Larryís Adventure 3: Brotherhood

By P.T. Piranha

Chapter 6: True Gritzy

On their way back from Dimble Wood, Violet, Rudy, and P.T. were attacked by Victor from The Quest, hired to slaughter the party. Boshi appeared to get his wallet, but even his added assistance didnít stop the assassin. Finally, when all hope seemed lost, Larry showed up and attacked, and Victor decided heíd had enough for now. The Dark Star is in the Koopaseum, and the other party needs to recuperate. What will happen next?

<Theme Music: Again, by Yui>

Larry: Okay, I changed my mind. Weíre gonna go fight him now.

Others: Huh?

Larry: If heís nearly done with whatever heís doing, do you think waiting for Dark Star to get even closer to done while Violet heals is a good idea? So... Yeah, most of us should go... But one of us can stay behind with Viol-

Everyone else except for Syrup raises their hands.


Rudy: Iím her best friend!

Boshi: I want to stay!

Grak: Get out of fighting Dark Star? Sign me up!

P.T.: I donít wanna go.

Larry: YOUíRE NOT ALL STAYING BEHIND! Hmm... Rudy, youíre a wimp, you stay behind.

Rudy: Yes! ... Hey!

Larry: I think itís time we blow this joint. Get everybody and the stuff together. Okay- three, two, one, letís jam.

Larry runs off.

Everyone else: ...

Larry returns.

Larry: Come on! What, no one get the reference? ... Can we just go?!

Everyone else: Eh.

Everyone leaves Rudy behind to stay with Violet.

At the Koopaseum...

Dark Star: Well... Look who showed up...

Larry: Okay, guy, letís just get this over with so I donít have to see any of these losers ever again!

Boshi/P.T./Grak/Syrup: ...

Boshi: Well forget you too!

P.T.: Thatís all I get after I helped you once?!

Grak: Jerk.

Syrup: Rrrrr...

Larry: ! Uhhh, when I say ďlosersĒ, I actually mean-

He gets zapped with a laser.

Larry: Okay itís go time!

Larry: 500/500
P.T.: 450/450
Boshi: 460/460
Grak: 300/300
Syrup: 500/500
Dark Star: 1000/1000
Dark Satellmite A: 100/100
Dark Satellmite B: 100/100

Larry blasts Dark Star! No effect!
Boshi uses Gulp on Dark Satellmite A! He spits it out on Dark Satellmite B! 20 damage to each!
Syrup jumps into the air!
P.T. throws a watermelon at Dark Star! No effect!
Grak is too lazy to fight!
Dark Star creates silhouettes of the party and zaps the silhouette of Boshi! Boshi takes 50 damage!
Dark Satellmite A shoots a laser at Grak! 10 damage!
Dark Satellmite B jumps and shoots a laser at Larry! It misses!

Larry: 500/500
P.T.: 450/450
Boshi: 410/460
Grak: 290/300
Syrup: 500/500
Dark Star: 1000/1000
Dark Satellmite A: 80/100
Dark Satellmite B: 80/100

Larry punches Dark Satellmite B! 60 damage!
Boshi ground pounds Dark Satellmite A! Three hits! 20 damage each!
Syrup lands on Dark Satellmite B! It faints!
P.T. throws Grak at Dark Satellmite A! It faints!
Dark Star gives each Satellmite a bomb and throws them at the party! Larry rackets them back! 100 damage each!
Dark Star falls to the ground!

Larry: 500/500
P.T.: 450/450
Boshi: 410/460
Grak: 290/300
Syrup: 500/500
Dark Star: 800/1000
Dark Satellmite A: 0/100
Dark Satellmite B: 0/100

Larry punches Dark Star! 60 damage!
Boshi uses Stampede! 100 damage!
Syrup attacks! 40 damage!
P.T. pokes Dark Star! 1 damage!
Grak is too lazy to fight!
Dark Star shoots a laser at Grak! It misses!

Larry: 500/500
P.T.: 450/450
Boshi: 410/460
Grak: 290/300
Syrup: 500/500
Dark Star: 639/1000
Dark Satellmite A: 0/100
Dark Satellmite B: 0/100

Larry tries to think of a way to beat Dark Star faster!
Boshi ground pounds Dark Star! 4 hits! 20 damage each!
Syrup attacks! 40 damage!
P.T. uppercut punches Dark Star! 10 damage! P.T. gets 3 coins!
Grakís too lazy to fight!
Dark Star shoots a laser at Syrup! 15 damage!

Larry: 500/500
P.T.: 450/450
Boshi: 410/460
Grak: 290/300
Syrup: 485/500
Dark Star: 569/1000

Larry knows how to beat Dark Star!
Larry, Boshi, P.T., and Syrup use Falling Star! Grak becomes the cursor!
The Star, 2 clumps of stars, and 8 solo stars fall on Dark Star! Total 1000 damage!
Dark Star tries inhaling the party!
Everyone flees from battle!
Dark Star is defeated!
Larry, Boshi, Syrup, P.T., and Grak win!



Boshi: Yeah right.


Grak: This is getting kind of lame.

Dark Star spits out Green along with a few small purple clouds.

Dark Star: Must... darken... world... Must... RAAAAAAA!!!

Dark Star rams into the party, knocking them down like bowling pins. Thereís even the standard sound effect.

Dark Star: I must... I wil-


Dark Star is now cut into two pieces by Violetís axe.

Rudy: Hey everybody, whatíd we miss?

Larry: Eh, the usual.


Violet: Weíve had enough of you!

Dark Star turns into a ball of light with a small black star like when he was beaten the first time. He flies up to the ceiling.

Dark Star: (This isnít possible... How could this be?!)

Larry jumps up into the air, ready to punch.

Larry: (Open your eyes, maybe youíll see...)


Grak: You know, the line between referencing and ripping off is getting blurry here.

P.T.: Will you stop talking?

Dark Star explodes.

Everyone: ...

Boshi: Now what?

Larry: I guess we did it. We won!

Everyone Wlse: Yay.

Syrup: Grak! Pick up me minion! We be out of here!

Rudy: Youíre leaving?

Grak: Yeah, we just wanted Green. Later!

Rudy: Huh.

P.T.: Good riddance, that Koopa kept picking on me!

Boshi: Whatever, guys; weíre going on vacation now!

Violet: We are? I thought it was just Rudy and I...

P.T.: Iíll go to a resort. Any resort!

Boshi: And Iíll follow Violet. Any Violet!

Rudy: Wait, what?

Larry: Fine, Iíll drop you all off there, but then itís back to Grass Land for me!

Violet: Wait, we still donít have money.

Larry: Eh, you can have something from the treasure vault for your troubles... But donít tell anyone!

And so Larry dropped Violet, Rudy, P.T., and Boshi off at Isle Delfino, leaving them to their deserved vacation. Meanwhile Captain Syrup, Grak, Green, and all of Syrupís unseen pirate henchmen went off in their own direction. Larry returned to fulfill his duties as the Dark Star was finally destroyed. As for Victor... who knows? Indeed all is well on Plit once more.


But do you REALLY think thatís all there is to the story? After, what, like- SIX chapters? Come on.

???: MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now that Marioís off messing around in space, Iím free to attack! And no one is around that can stop me!


<Ending: Uso, by Sid>

Chapter 7: Super Mario Sunburn

Leaving Rudy behind to tend to Violetís wounds, Larry and the others went to the Koopaseum to challenge the Dark Star once and for all. They were doing mostly fine, but Dark Star wasnít done yet. Luckily Violet somehow got better and cut the Dark Star in half, enabling Larry to punch it for the final blow. All was at peace and the characters all went their own ways. But the story is far, FAR from over.

<New Opening: Hologram, by Nico Touches the Walls>

Larry has dropped Violet, Rudy, P.T., and Boshi off at an airport in Dark Land. Everyone gets on the plane.

Rudy: Are you sure we still want to go to Isle Delfino? I want to go to Wuhu Island instead!

Violet: Itís kind of too late for that, we already have tickets for Delfino.

Rudy: Awww...

On the plane, everyone buckles in and watches the in-flight advertisement for Isle Delfino.

Pianta Spokesman: Welcome! To the super special awesome chocolate-coated mega fantastical Isle Delfino! Home of the Shine Gate! Weíre so pleased to welcome you to our beautiful home! Never mind the fact that weíre an actual civilization with our own problems! Weíll let you run around the most fun-looking regions as if you owned the place! Kemenemeneloopoo... ooh... Whatever.

Violet: Huh?

Violet notices a fat Lakitu floating around in the background of the video.

Spokesman: Come enjoy the natural wonderland slowly being destroyed by Piantakindsí intrusion and construction of all sorts of resorts! Come play on our rollercoaster, but be sure to pop all the balloons in three laps or youíll lose a life! Our lawyers say that any Game Overs from this is NOT our fault now that weíve warned you in this video!

Rudy: Uh-huh...

Violet: Rudy, did you see the big lak-

Rudy: Wait, whatís this?

Spokesman: Enjoy the succulent seafood! Like this Pufferfish! Itís not poisoned at all! Probably!

Boshi: Oh, come to Papa!

Spokesman: All this and more await you on Isle Delfino! Let us, the natives, let you waltz in and force us to refresh your body and spirit! Because we apparently have no lives of our own! Kemamamaloonu... See you there!

The advertisement ends.

Everyone: ...

Rudy: I remember that advertisement being a lot less... frank.

Violet: Did you see that big Lakitu?

Rudy: No. Boshi did, you?

Boshi: Food... Food... Feed me, Seymour...

Rudy: Did you?

P.T.: They all looked fat to me.

Violet: We mean a Lakitu.

P.T.: No.

The plane lands on the airstrip and soon theyíre taken to the plaza.

Meanwhile in Larryís castle...

Larry: Somethingís not right.

Koopatrol: What makes you say that, sir?

There are tons of Spinies walking around.

Larry: It just seems to be a bit pointier than usual around here... Say, Lakitus in our army belong to the Koopa Air Force. And being from Sky Land- er, Cloudy Castle Courtyard or whatever, thatís Royís department, right?

Koopatrol: No sir; as of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, thatís Ludwigís department.

Larry: Oh. Iíll ask him then.


Pianta: Oh great. You guys again.

Violet: But... we were innocent! We even killed the guilty one!

Pianta: Uh-huh, sure.

He walks away.

Rudy: Forget him. What do you want to do now, Violet?

Violet: I wanted to-

P.T.: Mommy, Daddy, can we go to the rollercoaster, please?! We never get to go!

Boshi: Rollercoaster sounds fun.

Rudy: I wasnít asking either of you two!

Violet: I wanted to go to Gelato Beach, actually...

Boshi: Good idea, I couldnít agree more. Letís go!

Rudy: You just said-

Boshi: Move aside, shorty!

Boshi pushes Rudy aside as he and Violet head to a boat to Gelato Beach.

Violet: Sorry!

Rudy: ... (That jerk...)

P.T.: Rollercoaster time.

He goes to take the cannon to Pinna Park.

Rudy: Oh great, so now itís up to me to get our reservations for the hotel? Real nice!


Rudy: ... Jerk.


Larry: Hey Bro. Broski. Bro-erino. Brotown. Bro-yo. Robro. Brother.

Liquid Snake: BRRRRROTHER!

Larry: Uh, yeah. Like I was saying, hey.

Ludwig: What is it?

Larry: Whatís with all the Spinies?

Ludwig: What are you talking about?

Larry: There are a bunch of Spinies in my castle.

Ludwig: I didnít do it.

Larry: Come to think of it, there was a note on my throne...

Ludwig: And you didnít bother to read it.

Larry: I... thought maybe... you...

Ludwig: Well you thought wrong.

Larry: ... I know...

Larry opens the letter.

Larry Koopa, thanks for beating Dark Star, now I can takeover the world without any demons or pesky plumbers!

~Giga Lakitu

Larry: Giga Lakitu? Whoís that?

Kammy: I believe he was a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Larry: Sounds unimportant.

Ludwig: Well, there is the fact that heís going to try to takeover the world now.

Larry: Yeah, but what could a Lakitu do? Throw a Spiny or two? Ooh, Iím so scared. I mean. come on, those guys are chumps! Itís a good thing for them that they work for us, otherwise they wouldnít even know how to put on their own glasses. I mean really! Right, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Ahem.

Larry looks behind him. There are a whole lot of Lakitus and Spinies. Theyíre mad.

Larry: ... Uhhh...

Ludwig points upward. Larry looks up to see a sign.

Fourteenth Annual Lakitu Convention
-Graciously hosted and supported by the royal Koopa family

Larry: ... Uhhhhhhhh-

Meanwhile at the fruit juice bar in the hotel lobby...

Rudy: And he just runs off with her, leaving me behind with the idiot, and I know he wasnít about to get our reservations, oh nooooo. So of course I had to.

Waiter: Iím not caring until you tip me.

Rudy: But... Iím broke!

Waiter: Then I donít care.

Rudy: But-

Waiter: Go away.

Rudy: ...

At Pinna Park...

P.T.: Wheeeee!

Noki: Hey man, youíre on the third lap with ten balloons left! Youíll lose a life if theyíre not all popped, so get to it!

P.T.: Wheeee!!!


Boshi: Hey Waiter, Iíd like four melon smoothies.

Violet: That was nice of you.

Boshi: Why, you wanted one? Iím just really thirsty.

Violet: ... That reminds me, where are the other two?

Boshi: I dunno about Rudy, something about a hotel. And I think the genius wonder was riding a rollercoaster.

Back on the rollercoasterís topmost point...


On Gelato Beach...

Violet: Did you hear something?

Boshi: No. I didnít. Ever.

Violet: ... Okay...

Boshi: Marry me.

Violet: What?

Boshi: I said Iím thirsty.

Il Piantissimo: Hey! Wanna race? Címon, letís race! Iíve set up a flag and everything!

Boshi: Urk! ... Canít... race... Too painful... Memories... losing...

Il Piantissimo: What are you, chicken?

Boshi: Itís on like Swanky Kong!

Violet: Well you got over your issues quickly...

Meanwhile in Grass Land...

Larry: Hmmm... All these Spinies... And I guess itís because of Giga Lakitu. And now he wants to takeover Plit.

Goomba: Indeed, sir. What should we do?

Larry: I dunno. Call that janitor who looks kind of like Mario to clean it up. I think his name was ďEarioĒ or something. You know what, while youíre at it, call these two guys Iíve heard of. Iíll hire them to stop Giga Lakitu. I know Lemmy hired them once for something.

Goomba: Howíd it go, sir?

Larry: Mario beat them... But he also beat Giga Lakitu so maybe thereís hope!

Goomba: On it, sir.

The Goomba runs off.

Larry: Oh, and after that second call, order us a pizza!


P.T.: Whee!

Finally the ride stops and P.T. gets out.

P.T.: That was fun.

Noki: You popped half of the balloons.

P.T.: Yeah, I didnít mean to.

Noki: You were supposed to get all twenty of them.

P.T.: Oh. I was just riding.

Noki: Now I must kill you.

P.T.: Aw great...

P.T. falls over.
P.T. x 02

P.T. wakes up at the park entrance.

P.T.: Iím not giving them my money anymore!

P.T. goes outside the park to the beach. He sees Rudy sitting under the giant sunflower.

P.T.: Huh?

Rudy: I must find a way to impress Violet... I must... I must...

P.T.: Why?

Rudy: I like her!

P.T.: How are you attracted to her?! Arenít Axems like robots or something?

Rudy: Well no one really knows what X-Nauts are either.

P.T.: ĎKay.


Il Piantissimo: Okay, the rules are simple. We race from here, the Peninsula of Many Purposes-

Boshi: The what?

Il: Itís the little spit of stand that sticks out of the beach where a lot of Shine Sprites and the sandcastle appear.

Boshi: Oh.

Il: We start there and race aaaaall the way up to the amphitheater. Got it?

Boshi: Yeah.

Il: Someone count us down!

Crowd: No!

Il/Boshi: ...

Boshi: We need someone!

Il: Weíll just have to wait until someone comes.

Rudy and P.T. appear.

Boshi: Rudy! Time us!

Rudy: Awww! Fine...


Boshi and Il Piantissimo start racing across the beach. Boshi starts slowing down though.

Boshi: Must... eat... food... to... continue...

Il Piantissimo: Time for the wall jump!

He starts wall jumping and running on the paved path to the amphitheater.

Boshi: Need... cookies...

Il Piantissimo: I shall win!

He does.

Boshi: NOOO!!!

Boshi falls over.
Boshi x 04

Boshi wakes up in the juice shack.

Boshi: ... And thatís why I gave up racing.

Rudy: Hey Violet, how have you been? Boy, Boshi sure stinks at racing, am I right?

Violet: Well he was really trailing behind Il Piantissimo, there...

P.T.: He shouldíve used a boost to get through.

Rudy: Stop talking.

Violet: Well now what?

Giga Lakitu: ME!

Chapter 8: Lakitu Hunt

Violet and Rudy had finally earned their vacation, with P.T. and Boshi coming along for the ride. While mostly messing around, Boshi was set on going out with Violet, and Rudy was jealous. But more importantly, Larry found out that Giga Lakitu is trying to takeover the world! Now heís on Isle Delfino! What will happen next?

Boshi: Uh, who are you?

Giga Lakitu: Iím Giga Lakitu! The grand master of all Lakitus!

Rudy: I thought that was King Lakitu.

Giga Lakitu: No thatís just one of those posers that flies around the Bumpsy Plains area. By the way, worst area of the Mushroom Kingdom ever.

Rudy: I thought they were at Blubble Lake.

Giga Lakitu: Youíre thinking of Glam Lakitus. By the way, worst Lakitu subspecies, ever.

Boshi: Yeah thatís nice we donít care about your opinion.

Violet: Uh, how can we help you, Mr. Giga Lakitu?

Giga Lakitu: Why, dear children-

P.T.: Weíre all adults!

Giga Lakitu *at the same time*: -youíve already helped me! By destroying the Dark Star I am now free to conquer Plit and do with it as I please. As something for your troubles, I suppose I could allow you four, Larry, and those pirates something... Ah! I wonít takeover this island, and Iíll even leave all of you and the island alone, provided you never leave.

Violet: What? We canít leave?

Giga Lakitu: Hey, whoíd complain about being stuck here?

P.T.: Vampires?

Giga Lakitu: None of you are vampires. Well, toodleloo!

He flies away, far away from Isle Delfino.

Boshi: ... I canít believe our next story arc villain is that guy. I mean, really?! I still want to get back at that Victor guy!

Violet: Rudy?

Rudy: Yeah?

Violet: I think we have to cut our vacation short.

Rudy: I was afraid youíd say that.

Boshi: What do you want to bet they wonít refund our vacation? And if we come back weíll have to pay all over again?

Violet/Rudy/P.T.: AWWWWW!!!

Rudy: How are we going to go after that guy?

Bobbery: I have a boat.

Boshi: And who are you?

Bobbery: Why, young boy, I am Admiral Bobbery! I overheard the situation and thought I could help out.

Violet: Mr. Admiral, sir, do you have a boat?

Bobbery: Why of course, Miss! Come on, chaps, we must go forth and stop that felon!

Rudy/P.T./Boshi: ĎKay.

Boshi: You! Go get our stuff from the hotel!

P.T.: Awww...


Larry: Okay, you two, youíre looking for a Lakitu with a crown. As far as I know there arenít a lot of those, so it shouldnít be that hard.

*Oblivious to King/Glam Lakitus*

Larry: Well then, his name is Giga Lakitu, and thatís all else I have to say. You can have your money when you bring him to my dungeon. Okay? ... Donít look at me like that, Iíll pay you exactly as much as I said I would!

The two leave.

Goomba: Sir, do you think that maybe those fellows you were traveling with might need to be aware?

Larry: Oh fine. You look after those two guys though, or youíre fired.

Goomba: Yes sir.

Larry gets a jet boat and heads all the way to Isle Delfino.

Meanwhile at Ricco Harbor, everyone but P.T. and Rudy is by Bobberyís ship.

Bobbery: Whatís keeping that chap?

Boshi: I dunno. I sent Rudy after him, maybe thatíll help.

Violet: I hope nothing happened to them.

Boshi: Eh, probably not.

Larryís boat gets there.

Larry: Cool I thought youíd be here. Hey, just a heads up-

Violet: Giga Lakitu wants to takeover the world!

Larry: Oh, so you know. Well donít worry about it, I sent these two guys to deal with him and-

Bobbery: Dear boy, this is the time for action! We mustnít terry and delegate work to others when weíre perfectly capable!

Larry: Yeah whatever-

Violet: Please? We might need your help!

Larry: ... Oh fine.

P.T.: Weíre back!

Rudy: Heís making me carry all the stuff, if you didnít notice. Viiiiiiolet, make him stop!

Boshi: Yeah, Iím sure crying like a little kid will make her dig you.

Violet: What was that?

Boshi: I didnít say anything. That guy did.

Bobbery: I say, I did not!

Larry: Why are you saying that youíre saying that you didnít say that? Just say that you didnít say!

Bobbery: Balderdash, Iím not saying that Iím saying that Iím saying I didnít say!

P.T.: Say what?

Violet: Uh, guys? Uhh, can we go back to looking for Giga Lakitu?

Boshi: Oh fine, but only because you want us to.

Violet: Huh? Because... I... Wha-

Larry: The important thing is we have a motorboat thatíll get us there faster than this bombís hunk of wood!

A meteor comes out of nowhere and crashes into Larryís boat.

Larry: ... WHAT?! WH-WH-WHAT?! That... that doesnít happen! How did that- Why- What- When- ... *sigh* Fine, onto the hunk it is...

Everyone gets on and the ship heads out. They eventually come across Giga Lakitu flying close to the water.

Giga Lakitu: Eeh, what are you doing here? I told you to stay on that island! Worst listeners ever.

P.T.: No!

Larry: Youíre not taking over Plit! My family is!

Giga Lakitu: Is that so? Well, take this!

He starts throwing Spinies at the boat, but Bobbery steers is masterfully, avoiding all the projectiles.

Giga Lakitu: Rrrrr... In that case... HA!

Giga Lakitu pulls out a wand like Count Bleckís.

Giga Lakitu: Like this? I found it online. Best sale ever! Now begone!

Giga Lakitu creates a void and it sucks up Bobberyís boat with everyone on it.

Everyone: Aaaaaaahhh!!!

Giga Lakitu: Hahahahaha!

Meanwhile on the seas...

Syrup: Yarr! All right maties, today we be goiní after the big one!

Army of Pirate Guys: AYE, CAPTAIN!

Syrup: The sunken treasure of Blubble Lake! Set course for Plack Beach, yarr!

Pirate Guys: AYE, CAPTAIN!

Grak: Hey, uh, why am I still here again?

Syrup: Did ye not read the fine print of our agreement? Ye be workiní for me now!

Grak: Aw crud.

Meanwhile in Blubble Lake...

???: HIIIYA!

A Zeus Guy tackles a Glam Lakitu while the other one walks toward them.

Zeus Guy 1: Where is the Giga Lakitu?

Glam Lakitu: I donít know who that is!


Zeus Guy 1 throws the Glam Lakitu at the other one, who kicks said Lakitu into the horizon.

Goomba: Uh, guys? You didnít need to do that.

Zeus Guy 1: Do not worry, little Goomba. The Karate Duo Number 1-

Zeus Guy 2: Number one!

Duo 1: -will defeat the Giga Lakitu, because we are broke.

Duo 2: So we need money!

Duo 1: You had better pay us.

Goomba: (Ugh, I go from being the fake Bowser of World 7 to being Mega Goomba, and now Iím a babysitter for these delusional guys? This stinks.)

Syrupís voice: Arr, thereís the lake, maties! Goomdiver, go for it!

Goomdiver: Aye, aye.

He jumps into the lake.

Goomba: Whatís going on here?

Syrup: It be no business of yers, landlubber!

Duo 2: Tell us where Giga Lakitu is!

Syrup: Who?

Duo 1: You are of no use to us.

What is the deal with this Karate Duo? What treasure is Captain Syrup after? Where did Giga Lakitu get that wand, and what will he do next? What will become of the party? Whoís on first? Find out next time!

<New Ending: Let It Out by Fukuhara Miho>

Read on!

~Karate Duo created by araskin500 and pthouse on Newgrounds.

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