Larryís Adventure 3: Brotherhood

By P.T. Piranha

Chapter 30: The Wind Waker

<Opening: Period, by Chemistry>

Everyone was headed to Sky Land for one reason or another. Shade and his friends were wiping the floor with Shadoo, but Blooper went off to find a more permanent solution. Meanwhile the main party found out that Ludwig and the Wind Crystal were no longer in his castle, but on one of the many airships in the fleet. With a way to reach them, it was time to confront the army, Goomba, and ultimately Shadoo.

The entire party was still flying towards Ludwigís airship.

All but Mario and Pyro Guy: Wheeeeee!

Mario: Wahoo!

Pyro Guy: *muffled evil laughter*


Petey: Just give up, Shadoo. Youíre horrible at this! Itís a sad day when Goomba, an average Goomba, is more of a threat than you!

Shadoo: Youíre right. Maybe this isnít the best way to fight you. Iíve never been good at melee combat. Maybe... magic is more my style.

Fin: I donít like where this is going.

King Boo: Yeah, sounds bad.

Shadoo: Oh, I think it sounds delicious!

Shadoo explodes. A bunch of black outlines of squares appear and form together into a sort of cloud.


Fin: Iím not afraid of a bunch of boxes! My best friend, the Weighted Companion Cube, is a box!

Fin tackles Shadoo, but a box traps Fin and drags him into the depths of the cloud.

Shade/Petey/King Boo/Lakithunder: WHOA!

Victor/Army: !


He shoots a box at each of the characters. Army, Lakithunder, Petey, and King Boo get captured. Victor cuts the box with a blade, but what of Shade? He quickly pulls out an axe and chops the incoming box. Here are the last words of Petey as heís dragged in.

Petey: You had that the whole time?!

All the boxes merge together and a new creature appears. It resembles Dimentio, only the purple and yellow are replaced with dark red and blue.

Shadoo: Ah... The raging power of Army Hammer Bro., control over lightning like Lakithunder... King Booís ghostly powers and Peteyís omnivorous appetite... Fin didnít have any powers, but his added strength is a nice bonus.

Victor: Heís transformedÖ

Shade: Yeah, thanks Victor. Mind telling me where we are as long as youíre pointing out the obvious? Anyway Shadoo, weíre onto your tricks. Weíll just beat you to a pulp until you eventually spit out our friends, then weíll gang up on you and youíll be pulverized!

Shadoo: Oh, Iím sorry, did I imply that killing me would get you your friends back? Oh, Iím sorry, Shade the Shy Guy, but I have bad news. Your friends are already dead. They were killed when they succumbed to my true ďformĒ, I just took their powers at the last second so they wouldnít go to waste!

Shade: WHAT?!

Victor: Those Koopas were my brothers!

Shadoo: Well, maybe ďkillĒ was the wrong word... Iíve actually just absorbed their powers while destroying their physical bodies. But Iíve made a point! You fools, and Mario, and Marioís cronies have all made a mockery of me. All that happened just now was my threshold breaking, and showing you the full extent of my power. The shadowy copies I could do werenít even my original powers either, they were the same as my new lightning powers and such.

Shade: ... So Petey, Fin, King Boo... Army and Lakithunder... theyíre-

Shadoo: Their games arenít completely over. But there are no bodies for their spirits, so they might as well be. And in a few minutes, so will yours.

Back on the airship...


Ludwig: Wait, Larry is with them.

Goomba: Remember sir, heís been brainwashed!

Larry: King Brother, donít listen to him!

Ludwig: Hmm...

Goomba: Heíll say anything to prove his point.

Ludwig: ... Release the Junker X!

Junker X: NO!

The trash robot appears.

Ludwig: FIRE!

A bunch of Koopilots fire from their Bill Blasters while Junker X launches trash from some kind of can cannon.

Torpedo Ted: Torpedo Whirlwind!

He spins around (thus everyone riding and holding onto him do too), creating a whirlwind that picks up all the ammo and sends it far away. It also draws in Mario and launches him up high. Finally it also sucks in Pyro Guy, setting the whole tornado on fire in time to ram into the side of the ship and have everyone but Mario crash onto the deck.

Mario: Mamamia!

He drill-stomps down next to Ludwig and Goomba.

Mario: Ludwig-a! I know our a-history isnít a friendly a-one, but you must a-listen to me! Goomba, he is a-lying to you!

Ludwig: (Hmm. Theyíve even gotten Mario to team up with them. Mario never falls for tricks beyond simple booby traps. Mario canít be in on any conspiracies, because heíd never attack us unprovoked, especially since we havenít kidnapped Peach at all since I came into power... What if theyíre lying to him though?)

Larry: Heís right, Ludwig, thereís this guy named Shadoo and heís the real villain!

Ludwig: (That settles it, Goombaís playing me like a video game. Time to make a move.) Goomba, how exactly can we have faith in you again?

Goomba: King Ludwig! Iíve been a faithful servant to your family for years! I was a false Bowser in the original Super Mario Bros.! I temporarily became Mega Goomba in New Super Mario Bros.! I... wasnít in Mario Party 4, but I have the same casino duds as that guy!

Ludwig: Well Goomba, I think youíre lying to me.

All the troops and Junker X are simply watching in the meanwhile.

Spiky Tom: So should we get involved?

Spiky John: Hey, shut up, I donít want to do work! Just watch!

Goomba: King Von Koopa, what could you mean?

Ludwig: Well for instance, Fawful was a major dark force that has seen what Mario can do, so why would he attack the castle closest to Marioís house?

Larry: Thatís right, Ludwig, he was using me! These guys were trying to save me from being possessed by Fawful!

Goomba: ... Well Ludwig, good job. Youíve found me out. I tried to get you to needlessly kill these guys.

Boshi: Why?!

Goomba: Because! After it was over and done with, Iíd have someone reveal the truth to the world and then you would look foolish! I could then start on my plan for taking the throne! Then the Koopa Kingdom would become the Goomba Kingdom! It wouldíve all gone my way! But NO! Your stupid truth had to come out! Well Iím not letting anyone leave this airship alive!

Mario simply jumps on Goomba.

Goomba: AHH!

Ludwig: Guards, seize him!

The Koopatrols all start to surround Goomba, but a black box grabs Goomba and eats him.

Goomba: Huh?! NOOO!

Shadoo: Tasty... Now I have his Dark Star powers!

P.T.: Who are you?

Violet: Goomba doesnít have those powers, I got rid of them with the Star Rod, didnít I?

Shadoo: No, you merely blocked them. But I can sacrifice one of my new abilities to overcome it! Iíll get rid of Finís abilities... And there!

He opens a black hole that sucks in a chunk of Koopatrols.

Koopatrols: AAAAHHH!!!

Everyone else: AAAAHHHH!!!

Shadoo: This will be fun.

Bobbery: I say already, who are you?!

Shadoo: Oh. I forgot you donít recognize me. Iím Shadoo, still. But I sacrificed my transforming powers and gained all new ones, including this new form. All I could do was fight like the Four Heroes, and I wasnít good at that, so thatís how I kept getting beaten. I hope none of you were expecting any money from Fin, King Boo, Petey, Lakithunder, or Army Hammer BroÖ BECAUSE THEYíRE GONE NOW! Just like Goomba!

Everyone: What?!

Blooperís voice: NOW YOUíLL GET YOURS, SHADOO!

Shadoo: Huh?

Everyone looks up.

Everyone, including Shadoo: AAAAAHHH!!!

Blooper comes riding on a King Bill, the biggest Bullet Bill of all.

Rudy: Donít worry, I know what to do! (Little does Boshi know that I learned this just so I can prove Iím better!) STEELGUARD!

Rudy glows yellow. However the Bullet still crashes into the airship, causing it to explode.



Meanwhile, Shade and Victor are walking down a path to the world below Sky Land.

Shade: I canít believe it. I just canít. At least we managed to get away.

Victor: ...

Shade: Well, we saw that Blooper got him with something, so that could help.

Victor: ...

Shade: Now we just need to see whatís left of him.

Victor: ...

Shade: You know, the somewhat funny thing is that we were the first two in this group.

Victor: ...

Shade: You donít talk a lot.

Victor: Where did you get that axe?

Shade: Iíll always remember...

Axem Purple: Shade, I want you to have my axe.
Shade: But-
Purple: Shade...
Tabuu: (Japanese: I DO NOT DIE! IT WILL NOT DIE!)
The Subspace Reactor explodes, taking the two with it.

In Toad Town, dark lightning strikes, and Shadoo emerges from it.

Fice T.: Halt! Who goes there?!

Shadoo glows with dark power and grins.


Larry wakes up on the ground.

Larry: My head.... Where am I? ... Where is everyone else?

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Junker X: No.

Boshi: Iím here too. It looks like... weíre in the ancient ruins of World 1-1. All the way from the original game.

Ludwig: There you are.

Everyone looks over to see Ludwig sitting on some block stairs.

Ludwig: I canít believe I fell for Goombaís trick. I mean, I eventually found out and exposed him, but the fact that I let it even get that far!

Larry: Hey, itís okay Ludwig, everyone makes mistakes.

Boshi: Hey, Iím not ready to forgive Ďim! He wanted us dead!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*.

Larry: Yeah, at least Goombaís taken care of, so now it wonít happen again!

Ludwig: ... Larry, Iím going to do something.

Larry: What?

Ludwig: Iím going to travel around the world and become wiser. Until then, youíre going to be the Koopa King.

Larry: What?!

Ludwig: I wonít take no for an answer. My journey begins now. You wonít see me until I return. Tell our siblings what happened here today so they know. Goodbye, Brother.

Ludwig puts his hand on Larryís shoulder before he retreats into his shell and goes off.

Larry: ... Heís gone... And Iím the new king...

Ludwig returns.

Boshi: Sheesh, that was fast!

Ludwig: Actually, I forgot to give him the Wind Crystal. Here you go. Now Iíll leave.

Ludwig then leaves, just as he said.

Larry: ...

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Larry: Youíre right. We have to get the Fire and Water Crystals. Címon, letís go look.

Junker X: No.

Larry: What do you mean, no?!

Junker X: No? ... Nonononono. No.

Boshi: Larry, I think thatís all he knows how to say.

Larry: Well thatíll get confusing. Turn his voice off or something.

Boshi presses a switch on Junker X, and the four of them go off to find the others.

At the flagpole, Mario, Rudy, Violet, and Blooper have woken up.

Blooper: Ow....


Blooper: I looked for something that could destroy Shadoo! And it did, didnít it? So, mission accomplished!

Mario: Itís a-worse than I thought... I was not aware that-a Shadoo could a-do that to people.

Violet: Mario, do you think heís really gone?

Mario: I a-doubt that. Though it was-a aimed for him, Shadoo a-probably survived like we did. But he is a-weakened, hopefully!

P.T., Torpedo Ted, and Bobbery show up.

Bobbery: Eh, wot? What did we miss?

Rudy: There you guys are.

Larry and his group appear.

Larry: Finally, I thought itíd take forever to get here! Hey, Iíve got the crystals, now we can kill Shadoo! ... But where is he?

???: It took you long enough.

Everyone turns to notice Shade and Victor.

Shade: I mean, seriously! We were standing right here!

Victor: Shadoo is in Toad Town right now. Heís taken over the whole place in the hours you were all unconscious.


Violet/Blooper: Huh?!

Larry: Seriously?!

Rudy/Boshi/P.T.: What?!

Pyro Guy/Junker X: !

Torpedo Ted: Iím a torpedo!

Shade: And thatís not even the worst part! He got some Dark Star power from somewhere and-

Larry: Thatís probably from Goomba.

Shade: Oh. Well anyway, heís created his own legion of dark monstrosities!

Violet: How will we fight all of them?!

Blue Toadís voice: You wonít have to! We got backup!

Familiar voice: Hoho! Itís a-Luigi time!

Everyone looks. Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Goomp, Guy, Paraplonk, and Poochy have gained recruits in Luigi, Tiki Tong, and the Karate Duo #1.

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: Letís-a go!

Tiki Tong: Me too, letís finish this problem.

Duo 1: We are only here for the money.

Duo 2: Yes, the money.

Larry: Well guys... It looks like weíre going to go up against Shadoo.

Violet: Heís taken over Toad Town... You think we can do this?

Rudy: I donít know. But I do know that we can try!

Everyone: Yeah!

<Ending: Shunkan Sentimental, by Scandal>

Chapter 31: The Rattle Race

<New Opening: Rain, by Sid>

Shadoo turned the table on Shade and friends. Becoming more powerful, he destroyed the physical bodies of Petey, King Boo, Fin, Lakithunder, and Army Hammer Bro. to get their powers. On the ship, Ludwig discovered and revealed Goombaís plan just in time for the little traitor to be consumed by Shadoo just as Shadeís friends were. After an explosion, Ludwig passed on the crown and Wind Crystal to Larry, and everyone gathered to learn the bad news that Shadoo had taken over Toad Town. But the good news is that the Toads and the others got backup, including Luigi.

Everyone is standing around in 1-1.

Larry: Okay so... All of us are going into Toad Town to take on Shadoo and his dark army. Meanwhile weíve got an incredibly tiny army of our own and the four crystals Culex had.

Yellow Toad: We donít even have Mario anymore! He ran off when you werenít looking, then Luigi followed him, then Yvan, and Iím going too. The princess is in danger!

Yellow Toad runs off to catch up with his friend and the Mario Bros.

Boshi: They canít just leave us like that! Well at least Mario gave you the Water Crystal between chapters.

Larry: Yeah... Is everyone ready?

Junker X waves his arms as if heís ready to fight. The Karate Duo nod their heads.

Poochy: Arf!

Goomp/Guy/Paraplonk: Yep.

Shade: Yeah!

Victor: Hmm.

Blooper: Yes!

Pyro Guy: *muffled, but affirmative*

Bobbery: I say, letís go forth!

Boshi: You bet.

Torpedo Ted: Iím a torpedo!

P.T.: Heís a torpedo.

Rudy: I am... Are you, Violet?

Violet: .... You know what? I am ready.

Larry: All right then, letís go!

Tiki Tong: Itís not far from here, it shouldnít take us too much time.

Everyone heads off to Toad Town. For Mario and friends, hopping over all the minions swarming the streets is easy. They eventually make it into the castle.

Mario: Peach! Weíre a-here!

???: Sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle!

A dark figure leaps down from the ceiling. It steps into the light to reveal-

Luigi: Bro! Itís a-Met-

???: Thatís right. Itís a-me, Metal Mario!

In the town itself, Shadoo is just sitting atop a pile of wreckage in the middle of the street.

Shadoo: Conquering this town was a cinch! It is a good thing that the Mario Bros. were off fighting me, so they couldnít stay here and stop me from showing up!

Roderick: Sir, uhhh, since you ate Goomba and spared me in exchange for my servitude, um-

Shadoo: Yes, enough with the exposition already, what is it?!

Roderick: Mario and Luigi broke into the castle already!

Shadoo: Relax, my newest minion will take care of them.

Roderick: Well, what about Larry and the others? Theyíre on their way here right now!

Shadoo: Well... That is a bit more problematic... It doesnít matter though, these dark creatures staggering around like zombies will probably do something about them.

Roderick: But-

Shadoo: You know what, Roderick? If youíre so worried about it, go stop them.

Roderick: Why not you?! Youíre stronger!

Shadoo: Look, it took all the strength I had to get this far, considering I got hit with a King Bill! Once I get back to full strength, Iíll do it, but for now GO!

Roderick hops into his car and drives.

Out in Bumpsy Plains...

Rudy: Here we are...

???: Not so fast!

Hot Roderick drives up to the party.

Roderick: You wonít be beating me again! I work for Shadoo now, and heís making me stop you!

Tiki Tong and the Karate Duo ignore him and go into town.

Roderick: Hey!

Boshi: You know what, Roderick? I havenít won a race since Mario and Yoshi beat me, so Iím itching to try to take my place at the top back. Iíll race you.

Shade: Boshi-

Roderick: Fine, letís go!

Roderick takes off towards the distance and Boshi runs after him.

Violet: Boshi, come back!

Rudy: Nah, we can do fine without him, letís just hurry!

The party runs into Toad Town, but stops when they see all the shadow versions of common enemies.

P.T.: Hey, being in Toad Town reminds me... I gotta go!

P.T. runs off to somewhere in town, followed by Torpedo Ted.

Larry: Get back here, we canít keep letting people run off!

Dark Koopa: BLAH!

Everyone pulls out their weapons. Meanwhile in the abandoned interview studio, P.T. kicks down the door.

P.T.: Punchy!

The Broozer from before appears.

Punchy: Well if it isnít boss-man himself... That sounded more condescending than it was supposed to.

P.T.: Punchy, a bunch of guys took over the city! Letís stop them!

Punchy: Oh, youíre with those guys that came through here earlier? ĎKay.

???: Donít forget about us.

P.T. and Torpedo Ted turn around to notice Mii T., Spike the Rex, Shrike the Shroob Rex, Bill the Dry Bones, and Bogmire standing in the entrance.

P.T.: Where were you guys?

Shrike: Vacation, duh. Remember? We told you specifically that we were going to the Sunshine Isles!

Punchy: And you, Mii T., and myself had to look over the place.

Mii T.: Yeah I went with them when you DITCHED ME a while back.

P.T.: Oh... Well now we can fight crime as a unit!

Spike: Not interested.

Bill: Iíll do it for money.

Brett walks in.

Brett: Spike, the movie store didnít have- Oh, hey P.T.

P.T.: Sheesh, how many of my friends are you friends with?!

Brett: ... Rudy and Spike. You even let us interview someone once!

P.T.: Whatever.

A giant statue appears from the ground.


P.T.: Whoís this guy?

Mii T.: Itís Rollanratl!

Rollanratl wastes no time in throwing pointed logs at P.T. and his friends.

Everyone: AAAH!

Spike: Iím gonna go lay over there until this is over.

Everyone else in the room is doing what they can to combat the statue, who himself will not stop throwing logs. Brett tries hitting him with a bat, Shrike spits fireballs, and Punchy does what he does best.

Bogmire: Bill, help us out already!

Mii T.: Yeah, seriously!

Bill: I need mon-

Torpedo Ted: TORPEDO AWAY!

Torpedo Ted rams into Bill, knocking both of them into Rollanratl.

Rollanratl: GAH!

The weak spots on his cheeks are revealed. Punchy punches one.

Punchy: YEAH!

P.T. throws Mii T. at the other.

P.T.: Woo!

Mii T.: Ow!

Rollanratl: GAAAH!

He slams his arms down on the ground and starts spinning around, forcing everyone to jump. When the statue stops, he begins to throw bombs.

Shrike: Come on!

Elsewhere in the wilderness of the Mushroom Kingdom, Boshi is actually able to keep up with Hot Roderick.

Roderick: Youíre not so bad at this whole racing thing after all, dinosaur. But hereís where you lose!

He speeds ahead and starts throwing wrenches at Boshi.

Boshi: Hey!

Boshi reaches for the item with his tongue and swallows it, turning it into an egg. He throws it back at Roderick.

Roderick: Grrrr!!!

The fiend raises his car and drives slower so that Boshi can pass underneath.

Roderick: Eat this!

Roderick glows with power and then zooms forward, but Boshi jumps up and then ground pounds on Roderickís head at the right time.


Boshi: Thatís what you get, boy!


Boshi: Oh no...

Boshi and Hot Roderick are slowed down by a POW Block quake. Cowboy Jed reaches the two of them, but Roderick speeds ahead.

Boshi: What do you want?!

Cowboy Jed: No more world means no more Mario Kart Wii! Iím helpiní!

Boshi: Uh, seriously?

Cowboy Jed: Darn tootiní!

Boshi: Um, okay.

Cowboy Jed whips out a Spiny Blue Shell and throws it at the still dazed Roderick.



As Roderick is launched into the air, Giga Lakitu comes out from behind a tree.

Giga Lakitu: And since my friend wants to help, I guess I should probably help him. Iíll make sure that weasel doesnít come back!

Giga Lakitu throws a Spiny egg at Boshi. The dinosaur eats it and then with precision aim, spits it out at Roderick as heís falling from the sky. The egg knocks Roderick a few feet away.

Roderick: Ow!

He falls through the roof of the Perplex Express.

Bandit: Here, take this candy.

Roderick: Um, okay?

The Bandit runs off.

Holly Koopa: There he is, sir! Thatís the one that took my candy!

Conductor Guy: Get him!

Roderick: Aw no.

Back in the fields...

Boshi: Well guys, thanks for helping out.

Cowboy Jed: No problem, pardner! Now letís go kick that Shadoo in the keister!

Boshi: Fine, but Iím beat from all that racing, youíll have to ride us back.

Boshi hops into the back seat of Jedís go-kart and they travel for about three feet before it runs out of gas.

Boshi: Dang it!

Cowboy Jed: Tarnation!

Giga Lakitu: Worst mileage ever.

Back in the interview studio...

Rollanratl: HAR!!!

Heís started shooting lasers too.

Shrike: This just isnít fair!

Bogmire: Tell me about it.

Punchy: Shoryuken!

Punchy tries an uppercut-type attack, but hurts his hand on the statueís spiky chin.

Punchy: Ow!



Wiggler bursts up from the ground and starts punching Rollanratl a lot.

Rollanratl: PAIN!

P.T.: I have an idea! Hey Wiggler, letís do this together!

Wiggler: Okay.

P.T.: P.T. Fusion!

P.T. opens his mouth real wide and inhales Wiggler.

Spike: Has anyone seen my copy of Super Mario- AAH!

Spike accidentally gets knocked into the suction by Wiggler. P.T. inhales both of them and explodes. What remains is a purple Stilt Guy with a blue cape and red mask.

Mii T.: Oh great, him again.

The fusion speaks with a voice thatís repeatedly shifting from gruff and deep to gruff and high-pitched.

Fusion: I am P.T. Spikeswiggler. I may only remain in this form for one minute. But that will be more than enough to defeat you.


Rollanratl starts throwing more bombs, but P.T. Spikeswiggler pulls out a candy bar. He unwraps it and it becomes a beam sword thatís shaped like a star on the end. One swing and the bombs are history.


Rollanratl keeps trying to reach for P.T. Spikeswiggler, but the Stilt Guy keeps jumping out of the way, all the while higher and higher.

Rollanratl: Here I come. SUPER FIST OF THE EYELASH!

He throws his sword at Rollanratlís shoulder and the blade sticks in. After a few seconds, confetti comes out of it.

Rollanratl: ...

Suddenly Tiki Tong breaks through the roof and smashes Rollanratl into powder with only his two hands. Rudy is on top of his head.

Rudy: Do you make it a habit to break into other peoplesí fights and totally upend the bad guy?

Tiki Tong: Some people have stamp collecting. I have this.

For everything else, thereís Mastercard.

P.T. Spikeswiggler: Rudy, I am P.T. Spikeswiggler, a mix of P.T., Spike, and the Wiggler of Dimble Wood. With Rollanratl taken care of, I must go and challenge Shadoo immediately while my power still lasts.

Torpedo Ted: Me too!

P.T. Spikeswiggler and Torpedo Ted hop onto a quadruped Koopa and slowly ride away.

Rudy: Um... Okay. Us others are having our hands full, so weíll do our own thing... I guess...

Brett: Oh, hey Rudy.

Rudy: Hey Brett.

Mii T.: You think theyíll be okay?

Bogmire: At this point, I just stop asking questions.

Shrike: Yeah.

Punchy: Come on, guys, letís go help.

Bill: Only if the price is right.

Rudy: Ugh...

Rudy pulls out some money and bribes Bill.

Bill: All right then.

Chapter 32: The Battle of Light and Dark

Everyone made it to Toad Town to begin their assault on Shadoo. Mario, Luigi, and the Toads went off to save Princess Peach while Hot Roderick and Boshi had a race battle. P.T. ran to his interview studio to find his crew, but they all got into a fight with Rollanratl. Fusing into P.T. Spikeswiggler, the statue was defeated (by Tiki Tong), as Cowboy Jed and Giga Lakitu assisted Boshi, having turned good. But there are still more foes in the town that our heroes need to face.

At Cavi Cape, the Sweet Stuff docks. The Dry Bones from Pagoda Peak disembarks.

Dry Bones: Hey, thanks for the lift.

Syrup: Arr, we be neediní to go to Toad Town anyway.

Dry Bones: Why is that?

Syrup: Appraisal! Green, hurry up!

Green Pirate Guy disembarks, struggling to hold a treasure chest.

Green: Aye aye, Captain.

Grak Barn the Koopa Troopa follows.

Grak: Man! I wanted to stay in Windmillville! Why couldnít you have just let me stay?!

Syrup: Ye be under contract, swabbie! Now letís go!

Dry Bones: Uh, yeah...

In Mushroom Castle, the battle between the Mario Bros. and Metal Mario is heating up. The Brothers try Splash Bros., but Metal Mario uses the Super Jump Punch when they try to land on him. When they try Knockback Bros., Metal Mario knocks Mario back. When they try Chopper Bros., Metal Mario does a spin kick thatís similar to Marioís spinning hammer.

Luigi: Heís a-one tough customer, Bro.

Mario: Mm-hmm!

Metal Mario: Give up yet?

Mario/Luigi: No!

Metal Mario: Good! One thing I like about having you as opponents is that you donít quit and make things boring!

Metal Mario and the Brothers leap towards each other.

Elsewhere in the castle, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad are looking around.

Blue Toad: Princess Peach!

Yellow Toad: Princess Peach, where are you?!

They here talking in the other room.

Both: ?

They go to investigate.

Jojora: Would you like more tea, Mr. Toadbert?

Toadbert: By boogity I would!

Jojora: What about you, Mr. Goomy-Goom?

Stuffed Goomba: ...

Yellow Toad: Guys, Metal Marioís inside the castle!

Toadbert: Whoa! I guess we should leave!

Blue Toad: But Shadoo and all his dark minions are outside!

Jojora: So what do we do?

Yellow Toad: Whereís Princess Peach?

Toadbert: Oh! Toadsworth has taken her to the bunker! Sheíll be safe from anything in there, by boogity!

Toad Brigade Captain: Wah! Everyone, we gotta evacuate! Metal Marioís here and heís fighting the Mario Brothers!

Blue Toad: Wait, is your whole crew here?

Captain: Yeah, us five and you all are the only ones that still need to get out!

Blue Toad: I have an idea!

Back in the throne room, Mario keeps throwing fireballs at Metal Mario, who keeps absorbing them.

Metal Mario: Itís no use, Mario! This isnít Pokemon, where fire is effective against me!

Luigi: Thunderrrr!

Luigi tries to use Thunderhand, but it doesnít work.

Metal Mario: Iím not made out of that kind of metal!

Suddenly the Toad Brigade ship, Starshroom, crashes through the wall and rams Metal Mario into another wall.

Mario: Oh yeah!

Luigi: Byebye!

Toadbert appears from in the ship.

Toadbert: Mario, the princess is safe, by boogity! All you need to do is focus on stopping Shadoo!

Jojora: Hi Mario.

Mario: Hi. No, a-Toadbert. During our a-fight, Metal Mario accidentally revealed that he is a-planning to a-find the princess and offer her to-a Shadoo!

Luigi: We have to a-stop him!

Blue Toad: Okay, you guys keep him distracted and weíll go find the princess and Toadsworth!

Mario/Luigi: Okeydokey!

In town...

Syrup/Grak/Green: GAH!

They have barely avoided a Dark Thwomp.


???: HAAAA!

The Karate Duo appear from nowhere.

Duo 1: We had better receive paycheck.

Duo 2: Oh yes. We have hattori hanzo steel.

Duo 1: We must use Lucky Candy to defeat these foes!

Duo 2: Ohhh Lucky Candy!

One of the Zeus Guys pulls out a candy bar and the two gain incredible power.

Karate Duo: HAAAAAAAAA!!!

They run off to fight more dark minions.

Syrup: Arr, I be growiní tired of this happening every five seconds! You scurvy rats, weíre gonna fight too, then we can get our treasure appraised in peace!

Green: Okay.

Grak: Crud.

Syrup and Green pull out their sword and run for the nearest group of Dark Goombas. Grak just walks slowly after them. Nearby, Dry Bones knocks out some Dark Bullet Bills by using a giant bone bat.

Dry Bones: No, I WONíT be a victim!

Brett: Hey, nice form!

Dry Bones: Thanks. Hey, do you know where my brother Bill is? He looks like me.

Brett: Yeah, follow me.

Meanwhile Tiki Tong is using his hands to crush all the dark troops he can find while Poochy is chasing every Dark Dry Bones, which are scared of having their bones buried.


Rudy: Shadooís got to be somewhere around here!

Somewhere else...

Goomp: Thatís a Dark Magikoopa. Maximum HP is 8, Power is 4, and Defense is 0. It can do any kind of spell so be careful!

Paraplonk uses Sky Dive on the monster while Guy shoots a few geometric shapes at it.

Guy: Yay! We defeated our first enemy!


Francis is there with an upgraded giant robot!

Francis: Nerr, itís a stormy day today! The schweet weather condition is perfect for staying invisible this time! No sun! My high-technicaaaaal robot will pwn you!

Francis (thus his robot too) turns invisible.

Goomp: Uh oh.

Paraplonk: Weíre done for now! What do we-


Paraplonk: OW!

Guy: Abra-kadabra!

Guy shoots a spell out of his wand again, this causes the systems in the robot to short-circuit.

Francis: NERR!

The robot becomes visible as a result.

Francis: This is not high-technicaaaaaaaaal at all! Iím being beaten by minor characters!

???: And me! Itís show time!

Old Snake appears, holding onto a helicopter. He starts using his grenade launcher on the robot.


Francis ejects himself from the machine in time for the Final Smash to end.

Old Snake: Iím back in this story. Even if itís just to finish off Francis.

Paraplonk: You got old.

Francis: Nerr, no fair! You get Snake on your side!


Blooper flies by like a torpedo, smacking Francis across the face.

Francis: AAAAAH!

Blooper: Francis, why are you helping Shadoo?!

Francis: Shadoo made all of Goombaís minions join him, nerr! I didnít want my game to be over, so I went along with him!

Old Snake: Went along with him?

Blooper: Stop it.

Francis pulls out a camera and takes a picture.


Everyone: HEY!

Francis: Now to make my getaway. OH NO!

It sounds like thereís a struggle. When everyoneís vision is returned, they can see that Junker X has trapped Francis in a trash can.

Goomp: All right, we all beat Francis!

Paraplonk: Woohoo!


Larry: Shadoo!

Violet: There you are!

Shadooís ďthronĒ (pile of wreckage) is in the street on a road near the mall. Or whatís left of it.

Shadoo: What, you all split up just to find me?

Larry: So?

Shadoo: So I only have to deal with two of you instead of all nine or so. My powers arenít fully restored, so deal with this in the meantime.

Shadoo creates a Dark Star version of Larry, much like back in Chapter 2.

Dark Larry: Heh!

Larry: Uh oh!

Larry is chased off by the beastís shell. Violet pulls out her axe.

Shadoo: Ha! You? Out of the whole lot of you that have been foiling my plans, youíre the one Iím LEAST worried about! Youíre just a pitiful, scared little girl excuse for an Axem!

Violet: -

Shadoo: So you get a rush of adrenaline and chop someone on occasion! Larry takes charge! P.T. is always fighting! Boshiís not scared of anyone! All of them are better opponents than you! You canít even tell that two of your friends are fighting each other over their crush on you!

Violet: I... I... I will still-

Shadoo: Run away like a scared little Amazee Dayzee? Good, itíll just make everything easier!

Violet shakily tries to raise her axe, but drops it.

Shadoo: Ha! You wimp! Just run off and tell one of your braver friends where I am. Not that I even need to recharge to full strength just to fight you!

In tears, Violet picks up her axe and runs away.

Shadoo: Just as I thought.

Back at the castle...

Bobbery: I say, I couldíve sworn heíd be somewhere in this castle!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

Bobbery: Good idea, letís check there.

Metal Mario jump-punches through the floor, hitting Bobbery and Pyro Guy.

Bobbery: Ow!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Bobbery: Language!

Metal Mario: Oh, some of his friends? Iíll take care of you real quick and maybe the Star Points will give me some extra power to finish those plumb-

The Starshroom crashes through the wall again and rams Metal Mario like before.

Metal Mario: AAAH!

He makes a hole in the wall, falling out of the castle

Mailtoad: We got rid of him!

Banker: Yay!

Yellow Toad: Hey Bobbery and Pyro Guy!

Bobbery: Good day. Have you seen Shadoo around the castle?

Blue Toad: Sorry Bobbery, but your villain is in another castle. We checked high and low for Princess Peach until we found out where she is.

Toadbert: Youíd best come along with us, by boogit- EEEEEEEE!

A bunch of Dark Bullet Bills swarm the room, crashing into the Starshroom and wrecking it.

Metal Mario: Ha!

He jumps back into the room, but Pyro Guy spits a huge fireball at him. It doesnít do any fire damage, but itís large enough to push him down. Bobbery then explodes on him. Mario and Luigi rush into the room.

Bobbery: Mario, hit him once for me!

Bobbery and Pyro Guy help the Toads, Toadbert, Toad Brigade, and Jojora out of the shipís remains and then go off to find Princess Peach and Toadsworth.


Larry: Grrr!

Dark Larry: Iím gaining on you, Larry!

Larry: This isnít good!

<New Ending: Ray of Light, by Nakagawa Shoko>

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