in a language only the Dry Bones understand, and they begin attacking the robot. The X-Bot is attacked by flying bones, and the Dry Bones begin bashing their bones on the feet. X-Bot manages to easily defeats the Dry Bones, but Bonz and Senshitu are putting up a good fight. Bonz takes out his sword, and begins slashing the bot, but it only manages to leave dent marks. Senshitu throws lightning bolts at the same place Bonz slashed. This weakens that spot more. X-Bot then pulls out another vile of potion, and tosses it at Bonz and Senshitu. They are hit, and dissolve into nothing. Marceline looks back at X-Bot, and notices the spot Bonz and Senshitu hit. She gets an idea, and charges at the spot. X-Bot starts throwing viles at her, but she easily dodges them. However, one hit her, but doesn’t break. It flies up into the air, and spills out. Marceline gasps and quickly flies out of the way. She barely gets away. She stops at the spot, and starts slashing it with her ax base. The spot then bursts, and lets loose wires. Marceline grins and starts biting the wires to break them. X-Bot starts spinning around out of control, letting off bolts and screws. From the control room, Senshi X tries to stop Marceline, but the controls don’t respond. She then bite down on a black wire, which causes X-Bot to stop period. It begins shaking, and lets off a giant explosion. Marceline is sent into the wall, but okay. Senshi X flies up out of the explosion, hits the ceiling, and comes crashing down. He lands with a thud, and cannot move. Marceline gets up, and approaches him.

“Wh... what are... you going to... do?” asks Senshi X, very weak. Marceline grins, and her fangs begin to bare.

“I’m going to do what I should’ve done back at that factory.” She kneels down beside him, and pulls down his collar. Two bite marks are seen. “You know, I’m a little confused on why you didn’t turn into a vampire.”

“That’s because... I neutralized... the affects... of the... bite...”

“Well... time for a snack!” She then hisses, and slowly bends over.


Marceline bites down, hair blocking the scene. Slurping is heard, and Senshi X slowly begins closing his eyes. Marceline comes back up, blood dripping from her lips. She licks them clean, and heads to the door, leaving a bloodless Senshi X. Then, a portal opens up, and Senshi Guy walks out. He looks down at the lifeless Senshi X.

“That makes the death count three. Marceline... you’re in for one heck of a surprise later on. The time is drawing nearer. Hehehe...” He opens another portal, and walks in.


Blue tucks into his shell, and charges at Bloopshi. But due to the water, he is slowed down, giving Bloopshi a chance to attack. He points his sword at Blue, and shoots an icy wave of water. Yes, he is able to shoot water within water. Anyway, Blue is hit, and frozen. He sinks to the bottom. Bloopshi charges at the frozen Blue, and breaks the ice encasing him, and sends him into the wall. Blue comes out, and manages to stop himself before he hits the wall. He then starts swimming at Bloopshi, and karate chops him in the head. Bloopshi quickly recovers, and sends slashes of frozen water at Blue. He swims to avoid them all. He tucks into his shell, and starts spinning, creating a whirlpool. But Bloopshi is too strong a swimmer to get trapped. He charges at the whirlpool, and gets inside it. He then spins in the opposite direction, causing the whirlpool to trap Blue inside. It spins him around, and he comes out dizzy. Bloopshi skull bashes him in the stomach. Blue is sent into the wall, and hits it this time. He begins panting.

“You know, *pant* I’m amazed at the *pant* fact I can *pant* breathe.”

“I had Booshido put a spell in the that let’s my opponents breathe. Why would I do that? Because letting you suffocate is so boring to watch. I like a good battle. But, this battle begins to bore me. Time to end this!” He takes his sword, and begins slowly rubbing the blade. He then swipes the blade quickly, and it glow. The blade then begins letting off an icy mist that freezes Bloopshi. But, it begins to form a giant ice sculpture with four large tentacles, four smaller ones, and a giant Blooper head. The ice cracks, and breaks. In the place of the sculpture is Bloopshi... looking exactly like the sculpture.

“Say hello to my release form! You’ll never be able to defeat me now!” The four tentacles then point at Blue, and squirt ink. This causes the water to get murky, which hinders Blue’s eye sight. He hears Bloopshi laughing. “Good luck hitting me, AND avoiding me!” Then, a tentacle lashes out and slaps Blue. He spins around, stops, and tries to look for Bloopshi. A tentacle comes up from behind, and slaps him again, sending him into the wall. Blue hits it, and gets dazed. He hears Bloopshi laughing.

“How am I going to beat this guy? He is this powerful Blooper, and I’m just... a Koopa.”

“Wrong Blue. You’re just like us.”

Blue looks around, and sees four tiny spirits that look like the Koopa Bros.

“... I must be hallucinating.”

“That is where you’re wrong,” says the Red Koopa Bro spirit. “Blue, you are not just a Koopa... you’re one of us!”

“How? I know none of your moves.”

“We’ll just have to fix that,” says the Green Koopa Bro spirit. The four of them spin around him, and sparkles come off of them. Blue then feels power coursing through him.

“There, now you have our abilities. But they won’t last long, so make them count,” says the Black Koopa Bro spirit.


“Well, we better get going,” says the Yellow Koopa Bro spirit. The four of them disappear, and Blue clutches his fists. He closes his eyes, and listens carefully to the sound of Bloopshi. Then, a tentacle comes into view, and goes to slap Blue. But he quickly spins around and karate chops it away. Another tentacle comes in, and he swats it away as well. The tentacles go back deeper into the murky water. Bloopshi is heard.

“I’m surprised you are able to deflect my attack now. No matter, I’ll end this fast!” Bloopshi then comes into view. He splits his four smaller tentacles apart, and starts squirting out ice balls. Blue quickly swims out of the way.

“Hehehe! You cannot escape me Blue!” As Blue swims further away, ice balls are shot in his direction. Blue then gains speed by tucking into his shell. He bounces off the wall, and heads back toward Bloopshi. But Bloopshi is fast and swats him away. Blue comes out of his shell, and stops himself. He then gets an idea.

“I have all the abilities of the Koopa Bros... which means I can do THIS!” He tucks back into his shell, and begins spinning fast than he did before. He creates another whirlpool, which begins sucking Bloopshi in.

“Whoa! What’s going on here?!” He tries to swim away, but Blue pours on the power. He gets sucked in, and repeatedly get hit by Blue. Blue then makes a dangerous move. He charges under Bloopshi, and up his ink hole. Blue then begins bashing around inside, causing Bloopshi himself to extend in the places Blue hit. Blue then makes his way up to the brain, and spins into it. He is then launched out by going right through Bloopshi’s head. Bloopshi floats motionless.

“You’ll... pay...” He then quickly bloats, and explodes. The water begins to drain, and ink begins falling everywhere. Blue walks to the door, and feels the power of the Koopa Bros. disappears. As he opens the door, he mutters something. “Thanks... Bros.” He walks through, and as he does, a portal opens up. Senshi Guy looks around.

“Four down... one to go,” he says, a malicious grin on his face.


Yoesh runs away from Senshioomba, for he is seen throwing egg BOMBS at him. Not just eggs, egg bombs. Yoesh then forms an egg shield, to protect himself from the egg bomb. Senshioomba rapidly throws the eggs like no tomorrow. Yoesh then rolls around, which surprises Senshioomba. Yoesh rams into him, and sends him flying. Yoesh then pops out and lashes his tongue at Senshioomba. He wraps it around him, and swings him around. He then tosses him into a wall, which causes Senshioomba to revert back into his Tanoomba form. He gets up, and turns to Yoesh.

“Not bad, but that was just a warm up! Two more transformations are left. Let’s see you deal with THIS!” He is engulfed within a puff of smoke, and in his place is a Magikoopa. He fires a powerful blast of magic, which Yoesh jumps to avoid. He then flutter jumps over to him, and ground pounds him. Senshioomba disappears, which causes Yoesh to hit the ground pretty hard. He gets up, and looks around for Senshioomba. Then, a powerful blast is seen, and Yoesh goes into an egg, and dodges it. He pops out, and jumps high in the air, seeing Senshioomba levitating. Yoesh throws an egg at him, But Senshioomba quickly puts up a shield, and blocks the hit. He then fires a fiery spell, which hits Yoesh and sends him to the ground. He lands with a powerful thud, and begins rolling around on the ground to stop the burning. Senshioomba laughs.

“Pathetic!” He flies down, wand ready. Yoesh notices this, quickly putting the fire out. He then begins to throw eggs rapidly. An egg hits the wand, and it flies out of Senshioomba’s hand. He gasps, and is hit in the face with an egg, and falls to the ground. Yoesh goes for the wand, but Senshioomba quickly recovers, and puts his hand up. The wand jiggles, and flies back to his hand. He then quickly fires a red and brown blast of energy, or cero to be more exact. Yoesh is hit with the powerful blast, and flies up into the air. Senshioomba quickly points his wand at Yoesh, and charges up another.

“Say good night little fool...” He fires, and makes contact. The blast ends, and Yoesh is no where to be seen. Senshioomba grins. “My deed is done...” Then, an egg hits him from behind. He is knocked down, wand out of his hand. It slides away from him, and a foot steps on it, causing it to break. The foot belong to Yoesh, who is all right, but weakened.


“Truth be told... I’m not really sure. But what ever force saved me, I thank them. This is the end!”

“Oh, it is... FOR YOU! TIME FOR MY ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION!” He transforms back into Senshioomba for a split second. Yoesh can see he is very weakened because Senshioomba is hunching over, and could faint at any minute. Then, he transforms into his ultimate form: a giant Piranha Plant with vines everywhere. Yoesh takes a step back.

“This is my most powerful form! You’re the first to ever see this form. And unlike the other nine Senshi, I’m the only one without a release form. Why? Because I can transform into anything I want. And I’m going to defeat you with THIS FORM!” He then fires another cero from his mouth. Yoesh quickly dodges the attack, and jumps high into the air. But one of the vines quickly grabs Yoesh, and tightens around him. It brings Yoesh up to Senshioomba’s face.

“This is why you should NEVER mess me!” He opens his mouth, and a cero starts forming. Yoesh struggles to escape, but cannot. Yoesh then lashes his tongue around Senshioomba’s head, causing his mouth to close on the cero forming. Senshioomba struggles to open his mouth, but cannot. He lets go of Yoesh, whose tongue flies back into his mouth. Senshioomba quickly turns to Yoesh in anger, the cero no longer forming.

“You shouldn’t have done that! Because now... you’re in for a world full of hurt!”

“Bring it on!” Senshioomba opens his mouth, and fireballs start shooting out. Yoesh dodges them with his fast speed and jumps toward Senshioomba. He then lashes out two vines and slaps Yoesh with them, sending him into a wall. Yoesh gets up, and starts throwing eggs. Senshioomba breaks all the eggs using his vines. He then opens his mouth, and fires another cero. Yoesh dodges the cero, and charges up at Senshioomba. He gets an egg ready, but Senshioomba goes to grab him. Yoesh quickly fires the egg, but misses the target. It begins bouncing around the room. Senshioomba then wraps a vine around Yoesh and his mouth so he won’t try the same thing.

“This ends NOW!” Senshioomba goes to form another cero, and Yoesh waits for his doom. But, the egg that Yoesh launched bounces right off the wall, and into Senshioomba’s mouth. He stops charging, and begins choking. He then unwraps the vines holding Yoesh, and tries to get the egg out of his throat. Unfortunately, the egg had gone deeper then you’d think, which causes Senshioomba to keel over, with some final words.

“This... victory... was... nothing... but... LUCK!”

Silence. Yoesh gives a sigh of relief. He heads for the door, and heads through. Senshi Guy enters the scene. He looks at the transformed Senshioomba.

“Jolts of electricity. A flaming Boo. Blood sucking. Destruction from the inside. Choking. All these things killed Bonz, Senshitu, Senshi X, Bloopshi, and Senshioomba. Yang and his friends defeated these guys faster than I thought. Let’s just see how they deal with... the top five...” Senshi Guy chuckles evilly, and leaves the room.

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