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Narrator: Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are on their way from Pipe Castle, where they had a difficult but victorious battle against Colonel Mustard. Now, they are looking to earn their fourth badge at Sky Castle.

Mario: I've-a just got to earn a Cloud Badge!

Yoshi: What, so Mario have pretty Girl Scout uniform?

Mario: No! I-a need it to get to-a the Baddiemon League!

Luigi: I-a just hope there are some girls at the castle. Maybe Officer Wendy will-a be there! She's cute!

Mario: Aaaaahhhhhh!

Mario and Yoshi faint.

Hammer Brother: Hammer?

Baddiemon: Catastrophe with the Cloud Badge

By Lemmy Koopa

Two heads pop out of some nearby bushes.

Head 1: What are they up to now?

Head 2: Who knows, but let's follow them so we can steal their Baddiemon!

Head 1: Will I get to help?

Other Voice: Quiet, they'll hear us!

Head 2: Don't tell me to be quiet!

Head 1: Yeah, and don't tell me either!

The figures in the bush start hitting each other. As Mario walks by, he sees a bush shaking violently.

Mario: Must-a be the wind.

Yoshi: Mario never be able win badge by self.

Mario: What's that-a supposed to mean?!

Yoshi: Mario given other badges as present.

Mario: I-a won them fair and square!

Luigi: Yoshi's-a right, Mario. Plus, all of your Baddiemon just-a follow you. You've never-a caught one on your own.

Mario: Oh yeah?! Hammer Brother, tell them they're lying!

Hammer Brother: Hammer ham ham bro mer brother hammer bro!

Yoshi (laughing): See, even Hammer Brother know Mario fake!

Mario: I'll show you! I'm gonna catch one!

Luigi: Okay-a Mario, whatever. But maybe you should-a check in with Toad first.

Mario: Aw, all right.

Mario finds a phone and calls Toad.

Mario: Hi Toad, it's-a me, Mario!

Toad: Mario?! I thought you were dead! I've not heard from you in years!

Mario: Er, sorry, I-a couldn't find a phone.

Toad: Oh well, have you caught any Baddiemon since I've spoken to you last?

Mario tries to remember all of his many Baddiemon. There's Hammer Brother... and Spiny... and Fire Chomp... and Bandit.

Mario: No. But, this morning I thought I saw some fungus on my foot.

Toad: Have you found any special Baddieballs or potions?

Mario: Er... what's that?

Yoshi: Baddieball hold Baddiemon, Mario, and there special ones.

Luigi: Some Baddiemon, like your Hammer Brother, need potions to evolve.

Hammer Brother: Mer ham!

Mario: No, I haven't found any. But I could always kill Yoshi and make a potion.

Yoshi: Mario!

Yoshi smacks Mario.

Mario: Aaahhh!!!

Mario goes flying.

Meanwhile, from behind a bush...

Head 1: Hey, that looks like a good idea!

Head 2: No, don't!

Other Voice: Wait! Save me!

The first figure clobbers the other two and throws them high, but they hold on to him.

Figures: Looks like Team Koopa's flying off again!


Luigi: What-a was that?

Mario: I didn't-a hear anything!

Yoshi: Maybe Luigi thought Luigi hear Nurse Susan.

Luigi: Nurse-a Susan... she's pretty!

Mario and Yoshi: Aaaahhh!

Mario and Yoshi faint.

Toad: Hello? Mario?

Mario: Yes Toad?

Toad: Have any of your Baddiemon evolved?

Mario: Well, I-a had a Hot Foot, and it evolved to Fire Snake. But then I-a used it against a Cheep Cheep in-a the water and it died. So, besides-a that, no.

Toad: Oh well, you'll still be a great Baddiemon trainer someday.

Mario: Yeah! How-a long?

Toad: Huh?

Mario: How-a long until I'm a great Baddiemon trainer?

Toad: Uh... I think we're being disconnected! It's breaking up! See you la-

Toad hangs up the phone.

Mario: Hello? Toad? Aww!

Toad: Stupid kid...

Mario: Hello? Helllooooooooo............

Yoshi: Mario! Phone dead!

Mario: Darn. I was-a gonna ask Toad to-a send me a pizza. I'm hungry!

Luigi: You're-a always hungry!

Mario: Well, you'd be too if you hadn't eaten in five minutes!

Yoshi: What?! We no eat then!

Mario: I did. I ate the rest of the stew Luigi made last night.

Luigi and Yoshi: What?!

Luigi: That was the last of our food!

Yoshi: Yeah, now we starve!

Mario: Oh, don't worry guys! (thinks for a second, then twists back his cap) Spiny, I choose you!

Mario throws the Baddieball and it opens.

Spiny: Spiny!

Mario picks up a set of eating utensils.

Mario: Dinner is served!


Luigi: I-a have to admit, that Spiny was good!

Yoshi: Yeah, Mario great trainer after all! Great dinner trainer, that is!

Mario: But I'm hungry again! Let's hurry to Sky Castle and see if the castle leader will give us lasagna.

As Mario and the gang trudge off, three figures fall from the sky.

Mario: Did you hear anything?

Yoshi: Your tummy! Now go before we stop eat again! I want be inside, outside is too cold!

Head 2: Whew! That was close!

Head 1: I'm hungry! I want lasagna too!

Other Voice: Oh, I'll give you something to eat all right!

Head 2: Stop it, both of you! We need to follow them so we can steal their Baddiemon!

Head 1: But I'm tired! And how are we going to do it anyway?

Other Voice: We could leave you behind...

Head 2: I've got it! We'll dress up as Officer Wendy! Those twirps will never recognize us!

Head 1: Which Officer Wendy? The one in White Ice Castle? The one in Seashell Castle? The one...

Head 2: Who cares! They're all the same!

Head 1: But how will I be able to stay in character if I don't know my background?

Other Voice: Let's skip the talking and get after them. They're getting away!

Head 2: We'll follow them through the overgrowth, after me!

Head 1: Officer Wendy... she's cute!

Meanwhile, further down the road...

Mario: How-a far is it to Sky Castle?

Luigi: We-a could get there in one day, if-a we're lucky.

Yoshi: Which we not.

Mario: One day?! Ahh! I'll die before then!

Man: I could give you a ride.

Mario: You could?! Thanks!

Man: But first, you'll have to defeat me in a Baddiemon battle.

Mario: You're-a on!

Man: Boomerang Brother, go!

Boomerang Brother: Boomerang!

Mario: Boomerang Brother? What's-a that?

Hammer Brother: Bro?

Mario takes out his Baddiedex.

Baddiedex: Boomerang Brother, the evolved form of Hammer Brother. No other information known.

Yoshi: Mario, choose Fire Snake!

Luigi: Or-a Bandit!

Yoshi and Luigi: Just not-

Mario: (points finger in some direction) I choose Hammer Brother!

Luigi: Noooooo!

Hammer Brother: Hammer!

Mario: Okay-a Hammer Brother, Stomp now!

Hammer Brother: Mer!

Hammer Brother refuses to Stomp, but instead lies down for a nap.

Mario: Aww! Hammer Brother!

Man: (laughing) Looks like your Hammer Brother is poorly trained.

Mario cries.

Man: Boomerang Brother, Spiral Toss now!

Boomerang Brother: Boom!

Boomerang Brother tosses a boomerang, but he misses Hammer Brother by about an inch and the boomerang spins back and clonks it in the head. It falls down and its eyes go swirly.

Mario: Yeah!

Man: Boomerang Brother! Aww! Return!

The Boomerang Brother is transported back into its Baddieball.

Mario: Guess-a you've got to give us a ride now!

Man: Guess so! Hop in!

The man gets into the driving seat of the hay wagon parked nearby. Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi hop into the hay.

Mario: Coming, Hammer Brother?

Hammer Brother: Hamzzzzzzzzzzz... Hamzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mario: Aww! He's sleeping!

Yoshi: Guess Mario have carry Hammer Brother.

Mario, scowling, jumps off the truck and picks up his sleeping comrade, then hops back on.

Luigi: Let's-a go!

The truck drives off. From within a tree...

Head 1: Now how are we going to follow them?

Head 2: There's always the Team Koopa balloon.

Other Voice: Yeah, but the last ten times we used that we got shot down.

Head 1 and Head 2 look at each other.

Head 1 and Head 2: Balloon!

Down the road...

Mario: Are we-a there yet?

Yoshi: It not too much further.

Luigi: Yeah, I can already smell the castle leader's perfume. It's nice...

Mario and Yoshi: Save us!

Mario and Yoshi faint into the hay. As Mario faints, one of his Baddieballs falls off the truck.

Yoshi: Uh oh! Stop truck!

Mario: Who-a cares? That's only Fire Chomp, and he's lame and I'm hungry. Let's-a keep going!

They drive some more.


Small Figure: They just dropped a Baddieball! We should stop and go get it!

The two large figures roll their eyes.

Large Figure 2: We couldn't do that!

Small Figure: Why not? That's what we're paid for.

Large Figure 1: Cuz we're bad guys!

Large Figure 2: And that would be way too easy.

Large Figure 1: We've got to do it the hard way!

Small Figure: Oh, I get it, so you mean you have to do it right in front of Mario and Company with some stupid disguise and with singing your little theme song first, right?

Large Figure 2: That's right!

Small Figure: I think I need a new line of work...

Narrator: Mario finally reaches Sky Castle and is ready to battle!

Mario: (yawning) I'm-a tired. What did we come here for anyway?

Yoshi: Food.

Luigi: Girls.

Mario: Okay, well then while-a you do that I'll-a sleep.

They enter the castle and are met by the castle leader herself.

Princess Toadstool: Welcome to Sky Castle! Have you come in search of the Cloud Badge?

Mario: Well, actually, we're-a-

Luigi shoves Mario out of the way.

Luigi: -delighted to see you! I'm-a Luigi! Can I get you anything?

Yoshi punches Luigi and he goes flying.

Yoshi: Yes, we here for badge.

Princess Toadstool: (still smiling) Oh, are you the eager trainer?

Yoshi: No, you mean Mario.

Mario is sleeping against the side of the castle and drool is coming out of his mouth.

Yoshi: We... had long journey.

Princess Toadstool: I understand. You can sleep here tonight, and tomorrow morning we csn battle. And for dinner...

Mario snaps to attention.

Mario: Dinner?!

Who's that Baddiemon?

(blacked out image of a spiky thing)

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