Survivor 2: The REAL Deal

By Badyoyo

N. Gin: I made a mistake in part of the last episode. Marilyn brought her hat as her comfort item, not Beldam. So really the score to the last challenge should've been 0-4.

Flurrie: *sigh* I miss Parakarry already.

N. Gin: Shut up and hold this!

N. Gin drops an unlit Bob-omb down Flurrie's turret.

N. Gin: Three cannons made, 11 to go.

Paper Powers
Day 13

The tribe is all huddled up in their beds. Parakarry soon gets up and warms up by the fire.

Parakarry, Mailman: I really miss Flurrie, I can still hear that cannon explode and hear her crash into some McKoopas billboard.

Cameraman: When did she get blasted off?

Parakarry, Mailman: I imagined it.

Bombette walks down.

Bombette: Hey Parakarry, how do you get sand out of your eyes if you have no arms?

Parakarry: How should I know?!

Bow is on the second floor listening to their conversation.

Bow, Boo Princess: Oh, I just love it when people argue. It makes me feel all warm inside.

Koops gets up, walks downstairs, and makes some breakfast.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: *yawn*... Huh? ...  Uh...  At Tribal Council we got rid of Flurrie instead of Bow. Which was surprising. I don't think anyone wants to get rid of Bow now. Since Flurrie's gone, that leaves me to vote for her.

Rawk Hawk and Bombette are seen playing checkers in the game room.

Rawk Hawk: My black checkers are going to RAWK your red checkers!

Bombette: Triple jump! King me! Extra turn! Double jump! I win!

Rawk Hawk: DANG IT! I hate losing!

Rawk Hawk grabs the checkerboard and smashes it.

Parakarry is beside the fire. Bow floats invisibly behind him, enjoying his sadness. She then gets a plan.

Bow: (whispering) Parakarry, your self conscious is speaking. Bombette and Koops have reformed their alliance and are trying to get rid of you. Your only hope of survival is by joining Rawk Hawk and Bow again.

Parakarry lifts up his head, angry with Bombette.

Bow: You know you're really the reason Flurrie left. If you had voted for Bow like Flurrie, she would've still been here.

Parakarry tries to disagree with the mysterious voice, but can't. He flies over to Rawk Hawk.

Parakarry: Hey, by the way, who are we voting out if we lose again?

Rawk Hawk: I want to RAWK Bombette!  But Koops is also bad!

Bombette: Look, we need-

Koops: Food! Not strategy!

Bombette: But-

Koops kicks Bombette out of the kitchen.

Bombette: You can kick a girl!

Koops: Stay out of my kitchen!

Rawk Hawk: I'm really getting sick of Bombette, don't you agree, Koops?

Koops: Yeah, I totally want to R-

Rawk Hawk glares at Koops.

Koops: Uh...  You first.

Rawk Hawk: I want to RAWK her.

Koops: Me too!

Rawk Hawk: Follow me.

Rawk Hawk and Koops head outside.

Rawk Hawk: My strategy is "Get the smartest, and get the strongest, and get the people who are most fitted to go into the merge with". I'm the strongest, Bow's the smartest. We just need one other person to overpower the tribe, and that person, is you.

Koops: Uh...  Thanks, but no thanks.

Rawk Hawk looks a little bit skeptical at him.

Rawk Hawk: ...  Why?

Koops: Uh...  I don't like Bow.

Rawk Hawk: Then we'll vote her out in the final three.

Koops: No...  uh...  I don't want her to have any power.

Rawk Hawk: Okay, you can step out of a RAWKing alliance, but just remember, if we get someone else, you may be the next to go home.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Okay, all I'm REALLY caring about is that we win the next two immunity challenges so we can go into the merge fifty-fifty. Then we can split up their group and conquer them.

Terrible Tribe
Day 13

Lakitu and Petey are in the shelter.

Lakitu: Soooooooo, how's the funeral parlor?

Petey: Oh, it's been great Master! I just managed to get it to hold the funeral and burial of Leslie Nelson.

Lakitu: Ah, Leslie Nelson. One of my favorite comedic actors.

Petey: Um...  Master?

Lakitu: Yes Petey?

Petey: You do know the REAL reason I came back, don't you?

Lakitu: ...  Because of this?

Lakitu pulls out the life seed.

Petey: Yes, because of that.

Lakitu: Petey, I know you want to be with me, but...

Petey: Look Master, I understand that there's a game of Survivor going on, and only one of the remaining people can win it. If one of us could win that money, Master, we could dump the whole funeral parlor and live a happy life.

Lakitu: But what do we do until then?

Petey: I don't know, Master.

Michael Tarver and Ludwig are seen checking to see if the place is good.

Ludwig: Food?
Michael Tarver: Check.

Ludwig: Water?

Michael Tarver: Check.

Ludwig: Fire?

Michael Tarver: Check.

Ludwig: Blankets?

Michael Tarver: Check

Ludwig: What's a baby chicken?

Michael Tarver: Chick.

Ludwig: Darn, I thought I had you there.

Michael Tarver: Nice try.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Amazingly me, Michael Tarver, and Ludwig are getting along a lot. We seem to see eye-to-eye on the contestants.

Ludwig, Genius: And our opinion is...  they're all idiots except for us.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Wait, I thought Larry's gimmick was to sneak into other people's interviews.

Bandit's in Five Guys...  singing Opera


Bandit is smashing Peanuts with the non-blade side on his hunting knife

Birdo is out alone somewhere in the Forever Forest.

Birdo: Oh, I miss Yoshi. It's 13 days. Thirteen unlucky days.

Jr. Troopa pulls himself out of the Piranha Plant.

Jr. Troopa: And they're going to get even more unlucky! Your pal may have defeated me! But this time I brought my pet Chain Chomp!


Birdo: Where?

Jr. Troopa: Uh… He's invisible...  I'll- I mean, we'll destroy you!

Jr. Troopa starts charging at Birdo, who just kicks him. She then proceeds to stomp on him.

Jr. Troopa: I don't think so!

Jr. Troopa bites Birdo's foot.

Birdo: YOWCH!

Jr. Troopa then kicks Birdo in her strong leg, causing her to fall over. A Referee Mario comes out.

Referee Mario: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10! Jr. Troopa wins.

Jr. Troopa starts celebrating and runs off. Doc Louis goes to Birdo.

Doc Louis: Don't quit, Birdo baby! You lost!

Birdo: I'm not your baby!

Birdo fires an egg in Doc Louis's face, then runs off.

Paper Powers

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I really don't get it. We have the best shelter, we have the better food, we have good water and fire. How come we keep losing?!

Parakarry, Mailman: I never thought of starvation when playing this game... Thankfully it never happened.

Terrible Tribe

Bow, Boo Princess: Hey! What about our time on camera?!

Cameraman: Sorry, we like filming Terrible Tribe today.

Ludwig: The way I see it, Michael-

Michael Tarver: -Tarver

Ludwig: Michael Tarver. We have protein, energy, fruits, and vegetables, but no calcium.

Michael Tarver: So?

Ludwig: Did you not complete third grade? Calcium makes your bones and teeth more tough than they ever were, it's REALLY useful for teenagers and kids. 2 percent reduced is the most suggested for those kinds.

N. Gin runs out.

N. Gin: This has been our educational message for this episode! Now Lemmy can't delete submissions because they don't teach kids moral values.

Lemmy: Curse you, Ludwig... and you too, N. Gin! You're not even a Mario character... or a Nintendo character for that matter!

N. Gin: Too bad!

N. Gin runs out. Ludwig and Michael Tarver walk past the shelter to get something to eat. The cameraman goes into the shelter, seeing Lakitu and Petey scheming.

Lakitu: So the plan's all set?

Petey: Yeah. You leave your normal alliance, and join one with me. We convince the others to vote for people who don't have alliances, and then we'll at least be in jury territory.

Lakitu: What happens if the game is pure alliances?

Petey: Then we strike the weakest alliance, Master.

Lakitu: Ah... Good mind there, Petey.

Petey: Thank you, Master.

Birdo runs out of the forest.

Birdo: *Phew* I'm glad to be out of there.

Cheep Cheep: What happened to you?

Birdo: You don't want to know.

Cheep Cheep: So we're good for a girls alliance, right?

Birdo: Yeah, I'll try to get the human to join us.

Cheep Cheep: No, Michael Tarver has already formed a friendship with Ludwig, no way he'll try to join us. We'll just have to vote for Bandit and hope for the best.

Birdo: Why Bandit?

Cheep Cheep: He's the only target that's not protected. Plus he's hiding something.

Bandit: Hey guys, since we now have Five Guys, why do we even need this tiny shelter?

Ludwig: Oh that's an easy one, because the floors on a Five Guys are much greasier, colder, and are made of concrete.

Bandit: Geeee, thanks Ludwig. (Stupid genius turtle, giving me no reason to tear this stupid hunk of wood down.)

Petey, Servant/Funeral Director: I know what Bandit's secretly planning, he wants his invisible cloak back. That's what is holding this shelter together, as well as Birdo's bow.

Petey: I think we should go for Ludwig.

Lakitu: Good idea, Petey.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: Hmmm, something's not right with Bandit...

Birdo, Egg Seller: I know I have to get rid of Bandit sooner or later... so why not sooner?

Since Birdo doesn't have an actual mouth, she closes her eyes to show she's happy.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: Bandit's our main hunter... but he's also our main secret holder... Hey, how did he get into the hotel business again?

Lakitu: We're a team, Petey.

Petey: Yes, Master.

Cheep Cheep: We're a team, Birdo.

Birdo: Of course.

Ludwig: Want to make a team?

Michael Tarver: Why not?

Michael Tarver and Ludwig high-five.

Michael Tarver: We're a team, Ludwig.

Bandit holds up his hunting knife.

Bandit: We're a team, Knifey!

Terrible Tribe: Promising to get to the very end!

Terrible Tribe
Day 14

Ludwig and Birdo are sitting by the fire.

Ludwig: Dang this place is cold... I can barely feel the heat bouncing off me and giving the feeling of warmth.

Birdo: This is also the only time we NEED a fire.

Ludwig, Genius: I decided to move the fire pit, for safety reasons. I was afraid our shelter was going to catch on fire... Okay, the truth is, it almost did. So me and Birdo moved it.

The rest of Terrible Tribe are shivering in their blankets, with the exception of Michael Tarver, who's bundled in his extra clothes.

Petey: I'm c-cold, Master.

Lakitu: M-me too, Petey.

Bandit: W-where's the fire?

Bandit opens and closes the "door" and goes over to Birdo and Ludwig.

Bandit: What's with the f-fire?

Ludwig: We decided to move it 5 eet northwest to keep the shelter from burning down.

Bandit: I'm t-too *yawn* t-tired, t-to care.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: Why move the fire? Why? That's our only source of heat at night!

Reward Challenge

N. Gin is seen at the First Aid Center, both teams walk in carrying a handmade stretcher.

Parakarry: When did these get made?

Bow: We made them off-camera. I made our tribe's stretcher.

Ludwig: And I constructed our team's stretcher out of some grass.

N. Gin: So it's been two weeks now. The Forest is starting to take effect on you. If you get hurt, this is where you will go: the First Aid Center. And this is the starting point to the next challenge. 3 Tribe Members will be victims of the "Loser" Disease (a disease that makes you get bad-smelling burps). 2 of will be the rescuers. The rescuers will look in Forever Forest and rescue a victim. Once you find a victim, you put them on a stretcher and run back here. Once you treat them, you have to give them a shot, then they'll be cured and can become another rescuer. Once your three victims are cured, you win the reward. Terrible Tribe, you have two people too many. Pick two people who aren't Petey to sit out.

Birdo and Cheep Cheep: We'll sit out.

N. Gin: All right, and who will be the rescuers?

Rawk Hawk, Koops, Ludwig, and Michael Tarver: ME!

N. Gin: All right then.

Native Boos pop out and shoot poison darts at Bombette, Parakarry, Bow, Lakitu, Bandit, and Petey, and throw them somewhere in Forever Forest.

N. Gin: Want to know what you're playing for?

The remaining 6 nod.

N. Gin: You'll be competing for 7 pillows... spices... canned soup...  7 toothbrushes... 7 sticks of deodorant... and shampoo. Survivors ready? ... GO!

The four run off into Forever Forest with their stretchers.

The first victims (Bow and Lakitu) are the easiest to get, they just have to cross a small pond. Both Tribes get their victims and put them on the stretcher, however only Paper Powers makes it out of the forest, as Michael Tarver loses his way.

Michael Tarver: Uh...

Ludwig: Just go straight! That's  the way we came!

Paper Powers place Bow in the First Aid Center and give her a shot.

Bow: OW!

Then they go searching for their next victim (Parakarry). Terrible Tribe runs out of the forest and gives Lakitu his shot.

Lakitu: YOWCH!

The three go charging into the forest, with Ludwig leading this time.

The next two victims (Parakarry and Bandit) are past the pond, and the teams have to take a left. Paper Powers get Parakarry, who grabs onto the stretcher and uses his wings to give extra momentum. Terrible Tribe soon get there and put Bandit on the stretcher. Paper Powers are still ahead.

Cheep Cheep and Birdo: BOOOO!

Parakarry: Shut *burp* up.

Bow: EW! That was nasty!

Terrible Tribe run out

Ludwig: We're gaining!

Paper Powers try to give Parakarry his shot, but he's squirming.

Parakarry: NO way am I letting you poke that inside *burp* me... On second thought, just do it.

They finally give him his shot.

Parakarry: OUCH!

However, Terrible Tribe have already given Bandit his shot and now are running into the forest for Petey.

Petey and Bombette are in a maze of branches, however of the teams pick the right branch and get a quick exit out of the forest.

Ludwig: I see them!

Rawk Hawk: Hurry up!

Both tribes get tangled in the branches. Rawk Hawk eventually gets so stuck he can't move.

Rawk Hawk: Go on without me!

Ludwig: Bandit! Your hunting knife!

Bandit gives Ludwig his hunting knife and he cuts Terrible Tribe a way through the branches. They pick up Petey and put him on the stretcher, however Bombette explodes and knocks Terrible Tribe down.

Bow: I knew we still had a use for you!

Paper Powers put Bombette on the stretcher and run off. Terrible Tribe have just gotten Petey back on, he's really heavy.

Lakitu: It's no use, we can't lift this guy!

Michael Tarver: Wait! I have a plan!

Michael Tarver punches Petey in the stomach, making him burp and cough up two glowing Mushrooms.

Michael Tarver: I knew I still had a use for these!

Michael Tarver inspects the branches. Meanwhile Paper Powers cross the pond.

Michael Tarver: HA!

Michael Tarver opens up a shortcut.

Bandit: Wow! You actually have a use!

Paper Powers run out of the forest.

Bow: We're going to win! We're going to win!

Terrible Tribe runs out of the forest.

Ludwig: Not if we can help it!

The teamss are neck and neck, both nearing the finish line, suddenly-

CRACK! Plop!

Terrible Tribe's stretcher breaks under Petey's weight, dropping him and halting Terrible Tribe. Paper Powers cross the finish line.

N. Gin: Paper Powers win Reward!

Bombette: YAY!

Parakarry: Can we switch the reward for immunity?

N. Gin: No, enjoy your reward!

Terrible Tribe look angrily at another reward just slipping away. Ludwig stomps on Petey's belly.

Petey: OOF!

Ludwig: If you hadn't replaced Goomba this wouldn't have happened! I'm tired of losing the reward challenges!

Lakitu throws a Spiny at Ludwig.

Lakitu: May I remind you who caused that vote to even happen and allowed Goomba to go?

Michael Tarver pushes Ludwig aside and marches right up to Lakitu.

Michael Tarver: Hey! Get off of Ludwig. He's only looking out for the entire team.

Lakitu: Who are you?

Michael Tarver: Who am I? Who am I?!

Lakitu: Yeah. Who are you?! It's been two weeks and I don't know a thing about you!

Michael Tarver: I'm Michael Tarver! The next winner of Survivor!

Birdo shoots Michael Tarver in the back of the head with an egg.

Michael Tarver: You die now!

Michael Tarver and Birdo start wrestling.

Ludwig: Go Michael Tarver!

Lakitu: As for you!

Lakitu starts beating Ludwig with another Spiny until blood comes pouring out of his hair, turning his hair purple.

Lakitu: You will never hurt Petey! If you touch Petey again! I will end your life!

Ludwig: Ooooh.

N. Gin: Emergency! Emergency!

Some actual human doctors come running up and start looking at Ludwig's wounds.

Time passes. N. Gin walks up to Terrible Tribe.

N. Gin: Well, due to some massive Spiny wounds, Ludwig will be out for the rest of the episode. If you guys go to Tribal Council, he'll go with you.

A bruised up Terrible Tribe walks back to its camp.

Paper Powers
Day 15

Bombette is seen relaxing.

Bombette: Ah, this is definitely the life. Even if we're losing more people every day.

The rest are in their beds, some asleep, some not.

Parakarry: Winning ain't everything.

Parakarry looks at a picture of him and his crew. He takes a scrap of paper with Flurrie on it and tapes it over most of the crew.

Parakarry, Mailman: Winning is nice. But if we keep losing immunity challenges... no one's going to be happy with anyone on this tribe. We can't even trust each other.

Terrible Tribe
Day 15

Lakitu is seen tending Petey's belly wound.

Petey: Master...

Lakitu: Yes Petey?

Petey: How come you didn't attack the human when he punched me?

Lakitu: I took a more passive approach.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Man, that floor is HARD, it's like I was sleeping on spikes or something.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: The living conditions for people on land are stupendously annoying for all. They're just barely surviving on drinkable ocean and Five Guys, and despite it's great taste, Five Guys can REALLY make you psycho after a while

*Flashback to Ludwig eating 4 dozen hamburgers.*

Birdo walks into the shelter.

Birdo: Lakitu, I think we both hate someone.

Lakitu: Yeah, I hate him too.

Birdo: We both despise Michael Tarver and Ludwig.

Lakitu: Well you can vote for the human if you want, but I'm voting Ludwig.

Petey: Me too.

Birdo: Why get rid of our leader?

Lakitu: Because he stinks as a leader, that's why!

Bandit is listening in on their conversation through the thin walls.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: So it's really between Ludwig and the human, eh? ... Well, why get involved in this when I can slip under the radar?

Paper Powers

Air Mail lands in front of the shelter. Parakarry picks it up.

Do you think you're the best?
You'll be like lab rats in this test.
But this reward is something you need.
You'll escape Tribal Council and possibly lead.

Bombette: A maze...

Bow: Ok, this is how we do it.

Bow and Paper Powers begin whispering to each other.

Immunity Challenge

Two mazes have been made. N. Gin is standing in between them.

N. Gin: I'll take that.

A mechanical claw comes out and snatches the Lumaris Miniature.

N. Gin: Here's how it will go. You'll go inside the mazes, which hide 5 masks, each with a different amount of eyes. Your job is to get the masks in order. (One eye, two eyes, three eyes, four eyes, five eyes.). If you find the last mask first, you'll be disqualified. First team to get all five masks first will win immunity. Terrible Tribe, you have one man extra, who will be sitting out? You will have to bring Cheep Cheep and Birdo.

Petey: I'll sit out.

N. Gin: Okay... Survivors ready... GO!

Both tribes run into the maze, both going at the same pace. However when they're both halfway to the first mask…

???: We win!

N. Gin: What the?!

Bow appears behind N. Gin holding all five masks.

N. Gin: Is this allowed?

Bow: Why don't you stupidly call Badyoyo and find out.

N. Gin: HA! I am! ... Wait.

N. Gin calls Badyoyo.

Meanwhile in Castle Koopa…

Badyoyo: What do you want? I'm trying to enjoy the show here.

Rosalina, Wendy, Penny, Toadette, Jolene, and Koopie Koo are seen fighting a giant hydra, and posing at the same time.

N. Gin: Is turning invisible and going through the walls of a maze allowed?

Badyoyo: Did you say it wasn't?

N. Gin: Well no.

Badyoyo: Then it's allowed.

Badyoyo hangs up.

N. Gin: ... Paper Powers win immunity!

Paper Powers: YAY!

Lakitu: *groan* This Tribal Council is going to be painful.

Terrible Tribe

Lakitu and Petey are sitting by the water, annoyed at their loss.

Lakitu: Another dumb luck win for Paper Powers

Petey: I agree, Master, this is the second time in a row that we lost due just to powers.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: We're not happy today. We've lost almost all of our bonds.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: Ok, if we vote for Michael Tarver, all we need is Bandit's vote and either Lakitu's or Petey's, and it's all over for him.

Birdo, Egg Seller: Tribal Council is a depressing time no matter what cheek you turn. It's clear who should leave. For me, Michael Tarver has to go. You NEVER attack a woman!

Bandit, Hotel Owner: Well it's going to be an interesting Tribal Council for sure. Right now everyone thinks I'm voting for Ludwig, but due to "Not supposed to be heard" conversations, I think I'm going to slip under the radar, and slip a vote for Cheep Cheep. She's been doing nothing but talking.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: I talked to Ludwig before he got injured, and we talked about getting rid of Petey, since he replaced Goomba and is blindly following Lakitu. I swear, those two are getting creepy. However, after the incident, I think we're going to vote for Lakitu now.

Terrible Tribe pull their torches out of the muddy parts of their beach (they get stuck a little since they haven't been to Tribal Council in a while.)

Petey: Oh look, Master! A rain cloud!

Lakitu: Yeah, how about-

It begins pouring on them

Lakitu: -that.

Terrible Tribe enters the warp pipe to Tribal Council

Tribal Council

Terrible Tribe enters through a pipe and sits down.

N. Gin: Welcome back. I haven't got a big chance to talk to all of since episode one.  Here's Ludwig, by the way.

Ludwig comes staggering in with a lot of bandages wrapped around his head.

N. Gin: Ludwig, since day one, you were the leader of the group.

Ludwig: I believe everyone has taken a leadership role in this. However, thanks to my fire breath, I've taken most of the leadership.

N. Gin: Why is it that every time you’re here it begins to rain?

Ludwig: I have no clear answer for that

N. Gin: Petey, tell me about leadership, you seem to be a big follower on this tribe.

Petey: Yes, I am a follower. I like to make sure everyone's on the same page when we go into a challenge.

N. Gin: What's your biggest contribution so far?

Petey: It would have to be The Five Guys.

Bandit: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Ludwig: How do you forget about it? It completely stands out.

N. Gin: Cheep Cheep, I haven't seen you in action, where do you feel in the tribe right now?

Cheep Cheep: No idea. Sometimes I feel like everyone is against me, sometimes I feel good.

N. Gin: Ok, go vote.

Dramatic music plays as Petey goes to vote, then Michael Tarver goes to vote

Michael Tarver: You assaulted Ludwig. I have to get rid of you, Lakitu. I just hope Ludwig votes the same way.

Ludwig goes to vote. Lakitu goes to vote.

Lakitu: (whispering) You will never harm Petey again!

Cheep Cheep goes to vote.

Cheep Cheep: I still don't understand why you're on this tribe.

Birdo goes to vote. Bandit goes to vote.

Bandit: Byebye, Cheep Cheep

N. Gin: I'll go tally the votes.

N. Gin leaves and comes back.

N. Gin: You know the drill. Let's read the votes.

N. Gin pulls out the first vote.

N. Gin: First vote... Ludwig.

The camera cuts to Ludwig.

N. Gin: Second vote... Lakitu.

The camera cuts to Lakitu.

N. Gin: Third vote... Lakitu.

Lakitu pulls out his shovel, glaring at Ludwig.

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Ludwig.

Ludwig is holding his head.

N. Gin: Fifth vote... Michael Tarver.

Michael Tarver: Me?

N. Gin: Sixth vote... Michael Tarver.

Michael Tarver: What?

N. Gin: Fifth person voted out Survivor 2 The REAL Deal is...

The three move in closer for the final vote as the dramatic music gets even more dramatic.

N. Gin: ... Ludwig.

Ludwig: Impossible! I heard Bandit voting for Cheep Cheep!

Bandit: That's to fool the audience, loser! And to fool you!

N. Gin: Ludwig, please whack the head of-

Ludwig takes his torch and slams it into the head of Bandit.

Bandit: OW!

N. Gin: And-

Ludwig: Get in the cannon! I get it!

Ludwig gets in the cannon.

N. Gin: Lud-

Ludwig: The tribe has spoken, I get it! Just fire me off!

N. Gin: First I'll wait for your tribe to leave.

Terrible Tribe exit through a warp pipe

Who voted for who?
Bandit: Ludwig (tricked audience into thinking he was going to vote Cheep Cheep)
Birdo: Michael Tarver (attacked her)
Cheep Cheep: Michael Tarver (attacked Birdo)
Lakitu: Ludwig (attacked Petey)
Ludwig: Lakitu (assaulted him)
Michael Tarver: Lakitu (alliance with Ludwig)
Petey: Ludwig (was assaulted by him)

Ludwig, Genius, on being voted out: I have nothing to say, what was said has been said. I do not forgive Lakitu, and I will join Roy in Castle Koopa for a pity party.

Meanwhile with Badyoyo…

Badyoyo: Toadette, even Plit's Next Top Model needs bravery, and you ran away from the hydra the second it began attacking. I'm sorry, but you're eliminated.

Toadette slaps Badyoyo and runs off crying.

Badyoyo: THERE'S the running gag!

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