Survivor 2: The REAL Deal

By Tenacious B

Terrible Powers
Day 22

Birdo, Egg Seller: Well this stinks. Cheep Cheep was the only one I could form an alliance with, now she's not even on the jury.

Bombette: Let's see, what can we do here that we weren't able to do at our other camp?

Bow: How about get a life?

Bombette glares at Bow. Parakarry is seen up in the trees pulling giant leaves down.

Michael Tarver: What in the world are you doing?

Parakarry: Making us blankets. So we can sleep soundly while we're on those rugs in Five Guys.

Michael Tarver: Hmmmmmm, not a bad plan. I like it. Let me help.

Michael Tarver starts climbing a tree.

Parakarry: Actually-

The tree begins eating Michael Tarver.

Parakarry: ... Yeah.

The tree spits Tarver out.

Tree: YUCK! You taste awful!

Rawk Hawk: I didn't even know the trees here could talk.

Tree: Quite, my name is Perry Pine. My job is to guard my precious berries from any intruders.

Parakarry: You mean these red berries?

Parakarry picks a berry and Perry Pine grabs Parakarry. He then slams Parakarry to the ground.

Parakarry: Ow.

Perry Pine: Yes, those red berries.

Meanwhile Lakitu is seen ordering a hot dog in the Five Guys.

Lakitu: Yes, one ultra-mega-Super Dog, with plenty of ketchup.

He feels a presence behind him, and turns around to see Petey.

Petey: Lakitu, since you won't believe that I didn't destroy our shelter. Here.

Petey hands Lakitu a leaf with a lot of ink on it.

Petey: Read it.

Lakitu snatches the leaf.

Lakitu: (reading leaf) Dear Lakitu, as our relationship has ended and our chances of regrouping are getting bleaker by the episode. I begin to feel sorry for you. I'm going to right out say that you're a difficult man to live with. You're not a practical man, but you're caught up in your ideals. I planned to stay away from you ever since you fired me, but I continually think of you and how you're getting along without me to do your pointless tasks. Hopefully you'll find your new life very stressful, and I feel something on the inside bubbling up because of our decisions... but that will probably be some undigested cheeseburgers. ~Petey.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: I’ve got to hand it to Petey, he's the only plant I know that can write calligraphy on a leaf. My reaction...

Lakitu crumbles up the leaf and tosses it into the trashcan.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: ... Maybe could've been nicer.
Petey slaps Lakitu

Petey, Funeral Director: Man that felt good!

Lakitu: So you find me impractical, difficult to live with, and think I can't get along without you, huh? Well let's see how long you go without me!


A letter flies down, and Birdo grabs it. She then goes back to camp.

Birdo: Hey guys, we got mail!

Birdo begins reading the note.

We have no ideas
Just come to Tribal Council
Tomorrow brings fame.

Bombette: Cool, a haiku!

Parakarry: I never knew this show had class.

Bow: I'm hungry.

Bow enters the Five Guys, Lakitu and Petey are seen slapping each other. Bow takes Lakitu's burger.

Bow, Boo Princess: These burgers don't taste that bad, when you're stuck in a place like that.

Koops is on top of the Five Guys, sunbathing with Rawk Hawk.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Well, the last challenge has told me that I need to become stronger. So Rawk Hawk here is going to teach me to get manlier.

Rawk Hawk: That's right, first the tan.

Koops: Ohhhh yeah.

Rawk Hawk: Wait here.

Rawk Hawk hops off the roof and goes into the forest for an interview.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Right now, I'm just sticking to my tribe's good side. We need to work together and fight off former Terrible Tribe members, one by one. Cheep Cheep was a good start. Now if only we could agree on who to get to next.

The camera cuts back to Birdo, Parakarry, and Birdo. Michael Tarver walks over to them.

Michael Tarver: Can I borrow the bomb?

Bombette: Excuse me?

Michael Tarver takes Bombette.

Michael Tarver: Thanks.

Bombette: Let me go!

Michael Tarver: No can do. We need to relight the fire. Now when I throw you to the fire, explode, got it?

Bombette: I'm so going to mess you up when this is over.

Michael Tarver throws Bombette at the fire, she explodes and goes flying up into the air. The fire is lit, however.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Ok, so maybe I could've been nicer, but that was more fun.

Bombette lands on Michael Tarver.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Ow.

Later that night...

It was night time (duh), and everyone was fast asleep. Bombette was currently having a nightmare

Bombette: No, Mario, please! Don't give me to the Koopa Bros! They'll just give you a fake item! NOOOOO!

She accidentally explodes in her sleep. Koops, who is sleeping next to Bombette, is startled by Bombette's explosion.

Koops: Hey, what was that for?!

He wakes up Bombette.

Bombette: Huhhh, what?

Koops: You just exploded on me!

Bombette: No I didn't!

Koops: Yes you did! Why do you think I have scars of my face?

Bombette: Because you probably slept on a fork.

Koops: That doesn't make sense!

They continue to argue. This wakes up everyone else.

Birdo: What's the matter?

Koops: Bombette exploded in my face! Just look at it, it has scars and everything.

Bombette: You could have just sleepwalked into the silverware.

Koops: There is no silverware here!

They argue some more. Rawk Hawk is annoyed by this and slams Koops's and Bombette's head together.

Rawk Hawk: Both of you! Shut up!

Bow, Boo Princess: Who cares if she exploded in his face? I didn't care...

Lakitu goes over to see their blanket has been turned to ash.

Bow, Boo Princess: ...until we noticed our blanket.

Lakitu: Our blanket, DANG! Look at it!

Everyone stares at Bombette.

Bombette: It's just a blanket!

Michael Tarver: ... *yawn* She has a point. I've slept in worse conditions.

Michael Tarver goes back to sleep.

Petey: Well, we might as well still get some sleep without one.

Everyone goes back to bed. It's sort of harder without a blanket, but they manage to fall asleep.

Terrible Powers
Day 23

Soon the sun rises on our halfwit heroes, and they wake up. N. Gin knocks on their door.

Bombette: Now what?

N. Gin: Challenge time!

Parakarry: Right now?

N. Gin: Yep.

Bow: Can't we even prepare?

N. Gin: No, now get going.

N. Gin presses a button and the Five Guys turns into a giant robot that spits up the contestants.

Koops: I'm starting to hate this show the more I get involved.

Rawk Hawk: Ditto.

N. Gin: Let's go, people!

Terrible Powers unwillingly get up and follow N. Gin down a pipe. They arrive at the Tribal Council area.

Ella: We've been waiting for you!

Blueytroopa: N. Gin was only gone for a few minutes.

Ella: So? We've been waiting for them!

Blueytroopa: *looks to contestants* Anyways, time for another challenge.

She motions to some kegs behind her

Ella: This is for reward. You all go one by one to these kegs. Your job is to carry this keg to the other side of the beach without letting it drop. You're timed, the fastest time wins the challenge. Want to know what you're playing for?

The survivors nod. N. Gin pulls out a box.

N. Gin: The winner receives this Mystery Box!

Bow: What's inside?

Blueytroopa: If we told you, it wouldn't be a mystery!

Ella: To find out who's going first, we'll draw straws.

Ella brings out a cup full of sticks, and everyone picks one. The order will be Parakarry, Bombette, Koops, Bow, Rawk Hawk, Lakitu, Petey, Birdo, Michael Tarver.

Ella: Looks like Parakarry is going first.

Parakarry: Man.

N. Gin: Also, flying is allowed.

Parakarry: Good.

Parakarry picks up the keg and starts flying.

Parakarry: What's in this thing? It's heavy!

Blueytroopa: One hundred pounds of Rootbeer!

Parakarry: I hate this game!

Parakarry keeps on flying, but he's getting slower. He soon drops, and walks over the finish line.

N. Gin: One minute, 36 seconds. Not bad... Bombette, you're up.

Bombette picks up the keg and places it on her back. She's takes a long time, but she eventually makes it across to the finish line.

N. Gin: 43 minutes, 56 seconds. Parakarry is still the leader! Koops, you're next.

Koops starts flexing and picks up the barrel.

Koops: Let's do this!

Koops starts running across the beach, but then trips and falls flat on his face. The others laugh.

N. Gin: Disqualified! Bow is next!

Bow goes up to the keg, she picks it up and immediately drops it. The others laugh harder.

Bow: Stupid Rootbeer.

N. Gin: Sorry Bow, Rawk Hawk is up!

Rawk Hawk picks up the crate over his shoulder and starts charging across the beach. He makes it to the finish line quickly.

N. Gin: 45 seconds! Rawk Hawk takes the lead!

Rawk Hawk: YEAH! Feel the RAWK!

N. Gin: Lakitu, you're next.

Lakitu picks up the keg and starts flying off with it.

N. Gin: 1 minute 31 seconds. Rawk Hawk is still in the lead. Petey, you're up... Also, don't use your mouth to carry it, we don't want to punch a hole in it and get you punch-drunk.

Petey walks over and Lakitu simply grins.

Lakitu: Hey Koops, Bow! You don't need to worry about having the worst performance in this challenge! Petey here can't do it! His leaves are too weak!

If Petey had eyes he would be glaring so hard at Lakitu it would put a spear through his head.

Petey: Maybe I can't carry this thing as a plant... but I know what I can carry it as! ... SUIT OFF!

Petey's leaves pop out of his body. So do his legs and his head, so his floating body opens up like a peapod, revealing a female Lakitu.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: And this is why people need to watch Wario's Apprentice... to understand things like this.

Shy Guy: Will you shut up?!

The female Lakitu grabs the keg and starts whizzing down the beach.

N. Gin: 1 minute... 23 seconds!

Lakitu: Dang it!

Female Lakitu: Hmmph... SUIT ON!

The same transformation happens only in reverse.

N. Gin: Rawk Hawk is still in the lead.  Birdo is up.

Birdo picks up the keg, puts it over her shoulder, and starts running to the other side of the beach.

N. Gin: ... 43 seconds! Birdo takes the lead!

Rawk Hawk: But how?!

Birdo: Something too complicated for you boys to figure out.

Birdo, Egg Seller: I secretly gave up the last challenge. It was for immunity, but I knew nobody was going to get rid of me. So why look like a threat?

N. Gin: Last but not least... Michael Tarver.

Michael Tarver picks it up, starts running, then drops it.

N. Gin: Disqualified!

Michael Tarver: It must the baby oil you have on!

Ella: HEY!

Michael Tarver: What a cheap move! You all stink!

N. Gin: Congratulations, Birdo, you win the prize!

Birdo: So what is it?

N. Gin: You win... a trip to the painting of the three semifinalists of Plit's Next Top Model.

Birdo: EW! That lessens respect for women! I forfeit the challenge! Rawk Hawk can have it!

Rawk Hawk: OH YEAH!

Birdo, Egg Seller: Perhaps I should've taken the prize. Now all I'm going to do is entertain Rawk Hawk.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: YEAH! Them girls better get ready for the Hawk!

N. Gin: And you get to bring a friend! Choose one of your fellow tribemates!

Rawk Hawk looks at his tribemates. All of Paper Powers and Birdo are shaking their heads no. Lakitu and Petey are glaring at each other, not even hearing N. Gin; and Michael Tarver is complaining about losing the challenge.

Rawk Hawk: ... I pick... Koops.

Koops: Aw man.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: I have Koopie Koo at home. What would she think of me if I went and did this?!

Rawk Hawk drags Koops over to a blimp.

N. Gin: For the rest of you 7, I have good news and bad news.

Bombette: Let's get the bad news over with first.

N. Gin:  The bad news is, we're taking your Five Guys away, it's too much of an unfair advantage to you all. However, Petey can claim one item from there.

Petey: I'll take... the rugs.

Petey, Funeral Director: Makes sense; we still have those cheeseburgers and that drinkable ocean, but we now have no comfort.

N. Gin: The good news, we're starting you off fresh... with a set of 7 kegs full of rootbeer.

Michael Tarver: Hey, where's our flasks?!

N. Gin: You'll have to trade something to get one.

Parakarry: How about a watch?

Ella: SOLD!

Blueytroopa takes the watch and hands Parakarry a flask.

Parakarry: Hey, what about the others?!

N. Gin: We said ONE, Parakarry.

Terrible Powers walk off, carrying their kegs and mumbling about how stupid their fate is.

Meanwhile with Rawk Hawk and Koops...

The blimp floats up to a studio. Rawk Hawk and Koops get out. Badyoyo and Birby are there to meet them.

Badyoyo: Ah, glad for you two to come. Welcome to Tenacious B studios.

Rawk Hawk: Wow, how'd you make the place?

Birby: We put together our budgets and funds, and came up with enough money for one of these babies without a mortgage.

Koops: Impressive.

Rawk Hawk: So where's the girls?

Koops: Do you mind if I just walk around the studio for a while?

Badyoyo: Why of course.

Birby: Follow us.

Badyoyo, Birby, Rawk Hawk, and Koops walk down a hallway, passing a workroom.

Badyoyo: It's always busy here at Tenacious B studios. We're always brainstorming the next big thing.

A nerd runs up to the group.


Birby: Hey! It's your old fan character!

Badyoyo: Ah, Wario's Apprentice... Good times.

Andy: Sirs! We need to run this by you.

Birby: Fire away, Andy my boy.

Andy: Here's an idea for a video series you all could make to revolutionize Youtube. I call it "Victory League".

Badyoyo: Sounds stupid.

Birby: Think of something better.

The four keep moving, reaching the room where skilled artists (actually, it's just Mario, Yaridovich, and Jimmy T) are painting Rosalina (looking out into space), Penny (in a giant robotic suit), and Jolene (sitting on a desk looking at a clipboard),

Badyoyo: There you go.

Rawk Hawk: Hellooooooooo! Ladies!

Rawk Hawk whistles, Koops ducks back into the hallway.

Birby: SHHH! You'll break their concentration.

Rawk Hawk: So what do we do?

Badyoyo: We sit around for a while, admiring their beauty and determination to become Plit's Next Top Model.

Rawk Hawk: This is boring! I'm going for a walk!

Rawk Hawk leaves and goes into the Men's Room, where he looks in the mirror.

Rawk Hawk: Man, I look so RAWKed from the island!

Rawk Hawk tries smoothing his feathers with some water, but ends up getting his head all wet.

Rawk Hawk: I hate comedy.

Rawk Hawk goes up to a blow dryer, aims toward his face, presses the button... and nothing happens.

Rawk Hawk: What the?

Rawk Hawk presses the button a few more times, eventually a Golden Lumaris Trophy launches out of the blow dryer and hits Rawk Hawk in the face.

Rawk Hawk: Ow... Yay.

Badyoyo enters the Men's Room.

Badyoyo: Oh yeah, forgot to mention. You'll be staying here ‘til Tribal Council.

Terrible Powers
Day 24

The team is beginning to wake up under a new blanket Parakarry made.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Well it's been a good 12 hours since Rawk Hawk and Koops left; we're stuck here with no roof under our heads. We're sleeping on rugs! RUGS!

Parakarry: Ok guys, we need to get a shelter made. And we need to get it done quickly! I have no idea what time it is, but I do know one thing. A shelter needs to be made!

Bow: Fly boy here is right! YOU! Flower boy, get some Piranha Plant leaves that we can use as a roof.

Petey Piranha walks into the forest.

Bow: Cloudy! Use your shovel to dig us a hole!

Lakitu pulls out his shovel and begins digging a hole.

Bow: Anteater-like thing! Follow Flower Boy and sew the leaves together! And Human! Get the fire relit!

Michael Tarver: With pleasure.

Michael Tarver throws Bombette to the pit. She explodes and relights the fire.

As time progresses, Birdo and Petey return Lakitu finishes digging the hole, Birdo sews the leaves together, Bow puts the leaves over the hole.

Bow: Okay, idiots! Into the hole!

Bow lifts up the leaves and Terrible Powers go into the hole.

Bow: Welcome to your new home!

Parakarry: ... This actually isn't bad.

Bow: I think of everything.

Airmail pops out of the wall.

Birdo: How does that happen?

Bow: In the fast forwarded clip, I found where the airmail always lands, and made a hole myself... I HATE YOU ALL BECAUSE OF IT!

Bombette: ... Why?


Petey: Boos don't have nails.

Bow: ... Oh yeah.

Lakitu; So what's the airmail say?

Birdo: Oh yeah... (reading mail)
Ropes are quickest way to die
If you're smart you will not fly
If you lose the challenge you could be on the jury
So you better get to the challenge and hurry.

Michael Tarver: Let's go!

Bow, Parakarry, Lakitu, and Petey get out... However…

Bombette: Hey! What about us?!

Michael Tarver: Birdo, you hoist me up.

Birdo boots up Michael Tarver.

Michael Tarver: Thanks.

Michael Tarver runs off.

Birdo: HEY!

Bombette: Boys. If they aren't flirting with us to try to get a date, they're leaving us in holes!

Birdo: Agreed.

Immunity Challenge

The 5 are seen at a giant cliff with 6 ropes.

N. Gin: All right... Where's Bombette and Birdo?

Parakarry: Uh...

Bow: Welllllll

Ella: FGB!

The Five Guys robot walks up to the hosts.

Blueytroopa: Go find Bombette and Birdo!

The Five Guys robot nods and walks to Terrible Powers camp, where it spots Birdo and Bombette with its heat sensors (wherever it got THOSE from) and brings them back to the challenge.

N. Gin: Thank you. Now here's the challenge. There are 6 ropes here, one holds a Bob-omb. The rest hold an orange. If you get an orange, you're safe. If you get a Bob-omb, you're out!

Parakarry: So it's luck?

Ella: Yep. Everyone, choose a rope!


Parakarry goes to pick a rope, but a mechanical hand grabs him and pulls him to N. Gin.

N. Gin: In order to prevent you from becoming the next Bob of Survivor, you will not compete in this immunity challenge.

Parakarry: That's stupid!

N. Gin: Maybe, but it gives us a different winner every episode.

The order for the ropes is Bow, Birdo, Bombette, Lakitu, Petey.

N. Gin: Michael Tarver, please choose a rope.

Michael Tarver: I don't need to win some stupid challenge to prove I'm the best around here!

N. Gin: Whatever. PULL!

Bow gets... an orange.

Birdo gets... an orange.

Bombette gets... an orange.

Lakitu gets... a bomb!

The Bob-omb lands on Lakitu's face, exploding. He flies into a tree, then a few coconuts hit him on the head.

N. Gin: Get the next ropes set up!


Petey, Funeral Director: Well, I'm glad I've already beaten Lakitu. Let's see if I can go further.

The order is Birdo, Bow, Petey, Bombette.

N. Gin: PULL!

Birdo gets...  a bomb!

The Bob-omb lands in Birdo's nose; the explosion knocks her into another tree.

Birdo: Ow!

Ella: These losses are getting funnier!


The order is Bombette, Bow, Petey

N. Gin: PULL!

Bombette gets... an orange.

Bow gets...  an orange.

Petey: Uh oh.

Petey dodges the bomb.

Blueytroopa: DANG! I wanted that bomb to be even more exciting!

Bombette and Bow go up to the stand.

Bow pulls her rope and gets... a bomb!

Bow: NO!

The bomb explodes on her, but luckily she turns invisible and doesn't take any damage.

N. Gin: Bombette wins immunity!

Bombette: Yes!

Parakarry: HEY! This isn't fair! I should've had my chance to gain immunity!

N. Gin: ... Fine... REAL final round.

Bombette and Parakarry step up. Bombette pulls her rope and gets... an orange!

Parakarry: Yikes!

The Bob-omb falls on Parakarry. It explodes, and Parakarry goes flying into a tree.

N. Gin: Bombette wins immunity again!

Ella puts the immunity necklace around Bombette.

Blueytroopa: You all can go back to your camp.

Meanwhile, back at Tenacious B studios…

Rawk Hawk finally regains consciousness and walks out of the Men's Room.


Koops is being chased by a bunch of secretaries.

Koops: They think the bandage on my nose means I'm a fighter! Help!

Rawk Hawk takes a golden statue of Birby and rolls it down the hallway.

Rawk Hawk: JUMP, KOOPS!

Koops hops over the Birby statue, while the secretaries get hit with the statue and fall down like bowling pins. Badyoyo and Birby leave the studio.

Badyoyo: Well, are you guys ready?

Koops: PLEASE!

Rawk Hawk: Yeah!

Birby: Let's go then.

The four get on a blimp and ride off to the Forever Forest.

Badyoyo: I hope one of two figured out why I brought you here.

Rawk Hawk: I think I understand.

Rawk Hawk secretly pats his pocket containing his Golden Lumaris Trophy.

Terrible Powers

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I have immunity. Nah Nah Nah Nahh!

Bow, Boo Princess: Okay, who to get rid of... Hmmm... I know!

Parakarry, Mailman: I can safely say, that shelter didn't help us a bit. When Koops and Rawk Hawk are back, we're going to build a new one.

Birdo, Egg Seller: Lakitu's being hard on Petey. It sort of makes me feel bad for Petey... Lakitu reminds me of Yoshi somewhat... and that's not a good thing.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: Okay, Lakitu. Petey only has one vote against him, and someone else hates you... Think, Lakitu! Who could it be?!... Eh, Probably just Petey voting twice.

Petey, Funeral Director: Lakitu is making me so mad! I can't wait to get rid of him tonight!

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: I know who's going tonight! I can't wait to see that person on the jury!

Tribal Council

Rawk Hawk and Koops come in on their blimp, while the rest of Terrible Powers come in through the pipe.

N. Gin: Okay... Bombette, you have the immunity necklace this time. How do you feel?

Bombette: I feel good, I have a 12.5 percent chance of winning now. I can't wait to see the result of tonight... However, I also feel sad to see another soul leave.

N. Gin: Parakarry, you were pretty jealous of Bombette.

Parakarry: Well the challenge was luck, she won by luck, anyone can win by luck.

N. Gin: Bow, you took a leadership role, and that failed badly. How do you feel?

Bow: These idiots can't follow a leader! I've never seen such a stupid bunch in my whole life!

Koops glares at Bow.

N. Gin: Koops, your thoughts?

Koops: Shut up! No one cares what you have to say Bow! You've been nothing but a &*%(#&$*(&#(*&$*(#&$*&#(*)%()*$()&*()&$&%()&*$()%$()&%()%&()$&90&(%&()$&(this entire game!

Terrible Powers are shocked by what Koops had to say.

N. Gin: Rawk Hawk?

Rawk Hawk: I'm speechless.

N. Gin: ... Why don't we go vote?

The dramatic music returns as Rawk Hawk goes to vote

Rawk Hawk: This was actually a tough vote for me to make... but here we go.

Petey goes to vote.

Petey: This is another vote for Lakitu, hopefully he'll go sometime soon.

Parakarry goes to vote

Parakarry: Well... you're not fun to have around anymore.

Michael Tarver goes to vote, Lakitu goes to vote, Koops goes to vote.

Koops: You're next on the kill list, you %#$*%!

Bow goes to vote.

Bow: How dare you insult me?!

Bombette goes to vote.

Bombette: I think a vote for you is in order.

Birdo goes to vote

Birdo: Bombette's got immunity, so you're next in line.

N. Gin: I'll go tally the votes.

Thunderhorse starts playing in the background.

N. Gin: What the?

Ella: Sorry.

Ella whacks the radio, the awesome dramatic music plays again. N. Gin returns with the votes.

N. Gin: First vote... Bow.

The camera cuts to Bow.

N. Gin: Second vote... Koops.

The camera cuts to Koops.

N. Gin: Third vote... Bow.

The camera cuts to a surprised Bow.

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Bow.

Bow starts glaring at her tribe.

N. Gin: Fifth vote... Petey.

Petey snarls at the vote.

N. Gin: Sixth vote... Petey.

Petey is flabbergasted and confused at the same time.

N. Gin: Seventh vote... Lakitu.

Lakitu glares at Petey.

N. Gin: Eighth vote... Lakitu.

Lakitu gets out his shovel to hit Petey with.

N. Gin: Eighth person voted out of Survivor 2: The REAL Deal and the first member of our jury... Bow.

Bow: I hate you all!

N. Gin: Bow, please hand me your torch.

Bow hands N. Gin her torch, N. Gin extinguishes it in the sand.

Ella: Please whack the person responsible.

Bow whacks Koops on the head with her torch.

Koops: OW!

Blueytroopa: Please get in the cannon.

Bow does, then Terrible Powers leave.

N. Gin, Ella, and Blueytroopa: Bow, the tribe has spoken.

Bow: Stupid Terrible Powers, just wait ‘til I get my hands on the final two! Oh, just wait! They'll be sorry they voted me out!

Who voted for who?

Birdo: Bow (Alphabet Strategy, Bombette had immunity)
Bombette: Bow (Was bad leader, made stupid shelter)
Bow: Koops (Insulted her)
Koops: Bow (Would never shut up)
Lakitu: Petey (Doesn't like him, still thinks he destroyed shelter)
Michael Tarver: Lakitu (Still following past strategy with Ludwig
Parakarry: Bow (Doesn't enjoy being around her)
Petey: Lakitu (Wishes to get rid of him and stop the torture)
Rawk Hawk: Petey (Thought Petey was too whiny)

Meanwhile with Tenacious B…

Birby: Well, this one was actually pretty tough.

Badyoyo: Quite... It was down to Creativity vs. Risque.

Birby: So we finally thought it over after a long time.

Badyoyo: ... Penny, you get one last chance. Jolene, you're eliminated.

Birby: Sorry, Jolene, we just thought your pose was just a little too boring.

Jolene, instead of slapping the two, writes something on a piece of paper, which she hands to Badyoyo and Birby.

Birby: What is it? A note thanking us for putting her on the show?

Badyoyo: No, it's a contract saying we're going to be fighting Anti Guy and Mr. L in the Glitz Pit next episode.

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