Survivor 2: The REAL Deal

By Badyoyo

Terrible Tribe is seen hopping into a warp pipe.

N. Gin: Something tells me I haven't seen the last of them all.

Roy Koopa: Hey, how come I haven't been blasted off yet? I wanted to make a Team Rocket reference.

N. Gin: I'm saving the launching for later. In the meantime, hold this.

N. Gin drops an unlit Bob-omb down the cannon's turret.

N. Gin: Now to get the next one set up.

N. Gin presses a button and Roy Koopa's cannon moves a little to the left, while another cannon comes out of the ground.

N. Gin: Time for a random plot obstacle.

N. Gin pulls down a switch and it begins raining.

N. Gin: And it will stay raining for the rest of this episode.

Terrible Tribe
Day 4

Ludwig: Hasn't it been day four already?

Michael Tarver: I heard something about the author wanting to send us back in time or something.

The rain starts pouring on Terrible Tribe's camp.

Goomba: Into the shelter!

Terrible Tribe scramble into their shelter, Cheep Cheep hops back into the water.

Ludwig: Annoying event after annoying event. How long is this game again? I already feel crazy.

Birdo: We still have 36 days.

Michael Tarver: Actually, I heard the author doesn't like many religious overtones in his Fun Fictions. So he changed the amount of time we're here to 39 days instead of 40.

Lakitu sticks his hand out the window, then pulls it back to see it's soaking wet.

Lakitu: Well a Noah joke would be funny right about now.

Bandit: Did we remember to bring the food in before it got soaked?

Terrible Tribe look out their shelter to see that they left their food outside. The rain makes a small river and carries the chicken feed and rice away.

Michael Tarver: ... Why us?

Ludwig, Genius: We got rid of my little brother on day... 4?

Cameraman: 3.

Ludwig, Genius: This author confuses me. Anyway, I don't understand why they voted him out, Roy Koopa was strong. Goomba's a pain in my side.

Michael Tarver: Wow, now I'm really glad I called dibs on those shirts.

Michael Tarver is seen wrapped in clothes while keeping him warm, while the rest of Terrible Tribe are shivering.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: Yeah, I think I overdid my hatred for Ludwig, I should be trying to make some friends... Let's see, who can tolerate me and hates Ludwig... Cheep Cheep!

Goomba slowly walks out of the shelter, however the rain makes another river and carries him out to sea.


Cheep Cheep hears him and rescues him.

Cheep Cheep: I think it's best you stay in the shelter.

Goomba: Wait! I want to make an alliance with you first!

Cheep Cheep: An alliance? ... Keep talking!

Goomba: Yes, an alliance, to get rid of Ludwig. If we team up I promise you that we'll be in the final two.

Cheep Cheep: Sure, why not?

Cheep Cheep throws Goomba to the shelter. Birdo spots him and picks him up.

Birdo: Where have you been?

Goomba: None of your business!

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: I'm definitely not joining an alliance with Goomba, but just making him think I'm his friend, then voting him out... that'd be hilarious... But a promise to keep us in the final two... I may never know when my four man alliance will be defeated, and who will remain. Hmmm.

Lakitu: Would you be here if it weren't for the money?

Bandit: No way! I would never go to this DAD-forsaken place! Prison had better living conditions!

Michael Tarver: That money is the key incentive to keep me going.

Ludwig: Yes, I want the money; I also want to finish what I started: win.

Goomba: Everyone knows why I'm here.

Terrible Tribe (simultaneously): To get revenge on Ludwig.

Birdo: Let's remember, someone's going to get it, and it's in this room. We all know the other tribe isn't going to get it.

Terrible Tribe laughs.

Lakitu: Yeah, and the day a Cheep Cheep wins one of these games is the day I poke myself in the eye with one of my own Spinies.

Terrible Tribe laughs some more, but Goomba looks a little distraught.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: How dare he insult Cheep Cheep like that? She's my only friend!

Paper Powers
Day 4

Everyone is huddled around the water hole/pond, since the shelter can't hold much of them and it's raining cats and dogs.

Flurrie: All right, it's official: we need to get more room for the shelter.

Rawk Hawk: What are you talking about? This shelter RAWKs!

Rawk Hawk and Bombette are seen relaxing in the shelter. A big glob water hits Goombella.

Goombella: Grrrr. We need to get that shelter bigger.

Parakarry: Yeah, if only we could get more trees to hold it down.

Bow: Hey Marilyn, get us more trees!

Marilyn: Uguh!

Marilyn shakes her head no.

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: Uguh!

Bow, Boo Princess: How she lasted this long, I'll never know.

Goombella, College Student: I'm trying to make this life easier on us, but we keep getting bad luck, and as long Bombette stays around it's going to stay that way...  it's going to be harder

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: We're all pleased with our performance in the immunity challenge, but now the rain has doused our fire and we have no torches to light anything. So now we're shivering, wet, and overpopulated.

Flurrie: I'm going to go get something to eat.

Marilyn: GUH!

Marilyn grabs the machete and follows Flurrie.

Flurrie: Now what can we eat in this forest?

Marilyn: Uguh.

Flurrie and Marilyn venture deeper into the forest, eventually finding some berries.

Flurrie: Are these edible?

Marilyn shrugs her shoulders and takes one. Nothing happens, and she shrugs.

Flurrie: Let's eat them all to make sure they're not poisonous.

They begin gorging on the berries.

Meanwhile, Bombette is talking to Rawk Hawk.

Bombette: Look Rawk Hawk, I'm sorry if I explode on you.

Rawk Hawk: You? You haven't done anything THAT bad. These new guys are all paranoid freaks who think they're god-like because they were in Paper Mario TTYD. I was in Paper Mario TTYD, do you see me bragging about my accomplishments?

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Yes

Bombette: No.

Rawk Hawk: Exactly! These guys are crazy!

Bombette: I agree on that.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Ok, I wasn't being honest, I have to admit Parakarry RAWKs... The rest aren't crazy... they're RAWKing insane!

Bombette: These crazy guys want to get rid of me even though my explosions can still be helpful.

Rawk Hawk: Your explosions mixed with my punches and speed can really RAWK an opponent.

Bombette: We need to get rid of someone who's clearly less useful... like Goombella.

Rawk Hawk: ... I'll think about it.

Bombette, Demolitons Expert: If I get Rawk Hawk under my wing, that gives me five people against Goombella's three. So I don't need to worry about a tiebreaker or anything. Everything is going according to plan.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: People may think I'm going to be dumb in this story. Well they’re wrong. I may have been dumb in the Glitz Pit (and every other Fun Fiction I was in), but that was to seem as a weakness. You Know Who won Wario's Apprentice, and he/she never seemed like the winner from the start! I'll just follow his/her strategy and I'll be perfectly safe... By the way, how come I can only refer the winner of Wario's Apprentice as You Know Who?

Cameraman: Because we don't want to spoil the winner for those that haven't read it.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: But you need to read Wario's Apprentice to understand what in the world is going on.

Cameraman: Isn't this subliminal advertising for Wario's Apprentice?

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Maybe! But it's the truth!

Cameraman: Name one thing.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: The fact you're a Sledge Bro!

The cameraman turns the camera around to show his face; it's the same cameraman from The Monty Mole and Wario's Apprentice.

Cameraman: Hi

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Stop filming yourself! No one is going to understand why Lakitu mentioned Petey at the beginning of this.

Cameraman: Petey joined him as a servant in Wario's Apprentice; there, it's explained.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: What about the marriage of Large Fry and Cackletta?

Cameraman: Large Fry and Cackletta aren't in this Fun Fiction.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: What about-

Cameraman: Moving on!
The cameraman turns to Parakarry and Bow, who are trying to make a hut out of leaves.

Parakarry: Why is it that everything in this forest has to be too weak or too heavy to use as supplies?

Bow: I don't know, just keep working... Hey, wait a minute...

Parakarry: What?

Bow: Rocks.

Parakarry: Rocks?

Bow: Yeah, rocks.

Bow goes to the pond and picks up some rocks. She begins to build a hut out of them. A bunch of cuts later, she finishes with a small rock shelter.

Bow: Now this is the only time you're ever going to see me do this.

Bow spits a massive spitwad at the rock hut, the spit making a replacement for glue. The hut stays intact, Parakarry gets in as well as Bow.

Parakarry: Amazing, how did you do that?

Bow: Who do you think made those puzzles in my mansion in Paper Mario?

Parakarry: I always thought it was Bootler.

Bow slaps Parakarry with her fan.

Parakarry: I mean you!

Parakarry, Mailman: I swear she's getting more aggressive the more I know her.

Reward Challenge

The two tribes are seen across at a rocky river.

Goombella: When did that get here?

N. Gin: I made it out of boredom. It's really easy to get dancing robotic fish with drills in their mouths to down whatever you want. Right, Dancing Robotic Fish?

Dancing Robotic Fish: Right!

Some Robotic Fish jump out of the river and start doing the Can-Can. They Can-Can out of the forest.

N. Gin: Ok, here's the challenge. You guys are going to go across this beach and out into the ocean to get a colored crate. Once all members of your tribe grab the crate, you'll cut it from it's anchor, then you'll have to carry it down this river to a pond I made at the bottom of it, then you’ll bring it out to the secured area. The first tribe to place their crate on their platform in the area, wins. Want to know what you’re playing for?

The two tribes nod.

N. Gin: I noticed you all forgot one thing when you went off the boat... these.

N. Gin pulls a tarp off a tree stump to reveal some blankets.

N. Gin: Here are eight blankets! This will be the first reward you'll be fighting for. Paper Powers, you have one man extra, who do you want to sit out?

Goombella: Bombette will.

Bombette: No, I-

N. Gin: Bombette it is!

Goombella, College Student: Now that she won't participate, this challenge will show my overall power.

N. Gin: Survivor ready? ... GO!

The fourteen all sprint out of the forest across the beach and into the ocean, Goombella isn't a very good swimmer so she gets on Rawk Hawk's back. Goomba is also bad at swimming, so he jumps into Lakitu's cloud. Lakitu is flying over the ocean, as are Parakarry and Flurrie.

Lakitu: All right, get on!

Goomba hops out and lands on the crate, Lakitu slaps the crate.

Flurrie: What absolutely unruly behavior.

Parakarry: What? Teaming up to make the challenge easier?

Flurrie: No, the fact that they're currently ahead.

Parakarry and Flurrie slap their crate. Bow pops up behind them and slaps the crate as well.

Parakarry: GUH!

Marilyn: UGUH!

Parakarry: Sorry, I mean GAH! Where did you come from?

Bow: I just love scaring you guys.

Parakarry, Mailman: And she wonders why she got 14th in the original game.

Cheep Cheep rams the crate, making Goomba fall off. Lakitu rescues him and places him back in his cloud.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: Ok, saving this guy is getting a little tedious.

Rawk Hawk: Let's RAWK this team!

Rawk Hawk grabs the crate and Goombella jumps on it. Meanwhile the four other members swim simultaneously to their crate. They all grab onto it.

Ludwig: I told King Dad those synchronized swimming classes would help me one day.

Meanwhile Marilyn has just grabbed onto it. Paper Powers are now waiting for Koops.

Koops: *gasp, gasp*

Koops can swim, but he's not really good at it.

Ludwig: Cut the rope!

Bandit goes underwater, swims under the crate, pulls out the hunting knife he was hiding, and cuts the rope.

Michael Tarver: GO! GO! GO!

Terrible Tribe starts pushing their crate toward the river. Meanwhile Koops has just made it to his team's crate.

Goombella: All right, who can cut the rope?

Bow: Allow me.

Bow goes under and uses her razor sharp teeth to bite into the rope. Terrible Tribe go down the river, while Paper Power's crate gets undone.

Goombella; Great! Let's WOAH!

Goombella falls off and Rawk Hawk saves her. Paper Powers start pushing their crate, but Terrible Tribe is already riding down.

Ludwig: Keep it steady!


Terrible Tribe hit a rock but actually get more speed. They end up getting dizzy from careening about Goomba is the only one who doesn't get dizzy, and he starts pushing the crate toward the platform.

Goomba: Not... going... *grunt*... to give up!

Meanwhile Paper Powers hit the same rock, but they all lose their grip. The crate goes flying down the river with no one holding onto it.

Meanwhile Goomba's a quarter of a way. Ludwig finally remembers what's going and starts helping him, however Paper Powers make it down to the bottom of the river, where they begin retrieving their crate and push it on land.

Parakarry: We can still do this!


Ludwig's voice gets the attention of Lakitu, Birdo, Bandit, and Michael Tarver, who also join in pushing Terrible Tribe's crate.

Goombella: LET'S GO! LET'S GO!

Both tribes are even at 75%. Marilyn starts up a thunder spell, but Bandit stops pushing, takes out his hunting knife, and throws it, hitting Marilyn right in her arm.

Marilyn: GUH!

Marilyn starts grabbing her arm to make the pain stops, and Paper Powers lose a lot of speed with Marilyn not pushing, Soon Terrible Tribe push their crate onto their platform.

N. Gin: Terrible Tribe wins!

Ludwig: YES!


Michael Tarver rips the top off the crate and starts pulling out blankets.

Michael Tarver: Now this is what we deserve!

Paper Powers look at Terrible Tribe and shake their heads at their loss. Bandit walks over to them.

Bandit: I'll take that.

Bandit takes his hunting knife out of Marilyn's arm. Marilyn cringes at the pain while Bandit merely smirks.

Terrible Tribe
Day 5

Terrible Tribe enter their shelter while Cheep Cheep goes back into the ocean.

Ludwig: Good job, team.  One blanket for each of us, and two blankets left over. Now I have a plan for these extra two. Birdo, could you come over here?

Birdo walks over.

Ludwig: Could you please sew the door in our shelter with one of the blankets?

Birdo: Sure, why not?

Ludwig, Genius: Okay, I admit sealing the door to the shelter with a blanket isn't the most positive thing we could've done with those blankets. But it sort of makes our shelter a bit more attractive.

Birdo finishes sewing the "door".

Birdo, Egg Seller: Okay, we have no food, we have nothing good to sleep on, but that's the game I signed up to play.

Goomba: What about the extra blanket?

Ludwig: That we're going to use as a throw rug.

Ludwig spreads the blanket out evenly in the middle of the shelter.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: I'm glad I now have a replacement blankee ever since Ludwig took mine to use as the roof... I'm also thankful my blankee is water resistant so the water doesn't make it cave in on us.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: Oh, I'm beginning to love this game, just the thrill of almost ending a life in that reward challenge was just so invigorating!

Lakitu, Gravedigger: Bandit is starting to scare me.

Micheal Tarver: Hey Bandit, I'm getting hungry! Why don't you use the blood off that knife to attract some sharks in the ocean!

Ludwig: Sharks don't live on Plit, you idiot... but there are Boss Bass.

Bandit: Sure thing, Chief!

Ludwig: WAIT!

Bandit runs out the "door".

Bandit; Hey, Cheep Cheep! Get out of the water! This is going to get nasty!

Cheep Cheep hops out and Bandit places his hunting knife into the water.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: Bandit told me to get out of the water, I didn't know why, but then he placed his knife in the water, then almost instantly I knew what he was planning.

A Boss Bass comes swimming up to the beach, eats Bandit whole, spits out the knife, and swims off.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: Ok, that's not what happened, THIS is what happened.

A Boss Bass comes swimming up to the beach, eats Bandit whole, spits out Bandit and his knife, then swims off. Bandit lands next to the crate of vegetables.

Bandit: I thought there was still some stuff left.

Bandit carries the crate of vegetables into the shelter. Terrible Tribe cheers and has some dinner.

Paper Powers
Day 5

Goombella: Hey Koops. What are you doing?

Koops: Uh... Nothing.

Koops is mashing something with a stick.

Goombella: You're doing something! Let me see!

Goombella knocks a bowl out of Koops's hands; the contents spill into the pond. Koops snaps.


Goombella: Chill... it was an accident.

Bow: Yeah, stop being such a crazy guy.

Koops stomps off into the Forever Forest, Bombette following him.

Bombette: Hey, wait! I think we should talk...

Koops marches further into the woods, and soon is out of Bombette's sight.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I understand Koops has been quiet for some time, he's also pretty mad about Goombella did, but he didn't have to scream. That's not the best first impression you want to leave on somebody.

Koops is seen marching further into the Forest. His path is blocked by Jr. Troopa.

Jr. Troopa: HAL-

Koops throws Jr. Troopa into a Piranha Plant. He marches forward and finds himself at Bow's Mansion. He grabs the front gate and smashes it, then busts open the front door.

Koops: HEY! If there's any Boos over here I want to fight them all right now!

A multitude of Boos confront Koops.

Koops: I'm bored and angsty! Give me our worst!

The Boos stay a fair distance away from Koops.

Koops: What? Too scared?

Boo: No, too smart.

Koops: Yeah, it's smart to stay away from me!

Boo: No, we watch Survivor, and you should be back at your campsite helping Lady Bow.

Koops starts fearing the Boos.

Koops: Uh... No.

Boo: ... Get him, boys!

The Boos surround Koops, carry him outside, and throw him all the way back to his home base.

Goombella: Look who's back.

Koops: Uh... Hi...

Later Goombella's alliance is seen near the pond.

Goombella: Look, I think we need to change hands. Bombette is at least useful. Koops is pointless to have around; he's already yelled at us the way to cook in this rain. He's useless to us... he could actually hurt one of us.

Bow: That loser wouldn't harm a fly!

Parakarry: He's an insult to Koopa Troopas everywhere!

Goombella's alliance laugh.

Goombella: But in all seriousness, we're getting rid of Koops, THEN Bombette, understand?

Goombella's Alliance: Yes

Rawk Hawk is looking a little skeptical as he walks toward the camera. He sits on a rock for an interview

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Great, just great. Now I have to choose who I want to RAWK! Do I get rid of Goombella or do I get rid of Koops? ... Hmmm...

Rawk Hawk gets up and leaves. Koops's head pop out of the "rock", which was secretly his shell.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Uh... I'm scared... What do I do now?

Koops goes running to Bombette's alliance and explains everything.

Bombette: Well I say we keep the focus on Goombella.

Flurrie: Agreed, at least Koops knows how to cook.

Marilyn: GUH!

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Well it's going to be a war now. If I can just convince Rawk Hawk to join my side and vote out Goombella, then we're safe. However if I can't, we're stuck. I swear, if we end up at Tribal Council it's going to be a massacre.

Koops: Oh thank you! I'll cook you all a feast when we're done!

Bombette: You do that.

Bombette walks over to Rawk Hawk.

Bombette: Hey Rawk Hawk, I have good news.

Rawk Hawk: What?

Bombette: I just added Koops to our alliance.

Rawk Hawk looks shocked.

Rawk Hawk: What?!

Bombette: The more members we have, the stronger we become. So we're going to vote out Goombella, right?

Rawk Hawk: ... Right...

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: AUGH! I feel I'm the one being RAWKed now! Do I get rid of my own partner?! Or do I get rid of my other partner?! ... ARGH!

Rawk Hawk picks up a tree and slams it down to the ground.

Terrible Tribe
Day 5

A package falls next to the shelter's "door". Bandit picks it up and opens it.

Ludwig: What's that?

Bandit: It's airmail. AKA, our replacement for the Guy.

Goomba: Why couldn't we get that the last two times?

Birdo picks up a piece of the package.

Birdo: (reading paper) We couldn't pay the Guy enough to give us constant poems, and it took us a while for us to get our airmail. So here you go.

Lakitu: So what do we got?

Bandit: (reading airmail)
Want to try something new?
Be careful or you will spew
This next challenge is a little vintage
Also the author is Straight Edge.

Micheal Tarver: That doesn't rhyme at all! Who wrote that?

Lakione and Lakitwo are seen writing airmail.

Lakione: YAY! Our Fun Fiction debut!

Lakitwo: I'm so excited! I could coo!

Meanwhile Ludwig is just realizing what the airmail means.

Ludwig: Oh no...

Micheal Tarver: What?

Ludwig: It's the infamous... Food Challenge.

All but Micheal Tarver shudder.

Micheal Tarver: What? What's the food challenge?

Goomba: Something REALLY nasty.

Bandit: Disgusting! Horrifying!

Birdo: Absolute filth!

Lakitu, Gravedigger: I just came from Wario's Apprentice, I just came from the show that gave me good food to eat... I'm not prepared for this challenge at all! Now I need Petey! To do this all for me!

Micheal Tarver, Professional Wrestler: I have eaten the worst things on this planet to date, I used to live at the bottom of the barrel. I got into this story by luck! And I'm not going to let some stupid bugs get in my way of winning!

Ludwig, Genius: I just barely survived the last food challenge I participated in, and I still get my stomach pumped from time to time! I doubt I can handle anything else.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: If I can survive Tribal Council, I think I can handle some bad food. Besides, all I have had to eat is some vegetables.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: Unless it's the head of the cute girl I used to dream about in high school, I'm going to eat whatever is in front of me!

Immunity Challenge

N. Gin is seen spinning a wheel. Terrible Tribe enter, then Paper Powers enter with the miniature Lumaris.

N. Gin: I'll take that!

N. Gin has a mechanical claw come out of the ground and snatch the miniature Lumaris out of Parakarry's hands.

N. Gin: I hear both tribes have been having food issues. Terrible Tribe, most of your food drifted off to sea... Paper Powers, you spoiled your lake because of food.

Both teams are grumbling.

N. Gin: However, I have cooked some gourmet food for you all! The creatures of the Forever Forest have survived by feasting on whatever they can.  Here's how the challenge goes. One member of each tribe will go up, I'll spin the wheel, and you'll eat what's on here. The person to finish their food first will get a point. First tribe to 4 points win the Lumaris miniature. Paper Powers, you have one member extra. Choose someone who isn't Bombette to sit out.

Koops: Uh...

Bow: No way am I eating any of that! I'm sitting out!

N. Gin: Very well then, I hope you're all hungry... Oh, and for all those weak stomach folks, I've also been kind enough to add some refreshing items, like a tomato and a Kit-Kat bar... Let's go!

Bombette and Goomba step up to the stand. N. Gin spins the wheel...

N. Gin: You two have to eat a dead Fuzzy... GO!

Both have no arms so they bounce the dead Fuzzy off the table. Both begin chowing down on the Fuzzy, determined not to go to Tribal Council. However at the last second Goomba slurps up the rest of the Fuzzy with his tongue.

N. Gin: Terrible Tribe gets a point!

Terrible Tribe: YAHOO!

Parakarry and Bandit come up to the stand, N. Gin spins the wheel...

N. Gin: OOH! You two have to eat the brain of a Clubba... GO!

Parakarry and Bandit look at it, disgusted. They shake it off and grab and begin chewing it, trying to get it down. However it's extremely chewy, so they need to really get it down. It's pretty much down to the wire. Parakarry suddenly remembers he sometimes used to accidentally swallow bugs on his flights to deliver mail, and they tasted much worse. He swallows his.

N. Gin: Paper Powers get a point!

Paper Powers: WOOHOO!

Goombella and Lakitu get up to the stand N. Gin spins the wheel.

N. Gin: It's tied...  And you two have to eat... a cup of Joe.

Lakitu drinks it immediately, due to him having arms.

Lakitu: Hmmm, different taste than usual... What exactly was in that coffee? Like... 7 lumps of sugar mixed with a strong black coffee?

N. Gin: No, Joe was a Koopa Troopa that died in the forest. His blood was so polluted that it turned into a coffee black.

Lakitu looks like he's going to puke, but manages to hold it down.

N. Gin: Either way, Terrible Tribe gets a point!

Lakitu and Goomba high five each other. Marilyn and Micheal Tarver go up to the stand. N. Gin begins to spin the wheel.

N. Gin: And you two have to eat a... tomato. GO!

Both grab the tomato and eat it at the same time.

N. Gin: We need a replay for that one.

A replay shows both Marilyn and Micheal Tarver grabbing the tomato at the same time, but because Marilyn has bigger hands she gets hers down quicker.

N. Gin: Well it looks like Paper Powers ties it up again!

Marilyn and Parakarry high five each other, except the power of Marilyn's high five makes Parakarry spin around. Rawk Hawk gets up to the stand, and after some discussion, Cheep Cheep goes up. N. Gin spins the wheel.

N. Gin: Two to Two... And the next challenge is... for you two to eat a live Nipper. GO!

Rawk Hawk grabs it, bites it in half, and eats it, thanks to his arms.

Rawk Hawk: I've eaten things like that for breakfast!

N. Gin: I'm sure you have. Paper Powers now take the lead!

Rawk Hawk gives everyone with hands on his team high fives.

After doing Rock Paper Scissors Mario Bowser-

Rawk Hawk: See, I told them they needed to watch Wario's Apprentice.

Cameraman: Shut up!

Koops and Ludwig go up to the stand. N. Gin spins the wheel.

N. Gin: If Paper Pack wins this one, then they get immunity. If Terrible Tribe wins it, it's a tie again... You two must eat... a deep fried mosquito.

Ludwig: That's it? I've had worse.

N. Gin: GO!

The two grab their mosquitoes. Koops cringes at the thought of eating at Ludwig eats it in just a couple of bites.

N. Gin: It's tied up again!

Ludwig: As predicted.

N. Gin: That leaves us Flurrie and Birdo to break the tie.

N. Gin spins the wheel.

N. Gin:  You two must eat... a Kit Kat Bar... GO!

Flurrie: Wait!

Birdo: There isn't time for waiting, there's only time for eating!

Flurrie: But I MUST-

Birdo sucks up her Kit Kat Bar.

Flurrie: -watch... my... weight.

N. Gin: Terrible Tribe wins immunity!

N. Gin hands Ludwig the Lumaris miniature as the rest of Terrible Tribe are celebrating in slow motion... literally; if they celebrated any faster they would've lost their lunch.

N. Gin: Paper Powers, I'm afraid I'll have to see you all tomorrow night, at Tribal Council.

Paper Powers skulk off in slow motion for the same reason as Terrible Tribe. Parakarry, Rawk Hawk, and Marilyn glare at their partners for not winning their challenges.

Paper Powers
Day 6

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I kind of feel bad for having to vote out Goombella, but I have to. It's the only way to keep my butt safe, and it's the only to keep Koops's butt from getting eliminated this round.

Parakarry, Mailman: It's a sour and sweet opportunity for us... Actually we must get rid of someone in our group... so it's a mainly sour opportunity. It could be me for all we know. I can be viewed as a threat to these seven, having actually played this game before.

Goombella, College Student: I like Bow... but she's a little bit bossy. I think I'm going to have to fix that with her later in the game, however Koops is annoying and has just spoiled our lake, so I would rather have Bow on my team.

Bow, Boo Princess: If you want some people gone, Koops has gotten into all of our minds, but so has Goombella. She's a fun girl... but that girl's crazy. I kind of want to get rid of her... In fact I want to get rid of her... In fact I will get rid of her as soon as our alliance is the only team remaining.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Uh... Goombella scares me...

Flurrie, Actress: Even if I wasn't in an alliance, I'd vote for Goombella. The reason? Because she's absolutely crazy... Besides, I'm not going to break my word.

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: GUH! UGUUGGUHUGUHUUUGH!

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: I still can't decide which alliance to make! ... AUGH! Why couldn't Flurrie just eat that Kit-Kat Bar?!

Tribal Council

Paper Powers come out of a pipe.

N. Gin: Grab a torch and take a seat.

Paper Powers take unlit torches; they're unlit because the rain has burned out their flames.

N. Gin: I haven't had the chance to talk to you at Tribal Council yet, so just a few questions. You guys had fire, you still have your food, you had a whole lake full of water. How have you been having a hard time eating?

Bombette: It's Goombella fault, she's the one who knocked the dough into the lake.

N. Gin: Why did you knock the dough into the lake?

Goombella: Koops was hiding it from me, I thought he was keeping it all to himself.

N. Gin: Parakarry, who’s at fault in your perspective?

Parakarry: I see Koops did it.

Bow: Either way, we need water now.

N. Gin: Koops, what's been your weakest point of the game?

Koops: I... don't know.

N. Gin: Do you feel you could leave right now?

Koops: Uh... I don't know.

N. Gin: This is pointless, go vote.

Dramatic music plays as Rawk Hawk goes to vote.

Rawk Hawk: Well after six whole days... I've made my decision

Parakarry goes to vote. Marilyn goes to vote.

Marilyn: GUH!

Koops goes to vote. Goombella goes to vote. Flurrie goes to vote. Bow goes to vote. Bombette goes to vote.

N. Gin: I'll go tally the votes.

N. Gin leaves and comes back.

N. Gin: Once the votes have been tallied the decision is final and the person with the most votes will leave the Tribal Council the traditional way.

N. Gin takes out the first vote.

N. Gin: First vote... Koops

The camera goes to Koops

N. Gin: Second vote... Koops

The camera goes to a scared Koops

N. Gin: Third vote... Goombella

The camera goes to Goombella

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Goombella

The camera goes to a scared Goombella.

N. Gin: Fifth vote... Koops

Koops's teeth start chattering.

N. Gin: Sixth vote... Goombella

Goombella's hopping up and down.

N. Gin: Seventh vote... Koops.

Koops looks like he's about to cry.

N. Gin: Second person voted out of Survivor 2 The Real Deal is... Goombella!

Goombella: HEY! It's a tie!

N. Gin: Uh oh... Hold on for a second

Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse…

Badyoyo's cell phone starts ringing.

Badyoyo: Yes?

N. Gin: What happens when there's tie in the voting?

Badyoyo: *sigh* Both members give a small speech on why they shouldn't be eliminated, then there's a revote. Now if you excuse me, I'm very busy.

Daisy, Rosalina, Wendy, Mona, Ashley, Penny, Toadette, Jolene, and Koopie Koo are seen walking down a runway still trying to become Plit's next top model.

N. Gin: Ok, sorry.

N. Gin hangs up.

N. Gin: Goombella, please give a reason why you shouldn't be eliminated.

Goombella: Let me respond to that with a question. Who ruined the lake? And who abandoned his team?

N. Gin: Koops?

Koops: Uh... I want to say sorry to the people that blame me for ruining the lake... uh... I can cook.

N. Gin: Now go vote.

Rawk Hawk goes to vote.

Rawk Hawk: This decision is RAWKing me instead of them... That's stupid!

Parakarry goes to vote

Parakarry: I'm not changing my vote. Koops, you are a disgrace to Koopa Troopas everywhere. You deserved to go day one.

Marilyn goes to vote.

Marilyn: UGUH!

Flurrie goes to vote. Bow goes to vote. Bombette goes to vote.

N. Gin: I'll retally the votes.

N. Gin leaves and comes back.

N. Gin: You already know how this works, so let's get on with it.

Goombella and Koops look nervous.

N. Gin: First vote... Goombella

Goombella is chewing her upper lip.

N. Gin: Second vote... Koops

Koops: *GULP*

N. Gin: Third vote... Goombella.

Goombella is grinding her teeth

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Goombella

Goombella: (Come on, let those two other votes be for Koops.)

N. Gin: Fifth vote... Koops

Koops starts grabbing his hoodie, while Goombella looks a little more relieved.

N. Gin: Second person voted out of Survivor 2 The REAL Deal is...

The dramatic music gets even more dramatic as Goombella's looking up to Lumaris, praying she's not eliminated. Koops has a tear roll down his cheek, though you can't really tell since it's raining.

N. G in:... Goombella

Goombella: *sigh*

N. Gin: Goombella, please hand me your torch.

Goombella: The rain already extinguished the fire.

N. Gin: Then whack the person responsible.

Goombella smashes her head against Koops's head.

Koops: OW!

N. Gin: Please get in the cannon.

Goombella gets in.

N. Gin: I suggest you all leave, this will get nasty.

Paper Powers leave through the warp pipe.

N. Gin: Goombella, the tribe has spoken

Goombella, College Student, on being voted out: Someone in my alliance betrayed me. It would've been another tie if all my alliance members had stuck with me... but who betrayed me? ... Parakarry seemed loyal... Rawk Hawk's too dumb to betray me, which leaves... BOW!

Meanwhile in the pipe, it is not Bow who is happy Goombella has left, it's Rawk Hawk who has a smirk on his face.

Who voted for Who?
Bombette: 1st.Goombella (wants to weaken her alliance) 2ndGoombella (wants to finish off the leader)
Bow: 1st Koops (whiny and strange) 2nd Koops (whiner and stranger)
Flurrie: 1st Goombella (alliance with Bombette, Koops, and Marilyn) 2nd Goombella (same)
Goombella: Koops (ruined lake)
Koops: Goombella (ruined lake)
Marilyn: 1st Goombella (GUH!) 2nd Goombella (UGUH!)
Parakarry: 1st Koops (alliance with Bow, Goombella, and Rawk Hawk) 2nd Koops (same)
Rawk Hawk: 1st Koops (chose to join stronger alliance) 2nd Goombella (thought Koops was more useful)

Meanwhile with Badyoyo…

Badyoyo: Well Ashley, I was going to eliminate Wendy, but if you don't want to be Plit's next top model, I'm not stopping you. You're eliminated.

Ashley nods and leaves.

Badyoyo: ... Dang, I really thought a smack to the face would be a running gag on this show.

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