Larryís Adventure 3: Brotherhood

By P.T. Piranha

Chapter 3: Boshi is Too Much

In their chase for the Dark Star, the group found him in Creepy Steeple. Larry, P.T., and Green wore the demon down, but the Dark Star won and inhaled Green, and soon left our heroes falling into the sea by destroying their ship! How will they get out of this?!

<Theme Music: Again, by Yui>

Larry is in his castle and sees Rudy facing the window.

Larry: What are you doing here... Rudy, is it?

Rudy turns around, revealing a big nose.



Larry wakes up in a jungle.

Rudy: Oh, youíre up!

Larry: Where are we?!

Rudy: Yoshiís Island. Specifically, a village.

Larry: Where are the other two?!

Rudy: I donít know, I was gonna wait until you woke up to look for them.

Larry: Well then-

The area goes dim. A spotlight appears on a wall nearby and music starts playing. Boshi walks out.

Larry: ... This only just started, and already I hate where this is going.

Red Yoshi: Ugh, here comes the big ham now.

<Song: Cookie Miser, by Boshi>
Iím mister good-looking. Iím mister race!
Iím mister eats-cookies, Iím mister in-your-face!
Friends call me Boshi, whatever I crush-
Starts to break in my clutch, ha-ha! Iím too much. Ha!

Boshi starts spinning. A bunch of blue baby Yoshis appear.

Blue Baby Yoshis:
Heís mister good-looking, heís mister race.

Thatís right! Ha-ha!

Blue Baby Yoshis:
Heís mister eats-cookies, heís mister in-your-face.

Boshi: *stops spinning*
Friends call me Boshi, whatever I crush-
Starts to break in my clutch, huhhuhhuhhuhhuh!

Blue Baby Yoshis:
Heís too much.

Thank you.
I never wanna know a day that I get no cookies.
Iíd rather have a race to win, and all the islandís cookieeees! *dances*
*to Larry* You think youíre hot, I know youíre not!

Blue Baby Yoshis:
Heís mister good-lookiní, heís mister race.

Sing it!

Blue Baby Yoshis:
Heís mister eats-cookies, heís mister in-your-face.

Boshi: *stops dancing*
They call me Boshi, whatever I CRUSH-
Starts to break in my clutch, haHA! ... Too much. Ha ha!

Blue Baby Yoshis:
Too much!

Everyone but Boshi: ...

Brown Yoshi: What friends?

Purple Yoshi: Did he rhyme ďcookiesĒ with ďcookiesĒ during that one part?

Larry: Uhhh, what the flying Goomba was that?!

Yellow Yoshi: See, three years ago he finally quit racing for cookies after losing badly enough. Now heís a performer. Just wish he didnít still have such an ego.

Meanwhile, Violet and P.T. are on the mountains toward the back of the island.

Violet: Ow... Where am I? What happened?

P.T.: Uhhh.

Violet: Oh, youíre here. Whereís Rudy? Or Larry?

P.T.: Oh, Iím not good enough?!

Violet: Ah! No! Uh, I mean- Well weíll have to look for them. I hope theyíre okay.

P.T.: So, uh, what about that ball guy that broke the ship?

Violet: The Dark Star? I was kind of hoping heíd leave us alone from now on.

P.T.: Lame!

Violet: Iím not a fighter, okay!

P.T.: Well why do you have an axe?!

Violet: It makes me feel safe!

P.T.: ...

Violet: ... Letís just look for Rudy and Larry.


Boshi: Who are you two?

Larry: Iím Larry Koopa.

Rudy: Rudy. What do you want?

Boshi: I dunno, I was just showing off. If I canít win races I can at least outperform anyone else!

Larry: So what, youíre just gonna ham everyone to death? Whatever, this guyís a waste of time! Come on, Rudy, letís go look for a way off the island.

Rudy: What about Violet?  Or P.T.?

Larry: Violet will find us eventually. And Iím hoping we leave before P.T. finds us.

Boshi: Can I come?

Larry: No! When you said youíre ďtoo muchĒ, I count it as being too much for me to deal with! One Boshi is more than enough!

Boshi: What if I sing?

Larry: That makes me want you even le-

<Song: The song where Boshi wants to join the party, by the Boshi>
Itís stupid how you stand there... and donít even think!


We donít want to see your face, face it you stink.

Rudy, stop encouraging him!

Hey Koopa... can I bribe you, Iíll join the partyyyy-

Well, huh, what do you think-

Donít get his hopes up, shorty!
No way, we canít let him. I think Iíll freak!
And Iím allergic to Yoshis-

Yeah, as if, youíre weak.

I made a vow that, well... no adding to the party!

Okay, so then I have to force you? Uh, hello! Let me in, NOW!

If weíre gonna find Dark Star-

Thereís only one thing to dooo.

Get someone to take his watch! And Iíll do it, for you!


If weíre gonna find Dark Star-

Thereís only one thing to dooo.

Find someone to take his watch-

Boshi and Rudy:
And hey there dude, itís you!


Rudy, look. Itís Violet. And I think she lost her temp.


Poor Violet, quick get away from that guy, and that should help, Iíd bet.

Yeah Iím gonna help find that dude.

Where is he you suppose?

Whyíre we gonna take his watch?

ĎCause I want one of those!
One oí thoooooooooooooooooose!

Song: The song where Boshi wants to join the party
Performed by: Boshi, Larry Koopa, Rudy Riverson, P.T. Piranha, and Axem Violet
Album: ďLess Singing, More PlotĒ

Violet: ... I canít believe you were singing while we were looking for you.

Larry: I canít believe I actually joined in.

Boshi: I canít believe my plan to get into your party worked.

Rudy: I canít believe we all got perfect rhyming and rhythm for that.

P.T.: If weíre taking Dark Starís watch, can I have his radio?

Larry: Weíre not taking a freaking watch! Weíre gonna destroy him so he doesnít beat me and my family to the punch of conquering everything! And weíre not singing! Ever again! Iíll hurt whoever does!

Boshi: ...

Rudy: Can you drop me and Violet off on Isle Delfino?

Larry: Not until we beat Dark Star!

Rudy/Violet: Awww...

Larry: Okay, dino-breath. If we let you into the party, will you stop singing?

Boshi: Can I do it every once in a while? Come on, Iím no good at racing anymore, this is all I have!

Larry: ... Maybe! If youíre good! *sigh* Letís go...

Boshi: Wait a minute, the news reported that Dark Star was finished off at Creepy Steeple!

Violet: Theyíre wrong.

Rudy: How are we getting off the island?

Larry: I know of one sure-fire way of being taken right from Yoshiís Island to Bowser Castle.

Soon, Rudy is sitting on Boshiís back.

Rudy: Now what?

Boshi: This!

Boshi runs into a Shy Guy, and Rudy is knocked off of Boshiís back. He starts floating in a bubble and after ten seconds, Toadies appear and grab Rudyís bubble.

Rudy: Huh?

Larryís voice: Go!

Boshiís tongue latches onto a Toadie while Violet and Larry hop onto Boshiís back. As theyíre all lifted off, P.T. grabs onto Boshiís feet and the whole party is taken to Bowser Castle.

In the throne room...

Boshi: Hey, not bad!

Violet: But how are we gonna find the Dark Star now?

Larry: Duh! We have more airships!

Violet: Wonít Dark Star just knock it down like the last one?

Larry: ... Oh. Oh yeah... Oops. Well, we could fit into the Clown Copter.

Boshi: Yeah, Iím sure a bunch of crazy people stuffed into a bowl is going to be real pleasant for whichever one of us is the only sane party member.

Larry: Point taken. Then again, I donít even know where to begin looking for the Dark Star!

Iggy: Try looking in Dimble Wood.

Larry: Why?

Iggy: I feel it. In my bones. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

Lemmy: *sigh* I miss the old Iggy...

P.T.: Last time we listened to someone wearing glasses about where we should go, it worked!

Larry: When did we do that?

P.T.: Oh yeah, you werenít there.

Violet: I guess we have no choice but to go. But how?

Larry: Itís not that far from here.

Meanwhile at Cavi Capeís shores...

Green Koopa: So if we find those guys that allegedly defeated the Dark Star at Creepy Steeple, theyíll have my friend?

Voice: Yarrr, indeed. But ye can only have Ďim if ye are williní ta help me out! I shall make Ďem walk the plank for taking me bounty!

Koopa: Okay, fine.

The voice belongs to... Captain Syrup!

Captain Syrup: Prince Larry Koopa, ye will pay!

Chapter 4: Dimble Wood Death Match

Stranded on Yoshiís Island, Larry Koopa and Rudy had no choice but to accept the help of Boshi, despite his incessant singing. Violet and P.T. found them and accidentally joined in on the song, then Larry devised a plan that led them all to Bowser Castle. At Iggyís suggestion, they decided to hunt for the Dark Star in Dimble Wood, but Captain Syrup seems to have her eyes set on our heroes, specifically Larry.

The party is standing in Dimble Wood.

Violet: This is the largest forest in the Mushroom Kingdom, so itíll take a while to search. We should split up.

Boshi: There are five of us. How are we gonna split up evenly?

Rudy: Iíll go with Violet-

Boshi: I wanted to go with Violet!

Rudy: Well too bad, Iím going with her!

Boshi: Iíll beat you if you try!

Violet: Uh, Rudy, can we do the one where Boshi wonít beat you up?

Rudy: Aww...

Boshi: Ha!

Larry: Well I guess I get the Carnival of Shame, then.

Rudy: Hey!

P.T.: Carnival? Where?!

Larry: ... Yep.

Boshi: Okay Vi, you and I go look around the back of the forest and the farm. They can search through the Sockop area and Fawfulís shop.

Violet: Uh, okay.

Larry: What?! Iím the leader of Party A, I think I should decide where-

Boshi takes Violet and runs off.

Larry: ...

Larry takes Rudy and P.T. and leaves. Then Captain Syrup and the green Koopa both appear.

Syrup: Yarr... Where be they?

Koopa: Footprints go...

The Koopa points in the direction Larry went.

Koopa: That way!

Syrup: Yer mad trackiní skills be useful fer once!

They go off in that direction. Meanwhile...

Squiggler: Welcome to our farm!

Violet: Hi! Arenít you a cute little bug!

Boshi: Lame!

Squiggler: Our Giga Carrot was destroyed years ago, and we havenít been able to grow a new one. But the Giga Turnip is turning out very nicely!

Boshi: Cool story, bro. Tell us where a purple ball with spikes is.

Squiggler: If Uncle Wiggler is up to it, he can probably tell you. Heís right back there, watering the crops.

Violet: Thank you!

They go to the farm.

Wiggler: What is it?

Boshi: Tell us where the Dark Star is!

Wiggler: Iíll tell you if you eat this giant turnip.

Boshi: ĎKay.


Sockop: Go away.

Larry: Please?

Sockop: No.

Larry: Iím the Vice King of Dark Land! Iíll have you tried for international conspiracies if you donít tell me!

Sockop: You donít have proof!

Larry: I have two witnesses!

Rudy: Sorry, I wasnít paying attention.

P.T.: *muffled*

Heís stuck upside-down in a Sockop.

Larry: ... You win this round.

???: Hold it right there, matey!

Larry and Rudy notice Captain Syrup and the Koopa right there.

Rudy: Were you there the whole time?

Captain Syrup: That be not important! Ye got me minion killed!

Koopa: He was also my best friend!

Larry: What are you talking about?

Rudy: I think they mean Green.

Larry: Uh, never heard of him!

Koopa: The Rogueport Direct Mail Service begs to differ! Larry, that human guy, and Green Pirate Guy were all going to Creepy Steeple! Only the first two left!

Larry: Ohhh... That Green... Well he got sucked up by the Dark Star. We are looking for him in fact, so maybe we could team up-

Captain Syrup: Yarr! No! We be here to kill ye!

She pulls out a sword.

Captain Syrup: Assist me, Grak!

Grak (the Koopa): Uh, okay. Donít really want to exert myself, but okay.

Larry/Rudy: *gulp*

Sockop: You taste funny.

P.T.: *muffled*


Wiggler: You ate the whole turnip! How could you?!

Boshi: You told me to!

Wiggler: I know what I said! I wouldíve noticed if I told you to eat the vegetable Iíve slaved over for three years!

Violet: But Mr. Wiggler-


Violet/Boshi: *gulp*


Wiggler turns red and stampedes toward Violet and Boshi, but Boshi flutters up and ground pounds Wigglerís head. That doesnít work, and Violet leaps out of the way and Boshi falls off the bossí back.

Wiggler: You will pay for this! PAAAAAAAY!!!

Boshi: Yeah right! BONK!

Boshi throws an egg at Wigglerís backmost segment, turning it yellow.

Boshi: Yah like that? BOINK!

Boshi jumps over and ground pounds. Now two of four segments (not counting the head) are yellow.

Wiggler: GET OFF ME!

Violet: You can do it, Boshi!

Wiggler stands on his hind legs and pulls a turnip out of the ground, hoping it will land on Boshi, but the dinosaur jumps away.

Boshi: Canít beat what you canít hit!

Wiggler pulls out two Leaf Guys. One goes for Boshi. Boshi leaps out of the way.

Boshi: Wananananana....

Another goes for Violet.

Violet: Eek! Uhh, uhhh-

Boshi: Do it, Vi, do it!

Violet: Uhhh-

Violet looks away and swings her axe. She defeats the Leaf Guy.

Leaf Guy: Ow. Forget this, Iím leaving.

Boshi: Drink it in, pal! Thatís how failure tastes- OH CRUD!

Heís tackled by the other Leaf Guy.

Leaf Guy: Bet you forgot about me!

Boshi: Ha! That all you got, funny man? Usually I donít beat morons this fast. Is that all you got, moron?

Leaf Guy: Why do you keep saying things The Scout would say?

Boshi uses his tongue to gulp up Leaf Guy and spit him out at one of Wigglerís red segments.

Boshi: BONK! Thatís what Iím talking about! AAAH!

Wiggler stampedes toward Boshi, forcing him to climb up into a tree.

Boshi: Violet! Come on, man!

Violet: Uh! Uh! Uh!

Boshi: Youíre too scared! (Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!)

Wiggler starts ramming into the tree.

Boshi: Uh, Ďkay, this does NOT look good!

Meanwhile, Larry keeps dodging Captain Syrupís rapid sword attacks while Rudy and Grak sit on the sidelines.

Rudy: So, uh, whatís going on?

Grak: Weíre avenging the death of Green.

Rudy: But the Dark Star killed him. Hey, weíre not even 100 percent sure if heís actually dead or not.

Grak: Eh, we think he is.

Rudy: So youíre trying to kill Larry?

Grak: Well Syrup is, I just came along for moral support.


Grak: I canít, uh, my leg hurts! Yeah, thatís it!

Syrupís voice: ARRR!

Larryís voice: Rudy! A little help here!

Rudy: Oh, uh, I would help, Larry... but, uh, Iím out of potions! Yeah, darn my luck.

Larryís voice: What about your bodyslam?!

Rudy: With those wild sword moves?! You kidding me?!

Larryís voice: P.T.! Help!

P.T.: *muffled*

Sockop: This guy tastes weird now.

Rudy: If youíre trying to suck his brains, Iím afraid youíre out of luck.

Sockop: What?! Brains?! Thatís disgusting, man! What do you think I am?!

Rudy: I donít know, Iíve never been to this part of the forest!


Boshi: AAAAHHH!!!

Boshi is knocked out of the tree. Wiggler gets up onto his hind legs and walks over to Boshi.


Boshi: Stupid! Stupid! This whole thing is stupid!

Violet: Boshi, no!

Boshi: AAAAA-

A dark bomb is thrown at Wiggler, knocking him into the distance. It came from... Dark Star!


Violet: Eep!

Boshi: This the guy?

Dark Star: Iíll deal with you two next! Howís this new move I picked up?

Dark Star morphs into Green Pirate Guy, only with red eye holes and a dark aura. Otherwise heís got the same colors, so heís not a dark copy, heís still the Dark Star itself.

Dark Star: Time to die!

Violet: NOOOOOO!!!

She runs over to Boshi, picks him up, and runs away.

Boshi: Hey! We gotta kill him!

Violet: I canít!

Boshi: Quitter!

Dark Star: Itís only a matter of time!


Larry: Phew....

Syrup: Ye *pant* be *pant* a worthy opponent *pant*...

They both faint.

Rudy: ...

Grak: ... Sooooo.... Now what?

P.T.: *muffled*

Rudy: We already tried that.

Grak: We could position them so their arms are around each other and take a picture of it!

Rudy: Nah, I forgot my camera.

Violet: Larry! Rudy! P-Ö Whatís going on?

Rudy: Long story. What about you?

Boshi jumps out of Violetís arms.

Boshi: The Dark Star! It turned into a pirate Shy Guy!

Grak: Oh hey, sounds like Green!

Violet: It is... But-

Dark Star: HA!

Dark Star, still in the form of Green, appears.

Dark Star: Iím almost at full power, then I can blot out all the light in this pathetic world.

Boshi: Iíd like to see you try it!

Boshi tries to ground pound Dark Star, but the enemy hits Boshi with a laser.

Boshi: Ow.

Dark Star: Youíll regret those words. But I canít let you get in my way, Creepy Steeple already put me behind schedule. So have fun with this guy for me!

Dark Star plunges one of Greenís pirate swords into the ground. A sand pit opens up. Squizzard pops out of the center!

Dark Star: HAHAHAHA!

Dark Star flies away.

Grak: Aw man.

Squizzard: WAAAAA! WA-WA!

Larry and Syrup are dragged into the center of the pit and absorbed by Squizzard, but everyone else (including the Sockop holding P.T.) runs to the edge of the pit and onto the grass.

Rudy: How are we gonna beat this thing?

Violet: There has to be a way!

Squizzard: WA!

Rudy: There!

Violet notices a ? Block. She hits it and grabs a Fire Flower. Sheís Fire Violet now!

Violet: Woah! What happened?!

Boshi: You donít know about Fire Flowers?! Throw fireballs at him!

Squizzard: WAAAA!

He starts throwing big bombs at the party.

Boshi: Woag!

Boshi, Rudy, Grak, and the Sockop holding P.T. start running around to avoid the spiky spheres, while Violet starts throwing fireballs at Squizzard.

Violet: Itís not working!

Grak: His mouth has to be open, genius.

Grak jumps down to the pit to help somehow. A cannon raises up from the ground under Grak, launching him into the air.


He falls onto Squizzardís head.


Rudy: His mouth! Now!

Violet starts throwing as many fireballs as she can into Squizzardís mouth.

Squizzard (with each fireball): GYA-GYA-GYA-GYA-GYA-



He explodes. A Power Star appears along with an unconscious Larry and Syrup. Grak lands on the Power Star.


Grak: Wahoo!

At the entrance of Dimble Wood...

Rudy: Hey Mr. Sockop, sorry about your area of the woods getting a new sandpit.

Sockop: Eh.

Violet: Rudy, do you think Larry and that lady will be fine?

Rudy: Boshi and Grak are taking them to the castle as we speak, Iím sure theyíll be fine.

In Bumpsy Plains, Sneeds are spitting little balls at Boshi and Grak as they carry Larry and Syrup.

Boshi/Grak: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Violet: Oh, I hope youíre right. Uh, Mr. Sockop? Can we have our friend back now?

Sockop: I guess. He lost all his flavor anyway. And call me Kuribo.

The Sockop spits P.T. out.

P.T.: Iíve seen things I shouldnít have... Brrr!!!

Chapter 5: To the Victor Goes Revenge

The party went to Dimble Wood in search of the Dark Star, but little did they know that Captain Syrup was waiting for a chance to battle Larry Koopa. Meanwhile Violetís fear left the battle with Wiggler solely up to Boshi. When the Dark Star appeared, he claimed to be at nearly full power, and summoned Squizzard to buy some time. Now with Larry and Syrup unconscious, what awaits our heroes as they plan to destroy the Dark Star?

A Dark Koopatrol with a big sword and a dark cape is sitting in Bumpsy Plains. Violet, Rudy, and P.T. appear.

Dark Koopatrol: YOU!

Rudy: Me?!

Dark Koopatrol: No. The other one.

Violet: Me?

Dark Koopatrol: No...

P.T.: Me?

Dark Koopatrol: DIE!

P.T.: EEE!

He starts hiding behind a bush, but Rudy throws a potion at the Dark Koopatrol.

Rudy: Hey, hold on a minute! Who are you?!

Dark Koopatrol: I guess thereís no harm in telling. My name is Victor. Over three years ago I was hired to help the Koopa Bros. But I abandoned them. All I remember after that is losing to that man! He shall pay for that! Itís convenient, too: I was asked to kill all of you by this little pirate Shy Guy. The money was good.

Violet: Uh, will you please let us go instead?

Victor: I donít think so. See, normally I donít care what anyone wants me to do. But this time revenge is available to me. Now DIE!

Rudy: Just him, right?

Victor: No.

Rudy/Violet: *gulp*

Meanwhile at Bowser Castle...

Boshi: Have you seen my wallet?

Grak: Nah.

Back in Bumpsy Plains...


Rudy: Uh, Violet? Got any ideas?

Violet: Other than running? No...

Victor: HYA!

Victor leaps up and dives down at the party, sword first. Violet, Rudy, and P.T. get out of the way. He pulls his sword out of the ground and starts spinning with it, creating a tornado.

Rudy: AAA!

Rudy gets sucked in and takes a few hits before being launched into a hill.

Victor: Thatís one down, and I didnít even try very hard!

P.T. is still trying to find a bush to hide behind.

Victor: Itís no use! Iíll burn this field to the ground!

Victor starts charging up energy. Rudy sits up from the wreckage that was formerly a hill, but heís too dizzy to do anything.

Violet: What do we do?!

She notices Rudy is still dazed and P.T.ís not even pretending to try to fight.


Violet: What do I do?!

Victor: CHARGING....

Boshiís voice: FIGHT!

Violet hears that word and, without thinking, runs up to Victor and chops the spike off the top of his helmet.

Victor: ...

Violet: ... Eep.

Victor: Iíll admit, Iím surprised you even got that far. Now burn!

A blue-spotted egg hits his leg, knocking him onto his knees.

Victor: AAH!

Boshi: Itís a good thing I remembered my walletís still around here somewhere.

Victor: Youíll die for this!

Victor gets back up and rushes toward Boshi, but the dinosaur grabs Victorís sword with his tongue and flings it in some direction.

Rudyís voice: OW!

Boshi: Whoops.

Victor: GRRRR!!!

Victor retreats into his shell and throws himself at Boshi.

Boshi: Ow!

Next he goes for Violet, but the Axem gets out of the way.

Victor: Youíre annoyingly fast!

He heads for Violet again, but she steps aside and holds out her axe. Victorís shell jumps over it.

Violet: Aww! Come on!


Rudy rushes toward Victor with Victorís sword. But itís so oversized that he trips.

Everyone: ...

Victor: ... Iím going to end your games now. Starting with fat boy here!!!

Rudy: Oh no!

Boshi throws an egg at Victor.

Boshi: What, Iím not good enough for you?!

Victor: All right! Iím not picky!

Rudy stands up and jumps onto Victorís head and grabs it.

Rudy: Iím on your head! Do something about it!

Rudy starts kicking.


Every time he reaches for Rudy, Rudy kicks him in the neck. Boshi takes this chance to throw eggs at Victor.


He leans his head down and runs forward into Boshi, knocking out Boshi and Rudy both.

Violet: Eep! Uhhh, P.T.?

P.T. is in a hole in the ground. He sticks a thumbs down out of the top.

Violet: Iím alone! No!

Victor: Two down...

Violet: No! No! Nooooo!!!

Victor: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Any last words?!

Violet: Uh, uhhh-

Victor: TOO SLOW!

Victor picks up his sword and runs toward Violet. He slashes.

Violet: AAAAAAAA!!!

She falls over.

P.T.: It sounds ugly out there.

Victor: YOUíRE NEXT!

P.T.: Oh DAD no!

He tries crawling out of the hole he put himself in, but itís no good. Victor walks up to the hole.

Victor: Itís like stabbing a fish in a barrel.

P.T.: Uh, uhhhh-

Victor: GAME OVER!

???: Good call!

A blue fireball hits Victor.


Itís Larry! He shot from his wand!

Victor: Grrrr!!! I canít do this right now! Youíre all dead next time!

Victor jumps away.

Larry: Letís see... Violet?

Sheís unconscious with a gash in her side.

Larry: Ooh, thatíll leave a mark... Rudy?

Rudy and Boshi are unconscious on top of each other.

Larry: Uh-huh... And you?

P.T.ís voice: Iím in a hole.

Larry: Well I just woke up in the castle and wondered what was taking you guys so long.

P.T.ís voice: How do we get back?

Larry: I donít know! Eh, Iíll get some minions to do it.

At Bowser Castle, Larry, Grak, Syrup, and P.T. are the only ones not in the infirmary.

Larry: So, uh, what was that?

P.T.: I dunno, something about a pirate.

Syrup: Yarr! It wasnít me!

Rudy walks out of the infirmary.

Rudy: No, I think the Dark Star, in the form of Green, bribed that guy to kill us.

Grak: Iíve had it with that Dark Star! He smells funny! ... Oh and... heís evil and stuff... I guess. But seriously, did you get a whiff of that guy?! Come on!

Larry: Well as soon as Boshi and-

Boshi: Iím good.

Larry: Well as soon as Violet heals up, weíll look for the Dark Star again, I guess.

Boshi: What about using a Mushroom or whatever?

Larry: Eh, that would make the healing process faster... But letís face it, weíd all rather wait as long as we can before fighting the Dark Star again.

Everyone Else: Yeah, I guess...

Syrup: But where be the Dark Star?

???: I believe I know.

Everyone looks to see... a Koopatrol.

Koopatrol: Oh. I think I heard something about the Koopaseum.

Larry: Itís absolutely amazing how we can conveniently get information like this.

Grak: So as soon as that lady healsÖ?

Larry: Yeah, man.

Will the attack on the Dark Star at the Koopaseum end in our partyís victory? Will it be too late to stop him? What about Victor? Will Violet recover from her wounds? Will the party ever get off their butts and research where the bad guy is going for themselves? Tune in next time.

<Ending: Uso, by Sid>

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