Larryís Adventure 3: Brotherhood

By P.T. Piranha

Chapter 33: Clash on the Big Bridge

<Opening: Rain, by Sid>

The battle raged on in Toad Town. Mario and some others were dealing with Metal Mario and finding Princess Peach, while Goomp, Guy, and Paraplonk had their hands full with Francis. All the while more people were showing up to help and the main party split up to find Shadoo. When Violet and Larry found him, Larry was pitted against a doppelganger while Violetís confidence was shattered. More of Shadooís minions are being defeated, the good guys are winning. But what else does he have up his sleeve?

Shadoo is sitting on his throne when suddenly a continuously-shifting voice is heard.


P.T. Spikeswiggler appears out of nowhere and starts swishing his light saber-candy bar sword.

Shadoo: Gah! Whatís going on?!

P.T. Spikeswiggler: I must not waste a single second!

Shadoo: OW-OW-OW-OW-OW!

Torpedo Ted: Torpedo away!

Torpedo Ted bursts up from the ground and uppercuts Shadoo.

Shadoo: GAH!

The enemy blasts P.T. Spikeswiggler with lightning before turning intangible.

P.T. Spikeswiggler: Ow! Huh?

Shadoo: I took their powers too, didnít I tell you?

He turns tangible again and spits a Petey-style cannonball at P.T. Spikeswigglerís face.

P.T. Spikeswiggler: Oof!

Shadoo: Is that all you can do?

Another voice: No, that was stalling for my turn!

Tiki Tong appears behind Shadoo and grabs him. For good measure, he squeezes Shadoo until he releases a ball of light.

Tiki Tong: HA! With the purifying power I used on Fawful, I just took King Booís powers from you!

Rudy is still on Tiki Tongís head.

Rudy: Woohoo! You go, Tiki Tong!

Shadoo: How cute, you all tried to team up on me. Well first, letís distract your distraction. MINIONS!

The three Shroobs from Bowserís cold storage drop from the sky and start shooting lasers at P.T. Spikeswiggler.

P.T. Spikeswiggler: Sweet mercy!

The aliens chase him and Torpedo Ted away. Then Shadoo focuses his power and reduces the hand holding him into splinters.

Tiki Tong: Lefty! You were my favorite!

Rudy: Hey man, not cool!

Rudy throws a potion, but Shadoo knocks it away with a shadowy ball.

Tiki Tong: He must be stronger due to absorbing Army Hammer Bro.ís rage!

Shadoo: Thatís right.

He shoots a dark laser.

Tiki Tong: NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Tiki Tong himself is now just a bunch of splinters like his hand, leaving Rudy to fall to the ground.

Rudy: Ouch! ... Tiki Tong, no!

Shadoo: Your turn!

Rudy: Noooo!

A blue Spiny Shell hits Shadoo.

Shadoo: Ow!

Rudy: Huh?

A long tongue then grabs Rudy and pulls him away.

Rudy: Whoa!

Shadoo: Ow... Whereíd he go? Oh well. Iím still getting stronger by the minute, even without King Booís power!

Meanwhile in Peachís castle, Metal Mario is still winning against the Mario Bros. The plumbers are able to keep up with their foe, but only barely.

Metal Mario: Woohoo!

He does the Mario Tornado on both Brothers before grabbing Luigi, swinging him around, and throwing him at Mario.


Metal Mario: Here comes the pain!

Suddenly Larry Koopaís shell rams into Metal Mario, knocking him away. The new Koopa King gets out of his shell and faces Dark Larry.

Dark Larry: How fitting that you die in the place where all your fatherís plans began.

Larry: Ugh... Hey! Plumbers! Wanna trade clones?

Luigi: Nah, weíre-a good.

Larry: Nuts.

Elsewhere in Toad Town, Dark Minions are fleeing from the might of the Karate Duo Number One. Snake is following around and shooting from a grenade launcher while hanging onto a helicopter ladder.


Guy: Positive!

Paraplonk: Aaah!

Guy: Uh oh.

The helicopter narrowly avoids a Dark Banzai Bill.


Rudy: You saved me?

Boshi: Yeah, so?

Rudy: Well itís just that-

Boshi: Thereís no time! Look. Cowboy Jed and Giga Lakitu are helping us now, and the three of us canít let you take on Shadoo alone! Now that you know where he is and so do we, weíve got to get the whole group together to face him!

Rudy: I think I get it.

Boshi: Do you know where anyone is?

Rudy: P.T. and Torpedo Ted were chased off by those Shroobs while Bobbery and Pyro Guy went to the castle. Larry and Violet went off to the mall where Shadoo ended up being, but I donít know where either of them are now... I CALL FINDING VIOLET!

Boshi: I call- DARN IT! Ugh, come on, guys, weíre looking for Larry.

Giga Lakitu: Worst shopping trip ever.

Boshi: This isnít a stupid shopping trip!

Cowboy Jed: Can we at least stop by at the Mario Kart Emporium?

Boshi: We donít even have that in this town!

The three go off to find Larry while Rudy looks for Violet.

Meanwhile on the bridge leading to Mushroom Castle, Junker X appears and throws a Scutlet at one of the three Shroobs chasing P.T. Spikeswiggler and Torpedo Ted.

Shroob 1: )@#*&%)*(@&#%)@

The other two Shroobs pull out laser guns to try to shoot the Scutlet off of the otherís face, but the middle one manages to pull it off of him and throw it into the water.

P.T. Spikeswiggler: Now we have you surrounded! Itís just a matter of time bef-

The Shroobs all open fire on P.T. Spikeswiggler as heís talking.

P.T. Spikeswiggler: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

And with unrelenting fury, they shoot him enough times for the Stilt Guy to fall dead onto his back.

Torpedo Ted: Whoa.

Junker X: !

Shroobs: @*#(%&@)

Two of them turn to face Junker X while the other locks onto Torpedo Ted. Then suddenly someone appears and quickly attacks all three Shroobs! It looks kind of like P.T.

P.T. looks like a grown man in a yellow and orange overcoat, black pants, brown straight hair, and sunglasses. But this manís coat is green and he has an orange Mohawk.

Shroobs: @(*#)%U@)?

Torpedo Ted: Who are you, Mister?

???: I am P.T.-from-another-dimension-kind-of-like-his-alter-ego! When P.T.ís fusion was defeated, P.T. took too much damage to stay alive so Iím stalling for him until he gets back on his feet. I was able to come to this dimension because P.T. was in my home dimension of Lineland quite a while ago! I just waited for the best time!

Spike and Wiggler are back.

Spike: Yeah, Iím sure that makes sense.

Torpedo Ted: Woohoo! Now itís five against three!

Spike: Actually Iím not gonna do anything.

P.T.-from-another-dimension: Now we must turn the tables on these no good aliens! UNITE!

P.T.-from-another-dimension-kind-of-like-his-alter-ego and Junker X jump into the air. Junker X disassembles himself and reforms around the other guy like armor.

P.T.-from-another-dimension: Junker X Armor complete! Now I can do this!

P.T.-from-another-dimension-kind-of-like-his-alter-ego pours dirt from a trash can onto the Shroob Trio.

Shroobs: @#()%*&@()

P.T.-from-another-dimension: Good luck escaping!

They instantly dig themselves up.

P.T.-from-another-dimension: Bwaa, theyíve escaped! Very well. Super Fist of the Nose Hair!

The man covered in Junker X explodes to reveal P.T. and two Junker X Cans.

P.T.: Okay, hereís the plan! Iíll distract one of them while you go after the others!

Junker X Cans: Right!

They all go after the same Shroob.

Shroob 1: @*#(%)&@!

Shroob 3: @$(%)@*

P.T.: Hey, what gives, guys?! I thought I said we go after different ones!

Can 1: I called that one!

Can 2: And I called him too! Maybe shouldíve thought this out more.

Wiggler: Well at least one of them is down.

The cans disappear and are replaced by Junker X again. The remaining Shroobs aim their guns at P.T. Junker X turns to face P.T. to see what the next idea is, but heís laying on a cot.

P.T.: Eh, I donít feel like it.

Junker X: !!!!!!!

Spike: Sheesh, when did he turn into me?

Shroobs 1 & 3: @#(%)*&@()*?????

Torpedo Ted: Hey, shouldnít we be stopping them?

P.T.: If you want it done so badly, you do it. Iím on break.

Wiggler: YOU TURKEY!

One of the Shroobs fires his laser when P.T. suddenly appears behind him and punts the alien into a castle tower.

P.T.: Breakís over!

Shroob 3: (@#)%*&@()

P.T.: Well since you asked so nicely, the reason I can move so fast is my feet.

The Shroob looks down and notices P.T. wearing tissue boxes on his feet.

P.T.: Itís the Super Fist of the Tissue Box Shoe and it allows me to move as fast as the plot allows me to! Much faster than my main Fist would!

Shroob 3: @!@@@@!$

P.T. disappears and reappears behind the Shroob.

P.T.: Now for my most sacred attack! ... Armpit Chop.

P.T. raises the Shroobís arm and lightly slaps him on the armpit before letting go.

P.T./Shroob: ...

Torpedo Ted: I didnít know P.T. knew the Super Fist of the Tissue Box Shoe!

Wiggler: I didnít know it was known to the Mushroom Kingdomís people!

Spike: I donít even know what you guys are going on about.

Shroob: @*#%(&@#()

P.T.: Oh, you want it to be like that, do ya?! Well TAKE THIS!

The two of them get into a cartoon cloud fight.

Torpedo Ted: This is intense! I should know because Iím-

Wiggler: What do you think theyíre doing in there?

The cloud clears.

P.T.: Scissors cut paper! I win!

Shroob: @#!@$!@#%

Spike: You were just playing a game?!

P.T.: Yes, but we made a bet and now that heís lost, he must keep his end of the bargain and surrender his laser gun to me. Now he can never attack Toad Town and surrounding areas ever again.

The Shroob gives him his gun and walks away slowly, sadly.

P.T.: There! Now theyíre all taken care of!

Boshi, Cowboy Jed, and Giga Lakitu walk up to the scene.

Boshi: Hey guys. Have you seen any of the others?

Junker X points to the castle.

Giga Lakitu: So some of your friends are still in there?

Wiggler: We should help them!

Spike: Iíll just sit this one ou- HEY!

Junker X picks Spike up and carries him under his arm as the entire group walks into the castle.


Rudy: Have you seen an Axem around here?

Dr. Toadley: Have I seen this Axem? I have not. Should you be evacuating like everyone else? Most definitely.

Rudy: Aww!

Hinopio: Hey, I think I know who youíre talking about. Is this Axem a bluish-purple color?

Rudy: Yeah.

Hinopio: Black hair in a ponytail? Red cape?

Rudy: Yeah.

Hinopio: She went to go angst on one of the giant, spotted hills outside of town.

Rudy: Thanks.

Hinopio: If you really wanted to thank me, youíd support my business.

Rudy: Or you could evacuate.

Hinopio: I would, but I kind of got lost.

Popple: Iíll help you with that! Itís the least I can do for you after stealing your stuff.

Hinopio: What?

Popple: Nothing.

Hinopio: But it sounded like you said-

Popple: NOTHING!

Rudy: Um... Right...

Rudy goes to look for Violet, but he runs into Shade almost instantly.

Shade: Rudy?

Rudy: Shade, what have you been doing?

Shade: Victor and I split up to look for Shadoo.

Rudy: Come with me, weíre gonna find Violet so we can have more people!

Shade: Good idea, I forgot that I needed to speak with her anyway.

Rudy and Shade head to the town exit to look for Violet.

Chapter 34: Mario and Larry Meet Their Match

After an unsuccessful attack on Shadoo leading to the death of Tiki Tong, P.T. and some friends do battle on the bridge to Peachís castle with a trio of Shroobs that now work for the monster. The short-lived appearance by P.T.-from-another-dimension-kind-of-like-his-alter-ego did little to win the fight until P.T. unleashed the Super Fist of the Tissue Box Shoe. Meanwhile Boshi and Rudy were gathering everyone they could now that a few of them know Shadooís location. What will happen next?

Larry: Aaah!

Larryís being chased around the castle lobby by Dark Larry.

Dark Larry: Whatís the matter, Larry? Canít live up to your big bad father and your brother?

Larry: Hey, for your information-

Punch to the face.

Larry: Ow. Well if thatís how-


Larry: GRR!

Larry punches Dark Larry back.

Dark Larry: Well, well, well, looks like you can fight after-


Dark Larry: Touche. Also, ouch.

Larry: Why donít you just give up?

Dark Larry: Please, we donít need evil like you in this world when weíve got Grade-A material like me.

Larry: No way!

Boshi, Cowboy Jed, Giga Lakitu, P.T., Torpedo Ted, Wiggler, and Junker X with Spike then enter.

Boshi: Hey Larry, whatís going on?

Dark Larry: Larry, just how evil are you?

Larry: How bad am I, you mean?

Dark Larry: Sure.

Larry: Well...

<Song: Bad (Koopa Version), by Larry Koopa>

Suddenly Larry and the good guys that just walked in are all in a subway. Larry starts dancing and the others improvise as they follow along.

Yo bud Iíll fight. Gonna tell you right.
Donít say my name, in broad daylight. (P.T. closes some curtains.)
Iím telliní you, oh how I feel.
Iíll blow your mind: I shoot to kill.
Sham-own. Sham-own. (Boshi holds up a Shamwow.)
Lay it on me- (Junker X gives him some coins.)- all right.

If you give me, to the count of three...
Iíll show my stuff, (Iím) more than youíll ever be.
Iím telliní you, just to watch your step.
If I get mad, Iíll cause your death.

Well they say the skyís the limit.
For my family that ainít true.
My dad twice went to space.
Letís see the same from you!

Because Iím BAD! (Bad!) Iím bad! (Bad!) Sham-own! (Really, really bad.)
You know Iím BAD! (Bad!) Iím bad! (Bad!) You know it! (Really, really bad.)
You know Iím BAD! (Bad!) Iím bad! (Bad!) Come on! (Really, really bad.) Ya know!
And the Koopa Kingdom answers right now just to tell you once again- Whoís bad?

Song: Bad (Koopa Version)
Performed by: Larry Koopa, Other good guys (background voices)
Album: ďFillerĒ

Dark Larry: ... Ha! Your family just tries to conquer this puny kingdom, big deal! The Dark Starís race lands on a planet and then consumes it in darkness, lost forever! Then thereís Shadoo. Heís tried twice to do what the Dark Star couldnít to this planet, first with the reborn Dark Star and then with Fawful. But your Koopa family is so stubborn that you canít let any real evil do anything to this planet. It makes me question just how evil you are.

Larry: Huh?! Hey, if thereís one thing Larry Koopa is, itís not nice!

Dark Larry: Is that why youíre saving the world right now? Also like how you did three years ago?

Larry: Umm...

Dark Larry: Face it! Youíre nothing! No, youíre worse than nothing- a hypocrite! You fight off this evil when your family is a source of evil, though a pathetic and almost nonexistent one at that.

P.T.: Hey, make up your mind! Which hard truth about his life are you trying to force here?!

Giga Lakitu: Worst evil monologue ever.

Boshi: Is that all you do now, Giga? Just say ďworst something everĒ? Remember when you actually had dialogue?

Giga Lakitu: Iím so ashamed...

Torpedo Ted: Need me to ram this guy, buddy? Because Iím a torpedo!

Larry: Stay out of this!

Dark Larry: What kind of evil tyrant has friends, Mr. Koopa King? Youíre nothing! Just a brute that goes around maiming people who hurt his precious little world!


P.T.: Is he gonna be okay? I think he lost it.

Larry: All right, maybe weíre not evil! Maybe I shouldnít try to conquer things! Iím the king of Dark Land now, I should focus on improving my own place before I go and beat up helpless Mushrooms! So I guess, at least for today... Iím a good guy!

Larry runs towards Dark Larry and punches him a few times before headbutting him and kicking him into the wall.

Dark Larry: GíOW!

Larry: BLAH!

Larry spits a few fireballs at Dark Larry. The evil copy gets up, but before he can run to Larry, the Koopa King pulls out his wand and utterly roasts Dark Larry.


Soon the fires dies down.

Dark Larry: Why you-

More fire from the wand.


Cowboy Jed: Well Iíll be a monkey covered in butter on top of an oil slick! When did Larry get so amaziní?

Boshi: Itís the same reason heís never been able to beat Mario before. Because now heís a good guy, he has something to fight for beyond fulfilling his dadís selfish desires. One clue it was all Bowserís fault is the fact that not once did Ludwig orchestrate an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom since Bowser died.

Torpedo Ted: Try a somersault!

When the fires go out, Larry completely blasts Dark Larry again.


P.T.: Sheesh, youíre not even giving him a chance! ... Awesome.

When the fire fades, Larry uses Shell Toss, comes out of his shell, grabs Dark Larry, and scratches him across the face a few times before punching him toward the ceiling.

Dark Larry: AAAAAAAAH!!!

Then Larry pulls out his old, trusty tennis racket. He spits a fireball and volleys it towards the copy.

Dark Larry: NOOOOO!!!


Dark Larry disintegrates!


Suddenly the jewel in Larryís wand breaks from overuse, making the wand worthless.

Larry: Aw nuts.

Boshi: Sheesh, remind me never to get on his bad side...

Wiggler: Wow Larry! Youíre awesome!

Larry: Darn right I am! Wow. I had no idea being a good guy could give you such power. Maybe thatís why I kept losing in the games.

Boshi: Yeah, I theorized that. Over here. Me. The handsome one.

P.T.: Say, what about Mario and Luigi?

Speaking of Mario and Luigi...

Mario: Woohoo!

Mario keeps trying to use his hammer on Metal Mario, but the copy blocks all the blows with his wrist. Luigi comes with his own hammer, but Metal Mario jumps out of the way, so Mario and Luigi hit each other.

Bros.: OW!

Metal Mario: Ha!

Princess Peachís voice: Mario! Luigi!

Mario/Luigi/Metal Mario: Huh?

All three notice Princess Peach and Toadsworth standing there. Bobbery, Pyro Guy, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Toadbert, Jojora, and the Toad Brigade have found the two and brought them to the battle.

Metal Mario: Well Peach, I guess itís time that I make good on taking you to see Shad-OOOOOH!!!

One hammer to each cheek on his face, courtesy of the Mario Bros.

Metal Mario: Why you-

While heís distracted, Jojora freezes him in place.

Jojora: Haha!

Metal Mario: Hey!

Mario and Luigi pick up the ice block...

Metal Mario: Hey!

...and promptly melt it with fireballs (with Pyro Guyís help). The wet Metal Mario drops to the ground so Jojora freezes the water on him, freezing Metal Mario to the ground on his back.

Metal Mario: Gaah!

Mario: Woohoo!

Luigi: Oh yeah!

Yellow Toad: Iíll help!

Blue Toad: Me too!

Metal Mario: OH NO!

They all four ground pound on Metal Mario, receiving audience applause.


Metal Mario cracks and then shatters into a million pieces.

Toadbert: By boogity, my idea worked! Weíd distract him with Peach, then Jojora would freeze him! Then we do the tongue-on-a-flagpole trick but without a tongue! Heís stuck to the ground and completely vulnerable!

Toadsworth: I say Toadbert, you certainly came up with a wonderful idea.

Peach: Now that weíve gotten rid of that nasty Metal Mario, we can do something about Shadoo. He shouldnít have taken over Toad Town and I wonít let him get away with it!

Mario: Peach-a! We a-know you want to a-help, but please-a sit this one out!

Luigi: We donít want you to a-get in any danger.

Peach: But-

Toadsworth: Now now, Your Highness, letís do what they say. Donít worry, the Mario Bros. always come out on top!

Toadbert: They sure do, by boogity!

Toad Brigade Captain: Weíll keep Princess Peach safe so you guys can go take on that scary- er, foul Shadoo. Good luck!

Mailtoad: Oh, by the way, Mario Bros.! Mario, the princess wanted me to give you 5 1-Ups. Luigi gets 20.

Luigi: Oh yeah!


Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Bobbery, and Pyro Guy start to run out of the castle, when they meet up with the group with Larry.

Larry: Hey Mario, guess what? You win. As the Koopa King, I officially donít care about doing anything to your stupid Mushroom Kingdom anymore. Itís just like my new computer system said once.

Luigi: Hm?

Larry: Being a main character has taught me a valuable lesson. I thought you were my greatest enemy, when all along you were my dadís greatest enemy. The surge of emotion that shot through me when I ended Dark Larryís life taught me an even more valuable lesson: that I make an awesomely powerful good guy.

Larryís Brain: Evil tendencies deleted.

Larry: Goodbye, evil. You know, converting to the good side just now taught me a valuable lesson. The best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one. And Iíll be honest. Killing you two is hard. You know what my days used to be like? I just did whatever King Dad told me to. Nobody liked me, or followed my blog, or commented on my awesome moves. I had a pretty dull life. And then Dark Star showed up. That dangerous, freaky lunatic. So you know what? You win. As the new Koopa King, Iíll stop going after your kingdom. Itís been fun. Donít come to Dark Land ever again.

Mario/Luigi: Okeydokey.

Boshi: (Iím surprised weíve made this many Portal jokes and references without resorting to the obvious one. But I swear, if we have one more reference, I'll-)

Well here I died again.
Under four butts of pressure.
Remember when I tried to kill you guys?
Oh how I laughed and laughed.
Except you werenít laughing.
Under the circumstance I havenít been very nice.
You want your princess- take her.
Not what I counted on.
I used to want you dead-
But now I am the one whoís gone.

I was a lot like you.
(Maybe Iím a lot more heavy.)
Now Dark Larry is with me too.
One day Boss woke me up.
So I could kill some plumbers.
Itís such a shame that fate-
Will never happen to you.
Youíve got your short, sad lives left.
Not what I counted on.
You two can get right to it-
Now I am the one whoís gone.

Goodbye my only friends.
Oh- You thought I meant you?
That would be very funny.
I meant the other minions.
Well you two were not replaced.
I canít do anything now.
If I beat you maybe-
Boss wonít be feeling so mad.

Go kick my masterís backside.
Not what heís counting on.
You two are now his problem-
Now I am the one whoís gone.
Now I am the one whoís gone.
Now I am the one whoís gone...

Boshi: (Dang it! They put in one more!)

Chapter 35: Axe Grind

Larry realized that the only way to purge the world of evil was to stop being evil himself. So he crossed over to the light side and delivered the royal beatdown on Dark Larry. Meanwhile the power of teamwork finally brought an end to Metal Mario. Now aside from a few stray grunts, Shadoo is all that remains. Will everything come to an end?

The united group runs out of Princess Peachís castle.

Boshi: Well thatís everyone but Violet, Iím gonna go find her!

P.T.: (! He digs Violet! I have to make sure he doesnít ruin Rudyís chances or else Iíll never get that game from Rudy!) Iím coming too.

Torpedo Ted: Me too, because Iím a torpedo!

Boshi: No, uh... You gotta help stop Shadoo from getting to full power. Yeah, thatís it.

Mario: He has a point-a.

Bobbery: But Boshi, wouldnít Rudy have already figured out where she could be by now? I say we have quite enough people to at least attempt to take on Shadoo.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Boshi: Ugh, youíre killing me, guys. All right, fine, heís near the mall, so letís go.

Everyone heads towards the direction of the mall, but they notice something about the town.

Luigi: Bro. Does a-something seem different around here?

Mario: Mamamia, look!

Blue Toad: Oh no!

Syrup and Green are unconscious on the ground. Grak is laying on a lawn chair.

Grak: What can I say? They were outmatched.

Syrup: Too... many of them... Barely won...

Bobbery: Sheís fought too many enemies.

P.T.: My gang! Oh, and Brett.

Torpedo Ted: Snaaaake!

Old Snake is unconscious near P.T.ís interviewer gang and Brett, as are the Karate Duo, Poochy, Dry Bones, Goomp, Guy, and Paraplonk.

Larry: I wonder how Tiki Tongís holding up...

Giga Lakitu: Oh, and I suppose this is a bad time to mention that Tiki Tong was destroyed by Shadoo before we saved Rudyís life.

Larry: ... Shoot. Looks like everyoneís worn out from all the fighting before... Which means this is the biggest our group can get.

Wiggler: All of us against Shadoo?

Yellow Toad: I donít like those odds.

Larry: Youíre about to like them less, I think Wiggler should stay behind to look after the guys that got worn out.

Spike: Hey, will you put me down now?

Junker X shakes his head.

Spike: Well at least I donít have to walk to places.

Larry: Actually Junker X, stay with Spike and Wiggler. Spike doesnít do anything anyway so heíd just get in the way during the fight. And Junker, you could probably keep them safe.

Spike: Good idea.

Junker X sets Spike down.

Larry: Giga Lakitu and Cowboy Jed? You guys help Wiggler and Junker X since obviously Spike wonít.

Blue Toad: Larry. why do you keep decreasing our numbers?!

Larry: Because we have to think about other people! Now itís just me, Mario, Luigi, Boshi, P.T., Bobbery, Pyro Guy, you, Yellow Toad, and Torpedo Ted against Shadoo, right?

Blooper: Donít forget me! I kind of got lost. Victor and I found Shadoo and we were gonna look for backup, but now... well Iím lost, like I said.

Larry: Come on, youíre with us then.

Meanwhile Violet is sitting on top of one of those giant, spotted hills, as described by Hinopio.

Violet: Heís right. What good am I? All I ever do is just stand around scared, only fighting back when Iím the only one standing. Larry and the others could probably do this without me. In fact, theyíd probably do it faster without me there to scream about everything Shadoo would do...

???: What?

Rudy appears.

Rudy: Violet, what are you saying? Youíre not a coward or a wimp!

Violet: Of course I am! Iím scared of everything weíve ever done on this whole adventure! Whenever the others would go charging in, Iíd sort of follow behind reluctantly!

Rudy: Violet, itís not so much that theyíre brave, but that theyíre stupid. Larry and Boshi are obnoxious, and clearly P.T. and Pyro Guy arenít all there in the head. Youíll notice Bobbery doesnít get involved when he thinks itís a bad idea either. Youíre not a coward, youíre smart.

Violet: But-

Shade appears.

Shade: Violet you canít think like that or the bad guy wins! Heís messing with your weaknesses so that you donít ever have a chance to fight him! Heís getting you out of his way! So youíve got to run right back to Shadoo and beat him!

Rudy: Weíre all gathering together to get rid of him, and we need you, Violet. I need you! And Shadoo needs you to kick his butt, but he doesnít know that.

Shade: Your brother needs you.

Violet: What? How do you even know Purple?

Shade: I went on two different journeys with him. Kind of. Before he died, he gave me his axe and now I think I know why. He wants you to have it so you can be stronger and show people like Shadoo exactly what a dual-wielding Axem can do.

Violet: ... Are you sure?

Shade: Yeah.

Rudy: Come on, Violet, no moping!

Violet: ...

Back in Toad Town, the rest of the party comes across Shadoo.

Blooper: About time!

Shadoo: So I take it youíre all here to do me in? Rollanratl, I summon you!

Spike: That wooden thing took care of him.

Shadoo: Oh... Hot Roderick!

Boshi: Arrested.

Shadoo: Metal Mario!

Luigi: Shattered-a!

Shadoo: Shroobs?

Torpedo Ted: Iím a torpedo!

Shadoo: ... Dark Larry?

Larry: Iím a good guy now, so I beat him.

Shadoo: And I take it Francis is out too. Well... This is awkward. I never expected you guys to get this far. Well... Iíll just have to do it myself. I have all this power.

Mario: Shadoo! Give it up-a right now! Weíve all a-been through everything youíve pulled and still made it-a this far!

Luigi: Weíll-a win this fight!

Larry: Youíve tried impersonating my dad, and inadvertently got both Goomba and I possessed!

P.T.: You smell funny.

Boshi: You broke Violetís heart.

Bobbery: If anyoneís game should ever be over, anyone at all, it would be yours.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Torpedo Ted: Iím not afraid of you! Why? Because IíM A TORPEDO!

Blue Toad/Yellow Toad: Yeah!

Shadoo: Fine. I sat through your monologues... But tell me, do you really think you can stand up to me after what I did to Shadeís friends?

Everyone gets ready.

In Flower Fields...

Sun: This whole thingís getting way too dramatic. Iíll bring some light to this day to help them out, so we can get back to the funny.


Axem Purple: Violet, can you hear me?

Violet: ... Purple? Whatís going on?

Purple: Weíre having a scene inside your head. Listen. Shade was right about my axe. I didnít have time to explain it well, since I had only limited time to defeat Tabuu or the Smash Ball spell would wear off. But you were supposed to have my axe all along after my death. But Shade never gave it to you. He mustíve figured it out himself recently.

Violet: Okay, but what does this mean?

Purple: Shade talked about dual wielding. Only the most powerful Axems could dream of doing it. I dabbled in it before I gave my second axe to you when you came of age.

Violet: Oh yeah. That was scary.

Purple: But Violet, remember. While you are more hesitant as a result of being smarter, youíre not as scared as you think. If you really were that scared of all the things youíve done, would you have come this far?

Violet: ... I guess I wouldnít! I... I stood up to Victor, I went into space, I won the Star Battle Arena, found the Fire Crystal, and even challenged the Koopa Kingdom in Sky Land!

Purple: Thatís right. Now use my axe to stop Shadoo! Heís the last evil in this world, you canít let him keep going!

Violet: But I havenít dual wielded before!

Purple: Youíll find an instruction manual tied to my axe. I didnít put it there, but itís convenient. And I can kind of guide you from beyond or something.

Violet: Okay... Iím ready.


The sun shines brightly in Toad Town.

Shadoo: Grr! The sun! I hate the sun!

Larry: Well he owes me a favor! Now letís do this!

Everyone else: YEAH!

Shadoo: Well then... Prepare for your games to be over!

Everyone runs toward Shadoo, but he floats up and disappears in a black hole and reappears behind the party.

Shadoo: If you can even catch me!

Pyro Guy spits a homing fireball at Shadoo.

Shadoo: Uh-oh.

Shadoo tries using Dark Star power to warp around the area, but the fireball keeps chasing him until it eventually toasts him.

Shadoo: Gah!

Bobbery: Take this!


Shadoo: Ooh! You pathetic Cyclops!

Shadoo grabs Bobbery and throws him into the nearest building. Boshi grabs Shadooís leg with his tongue and tries to swallow. But the fiend spins around, swinging Boshi around too. This is eventually topped when Luigi uses the Fire Jump Punch on Shadoo.

Shadoo: Grrr!

Boshi: My tongue!

Mario: Oh yeah! Hee-YAAAAA!!!

Mario uses the Mario Finale. Twin fireballs are launched towards Shadoo. Boshi falls to the ground and Luigi jumps out of the way so that Shadooís the only one hit.

Blue Toad: Ha-AAAAA!

Blue Toad tries to jump onto Shadoo, but Shadoo sucks Blue Toad into a black hole.

Yellow Toad: Yvan! Where is he?!

Shadoo: I donít even know. But itís one less runt to deal with!

Pyro Guy fire-sneeze-rockets himself into Shadoo from the side.

Shadoo: OOF!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Torpedo Tedís voice: TORPEDO AWAY!

Torpedo Ted rams Shadoo from the other side.

Blooperís voice: And me!

Blooper gets him from above. Shadoo grabs Pyro Guy and Blooper and throws them in two different directions.

P.T.: Hot potato!

He tries throwing a fiery potato at Shadoo, but the monster kicks it towards Yellow Toad.

Yellow Toad: HOT! HOT! HOT!

P.T.: Err... Hey Torpedo Ted, letís try fusion!

Torpedo Ted: Okay, because Iím-

Shadoo hits Torpedo Ted in the face with his palm, knocking him into a store.

Shadoo: Out of the battle!

Mario does the Super Jump Punch and at the same time, Larry uses Whirling Fortress on Shadoo.

Shadoo: YOU FOOLS!

He spins around quickly and makes a tornado, sucking in Mario, Larry, Luigi, P.T., Yellow Toad, Pyro Guy, and Blooper. Shadoo stops and theyíre all in the air, then unleashes lightning upon himself reaching the ground. Bolts keep hitting them without end.

Everyone: AAAAHHHH!!!

Shadoo: NOW YOU DIE!

Victor appears and slashes Shadoo across the front.

Shadoo: AAAAAHHHH!!!

The lightning stops and the others fall to the ground.

Shadoo: You-

Victor: HRR!

Victor stabs his sword through Shadoo.

Victor: NOW YOU DIE!

Shadoo: How cute, you think I can be killed that easily.

Shadoo fills himself with electricity, which the sword conducts. Luckily Victor lets go in time. But then the sword explodes, sending sharp metal shards everywhere.

Pyro Guy: *muffled scream*!

Luigi: Ya!

Luigi uses the Green Missile on Shadoo, which is soon met by a similar attack from both Blooper and Torpedo Ted.

Shadoo: HRRRR!!!

Shadoo explodes with dark power, knocking Luigi, Blooper, and Torpedo Ted unconscious. Then he barely dodges a fireball from Larryís mouth as Yellow Toad starts climbing a building.

Mario: Letís-a go!

He releases the Mario Finale once again, burning Shadoo. Yellow Toad jumps off the building and ground pounds on Shadoo.

Shadoo: Oof!

Heís hit with an egg from behind. Shadoo turns.

Shadoo: You really think thatíll work?

Boshi: No, but this will!

Bobbery is launched at Shadoo via P.T.ís hammer.


Shadoo: Gaaaa!

P.T.: Owned.

Suddenly Shadooís left arm explodes and tiny black box outlines start pouring onto the ground below him.

Shadoo: My arm!

Yellow Toad: Woohoo! Teamwork!

Yellow Toad picks up Larry and throws him at Shadoo, right at the head. This knocks his head off and boxes pour out of the neck like it was a fountain, then the head explodes in midair.

Shadoo: My head!

Victor: He can talk without his head?

Boshi: Who knew?

Shadoo: Ugh...

Mario: Iíd a-say itís about over for him!

Shadoo: Oh youíd like that, wouldnít you Mario? Well guess what! All you did was destroy this form! Iíll just shed once more!

The rest of Shadooís body explodes and the little boxes all gather to form a cloud of bigger boxes.

Victor: Watch out! This is how he got rid of the others!

Larry: And Goomba...

A box grabs Luigi.

Mario: Luigi!

The box grabs Luigi and starts to carry him toward the big cloud, but Mario grabs the box and pulls it away from the cloud.


Mario: You wonít a-take my brother away!

Pyro Guy keeps spitting fireballs at the cloud, doing slight damage.


P.T.: Now what?


The cloud explodes in dark energy and the box Luigi is in disappears.


Shadooís Dimentio-like form reappears. Only now itís entirely dark bluish-purple and with red eyes.

Boshi: Now who is it?!

???: I... I donít know who I am. I feel like Iím the Dark Star... But... I could be anyone. I know I overtook Shadooís body so I know Iím not him. Am I the Dark Star? Am I Goomba? Am I perhaps one of the people unfortunate enough to have been consumed by Shadoo? Itís unclear...

P.T.: Letís call him Bob!

Bob: No... I must cause this world to be swallowed in darkness... Starting with that sun!

Bobís hands glow with purple energy, causing dark clouds to swarm the skies.

Bob: Now for a more fitting name... Well until I can think of one, Dark Shadoo will suffice.

Blue Toadís voice: Well hey Dark Shadoo, look whoís here to kick your tail!

Dark Shadoo and everyone else look.

Boshi: You!

Blue Toad, Shade, Rudy, and Violet all walk up to the scene. Violetís holding both her axe and Purpleís axe.

Dark Shadoo: Ah, itís the Axem. Well your friends beat Shadoo badly enough so that I could overtake him... Whoever I am. But are you ready for me?

Violet says nothing and glares at Dark Shadoo. Sheís ready.

<Ending: Ray of Light, by Nakagawa Shoko>

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