Survivor 2: The REAL Deal

By Badyoyo

Goombella: Hey, why am I still stuck in this cannon?

N. Gin: Oh, that? Yeaaaaah, your launching isn't until later. In the meantime, make like Roy Koopa and hold this.

N. Gin drops another unlit Bob-omb into Goombella's cannon.

Terrible Tribe
Day 7

Ludwig is napping in the shelter, while Goomba is outside thinking of ways he can get revenge on him.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: Mainly, this game is about the million coins and car, but we all know we need to take small steps. My first step... eliminating Ludwig. We also need food, we have no protein left. We're stuck with only vegetables.

Bandit, Lakitu, and Birdo are discussing things.

Birdo: We need more food, we can't live on just vegetables.

Lakitu: Agreed.

Bandit: Why don't we have some of Lakitu's Spinies? There's no other real food in Forever Forest.

Birdo: Why that's cruel!

Lakitu: Well, do you expect meat to come flying from the sky?


Lakitu: Of course.

-a flying pig WAS going to fly right into an open fire Michael Tarver made, but seeing as that was too obvious, a standard airplane passes over the island.

Bandit: Nice one... Just give me one of the Spinies.

Lakitu: Sure thing.

Lakitu hands Bandit a Spiny and Bandit mercilessly kills it.

Birdo, Egg Seller: Bandit is starting to scare me.

Bandit: Let's get this baby on the Barbie!

Bandit tosses the dead Spiny to Michael Tarver, who puts it in the skillet.

Michael Tarver: Oh yeah, we're eating tonight!

Bandit, Hotel Owner: I am very... very... VERY determined to win. I need all the meat I can get...

Lakitu, Gravedigger: I think the call of nature is starting to kick into Bandit... well, at least the Forever Forest's twisted kind of nature.

Time passes, soon the Spiny is ready to eat. Birdo calls the group over, they all begin to divide up and eat the Spiny.

Ludwig: Hmmm, not bad.

Goomba: Yeah, I kind of like it.

Lakitu: I should've done this a long time ago.

Bandit: Oh, I love meat.

Bandit eats his portion in one bite.

Michael Tarver: Good call, Bandit.

Suddenly a helicopter comes over the team, N. Gin is seen driving it.

Ludwig: Now what?

N. Gin (yelling through megaphone): We have just been sued by SACK!

Goomba: SACK?

N. Gin: Spinies Against Carnivorous Kraziees!

Lakitu:  Uh oh

N. Gin: It's now forbidden to eat Spinies.

Birdo: GOOD! I didn't want any of this stuff anyway!

Bandit snatches Birdo's portion and secretly eats it.

N. Gin: And as further punishment, you have to battle this thing.

A Giant Goomba drops out of the helicopter.

Lakitu: Ok then...

Lakitu tosses a Spiny at the Giant Goomba. It explodes and a key falls out of it.

N. Gin: ...

Michael Tarver: You do know those things are the easiest boss in Super Mario Galaxy, right?

Ludwig: And a common enemy in the giant world in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Goomba: Why is my species so weak?

Birdo: Because you are.

N. Gin: Well, more consequences will come if you don't follow the rules.

N. Gin's helicopter flies off.

Lakitu: Now what are we going to do with this giant key?

Bandit: I’ll take it, maybe I can get a few coins for this thing on the Bandit Market.

Bandit picks up the Key.

Sound Toad: GOT ITEM!

Michael Tarver: What the?

Sound Toad: Badyoyo is paying me five coins to yell GOT ITEM! every time you guys get something. It's better than just trying to keep the boom out of the shot.

Cameraman: Speaking of booms in the shot, you got it in mine!

Sound Toad: Whoops, Sorry.

The Sound Toad lifts up his boom.

Ludwig, Genius: I think I'm going to hate it when someone picks up something on this tribe.

Paper Powers
Day 7

Bombette wakes up and starts trying to light the fire. She starts to tire and takes a small sip of water from her canteen. Her sip is VERY small actually, since the canteen is all the water they have.

Meanwhile Parakarry wakes up, then soon wakes Bow up. Both are nice and dry from the rain with the shelter they made last episode. Koops and Flurrie lso moved in with them, tired of dealing with the rain.

Parakarry, Mailman: To be honest, I didn't expect this game to be this challenging. Already I can't trust anyone on my own team so I've secretly cut myself from the alliance. I find myself going crazy for food... If we had water we could make some of that dough Koops made, and if we had a fire we could cook up some rice. But no, all we got is cold rice, and water in our canteens.

Bow, Boo Princess: I just remembered I haven't had meat in a week... Ohhhh... I'm starving!

Koops is gathering what little wood there is for the fire, but they need an explosion from Bombette to get it started, and she promised not to explode.

Suddenly a package of Air Mail lands in front of the Rock Shelter. Flurrie picks it up.

Sound Toad: GOT ITEM!

Parakarry, Bow, and Flurrie: YIKES!

Sound Toad: Sorry. It's my job to scream that, I get paid five coins every time I do that.

Bow: Where does Badyoyo get all this money?

Meanwhile in that Unnamed Makeup Store from Wario's Apprentice.

Badyoyo: If someone was asking me how I get so much money, I would answer, "Because I'm a Marty-Stu, Woo Woo Woo You know it"

Daisy: Is the "Woo Woo Woo" part necessary?

Daisy, Rosalina, Wendy, Mona, Penny, Toadette, Jolene, and Koopie Koo are seen trying on different makeup, during episode 3 of Plit's Next Top Model.

Badyoyo: Yes, it is necessary.

Back to the Show:

Flurrie (reading paper):
It's time to rise to the top
Or make a big flop
On your shoulders rest the tribe's fate.
Unless you’re too late
You'll get the home improvement you've been wishin’
If you win you get a kitchen.

Paper Powers: WOO!

Marilyn: GUH!

Rawk Hawk: We HAVE to win this one!

Reward Challenge

Rawk Hawk: That was fast.

The two tribes walk in, finding is a dock with 14 gongs. N. Gin comes in carrying 14 sacks.

N. Gin: Well, here we are again. Paper Powers eliminated Goombella. Now, you want to know the challenge?

The two tribes nod.

N. Gin: It's simple, each one of you will be given a bag full of food, representing what you will win. These bags are each 50 pounds, and you must wear them over your shoulders. It will be painful, I'll assure you. If you can't bear the weight anymore, you can ring the gong. However, you must give your sack of food to another member of your tribe. Last tribe standing wins. As already mentioned, the winning tribe will get a kitchen. Ladies and gentlemen... to your pedestals.

The two tribes get up to the pedestals where they'll be standing. N. Gin drops the sacks. Goomba, Cheep Cheep, and Bombette immediately get crushed. N. Gin blows a whistle.

N. Gin: DISQUALIFIED! Give your sacks to another member!

Goomba gives his to Ludwig, Cheep Cheep gives her sack to Michael Tarver, and Bombette gives her sack to Rawk Hawk.

N. Gin: Ok... GO!

The two tribes stand tall for a good 30 minutes, but Bow can't take the pain and throws her sack at the gong. GONG! Bow gives her sack to Marilyn.

Terrible Tribe is standing well, determined not to lose the chance to get a kitchen.

N. Gin: This may take a while.

One hour later, N. Gin is seen drinking an Icee.

N. Gin: Actually it's a blended rat, I found one in the forest. Thankfully my rocket also works as a blender.

Flurrie looks like she's going to be sick. She blows wind at the gong. GONG! GONG! GONG! Flurrie gives her sack to Rawk Hawk and flies into the woods.

Bandit: ... Yeah, being sick doesn't sound too bad right now.

Bandit kicks his gong. GONG!

Bandit: OW!

Bandit gives his sack to Ludwig and runs into the forest behind Flurrie.

2 hours later…

N. Gin is seen digging through a conveniently placed trash can. He pulls out a tutu.

N. Gin: *annoying gasp* Oh, it looks so pretty!

Parakarry: ... Sorry guys, I'm not sick, but I can't take the weight of this thing anymore!

Parakarry kicks his gong. GONG!

Parakarry: OW! Now I feel how Bandit feels!

Parakarry gives his sack to Marilyn.

Lakitu: Yeah, not even I can stand this.

Lakitu tosses a Spiny at the gong. GONG! He gives his sack to Michael Tarver.

Micheal Tarver: Ok, this is getting a little tough on me too.

3 long hours later…

N. Gin is seen talking with the members who gave up, including Bandit and Flurrie, who just got back from being sick.

N. Gin: I remember Sneezy, my old pup. We used to call him that because he always sneezed on me, he was allergic to metal. Who would've thought?

Everyone is asleep, however being asleep makes Marilyn and Birdo drop their bags.

N. Gin: Disqualified!

Marilyn: Uguh?

N. Gin: Please give your sacks to someone else.

Marilyn gives her sacks to Rawk Hawk, and Birdo gives her sacks to Ludwig. Then Koops's legs give from beneath him and he falls in the water.

Koops: HELP!

Marilyn goes under and saves Koops, carrying him onto land.

N. Gin: You’re still disqualified.

Koops tosses the remaining bag to Rawk Hawk's pile.

N. Gin: Only Rawk Hawk vs. Ludwig and Michael Tarver now.

Crickk... Crick

Ludwig wakes up...

Ludwig: Uh oh...

N. Gin: It seems you're a bit too heavy for that pedestal, Ludwig.


Ludwig falls into the water.

N. Gin: -

Ludwig: I know! I know! Disqualified! I'll give mine to Michael Tarver!

Ludwig gets out of the water and walks up to Michael Tarver, who begins to wake up.

Michael Tarver: Huh?

He spots Ludwig.

Michael Tarver: ... NO! If you drop those on me, I'll collapse for sure!

Ludwig has water in his ears, so he doesn't hear Micheal Tarver. He places the sacks on him, and Michael almost immediately collapses, as does his pedestal.


N. Gin: Paper Powers win reward!

Rawk Hawk: ZZZ... Huh?

Paper Powers: YEAH!

N. Gin: We'll deliver the kitchen tomorrow, in the meantime, feel good about your win.

Paper Powers explain to Rawk Hawk in slow motion, and he jumps up in the air in glory of their win.

Paper Powers

Bombette: Oh, tomorrow seems to so far away...

Parakarry, Mailman: We've been doing badly on just some food, now with a kitchen... we're going to eat... a lot... Oh, I can taste the baked beans already.

Bow, Boo Princess: Winning the challenge is more important than just getting a kitchen... It shows I'm more powerful than Bombette by a good half an hour. I like my chances out here, I'm 2-2 challenge-wise.

Flurrie and Marilyn are seen eating more berries.

Flurrie: Oh, this berry bush grows so manyberries, they're quite... salubrious.

Marilyn: Guh Guh.

Koops is watching them from behind a tree.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Uhhh... I think I should tell people about this.

Koops runs to camp and tells the others.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Ok, I'm not going to try to sound like a stupid parent and scold those two for not telling us about the bush... Of course I am, we could've kept that berry bush away from Bow's alliance! Flurrie didn't even have the nerve to tell us! I've been starving over here, while they're eating their hearts out!

Parakarry, Mailman: I think I know who to vote out.

Bow, Boo Princess: Good, putting Flurrie and Marilyn on the spot will give me the much needed reason to get rid of one of them... but which one?

Flurrie and Marilyn enter camp holding their stomachs. They see the rest of their tribe glaring at them, then notice Koops's footprints in the dirt.

Flurrie, Actress: I'm going to kill that Koops.

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: GUH!

Koops and Bombette are talking in the forest.

Bombette: Ok, we're getting rid of Flurrie if we go to Tribal Council.

Koops: Uh... why?

Bombette: Do I really need to tell you?

Koops: ... No?

Flurrie and Marilyn go over to them.

Bombette: What do you want?

Flurrie: Nothing, just want to know who we're voting out.

Marilyn: Guh.

Bombette: How about Bow? She's useless.

Flurrie: Of course.

Marilyn: GUH!

Flurrie, Actress: It's simple math: if my team is trying to backstab me and Marilyn, there's only two of them, and if me and Marilyn actually vote for Bow then it already tied. We're safe for sure.

Bow and Rawk Hawk are seen in the rock shelter.

Bow: Ok... Where's Parakarry?

Rawk Hawk: I don't know, anyway, what do you want to talk to me about?

Bow: I want you to vote for Marilyn. She's a threat to your power.

Rawk Hawk: WHAT?! She's not going to overpower my power!

Bow: Of course, so if we go to Tribal Council, let's finish her off while we still can.

Rawk Hawk: Of course!

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Last episode I couldn't decide which alliance I wanted to be in, but I think Bow seems to be more useful than Koops. Besides, Goombella's gone and I still have Parakarry at my side.

Bow: Let's RAWK her!

Rawk Hawk: No no no. You don't get to use my catchphrase.

Terrible Tribe

Ludwig is seen drinking the drinkable ocean through a straw of bamboo he found.

Ludwig, Genius: I recall N. Gin saying that Paper Powers soiled all their water, while we have this great drinkable ocean. We're always on top.

Meanwhile Goomba is talking to Cheep Cheep.

Goomba: Cheep Cheep, listen. I heard Lakitu, Birdo, and Bandit talking smack about you, and I think they may want to eliminate you.

Cheep Cheep is surprised.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: I've been working hard for my team, and they think they can just vote me out? I'm the one who found a drinkable ocean!

Lakitu, Birdo, and Bandit are seen at the opposite side of the beach drinking the ocean.

Goomba, Insurance Agent: I like Cheep Cheep, she's a hard worker... in water-related challenges. I also need her to get rid of Ludwig.

Goomba: What should we do?

Cheep Cheep thinks very hard.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: Hmmmm. I'm down 3 against 2. And Goomba wants to get rid of Ludwig... If there was only a way to finish them all off…

Cheep Cheep: Okay, we'll get rid of Ludwig right now. I'll try to convince them to do that.

Goomba: Yay!

Michael Tarver is seen relighting the fire.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Everything these people can do, I can do better. Which makes... me, Micheal Tarver, the suitable Survivor on this tribe.

Cheep Cheep: SHH! Leave, here come the others.

Goomba runs off as Lakitu, Birdo, and Bandit walk over to Cheep Cheep.

Birdo: So who's next on our target list?

Cheep Cheep: How about Ludwig? We overpower him 5-2.

Lakitu: 5-2?

Cheep Cheep: Goomba will also vote for him.

Bandit: Ah... the old "Kill The Threat Early" trick The King did in the first season... Nice!

Cheep Cheep: Yes, Ludwig is a mastermind in his weakest place. He's done the leadership to make a shelter, we should be good without him.

Lakitu: I'm all in for it.

Cheep Cheep; Good, Ludwig it is.

Birdo: Wait, what about Goomba?

Cheep Cheep: Goomba I hate. But he's no threat to us yet.

Lakitu: But he's no use for us.

Cheep Cheep: Ludwig isn't either.

Bandit: He could hold a lot of food sacks.

Cheep Cheep: Our entire tribe combined can't beat Rawk Hawk in a power competition... Which is why I want Bandit to strike him in the next challenge.

Bandit: Oh I will... I will...

Bandit takes out his hunting knife and smiles evilly at it.

Lakitu: And what about the human?

Cheep Cheep: Michael Tarver...? We'll get rid of him after Ludwig. No one likes Goomba, so if we lose the next three immunity challenges we'll get rid of him as well.

Birdo: What if we lose a fourth one?

Cheep Cheep: ... I don't know.

The "alliance" is quiet. Lakitu sinks his hands into his cloud.

Lakitu: ... What the?

Lakitu pulls out a seed with a heart on it.

Lakitu: ... Oh my... I forgot I still had this...

Birdo: What is it?

Lakitu: A life seed.

Bandit: Can we eat it?

Lakitu shoves the seed back into the cloud.

Lakitu: NO! It's a gift I got from Petey!

Bandit: Ok, man... Chill.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: Those who have watched Wario's Apprentice-

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: SEE?! They need to watch it!

Lakitu, Gravedigger: Get out of my interview! Anyway, those who have watched Wario's Apprentice know about Petey's secret, and this is the only kind of gift to show his affection toward me... *sniff*

Birdo, Egg Seller: I know why Lakitu is keeping the seed away from Bandit... I know what that heart means. It's stuff like that, that makes me not write down his name, knowing he has someone who cares at home waiting for him... *sniff*

Birdo takes a stick and draws Yoshi's face in the sand.


Counselor: Yoshi, what do you think about Birdo and her reactions to you?

Yoshi: Yoshi think Birdo lost her pride.

*End Flashback*

Yoshi's Voice in Birdo's Head: Lost her Pride, Lost her Pride, Lost her Pride.

Birdo gets down on her knees and cries, Ludwig and Michael Tarver witnessing her breakdown.

Ludwig: Man, what a freak.

Michael Tarver: What's biting her?

Ludwig: I don't know... but I know what's biting me.

Michael Tarver: What?

Ludwig turns around to show Goomba is biting his tail.

Michael Tarver: Oh.

Meanwhile, Bandit is seen hunting in the woods.

Bandit: Here's the problem with hunting in the Forever Forest: you always seem to be the toughest guy in the world if you have a knife.

Bandit trips over a rock. He tries to pick it up, but can't, so he decides to kick it.

Bandit: What the?

Bandit's foot gets stuck.

Bandit: For the love of-

Bandit pulls his foot out, however he notices something.

Bandit: Hey, this stone has a keyhole in it!

Bandit takes out the key he got from the Giant Goomba and places it in the keyhole. The rock breaks open, revealing a Golden Lumaris Miniature along with a note.

Bandit: Let's see what this is...

Bandit picks up the note.

Note: Congratulations! You've found the secret Golden Lumaris Trophy! You can cash this in at any Tribal Council before the final episode, to exempt you from any votes cast against you that night.

Bandit: Awesome, I'm going to love this.

Bandit picks up the Golden Lumaris Trophy.

Sound Toad: GOT ITEM!

Bandit: YAH! ... Even when I have immunity I hate this show.

Paper Powers

Koops is using his comfort item (a banjo) to play some music.

OOOOOOOH! I'm hungry...
I'm Hungry... I'm Hungryyyyyy!
I'm HungryYYYYYY!

Bow: Finally, some firewood!

Bombette: Oh no you don't!

Bombette starts running toward Bow with her fuse lit. Rawk Hawk shakes her up with a ground pound and Bow throws the banjo near the explosion. A fire emits from the banjo. Koops begins to cry.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: I had that banjo *sniff* since I was a kid... That *sniff* does it... I'm finishing off Bow right there and right now!

Bow, Boo Princess: So I set a banjo on fire... dig Deal. I'm sure you all have blown up a banjo... What? You haven't?!

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Bow... Oh I hate her! I may just get rid of her at Tribal Council if it weren't for Flurrie being annoying and costing us challenges like she did last episode.

Speaking of Flurrie, she's talking with Parakarry.

Parakarry: So what's your favorite food?

Flurrie: Oh, peanut butter would definitely be my secret shame.

Parakarry: Strong coffee or weak?

Flurrie: I always liked to drink coffee quickly... Weak.


Cameraman: You're saying you think there might be a connection between Flurrie and Parakarry?

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: Guh.

Marilyn shakes her head yes.

Flurrie, Actress: I really like Parakarry, he's definitely my type, plus he's a mailman... and *swoon* I'm just a fool for mailmen.

Parakarry: Cake or ice cream?

Flurrie: Neither, silly.

Parakarry, Mailman: Oh Flurrie, Flurrie and I are getting along great. Everyday we have more fun off camera, just seeing how far we can push this thing. Right now the status is... "On Camera".

Night falls on both Tribes. Parakarry is seen massaging Flurrie's back.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I guess Flurrie wants to feel important on her tribe. She knows she's the next one gone. So she wants Parakarry to give her that sliver of confidence that she'll survive, then she'll make a sad exit at Tribal Council if we go there.

Parakarry, Mailman: I don't know if Flurrie's trying to get me caught in a mistake so the tribe can vote me out, or if it's something else... And quite frankly I don't want to know.

Flurrie, Actress: If it came down to me having to vote for Parakarry... I would.

Terrible Tribe
Day 8


Bandit stabs a Fuzzy.


Bandit walks out of Forever Forest with his Fuzzy corpse. Terrible Tribe rejoices and begins to eat. Goomba sneaks out and starts talking with Cheep Cheep.

Goomba: Okay, how's it going?

Cheep Cheep: We need to bring four people into the final four that we can beat.

Goomba: How about the human? No one likes him.

Cheep Cheep: Yes... we'll recruit him later... How about Birdo? She's freaky, but easily persuaded.

Goomba: How?

Cheep Cheep: I’ll try to make a Girls Only alliance with her. She'll totally take it.

Goomba: Good, I can taste the ink of Ludwig's votes coming already.

Cheep Cheep: You're the only one I can trust at this point.

Goomba: Okay, now all we have to do is lose one immunity challenge, then we're pretty much safe.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: For over a week now, me and Goomba have been talking about how we should think about the current game.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: Who should we vote out now? Who should we vote out later? Who do we trust? Who do we not trust? Things like that.

Goomba: We should get rid of Lakitu soon, though.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: Lakitu's lazy: he'll barely pick up things, he never uses his shovel, if you ask him to do something he'll do it if he's bored.

Cheep Cheep: He'll be gone soon... trust me.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: Sure he helped put up the roof and is helpful in challenges, but that's because he doesn't want to do anything else.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: My method of attack is, stay comfortable with your environment.

Ludwig, Genius: To be honest... I think Lakitu is less useful to this tribe than Goomba is.

Birdo, Egg Seller: I think Lakitu's going through a tough stage, he probably misses Petey. His head's probably not in the game.

Paper Powers Tribe

N. Gin is seen carrying a giant shelter.

N. Gin: I was too lazy to make a kitchen, so I just stole Ludwig's shelter from last game and added some changes.

Paper Powers go into the waterproof, aerodynamic, self-air-conditioning, independent multi-level indoor complex, designed and copyrighted by Ludwig.

Dino Torch, Pyromaniac: It's still sad.

N. Gin: Shut up! Anyway, you all get beds, you all get a water fountain with unlimited water, you all get a gas fireplace, you all get a kitchen like the challenge promised, and you all get a Wii that's somehow powered by this mini-generator.

Paper Powers: YAY!

N. Gin: And for more good news…

N. Gin snaps his fingers and has it rain.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: My banjo... burned... then soaked... *sniff*

N. Gin: Thankfully you have your shelter to keep you warm.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: When it rains... it pours... on the other tribe.

Parakarry, Mailman: Our fire went out... like *snap* that. Thankfully the gas fireplace is still here.

Bow, Boo Princess: HA! I ‘d like to see Terrible Tribe get up after this assault of rain!

N. Gin has it stop raining.

Flurrie: Aw, I liked the sound of rain.

N. Gin: It seemed like too much of an advantage over you guys.

Paper Powers shrug and go upstairs to get a nap.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Boy, I wouldn't want to be in that rain, our old shelter was RAWKed!

Terrible Tribe

Ludwig: I must say, Goomba's blanket REALLY helps prevent rain from getting into the shelter.

Goomba: Uh... Bad news, guys...

Birdo: What?

Goomba: Look.

Terrible Tribe stick their heads out the "door" and see that their fire is out, their beach is mostly mud, and their crate of vegetables is gone.

Bandit: Not our only food!

Lakitu: There's only one thing we can do now.

Michael Tarver: Cannibalism?

Lakitu: This.

Lakitu pulls a Birdo egg out of Birdo's mouth.

Ludwig: Why didn't you tell us about that before?!

Lakitu: We had food before.

Air Mail is seen stuck in the mud next to the "door". Birdo picks it up.

Sound Toad: GOT ITEM!

Birdo: Okay, that's not funny anymore.

Birdo reads the airmail... however, it's covered in mud.

Birdo: Great, just great!

Lakitu, Gravedigger: I'm ready for this challenge, I just ate some Birdo eggs, and now we're all ready to destroy the other team!

Immunity Challenge

The camera cuts to N. Gin and the two teams.

N. Gin: Welcome to your toughest challenge yet on Survivor 2: The REAL Deal. I'll take the immunity idol.

Ludwig hands N. Gin the Lumaris miniature.

N. Gin: Today's challenge is very simple... but is so physically grueling, mentally enslaving, and so tediously annoying, you'll just want to die!

N. Gin shows a path that cuts into the forest.

N. Gin: It's an obstacle course. You'll start by going down a sandslide into a river. On the other side you need to go under some hurdles, through some spikes, and climb over a wall, then finally it's just a sprint across the beach to the finish line.

The camera shows the entire course.

N. Gin: Now here's the fun part. You're going to be tied to your team.

Mystical chains wrap themselves around the teams. Paper Powers’ order is Rawk Hawk, Marilyn, Flurrie, Koops, Parakarry, Bow, and Bombette. The order for Terrible Tribe is Ludwig, Michael Tarver, Birdo, Lakitu, Bandit, Goomba, and Cheep Cheep.

N. Gin: First team across the finish line wins... GO!

Both teams sprint off, luckily each having the fastest and strongest member as the leader. The middle men are trying to keep up, while Bombette, Goomba, and Cheep Cheep are just being dragged.

Ludwig and Rawk Hawk: YIKES!

Both teams fall down the sand hill and into the river. Cheep Cheep begins pulling for Terrible Tribe while Ludwig follows, as Rawk Hawk and Marilyn begin slowly making their way across the water.

Rawk Hawk: Come on, guys!

Rawk Hawk's team makes it up to land, where he pulls the others up.

Rawk Hawk: All right, men and women! Under those hurdles!

Rawk Hawk tries to crawl under, but is too big.

Rawk Hawk: Who made this?

Meanwhile Terrible Tribe gets on land, Ludwig removes his shell and is now small enough to crawl under. Birdo is having a little trouble, but she eventually makes it under. Suddenly Marilyn has an idea.

Marilyn: GUH! UGUGUH!

Marilyn grabs Rawk Hawk and pulls him under the ground. They reappear on the opposite side of the hurdle.

Marilyn: GUH! GUH! GUH!

Marilyn does the same for the rest of her team. Meanwhile all of Terrible Tribe has gotten under the hurdles and are making their way through the spikes.

Terrible Tribe: Youch! Yikes! Ouch!

Meanwhile Bow grabs Bombette to make her go right through the hurdle, and Marilyn grabs Parakarry and pulls him under the hurdle. All the members are across and start going into the spikes.

Rawk Hawk: Let's RAWK these spikes!

Rawk Hawk starts literally plowing through the spikes, leading his team out quickly.

Ludwig: Come on, Goomba!

Micheal Tarver: Let's go, Cheep Cheep!

Ludwig and Micheal Tarver pull their mystical chain, and Goomba and Cheep Cheep pop out of the spikes.

Meanwhile, Paper Powers are at the wall.

Rawk Hawk: How do we-

Marilyn: GUH!

Rawk Hawk: Oh yeah.

Marilyn grabs Rawk Hawk and does the exact same thing they did at the hurdles. Meanwhile Terrible Tribe are at the wall, and begin climbing it. Thankfully they're all expert climbers. They jump down as soon as Paper Powers finish getting their last member through the wall. The teams begin sprinting: it's neck and neck. Bandit pulls out his hunting knife and aims it straight at Rawk Hawk, however Flurrie notices him.

Flurrie: Oh no you don't!

Bandit throws the knife but Flurrie blows the knife to Terrible Tribe. The handle hits Ludwig on the head and he gets knocked out.

Micheal Tarver: Come on!

Micheal Tarver picks up Ludwig and carries him over the shoulder. However it's too late: Terrible Tribe lost too much ground and the Paper Powers cross the finish line first.

Paper Powers: YEAH!

N. Gin: *Ahem*

Parakarry: Lumaris miniature, please.

N. Gin: I specifically said you had to CLIMB over the wall. So... Terrible Tribe wins immunity!

Birdo: We won?

Lakitu: WE WON!

Terrible Tribe: YAHOO!

N. Gin hands the Lumaris miniature to Micheal Tarver and breaks the mystical chains. Bandit goes to pick up his knife and Ludwig's shell, while the Paper Powers are mad about the unfair loss.

Goomba: Come on, Ludwig, wake up.

Ludwig is still knocked out, Goomba is kicking him in an attempt to wake him up.

Bombette: We lose again... That's just great.

Terrible Tribe celebrate while Paper Powers walk off in a huff.

Terrible Tribe
Day 9

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Our last challenge was a tough one, we all had a tough time. Mainly Rawk Hawk.

Parakarry, Mailman: I think if we got rid of Marilyn instead of Goombella last time, we wouldn't be going to Tribal Council for the second time in a row.

Bow, Boo Princess: The mood of this camp is stressed, but it's also the perfect time to get rid of someone you hate.

Everyone's split into groups.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Uh... I hope Bow leaves.

Flurrie, Actress: Bow will be going tonight. I can assure you that.

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: UGUH! GUH! UGUGUGUH!

Cameraman: Your vote's for Bow?

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: GUH!

Marilyn shakes her head.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Marilyn's been lazy, we've been working our butts off for a shelter like this. One mistake, that's all we made, one mistake, and another one of us is going to get RAWKed.

Bombette and Koops are in the kitchen, Koops is cooking some soup.

Bombette: Ok Koops, Marilyn's strong, and Bow's at least slightly useful with her fan. So we're getting rid of Flurrie.

Koops: Look Bombette, I agree that Bow's slightly useful. But I can't forgive her for destroying my first gift... I'm going to get rid of her, whether you like it or not.

Bombette: Well I'm voting Flurrie, and you are too.

Koops: This whole alliance is pitting me against my own friends! That's not what I stand for!

Bombette: Fine, you're out of the alliance.

Koops: Good!

Koops stomps out of the kitchen

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I think I just made a mistake, now I have no alliance. I used to have over half the tribe... *sigh*

Bow and Rawk Hawk are in the videogame room.

Bow: Ok Rawk Hawk, you know Marilyn's going to put you on the chopping block tonight, right?

Rawk Hawk: Yeah.

Bow: She's secretly already got Flurrie on her side, so we need to finish her off before anyone else agrees with her and gets rid of you.

Rawk Hawk: Yes ma’am!

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Strategy is becoming bigger and more complex; the more we actually learn about each other, the more we look back at what we did.

Bow, Boo Princess: Thankfully, Rawk Hawk's easily persuaded, and one of my biggest threats will soon be out of the way.

Parakarry, Mailman: Right now, Marilyn, Flurrie, and Bow are going head, to head, to head for the chopping block.

Tribal Council

Paper Powers enter through the pipe and sit down.

N. Gin: You guys have been playing for 9 days and have come here twice. Let's discuss one of the biggest things, trust. Bombette, is there anyone here you don't trust?

Bombette: Of course.

N. Gin: Tell me about that.

Bombette: It's too early in the game for anyone here to tell who they can trust, to tell the truth.

N. Gin: Parakarry, do you trust everyone here for 42 days?

Parakarry: 42?

N. Gin: I'm bad at math. So you’re all now staying here for 42 days. Anyway, answer the question.

Parakarry: My motto is "trust no one". I like some of these people, but not enough to keep it perfect.

N. Gin: Bow, are these all your friends?

Bow: Of course not! These idiots couldn't befriend a rock!

N. Gin: Koops, who would you say your best friend is here?

Koops: Uh... I would say Flurrie and Marilyn.

N. Gin: Flurrie, who have you bonded with?

Flurrie: Ohhhh... Marilyn has been such a dear... and so has Bombette, and Koops.

Marilyn: GUH!

N. Gin: Rawk Hawk, you upset at all tonight?

Rawk Hawk: Yes. I totally want to RAWK someone tonight!

N. Gin: Time to vote. Rawk Hawk, you're up first.

Dramatic music plays as Rawk Hawk goes to vote.

Rawk Hawk: Marilyn, you cost us the challenge, and you're a threat to my power... You have to go.

Parakarry goes to vote. Marilyn goes to vote.

Marilyn: GUH!

Koops goes to vote. Flurrie goes to vote. Bow goes to vote. Bombette goes to vote.

Bombette: Flurrie, you're useless to this tribe. You can only blow on things. You have to go.

Bombette goes back to her seat.

N. Gin: I'll go tally the votes.

N. Gin leaves and comes back.

N. Gin: I don't need to explain this to you, so I'll just read the votes.

N. Gin takes out the first vote.

N. Gin: First vote... Flurrie.

The camera cuts to a close up of Flurrie.

N. Gin: Second vote... Bow.

The camera cuts to a close up of Bow.

N. Gin: Third vote... Marilyn.

The camera cuts to a close up of Marilyn.

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Bow.

The camera cuts to a close up of a worried Bow.

N. Gin: Fifth vote... Marilyn.

The camera cuts to a surprised Marilyn.

N. Gin: Sixth vote... Bow.

The camera cuts to Bow fanning herself with her fan.

N. Gin: Third person voted out of Survivor 2 The REAL Deal is... Marilyn?!

Marilyn: UGUH!

Flurrie: Yeah! It's a tie!

N. Gin: Fine. Bow, state your reason why you should stay.

Bow: I don't say GUH! all the time.


N. Gin: Revote!

Rawk Hawk goes to vote.

Rawk Hawk: No change in my vote.

Parakarry goes to vote. Koops goes to vote.

Koops: (whispering) Bow, You destroyed my childhood, and I won't rest until your torch is extinguished!

Flurrie goes to vote. Bombette goes to vote.

N. Gin: I'll re-tally the votes.

N. Gin leaves and comes back.

N. Gin: First vote... Marilyn.

The camera cuts to a worried Marilyn.

N. Gin: Second vote... Bow

The camera cuts to a worried Bow.

N. Gin: Third vote... Bow

The camera cuts to a scared Bow fanning herself.

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Marilyn.

The camera cuts to Marilyn biting her hat. N. Gin takes out the last vote.

N. Gin: Third person vote out of Survivor 2: The REAL Deal is...

The dramatic music gets even more dramatic, as Marilyn grabs Flurrie's hand and Bow holds onto the log and leans in.

N. Gin: ... Marilyn.

Bow: YES!

N. Gin: Marilyn, please hand me your torch.

Marilyn hands N. Gin her torch. N. Gin extinguishes it in the sand.

N. Gin: Please whack the person you feel is most responsible.

Marilyn swings the torch at Bow, who disappears. The torch instead hits Rawk Hawk in the arm.

Rawk Hawk: OW!

N. Gin: Please get in the cannon.

Marilyn, instead of getting in the cannon, whacks N. Gin in the jaw and walks off. Her sister Beldam pops out of the ground.

Beldam: We always seem to get bad luck in these games, don't we, Sis?

Marilyn: Uguh.

Beldam: Let's go home.

Marilyn and Beldam sink into the ground, the cameraman follows. Meanwhile, Paper Powers exit through the pipe.

Marilyn, Shadow Siren, on being voted out:


Beldam: Nice Morton impression.

Who voted for Who?
Bombette: 1st. Flurrie (found she was useless) 2nd. Marilyn (cost them challenge)
Bow: Marilyn (threat)
Flurrie: 1st. Bow (thinks she's in an alliance) 2nd. Bow (is rather annoying)
Koops: 1st. Bow (ruined his banjo) 2nd. Bow (same)
Marilyn: Bow (GUH!)
Parakarry: 1st. Marilyn (thought she was a pain, constantly saying GUH!) 2nd. Marilyn (same)
Rawk Hawk: 1st. Marilyn (thought Marilyn was a threat to his power) 2nd. Marilyn (same)

Meanwhile with Badyoyo…

Badyoyo: Daisy, I don't know how you do it, but you managed to look worse than Wendy in makeup. I admit you're beautiful without the makeup. But Plit's Next Top Model needs to have makeup. You're eliminated.

Daisy: I would be mad, but seeing as you find me naturally beautiful, here's my number.

Daisy writes down her phone number on a piece of paper and gives it to Badyoyo. She winks at him and leaves. Badyoyo seems to have turned gaga for Daisy.

Badyoyo: I think I'm in-

Sound Toad: GOT ITEM!

Badyoyo: YIKES!

Badyoyo flails in reaction to the Sound Toad and accidentally throws the phone number out the window.

Badyoyo: On second thought I don't want you as a popular Internet meme.

Badyoyo zaps the Sound Toad with his wand. Shy Guy (from Wario's Apprentice) runs in.

Shy Guy: Hey! I deserve to be in that Survivor game!

Badyoyo: Too bad... Actually... congratulations, you're now our boom operator.

Badyoyo gives the sound equipment to Shy Guy.

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