Survivor 2: The REAL Deal

By Badyoyo

Somewhere in a studio.

Rosalina, Wendy, Mona, Penny, Toadette, Jolene, and Koopie Koo are seen posing with Mario.

Badyoyo: Ok, that's enough girls. We have a Survivor Fun Fiction to show.

Wendy: Hey isn't he the guy that has like one of the most narcissistic ending to a Fun Fiction ever?

Mona: Yeah, but that's nothing compared to the ending of the unpublished "How Badyoyo stole Christmas".


Badyoyo is seen kidnapping SON, son of DAD. Badyoyo then claims the entire universe for himself.

The end

*End Flashback*

Penny: Why is our show still on camera?

Moving on to Survivor.

Paper Powers
Day 10

Paper Powers are asleep in their beds. Two members aren't present.

Parakarry, Mailman: Me and Parakarry were up first so we started to get grub cooked up. It was all normal, until...

Bow flies into the kitchen and pours a lot of the contents out all over the counters.

Flurrie: What on Plit and in the name of DAD are you doing?

Bow then notices Parakarry and Flurrie.

Bow: Uh...

Rawk Hawk runs in.

Rawk Hawk: Let's RAWK up some eg-

Rawk Hawk sees Flurrie and Parakarry.

Rawk Hawk: I told you we should've done a head count before we went down here.

Flurrie, Actress: So apparently Bow and Rawk Hawk wanted to "Make" Breakfast... but where in the cookbooks say to pour out most of the baking soda all over the counter?

Parakarry whispers something into Flurrie's ear. Flurrie nods.

Bow: What are you two doing?

Parakarry: We're just-

N. Gin runs in.

Flurrie: Why's everyone running in like the end of a play?

N. Gin: Because I want to add another plot device.

N. Gin blows magic smoke on Parakarry.

Parakarry: *Cough Cough*

N. Gin: Say what you're going to say.

Parakarry speaks in a Brooklyn accent.

Parakarry: We're going to see if there's any air mail outside.

Parakarry notices his accent.

Parakarry: What the?

N. Gin: I just love doing little random things like that.

N. Gin runs out, Flurrie and Parakarry look at each other, shrug and leave.

Bow: Okay.

Parakarry: So at tribal council, we've sort of found where we stand, I'm currently liked by the tribe, and someone voted for you.

Flurrie: It can't be Marilyn... Bombette... or Koops.

Parakarry: And it wasn't me.

Flurrie: Bow's too smart to get rid of me now... so it must be.

Parakarry and Flurrie: Rawk Hawk

Parakarry, Mailman: That's the thing with newer generations playing these games. Their plans are so obvious. Rawk Hawk was one of my friends, but I can't trust him anymore.

Flurrie, Actress: With Marilyn gone, I have no real friends with me so I agreed to an alliance with Parakarry to get rid of Rawk Hawk... He's also kind of cute with that new Brooklyn accent.

Bow, Boo Princess: At Tribal Council I was close to going, I have to thank the person that voted for Marilyn... but right now Rawk Hawk's my only guy.

Parakarry, Mailman: Rawk Hawk's in a good position for this game, and I didn't come back here to lose to a Chicken version of The Rock.

Rawk Hawk is seen cooking pancakes.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Can you smell what the Hawk is cooking?!

Rawk Hawk gets hit with an anvil.

Rawk Haw, Professional Wrestler: What the?!

Lemmy: I finally got myself a Cliché Anvil!

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: You see! They have to-

Shy Guy: Shut up!

Terrible Tribe

Air Mail lands outside the shelter. Ludwig picks it up.

Ludwig:... What?... No annoying Sound Toad to go "GOT ITEM!"?

Shy Guy: Nah.

Ludwig: Good.

Ludwig begins to read the poem.

Are you ready for some meat
You have to work hard in this heat
Make a pen and place the pieces
If you win you get chickens and GCs.

Goomba: Look! There's a bird's nest attached to it!

Birdo: And Rope!

Lakitu: Let's take it all outside!

Terrible Tribe run out the "Door" and start making a chicken coop right next to the shelter.

Bandit: That way if it rains, it won't leave us this time!

Michael Tarver: Thankfully the beach dried.

Reward Challenge

The two teams walk to a beach with two pedestals.

N. Gin: This challenge is simple, just unscramble a picture of the Forever Forest and we'll give you three healthy chickens, a rooster, a TV, a mini-generator, and a Nintendo Gamecube! Terrible Tribe you have one man too many, who's sitting out?

Cheep Cheep: I will.

N. Gin: For chickens!... GO!

Bow: Done!

N. Gin looks at Paper Powers pedestal at his jaw drops.

N. Gin: That was less than half a second!

Bow: What do you expect? I know this forest like the order numbers go.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Ok... I have to admit... that was awesome.

N. Gin: Here are your chickens!

N. Gin hands Flurrie, the Rooster, and the Chickens.

N. Gin: And the rest of this stuff.

N. Gin hands the TV, Gamecube, and mini-generator to Rawk Hawk.

Paper Powers: YAY!

Ludwig: Phooey!

Cheep Cheep: How could we have lost that one?! I mean we have Lord Ludwig over here!

Ludwig: Actually, I lost my reign almost as soon as Wario's Apprentice ended, Badyoyo thought it would be more fitting to have Bowser's job in The Monty Mole to be "King" instead of " Fanner Boy". So now he's king and I have to wait for his death to become king. This is also my occupation is "Genius" not "King"

Birdo: Well, come on anyway!

Terrible Tribe march off while Paper Powers celebrate.

Terrible Tribe

Terrible Tribe walks in, Bandit kicks the chicken coop and walks into the shelter to skulk.

Ludwig, Genius: Well, we're starving. And they have a kitchen AND Chickens... I don't how long we're going to live, the game's not even a fourth over.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: I'm amazed that we lost that challenge, Bandit's not only skulk in the shelter he grinning at his blade... it's scaring me.

Birdo and Cheep Cheep are talking.

Cheep Cheep: What's going on with Bandit over there?

Birdo: I think he's slowly going mad.

Cheep Cheep: I don't know if he's mentally stable enough to stay in our alliance.

Birdo: I don't really like him... Should we vote him out or Ludwig?

Cheep Cheep: Oh right now, Bandit. Ludwig's at least a good team leader, Bandit's destroying our only team leader.

Birdo: Okay, I'll inform Lakitu.

Birdo goes off.

Paper Powers

Bombette: Yeah! Chickens! And a Gamecube! Things we don't even need and the other team doesn't have!

Rawk Hawk places the Gamecube next to the TV, and lets the chickens and Rooster run free about the campground.

Parakarry: Yeah, and if you listen closely, you can hear the mental stability of the tribe start cracking.

Bow: Does anyone smell smoke?

N. Gin is seen causing a forest fire.

N. Gin: Oh I just love... doomy doom!

The teams looks up to see ash in the sky.

Bow, Boo Princess: I couldn't believe that incredibly stupid host!  He's burning down my hometown! Oh once I get my hands on him, I'm giving him the biggest beating of my life!

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Uh... no one's caring about the forest fire... except Bow.

Rawk Hawk, Flurrie, and Bombette are talking near what used to be the pond.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I still sort of have Rawk Hawk as an ally, and Flurrie still looks like she trusts me.

Bombette: Okay, Koops has gone crazy, We need to get rid of him.

Flurrie: Oh my! What could have possibly happened?!

Bombette: He still wants to get rid of Bow, who's pretty useful now.

Rawk Hawk: Yeah! Bow's REALLY useful to RAWK people up!

Flurrie: Who are we getting rid of if we go to Tribal Council?

Bombette: Koops or Parakarry.

Rawk Hawk: I'm going to RAWK Koops!

Bombette: Good.

Flurrie, Actress: Oh what a bitter sacrifice! Should I get rid of my Friend?... Or should I get rid of Sweet Sweet Parakarry?... Oh DAD why must I have to bear through these decisions?!

Flurrie leaves trying to think of something. Rawk Hawk begins to leave.

Bombette: PSST! Rawk Hawk.

Rawk Hawk: Yeah?

Bombette: Flurrie's secretly a traitor. We're voting for her.

Rawk Hawk: Ah, got it.

Rawk Hawk, Professsional Wrestler: You see, I'm a Double Agent. I'm truly in Bow's Alliance to get rid of her at the right moment, but while I'm doing that, I'm still in trust with Bombette. So now, I have my vote all well made.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: And I thought I would've been destroyed.

Terrible Tribe

Birdo has just told Lakitu about kicking Bandit out of the alliance.

Lakitu: Yeah, I'm good with that.

Bandit walks out of the Shelter.

Bandit: Okay, who votes to kill chickens and Rooster at Paper Power's Camp?

Bandit, Ludwig, Goomba, and Michael Tarver raise their hand. Lakitu begins to raise his but Birdo slaps it down.

Bandit: Okay 4-3.

Ludwig, Genius: I wouldn't mind breaking the rules to get something to eat, what's N. Gin going to do? Send another Giant Goomba to attack us?

Bandit: Then it's settled. Follow me boys!

Birdo marches up to Bandit to try and stop him. But Bandit will not hear it, he instead points his blade at Birdo, she stops and backs up.

Bandit: Listen, we're hungry, and we're going to eat, if you, Lakitu, and Cheep Cheep don't want to eat, that's fine with me. But you WON'T stop US from eating. Because we're men, and you know what Men do? Eat.

Bandit turns his back on Birdo. But she won't let the rules be broken, she hits Bandit in the back of head with an egg. Bandit turns around and starts charging toward her swinging the knife, Lakitu grabs a spiny and uses it as a shield to protect Birdo.

Lakitu: Bandit, you've gone insane.

Bandit: I don't care if I've gone insane! No one's going to hit me from behind like that!

Michael Tarver: Well I am! Tarver Tuck!

Michael Tarver grabs Bandit and body slams him into the sand, he grabs the knife from Bandit's hand.

Michael Tarver: You! Pink Girl! No attacking this man with eggs. And you! Hood guy! No attacking other tribe mates!... Just to make sure this doesn't get used in the wrong way.

Michael Tarver hands the hunting knife to Ludwig.

Ludwig, Genius: He shouldn't have handed me that Hunting Knife... that was probably Tarver's stupidest mistake in the game.

Paper Powers

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: They're weak, They're tired, Physically and Mentally, they're gone. We don't even need to try in the challenges, now that we've gotten rid of the two biggest idiots on our tribe.

Bombette is talking with Parakarry.

Bombette: There's something going on with Flurrie. I think she wants to vote you out.

Parakarry: You're bluffing! Besides she's only one person! It would be stupid to get rid of me anyway!

Parakarry, Mailman: The way I see it, Me and the Flurs will vote for Bow, Bow hates Bombette, so that's a vote for her, Rawk Hawk is Bow's puppet so that's another vote against Bombette, Bombette hates Bow, so another against Bow, so all Koops has to do is not vote for Bombette and Bow's out... Unless Flurrie is really trying to get rid of me... I have to talk with her.

Parakarry goes to Flurrie.

Parakarry: Hey, Girl.

Flurrie: Oh, uh, Hi Parakarry.

Parakarry: So I hear you're voting me out.

Flurrie almost immediately cracks.

Flurrie: I admit! My harmful deed! Bombette wanted me to vote you out, because we're in an alliance!

Parakarry: Well you ain't in an alliance now, causing you're voting for her!

Flurrie: Really?

Parakarry: Yeah.

Parakarry turns on the charm.

Parakarry: She's trying to tear us apart, she wants us out, cause she knows we're unstoppable.

Parakarry winks at Flurrie.

Flurrie: Well... okay.

Flurrie floats to the Forever Forest, she spots something.

Flurrie: Hey wait a-

A dart hits Flurrie in the arm she's knocked out cold, a shadowed figure moves throughout the forever forest, soon it's hands is seen in Paper Powers camp, it grabs it's Rooster by the neck and pulls it into the forest.

Terrible Tribe

Goomba: Hey, has anyone seen Ludwig?

Birdo: I haven't

Bandit: Not since I was assaulted.

Lakitu: Uh-uh.

Michael Tarver: Nope.

???: My fellow Terrible Tribe!

Ludwig comes out of the forest, his arms are covered in blood, he holds a headless rooster with blood coming out of it, the Hunting Knife is sticking out of the rooster.

Ludwig: I come with food!

Goomba, Michael Tarver, and Bandit: YAY!

Ludwig, Goomba, Michael Tarver, and Bandit begin feasting, glad they finally have something to eat, Birdo and Lakitu eventually give in an join them. All his happy until-


Terrible Tribe: What the?

Terrible Tribe look up to see N. Gin and his helicopter.

N. Gin:  I told you guys not to break the rules!

Ludwig: All the cool guys are doing it!

N. Gin: Those cool guys didn't show Knock Out darts at the other team! I should send down Mr. Sandman for you to fight!

Goomba: We're sorry!

N. Gin: Well I'm not going to bring him down! Because not only did you break one rule, but you broke two! You also stole from the other side, which is also against the rules, and you already ate the Rooster. So there's nothing else to do but do this-

Cheep Cheep: Destroy our shelter?

N. Gin: No! Replace one of you We're having a mini tribal council!

Terrible Tribe gasp as N. Gin sends down 7 paper airplanes with pencils attached.

N. Gin: Write down the name of who you think is most responsible for breaking two rules at once!

They all write down who they blame, they throw their paper airplanes up to N. Gin.

N. Gin: Okay, we have three votes for Ludwig, three votes for Bandit, and one vote for ... Me, Michael Tarver.

Terrible Tribe glare at Michael Tarver

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: What? I like having my name called.

N. Gin: Hold on... There's something attached to Bandit's vote it's... Yes! Bandit has cashed in his Golden Lumaris Trophy!

Terrible Tribe: His what?

Bandit grins.

N. Gin: All of Bandit's votes do not count for this vote! So by a vote of 3-1. Ludwig, the tribe has spoken.

Ludwig: Well this stinks.

N. Gin sends down a rope ladder, Ludwig grabs on.

Goomba: WAIT!

Ludwig stops to see Goomba with tears in his eyes.

Goomba: Take me.

Ludwig: Goomba?

Goomba: If you leave, I'll have no one to get revenge on. I can't live here without you to hate! You stay! I forfeit!

Ludwig thinks about this and actually feels sorry for the Goomba.

Ludwig:... You're the best pain in my side I've never had.

Goomba: And you're the best enemy I've ever had!

Goomba jumps into Ludwig's arms and Ludwig hugs him.

Goomba: Well... goodbye.

Ludwig throws Goomba into N. Gin's helicopter.

Ludwig: Farewell... Brave Goomba.

A tear falls down Ludwig's cheek.

Who voted for who?
Bandit: Ludwig
Birdo: Bandit
Cheep Cheep: Ludwig
Goomba: Ludwig
Lakitu: Bandit
Ludwig: Bandit
Michael Tarver: Me, Michael Tarver

N. Gin: Oh by the way, I already have a replacement for Goomba, the replacement should be coming in a few minutes. Anyway, farewell.

Ludwig: Okay, the next person to leave the campsite will automatically be the next one voted out on the Terrible Tribe.

Terrible Tribe: Agreed.

Ludwig: Good... Because I need some alone time.

Ludwig runs into the shelter to cry, already missing his frenemy.

Bandit: So any idea of who's going to join the game?

Birdo: Hopefully it's another girl, the last two people to get eliminated were girls.

Lakitu: I hope it's Large Fry. He would be useful to the tribe.

Cheep Cheep: I hope it's Blooper.

Michael Tarver: I hope it's Daniel Bryan so  I can beat him up some more!

Birdo: Hey, what's that in the sky?

Bandit: Is it a bird!

Cheep Cheep: It's a plane!

Michael Tarver: It's... Me, Michael Tarver.

Birdo: It's...

???: MASTER!

Lakitu immediately recognizes the voice, he slams a Spiny into the ground hoping never having to hear that word until this game is over.

The figure slams to the ground, revealing to be Petey Piranha.

Lakitu:... Hello Petey.

Petey: Hello Master!

Lakitu, Gravedigger: Ho' boy. This is going to be some 32 days.

Paper Powers

Flurrie has woken up and slowly makes her way back to camp. She meets up with Parakarry in the bedroom who massages her shoulders.

Parakarry: Say what happened to the rooster? I haven't seen him since you went into the forest.

Flurrie: I don't know... all I remember is me passing out after a dart hit me in the arm.

Parakarry: I betcha it was Bow. Using her accomplice "Mr. Amazing" Rawk Hawk.

Flurrie: Uh, sure I guess.

Parakarry: Hey Flurrie, I got a deal you can technically refuse.

Flurrie: What?

Parakarry: You, me, and Koops in the final three.

Flurrie: Why Koops?

Parakarry: He may be a disgrace, but he'll vote with anyone, and if somehow ends up in the final two, everyone will vote you or me. Making sure one of us wins that money.

Flurrie: I like that... I like that a lot.

Parakarry, Mailman: I just wear the badge "Mob Master". I can put Flurrie in my pocket, and Koops, there I already got half of the tribe on my side.

Parakarry: Good, I'll get Koops to vote for Bombette.

Flurrie: Is Bombette the best choice? I agree she's awful, but she can explode. Bow's just plain evil.

Parakarry: Bow's smart however... you vote for someone that begins with a B.

Parakarry, Mailman: Well Bombette and Bow are too annoying people. Bombette annoying and strong, and Bow's annoying and smart. The question is, do we need brains or Brawn on this team?

Terrible Tribe

Lakitu, Petey, and Birdo are asleep in the shelter. Lakitu's using Petey's head as a pillow.

Meanwhile, Cheep Cheep, Ludwig, Michael Tarver and Bandit are seen at the river washing their blankets and the "Throw Rug". Cheep Cheep notices something.

Cheep Cheep: BOB-OMB!

Michael Tarver: I agree, that was Dennis Hopper's worst quote of all time.

Cheep Cheep: No idiot! A bob-omb is heading right toward you!

A Bob-omb is seen falling out of the sky, Bandit takes his hunting knife away from Ludwig and throws it at the fuse, the Bob-omb is unlit it heads Ludwig on the head, Ludwig faints.

Bandit: Hey this isn't a Bob-omb, this is a fire cracker.

Michael Tarver takes out the lighter and relit the firecracker, it explodes in his face, a lot of chocolate falls out.

Bandit: And there's a note.

Note: Please eat all the chocolate I have stolen from N. Gin's personal fridge. But don't give any to Ludwig.

Also remember the following things: N. Gin's favorite type of Milkshake is camel blood, he keeps a greasy dirty rag as a lucky charm, and eats Cockroach Pie for dessert.

Signed; Goomba

Michael Tarver: Ew, why do we have to remember that?

Bandit: I don't know. Let's dig in!

Bandit crumples up the paper and throws it into the ocean, the three begin eating all the chocolate.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: Life is just a bunch of surprises. How it will effect me, I don't know.

Michael Tarver: Should we tell the others?

Cheep Cheep: Nah. They slept through their daily chores, leave them with filthy blankets and no food.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: Enjoying life can be sick for people... and I don't care, HA HA!

Birdo, Lakitu, and Petey wake up and walk outside.

Petey: Who wants dinner?

Lakitu: I'll have some.

Bandit:... Suuuure.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: We also agreed not to tell the others about what happened.

Ludwig wakes up.

Ludwig: I would like some dinner.

Michael Tarver: We don't have food remember?

Petey: Not true!

Petey spits out a Five Guys.

Lakitu: How much stuff can fit in your mouth?!

Petey: You don't want to know master.

Michael Tarver: I haven't had Five Guys in months!

Michael Tarver runs inside, smelling the fine air of cooking food, there's robot staff working the kitchen.

Michael Tarver: Give me a Double Cheeseburger, with extra mustard, jalapenos, and BBQ sauce!

Robot: Coming right up.

The Robots start working on the burger, they give to Michael Tarver.

Robot: Your meal.

Michael Tarver: Awesome!

Robot: If you want a soft drink, please drink from the fountain.

Michael Tarver takes a cup, gets some Coke, and gulps it down.

Michael Tarver: Ah, Nothing is better than absolute awesomeness in these stories.

By this time everyone else has gotten their food, and eating it.

Ludwig: This is calculated to be by far the best Survivor FF yet.

Petey: Thank you. Ludwig.

Petey, Servant/ Funeral Director: It took me all the stuff I could fit in my mouth, but I managed to fit it in. This raises me power by a lot.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: There is no way Paper Powers can defeat us now.

Lakitu: Uh, Petey. Can I ask you something?

Petey: Yes master?

Lakitu: How did you manage to install a bathroom in here?

Petey: Oh that was simple you see-

Paper Powers
Day 12

The airmail is seen next to the shelter. Parakarry grabs it.

Parakarry: * Reading Airmail*
You all haven't read the books
and cheated for the tests like some crooks
Now it's time for Survivor knows best.
I suggest you get some rest.
Head down to the falls with your brains
If you lose the next challenge, one more will go aways.

Bombette: I hope it's the merge.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Well, we're one person down, we need to win this one just to tie it up.

Immunity Challenge

The camera cuts to some Falls. Then the two teams

Bow: Okay, when did THOSE get here?

N. Gin: They were formed when I burned down part of Forever Forest.

Bow: I knew it was you!

Bow goes flying toward N. Gin so she can slap him, but a shield blocks her.

N. Gin: As long as you are a contestant, you can't hurt the host.

Bow: I hate loopholes. I'll get you yet N. Gin!

N. Gin: Can I have the miniature please?

Ludwig hands the Lumaris miniature to N. Gin.

N. Gin: You all must be starving right about now.

Petey: No, we managed to get Five Guys out of my mouth.

N. Gin: What's your reaction? They got a restaurant!

Bombette: I'm still confused on why Petey got on their team and they no longer have Goomba.

N. Gin: It was something about your Rooster. As pay back, they lost Goomba, got Petey. And for you all. You all get another Rooster.

N. Gin tosses a chicken to Parakarry.

N. Gin: This challenge is more important than chickens, Rooster, or Burgers. If you win, you stay another 3 days, if you lose, you go to Tribal Council, and another member will be gone. Today's game is a simple question and answer. There are 12 spots right here. 6 for each team.

12 rings magically appear in front of N. Gin.

N. Gin: You can get rid of the rings by answering questions correctly. Your goal is to get rid of all 6. Then you get immunity. Terrible Tribe you have one man too many, who will sit out?

Petey: I barely know anything about the game, I'll sit out.

N. Gin: And as another treat. I'm not hosting this challenge.

Contestants: What?

Familiar music starts playing.

N. Gin: Introducing, the prettiest of the pretty! The queen of questions! The most beautiful of them all... Gruntilda Winkybunion!

Gruntilda Winkybunion flies down.

Gruntilda: Let's go Pretties, let's play a game.
Unlike last N. Gin, I'm not lame!

N. Gin: Hey!

Gruntilda: Shut up, you stupid dolt!
Or I'll give you a shocking of 100 volt!

Rawk Hawk: Can we get started already?

Gruntilda: Why yes. Of Course, let's get this started.
... Do you know who just farted?

N. Gin: ( I sure do, it's the old Hag in front of me)

Gruntilda: Okay idiots bring a member up!
My question will mangle them like they’re pups!

Bombette and Ludwig walk up.

Gruntilda: A little answer is all I seek
It's from another game that's not to peek
Kamek's such an ugly bore!
In which game did he not score?

A. Mario Super Sluggers
B. Super Mario Galaxy
C. Yoshi's Island

Ludwig: A!

N. Gin: Correct! Terrible Tribe gets a point!

Parakarry and Cheep Cheep walk up

Gruntilda: This game is filled with so many features!
In this forest what's not a creature?

A. Dancing Fish
B. Fuzzy
C. Boss Bass

Parakarry: C!

N. Gin; Wrong!

Cheep Cheep: A!

N. Gin: Correct! Terrible Tribe gets another point!

Terrible Tribe starts to cheer as Bow and Birdo walk up

Gruntilda: I really wish I had a ring.
Marilyn's item, what did she bring?

A. Beldam
B. Gloves
C. Hat

Bow: A!

N. Gin: Correct! Paper Powers get a point!

Koops and Lakitu head up to the stand.

Gruntilda: Bandit's such a rotten crook.
What from Paper Powers did he took?

A. Chicken
B. Rooster
C. He never went to Paper Powers

Koops: B?

N. Gin: WRONG!

Lakitu: C!

N. Gin: Correct! That's three points Terrible Tribe, one point Paper Powers.

Terrible Tribe starts dancing, Flurrie and Bandit walk up.

Gruntilda: If Bandit it right he wins the game
What's the name of the servant that's so lame?

A. Petey
B. Sweety
C. Sweaty.

Bandit: A!

N. Gin: And in an absolutely almost one sided game, Terrible Tribe wins again.

The final ring on Terrible Tribe's side goes out and Michael Tarver grabs the Lumaris miniature. Terrible Tribe celebrate. Rawk Hawk is so mad at three losses in a row that he chokes the Rooster until it's almost dead.

Paper Powers

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I want to explode on something, I want something to go BOOM! Three immunity challenges in a row! We'd be Mario's survivor Team if it weren't for our previous win against Terrible Tribe! Rawk Hawk's going to get rid of Flurrie hopefully.

Parakarry, Mailman: Soon, Bombette will be gone. At least Bow's useful in challenges.

Bow, Demolitions Expert: I've told Rawk Hawk to vote for Flurrie, he agrees with me. While I'm voting differently.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Uh... I was told to vote out Bombette... I refused.

Flurrie, Actress: Well Koops kicked himself out of another alliance. I actually Parakarry did, I joined up with Koops to vote out Bow. We're both going for Bow.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: After a lot of thought, I know who I'm going to RAWK!

Tribal Council

Paper Powers enter through a pipe.

N. Gin: So three people have been eliminated so far, two of them have been your members, and another's going to join them, are you worried about what's going to happen next?

Bombette; No, this one we know who to get rid of.

N. Gin: Parakarry, why do you think you're here?

Parakarry: The questions were mostly about the other side.

N. Gin: What's your reaction to Petey replacing Goomba?

Bow: It's unfair!  I want a servant with a restaurant in his mouth!

N. Gin:  Koops, Terrible Tribe is kicking your butt, is it changing your idea tonight?

Koops:... Uh...

N. Gin: Never mind, it's time to vote.

Rawk Hawk goes to vote

Rawk Hawk: I'm RAWK you tonight!

Parakarry goes to vote.

Parakarry: Bombette, Bow's more useful, and smarter than you.

Koops goes to vote.

Koops: Uh... Bow

Flurrie goes to vote, Bow goes to vote.

Bow: You shouldn't go, you actually deserve to win the game... it's all just part of the plan.

Bombette goes to vote.

N. Gin: I'll go tally the votes.

N. Gin leaves and comes back.

N. Gin: First vote... Bow.

The camera cuts to Bow

N. Gin: Second vote... Flurrie.

The camera cuts to Flurrie.

N. Gin: Third vote...  Bow

Bow doesn't she look like she cares.

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Bow

Bow yawns

N. Gin: Fifth vote... Bombette.

The camera cuts to Bombette.

N. Gin: Final vote... Flurrie. That makes 1 vote Bombette, two votes Flurrie, and three votes Bow.

Bow takes her torch and pokes N. Gin in the eye.

N. Gin: OW!

Bow: I may have had to vote against myself, but it was worth it!

Bow slaps N. Gin a bunch of times.

Bow: These are for every flame you put on my forest!

N. Gin grabs Bow's arms.

N. Gin: WAIT! You voted against yourself?!

Bow: Yeah! Just so I can get you!

N. Gin: But voting against yourself is against the rules!

Bow: Dang it!

N. Gin: Who do you want to vote for?

Bow: Fine! I vote for Flurrie.

N. Gin: Flurrie please hand me your torch.

Flurrie begins to cry and hands N. Gin her torch, he extinguishes it in the sand.

N. Gin: I know who you want to whack, so just do it.

Flurrie gives a giant whack to Bow.

Bow: OW!

N. Gin: Please get in the cannon.

Parakarry: Wait!

Flurrie stops before getting in the cannon.

Parakarry: Don't get rid of Flurrie. Get rid of me. I deserve to go more than her.

Flurrie: No, Parakarry you've been such a sweet friend, but-

Parakarry: I'm tired of just being friends. I've heard that phrase WAY too many times!

Flurrie: Well-

Parakarry: Look into your heart Flurrie, I don't stand a ghost of a chance here without you. Any episode anywhere. I may get along without you very well. I get a lot of kicks out of you! It worries me, let's get away from it all! I'll take you to New York if you wanted.

Flurrie: I-

Parakarry: I have to stop, It's nice to go traveling, but it's a lonesome game, and the without you... well, I'm the disgrace to Paratroopas. I'm up there with Koops.

Koops: Hey!

Parakarry: It's over, it's over, it's over. I'm not afraid, Just try a little tenderness Talk to me! I'm close to you now. Blame it on my youth! Blame it on my very brief appearance in TTYD! But I've had my moments. and it all depends on you. We're chained together, and I'm a fool to want you, but when the world was young, well... no character ever tells you. I'll never be the same! I'll never smile again!

Flurrie: I can't believe you're in love with me. We're just friends. Don't worry about me. We'll be together again. I don't like good-byes. But somewhere along the way, as time goes by, in all my tomorrows, I'll see you again. This isn't my kind of game, and as I leave you tonight, put your dreams away for another day. I thought about you and I believe I'm gonna love you, and it worries me. But then, I'm drinking again. I'll be around, though. And I'll see you again, and not as a stranger.

Flurrie gets in the cannon.

Flurrie: So long, kid. I'll be seeing you. Sleep warm.

Parakarry: I-

N. Gin: Never before have I ever seen such a stupid scene that supposed to reference Frank Sinatra! Get out! Get out!

N. Gin pushes Parakarry and the rest of Paper Powers into the pipe.

N. Gin: Flurrie the tribe has spoken

Flurrie, Actress, on being voted out: Here's to the losers.

N. Gin: GAH!

Who voted for Who?
Bombette: Flurrie (Found her useless)
Bow: Flurrie (Wanted to vote self out, changed it to Flurrie because she was useless)
Flurrie: Bow ( Found Bombette was more useful, Alliance with Koops)
Koops: Bow ( Broke Banjo, Alliance with Flurrie)
Parakarry: Bombette ( Thought the team needed more brains than explosions)
Rawk Hawk: Flurrie ( Was one of weakest members on team that he didn't have an alliance with)

Meanwhile with Badyoyo...

Badyoyo: Mona, if you don't like what Wario will think of you if you pose with his worst rival, then you shouldn't be Plit's Next Top Model. Wendy, you're safe for the fourth time in a row. Mona, You're eliminated.

Mona walks out of the building.

Badyoyo: I actually miss getting slapped in the face.

The cameraman slaps Badyoyo

Badyoyo: Thank you!

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