Survivor: Delfino Isle

By abcd

Last time on Survivor:  Delfino Isle:

The Phantamanta tribe had just reconciled with themselves after selfish behavior by Wario and Peach.  They started off the day well, winning the first reward challenge.  Meanwhile, tensions in the Petey tribe grew after questioning whether or not they should throw the next challenge to vote off Piranha Plant.  In the end, Luigi, the main person who questioned whether the challenge should be thrown, sat out the immunity challenge, and Petey won.  Now Petey has a two-person advantage over the Phantamanta tribe.  Will Petey extend the lead?  Or will Phantamanta catch up?

*Night 2, Phantamanta*
Peach:  Way too many people got votes in that last tribal council.

Wario:  I know the vote for Yoshi was O’Chunks’s because that’s who he tried to get me to vote for, but I’m not sure about who voted for me and you.  Probably people who still resent our actions from yesterday.

Yoshi (private interview):  Yoshi worried Wario might know Yoshi voted for him!  Yoshi better stay quiet.

Goomba (private interview):  It looks like nobody wanted to vote for Peach.  Well, you know what they say.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Goomba:  Peach?  Can I talk to you?

Peach:  Yes, what is it?

The two walk away from the rest.

Goomba:  I’m worried about Iggy and Tap-Tap.

Peach:  Iggy and Tap-Tap?  Why?

Goomba:  Look.  Those two are too close.  If we go to another tribal council, one of them needs to go.  They have two votes, and they’re inseparable.

Peach (personal interview):  I think that Goomba must have been the one to vote for Wario.  Suddenly he comes to me, asking to vote out Iggy and Tap-Tap, two of the most predictable and good-natured competitors who have been good in challenges.  The only person who asks to vote out someone from the in-crowd is someone on the outs.

*Day 3, Petey*
Luigi:  Looks like everyone else is up.

Bob-omb:  Oh, looks like someone decided to get up today?

Luigi:  Shut up.  Any work we have to do?

Waluigi:  Not any more, sleeping beauty.  We’ve already found food for the day.

Luigi:  Well you could have woken me up if you wanted me to get up!

Waluigi:  You know you would have been even angrier than you are now.

Luigi:  Even so, you can’t blame me!  And I wouldn’t have been angrier!  I’m angry now!

Buzzy Beetle:  Hey!  Let’s break this up!

Ludwig:  It’s not good for our chemistry to have fighting.

Bob-omb:  And we’re talking about the guy who said we should intentionally lose the challenge so that we could get rid of [i]him. *points at Piranha Plant*

Piranha Plant:  Hey, I have a use!

DK:  DK say we should read tree mail.

Grodus:  Gack-ack-ack-ack!  Shy Guy says we should meet with him in the center of the island for a reward challenge.

*Phantamanta, Day 3*
Iggy:  Looks like today’s going to be a wonderful day!

Goomba:  Could you cool it with the optimism?  It’s getting on my nerves.

Iggy:  We need to stay positive or else we’re going to lose.  Oh look!  Tree mail!  Meet Shy Guy in the center of the Island… Let’s go!

*Center Island*
Shy Guy:  And for today’s reward challenge, what you have to do is hold on to this 500-pound weight as a team.  Every half-hour, 100 pounds will be added to the weight.  A person can let go, but once they do, they can’t grab on again.  There are seven ropes per tribe.  Petey, you have two extra members.  Who are you going to sit out?

Waluigi:  I-a say myself, because I’m ultra flexible, not strong; and Bob-omb, because he doesn’t have hands or a mouth!

Shy Guy:  Logical choice.  Get to your spots, and we’ll get started.

(For those who don’t have hands, Piranha Plant uses his mouth to hold the rope, Buzzy Beetle uses his beak and will face away from the weight in the center, Goomba will use his foot, and Tap-Tap will also use his foot.)

Shy Guy:  Survivors ready?  Go!

Once the weight is released, Goomba is immediately pulled to the center, letting go.

Half an hour passes, and 100 pounds is added.

Buzzy Beetle accidentally gnaws through his rope, releasing his end and eliminating him from the challenge.

Ludwig accidentally coughs up a fireball, burning his end of the rope.  He lets go, and the flame continues up the rope.  Ludwig desperately claps his hands over the rope, putting out the flame.

Shy Guy:  Challenge over!  Phantamanta wins!

Ludwig:  What is the meaning of this disqualification?

Shy Guy:  You let go of the rope and grabbed on to it again.  That broke the rules.  Therefore, Phantamanta wins reward.

Bumpty:  What’s the reward?

Shy Guy:  I was getting to that.  The winners get to have a tarp, in case it rains.

DK:  Hahaha!  DK know that it never rain here!  You guys get dumb reward!

Shy Guy:  It’s very practical.  Head back to camp.

DK:  DK wish we had tarp.

Morton:  You do realize that you totally, completely, 100 percent jinxed it, right?  Once you said, declared, stated, proclaimed that their reward was stupid, dumb, useless, and pointless, it was certain that rain would follow, ensue, become an actuality.

DK:  DK didn’t know.

Luigi:  And now we’re sad we didn’t win.  *cough* Ludwig.

Ludwig:  It could have happened to anyone!

Grodus:  Gack-ack-ack-ack!  Correction.  You are the only one with the ability to breathe fire, therefore it could only have happened to you.

Ludwig:  Let’s not let this dampen our spirits!  We can still win the next challenge!

Bob-omb:  That’s not funny.

Ludwig:  What?

Bob-omb:  [i]Dampen our spirits.  It’s raining.

Yoshi:  Yoshi like tarp!  Tarp better than McMario’s!

Wario:  Agreed.  By the way, should we elect a new leader?

Peach:  I think we should.

Iggy:  Why do we need a leader?

Bumpty:  We could run this like a democracy, but then there might be too much indecision.  No, I’d rather have an official leader.  Any volunteers?

Wario:  The Great-a Wario is a volunteer!

Goomba:  I would also like to be leader.

Peach (private interview):  I saw what happened to O’Chunks, I’m not volunteering.

Yoshi:  Yoshi can lead!


Tap-Tap:  I, um, think that’s all the volunteers.

Wario:  How-a do we decide?

Yoshi:  Yoshi say vote.

Peach:  I vote Wario!

Wario:  That’s one-a vote Wario!

Goomba (private interview):  What’s up with her?  Why does she want Wario in charge?  She hates him!

Iggy:  I’ll go with Yoshi.

Tap-Tap:  Um, Yoshi seems like an awesome leader!

Bumpty:  I vote Goomba!

Bumpty (private interview):  I don’t want Goomba as a leader!  Of course not.  Yoshi’s my real vote.  But now I have reason to strike an alliance with Goomba.  My vote has no impact.  I’m so clever!

Peach:  Looks like Yoshi’s the leader.

Later on…

Bumpty:  Goomba, can I talk to you?

Goomba:  Sure thing.

Bumpty:  Look, I know what’s going on.  We’re the only ones without an alliance.  Peach seems dead-set against Wario, or so it seems after last night’s vote. Yoshi seems to side with Peach, and Iggy and Tap-Tap have an alliance.

Goomba:  What about Wario?

Bumpty:  From what I’ve seen, he doesn’t want an alliance.  Don’t you see?  We’re on the outs here!

Goomba:  What?

Bumpty:  Once Wario’s gone, we’ll have Peach, Yoshi, Iggy, and Tap-Tap.  With how they’ve been voting, it seems that Yoshi and Peach will side with Tap-Tap and vote us out!

Goomba:  So what do we do?

Bumpty:  Iggy’s got Tap-Tap in his back pocket.  So, what we do tonight is, if we go to tribal council, convince Wario, Peach, and Yoshi to vote Iggy out for us!  Then Tap-Tap will have no alliance, side with us, and we’ll be in control of the tribe!

Goomba:  Seems like we have an alliance.

Bumpty:  We’ll be in control of this tribe soon enough.

Morton (to Waluigi and Bob-omb):  Great Waluigi, leader, commander, organizer of this tribe, I think we have three options for whom to vote if we indeed lose, fail, do not prevail this next challenge.

Waluigi:  Shoot.

Morton:  First, my brother, bretheren, kin, and friend, Ludwig.  He’s been fighting, contradicting, going against too many people in this tribe and he messed up, botched, made an error, and didn’t succeed in this past reward challenge.  Additionally, I think he’s upset, angered, furious, and annoyed with me for voting for you as leader.  Second, Luigi.  He’s been a loser, not a winner, a whiner, and sat out these past couple of immunity challenges.  He could end up harming, being a cancer to, hurting our team chemistry.  And finally, in conclusion, to wrap this miniature speech up, Piranha Plant.  He’s been awful, terrible, and unable to succeed in challenges.  He’s also caused Luigi, the previous, preceding, and prior candidate for elimination, destruction, and exile, to give up in immunity challenges.

Waluigi:  Interesting choices.  This will be-a something Waluigi will ponder.

Bob-omb:  My choice is Piranha Plant.  He’ll force us to vote out one of the other two if he stays.  Luigi will probably get better once he’s gone.

Ludwig (to Buzzy Beetle and Grodus):  Friends, teammates, and pals, I think that Waluigi’s got to go if we lose here.

Buzzy Beetle:  But why?

Ludwig:  Isn’t it obvious?  If he’s gone, then I can be leader.

Grodus:  Likelihood of leadership improving your chances at winning… 7%.

Ludwig:  I’d be a good leader!  We’d win tons of challenges.

Buzzy Beetle:  True, but Waluigi’s been a good enough leader.  We’ll take him out when need be.  I think we might need to take out Luigi, who’s been a cancer to team chemistry, or Piranha Plant, who’s been killing us in challenges.

Ludwig:  Fine.  We’ll wait on Waluigi.  But he’s our primary target.

Grodus:  Agreed.

*DK and Luigi*
Luigi:  We need to get rid of Piranha Plant.  Then everything in the tribe will be fine.

DK:  DK agree with Luigi.

Luigi:  If Waluigi doesn’t sit me out this challenge, I’m throwing it.

DK:  NO LUIGI!  DK know it bad idea to throw challenge.

Luigi:  Why?

DK:  Because if DK team can win with Piranha Plant, then don’t change.

Luigi:  But what about rewards?

DK:  Rewards no matter.

Luigi:  Fine, I’ll try if he lets me play.  I’ll go talk to him now.

*Luigi and Waluigi*
Luigi:  Waluigi, I’d like to apologize.

Waluigi:  For what?  Being a loser?

Luigi:  Kind of.  For deciding to throw the challenge before.  I’ll try now.

Waluigi:  We’ll see.  Check tree mail.

Luigi (checking tree mail):  Go to the center of the Island again.

*Immunity Challenge*
Shy Guy:  Nice to see you guys again.  For this next immunity, there will be a footrace.  Each team member must, one at a time, run to this treehouse.  They must then climb to the top and go down the zip line.  The winning team will be the first one to have all their members go through the zip line.   If you fall off the zip line, you’ll have to run back to base.  Petey, you have two extra members, who are you going to sit out?

Waluigi:  Piranha Plant and… Luigi.

Luigi:  Me?

Waluigi:  I don’t-a trust you just yet.

Ludwig (private interview):  I’m not sure whether to be extremely pleased or disappointed.  I now have Luigi on my side.  Piranha Plant, then Waluigi.

Shy Guy:  Get in to your spots, and we’ll start the challenge.

They get into an order.

Shy Guy:  For Petey, it’ll be Morton, followed by Waluigi, Ludwig, then Grodus, Bob-omb, Buzzy Beetle, and then DK.  For Phantamanta, it’s Wario, followed by Iggy, then Bumpty, Peach, then Tap-Tap, Goomba, and Yoshi.  On your marks, get set, Go!

Morton and Wario rush off.  Suddenly Morton falls behind.  Putting on a burst of speed, he tackles Wario, and continues onward.  Wario gets up and, continuing slower, reaches the treehouse slightly after Morton.  Wario, however, is a better climber, and makes up some time there.  Morton gets on his zipline first, followed closely by Wario.  They reach the finish line with no problem.

Waluigi then begins slightly before Iggy.  They rush cleanly to the treehouse, with Waluigi slightly increasing the lead.  He increases the lead further on the climb up the tree, and gets on the zipline about five seconds before Iggy.  Iggy, being heavier, makes up some time on the zipline.

Waluigi high-fives Ludwig on his way back, and Ludwig begins running.  Iggy follows close behind, tagging Bumpty.  Bumpty makes up a lot of time running to the treehouse, even passing Ludwig!  Bumpty then loses a little bit of time climbing up the treehouse, but still gets on his zipline first.  Bumpty and Ludwig get to the finish line at the same time, and Peach and Grodus begin dashing off.

Grodus immediately shoves Peach over.  She gets up, dashes around him, and climbs up the treehouse faster than he.  Peach is about halfway done with the zipline when Grodus gets on, but he catches up a little due to his weight.

Tap-Tap begins running to the treehouse.  Bob-omb follows closely behind.  They are equally fast on foot, but Tap-Tap is a little slower on the climbing.  He still has a slight lead going to the zip-line.  Then Bob-omb falls off of the zip-line.  He rushes to catch up, but he’s still way behind, as Phantamanta’s next racer, Goomba, is already halfway to the treehouse when he gets back.

Buzzy Beetle is slightly slower than Goomba, and reaches the top of the treehouse after Goomba does.  However, Goomba falls off of the zip-line early as a result of having no hands.  Buzzy Beetle is able to hold on to the zip-line with his beak, and reaches the finish line when Goomba has a quarter of the way to go.

DK begins dashing off, but he’s fairly slow.  Goomba reaches the finish, and Yoshi begins dashing, much faster than DK.  Yoshi reaches the tree and flutter-jumps up to the treehouse.  DK climbs up to the top a little bit behind Yoshi.

Shy Guy (to cameraman):  Position the cameras over the finish line.  This is gonna be close.

DK catches up to Yoshi as a result of his extra bulk on the zip-line, but it’s unclear as to who won.

Shy Guy:  Cameramen are reviewing this now.

Cameraman:  Is it whomever partially or completely crosses the finish line first?

Shy Guy:  Partially.

Cameraman:  In that case, Yoshi wins!  He stuck out his tongue, crossing the finish line much before DK.

Shy Guy:  And Phantamanta wins immunity!  Petey, see you at tribal council tonight.

*Conversation between Ludwig, Buzzy Beetle, and Grodus*
Ludwig:  Well, we’re going to tribal for the first time tonight.

Buzzy Beetle:  Why do you keep talking to us?  Is this some sort of alliance?

Ludwig:  Honestly, you two are the two people I trust most.

Grodus:  Explanation… please.

Ludwig:  Look.  Waluigi usurped my position of power, Bob-omb’s in Waluigi’s back pocket, Morton betrayed me, DK is stupid and therefore unreliable, Luigi tried to forfeit the last challenge, and Piranha Plant’s our target.  I have no reason to distrust you.

Grodus:  Evaluation of reasoning… logical.

Buzzy Beetle (private interview):  I don’t wholly trust Ludwig.  He seems to be too driven by power.  I know what I’ll do!  He deserves a vote tonight.  It’ll make him so paranoid!

*Conversation between Luigi and DK*
Luigi:  I-a think we need to get rid of Piranha Plant.

DK:  DK think Piranha Plant need to go soon, but what about Grodus?

Luigi:  What about him?

DK:  He push Peach down in challenge today.

Luigi:  So?

DK:  That not nice.

Luigi:  Morton pushed Wario down.

DK:  He still push down girl.  That different.  And Ludwig!  Maybe he try to take power away from Waluigi!

Luigi:  I doubt he’ll make his move this early.  But he still is someone to worry about.  Maybe we should vote for him, just in case…We don’t want too much turmoil in our tribe.

*Conversation between Waluigi and Bob-omb*
Waluigi:  I-a think Ludwig needs to go.

Bob-omb:  Right!  Exactly!

Waluigi:  You’re just blindly following me.

Bob-omb:  I couldn’t agree more— wait!  No!

Waluigi:  Yes you are.  Ludwig’s too much of a threat.  He may make his move to get rid of me tonight.

Bob-omb:  That seems logical.  But what about Piranha Plant?

Waluigi:  He’s weak, but we need his vote tonight.  I’ll go talk to him, you try to recruit Morton to vote with us.

Bob-omb:  Ok.  Righty-o, boss!

*Conversation between Waluigi and Piranha Plant*
Piranha Plant:  I know I’m going home tonight.

Waluigi:  You don’t have to go home tonight…

Piranha Plant:  What?

Waluigi:  Vote for Ludwig tonight, and you won’t go home.  Luigi’s probably convinced DK to vote for you, but if you, Bob-omb, and I vote for Ludwig, then when he gets Grodus and Buzzy Beetle to vote for me, he’ll be going home!

Piranha Plant:  Why are you saving me?

Waluigi:  Because if I don’t, then Ludwig will take me out.  I guarantee it.

*Conversation between Bob-omb and Morton*
Bob-omb:  Hey, Morton.

Morton:  Hello Bob-omb, fellow competitor, friend, teammate, and tribemember.

Bob-omb:  Let me give it to you straight:  Ludwig’s gotta go tonight.

Morton:  My brother, friend, and family?  Why?

Bob-omb:  I did some reconnaissance work, and Ludwig told me he’d be voting for you.

Morton:  With whom was my brother talking, speaking, conversing, and associating with?

Bob-omb:  Buzzy Beetle and Grodus.

Morton:  I’m grateful, I express my thanks, would like to repay you for this valuable information.  Excuse me, pardon me, let me leave, I must use the restroom.

*Conversation between Morton and Buzzy Beetle*
Morton:  Hello Buzzy.

Buzzy Beetle: Wow, that was short for you!  What’s up?

Morton:  I have heard, become aware of, learned, that Ludwig was going to eliminate, take out, and get rid of Waluigi.  I would like to be a part of, join, and get in on this vote.

Buzzy Beetle:  Of course not!  He’s planning on getting rid of Piranha Plant!  Vote Piranha Plant!

Buzzy Beetle (private interview):  If that rat Morton doesn’t vote for Piranha Plant, I’m ruined!

Morton:  Why, what is his reason, and why does he justify that?

Buzzy Beetle:  Grodus and I had to convince him.  But I think Grodus is calling that tree mail says we should go now.

*Tribal Council*
Shy Guy:  Hello. Get a torch, dip it in the flame, fire represents life… I’ve already given this speech.  Buzzy Beetle, is there a definitive vote tonight?

Buzzy:  I think so.  There’s really only one option.

Shy Guy:  And who would that be?

Buzzy:  The biggest liability.

Shy Guy:  Piranha Plant, do you agree?

Piranha Plant:  I think there are other things than liabilities to vote for.  For example, tearing apart chemistry.

Shy Guy:  Sounds like there’s not a definitive vote.  Let’s start the vote.

*Revealed Votes*
Waluigi:  Need my power… sorry, Ludwig.
Grodus:  You are a liability, unfortunate that you can’t move, Piranha Plant.

Shy Guy:  I’ll go tally the votes.

He goes to get the votes.

Shy Guy:  First vote, Ludwig.

Ludwig looks somewhat surprised.

Shy Guy:  Second vote, Ludwig.

Ludwig’s eyes bulge.

Shy Guy:  Third vote, Ludwig.

Ludwig begins tearing out his hair.

Shy Guy:  Fourth vote, Ludwig.

Ludwig:  What is the meaning of this?!

Shy Guy:  Fifth vote and… first non-Ludwig vote, Piranha Plant.

Piranha Plant:  Expected.

Shy Guy:  Sixth vote, Piranha Plant.

Piranha Plant:  Still not surprised.

Shy Guy:  Seventh vote, Piranha Plant.

Piranha Plant:  It’s ok, still two more votes.

Shy Guy:  Eighth vote, Piranha Plant.

Piranha Plant:  Aww, now we’re tied…

Shy Guy:  Ninth vote and third person voted out of Survivor:  Delfino Isle,  Piranha Plant..

Piranha Plant:  It was a good run.

Shy Guy:  Let’s see who voted for whom.  This is not revealed to the contestants.

Waluigi:  Ludwig (thought he was going to vote him out)
Ludwig:  Piranha Plant (too weak in challenges)
Luigi:  Piranha Plant (Same as Ludwig)
Bob-omb:  Ludwig (following Waluigi’s orders)
Piranha Plant:  Ludwig (wanted to save his own skin)
Grodus:  Piranha Plant (same as above)
DK:  Piranha Plant (weak)
Buzzy:  Ludwig (wanted to make him paranoid)
Morton:  Piranha Plant (trusted his brother and Buzzy more than Bob-omb)

Piranha Plant (private interview):  I knew it wouldn’t last.  But I must have made it farther than any previous immobile contestants!

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