Survivor: Delfino Isle

By abcd

Author’s Note:  Of course.  Right after I submit a new story, I find out that badyoyo has made the same one already.  Just like The Mole.  Except this time was just a coincidence, not me copying his/her idea.

Last Time on Survivor:  Delfino Isle:  Two teams of nine began a new season of Survivor.  Both tribes elected a leader other than the one that they were assigned, and Petey won the first reward challenge, which included flint as the prize.  Petey also won the immunity challenge, forcing Phantamanta to go to Tribal Council.  Wario, who had discovered how to make fire without flint, made himself many enemies by not teaching the tribe how to make the fire.  However, his influence was too strong, as there was a three-way tie between Wario, Peach, and Toad in voting.  Of course, the tiebreaker was firebuilding, which Wario easily won.  Peach forced Toad to put out his fire, leaving her the next spot to finish the challenge.  Toad became the first eliminated.

Wario:  Hmph.  I was almost eliminated.

Peach:  Me too!  Don’t you think I’m upset as well?

Bumpty:  Ok, ok, we get it!  You two are freaked out about the last Tribal Council!

Wario:  I just want to know who voted for Toad.  Whoever it is, they helped me out a lot.  Thanks.  And to show my gratitude, I’ll show you all how to make fire.  I don’t want a repeat of last night.

Peach:  And I’d like to apologize for my behavior yesterday.  I was just so excited about playing the game that I forgot about how upset the rest of you might get by my assertiveness.

Iggy:  Apologies accepted.  Or at least by me.  Yay!

Wario:  You see, the trick here is to get the wood of a palm tree and use the machete to strike this rock repeatedly so the sparks land on the wood.  You wanna try?

O’Chunks:  Fire!

*Day 2, Petey*

Morton:  *yawn*  I’m exhausted, tired, worn out, fatigued.  But I think I’m ready for today!  Let’s go, begin, kick off, start the day!

DK:  Morton get on DK’s nerves.

Ludwig:  You’ll get used to it.  Trust me, I’ve had to live with him.

Grodus:  Detecting… Tree mail.  New reward challenge… soon.

*Day 2, Phantamanta*
Yoshi:  Day 2!  Hooray!

O’Chunks:  If ye don’t stop screamin’ so loudly, ye might not see day 3!

Peach:  Yoshi, keep it down!

Yoshi:  But it 12:30…

Goomba:  12:30?!  Holy fishsticks, we’d better get up!

Wario:  How do you know it’s 12:30?

Yoshi:  Yoshi have internal clock.

Yoshi pulls out a clock from his saddle.  Wario facepalms.

Tap-Tap:  Yeah, um, there might, um, be a challenge!

Iggy:  To the tree mail!

Treemail: Come to the West Beach.  Reward challenge starting soon.
-Shy Guy

*West Beach*
Shy Guy:  Ok, today is a relay race.  You guys must, as a team, get across the ocean to this buoy.  First team to get there wins.  You can’t start until the last person has reached the buoy.  Petey has one extra member.  Who are you sitting out?

Buzzy Beetle:  I can’t swim, and we’re not allowed to sit out the same person on the same day.  I volunteer.

Shy Guy:  Teams ready?  Go!

Grodus levitates over the water and reaches Petey’s buoy first.  At the same time, Peach begins doing a backstroke to the finish.

Waluigi succeeds Grodus, and reaches the buoy at the same time as Peach.  Then Yoshi sprints across the water while Ludwig begins a slow swim.

Yoshi reaches the buoy, and Tap-Tap begins to walk on water.

Tap-Tap:   I thought that, um, buoyant shoes would, um, help.

Tap-Tap reaches the finish, and Goomba begins to swim.  He flounders a lot though.

Ludwig finally reaches the finish, and Bob-omb starts swimming, but he’s as ineffective as Goomba.

Bob-omb reaches the finish just before Goomba, and Luigi and Iggy start swimming.

Luigi is slightly faster than Iggy, giving Petey a small lead.

Morton for Petey begins slightly before O’Chunks for Phantamanta.  But Morton is just as bad as Ludwig at swimming, while O’Chunks is slightly better.  He reaches the buoy first.  Wario, a surprisingly good swimmer, begins, and is halfway when Morton finishes.

Ludwig:  DK!  Toss Piranha Plant over here!  We’ll catch him!

DK accurately tosses Piranha Plant across the ocean, and begins swimming.

Wario finishes and Bumpty, being the last one left, begins swimming.  Being a penguin, Bumpty is a faster swimmer than DK, but DK is 1/3 of the way there when Bumpty starts.

DK is ¾ when Bumpty is 2/3 of the way done.

DK is 5/6 when Bumpty is 5/6 to the finish.  Bumpty then surges ahead of DK, finishing.

Shy Guy:  And Bumpty wins reward for Phantamanta!  Phantamanta, here’s your flint.  You can now make fires more easily.  Additionally, you’ve also won a free high-end meal, courtesy of McMarios.

Iggy:  Bowser King has much better fries… but at least it’s free food!

Tap-Tap:  Fast food never, um, tasted so, um, good!

Yoshi:  Yoshi want eight more burgers!

Peach:  *sigh…* I’ll just have another parfait…

O’Chunks (with food in mouth):  Best reward ever!

Iggy:  There will probably be better ones to come.  I’ve heard some include vacations and such.

Wario:  The Great-a Wario likes the food!

Bumpty:  Drat… No fishsticks.  But these hamburgers are pretty tasty!

Goomba:  I really wish I had hands…

Waluigi:  Waluigi say DK should go home because he-a lost to a stupid penguin!

DK:  But nobody could beat Bumpty.  DK just no good swimmer.

Piranha Plant:  And we’re not even sure we’re going to Tribal Council tonight!

Buzzy Beetle:  Yeah, and even if we were, it wouldn’t be DK.  It’d be you, Piranha Plant!  You’re completely useless!

Ludwig:  Let’s calm down!  If we keep on arguing like this then we’ll surely go to Tribal Council!  And we don’t want that, do we?!

Luigi:  I do!  I say we throw the challenge!  Piranha Plant is that bad!

Grodus:  Gack-ack-ack-ack!  Calculations say… likelihood of throwing the challenge being good… 8%.

Luigi:  Well, there must be something wrong with your computers, because this is the greatest idea ever!

Morton:  It’s time we leave, set out, head for, and compete in the next immunity challenge.  Shy Guy says, proclaims, declares, states, acknowledges that it, once again, takes place, is set, will be on the West Beach again.

*West Beach*
Shy Guy:  It’s time for the second immunity challenge!  The losers of this challenge will be forced to go to Tribal Council with me… but now, let’s get to the rules!  Three people on each tribe will dig for keys buried under the ground, where X marks the spot of the key.  Each key will unlock one of their teammates, who are hidden in cages over there. *points*  These caged teammates will then run and swim underwater to a depth of about ten feet, where they must untie three bags of puzzle pieces that are tied to the ocean floor.  The remaining two tribe members must then put together a puzzle with the puzzle pieces they get, but only after they get all three bags.  The first team to finish their puzzle wins immunity.  Petey, who are you sitting out?

Waluigi:  I-a choose Luigi!  Because he wants to lose.

Shy Guy:  Logical choice.

The players get into the starting lines for the positions they’ll be playing.

Shy Guy: For Phantamanta, O’Chunks, Goomba, and Wario will be digging for keys.  Those keys will unlock Bumpty, Tap-Tap, and Yoshi.  The puzzle pieces will go to Peach and Iggy, who will attempt to solve the puzzle.  For Petey, DK, Ludwig, and Morton will be digging.  They’ll unlock Waluigi, Bob-omb, and Buzzy Beetle.  Grodus and Piranha Plant will solve the puzzle.  Each team may only go one person at a time.  Survivors ready?  Go!

Goomba spins on his head like a drill above one of Phantamanta’s X’s, and reaches the key quickly.  Meanwhile, Morton ground pounds, getting halfway to the key.

Putting the key in his mouth, Goomba drills a new hole up to the top of the sand.

Morton ground pounds again, getting to the key.

Goomba gives the key to Yoshi, who unsuccessfully tries to unlock the outside of the cage.  Yoshi passes the key to Bumpty, who can’t unlock his lock either.

Morton finally gets out from the hole he’s dug, and gives his key to Waluigi, who is freed from his cage.

Bumpty tries to unlock Tap-Tap’s cage (Tap-Tap has no arms either) but is unsuccessful.  He tries his own cage again but can’t get it open.

Waluigi then reaches the puzzle pieces and begins untying them.

Bumpty hands the key back to Yoshi, who successfully unlocks his cage.  Yoshi jumps out and begins running across the ocean.

Waluigi finishes untying his puzzle pieces, and begins heading back.

Yoshi dives down and begins untying his puzzle pieces.

Waluigi reaches his team.

Yoshi gets the puzzle pieces and begins dashing back to his team.

Ludwig begins digging.

Yoshi gets back to his team, and Wario does a ground pound, pushing himself ahead of Ludwig.

Ludwig, getting frustrated by how Phantamanta is catching up, digs even faster.

Wario does another ground pound and sees the key.

Ludwig gets to the key, and climbs out of the sand.

Wario gets his key, and reaches Bumpty’s cage.  The key doesn’t work.

Ludwig tries the key in Buzzy Beetle’s lock, and the cage unlocks.  Buzzy Beetle begins walking on the bottom of the ocean.

Wario unlocks Tap-Tap, who begins walking along the ocean floor.

Tap-Tap, who is a lot more used to walking quickly, sees his puzzle piece bag first.  He stabs the rope holding it to the ocean floor with a spike, grabs the bag with his mouth, and hurries back to land.

Buzzy Beetle finally reaches his bag, gnaws on the rope, and begins walking back.

Tap-Tap reaches land, and sets down the bag of puzzle pieces.

O’Chunks begins digging around the perimeter of a Phantamanta X.

Buzzy Beetle reaches land.

O’Chunks gets to about the same depth that the others did, but still can’t find the key.

DK begins digging furiously.

O’Chunks begins making the hole he’s dug wider.

DK digs way beyond what the rest of the teams did, and sees a key.

O’Chunks begins to dig deeper.

DK climbs back up to land and unlocks Bob-omb, who begins walking along the ocean floor to the final puzzle piece.

O’Chunks finally spots the key.

Bob-omb begins untying his puzzle pieces.

O’Chunks unlocks Bumpty.

Bob-omb begins walking back with the puzzle pieces.

Bumpty begins swimming towards the key.

Bob-omb reaches land and gives the final puzzle pieces to Grodus, who begins laying them out.

Bumpty unties the key and begins swimming back to land, having made up a lot of time.

Piranha Plant and Grodus reach about the halfway point in the puzzle.

Bumpty reaches land, and Iggy and Peach begin solving the puzzle.

Piranha Plant and Grodus are about ¾ done when Peach and Iggy are ½ way done.

Piranha Plant and Grodus are 5/6 when Peach and Iggy are 2/3.

Shy Guy:  Challenge over!

One team begins celebrating.

Shy Guy:  Petey, no Tribal Council for you!

Peach:  Well.  That was disappointing.

O’Chunks:  Yes it was.  Peach, Iggy, that puzzle was easy!  You should have beaten Grodus and Piranha Plant!  Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi.  How did you mess up the lock on your cage?!  That cost us valuable time!  Wario, you were a slow digger!  You should have dug way faster!  We could have easily won that challenge, but you four blew it!  I want to CHUNK all of you for making me lose!

Iggy:  Take it easy.  We’ll get ‘em next time.

O’Chunks:  How can I “take it easy” when you’re messing up the challenges?!  I’m looking forward to sending one of you home!  I truly am!  I can’t wait to send one of you four home and strengthen our tribe.  See you then!

*Peach and Yoshi conversation*
Yoshi:  Yoshi still no accept Wario apology.  He bad at challenge, and he no teach us how use fire until he almost lose.

Peach:  I’m still angry as well.  He doesn’t seem to be helping our team at all.  But what about O’Chunks?  He’s been a terrible leader.

Yoshi:  True, but if Yoshi and Peach vote out Chunks then Wario might be leader.

Peach:  But if Wario steps up as leader, then we might win.

Yoshi:  Yoshi no know who vote.

Peach:  Neither do I.

*Tap-Tap and Iggy conversation*
Iggy:  I can’t seem to find a reason to keep O’Chunks.  Try as I might, he’s given me no good reason.  He’s a terrible leader and puts the blame on others.

Tap-Tap:  Yeah, working, um, with him could be, um, tough.  But, um, what about Yoshi and, um, Wario?  They both made, um, errors in the challenge too, and, um, Wario’s been selfish.

Iggy:  Good points.  And we do need a leader…

Tap-Tap:  But is O’Chunks the, um, best leader?  He’s led us to, um, three out of four losses.

Iggy:  We’ve got a tough decision ahead of us.

*O’Chunks, Bumpty, Wario, and Goomba conversation*

O’Chunks:  Good work today, Bumpty, Wario, and Goomba.  We have a target today: Yoshi.

Wario:  Wha?  You said I was terrible!

O’Chunks:  Ay, laddie, but that was because ol’ O’Chunks wanted to throw the others off our scent.  The lad Yoshi’s been awful in the challenges, we need him off.

Bumpty:  But what about Iggy or Peach?

O’Chunks:  Peach is a bit of a schemer, and I think Iggy’s got Tap-Tap in his back pocket.  We’ll worry about Peach after Yoshi, and then Iggy.

Goomba:  Good plan.

*Tribal Council*
Shy Guy:  Welcome again to Tribal Council, Phantamanta.  Toad was voted out at the previous one.    O’Chunks, how’s the tribe functioning?  I hear you’re the leader.

O’Chunks:  We have some weak links, and that’s why we’re here: to vote one out, and to make sure we don’t come here again.

Shy Guy:  Interesting.  Iggy, do you agree?

Iggy:  I’d have to disagree.  O’Chunks is trying too hard to see the bad in our tribe.  Our prospects of winning the next challenge are good.

Shy Guy:  Two contrasting opinions.  Looks like it’s time to vote.

O’Chunks’s vote:  Sorry, but you’re too much of a weak link.  It’s time for you to go, laddie.  We’ve been getting CHUNKED out there.

Shy Guy:  Ok, once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.  I’ll read the votes.

First Vote:  O’Chunks

O’Chunks raises an eyebrow.

Second Vote:  Yoshi

Yoshi:  Yoshi?

Third Vote:  Peach

Peach:  To be expected.

Fourth Vote:  Wario

Wario:  The Great Wario?

Fourth Vote:  O’Chunks

Fifth Vote:  O’Chunks

Sixth Vote, and second person voted out of Survivor: Delfino Isle: O’Chunks

O’Chunks:  You’ll get yer CHUNKIN’.  I’m sure of it.

Peach:  O’Chunks (bad leader)
O’Chunks:  Yoshi (poor performance in challenges)
Iggy:  O’Chunks (poor performance in challenge, bad leader)
Yoshi:  Wario (still thinks he may be untrustworthy)
Wario:  O’Chunks (insulted the Great Wario, bad in challenge)
Bumpty:  O’Chunks (bad leader)
Tap-Tap:  O’Chunks (poor performance in challenge, bad leader)
Goomba:  Peach (too much of a schemer, still angry from yesterday)

O’Chunks (private interview):  I won’t forgive them.  And Yoshi, you’ll get yer CHUNKIN’!

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