Survivor: Delfino Isle

By abcd

Previously on Survivor:  Delfino Isle:
Phantamanta Tribe, after being two members down, rallied to win a reward challenge that gave them a tarp.  Coincidentally, a heavy downpour began later that day.  With O’Chunks and Toad gone, Phantamanta elected Yoshi to be their new leader.  Bumpty and Goomba decided to make an alliance to take over Phantamanta.  Iggy would be their first target if they lost.  Fortunately for them, Phantamanta did not lose, as they sent Petey to Tribal Council.  Petey had been having power struggles, and it was only a matter of time before those struggles caused them to cave in.  Waluigi, the actual leader, had a tight alliance with Bob-omb and weaker alliances with Morton and Piranha Plant.  Ludwig had a close alliance with Grodus and what he believed to be a strong alliance with Buzzy Beetle.  That proved to be false.  DK and Luigi were held in between the two alliances.  Piranha Plant was the third competitor eliminated.

Is Petey spiraling out of control?  Is Waluigi losing control of his tribe?  And can Bumpty and Goomba takeover Phantamanta?

*Day 3, Petey*
Ludwig (to Buzzy Beetle, Luigi, and Grodus):  I think I’ve got you three on my side.  Waluigi’s running this tribe into the ground.  I think it only proves my point further that he tried to eliminate me instead of that useless Piranha Plant.  But something worries me.  Who gave us that fourth vote?  Was it DK or Morton?  Whoever it was could give us a clincher vote to get rid of Waluigi.

Buzzy Beetle:  Ludwig, has it ever occurred to you that people don’t always have the same goals you do?

Ludwig:  What do you mean?

Buzzy Beetle:  Just because DK or Morton or Luigi voted for Piranha Plant doesn’t mean that they’re all gung-ho about taking out Waluigi.

Ludwig:  I don’t follow.

Buzzy Beetle:  Piranha Plant was killing the tribe through challenges, but you also did so by attempting to get rid of Waluigi and constantly challenging Waluigi’s authority.  You didn’t vote for Waluigi last night, but you were going to until Grodus and I talked you out of it.

Grodus:  The Beetle speaks the truth.

Ludwig:  So… are you guys still on my side?

Buzzy:  That all depends on if you’ll back off Waluigi, and focus less on leading this tribe.  If you do, we’ll vote with you.  If not, we won’t.

Ludwig:  But can we at least vote him off because of his poor leadership?

Grodus:  Gack-ack-ack-ack!  As of right now… too few mistakes to eliminate.

Luigi:  Then who’s our target?

Buzzy:  I say that we make our decision tomorrow.  As of right now, there’s nobody who really has stood out to me.  Overthrowing Waluigi right now might cause too much turmoil.  Poor leadership in a losing effort might lead to his elimination, though.

Grodus:  Estimation of that being a good plan… 98%.

Ludwig:  Well, the numbers don’t lie… for now.

*Phantamanta, Day 4*
Bumpty:  Time to get up!

Wario:  Argh… 5 more minutes?

Bumpty:  If there’s no treemail.  But it would be nice to be rewarded by sleeping in after going a day without Tribal Council.

Yoshi:  Yoshi go get treemail!

One minute later, Yoshi comes back.

Yoshi:  West Beach.  Now.

*Petey, Day 4*
Waluigi:  Arghh… Whose turn is it to check treemail?

DK:  Not DK.

Morton:  I am confident, certain, absolutely positive that it’s not my turn.

Ludwig:  Not my turn.

Bob-omb:  Uh-uh.

Grodus:  Checking… Not my turn.

Luigi:  You’re not getting me to go.

Buzzy:  Nope.

Waluigi:  Of course it’s my turn.

Waluigi goes to get treemail, and comes back.

Waluigi:  Ok guys, it just says to go to the west beach, no reason given.

*West Beach*
Shy Guy:  Good morning, Phantamanta and Petey.  Phantamanta, you can get your first look at the new Petey tribe, Piranha Plant being the one voted off at the last Tribal Council.  Today’s another reward challenge.  But it’s an individual challenge today, and there’s going to be a big shakeup.  How it works is Phantamanta members will compete against each other, and Petey members will compete against each other.  The winners from each tribe will choose one person from their own tribe to send to the other tribe.  This will be a flip-flop, and might just turn the game on its head.  To determine who’s going to win the challenge, you’ll be doing a three-lap Mario Kart race at Baby Park.  Petey, you have more members, do you want to go first or second?

Waluigi:  We’ll go second.

Shy Guy:  Good choice.  Phantamanta, you’re up.

*Phantamanta starting line*
3… 2… 1… Go!

Iggy gets off to a perfect start, with Peach slightly behind, followed by Goomba, Yoshi, Bumpty, Tap-Tap, and finally Wario.

*Lap 1*
Tap-Tap, having never played Mario Kart, is extremely unsuccessful at the controls.  He tries to drive straight, but can’t seem to stay on track.  He falls into last pretty quickly.

Wario, after a bad start, surges ahead of Tap-Tap and Bumpty, and gets a Red Shell.  He throws it at Yoshi, and passes him as well.

Bumpty passes Yoshi after his fall, and gets a Blue Shell.  He decides to use it immediately.

Yoshi gets some bananas and leaves them haphazardly on the course.

The Blue Shell hits Iggy, who has slowed down enough to make sure it hits Peach as well.  Goomba surges into first at the end of the lap, followed by Iggy, Peach, Wario, Bumpty, Yoshi, and finally Tap-Tap.

*Lap 2*
Goomba starts in the lead, but hits one of Yoshi’s bananas, sending him behind Bumpty.

Peach passes Iggy for the lead.

Bumpty gets a Fake Item, which he leaves behind him.

Wario hits another one of Yoshi’s bananas, sending him behind Goomba.

Yoshi gets three Mushrooms and races ahead of Wario and Goomba.

Peach passes the finish line, followed by Iggy, Bumpty, Yoshi, Goomba, and Wario.  Tap-Tap never finishes the second lap.

*Lap 3*
Peach hits Bumpty’s Fake Item, sending her behind Yoshi.

Iggy is in the lead nearing the finish line, with Yoshi and Bumpty close behind.  Then Yoshi passes Bumpty and gets a Red Shell, then throws it forward. The Red Shell collides with Iggy’s kart, stopping him just short of the finish line.  Meanwhile, Bumpty drafts behind Yoshi, and passes both Yoshi and Iggy for the win!

Shy Guy:  And Bumpty just barely nudges out Yoshi and Iggy for the right to send someone to the other tribe!  Bumpty, you may make your decision after we see the other tribe’s race.

Bumpty (personal interview):  Tough decision coming up.  I’m not going to send Yoshi, he’s our leader!  That knocks off one of seven.  I don’t want to send myself or Goomba, don’t want to break up that alliance.  So, we have four left.  Peach, Wario, Iggy, and Tap-Tap...  Wario’s too physically strong, we need a brute.  I don’t know how, but Tap-Tap’s been doing fairly well in challenges.  He’s useful around camp.  So I’m stuck with Peach and Iggy.  I’m scared of both getting rid of me. Peach because she’s so good at forming alliances with people; she’s also working pretty well with Yoshi.  I don’t want to give Yoshi too much power, he’s leader already, but angering him might not be a good idea.  On the other hand, I could get rid of Iggy.  That breaks up the Iggy/Tap-Tap alliance without making me eliminate either.  They could be useful for Bumpty and I after the merge.  But what if Yoshi gets too powerful?  And Iggy’s been fairly strong in challenges too.  Stronger than Peach.  Agh!  This is a tough decision.

Shy Guy:  And now Petey’s up!  Just for your information, Bumpty won the last race, and his decision will come after you guys race but before you guys make your decision.

*Lap 1*
3… 2… 1… GO!

Ludwig starts off with a near-perfect start.  He is followed by Grodus, then Bob-omb, DK, Luigi, Waluigi, Buzzy Beetle, and then Morton.

Morton, being in last, gets a Star.  He uses it immediately to pass Buzzy Beetle, then Waluigi, Luigi, and then he ends up neck and neck with DK.

Buzzy Beetle stays in last, trying to draft off Luigi.

Waluigi gets a Mushroom and zooms past Luigi.

Luigi gets a Fake Item, which he immediately uses.

DK tries to swerve around Morton, but is unsuccessful.  He stays in 5th.

Bob-omb gets three Bananas, which he lays out across the track.

Grodus passes up Ludwig by drafting off of him. Grodus ends lap 1 in the lead, followed by Ludwig, Bob-omb, Morton, DK, Waluigi, Luigi, and Buzzy Beetle.

*Lap 2*
Buzzy Beetle is able to get to neck-and-neck with Luigi, but nothing more.

Luigi gets a Blue Shell, which he uses.  The shell hits Grodus, Ludwig and Bob-omb.  Morton and DK are able to shift into a two-way battle for first, with Grodus Ludwig, and Bob-omb close behind.

Waluigi gets more Bananas to lay across the track.

Bob-omb hits Luigi’s Fake Item from last lap, and is passed by Waluigi.

Grodus hits the three Bananas set out by Bob-omb, and slips behind Ludwig and Waluigi, but not Bob-omb.

DK gets just ahead of Morton. The second lap ends with DK in first, followed by Morton, Ludwig, Waluigi, Grodus, Bob-omb, Luigi, and then Buzzy Beetle.

*Lap 3*
Buzzy Beetle and Luigi are too far back to make any impact.

Bob-omb gets a Mushroom to pass Grodus.

Waluigi gets a Red Shell, which he tries to use on Ludwig, but it hits a Banana he planted in lap 2.

Ludwig gets 3 Red Shells, and uses one immediately to pass Morton, who falls behind Waluigi.  In the final stretch, he uses another to hit DK.  DK’s about to pass the finish line when Ludwig’s last Red Shell hits him.  Ludwig and Waluigi speed towards the finish line, but one barely beats out the other.

Shy Guy:  Ludwig wins for Petey!

Ludwig (personal interview):  Can’t get rid of my alliance.  That knocks out Grodus and Buzzy Beetle from contention.  Luigi and DK seem to be neutral in the whole “struggle for power” thing.  Both of them are too strong in immunity challenges to eliminate.  I’m not sure if Morton’s on my side or not.  It might be good to send him to the other tribe to delay finding out.  But then there’s Bob-omb and Waluigi.  Everyone knows they’re really close.   If I were to get rid of Waluigi, I would be in power.  But it might turn my alliance against me.  Bob-omb would be a safer bet, to weaken Waluigi’s dominance, but Bob-omb has less upside.  I don’t gain power if I send him away.  It’s a tough call.  Morton, Waluigi, or Bob-omb?

Shy Guy:  Bumpty, it’s time for your decision.

Bumpty:  I’m going to go with Iggy.

Iggy (private interview):  Never in a million years would I have seen that coming.  I’m a little wary of Bumpty now.  What’s he planning?

Shy Guy:  Ludwig, what’s your choice?

Ludwig:  It’s a tough decision, but I’ll send Morton over.

Morton (private interview):  Well it looks like, appears that it’s a swap, trade, and switcheroo of Koopalings.  But my own brother, the first, primary, and oldest Koopaling sent me away.  Why?

Shy Guy:  Morton, Iggy, swap buffs. You will be on the other tribe now.

*Conversation between Morton, Peach, and Yoshi*
Peach:  Morton.  I know you’ve just come over from another tribe, but we’re already willing to make an alliance with you.

Morton:  I’m in debt to you, am gracious, would like to be able to repay you, and thank you.

Yoshi:  Yoshi and Peach make alliance with Morton!

Peach:  As you know, Yoshi’s been elected leader of the tribe.  He’s “calling the shots”.  If we want to win, we’re going to have to get rid of our weakest member first.  That, of course, is Goomba.  We think we can get Tap-Tap and maybe Wario on our side.  If we do, and you side with us, then we’ve got four or five out of seven votes.  That’s enough to get rid of Goomba.  Because Bumpty didn’t send Goomba to the other tribe, I think he and Goomba may have some sort of alliance.

Morton:  I agree, concur, and fully support your plan!

Morton (private interview):  I would like to thank, express my gratitude, and acknowledge in a benevolent way Ludwig for sending me to the other tribe.  Now I know, am aware of, and understand the tribe dynamics so that when I return, get back to, and reunite with my tribe, I will be in the know.

*Conversation between Bumpty, Goomba, and Morton*
Bumpty:  Look, Morton.  Let me tell you what’s going on in this tribe.  Yoshi may say he’s the leader, but he’s just a figurehead, you see?  He has no real power.  Peach is the true leader, the puppet master, if you will.  Goomba and I were going to get rid of Iggy to break up his alliance with Tap-Tap, but we instead decided to separate them because then we can eliminate the true threat on this tribe for good:  Peach.  She’s running the show right now, and we’re going to put a stop to it.

Goomba:  That’s our plan!

Bumpty:  Right.  And then we’ll take out Wario, and then Tap-Tap, and, if we have to, Yoshi.  Then the three of us will be the only ones left, ya hear?

Morton:  Certainly, 100 percent, undoubtedly!

Morton (private interview):  Interesting, surprising, confounding, and befuddling.  There’s a schism, rift, and divide in this tribe.  And Wario, Tap-Tap, and myself are caught right in the middle.  I’d better talk to them if we have to vote tonight.

*Conversation between Waluigi and Iggy*
Waluigi:  Iggy.  Morton was on my side, and I’m running things in this tribe.  He was smart.  But there’s a little bit of opposition to my rule.  Ludwig’s been trying to eliminate me ever since the tribe elected me leader.  So, I’ve got to tell you something.  If we take out Ludwig tonight, we’ll have the numbers.  He’s been the thorn in this tribe’s side.  And he sent away a good, hardworking tribemember!  So, tonight, what we need to do is take out Ludwig.  He thinks he’s running the tribe, but we need to take him down.  He’s threatening this tribe’s stability!

Iggy:  Yeah, I see what you mean.  Ludwig’s always been that way.  “Challenge authority!” he’s always said.  “Question rule!”  I’ll go talk to him.  Maybe I can talk him out of it.

Waluigi:  Don’t even try!  Buzzy Beetle and Grodus have been trying since day one!  But it hasn’t worked.

Iggy:  We’ll see.

*Conversation between Iggy and Ludwig*
Iggy:  Waluigi says you’ve been trying to stir the pot and challenge his authority.

Ludwig:  Kind of.  But the thing is that I’ve backed off.  I don’t want him as leader, that’s right, I’d prefer to be the leader here!  But he’s against me.  So what Grodus, Buzzy, and myself have decided to do is vote out his lieutenants, hHis minions.  First it was Piranha Plant.  Next it’s Bob-omb.  I’m weakening his stranglehold on this tribe because if I don’t, he’ll kill it.  And I’ll be the first to go.

Iggy:  Hmm… Not exactly what Waluigi told me.  Why did you get rid of Morton?

Ludwig:  I sort of had to.  Grodus and Buzzy are in my alliance, DK and Luigi are too powerful and I think they’re on my side, Waluigi’s the leader; I can’t send him away, and then it was down to Bob-omb and Morton.  I knew Bob-omb would vote with Waluigi, so he was predictable.  But Morton could vote either way.  He was too unpredictable, so instead of eliminating him, I decided to put him in a safer spot.  This tribe’s falling, and it’s falling fast.

*Conversation between Buzzy Beetle and Waluigi*
Buzzy:  Hey, Waluigi!

Waluigi:  What do you want?

Buzzy:  I want in on your alliance.

Waluigi:  What alliance?

Buzzy:  Your alliance with Bob-omb.  Morton wasn’t really with you guys, I know because I voted Ludwig yesterday.  I can’t stand him!

Waluigi:  Then why are you in an alliance with him?

Buzzy:  Isn’t it obvious?  He tried to get me to be in an alliance with him, so I played along with it.  However, once inside the alliance, I found that he completely trusted me and that I didn’t want to be in an alliance with him.  So, what I’ve decided to do is switch alliances.  You’ll need someone on the inside of his alliance to know what he’s planning to do.

Waluigi:  Fine.  You’ve passed the test.  You are now an official part of Waluigi’s alliance!  We’ve got you, me, Bob-omb, maybe Iggy.  We’ll need at least one more.  What are the options?

Buzzy:  Well, probably not Luigi.  I don’t think he quite trusts you.  DK… maybe.  It’s about 50/50 with him.  Grodus… probably not.  He’s with Ludwig now.

Waluigi:  I’ve given my sales pitch to Iggy.  I’ll have to go to DK.  Your presence in this alliance is top-secret, do you hear me?

Buzzy:  Yes sir!

Grodus (from far away):  Gack-ack-ack-ack-ack!  Tree mail!  And it’s not good!

Waluigi:  Uh oh!  I’ll go-a first, you go to Grodus after me.

Grodus:  Gack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack!  We’re going to Tribal Council.

Yoshi:  Oh no!

Wario:  What is it?

Yoshi:  Yoshi check treemail and it say both tribes go to Tribal Council today!

Peach:  That’s terrible!  No chance for immunity!

*Conversation between Wario, Tap-Tap, and Morton*
Wario:  Look.  The three of us are on the outs.  I can tell that Bumpty and Goomba are in an alliance.  It’s not hard to figure out.  Why didn’t Bumpty send Goomba to the other tribe?  Peach has Yoshi in her back pocket.  There’s either going to be a war between the two alliances, or they’re going to turn on us, the three without alliances.  The Great-a Wario’s not much of an alliance person, but he needs you guys.  The way I see it, we’ve got to take out Bumpty.  He’s the leader of a secret alliance.  If we don’t eliminate him soon, he’ll get rid of us.  Are you guys with me?

Tap-Tap:  Um, well, um, sure.  Yeah.

Morton:  Absolutely, positively, 100 percent, yeah, of course, without a doubt, Great Wario!

Tap-Tap (personal interview):  I, um, think Wario might be off his, um, rocker.  Me?  Align with, um, him?  No way.  I would be better served hitching on to, um, the Peach and Yoshi alliance or the, um, Bumpty and Goomba, um, alliance which I, um, didn’t know existed.  I’ll, um, try Peach and, um, Yoshi.  Bumpty’s, um, dead meat for, um, sending Iggy away!  Tonight I’m, um, voting with Wario!

Morton (private inverview):  Wow!  This tribe is crazy, insane, bonkers, whack-a-doo!  A trio, three different alliances at war!  And me stuck in the middle!

*Conversation between Waluigi and DK*
Waluigi:  DK, I think we may have a reason to vote out Ludwig.

DK:  Why DK vote Ludwig?

Waluigi:  Ludwig’s been, well, an antagonist in the tribe.

DK:  What?

Waluigi:  Ludwig’s been trying to eliminate me, the leader.  We don’t want that to happen.

DK:  Waluigi right.  DK vote Ludwig tonight!  DK rhyme!

Waluigi:  Awesome.

*Conversation between Ludwig and Luigi*
Ludwig:  Luigi, I’m going to need your vote tonight.

Luigi:  Who do you want me to vote for?

Ludwig:  Bob-omb.  He’s Waluigi’s go-to guy.  Waluigi’s going to takeover the tribe if we don’t get rid of him.

Luigi:  If we-a don’t want Waluigi to take control, then why don’t we-a go after Waluigi?

Ludwig:  Because Waluigi’s the leader now.  Getting rid of him shakes up the tribe too much.  We need to limit him.

Luigi:  I see where you’re going, but I don’t like it.  I want Waluigi out.

Ludwig:  In due time.  But tonight, Bob-omb goes.

Luigi:  Fine.

Luigi (private interview):  I don’t care what Ludwig says.  Waluigi’s getting my vote.  He didn’t trust me last week with participating in the immunity challenge; he deserves to go home!

*Tribal Council*
Shy Guy:  Phantamanta, you have arrived at Tribal Council first, so you get to have Tribal Council first.  Yoshi, who’s the leader of this tribe?

Yoshi:  Yoshi leader!

Shy Guy:  Bumpty, you agree with that?

Bumpty:  Kind of.  He might be the guy who says he’s the leader, but he doesn’t call the shots.  That’s Peach.

Shy Guy:  Peach?

Peach:   That’s false.  Everyone knows that Yoshi’s our leader, and he calls the shots.

Shy Guy:  I guess it’s time to vote.

(Peach’s vote):  Goomba, it’s time for you to go.  You’re too weak.

(Bumpty’s vote):  Peach, you’ve pulled too many strings.  Puppet master, it’s your turn to be eliminated!

(Wario’s vote):  Bumpty, I-a don’t want you to take over this tribe.

Shy Guy:  Once the votes are read, the decision is final.  The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.  I’ll get the votes.

First vote:  Peach.

Peach looks nonchalant.

Second vote:  Peach.

Peach starts to look a little worried.

Third vote:  Bumpty.

Bumpty looks surprised.

Fourth vote:  Goomba.

Goomba isn’t surprised.

Fifth vote:  Bumpty.

Bumpty raises his eyebrows in shock.

Sixth vote:  Goomba.

Goomba begins to sweat.

Seventh vote, and fourth person voted out of Survivor:  Delfino Isle:


Shy Guy:  Goomba, your tribe has spoken.

Goomba’s torch is put out, and he begins to leave.

Goomba (private interview):  Oh well.  I guess when you’re a Goomba, life’s tough.  I’ll get ‘em next time.  Go Bumpty!

Peach:  Goomba (too weak)
Wario:  Bumpty (worried about tribe takeover)
Yoshi:  Goomba (too weak, alliance with Peach)
Tap-Tap:  Bumpty (revenge for Iggy)
Bumpty:  Peach (too smart)
Goomba:  Peach (too smart)
Morton:  Goomba (trusted leader of tribe, Goomba seemed weak)

Shy Guy:  Phantamanta, go back to camp.  Petey, come on in! Ludwig, is everyone happy with the leadership in the tribe?

Ludwig:  Not everyone.

Shy Guy:  Point to someone who’s not happy.

Ludwig points at himself.

Shy Guy:  You?  Why?

Ludwig:  That leadership role was mine!  And Waluigi took it from me!

Shy Guy:  Waluigi, comments?

Waluigi:  The leadership role was the tribe’s, and they gave it to me.

Shy Guy:  You guys should vote now.

(Ludwig’s vote):  Waluigi, you’re too powerful.  This vote goes to Bob-omb.

(Waluigi’s vote):  Ludwig, it’s time for you to go home.

Shy Guy:  I’ll go read the votes.

First vote:  Ludwig.

Ludwig angrily glares at Waluigi, then looks back at Shy Guy.

Second vote:  Bob-omb.

Waluigi isn’t surprised, as Buzzy informed him of this, but Bob-omb is surprised.

Third vote:  Bob-omb.

Bob-omb begins to get angry.

Fourth vote:  Ludwig.

Ludwig’s death gaze at Waluigi intensifies.

Fifth vote:  Bob-omb.

Bob-omb goes from anger to shock.

Sixth vote:  Waluigi.

Waluigi:  Waluigi?

Shy Guy:  Seventh vote:  Ludwig.

Ludwig:  Waluigi, if I go home because of you, I swear I’ll—

Shy Guy:  Eighth vote and fifth person voted out of Survivor:  Delfino Isle:  Ludwig.

Ludwig:  Waluigi!

Ludwig then kicks Waluigi and leaves.

Shy Guy:  He never let me put out his torch… Oh well.  I’ll do it now.  Well, it looks like this tribe has certainly lost some… intensity tonight.

Ludwig (final interview):  Let’s put it this way:  Waluigi doesn’t want to find me in an alley anytime soon.  I’m going to make sure that happens.  Got it?

Ludwig:  Bob-omb (to weaken Waluigi)
DK:  Ludwig (siding with Waluigi)
Waluigi:  Ludwig (worried about authority)
Bob-omb:  Ludwig (siding with Waluigi)
Grodus:  Bob-omb (siding with Ludwig)
Luigi:  Waluigi (don’t trust each other)
Buzzy Beetle:  Ludwig (doesn’t like him, alliance with Waluigi)
Iggy:  Bob-omb (doesn’t know much about tribe dynamics, wants to side with his brother)

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