Survivor 2: The REAL Deal

By Badyoyo

Badyoyo is seen working at his writing desk.

Badyoyo: Hmm, let's see. What should I do next? Plit's Next Top Model? Or finish Survivor 2? I really wish I could do both at once. But which one?

Badyoyo starts making a Pro-Con list on what to do. While he's doing this he gets an idea.

Badyoyo: N. Gin, I summon you!

Badyoyo takes out his wand and N-Gin pops out of nowhere.

N. Gin: OF! ... Wait, where's the Wheel OF! Pain? And the interviewee? ... And our interviewing studio?

Badyoyo: N-Gin, I'm promoting you.

N. Gin: *annoying shriek* A promotion?!

Badyoyo: Yes, you've been assigned to host a game of Survivor, while I do my other hosting duties.

N. Gin: Oh, thank you, Badyoyo. I've never been used this much before.

Badyoyo: Here's the list of the contestants from Survivor 2. You go and try to contact them.

Badyoyo writes down the names of everyone to appear on Survivor 2 on a piece of paper. He gives the piece of paper to N-Gin.

N. Gin: I won't disappoint you, sir!

Badyoyo: You’d better not disappoint me.

Badyoyo snaps his fingers and disappears.

N. Gin: Okay, time to get to work.

A few hours later…

Badyoyo and N. Gin are seen on a beach next to Forever Forest. 16 portals are in front of them.

Badyoyo: Any trouble getting the contestants?

N. Gin: ... Yes... I only got 6 of them to comply and play this game again. So I invited 10 others to play with them.

Badyoyo: All right, doesn't sound too bad. Which six did you get?

N. Gin: *ahem* Introducing the three returning members of Paper Pack! ... Bombette.

Bombette walks through one of the portals.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: This time, I'll make sure I win!

N. Gin: Parakarry!

Parakarry flies through another portal.

Parakarry, Mailman: Not rain nor snow nor evil dogs, will stop a postman from his duties... A million coins and a new car, however...

N. Gin: And Bow!

Bow floats through her portal

Bow, Boo Princess: Hmmph, those losers aren't going to defeat me this time. I may have lost last time, but that’s because no one liked me. This time, without a poll on who to get rid of, I'll be the last one standing!

N. Gin: And presenting the new guys... Goombella!

Goombella walks through a portal.

Goombella, College Student: I can't wait for this adventure. This will be really fun, and I can't wait to get started!

N. Gin: Koops!

Koops nervously walks through his portal.

Koops, Mayor of Petalburg: Uh... Why's the camera on me?

N. Gin: Flurrie!

Flurrie floats through her portal.

Flurrie, Actress: My my, this should be quite an exuberating time. I just want to swoon at the scene.

N. Gin: ... Marilyn!

Marilyn, instead of taking her portal, appears from behind Flurrie.

Marilyn: GUH!

Flurrie: AH!


Marilyn, Shadow Siren: GUH! UGUH!

N. Gin: And Rawk Hawk!

Rawk Hawk starts soaring out of his portal.

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: YEAH! Let's RAWK these chumps! Don't do what you're going to see at home kids, you could get RAWKed!

Badyoyo: Okay, interesting cast... You will be called... Paper Powers!

Badyoyo gives Parakarry a flag with a piece of paper on it.

Badyoyo: And what about the other team?

N. Gin: Oh yes, introducing the returning Mismatch Mass members... Ludwig!

Ludwig walks through his portal.

Ludwig, Genius: I didn't predict I would win the first time around. I'll never answer the prediction, but I'll make sure I can make a better performance this game.

N. Gin: Goomba!

Goomba walks out of his portal

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: I may have lost last time, but this time, I know who to get rid of.

Goomba glares at Ludwig.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: Him, he caused the alliance to get me eliminated. I'll get my revenge on him one day... maybe it'll be today.

N. Gin: And Cheep Cheep!

Cheep Cheep hops out of her portal, then jumps into the water.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: I swear I would've gone far in this game if the story was complete. Hopefully this time around, I'll get this one done right.

Badyoyo: Ok, and who did you get for the replacements?

N. Gin: And presenting the new guys... Roy Koopa!

Roy Koopa stomps out of his portal and smashes it.

Roy Koopa, Boxer: I know how to make a good entrance. In fact I'm so cool, I actually have my last name next to my first, unlike my older brother.

Badyoyo: So far so good.

N. Gin: Actually so far, not good. I couldn't find any other different people, sooooo prepare for some rough stuff.

Badyoyo: *gulp*.

N. Gin: Also making a return... Birdo (from Wario's Apprentice).

Birdo stomps out of her portal

Birdo, Egg Seller: I'm going to show that Anti-Birdoist Biff Atlas that we Birdos can win games!

N. Gin: Also making a gameshow appearance... Lakitu (also From Wario's Apprentice).

Badyoyo facepalms as Lakitu floats out.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: I may not have Petey to help me this time, but I have the power of darkness... Ok so I really don't, but I got very far in Wario's Apprentice. I think I’ll win a simple game of Survivor.

Badyoyo: What else?

N. Gin: Also bringing in... Bandit (final Wario's Apprentice character making a return).

Bandit walks out of his portal ready for the game.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: I was this close to being Wario's Apprentice. Now I have to deal with those two again. Why couldn't I have been put in The Monty Mole? Just like Bowser and Waluigi.

Badyoyo: Have you saved an awesome person for last, N-Gin?

N. Gin: Ehhh, kind of... The final contestant! Making his gameshow debut!...

A guy walks through the last portal.

???: Me, Michael Tarver.

Badyoyo: ...

N. Gin: Sorry, he was the only one who wanted to join. Also you guys are... The Terrible Tribe!

N. Gin hands Ludwig a flag with a frowny face on it.

Badyoyo: *sigh* Well, let's get going.

Badyoyo snaps his fingers, and the 18 are teleported to a boat filled with stuff.

Day 1, 11:00 AM
Badyoyo: Strip the boat of the contents you think may need on your looooong 40 day and 40 night life here. You have 2 minutes to do this. First one to the island gets the good campsite right by the beach!

The contestants start going crazy grabbing things. Cheep Cheep, however, jumps back into the water.

Badyoyo: N. Gin, I think you can take it from here.

Badyoyo teleports away. Rawk Hawk cuts off the raft and throws it in the water, while Parakarry and Bow start tossing stuff onto it. Goombella and Bombette jump onto the raft to make sure nothing falls off, and Koops, Marilyn, and Flurrie start tossing stuff to Parakarry and Bow.

Ludwig: Let's go! Let's go!

Roy Koopa cuts off the raft, while Michael Tarver and Birdo start tossing stuff onto the raft. However, unlike Paper Powers, they have no one to keep it safe, and their stuff begins to fall off. Lakitu fixes this by throwing out Spinies to keep them in place. Ludwig grabs an oar and jumps onto the raft, but lands on the Spinies.

Ludwig: YOUCH!

Goomba gets thrown on and kicks all the Spinies off.

Goomba: Okay, now we can row!

Michael Tarver, Roy Koopa, Birdo, and Bandit grab oars and jump onto the raft, and begin rowing to the island. Cheep Cheep starts pushing the raft to give an extra boost of speed.

Parakarry: Good enough! Let's get going!

Koops, Rawk Hawk, and Flurrie grab oars, jump onto their raft, and start. Marilyn grabs a couple more boxes and teleports to the island to get rid of extra weight.

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: Guh! Uguh!

Marilyn opens the boxes to reveal a machete and a fishing net.

N. Gin: ... Since you're here... does that mean Paper Powers win?

Marilyn: GUH! GUH!

Marilyn uses her powers of persuasion (shaking her head yes) to try to convince N. Gin that Paper Powers have won the challenge.

N. Gin: Let me call Badyoyo.

Meanwhile on top of a building, Badyoyo's cell phone starts ringing.

Badyoyo: What is it? I'm kind of busy here.

Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Wendy, Mona, Ashley, Penny, Toadette, Jolene, and Koopie Koo are seen in bikinis trying to become Plit's next top model.

N. Gin: How do I know who's come in first?

Badyoyo: When the entire tribe gets across the finish line. It's standard Survivor knowledge.

N. Gin: I was always a Big Brother kind of person.

Badyoyo sighs.

Badyoyo: Look, whichever tribe gets across the finish line on the beach, gets the beach. The losers have to go deeper into the forest.

N. Gin: Got it!

N. Gin hangs up.

N. Gin: Well Marilyn, you have to wait.

Marilyn: GUH!

Marilyn strikes N. Gin with lightning.

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: Guh! Uguguh!

Cameraman: I take it you're saying you brought you hat as your personal item?

Marilyn, Shadow Siren: Guh! Guguuuh!

Cameraman: And your hat gives you your electrokinetic powers... Hmmm.

Meanwhile the race is really one-sided, almost everyone on the Terrible Tribe is rowing plus the extra pusher is Cheep Cheep. Only Goomba isn't pushing. He instead cheers the team on.

Goomba: YEAH! Let's go, Terrible Tribe! YAY!

Goomba jumps up and the wind carries him off the raft, Laktiu goes back and saves him from the water.

Lakitu: I think it's best you stay silent for a while.

Meanwhile, Paper Powers have extra stuff on their raft and only 5 people  are rowing, while Bombette and Goombella are only keeping the stuff down.

In two hours The Terrible Tribe, with a two mile lead, reach the beach and cross the finish line.

N. Gin: Congratulations, you're the first team here!

Michael Tarver: YEAH!

Roy Koopa: WOOHOO!

Goomba: Yay Terrible Tribe!

N. Gin: Welcome to your new home, Terrible Tribe, and here is your tribe box.

Ludwig: This time I know how to open it.

Ludwig pulls a tab next to it, revealing 8 black scarves, 8 canteens, a bag of rice that should last them 40 days, and a bag of chickenfeed.

Bandit: Hey Ludwig, can I have that flag for a second?

Ludwig: I see no harm in doing so.

Bandit: By the power of Terrible Tribe!

Bandit plants the flag into the sand, marking the beach theirs.

Bandit: We have the power!

Birdo: ... Did you seriously make that reference?

Meanwhile, Paper Powers are rowing to the island with troubles.

Goombella: Geez, how much longer?

Parakarry: Grab an oar and help and maybe we can make it shorter.

Bow: Even I'm rowing, and this is going to run my nails!

Bombette: You don't have nails.

Bow: Well I have my fan, and I can smack you with it!

Koops: Excuse me, could you two be quiet? We're-

Bow and Bombette glare at Koops.

Koops: Never mind.

Koops's head pops into his shell and he tries rowing quickly to get to shore faster.

Flurrie: Oooooooh dear, it looks like the other team's already gotten to the other side.

Rawk Hawk: DANG IT!

Rawk Hawk breaks his oar in half.

Parakarry: Great, we're going to be even slower now.

After another half hour. Paper Powers finally make their way onto the beach.

Marilyn: GUH UGUH!

Goombella: Be quiet!

N. Gin: I'm sorry, Paper Powers, but you're too late.

N. Gin points to Terrible Tribe, which are putting together the rest of their stuff they got from the boat. This is really easy for them since Ludwig brought a screwdriver.

N. Gin: Here's a map to your base camp.

N. Gin hands Koops a map.

Koops: Uh... Follow me, everyone.

Koops starts walking into the Forever Forest. Marilyn takes a good chunk of the stuff and follows Koops. The rest of Paper Pack that aren't Goombella or Bombette grab the stuff Marilyn didn't get and follow Koops. Goombella balances her comfort item (her book on Mario enemies from TTYD) on her head. Bombette balances her comfort item (a pillow) on her head as well.

Terrible Tribe
Day 1, 3:45 PM

Ludwig is pulling a crate full of objects.

Ludwig: Let's see what's in these crates.

Ludwig pulls out a tomato; the crate is filled with vegetables.

Ludwig: Mmm, I think we struck gold, guys.

Roy Koopa: Tell me about it, we have extra clothes-

Micheal Tarver: Dibs!

Roy Koopa: A hunting knife-

Bandit: Dibs!

Roy Koopa: And we have Tolstoy's "War and Peace"... What? No one's going to call dibs on this thing?

Terrible Tribe: ... Nah!

Goomba: I wonder if the book would make good firewood.

Ludwig: Test his hypothesis that wasn't actually said.

Ludwig spits out a fireball, lighting the book on fire.

Birdo: Everyone! Put some wood on it, as well as a ring! We can make a fire pit!

Everyone rapidly tears off wood from their empty crates and puts it on the fire. Lakitu puts some Spiny Eggs around the fire, but not too close that the fire would destroy them.

Bandit: Wow, day one and we already got fire! Awesome! I wonder what that other stupid tribe is doing... Wait, aren't we supposed to cut to the other team?

Cameraman: Nope, we still can get good stuff here.

Cheep Cheep: Hey guys, I've just tasted the ocean! It's clean water!

Michael Tarver: Really?

Ludwig goes to the water, cups it in his hands, and drinks it.

Ludwig: ... It's fresh and safe... Who knew?

Terrible Tribe all go to the ocean to get a drink, however the tide goes out and they all end up face-first in the sand.

Goomba: I saw this coming somehow.

Terrible Tribe pull their heads out of the sand.

Birdo: I think we should get camp set up, guys, it can get dark pretty quickly in Forever Forest... Close to the fire, but also close to the shore.

Lakitu makes an X on the beach, just outside the range of the tide but a couple feet away from the fire.

Bandit: ... I like it.

Michael Tarver: Let's get building.

Bandit uses his hunting knife to try to chop down a tree, but is having no luck.

Bandit: Dang, this thing is more useless than a halibut.

Micheal Tarver: That's because you're trying to cut down by far the mightiest tree here.

Bandit: How do you know that?

Michael Tarver: Something Ludwig mumbled while he was doing more calculations for the shelter.

Meanwhile Birdo is weaving some grass to make a grass floor.

Birdo: At least we'll have something soft to sleep on.

Lakitu: Ok, now we need to build the walls... Man, I wish I was back on Wario's Apprentice.

Birdo: Why on Plit would you ever want to be on that show again?

Lakitu: Because I could have Booster do the work for us. He was an architect, remember?

Birdo: Lakitu, I don't think anyone remembers or cares about all our occupations in Wario's Apprentice.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: I think thanks to my brilliant shelter placing, I've taken a bit of control over the team. We all seem to be working well together... I just wish SOMEONE knew how to build a dang shelter.

Birdo, Egg Seller: Lakitu may think he's a leader, but he's barely doing any work... again!

Bandit, meanwhile, is chopping down tiny sproutlets and giving them to Birdo to sew together.

Birdo: I think enough of these will make us some good walls for the shelter. Go get some others.

Meanwhile Michael Tarver is seen in Forever Forest, leaning on a tree.

Michael Tarver: This shelter is holding me and my team back, so I'm just going to pretend to work, and slip under the radar.

While Michael Tarver is doing nothing, Ludwig is doing calculations in the sand.

Ludwig: You see, Goomba, Birdo has made a 12x12 piece of grass for our shelter's floor. Now if we all scrunched together, we would probably fit into that with a square foot left for comfort items and such, if we had walls. They would need to be 7 feet or higher.

Goomba: Why seven feet?

Ludwig: Because Michael Tarver is over 6 feet, so to make this work for everybody is to make a domed roof and tall wall. Do you follow?

Goomba: Actually... yeah.

Goomba kicks the sand in Ludwig's face.

Goomba: You got me eliminated, that's what I follow! I got my revenge, ha ha!

Ludwig wipes the sand off his face.

Ludwig: Really? You're still upset about me and Cobrat eliminating you from the first version of this game?

Goomba: Well it was unfair!

Ludwig: You were the weakest member, it was common sense to get rid of you.

Goomba: Well you shouldn't have!

Goomba turns his back on Ludwig and walks off.

Ludwig, Genius: Goomba... If he wants to prove he can win the game, then he shouldn't already try to anger me.

Birdo, Lakitu, and Bandit are finished making the walls and have placed them up. They use their comfort items to hold it together (Birdo's bow and Bandit's invisibility cloak; Lakitu brought a shovel, but decided to keep it with him).

Bandit, Hotel Owner: I'm a little upset that I can't use my cloak now, but hey, this will prove I can win this game without cheating... But... it doesn't hurt to make an alliance.

Ludwig: Okay, that's good.  Now all we need is a dome ceiling.

Michael Tarver comes out of the woods carrying a couple of Mushrooms.

Michael Tarver: Here, these Mushrooms glow in the dark when you touch them, we can use them as light.

Ludwig: Thank you.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: What? So I slightly helped them, I needed to do SOMETHING so they don't vote me out for not helping.

Ludwig: Now what can we use for a dome roof?

Paper Powers
Day 1, 4:10 PM

Unlike last game, Paper Powers seems to have been able to get through the forest quite easily. They find their base camp. Koops opens their team's crate, which holds 8 canteens, 8 pink scarves, enough rice for 40 days, and a bag of chickenfeed.

Parakarry: I know where the pond is, we can get our water early.

Parakarry shows them the water hole from last game.

Bombette: Good, it's still here, now I guess we should get the base camp started.

Bow: I think I'll pass on work, I worked so hard on carrying all the stuff.

Bombette: Oh no you don't!

Goombella: Can somebody tell me why we got a fishing net if we don't have any fish near us?

Koops: I don't know... but these bugs are really annoying me!

Koops smacks a mosquito right out of the air.

Flurrie: Darlings, as much as I enjoy pointless chatter, what are we going to do for food? I haven't eaten since noon.

Marilyn: GUH!

Marilyn shakes her head.

Rawk Hawk: Idiots, we should start RAWKing up the shelter!

Marilyn: GUH!

Marilyn grabs some trees and pulls them down, she then ties them together with the fishing net. Surprisingly it holds.

Flurrie, Actress: I didn't think much of Marilyn at first, but her strength seems to really be helpful.

Bombette: Gather around, everybody, we need to have a meeting.

The Paper Powers huddle together.

Parakarry: According to my comfort item (a watch), we have 2 hours ‘til it gets dark. I think we can get a lot done by then. We need a fire, then we can eat.

Bow: But we also need a shelter.

Goombella: Ok; me, Bombette, Bow... and Flurrie will work on the fire, while Koops, Parakarry, Rawk Hawk, and Marilyn will work on the shelter.

Koops: Uh... I like her idea.

Marilyn: GUH!

Parakarry: I'll go looking for supplies to make it. Let's go, Rawk Hawk.

Rawk Hawk: Yes sir!

Parakarry and Rawk Hawk run into the slightly lighter part of Forever Forest. Meanwhile, the girls are figuring out how to start a fire.

Bombette: Ok, how do we get a fire started?

Bow: How should I know?

Goombella: Ok, first I think we should get some wood.

Flurrie: I'll go get it, darlings.

Flurrie follows Parakarry and Rawk Hawk. Meanwhile, Koops and Marilyn are working to make the shelter.

Koops: Ok... uh...


Koops: I'm sorry but I don't understand you.

Marilyn: GUUGUH!

Koops: ... Uh...

Marilyn grabs some wood around the lake and puts it in Koops's arms.

Marilyn: UGUH!

Koops: Oh...

Koops puts the wood up to the trees to make walls. Marilyn pushes them in so hard they fit without nails.

Koops: Uh... thanks.

With Parakarry and Rawk Hawk…

Parakarry: All right, what does a shelter need?

Rawk Hawk: It needs... walls... a floor... a ceiling... and a RAWKing entertainment system.

Parakarry: Well, the trees Marilyn pulled down can make a ceiling... That can't fit all of us though.

Rawk Hawk: We'll need some wood for the walls.

Parakarry: We can use the grass as our floor... and our entertainment system is our teammates.

Rawk Hawk and Parakarry laugh and high five each other.

Parakarry: But in all seriousness, we do need wood.

Rawk Hawk: Here's some.

Rawk Hawk pulls out an almost dead tree.

Rawk Hawk: I'm sure we can cut this up.

Parakarry: No, I think we need more plank-like wood.

Rawk Hawk: Hmmm.

Flurrie catches up with the two.

Flurrie: Darlings, do you perchance have any wood I can borrow?

Parakarry: Nope, we can't find any good wood.

Flurrie: Well how about a nice log then?

Rawk Hawk: Here.

Rawk Hawk tosses the almost dead tree into Flurrie's arms.

Flurrie: Thank you.

Flurrie floats off with her tree.

Parakarry: If we can't find any wood, we might as well get out of here.

Rawk Hawk: Yeah, you're right.

Parakarry and Rawk Hawk follow Flurrie. Meanwhile, Koops and Marilyn put up the rest of wood. It makes a small shelter, big enough to hold Rawk Hawk, but no one else.

Koops: Hmm... I don't think we can fit in this.

Marilyn: Guh.

Flurrie: We're back!

Flurrie, Rawk Hawk, and Parakarry return. Flurrie tosses the tree to Goombella, Bombette, and Bow.

Bombette: Now what?

Goombella: *snicker* This.

Bow turns Bombette's handle, lighting her fuse. She blows up near the tree, setting it on fire.

Goombella: Bow, use your fan to keep the flames going.

Bow: Are you insane?! Ruin my fan, ruining my chance to fan myself?

Flurrie: Oh for goodness sakes.

Flurrie blows on the fire, which catches the rest of the tree on fire.

Goombella: Thank you.

Parakarry: Well, that shelter sure is tiny.

Rawk Hawk: Only I can sleep in it... AWESOME!

Koops: Sorry, guys, it's the best we could do.

Bow: I'm tired!

Flurrie: I must say, I am too.

Marilyn: Guh.

Rawk Hawk: What time is it anyway?

Parakarry: ... 5 o'clock.

The Paper Powers groan.

Bow: We only have an hour before it gets dark, and we already have a bad shelter.

Goombella: Actually, I think we can make do with this.

Bombette: How?

Goombella: Look, Koops and Parakarry can just retract in their shell for the night, Bow and Flurrie can just hover into the trees and sleep in them, Marilyn can just stay underground. Rawk Hawk can sleep in it, and there's just enough room for either me or Bombette.

Bombette: Dibs!

Bombette runs into the shelter and places her pillow in it.

Bombette: Mine!

Goombella: *sigh* I'll just sleep by the water hole then.

Goombella props herself next to a rock and lies down next to it.

Terrible Tribe
Day 1, 5:00 PM

Ludwig, Roy Koopa, Bandit, Lakitu, and Birdo are trying to put up the roof.

Ludwig: It's no dome, but it will have to do.

Goomba: I don't see why we had to make the roof my blankee!

Birdo is seen tying Goomba's blanket to the grass.

Ludwig: It was the only thing that was useless enough to turn into a roof, and the only dome-shaped objects are rock and that would destroy the walls.

Goomba: Well I don't like the idea of it!

Ludwig: Well too bad! We're using it! Birdo had to give up her bow and Bandit had to give up his invisibility cloak! So I wouldn't be complaining if I were you!

Bandit: Well, I’ve got my side tied.

Lakitu: So do I.

Birdo: I'm all done.

Ludwig: And our shelter is complete!

Bandit: Well, let's get hunting... Hey, where's my knife?

Michael Tarver comes out of the woods with a hunting knife.

Michael Tarver: I tried looking for something to eat. I couldn't find anything.

Michael Tarver has his fingers crossed behind his back.

Ludwig: It's ok.  We'll just use our rice, didn't we have a skillet in one of those boxes?
Roy Koopa breaks open one of the boxes and pulls out a frying pan.

Roy Koopa: Here we are.

Ludwig: We will eat tonight then!

The Terrible Tribe cheer.

Night soon passes, each tribe got food to eat. The sun soon rises.

Terrible Tribe
Day 2, 8:30 AM

Ludwig, Genius: Day one went well, I felt good with our progress, we should be able to eat well for the next 40 days. Soon we'll win that immunity challenge, then we'll take over the rest of Paper Powers up to the merge, then... I don't know what we'll do.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: I can eat rice, I just hope it's not the only thing we get to eat.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: The best part of being a Cheep Cheep: not having to eat rice while eating all the other stuff in the sea.

Roy Koopa, Boxer: I really like the shelter, it's pretty tough.

Roy Koopa punches the shelter. His fist  goes right through. Roy Koopa whistles and slowly walks away. Meanwhile, Birdo, Lakitu, and Bandit are discussing things.

Birdo: Well, do you guys think we need the shelter to be a bit larger?

Lakitu: No, not really. It can fit all of us. It helped us get through the first night. It's no masterpiece, but it's good enough to live in.

Bandit: Yeah. The thing we really need to work on is the food. I don't know if I can live on rice for so long.

Michael Tarver is seen celebrating.

Michael Tarver: A lighter washed up on shore! Now we don't even need flint or matches to get a fire!

Michael Tarver takes a piece of wood from one of the boxes and light it's on fire. He tosses it into the already burning fire.

Paper Powers
Day 2, 1:00 PM

Parakarry, Goombella, and Bow are talking around the waterhole.

Parakarry: Hey, you girls think there are fish in there?

Goombella: Are you an idiot? If the water had fish in it, it wouldn’t have been pure!.

Bow: Tell it to him!

Parakarry: I just wanted a little meat on these bones.

Goombella: You NEED the meat.

Goombella and Bow laugh. Parakarry flies off and kicks Rawk Hawk to wake him up.

Rawk Hawk: Huh?

Rawk Hawk bangs his head on the shelter's ceiling.

Rawk Hawk: OW!

Parakarry: Wake up, it's already 1 in the afternoon.

Rawk Hawk rolls out from under the shelter, yawning.

Bombette: Koops, wake up!

Bombette explodes next to Koops's shell, waking him up.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Seriously, some of these people are getting better sleep than I am...  I can't allow that to happen!

Marilyn pops up from the underground and stretches.

Marilyn: Guuuuuuuh!

Flurrie gets out from the trees.

Flurrie: What time is it, darlings?

Parakarry: 1 o'clock.

Flurrie: Shouldn't we have a challenge to go to?

Goombella: Don't you guys usually have a guy to come here and tell you guys this?

Bow: I don't care. I actually just want to do nothing... I'm hungry!

Flurrie: Now that you mention it, I am getting quite hungry.

Rawk Hawk: Let's fire up the grill and RAWK up some more rice!

Parakarry: Hopefully the next challenge will give us better food.

Terrible Tribe
Day 2, 4:00 PM

Ludwig and Goomba walk up to the fire.

Michael Tarver: You guys ain't going to believe this, but a lighter washed up on shore.

Ludwig: That's lovely. But we already have my breath to light things.

Goomba: We won't have it when we vote you out!

Michael Tarver: Since when were we going to vote Ludwig out?

Ludwig: Goomba, you're stating to really become a thorn in your teammates’ side.

Ludwig, Genius: Goomba, I really want to vote him out right now. He's disagreeing with all his teammates, he's already threatening to get rid of us, and the only use he's had is giving us his blanket for the roof.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Ludwig's annoying, he can really sometimes kill momentum, but he's at least thinking about all of us. Goomba, however, just isn't thinking.

Roy Koopa, Boxer: We're also lucky to have this drinkable ocean with us.

Roy Koopa takes a sip. Birdo is seen sewing up the hole Roy Koopa made in the shelter.

Birdo: I don't know who made this hole. but he's going to get in a lot of trouble.

Roy Koopa is whistling as he walks into Forever Forest with Bandit. Bandit doesn't know that Roy Koopa is hiding something, so he whistles along with him. Cheep Cheep is glaring at Roy.

Cheep Cheep, Athletic Swimmer: I saw Roy punch the shelter , he almost ruined it. I'll bring that idiot to justice soon... I just have to wait.

Roy Koopa and Bandit keep whistling their song. It soon attracts Piranha Plants. Bandit slices one of them in two, frightening the others so they go back into the ground. Roy Koopa picks up the Piranha Plant that Bandit cut up.

Roy Koopa: Finally, some meat! Piranha Plants are filled with protein!

Bandit: Let's bring it back to home base and get cooking!


Micheal Tarver is using his comfort item (his signature bandana with the letter "T" on it) to fan the flames. Ludwig is cooking the Piranha Plant. The rest are gathered around the fire waiting for lunch to be served.

Ludwig: My fellow Terrible Tribe! It is my honor to announce... Piranha Plant is served!

Terrible Tribe: Yay!

Terrible Tribe are eating lunch... almost all of them.

Birdo: Ok Cheep Cheep. What did you want to talk to me about?

Cheep Cheep: I want to make an alliance. There are some secrets around here that need to be told.

Birdo: Like what?

Cheep Cheep: Join me in an alliance, and I'll tell you.

Birdo: ... Fine...

Cheep Cheep: Good... Roy Koopa  secretly punched a hole in the shelter.

Birdo gasps.

Cheep Cheep: Yes, and he kept hiding it!

Birdo: How dare he set our work back 10 minutes?

Cheep Cheep: I know, right?! He needs to go!

Birdo: Wait, what about Goomba?

Cheep Cheep: Goomba's annoying too, he just wants to ruin Ludwig's life. He's set our work back a lot more than Roy.

Birdo: Ludwig?

Cheep Cheep: Bit of a downer. We'll keep him here for now.

Birdo: What about that human guy?

Cheep Cheep: Micheal Tarver has been doing odd jobs. He's a bit of a lazy guy, but he's at least helping.

Birdo: Ok, let's keep our eyes on Goomba and Roy Koopa, then make our decision.

Cheep Cheep: Good idea.

Birdo walks back to the others, who didn't even notice she was gone.

Birdo, Egg Seller: When Cheep Cheep offered me an alliance, I was definitely going to take it... However I don't think the two of us are enough to get rid of people we don't like... I think I'll add Lakitu and Bandit to the fray. That way we'll already have half the votes. In this game that is going to won by someone in an alliance, an alliance must be made now so it's absolutely perfect.

The sun sets on the island again, everyone has dinner and goes to sleep. The sun rises.

Paper Powers
Day 3, Noon

Bombette: *yawn*

Bomette gets up and wakes everyone up by exploding.

Paper Powers that aren't Bombette or Marilyn: YAH!


Parakarry, Mailman: Really? Wake us up for no good reason? Really?

Bow, Goombella, and Parakarry are in Forever Forest.

Bow: Okay, for once I'm going to be nice to you idiots. I'm getting sick of Bombette, and I want her gone. So I'm proposing an alliance to get rid of her and any other idiots on our tribe.

Goombella: You didn't have to ask me if I wanted to get rid of her, I'm in.

Parakarry: I'll join... but we have to put Rawk Hawk in as well.

Bow: ... Fine, but we'll eliminate him when we're in the final 4.

Parakarry: Deal!

Bow: Now Parakarry leaves first, so it doesn't look like we formed an alliance.

Parakarry: Got it!

Parakarry leaves.

Goombella: We're so eliminating him if we end up like Mario's tribe in the first season, right?

Bow: Oh, totally. The guy couldn't be cool if he tried.

Goombella and Bow start laughing and leave. Bombette pops out of a trunk.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I heard that. I heard all of it. I need to get to camp before the others do.

Bombette runs into camp, seeing Parakarry already talking to Rawk Hawk.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: Drat. I'll have to make my own alliance.

Bombette, Koops, Marilyn, and Flurrie are seen in Forever Forest "getting firewood".

Bombette: Listen guys, I'm sorry if I've been exploding on you all. I promise to stop from this moment on.

Flurrie: That's good to hear.

Koops: ... Uh... Thanks.

Bombette: However, I heard speculation that I will be eliminated if we go to Tribal Council. So in order to stop this I want the four of us to team up. I feel that our power is unstoppable.

Marilyn: GUH! UGUHUG!

Flurrie: An alliance is all well and good, but who would we eliminate?

Bombette: How about Goombella?

Flurrie: Oh, I couldn't eliminate my best friend.

Koops: Yeah, Goombella's been one of my best friends as well.

Bombette: Look, if this alliance wants to make it to the end, we sometimes have to eliminate our own partners. I personally like Goombella myself.

Marilyn: GUH!

Marilyn raises her hand, trying to say she agrees with Bombette.

Flurrie: ... All right, fine.

Koops: But only if we lose tonight.

Bombette: Thank you, all of you.

Immunity Challenge

The two teams are seen on a long strip of beach. They are in front of "Lumaris, The Moon God of the Forever Forest". N. Gin walks to them, carrying a miniature statue of him.

N. Gin: Welcome to your first challenge. This is the immunity idol.

N. Gin holds up the miniature of Lumaris.

N. Gin: This is the most precious item in the Forever Forest, and it's the most precious item for both tribes. If your tribe wins it, you're guaranteed at least another three days on the island. If you lose then you will join me at the Tribal Council, where one of you will be voted off the island. When you come to Tribal Council you will see that fire represents evil in this forest. So we're going to play with evil in this challenge. Here's what you do. There are two rods about 150 feet out at sea, you have to bring them back, lighting every candle along the way. If you fail to light even one torch you will be disqualified. When you get here, you must light your side of the Lumaris representation. Is that clear?

The contestants nod.

N. Gin: The challenge will begin when both teams reach their rafts.

The teams go to their rafts.

N. Gin: Survivors ready? ... GO!

The teams start swimming, and those with extra hands light their torches. People like Marilyn, Goombella, Flurrie Bombette, Lakitu, Goomba, and Cheep Cheep start pushing the rafts, while the others start swimming and pulling the raft.

Ludwig: HA!

Ludwig breathes fire on the first candle, putting his tribe in the lead.

Koops: I think I can do it...

Parakarry: Allow me.

Parakarry grabs Koops’s torch and lights their first candle, but Terrible are already on land. Paper Powers soon get on land. Marilyn grabs a torch and disappears.

Flurrie: Allow me, darling.

Flurrie grabs Parakarry's torch. Terrible Tribe finish their fourth candle, when suddenly-


Flurrie's breath blows her torch’s flame across all of their candles except for their Lumaris representation.

Goomba: We can still catch up! They still have to run it.

Terrible Tribe lights their fifth and final candle. Lakitu starts making his way up to top of the representation to light his torch, but-

Marilyn: GUUUUUH!

Lakitu: What the?!

Marilyn pops from under her side of the representation and lights her team's torch.

N. Gin: Paper Powers win immunity!

Marilyn: GUH!

Paper Powers: WOOHOO!

Terrible Tribe drop their raft and start pouting at how unfair that loss was. Lakitu starts madly throwing Spinies.

N. Gin: Terrible Tribe, today you have lived up to your name. I will see you at the Tribal Council.

Paper Powers start celebrating, while Terrible Tribe start walking off.

Terrible Tribe
Day 4, 3:00 PM

Ludwig, Genius: I must say I'm disappointed about yesterday. I think we're all calmed down now, I mean it's basically all just use of powers on the Paper Powers side... Keyword, powers.

Goomba, Insurance Salesman: I must say I haven't made any friends, but I'm going by my motto: get rid of Ludwig first, make friends second.

Birdo, Bandit, Lakitu, and Cheep Cheep are all huddled together.

Birdo: Okay, either Goomba or Roy Koopa has to go.

Cheep Cheep: Wait, how come you two are here?

Birdo: I invited them to the alliance.

Cheep Cheep: Well the more the merrier.

Bandit: I say we get rid of Roy Koopa, the guy thinks he's the next winner of Survivor, but he's been ruining the campsite.

Lakitu: Yeah, and he's hasn't shown much spirit to the team.

Cheep Cheep: Goomba hasn't either.

Birdo: At least Goomba gave us his blanket.

Cheep Cheep: ... Ok, Roy Koopa it is.

Bandit, Hotel Owner: I've already got Birdo's trust. I'm a bit iffy on Lakitu and Cheep Cheep, how strong this alliance will be I don't know.

Roy Koopa and Micheal Tarver are talking.

Roy Koopa: So who do you think you're getting rid of?

Michael Tarver: Ludwig's a good influence, but he's not giving any of us a chance to shine.

Roy Koopa: Yeah, I say we vote for Ludwig.

Michael Tarver: Ludwig's smart however, Goomba's just a flat out idiot.

Roy Koopa: Hmm, good point. I'll have to think about who I get rid of tonight.

Michael Tarver: I think he actually sees us as a threat.

Roy Koopa: Totally. I think it's going to be him or Goomba, he's allowing Goomba to tick him off so easily. So I'm definitely going to vote Goomba.

Michael Tarver: Besides, whoever heard of a Goomba becoming a champ at something?

Roy Koopa and Michael Tarver laugh.

The camera cuts to the Tribal Council area.

N. Gin: This is the Tribal Council, the place where someone from the tribes will always be voted out. Last night Terrible Tribe lost and now they are going to eliminate the first person. Just to get here they have to get through the Forest, and figure out how to-

Terrible Tribe pop out of a pipe.

N. Gin: ...

Ludwig: What?

N. Gin: Just grab your torches.

Terrible Tribe grab their torches and sit down.

N. Gin: We begin this way because Fire represents Evil. And for one of you, you're pure evil in your tribe’s opinion and will be extinguished.

Terrible Tribe:?

N. Gin: Before we get to the vote, Ludwig, what is the feeling like since you lost the challenge?

Ludwig: I felt bit angry, but now I feel calm. I needed a clean mind to figure out who I wanted to get rid of.

N. Gin: Goomba, aside from yourself, whose elimination would most likely damage the tribe?

Goomba: ... Birdo. Her housework helps us make shelters and her determination to prove a woman/Birdo can win gives us more determination.

N. Gin: What I want to do now is to vote. Could we start the voting please?

Dramatic music plays. Michael Tarver goes to vote

Michael Tarver: You're holding the tribe back, kid. You have to go.

Ludwig goes to vote. Lakitu goes to vote.

Lakitu: Really, we're working hard. You aren't.

Roy Koopa goes to vote. Goomba goes to vote.

Goomba: Ludwig! Today is the day I get my revenge on you!

Ludwig: I can hear you! You know that?

Goomba: Shut up!

Cheep Cheep goes to vote. Birdo goes to vote. Bandit goes to vote.

N. Gin: I'll go tally the votes.

N. Gin goes and comes back.

N. Gin: Once the votes have been tallied, the decision is final and the person who gets the most votes will leave the Tribal Council the traditional way.

Michael Tarver: What's the traditional way?

Ludwig: Oh, you'll find out.

N. Gin: First vote... Ludwig.

Ludwig: Gee, I wonder who wrote that one.

Goomba: (YES! Just 4 more votes away!)

N. Gin: Second vote... Goomba

The camera cuts to a close up of Goomba.

Goomba: (That was probably Ludwig's vote.)

N. Gin: Third vote... Roy Koopa.

The camera cuts to a close of Roy Koopa.

N. Gin: Fourth vote... Goomba.

The camera cuts to a confused Goomba.

Goomba: (What?!)

N. Gin: ... Fifth vote... Roy Koopa.

Roy Koopa lifts up his sunglasses and looks at N. Gin like he's insane.

N. Gin: Sixth vote... Goomba.

Goomba: (NO!!!)

N. Gin: Seventh vote... Roy Koopa.

Roy Koopa starts to look at his tribe while trying to figure out who voted for him, so he can punch them later.

N. Gin: First person eliminated from Survivor 2: The REAL Deal is...

The dramatic music gets more dramatic as Goomba and Roy Koopa lean closer to N. Gin to see who gets eliminated.

N. Gin: ... Roy Koopa.

Terrible Tribe gasp, though some of them are pretending to be shocked.

N. Gin: Roy Koopa, hand me your torch.

Roy Koopa hands N. Gin his torch. N. Gin turns it upside down and extinguishes it in the sand.

N. Gin: Please whack the head of the person you feel is most responsible.

Roy Koopa slams his torch on Ludwig's head.

Ludwig: OW! But I didn't vote for you!

Roy Koopa: Who cares?! You deserve that!

N. Gin: Please get in the cannon.

Roy Koopa steps on N. Gin's foot and gets into the cannon.

N. Gin: Roy Koopa, the tribe has spoken.

Roy Koopa, Boxer, on being voted out: They were all idiots for getting rid of me! I was their strongest man! Now they're best strength is the brainiac Ludwig! I ain't wishing them good luck, ‘cause they stink! I just hope Ludwig gets home sooner so I can knock the living daylights out of him... But first I'll warm up on Iggy.

Who voted for who?
Bandit: Roy Koopa (Alliance with Birdo, Lakitu, and Cheep Cheep)
Birdo: Roy Koopa (Set back work)
Cheep Cheep: Roy Koopa (Slightly damaged shelter, is a bit cocky)
Goomba: Ludwig (Wants to get revenge on Ludwig)
Roy Koopa: Goomba (Thinks Goomba is useless)
Lakitu: Roy Koopa (Alliance with Birdo, Bandit, and Cheep Cheep)
Ludwig: Goomba (Finds Goomba to be a distraction to his work)
Michael Tarver: Goomba (Finds him annoying, also thinks he's too weak)

Meanwhile with Badyoyo…

Badyoyo: I'm sorry, Peach, but if you’re not used to wearing bikinis, then I can't have you be Plit's next top model. You're eliminated.

Peach slaps Badyoyo and stomps off.

Badyoyo: I feel I'm going to get a lot of these while I'm doing this.

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