The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

PHASE 1: Search for Power Shards
Chapter 1: Booshido and the Ten Senshi

It is a dark night as a lone figure is seen right in front of Dry Dry Ruins. This figure is a Boo wearing a jester hat. He is waiting impatiently for someone and has been floating in this spot for hours. Just when he is about to leave, a portal opens up. He turns around and sees a Shroob step out. But this Shroob is somewhat different from other Shroobs. This one has red spots instead of white, and is wearing a sword sash. The Boo approaches the Shroob.

"'Bout time you showed up," says the Boo.

"Sorry, got a little sidetracked," replies the Shroob. "Shall we head back?"

"We shall."

They both step into the portal and it closes.


Somewhere in an icy climate, a large castle stands. Inside that castle members of nine species are sitting at a long table. Four are sitting on the left, four are sitting on the right, and the ninth figure is sitting at the head of the table. The figure sitting at the head is a large, black-colored Boo with a silver cape, blood red eyes, four fangs, and a green tongue. One of the four sitting on the left is a black Yoshi with a white underbelly and light blue shoes with spikes on the bottom. He also has spikes going down his back and is wearing sunglasses. The one next to him is hidden within a robe, a normal-colored Duplighost with a black star on his forehead, with yellow eyes. The next one is a Dark Bones... That’s it. Nothing special about him.

On the other side sits a light black Blooper. Next to him is an X-Naut who wears dark blue and white with yellow goggles. Next to him is a Lakitu in a light gray cloud. The Lakitu has the facial hair of Solid Snake. And the last one is a Tanoomba with a dark red color scheme and a black leaf. Most of them have sword sashes.

A portal appears above the table, and out comes the Boo and Shroob from before. They slowly land on the table, and the Boo approaches the bigger Boo, bowing.

"Master Booshido, it is an honor to be let back in," says the Boo.

"I am glad to have you back, Booster. Now, take your seat. You too, Shroobiorra," says Booshido, pointing to the Shroob. They both sit down and Booshido floats up.

"My fellow Senshi! Now that we are no longer frozen in time, we will carry out the plan that we intended to do years ago!"

He pulls out a small shard. "This is one of the eight shard pieces of the Power Crystal! It used to be whole, but thanks to Booster, we must search for the other seven pieces!"

All the Senshi moan, except Booster, who turns invisible. Booshido continues. "Yes, I know. But, I have located them!"

"Do you have the exact location?" asks the Tanoomba.

"Sadly, no. But their location is within someplace called... the Mushroom Kingdom!"

Booster reappears and turns to Booshido. "Master, I have been there!"

Booshido turns to Booster. "You have?"

Booster nods, and Booshido grins. "Well, do you have the locations?"

A frown appears on Booster's face. "Sadly, no. I've been under the rule of someone named King Boo. He had plans for taking over the world that didn't turn out so well."

Booshido sighs. "Well, since you have been to this... Mushroom Kingdom, I need you to give us its history, locations, and anything else I can think of!"

"Yes sir. I shall begin right away."

Booster leaves, and the rest of the Senshi follow. But Booshido stays behind for a minute. "Yang... I know you will be involved with this. Let’s see how much you have improved over the years…"


Chapter 2: The Journey Begins

We switch to Luigi's Mansion, where we see Booser on the balcony staring towards the forest. Above all the trees, he can see Toad Town and Peach's Castle. He is remembering the adventure he, Mario, Luigi, Mallow, Geno, Bowser Jr, and Yang had. They had to stop King Boo's plan and save the Mushroom Kingdom from being called the Mushboo Kingdom. He sighs as he remembers when he found out his old Shy Guy buddy was really Yang. Then he starts remembering Blade Guy while staring into space. "Blade Guy..."

He then snaps out of his trance. "*sigh* Things sure are pretty boring around here. I think I'll go see what Yang's doing." He floats off toward Yang's room.

Yang is seen sitting on his bed, looking at the power shard Booster surrendered to him. He can feel Ying's power flowing through it.

"How am I supposed to find her with just this shard?"

Then, Booser floats in and notices Yang staring at the shard. "Everything all right, Yang?"

"*sigh* It's just... I don't know how I'm supposed to find all the other seven power shards. I don't have a tracker, I don't have anything to locate them."

Booser approaches Yang and tries to comfort him. "Hey, don't worry, buddy. You're a skilled ninja Duplighost. I'm sure you can figure something out," says Booser.

Yang tries to give him a smile, but can't. Booser leaves to give him some privacy. Yang sighs, thinking meditation will help. He gets into position and begins to go into a peaceful state. But Yang had left the power shard on his lap, and something begins to form in his mind. It shows a castle above the clouds. Yang quickly gets out of meditation and falls off his bed, a surprised look on his face. "Did... I just?"

Booser comes rushing in. "Yang? What happened? I heard a thud, and..."

"I'm all right, Booser, but... I think I located one of the power shards."

Booser floats in front of Yang with his mouth hanging open.


"And this right here is Bowser's Keep, home to Bowser, King of the Koopas," explains Booster, who is seen showing everyone the last location of the Mushroom Kingdom. The other nine Senshi and Booshido are seen listening to Booster’s explanation. "And, that is it for the Mushroom Kingdom," says Booster.

"This Mushroom Kingdom seems to be a very interesting place," comments Booshido. "All right. Now that we know what this place is like, we shall begin locating the Power Shards!"

All the Senshi begin to cheer. Booshido calms them down. "Now, since Booster’s been gone, I've been trying to figure out how to locate these shards. And, I've come up with a solution."

Booshido takes out one of the Power Shards and begins to meditate. Then, an image appears in front of everyone. It shows a castle above the clouds. Booster gets wide-eyed. Booshido then comes out of meditation.

"To locate them, one of us just has to meditate. Now, this particular shard I just located seems to be somewhere in that castle above the clouds. And that place is called..."

Booster approaches him. "Nimbus Land."

"Yes, Nimbus Land. Now, who would like to go and fetch me this shard?"

All the Senshi go into a frenzy because they want to go after the shard. All except one: the robed figure. He stands up and approaches Booshido. Booshido notices that the robed figure is the only one who isn't in a frenzy, so he stops everyone and announces that the robed figure will go. Everyone complains, but Booshido shuts them up. He opens a portal and the robed figure walks into it, thus, starting the adventure…

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