Survivor: Delfino Isle

By abcd

This is the second story by abcd.  Read the first story, The Mole: Mushroom Kingdom, first.  Due to a tie in the voting, we’ve been forced to keep seven of the original ten contestants for this new story by abcd.  As abcd has realized that having you read another Mole story would be redundant, the author has decided to change the reality TV show for this story.  Enjoy!

Shy Guy (in a cutscene):  And after The Mole, I decided to propose to Mary.  She accepted the proposal, and now we’re married.  We went on our honeymoon to Isle Delfino.  But in the contract I signed when I was a contestant on The Mole, it stipulated that there was a possibility that I would have to return.  The same is true for the rest of the contestants.  I have chosen an island that was created as a result of hardened lava as the location of this show.  This Island is in the Isle Delfino region.  So, without further ado, here are the contestants for Survivor:  Isle Delfino.

Shy Guy:  Come on out, returning contestants!

Ludwig von Koopa, Peach Toadstool, Donkey Kong, Iggy Koopa, O’Chunks, and Sir Grodus walk out from behind a curtain.

Shy Guy:  Ludwig and Peach will be captains for these new teams.  Ludwig will get the first pick, then Peach will get the next two, then Ludwig will get the next two, etc.  You’ll pick from this group first, then the extra’s category, then Shy Guy’s Choice.  Ludwig, you may make your selection.

Ludwig:  I’ll select… DK.  He seems like the logical choice.

Peach:  Well then… I’ll take Iggy for brains and O’Chunks for brawn.

Ludwig:  Grodus, it appears we are paired again.

Grodus:  Gack-Ack-ack-ack!  A worthy adversary, Ludwig von Koopa.

Shy Guy:  Now, on to the Extra section.  These people appeared on The Mole, but they weren’t contestants.  Extras!

Another curtain is pulled back, and Waluigi, Wario, Yoshi, Luigi, Toad, and Morton Koopa Jr. appear.

Shy Guy:  Nice to see all of you again.

Morton:  Is it… DK?!  Ahh!!! He’s gonna kill, slay, destroy, annihilate, me again!

DK:  DK does not intend to kill, only maim.

Shy Guy:  No, he’s under contract today.  You’re safe.

Morton:  Good, splendid, wonderful, fantastic, terrif—mph!.

Yoshi:  It time he shut up.

Shy Guy:  Ludwig, picking time.

Ludwig:  I’ve seen the power of Luigi in Super Mario World.  He’s on my tribe.

Peach:  Then I’ll take… Toad and Yoshi!

Ludwig:  I shall select my brother and the alphabetically earlier Wario.

Wario:  Me?

Ludwig:  No.  Waluigi.

Waluigi:  Yes!  I’m-a not last!

Peach:  I guess I’ll take Wario…

Wario:  I’m a value pick!  That just means my tribe’s going to be better.

Shy Guy:  And finally… my picks!  Come on out guys!

Bob-omb, Goomba, Bumpty, Tap-Tap, Piranha Plant, and Buzzy Beetle step out from behind a curtain.

Peach:  Oh!  It’s my pick!  I call the Penguin!

Bumpty:  It’s Bumpty, not Penguin!

Peach:  Oh well.  You’re Penguin to me.

Ludwig:  A most foolish choice.  My selections include Bob-omb and Buzzy Beetle.

Peach:  Then I’ll take Tap-Tap, and…

Piranha Plant:  Come on!  Are you really considering choosing that Goomba over me!  I was a finalist in Roy’s Sports Hall!

Peach:  Goomba.  You reminded me that you can’t move, Piranha Plant.

Ludwig:  Drat.  I thought she would forget.  Piranha Plant, you’re the final pick.  You wish you were penultimate.  Hahahahaha!

Shy Guy:  Let’s look back at the teams:

Ludwig’s team:
Buzzy Beetle
Piranha Plant

Peach’s Team:

Shy Guy:  And what better time than now to begin the first reward challenge.  Want to know what you’re playing for?

Peach:  What?

Shy Guy:  What do Survivors always play for at the beginning?

Waluigi:  One million coins?

Shy Guy:  No, that’s the end.  The winning tribe gets flint.  Watch Survivor once.  See those walls right there?  Your task, as a team, is to get the entire team to the other side of the wall by climbing up it.

Toad:  But what about handholds?

Tap-Tap:  Or footholds?

Shy Guy:  Make your own.

Toad:  … Oh.

Shy Guy:  Go!

*Ludwig’s Tribe*
Ludwig:  Let’s build a solid base!  This will be a pyramid!  But first… DK?  Throw Piranha Plant over.

DK:  DK throw Piranha Plant.  DK have fun.

DK then throws Piranha Plant over the wall.

*Peach’s Tribe*
Toad:  O’Chunks, toss me, Bumpty, Tap-Tap, and Goomba over the wall.

O’Chunks is able to toss all four over the wall with one good toss.

*Ludwig’s Tribe*
Ludwig:  Ok, I’ll flutter jump to the top of the wall, and begin pulling you guys up.

Ludwig is able to get Buzzy Beetle and Bob-omb, who are at the top of the Pyramid.

Ludwig:  Buzzy, Bob!  Help!

Grodus, Waluigi, and Morton, who are at the next level, are able to grab onto Buzzy Beetle and Bob-omb, whom Ludwig is holding above their heads.

Ludwig:  Who’s left?  Luigi and DK.  OK.

*Peach’s Tribe*
Yoshi:  Yoshi flutter jump with Peach to top of wall!

Peach:  Ok, let’s go!

Yoshi and Peach reach the top of the wall.

Iggy:  I’ve got this!

Iggy takes out his wand, and blasts the ground, shooting him over the wall.

Peach:  Only O’Chunks and Wario left!

*Ludwig’s Tribe*
Luigi:  Green Missile!

Luigi launches himself at the wall, forgetting that he can’t control if he goes upward.

Luigi:  Drat!

DK begins climbing up the wall.

*Peach’s Tribe*
O’Chunks begins climbing the wall, but he’s slower than DK.  DK reaches the top of the wall first, and just as O’Chunks gets one hand on top of the wall, a foul stench comes from below, knocking out O’Chunks as Wario is sent into the air as a result of his fart blast.

Wario:  I knew there would be some practical use of that!

Toad:  Yeah, but you knocked out O’Chunks!

*Ludwig’s Tribe*
Luigi tries a new strategy.  He does an abnormally high jump, and at the peak, he does a wall jump, and concludes with a Green Missile, sending him over the wall!

Shy Guy:  Ludwig’s team wins first reward!  Here’s your flint.  I have something for Peach’s tribe as well.  Before you go back to camp, here are your buffs.  Ludwig, your team will have purple buffs, and Peach, you’ll have green buffs.  Additionally, you won’t go by the names “Ludwig’s tribe” and “Peach’s tribe” any more.  Peach, your tribe will go by the name “Phantamanta,” the name of a creature that lives around Delfino Isle.  Ludwig, you’ll go by the name “Petey,” who made his first appearance in Isle Delfino.

*Phantamanta Tribe*
Peach:  Well.  It looks like we’re here.  And they’ve given us a shelter!  How kind of them!

Yoshi:  Yoshi think shelter look flimsy.

Wario:  Yeah, it does look like it might not hold under a storm.  Let’s rebuild!

Goomba:  Maybe we should just reinforce it.

O’Chunks:  How’re you gonna help, laddie?  You have no arms!

Goomba:  I have arms!

O’Chunks:  No you don’t!

Goomba:  They’re just invisible and can’t pick anything up.

O’Chunks:  You still can’t help.

Goomba:  I can carry with my mouth.

Toad:  It’s the best he can do.  Maybe he should be a scout for food.

Iggy:  I second that notion.

Tap-Tap:  Um, sorry to interrupt, but, um, I don’t have, um, arms, either.

Bumpty:  You have spikes, don’t you?  You can use those to stab anything you need to, and then carry it back.

Peach:  Penguin’s right.  Tap-Tap will be fine, and Goomba can look for water or something.

Bumpty:  Listen, Peach!  You don’t call me Penguin!  I’m fed up!  You call me Penguin, I can call you Toad.  Got it?

Peach:  Fine.  Sheesh.

Iggy (private interview):  Bumpty really lost it there.  Do I really want to spend any more days with him?

O’Chunks (private interview):  Peach should really cut it out.  Does she want Bumpty to cause a rift in the team?

Wario (private interview):  I think that Goomba might be off the deep end.  Invisible, useless arms?  I mean, any arms are weak compared to the Great Wario’s, but his are useless?  But then again, you would have to be off the deep end to do what Goombas do every day:  Walk straight towards Mario, often off of cliffs.

*Petey Tribe*
Ludwig:  Allrighty then.   Petey Tribe!

Waluigi:  Yes, what is it, Master Ludwig?  Should we bow down to you?

Bob-omb:  Yeah, who made you leader anyways?

Ludwig:  Luigi did.  And I would like to tell you all that I putting the position of leader up to a vote.  Any nominations?

Waluigi:  Waluigi is a great leader!  I nominate Waluigi!

DK:  DK nominate DK!

Ludwig:  Anyone else?  (Silence)  Ok, since nobody else has volunteered, let’s all (besides those running) vote!

Luigi:  I’ll start with my vote for Waluigi!

Luigi’s private interview:  He’s the opposite of me, and therefore predictable.

Bob-omb:  Waluigi!  Waluigi!

Piranha Plant:  DK might eat me if I don’t vote for him.  DK!

Morton:  Hmph.  Anyone but DK.  I’ll go with Ludwig.  He’s at least evil, vile, malignant, not benevolent, and I would know because he is my brother, my kin, of the same family.

Grodus:  Gack-ack-ack-ack!  Sensors indicate best vote… Ludwig.

Buzzy Beetle:  I think DK would be a good leader.  He leads the Kongs.   The rest are followers.

Ludwig:  Well.  A tie.  Who wants to switch votes?

Morton:  I’ll do it!

Ludwig:  Et tu, Morton?

Morton:  I change to Waluigi.  Sorry Ludwig, brother, friend, amigo, but it can’t be DK.  I’m opposed to, detest, despise, hate,  everything about DK after last show.

Ludwig:  Fine then, great Waluigi, what do you propose we do?

Waluigi:  Well, we should make a not-lame shelter.  This one’s-a lame!

Ludwig:  What about the immobile Piranha Plant?

Waluigi:  He’ll stay here, and help relay items to Grodus, you, DK, and Morton to build.

Bob-omb:  Sir, yes sir!  What about the rest of us?

Waluigi:  You, Buzzy, and Luigi will find wood to help us rebuild.  I’ll supervise.

Buzzy Beetle (private interview):  Tsk-Tsk, Waluigi.  You were the worst choice for leader.  Nothing’s worse than a lazy, deceptive weakling.

Morton (private interview):  Waluigi’s a terrific, stupendous, tremendous, positively awesome leader!  He’s organized, set up, assigned roles for everyone!

Tap-Tap:  Um, Mr. Iggy, can we, um, take a break?

Iggy:  Of course.  Everyone, let’s take a break!

Peach:  Hey!  I’m the leader here!  And that’s final!

Wario:  I don’t know who died and made you queen of anything, princess, but just because Shy Guy made you leader doesn’t mean you can-a stay leader.

Peach:  Fine, then!  We’ll have an election!  Who’s running?

Tap-Tap nudges Iggy.

Iggy:  If it’s agreeable with everyone, I’d like to put my name in the running.

Wario:  Ha!  You’d be a horrible leader!  You can’t lead anything!  The Great Wario is running, and he’s-a gonna win!

Iggy:  I’d still like to be in consideration.

Toad:  How about me?

Peach:  Toad, if you run for leader, I’m going to fire you.

Toad:  Never mind.

O’Chunks:  Ay!  I’m gonna be the leader here, laddies and lassies!

Peach:  And of course I’m in the running.  Nobody else?  Good.

Goomba:  Wario.  He might squish me.

O’Chunks:  And I might CHUNK you!

Goomba:  You’ve never actually done that yet.  Wario’s a greedy loser.  So I’m taking a risk either way.  Sorry guys.

Tap-Tap:  Iggy is, um, the best leader!  Go Iggy!

Toad:  All hail Peach! (I’m voting her out next)

Bumpty:  I don’t wanna get CHUNKED.  And I think O’Chunks should get a shot at leading.

Yoshi:  Yoshi no know who to vote.  ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!

Wario:  Why, you little…

Yoshi:  Yoshi could always make a vote…

Wario: -awesome guy!  Let’s do this!

Yoshi:  Good.  Yoshi say Wario vs. Iggy, Peach vs. O’Chunks.

*Iggy vs. Wario*

Iggy shows paper.  Wario shows rock, then quickly changes to scissors.

Yoshi:  Hey, that cheating!  Wario lose!

Wario:  … Drat.

*Peach vs. O’Chunks*

Peach shows scissors.  O’Chunks shows rock.

O’Chunks:  CHUNKED!

*Iggy vs. O’Chunks*

Iggy shows rock.  O’Chunks rock.

Yoshi:  You co-lead!

Goomba:… What?

Yoshi:  It a joke!  Another game!

Iggy:  Let me think…

Iggy shows scissors.  O’Chunks shows rock.

Iggy:  Aww!  I thought I had him in a corner!

O’Chunks:  CHUNKED!  Once again, O’Chunks rules supreme!

Tap-Tap:… So, are we,um, taking a break?

Piranha Plant:  This is coming along pretty well!

Waluigi:  You bet it is!

Ludwig:  Yeah, it looks done!

Morton:  I say, here’s a note, a letter, an invitation, a salutation from Shy Guy!

Luigi:  Wow.  What a conformist.

Morton:  It says that we should, ought, would be benefitted by-MPH!

Buzzy Beetle:  That’s better.  The note says we have an immunity challenge.

*Immunity Challenge*
Shy Guy:  Come on in Phantamanta, Petey!

The two tribes enter.

Shy Guy:  You two tribes will take part in two different contests.  Each victory per part is the equivalent of one point.  Four people from each tribe will take part in a quiz, while the other five take place in a series of wrestling matches.  Figure out who’s doing what.

Yoshi:  Yoshi wrestle!

Peach:  You’ll stay in the ring this time?

Yoshi:  Grr…  yes.

Wario:  The Great Wario does wrestling!

Iggy:  I’m a quiz master!  I’ll do the quizzes!  If that’s OK with everyone else.

O’Chunks:  I’ll be doing wrestling, and my opponents are gonna get CHUNKED!

Peach:  Violence is not my strong suit.

Toad:  What will I do, Peach?

O’Chunks:  I’ll tell you what to do!

Peach:  Quiz, Toad.

O’Chunks:  No!  Toad should do the wrestling!

Peach:  I know Toad, and he’ll do better at quizzes!  Won’t you, Toad?

Toad:  I have been overcome by a strong urge to take quizzes.

Goomba:  I’ll do wrestling!

Bumpty:  I can’t wrestle, I’ll lose!

Tap-Tap:  I,um, will do the wrestling.

Waluigi:  Waluigi does-a wrestling!

Ludwig:  I own the quiz section!  Quizzes for me!

DK:  DK master wrestler!

Piranha Plant:  I can’t move.  Therefore I’ll do the quiz.

Morton:  I can wrestle well enough.

Luigi:  Wrestling’s my game!

Buzzy Beetle:  I thought that was Luigi’s Mansion.

Luigi:  … Failed joke.

Buzzy Beetle:  Anyways, I’ll take the quiz.

Bob-omb:  I’ll do the quiz!

Grodus:  Likelihood of me wrestling… 100%.

Shy Guy:  We’ll alternate wrestling and quizzing!  First match:  DK vs. Goomba.

DK moves to squish Goomba.  Goomba does a headbonk—straight into DK’s chin!

Shy Guy:  DK down!  3… 2… 1… 0!  Goomba wins!

Shy Guy:  And now on to the quizzes.  First, Ludwig vs. Iggy.  Which child of Bowser isn’t a Koopaling?

Iggy:  What was the que—

Ludwig:  Bowser Jr!

Shy Guy:  And we’re tied!  Now on to the wrestling match!  Luigi vs. O’Chunks!  Mr. L vs. O’Chunks!  Who will win?

O’Chunks:  Get your CHUNKIN’, Mr. L!

Luigi:  I think not.  Green Missile!

O’Chunks is down!  And it’s 2-1, Petey!

Shy Guy:  And now on to the next quiz, between Bob-omb and Bumpty!  Who appeared last in the games:  Peach, Birdo, or Daisy?

Bumpty:  Birdo!

Bob-omb:  Daisy!

Shy Guy:  Daisy is correct!  3-1, Petey!    Now on to wrestling match 3.  Morton vs. Wario

Wario and Morton dash at each other, and they are locked in a stalemate.  Then, Morton starts talking about something stupid.

Wario:  YOU’RE… SO… DUMB!

Wario, in his anger, pushes Morton down and pins him.

Shy Guy:  3-2, Petey!  It’s Buzzy Beetle vs. Toad.  Who was the first non-Mario character to fight in Roy’s Sports Hall?

Buzzy Beetle:  It’s… It’s… Gruntilda!

Shy Guy:  Correct!  4-2, Petey!  This could clinch it!  Grodus vs. Yoshi in the ring!

Yoshi sticks out his tongue, wraps it around Grodus’ head, and runs around in circles.  He then knocks Grodus over and pins him.

Shy Guy:  4-3!  A comeback?  Peach vs. Piranha Plant!  Who is the third Koopaling?

Peach:  That’s obvious!  Roy!

Roy (at home watching):  Yeah!

Shy Guy:  Tie game!  Now, Waluigi vs. Tap-Tap… for all the marbles.

Tap-Tap charges to Waluigi, who tries to kick him.

Waluigi:  Ow!  Why you little…

Waluigi then grabs Tap-Tap by his spike, and tosses him out of the ring.

Shy Guy:  And Petey wins first immunity!  I’ve got nothing for Phantamanta.  Back to camp.

Tap-Tap (to Iggy):  Hey ,um, Iggy?

Iggy:  Yeah?

Tap-Tap:  Thanks for saying yes to the break before.

Iggy:  Don’t worry about it.

Tap-Tap:  You’re, um, the only, um, person in this tribe who I know I want to stay in the game.  Want to, um, form an official, um, alliance?

Iggy:  Sure.  Who do you want out?

Tap-Tap:  Peach has been a jerk, but I really don’t like Wario.  Then again, Bumpty has been a little short-tempered…

Iggy:  So we don’t know.  Let’s think…

Wario:  Need… fire… Ah-ha!  Wario’s the-a best!

Wario starts a small fire.

Wario:  Guys!  I got a fire!

O’Chunks:  Care to show us how you did it, Wario?

Wario:  No way!  Now I’m valuable to the team!  Anyone who wants to be in an alliance with me, vote Toad!

Toad:  Me?  Well that’s not very nice…

Peach:  Yeah, it’s not!  Wario, you show us how to make fire, or else I’m gonna…

Wario:  Ahhh!  Not when you’re mean to me like that!

*Peach, Toad, and Bumpty*
Peach:  So, as an alliance, we’re all voting for Wario.  Got it?

Toad:  Umm… Yeah!  Definitely, Peach!  You got it!  (I really hope she doesn’t fire me anyways.)

Bumpty:  Sure… I guess.

*O’Chunks, Yoshi, and Goomba*
O’Chunks:  You guys got any thoughts?

Yoshi:  Yoshi no like Wario.

Goomba:  Toad lost his part of the challenge and is a mindless idiot who blindly follows Peach.  Toad was weak in his challenge, but Peach was successful.  She’ll be a more valuable asset to our team.

O’Chunks:  Interesting.  I think we have to go now.

*Tribal Council*
Shy Guy:  Take a torch, a torch represents your life in this game… yadda yadda yadda. Peach, how are things going in the tribe?

Peach:  Pretty well.  I think we have worked out our differences.

Goomba:  Wrong.  Some people are being selfish, and others too confident.

Peach:  Like who?

Goomba:  I’d rather not say…

Shy Guy:  Well, it looks like time to vote.

People vote…

Shy Guy:  First vote… Peach.

Peach looks annoyed.

Shy Guy:  Second vote… Peach.

Peach looks incensed.

Shy Guy:  Third vote… Wario.

Wario doesn’t care.

Shy Guy:  Fourth vote… Wario.

Wario becomes slightly interested.

Shy Guy:  Fifth vote… Wario.

Wario looks really angry.

Shy Guy:  Sixth vote… Toad.

Toad looks surprised.

Shy Guy:  Seventh vote… Toad.

Toad raises one eyebrow.

Shy Guy:  Eighth vote… Peach.

Peach:  Why do people vote for me!?

Shy Guy:  First person voted off Survivor:  Delfino Isle… Nobody.  The vote is for Toad, and we have a three-way tie.  Anyone want to change their vote… Nobody.  Then we have a fire-making challenge with flint.  Whoever’s fire reaches the rope and burns it wins, the last one to burn it loses. Go!

Wario takes his flint, and starts a small fire.  His grows bigger and bigger.

Peach begins making a large base for the fire.

Toad gets a small base and madly hacks at his flint.

Wario gets a fire, and burns his rope.

Shy Guy:  And Wario is safe.

Toad gets a small fire going.

Peach:  Toad, I order you to blow out your flame right now.

Toad’s fire grows.

Peach:  Toad, if you don’t blow out the flame right now I swear you’ll be fired.

Toad’s fire gets close to the rope… and Toad blows out the flame!

Peach then starts a fire, which burns her base and the flame.

Shy Guy:  And Peach is safe.  I think that was an interesting first Tribal Council.

Toad (private interview):  Oh well.  It was the game or my job, and I didn’t think I would win the game.  Good luck to anybody but Peach, as long as this doesn’t go on the air.  If it does, then good luck to Peach!

Peach:  Bumpty, Iggy, Tap-Tap
Toad:  Wario, O’Chunks, Goomba
Wario:  Peach, Yoshi, Toad

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