Survivor 2: The REAL Deal

By Tenacious B

Terrible Powers, Day 25

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: 25 days... 25 days we've been on this stupid show.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: They say people need other people to survive. However I don't believe that for a second, while it may be gruelling here. But hey, Bow's gone at least.

Terrible Powers are seen sleeping on their sand covered rugs, dieing in the heat, drinking only their drinkable ocean.

Parakarry: The heat is so stupidly high today.

The sun is seen smoking a joint.

Bombette: It's also really hot.

The heat lights Bombette's fuse and blows her up. Everyone is too tired to care.

Koops: So tired...

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: I thought it was a bad idea to wear heavy clothes onto an island, I thought we would live in the darkness of the Forever Forest, not on sand that makes fire feel icy cold.

Koops can't stand the heat and takes off his sweatshirt. It's pale as a cloud.

Birdo: Ooh la la. Love the tan there, Koops.

Koops: Uh... thanks?

Birdo, Egg Seller: Sometimes Koops is there... and sometimes... he's not.

Shy Guy: Seriously? That's the best you can come up with?

Birdo, Egg Seller: Well excuse me for not really enjoying this heat.

Rawk Hawk is seen pulling out a few feathers (and cringing in pain after taking out each one). He begins to make a fan out of them, and begins fanning himself.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: I swear, it's seems I'm the only guy who has any brains around here.

Cameraman: (This is coming from the guy in a feather coat.)

Michael Tarver wakes up on his rug, and sees he's out to sea.

Michael Tarver: What the?

A wave comes in and turns the rug over, Michael Tarver flips with it.

Michael Tarver: AHH!

Michael Tarver soon grabs onto the rug, and tries to swim to shore, but he's about 3 miles away from it.

Michael Tarver: How did I even end up out here?

*Flashback to Terrible Powers after Tribal Council*

Birdo: Thank DAD, Bow's gone.

Rawk Hawk: Yeah, she can be a pain at times.

Lakitu: Yeah, just like Petey.

Petey: Yeah... Hey!

Bombette: Well... I'm turning in.

Michael Tarver: Me too.

Everyone: Goodnight.

Time passes and the tide comes in, Michael Tarver's rug is too close to the sea, and the water makes Michael Tarver's rug rise, and start floating off to sea.

*End Flashback*

Michael Tarver: Man, fun times... Well as long as I'm waiting... 100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer-

Meanwhile back on the island.

Petey, Funeral Director: Speaking of fun times, get a kick out of this clip


Lakitu is seen heading to sleep, Petey slowing grabs a stick of bamboo lying around, and begins drinking Lakitu's cloud (don't ask me how). Lakitu begins stirring since he was using his cloud as a pillow, so Petey takes a Fuzzy and gives it to Lakitu, who thinks it's his cloud

*End Flashback*

Petey, Funeral Director: Oh, this is going to be so cool.

Lakitu wakes up, seeing the Fuzzy sucking his face... he faints.

Petey, Funeral Director: Well that didn't go as planned.

Petey began to shake Lakitu. He only plans to freak out Lakitu, not intentionally hurt him to the point where he can't wake up.

Petey: Oh-no. Oh-no.

Petey looked at the Fuzzy, it seemed to have gotten much fatter since eating Lakitu overnight.


Meanwhile out at sea.

Michael Tarver: 57 bottles of beer on the wall. 57 bottles of beer.

An Ambulance Boat drives up to Michael Tarver.

Michael Tarver: HEY! Help me up!

Boat member: Are you a member of Terrible Powers?

Michael Tarver: Yeah!

Boat member: Good, we're on our way there.

Michael Tarver: Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Ambulance Boat starts to drive off the forest.

Back at Terrible Powers

Bombette: *Yawn* So tired... but need shelter.

Koops: Yeah... but still need tan.

Koops lies down on his back and closes his eyes. A crab walks up to him and pinches his cheek.

Koops: YOUCH!

Parakarry steps on the crab, then eats it.

Parakarry, Mailman: There's no food here. Only water. Water can save your life... but without food, life's unbearable!

Rawk Hawk is still fanning himself.

Rawk Hawk: Need... meat... Meat?... Petey's Cheeseburgers!

Rawk Hawk crawls across the beach to Petey's Cheeseburger pile. He begins eating one, it's a little sandy, but Rawk Hawk doesn't care.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: Oh... So good.

Birdo, Egg Seller: It's the final 8, after this episode, 6 more challenges lie in my way before winning... Until then... I'm one of only three girls on this tribe... and I'm sorry, Yoshi, but I need a man who actually cares for me... I need him in my life... but who?

Petey knows he is running out of options, so he knows he has one more option.

Petey: I guess I have to give mouth to mouth!

No, not that!

Petey: Oops. I know, I must carry Lakitu back to camp and get the others to help me!

That's better. Petey proceeds to carry Lakitu back to camp in a frantic manner, and since the Fuzzy is too fat, it doesn't give chase.

Back to Terrible Powers

Bombette: That's it. I'm going to build a shelter, it's just too hot!

Koops: (rolls eyes) Good luck.

Bombette proceeds to go build a shelter, but Petey runs over her, making her explode in his face.

Petey: Ouch.

Bombette: Sorry.

Petey: That's not important right now, Lakitu is very sick!

Rawk Hawk hears this, and heads over to them with a half eaten cheeseburger.

Parakarry: Is that one of Petey's cheeseburgers?

Rawk Hawk: Ummmmm... no?
Parakarry, Mailman: Really? That's your best excuse?

Parakarry: GIVE ME THAT!

They get in a cartoon cloud fight over the cheeseburger, while the others are focusing on Lakitu.

Petey: What should we do?

Koops: Did you try calling an ambulance?

Petey: Yes, and no one came!

Koops: Great, then what other options do we have?

???: How about actually waiting?!

Petey and Koops look out toward the water, and see the Ambulance boat with Michael Tarver at the bow.

Michael Tarver: Geeze you people have no patience! Now get him on that stretcher!

Some White Shelled Koopas run out with a stretcher, put Lakitu on it, then run back into the Ambulance Boat.

Koops: Couldn't they just send an ATV?

Michael Tarver: Oh by the way, they gave me a message.

Michael Tarver pulls a piece of paper out of his butt.

Michael Tarver: (Reading Note)
There'll be no rhymes for this one.
Lakitu has been injured. If he is not healthy by Tribal Council, he will be automatically voted out and join Bow on the jury.
Also your reward challenge is tomorrow, we suggest you practice doing it in some way.
Finally, we can't afford an ATV, because we lost so much money preparing for our match.

The fight between Rawk Hawk and Parakarry stops.

Parakarry: What match?

Rawk Hawk swipes the rest of the burger and eats it whole

Parakarry: Hey!

Meanwhile at the Glitz Pit…

Jolene: The following Tag Team match is scheduled for One Fall! Introducing first! Tenacious B's personal Ring Announcer... An eyeless Goomba?

Jolene places the microphone in front of the Eyeless Goomba.

Jolene: It's right in front of you.

Random Rock Music plays, Tenacious B are seen driving into the arena in a Rolls Royce. Badyoyo's at the wheel, Birby is on top doing dance.

Eyeless Goomba: Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the winners of this bout! At a combined weight of 10 pounds! The men who Rawk more than Rawk Hawk! The men who are of more Royalty than Prince Mush! The men who are more wicked than Mr. Wicked! Tenacioussssssssss B! *Muttering* None of this is true by the way…

Badyoyo and Birby have exited the car at this point, and have gotten up to the stage. Badyoyo kicks the Eyeless Goomba off the stage.

Jolene: And their opponents! At a combined weight of 368 pounds! Mr. L and Anti Guy!

Mr. L and Anti Guy enter the arena cracking their knuckles and glaring at each other. They don't really want to work together, but they can't resist beating people up.

Back at the Beach…

Birdo, Egg Seller: Is it just me, or when you want men around, they seem to drop like flies?

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: First Lakitu's being harsh, now Petey's pulled a prank that's too harsh... Dang, this rivalry is getting more fun the more I watch it!

That night...

Everyone is fast asleep, except for one.

???: Soooooo hungry...

The figure leaves camp, but not before cracking a twig, which Bombette hears.

Bombette: (half asleep) What?

She follows the figure, who goes to a nearby waterfall and under it. Bombette follows, and she notices a hidden cave behind the waterfall. At the end of the cave are the many cheeseburgers Petey had stored. The figure quickly grabs one, and proceeds to head back to camp. Bombette sneezes though, and the figure notices her.

???: Darn it, Bombette discovered Petey's cheeseburger storage!

Bombette: Who are you anyway? I can't see you because it's so dark out! I recognize your voice though...

???: Quiet! I don't want the viewers to know who I am just yet! I want it to be epic!

Bombette goes up to the figure and explodes, revealing Rawk Hawk in the light.

Rawk Hawk: Dang it, I wanted this to be an RAWWWWWWKING reveal!

He runs back to camp with a cheeseburger, leaving Bombette confused.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Thanks to that idiot, I now know where the cheeseburger stash is. I can use that to my advantage.

Bombette notices he left the rest of the cheeseburgers.

Bombette: I'm going to eat tonight!

Bombette jumps into the rest of the cheeseburgers, she then wakes up from her dream.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I hate dreams, mainly when I can't tell it's a dream.

The Next Morning.
Terrible Powers, Day 26

Parakarry: Ah, the heat seems to be gone... I wonder-


It begins raining.

Parakarry: ...why.

Koops: Okay, we NEED a shelter!

Rawk Hawk: Yeah!

Bombette: What about that cave?

Petey: What cave?!

Bombette notices she's talking about her dream, there is no cave in the Forever Forest.

Bombette: ... Oh.

Rawk Hawk: I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting the RAWK out of here!

Rawk Hawk runs into the Forever Forest.

Birdo: Into the terrible shelter Bow made!

Terrible Powers enter the stupid shelter.

Birdo, Egg Seller: Never have I been more glad to see something made by Bow.

Koops: This cannot get any worse, THIS CANNOT GET ANY WORSE.

Parakarry: If you keep saying that, you'll give us a massive-

Lightning strikes the shelter, causing it to go in flames
Parakarry: ...jinx

Jynx: Jynx?

Rawk Hawk: Not you!... Why is there a Pokemon here anyway?!

He kicks him out of the scene. It drops a letter.

Bombette: Great, airmail during a shelter fire in a thunderstorm. How nice.

Koops grabs the mail and reads it.

Koops: *Reading Letter* Why aren't you at the challenge yet? We know you want it.

Bombette: Why should we?

Koops: *Still Reading Letter* It has a good reward

Parakarry: So what?

Koops: *Still Reading Letter* It takes place in a safe indoor environment.

Rawk Hawk: Let's go!

Terrible Powers climb out of their shelter, this time not leaving anyone behind.

Reward Challenge

Terrible Powers run into an indoor shooting gallery.

N. Gin: Hello everyone, I trust you're doing well today.

Terrible Powers growl at N. Gin.

N. Gin: But first, as an apology for the rain. We all are going to be playing a little game of... What is this called?

Ella: I think it's based off some Japanese game show. We are Nintendo after all.

Blueytroopa: Let me see what it's called...

Blueytroopa inspects the game title

Blueytroopa: *Ahem*... This is just a WarioWare game turned upside down.

Ella: Oh.

Blueytroopa: Oh, and it's one of the new ones created by his new apprentice. The greatest sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a horrible game. "STONE DIAMOND VI"!

N. Gin looks at the WarioWare game.

N. Gin: Oh yes, the third instalment of the MMORPG.


N. Gin: Money Making Online Role Playing Game.

Ella: Oh.

N. Gin: So THAT's why we have these mountains up!

Ella: Oh yeah, your challenge is to hike up this virtual mountain and collect the Stone Diamond at the top of the mountain.

N. Gin: But that's not all, we'll be shooting missiles at you and the mountain, guaranteed to take you down.

Blueytroopa: First one to the top wins.

Ella: The reward will be explained to the winner of the challenge.

N. Gin: GO!

Terrible Powers are teleported to the bottom of the virtual mountain.

Rawk Hawk and Michael Tarver scurry up first, since they are the strongest, while Petey and Parakarry head to the skies. Everyone else goes up behind them.

Ella: Fire the Bob-ombs!

N. Gin, Blueytroopa, and Ella are in some kind of Doomship/Flying Saucer, and start firing Bob-ombs at the tribe. Parakarry is having trouble with them, while Koops is running in circles out of fear.

Bombette: Chicken.

She continues up, only to have a Bob-omb explode in her face.

Petey's only going up, he's tied with Rawk Hawk and Michael Tarver.

Michael Tarver: Yo! Throw me to him!

Rawk Hawk picks up Michael Tarver and tosses him like a spear to Petey, Michael Tarver hangs on

Petey: Suit off!

The parts of Petey fall off, Michael Tarver grabs onto the Female Lakitu's cloud.

Female Lakitu: GET OFF!

Rawk Hawk: What an idiot.

Rawk Hawk continues running up the mountain.

Parakarry flies up, and notices the two.

Parakarry: Let's see...

Parakarry notices Rawk Hawk running up.

Parakarry: Nah.

Parakarry starts sailing towards Rawk Hawk.

Female Lakitu: OFF! NOW!

The Female Lakitu tries shaking Michael Tarver off, but he flips himself onto her face.

Female Lakitu: MMMPH!

Birdo comes running by them.

Birdo: Hmmmm.

Birdo launches an egg at the two, they're pushed away from the cloud. They fall on Koops.

N. Gin: Death RAY!

Rawk Hawk dodges the first Death Ray, and continues running, Parakarry stays a little behind Rawk Hawk.

Birdo dodges the Death Ray, but trips, as does Bombette.

Meanwhile Koops, the Female Lakitu, and Michael Tarver are scrambling to get away from the Death Ray, but it fries them all.

Parakarry: I'm not losing to a fat bird wrestler!


He goes down and starts fighting with Parakarry. This allows Birdo and Bombette to pass them.

Bombette: Idiots.


She launches a King Bill from their ship. It starts to slowly go up the mountain.

Blueytroopa: Didn't you mean to launch a Banzai Bill?

Ella: Uhhhhhh... oops.

N. Gin: Whoever is too slow is in for some SERIOUS hurt.

This makes Koops, Michael Tarver, and the Female Lakitu, who are in last, hustle for the finish line. Even though they are quite far away from the bottom of the mountain, which is where the King Bill is, the King Bill is picking up speed...

The three stooges known as Female Lakitu, Koops, and Michael Tarver keep fighting. The Female Lakitu notices the King Bill and flies away, leaving Koops and Michael Tarver to go boom.


Koops and Michael Tarver go flying off.

Koops: Well this stinks.

Michael Tarver: And it's all your fault!

Koops: My fault?!


Koops and Michael Tarver hit an invisible wall, then slide down it into a swamp.

N. Gin: Which swamp is that?

Ella: The swamp of Zidgar Mother. Wario's Apprentice's even more buffed up version of Midgar Zolom.

A roar is heard in the virtual swamp, followed by some screams, then some loud gulps. Koops and Michael Tarver are thrown out of the TV.


Koops: GAME OVER?!

Michael Tarver: I can't believe we got a game over just because we died!

Meanwhile on the course…

It's down to Bombette and Birdo, they're climbing up to the near top, Female Lakitu's coming in third, Parakarry is following, Rawk Hawk is running up to see if he can make a comeback.

Birdo: (I know!)

Birdo fires an egg at Bombette, who explodes, launching Birdo to the top of the mountain.

Blueytroopa: Birdo wins immunity!

Birdo: YES!

Bombette lands.

Bombette: OW!

Female Lakitu: Shoot!... SUIT ON!

Female Lakitu's Petey suit comes back onto her.

Parakarry flies up to see Birdo win.

Parakarry: Aw come on!

Rawk Hawk runs up tired. He just sprinted to the top of the mountain, only to be unsuccessful.

Rawk Hawk: DANG!

Bombette, Petey, Rawk Hawk, and Parakarry are teleported out of the game.

N. Gin: Now for your prize.

Three Stone Diamonds come out of the ground, each giving off a different glow. N. Gin flies his UFO to the green one.

N. Gin: This is the Stone Diamond of Wisdom. This will give you knowledge of all the Golden Lumaris Trophies hidden in Forever Forest.

Ella flies her UFO to the Stone Diamond, giving off a red glow.

Ella: This is the Stone Diamond of Power, it will give you an instant Golden Lumaris Trophy.

Blueytroopa flies his UFO to the Stone Diamond, giving off a blue glow.

Blueytroopa: This is the Stone Diamond of DAD (also known as the DAD-Mod Stone). It will give you a clue to answer to your conflict. (Fourth Wall, what's that?)

N. Gin: You can only choose one. Which will you take?

Birdo thinks about it and chooses the Stone Diamond of Wisdom!

N. Gin: I should warn you that-

It is too late, for Ella chucked the jewel at her. It hits her face and shrouds her in green aura. When it stops, everyone is wide-eyed.

Blueytroopa: You okay, Birdo?

Birdo: Albert Einstein was known to have a brain disorder!

N. Gin: Thanks a lotm Ella, you made her the smartest being alive!

Ella: Why thank you!

N. Gin and Blueytroopa roll their eyes.

Blueytroopa: Send her back before she does something!

Birdo poofs back to camp.

N. Gin: What just happened?

Ella: Don't look at me, I didn't do anything!

Blueytroopa: Relax, she was just messing with us. She knew that Albert had a brain disorder. There's nothing in that.

Back at the camp…

Birdo sneaks into the woods with her prize.

Birdo: All right, Stone Diamond. Where are those Golden Lumaris Trophy?

The Stone Diamond breaks itself open, revealing a note.

Note: Aside from the Leader, what were the powers of the Fantastic Four?

Birdo: ... That's useless to me.

Birdo, however, does think about this…

Birdo: The powers... Rock... Fire... Invisibility... I'm stumped.

Birdo returns to the camp, seeing it's still raining. She bumps into a tree, a cheeseburger falls into her hand.

Birdo: What the?

Rawk Hawk jumps from the tree.

Rawk Hawk: SHHH! Don't tell anyone of this tree! It's where I keep the cheeseburgers I stole from Petey.

Birdo: Why should I?

Rawk Hawk: If you keep quiet about it, I won't vote for you, and I'll let you share them with me.

Rawk Hawk extends his hand, but has his fingers crossed behind his back.

Birdo: ... All right... Deal.

Birdo shakes hands with Rawk Hawk.

Rawk Hawk: Okay, you leave first.

Birdo leaves the forest, meanwhile Rawk Hawk places the cheeseburgers in a different tree a mile away from the previous tree, Rawk Hawk is speedy though, able to go a mile in two minutes without passing out.

Birdo comes back to camp, seeing the rest of Terrible Powers are building a shelter right in front of the pit Bow made.

Bombette: Hey Birdo! Over here! Help us!

Birdo runs over, but her leg catches on something.

Birdo: What the?

Birdo picks it up, revealing it to be Bandit's invisibility cloak.

Birdo: Bandit must've left this behind, since he didn't think he was going to go home. I'll have to return it to him when the game's over.

Birdo puts the cloak inside her bow. She goes back to the shelter. It looks like the average kind of shelter that you would find on a normal episode of Survivor.

Parakarry: We managed to find enough wood to keep the place up, but we need some string. Can we use your vow?

Birdo doesn't have another thing to hold Bandit's invisibility cloak. She tries to fight for both. She doesn't want Bandit's invisibility cloak to get dirty.

Birdo: ... I think Bombette's hair tie would work better.

Parakarry and Birdo look at Bombette, Bombette has no real option.

Bombette: ... All right... Koops, help me undo this.

Koops walks over to Bombette and takes out her hair tie. Her hair becomes a long mess.

Bombette: Now tie the wood together with it.

Koops is a little confused on why he needs a hair tie to tie wood together, but he does so.

Meanwhile, Petey is looking for his cheeseburgers.

Petey: Now where are those stupid cheeseburgers? It's the only food we have left on this stupid show.

Meanwhile Michael Tarver is using the glowing Mushrooms to find his way through the Forest.

Michael Tarver: Dang, how hard is it to find some food around here? Everything either attacks you, or runs away.

Michael Tarver walks trips over the gate of the Boo Mansion.

Michael Tarver: OW!

Bow and the other Boos appear.

Bootler: What shall we do to this man, Lady Bow?

Bow: Toss him back to his camp! We can't allow him in the mansion!

Michael Tarver: But-

The Boos take Michael Tarver and toss him to his camp. What's even more unfortunate for Michael Tarver is that he landed in the fire.

Michael Tarver: AHHHHHH!

Michael Tarver runs into a tree, setting it on fire.


Both Michael Tarver and the tree jump into the ocean.

Michael Tarver: That was painful.

Tree: And you're an idiot.

Michael Tarver: Shut up!

A Golden Lumaris Trophy appears from the water. Michael Tarver snatches it.

Michael Tarver: Mine!

Birdo observes it all.

Birdo: Fire... I get it!

However, night falls.

Birdo: Darn!

Bombette: Well, let's get to bed!

Terrible Powers, Day 27

The Airmail falls into the shelter, hitting Bombette on the head. She wakes up.

Bombette: Hey guys, we got mail!

Everyone else begins to wake up, Parakarry picks up the Air Mail and reads it.

Parakarry: A tribe without a leader is useless
We'll have a challenge with people that are fuseless
A proper leader can make a speech
The winner gets immunity for his preach,

Bombette: What's that mean about fuseless?

Koops: I'm sure it's just finding a rhyme.

Bombette: Well I don't like it!

Rawk Hawk and Petey look at each other and nod. Rawk Hawk picks up Bombette and gives her to Petey, who bites her hair/fuse off.

Bombette: OUCH!... My hair... My hair! I'm ugly!

Bombette runs away crying.

Birdo: You two are so much trouble!

Rawk Hawk: What? She didn't want a fuse.

Petey: Yeah.

Birdo: I swear, you two are repulsive!

Michael Tarver: Well we can't worry about it now, we have a challenge to do.

Michael Tarver tries to leave but Birdo stops him.

Birdo: No, we're going to stay here! These two caused a problem! They have to fix it.

Rawk Hawk: But Bombette ran off!

Birdo: Staying here!

Petey: Well we're not moving, she was asking for a beating anyway!

Birdo: Fine, we won't go for immunity then.

Michael Tarver: Yeah right.

Michael Tarver tries to leave, but Birdo fires an egg at him.

Michael Tarver: OW!

Night falls again, a warp pipe appears from under all six.

Terrible Powers: What the?

The pipes suck them down, to...

Tribal Council

Terrible Powers hop out of the warp pipe, seeing N. Gin, Ella, and Blueytroopa waiting for them.

N. Gin: So you think you don't need immunity, eh?

Ella: Well let's see how well you do WITHOUT an immunity challenge.

Blueytroopa: And we brought a friend.

Lakitu is seen sitting on the seats holding his head.

N. Gin: Please take a seat.

Terrible Powers do.

Ella: We also brought another friend.

A figure is seen in the darkness.

Blueytroopa: Ladies and Gentlemen, there has been a change to the rules... Not only will the winner receive one million coins and a new car, they will also receive a date with Plit's Next Top Model... Rosalina!

Rosalina walks up in a tight black dress with matching heels; she giggles and winks at the competitors. Rawk Hawk, Michael Tarver, and Parakarry start dropping their jaws in that order. Koops looks a little nervous, Birdo and Petey are upset over having a woman as a trophy, Bombette is still crying, and Lakitu doesn't really notice.

N. Gin: Obviously no one has anything to say-

Parakarry: Actually, I have something.

Ella: All right, go ahead Parakarry.

Parakarry: Thank you * Ahem* Sorry Flurry, but Rosalina is my girl now. Not you! Besides, you look fat.

Parakarry doesn't know that Flurry hasn't been blasted off yet, so she has heard the whole thing.

Blueytroopa: So go vote, Rawk Hawk, you're up first.

Before Rawk Hawk goes to vote, Koops whispers something in his ear. The dramatic music plays. Rawk Hawk goes to vote.

Rawk Hawk: What? No way! I'm voting Petey out!

Koops whispers in everyone else's ears while Rawk Hawk is voting. Petey goes to vote.

Parakarry goes to vote.

Parakarry: I hope you know what you're doing, Koops.

Michael Tarver goes to vote, Lakitu goes to vote, Koops goes to vote.

Koops: If I had to make a decision right now, I think he's the best man to go.

Bombette goes to vote, Birdo goes to vote.

N. Gin: I'll go tally the votes.

N. Gin leaves and comes back.

N. Gin: First vote... Petey.

The camera cuts to a close up of Petey.

N. Gin: Second vote... Petey.

Petey starts looking confused.

N. Gin: Third vote... Petey.

Petey starts sniffling.

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Petey.

Lakitu realizes what's happening, and grins at Petey.

Lakitu: (Finally, one more vote and justice will be served.)

N. Gin: Fifth vote... Koops.

Lakitu: (Probably Petey's vote.)

N. Gin: Sixth vote... Koops.

Lakitu:  (Hmph, well Petey did have a lot of fans on the island)

N. Gin: Seventh vote... Koops.

Lakitu: (Maybe I should've voted for Petey, curse my head injury for forgetting the pain Petey caused me.)

N. Gin: Ninth Person voted out of Survivor 2: The REAL Deal and second person on our jury...

Lakitu: (PETEY!)

N. Gin: ... We have a tie between Koops and Petey. Koops, please say why you should stay.

Koops: Guys, Please... Please... PLEASE VOTE ME OUT I'M BEGGING YOU! I already have a wife unlike you guys, and I love her. I'm not going to destroy my relationship for an attractive young woman I have a chance at getting like Parakarry here.

Parakarry glares at Koops.

Petey: Listen to him.

N. Gin: Revote!

The dramatic music plays again. Rawk Hawk goes to vote.

Rawk Hawk: Sorry Koops, but Petey has to go.

Parakarry goes to vote, Michael Tarver goes to vote, Lakitu goes to vote.

Lakitu: Petey is dieing this time!

Bombette goes to vote, Birdo goes to vote.

N. Gin: I'll retally the votes.

Blueytroopa flies over to the votes, comes back and hands N. Gin the votes.

N. Gin: First vote... Koops.

Koops is smiling.

N. Gin: Second vote... Petey.

Koops frowns and Petey is a little skeptical on the vote.

N. Gin: Third vote... Petey.

Petey starts sniffling.

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Koops.

Koops's smile returns.

N. Gin: Fifth vote... Koops.

Koops reaches for his staff.

N. Gin: Ninth Person voted out of Survivor 2: The REAL Deal is...

Koops: ( ME!)

N. Gin: ... Another tie.

The two are shocked.

N. Gin: When there's a tie, we look back at the previous Tribal Councils, the person with the most votes in the past is out. Petey, not including tonight, how many votes do you have?

Petey starts sniffling harder, knowing he has the most votes.

Petey: *Sniff*... 4.

N. Gin: Koops?

Koops: ... 7, YES!

N. Gin: Koops, please hand me your torch.

Koops happily hands his torch to N. Gin.

N. Gin: Welcome to the jury.

N. Gin extinguishes Koops's staff in the sand.

Ella: Please whack the person responsible.

Koops takes his staff, smiles, and gives a nice big whack into the stomach of Rosalina.

Rosalina: OOF!

Birdo: HEY! You can't do that!

Birdo hits Koops in the back of the head with an egg.

Blueytroopa: And get in the cannon.

Koops gets in the cannon, Terrible Powers leave with Birdo making a face at Koops.

N. Gin, Ella, and Blueytroopa: Koops, the tribe has spoken.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg, On being voted out: I'm glad I got voted out, now I can see Koopie Koo again! I wish all my teammates good luck!

Who voted for who?
Birdo: 1st. Petey ( Bit Bombette's hair off) 2nd. Koops ( Begged her)
Bombette: 1st. Petey ( Bit her hair off) 2nd. Petey ( Same)
Koops: Petey ( Bit Bombette's hair off)
Lakitu: 1st. Koops ( Was told to, by Koops) 2nd. Petey ( Still hates him)
Michael Tarver: 1st. Koops ( Told to) 2nd. Koops ( Same)
Parakarry: 1st. Koops ( Was told to) 2nd. Koops ( Same)
Petey: Koops ( Was told to, by Koops)
Rawk Hawk: 1st. Petey ( Wanted to get rid of Terrible Tribe 2nd. Petey (Same)

Meanwhile at the Glitz Pit...

Badyoyo: Tikimon! I summon you!

Tikimon appears.

Mr. L: Brobot! Come forth!

Brobot comes out.

Badyoyo and Mr. L: Laser Eyes!

Tikimon and Brobot both hit each other with Eye Lasers, they both get destroyed, Mr. L was hurt since he was inside Brobot, he falls to the ground. Badyoyo goes to pin him.

Jolene: 1... 2...

Anti Guy goes into the ring and pulls Badyoyo off. Birby runs to Anti Guy who throws him out of the ring. Badyoyo gets his wand out and hits Anti Guy with a fireball. He runs off stage.

Badyoyo: Time to finish this!

Badyoyo puts his foot on Mr. L's face.

Jolene: 1... 2...

Mr. L grabs Badyoyo's foot, flips him over, and puts him in an ankle lock. Badyoyo can't stand the pain, he taps out.

Jolene: Here are your winners as result of a submission... Anti-Guy and Mr. L!

Jolene raises Mr. L's and Anti Guy's hands,  Badyoyo is clutching his ankle and Birby is knocked out.

Jolene: Now don't you boys feel sorry for getting rid of me in Plit's Next Top Model?

Jolene lets go of Mr. L's and Anti-Guy's hands, and pushes her high heel shoe into Badyoyo's wounded ankle.

Badyoyo: YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Yes! Yes we are!

Jolene: Now why don't you sign here? And I'll remove my foot.

Badyoyo places a contract and pen in front of Badyoyo who frantically signs it. Jolene removes her foot and takes the contract.

Badyoyo: What was that anyway?

Jolene: That was a contract saying you're now competitors in the Glitz Pit.

Badyoyo: Oh, that doesn't sound too ba-YOOOOOOW!

Jolene places he shoe back on Badyoyo's ankle.

Jolene: Sign here.

Jolene places another contract in front of Badyoyo, he signs it. Jolene takes her foot off again.

Badyoyo: And what was that?

Jolene: Oh nothing... just a contract saying I'm the new host of Survivor 2: The REAL Deal!

Jolene puts her shoe on Badyoyo's ankle he cries in pain.

Jolene: Aw, Big bad-yoyo is crying like a little baby. Keep the camera on me and the wimp!

The camera angle changes to show Badyoyo as a wimp and Jolene as a goddess.

Jolene: I'm host around here!  Now I make the rules! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Jolene keeps laughing till the camera fades out.

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