Larryís Adventure 3: Brotherhood

By P.T. Piranha

Chapter 24: Keep the Ball Rolling

Violet was with Shadeís party inside of Larry when they ran into Larryís spirit as well as Fawful. They decided to have a match of Strikers to settle things once and for all, and Fawful was finally defeated. But things arenít over yet. Not only is there still The Big Man to think about, but Goomba is plotting something and Ludwig is buying it. What more must our heroes overcome?

<New Opening: Period, by Chemistry>

Outside Larryís ruined castle...

Boshi: You were just waiting here the whole time?!

Tiki Tong: No! The Big Man told me to go find this ball after helping you guys.

He slams down a giant glass ball with a Power Star inside it.

Tiki Tong: Only I was able to find it in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy, but now you all have to escort this ball.

Boshi: Um, how?!

Tiki Tong: Itís a giant ball, just freaking roll it!

Boshi: At least tell us where to go!

Tiki Tong: The Winkle Realm. In Chucklehuck Woods.

Boshi: What?! And you canít go with us or anything?!

Tiki Tong: Hey, youíre lucky Iím helping at all! Bye, Iím gonna go complain about how Iíll likely never appear in a game again.

The boss floats away and Boshi begrudgingly pushes the ball into the castle. The first floor is pretty much the same as usual, itís the second story thatís not doing so hot.

Boshi: Hey guys, Iím back!

He manages to push the ball a bit further until he reaches a lava pit.

Boshi: Aw crud, I forgot this was the World 1 Castle! Itís one of those levels they put that Mario jerk through!

With great pain, he swallows the ball and it turns into an egg, which means itíll automatically follow him everywhere (Yoshiís Island logic). Boshi then proceeds through the castle until he reaches the boss room. He enters a door past there and makes it to the cafeteria. The egg hatches into the ball.

P.T.: What took you so long?

Boshi: I had to go through a whole level to get in here! Plus I had a timer in the corner of the screen! Sheesh Larry, how do you guys get around with all these lava pits?!

Larry: Stop crying, at least weíre not at the World 8 Castle! Now did you find Tiki Tong or not? ... Whatís with the ball?

Boshi: It was Tiki Tong, he says we have to take it all the way to the Winkle Realm to meet The Big Man!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Boshi: Youíre telling me!

Violet: Is that all he said?

Boshi: Yeah!

Rudy: Ugh, just when I finally felt all rested up again.

Larry: And the worst part is that my airship was destroyed way back when we left Creepy Steeple!

P.T.: Canít we just ask one of your siblings for one?

Larry: No, thatís stupid.

Bobbery: I say, could we not roll it to your nearest relative and request a loan on one of their airships?

Larry: Good idea, Bobbery!

Bobbery: I didnít say anything.

P.T. *perfectly imitating Bobberyís voice*: Thank you, Larry.

???: Okay here we are, men.

Larry: Hey Piranha Plant, go see whoís at that door.

Piranha Plant is busy making cake.

Piranha Plant: Uh, sir? Can any of your other minions do that?

Larry: No, they all deserted when Fawful took over, or were fired by him. Anyone else is stranded on Yoshiís Island from when we met Boshi or those Koopatrols we left on Isle Delfino.

Rudy: They quit by the way.

Larry: Well there was also that computer system I installed in the castle to open doors for me when I feel too lazy. Hey, new computer system! Open the gate!

GlaDos: I will not. Can we go back to testing now?

Larry: Ugh, stupid computer... Well wait thereís still Goomba, now that heís back to normal. And his new buddy, Ramrock.

Rodrick: Hot Roderick.

Larry: Yeah, go answer the door.

Goomba: Fine.

Still dressed up for Mario Party 4, Goomba goes to answer the door with Rodrick. Itís Kammy Koopa.

Kammy: Hey, whatís all this then?

Goomba: Thank goodness youíre here, Larryís keeping the traitors detained in the cafeteria as I speak! But theyíve got him brainwashed into thinking theyíre all friends! Earlier Fawful was here, he was destroyed though. But heíd also instructed these guys to say whatever was necessary to throw off suspicion!

Rodrick: Uh yeah, totally. Stuff like that.

Ludwig: Weíll handle this.

Ludwig and a troop of Koopatrols, Hammer Bros., and average Troopas enter and go through a level, but one Koopa falls into the lava.

Koopa: AAAAH!

Spiky Tom: Billy!

Spiky John: Not now, the Vice Kingís in danger!

Ludwig readies his wand and breaks down the door to the cafeteria.

Ludwig: HANDS UP!

Violet/Blue Toad/Yellow Toad: AAAH!

Rudy: WHOA!



Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Poochy: Arf!

Larry: Huh?

Bobbery: Wot!

Oshawott: Wot!

Watt: Yes?

Ludwig: Axem Violet, Rudy Riverson, P.T. Piranha, Boshi, Bobbery, Pyro Guy, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad. All of you are under arrest for attempted murder of Prince Larry Koopa via ramming his castle while he was fighting off the forces of Fawful!

Larry: What are you talking about?

Ludwig: No Larry, Goomba has informed me that theyíve brainwashed you.

Dry Bones: I bet this ball has something to do with it.

Spiky Tom: Billy, youíre alive after all!

The party is surrounded.

Rudy: Wait, Goombaís still out to get us or something?! I thought he turned good! ... Or at least whatever alignment the Koopa Troop is.

Blue Toad: This doesnít look good.

Pyro Guy: ... *muffled*!

He picks up the Star Rod from the table.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Pyro Guy, the Star Rod, the ball, Larry, Violet, Rudy, Bobbery, P.T., and Boshi are teleported out of the castle.

Yellow Toad: Aah! What about us?!

Poochy: Bark, bark!

Kammy: Sir, what do we do with the Millennium Star?

Ludwig: Eh, throw it in the treasury. Hammer Bro., confiscate that.

Hammer Bro.: That thing reminds me of Mario Party. I sure wish I was playable in that right now since TODAY IS MY DAY OFF!

Ludwig: Why you crying?

Meanwhile at Teehee Valley...

Violet: You wished that all of us except the Toads and Poochy, but including the ball, would be warped to the Beanbean Kingdom? But why exclude those guys?

Pyro Guy shrugs.

Larry: Well at least weíre closer to the Winkle Realm. But I have no clue what Ludwig was going on about.

Bobbery: From the way Rudy put it, that Goomba is still our enemy. He mustíve said something to King Ludwig.

Boshi: But whyíd he call us traitors? Larryís the only one who really supports the Koopa Kingdom. Violet, Rudy, P.T., Bobbery, and those Toads support the Mushroom Kingdom anyway. Iím unaligned, and Pyro Guy doesnít even come from this dimension, we just picked him up in Lineland!

Boshi motions toward, Pyro Guy waves at him.

Violet: Well the important thing for now is getting this ball to The Big Man. But how will we roll it?

Boshi: Iím not eating it again!

Bobbery: Ludwig could be trying to find us from here. I say we just wish ourselves to the Winkle Realm.

Pyro Guy holds up the Star Rod, but then Eldstar appears from nowhere.

Eldstar: Weíll be needing that back now.

Violet: Wait, I won that!

Eldstar: You won it for use in only a set amount of chapters, we need it back now.

Violet: Could you at least warp us?

Eldstar: Iím sorry, but things are very hectic right now.

Eldstar ascends with the Star Rod in tow.

Rudy: What a jerk.

Bobbery: Iíll say. Well, another effective method would be to stand from atop the ball and roll it. What say you?

Larry: Not it.

Rudy: Hey. Boshi already ate it, I for one donít want to walk on a ball covered in his saliva.

Boshi: Hey. itís dried off now!

P.T.: Yeah but itís already gained your scent, youíre the only one itíll trust.

Boshi: Itís not an animal!

Larry: He has a point, Boshi, so just do it already.

Boshi: He doesnít have a point, you just want me to do it!

Larry: And youíre not satisfying that desire! DO IT!

Boshi: Ugh! Since when did I become the chore boy for this team?!

Larry: All right, letís do this! And first one to intentionally make a pun about a ball or rolling will be punished. Letís move!

Boshi gets on top of the ball and starts rolling toward the direction of Chucklehuck Woods.

Boshi: Well come on!

Everyone follows along. Now itís just a pleasant walk across Beanbean Fields, occasionally pointing out the scenery and laughing at Boshiís expense. Theyíre eventually at the southwestern region.

Rudy: So Violet, I hear the Beanbean Kingdomís nice this time of year. How about we take a stop at Gwarhar Lagoon once we get this whole thing with the Big Man settled?

P.T.: Eh, too lame.

Rudy: Oh man, Iíve got to get this ball rolling before Boshi beats me to it!

P.T.: -

Rudy: No, Iím not talking about the Power Star one!

P.T.: By the way, itís The Big Man. You said it with a lowercase t in ďtheĒ.

Rudy: ... How would you even know that?! Stop being so meta!

At the front of the group...

Bobbery: Ms. Violet, do you suppose we might take a break, hmm? Iím rather parched.

Violet: I donít know, I thought Larry was in charge.

Bobbery: What say you, Larry?

Larry: I dunno. Hey Boshi, you tire-

Boshi (interrupting): YES!

Larry: Okay, I guess we can stop for a few minutes.

Everyone takes a break. Boshi rests on top of the ball while Rudy practices courting Violet by talking to one of those peapods with smiley faces on their peas. Larry and P.T. are busy trading Pokemon, while the other three just sit and enjoy the weather.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Okay, two of them enjoy the weather while Pyro Guy wants to burn things.

Violet: No burning, we donít want to draw a lot of attention.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Violet: I donít care if Mario used Firebrand on some of the enemies here, itís too risky!

Larry: Yeah, the last thing we want is to incur the wrath of Smokey the Bear.

Boshi is panting.

Boshi: For the last time... he doesnít exist...

Larry: ...

Larry is tied to a chair in a dark room.



Smokey: ... You make me sick. Get out of my sight.

Larry: Donít you talk smack to me about Smokey!

Boshi: Whatever.

Larry: Hmm. I wonder if these guys are evil after all and Iím being brainwashed, made all the easier from having Fawful in me. And Iím only convinced otherwise because Iím so far into their scheme. Much like Shutter Island or that 2010 Christopher Nolan movie everyone feels compelled to make a reference to. Nah.

Violet: Uh, Larry? Inner monologues only work inside your head.

Larry: I know, I was just messing around.

P.T.: What if he was just saying that to try to make us think he wasnít onto us? What if weíre all just pawns in HIS scheme? I sure do love cryptic inner monologues.

Rudy: Yeah, theyíre pretty awesome.

Larry: Well enough of that, I just pwned you with my Golett, letís get back to moving. Come on, Boshi.

Boshi: Get killed!

Boshi gets back up and starts rolling the ball toward the forest, but an orange blur rams into the ball, causing it to roll toward the ocean.

Boshi: Hey!

Itís all Boshi can do to roll it the other way, back towards the group.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

The blur stops. Itís Hot Rodrick in his car.

Rodrick: Itís me, and I want revenge!

Rudy: You mean for taking on Large Fry and Bloomsday?

Rodrick: No, those guys were jerks. Iím referring to how youíve been spelling my name wrong the whole time! Thereís an E in there!

Boss - Hot Roderick

Roderick: Thatís better! Now who feels like taking me on in a race?

Larry: Hey Bo-

Boshi: I have an egg with ďLarryís faceĒ written all over it!

Larry: But you love races!

P.T.: Iíll do it.

Roderick: Ha! Fine! Weíll race all the way to the base of Hoohoo Mountain! Good luck without a vehicle! GO!

Roderick blasts off to the north.

P.T.: Ah!

He starts jogging in Roderickís direction.

Everyone else: ...?

Bobbery: I say we just continue rolling the ball.

Larry/Violet/Rudy: Yeah.


P.T.: Aw man, Iím never gonna catch up! And heíll win the race! My prideís at stake!

???: I shall help you, P.T., as Iíve helped you many times in the past! Why? Because...

A silver blur rams into P.T. and carries him further.

Torpedo Ted: Iím a torpedo!

He now looks like Torpedo Teds did in Mario Galaxy, silver with red eyes and pointier teeth.

P.T.: Torpedo Ted! Itís been months!

He climbs on top of his buddyís back and stands as if he were surfing.

P.T.: Okay, letís get the trophy!

Torpedo Ted: TORPEDO AWAY!

Roderick: Ha! This is in the ba-WHOA! ... That was a weird tree. WHOA! That guyís catching up to me!

Roderick starts resorting to throwing wrenches and tires at P.T., but he uses his hammer to knock them back into Roderick, regardless of how high or low the boss rides. Roderick then extends high again and lets P.T. ahead.

P.T.: Hey thanks.

Roderick: Heh, heh...

He glows with dark power and rams forward, ramming the good guys.

P.T./Torpedo Ted: HEY!

They crash and Roderick passes them by.

Roderick: Later, losers!

Torpedo Ted: Not yet! Torpedo Whirlwind!

Torpedo Ted summons a tornado that picks him and P.T. up and spits them out on Roderickís trunk.

Roderick: Hey, get off my ride!

P.T.: Sword of Goodness ní Stuff!

P.T. swings Torpedo Ted at Roderick, knocking him out of the car and flying into the distance.

Roderick: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! *ding*

P.T.: Yeah! We won!

Meanwhile at the Winkle Realm, Boshi rolls the ball into a hole. said ball bursts and a Power Star comes out. Rudy proceeds to take it.

Rudy: Wahoo!

Bill Board: Oh good, you got the Star. Thatís nice. The Big Man will be pleased.

Larry: Okay, enoughís enough! Just who is The Big Man anyway?!

Bill Board: Oh, heís right behind you.

Everyone looks and gasps.

The Big Man: Itís-a me, Mario!

Chapter 25: Los Dos Marios

Tiki Tong gave Boshi a ball with a Power Star inside, telling them to take it to the Winkle Realm in order to meet The Big Man. At that time, Ludwig appeared to arrest the party for allegedly trying to harm Larry. They got out, but soon had to face off with Hot Roderick, who was mad about the author misspelling his name like an idiot. Torpedo Ted appeared to help P.T. and then the others finally met The Big Man - Mario himself.

Violet: Youíre The Big Man?!

Larry: Oh great, itís stupid Mario! I was hoping we could go this whole trilogy without him!

Boshi: First you make Yoshi beat me in a race, now you force me to roll this ball across a kingdom- cut to the chase!

Mario: Okey-dokey. Iím-a usually not one to exposit, but now there is a-no choice. The important thing is that the world, it is a-not safe yet.

Violet: What do you mean?

Mario: The Dark Star and Fawful... they were a-planned.

Everyone else: !!!

Bobbery: I say, Mario, what do you mean?

Mario: Did-a you ever wonder why the Dark Star a-suddenly started wreaking havoc again? Or a-how Giga Lakitu ever became interested in a-reviving Fawful?

Everyone kind of grumbles and looks at the ground.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

Mario: Yes. They were-a both planned by the same a-person. They are a-trying to destroy the world in a-order to create one in place of this one, but that world will a-be in their image.

Violet: Well who all could be behind it? The Dark Star and Fawful didnít seem to know. And Purple... he killed Tabuu with himself...

Larry: Well hey, donít look at me, I would know if my familyís planning something. And Goomba seemed to be on the same level as Fawful.

P.T. and Torpedo Ted appear.

P.T.: Hey guys, we beat Hotwheels Guy and then Torpedo Ted joined the party!

Rudy: P.T., Mario is The Big Man! And he says that someone wants to destroy the world and make one for themselves, and that the Dark Star and Fawful were just different attempts by this person!

P.T.: Cool story, bro.

Rudy: You could at least shift octaves...

Bobbery: By Warioís whiskers, who is this person, Mario?

Mario: I-a only recently found out, but this-a mastermind has only recently come into a-power. Three a-years ago, Kamek summoned this being to-a stop Larry and his friends in a triple battle, and was the only a-one never to have been found after everything was settled-a.

Larry: Letís see with my conveniently photographical memory...

-We fought Kammy, Yoob, and Chao. Chao went back to the Sonic world and Yoob was released into the wild. Kammy stayed with us, of course.
-Then Burt the Bashful, Big Bungee Piranha, and Hookbill the Koopa. They all went back to their castles when we were done.
-Marching Milde, Tatanga, and Doopliss. The first and third went back to their homes, but we arrested Tatanga for being annoying.
-Then the big battle against Beldam, Hoohooros, Salvo the Slime, Naval Piranha, Cortez, and the Black Jewel. They also returned to their abodes.
-Next was Dragohoho, Chef Torte, and Jojora. Torte went back to Marrymore while Jojora returned to Jokesí End, but we put the Dragohoho to work in the mines.
-Culex went to shoot some things for Square Enix and General Guy returned to the toy box, but Shade drank Chuckolator.
-All that was left was Mummipokey, King Croacus, Hector the Reflector, Lakithunder, Lava Piranha, and Shadoo. Croacus went back home while Hector, Mummipokey, Lakithunder, and Lava Piranha went back to their forts. As for Shadoo... Uhhh...

Larry: ... I guess itís him.

Mario: Yep! After-a failing to use the dark a-power from the Dark-a Star, Shadoo is-a trying to destroy-a the world!

Torpedo Ted: No, he canít destroy it! I live there! Iím a torpedo!

Violet: No way, we canít do this, weíve barely even heard of Shadoo before!

Mario: We will-a need help to do this.

???: Interesting story, Mario. How ever did you find it out?

Mario: Huh?

An entirely black version of Mario appears.

Shadoo: Ever since you found out, Iíve been keeping an eye on you, Mario! So go on, say who can help defeat me. Iíd love to hear it!

P.T.: Oh no, which oneís the real Mario?!

Violet: ... The one that actually looks like him.

P.T.: ... I knew that.

Violet: Why donít you just go play with the Winkle over there?

Mario: Shadoo, I will-a help these people save-a the world from your evil!

Shadoo: Bring it!

Shadoo pulls out a hammer and starts swinging it. Mario jumps over the hammer swing and ground pounds on Shadooís head.

Shadoo: Ouch!

Mario grabs the doppelganger by the suspenders and swings him around like Bowser, until throwing him at a Chucktorok nearby.

Chucktorok: Ptooie!

Shadoo: Crud!

It spits another rock at Shadoo, but this time he hammers it toward Mario and the others, but they dodge and it hits the statue.

Winkle: Noooo!

Another one nearly hits Bill Board.

Bill Board: Hey!

Shadoo jumps over to Mario and tries hammering again, but instead receives an unexpected egg to the face, courtesy of Boshi.

Torpedo Ted: TORPEDO AWAY!

He rams into Shadoo, and Pyro Guy gets him with a fireball.

Mario: Good a-job, guys!

Mario does the Super Jump Punch while Shadooís still receiving damage right in front of him. While in the air, Rudy throws a fire potion at the shadow being.

Shadoo: Grr! I made a mistake by trying the direct assault. Or at least trying it here and now. But mark my words, my third plan will be the most devastating of all!

Shadoo turns into a nearby Pestnutís shadow and rolls away. But not before rolling back and spitting a dart at Larry. But he dodges and it hits P.T.ís left leg.


Rudy goes over to examine it.

Rudy: Huh. From the vague glimpse that I barely gave, it looks like your legís poisoned. It wonít have to come off or anything, but you canít be on it for a few weeks.

Violet: Rudy, you never told me you knew medicine.

Rudy: I was an X-Naut PhD, but my uniform was dirty on the day I got fired.

Mario: This is-a not good... As I was a-saying, we will need help to a-destroy him.

Larry: But I donít want your help!

Bobbery: Larry, recount all the times your father would set aside his differences to help Mario!

Larry: ... Aw crud, youíre right... So what do we do?

Mario: We a-need to get the different crystals from a-Culex.

Rudy: A Culex? Thereís more than one?!

Boshi: That was his accent, moron.

Mario: Yes. First-a we need to gather the Fire-a Crystal, Earth Crystal, and a-then the Water Crystal. Weíll split into-a teams of three and then a-meet back somewhere to go after the-a Wind Crystal.

Violet: Where are they?

Mario: I donít-a know, but they would be a-somewhere where the element is a-strong.

P.T.: What about me?

Rudy: I guess youíll have to ride on the back of someone else. Like maybe Tor-

Boshi: !

Boshi quickly puts P.T. on his back and runs over to Violet.

Boshi: Okay, weíre one team!

Rudy: (Crud!)

Larry: Well Iím not going with Mario. So... Pyro Guy, new guy, youíre with me.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Torpedo Ted: Yay!

Bobbery: I guess that leaves old friends, Mario chap.

Mario: Okeydokey!

Rudy: And me!

Bobbery: Iím a bomb of the sea, so Iíd be in my element going after the Water Crystal.

Larry: Hey, I like Mother Nature, so I guess itís the Earth Crystal for us.

Pyro Guy is delighted at the chance to burn nature itself.

Boshi: So, uh... Fire Crystal then?

Violet: Aww...

P.T.: Lame.

Rudy goes over to P.T. and pulls him down to his level.

P.T.: Huh?

Rudy (whispering): Look, youíre the only other person in the group other than Boshi who knows, but could you please try to keep Boshi from hitting on Violet while Iím gone?

P.T.: Like I care, whatís in it for me?

Rudy: Uh... Iíll buy you a video game?

P.T.: Which one?

Rudy: Does it matter?

P.T.: No.

Mario: Actually I-a have a confession to a-make... I know where one of the crystals is... But-a thatís why I want us to go after it fourth-a. As one group... Itís in Sky Land... Ludwigís-a seat of power.

Everyone else: *gasp*!

Mario: So we-a all meet there after getting-a the others?

Everyone else: Sure.

Mario: Then letís a-go!

Fire Crystal - At: ??? - Violet, Boshi, P.T.
Earth Crystal - At: ??? - Larry, Pyro Guy, Torpedo Ted
Water Crystal - At: ??? - Mario, Bobbery, Rudy

Rudy: So Mr. Mario, take us through a day in the life of a bunch of crystal collectors like us.

Mario: Well... first thing-a we do is...

Leave the forest!
Get directions!
Use a map!
Find the crystal!
Meet in Sky Land!
Get the last one!
Go beat Shadoo!
Victory conga!
Go back home!

Rudy: That was... very eye-opening... I guess.

In Ludwigís dungeon...

Blue Toad: What do you mean they didnít confiscate your phone?

Yellow Toad: Exactly what it sounded like! They left it with me! And it gets all four bars!

Poochy: Arf!

Blue Toad: Cool, we can call for back-up!

Yellow Toad: Iím gonna text that guy who gave us the cotton candy!

Blue Toad: Okay!

At King Booís Haunted Hideaway...

Whomp: Heh, get this! That chump I totally conned totally wants me to totally help him totally escape from Ludwig Von Koopaís castle! ... Totally.

King Boo: Are you getting paid for each time you cram that word into a sentence?

Whomp: Totally.

King Boo: Weird. Why?

Whomp: Well-

King Boo: No, I meant the chump thing!

Whomp: Something about being totally involved with the whole Fawful/Larry debacle.

King Boo: Petey posted something on his online wall about that recently... Iím gonna catch up with him and see if he knows anything. I think he said something about going with his new friends to Yoshiís Tropical Island.

Meanwhile in the basement of Ludwigís (formerly Bowserís) castle...

Ludwig: How is it?

Ludwigís wearing a dark cloak for some reason.

Magikoopa: Good, sir. Weíve picked up all the scattered pieces and reassembled them. Weíve created a stronger version of it, complete with a new color scheme. We also added an X to its name.

Another Magikoopa: We lose the element of surprise by sending whole battalions out into the wilderness. Weíll up the security of the royal castles, but just send this guy to capture or kill the traitors. Weíve also improved its speech capabilities, but it can only say one word.

Ludwig: Good... Junker X, rise!

The Junker X is awakened.


Cut to black.

Ludwigís voice: Are you sure they got the reference?

Chapter 26: Hinopioís New Groove

Mario informed everyone that Shadoo was behind both the Dark Starís return and Fawfulís revival. After a brief scuffle with the being, Mario said that the only thing they could do would be to locate the crystals Culex once used. So they split up to get three of them before meeting in Sky Land for the fourth. But they werenít the only ones busy. Yellow Toadís would-be failure of a distress signal inadvertently got King Boo to search for Petey and the others, and Ludwig resurrected the Junker to work for him.

Knowing that the Wind Crystal was in a place with lots of wind, Violet and her group decided to head to Starbeans Cafe in order to think of all the fiery places they could, so theyíd know where to find the Fire Crystal.

Boshi: Hey Violet, while weíre here, how about we go see the Yoshi Theater? We could see... What is your favorite movie?

Violet: I donít watch a lot of movies...

Boshi: Umm... Neither do I! Letís go watch one!

P.T.: ... !

Rudy: Could you please keep Boshi from hitting on Violet while Iím gone?

P.T.: Uhhhh, I think someone burned down the Yoshi Theater in a fit of violent frenzy... Like a boss.

Boshi: Well we could-

Violet: Look for the Fire Crystal.

Boshi: Aww... Well itís got to be somewhere fiery. Where could that be?

Violet: Well I have a list of all the fiery places on Plit we can search.

<<Lethal Lava Land, Corona Mountain, Koopa Kingdom, Fury Volcano, Barrel Volcano, Thwomp Volcano, Grumble Volcano>>

P.T.: How do we check all those places?

Boshi: Violet and I will split into one team and look, and you can probably handle yourself.

P.T.: But... my leg!

Violet: He has a point, heís riding on your back because he canít walk for a while.

Boshi: (Grr!) Well... Letís just check the first one we run into and go from there.

Violet: Okay.

Meanwhile on Yoshiís Tropical Island...

Blue Yoshi: Hey will you help me reach my girlfriend?

Fin: Itís a small island, do it yourself!

Meanwhile Blooperís playing in the water while Shade and Petey are relaxing in chairs.

Petey: So whereíd Victor go again?

Shade: I think he went off to angst or something.

King Boo appears.

Shade/Petey: WHOA!

King Boo: Petey, is it true?!

Petey: Okay, Iíll admit it... I have gained some weight...

King Boo: I meant about the Koopa Kingdom.

Petey: Huh?

King Boo: Theyíre after that Axem girl who competed in my hideaway and her friends. Something about their friend Larry Koopa. Ludwigís forces already captured these Toad guys and a dog!

Petey: I was not aware of that.

Shade: Neither was I, what are you saying?

King Boo: Iím saying that these guys couldnít fight their way out from under a wet carpet, but the Koopa Kingdom thinks theyíre out to get Larry!

Shade: Of course they arenít, they helped us beat Fawful.

King Boo: I know, so this is kinda weird.

Blooper: Well what do you want us to do about it?

King Boo: I dunno, maybe go ask the Koopa Kingdom whatís up?

Shade: Yeah, youíre right. Come on, guys, letís go get Victor.

Fin walks up, holding a lot of Stars.

Fin: Letís hurry too, before they realize I stole the bridge, stranding them on their islet.

Shade/Petey/King Boo/Blooper: ...

Fin: What?

At Barrel Volcano, the team walks into the Hino Mart. Only itís empty, and Hinopio is sleeping on a crate with a newspaper over his face.

Boshi: Hey, wasnít the Hino Mart around here somewhere?

Hinopio: HUH WHAT?!

Hinopio wakes up instantly.

Violet: There it is!

Violet notices the Fire Crystal on the top shelf of the store next to a few F-Zero figurines, a Fox McCloud action figure, and a hand puppet of Elmo.

P.T.: Hey, can we have that?

Hinopio: No! Itís mine!

P.T.: ... Please?

Hinopio: No! Go away, weíre closed! Forever!

Violet: But why?

Hinopio: Why? How about this: No one ever comes to visit! So I decided to close down.

Boshi: Well gee, putting a store in the back of a volcano thatís pretty much out of the way unless youíre headed to Dark Land- which is a wasteland; the only stupider move would be to put a convenience store in the middle of deep space!

At the Outer Limits...

Howzitt: ... Someoneís going down.

Back in the Hino Mart...

Hinopio: Whatever, buster, but Iím done! Iím keeping all this and you canít convince me otherwise!

Violet: Not even for... uh...

She digs around in her imaginary pocket.

Violet: 12 coins?

Boshi: I have a Frog Coin.

P.T.: I found a candy bar... wrapper.

Hinopio: ... What kind of candy bar?

P.T.: -

Boshi: Look man, we need the crystal to stop this guy from destroying everything!

Hinopio: This shop is my whole world, it might as well be destroyed as far as I care!

Violet: Isnít there anything we can do? Please?

Hinopio: Well... Get me some customers!

Violet: Deal.

Boshi/P.T.: Awww, we donít wanna work!

Violet: But guys, how else are we gonna get the Fire Crystal?

Boshi: Fine, Violet, because you insist.

Junker X crashes into the room.

Junker: NO!

Violet: AAAH!

Hinopio: What in the world is that thing?!

P.T.: I dunno.

Boshi: I was thinking it was one of your employees or something.

Violet: Itís the Junker, one of Fawfulís minions!

Junker X: No.

Violet: ... Not one of Fawfulís minions?

Junker X pulls out a letter and hands it to Violet. She reads it aloud.

Violet: I have been fixed and rewired. King Von Koopa has ordered me to capture you dead or alive. Game Over.

Violet/Boshi: Waaah!

P.T.: Wait, so why-

Boshi: RUN!

The gang runs out of the store. Violet takes Hinopio by the hand while Boshi grabs the Fire Crystal with his tongue and they beeline for the nearest exit with Junker X on their tails.

Junker X: NO! NO! NNNO!

He pulls out a giant ball of garbage and hurls it in the direction of Boshi and P.T.

Boshi/P.T.: WHY US?!

Boshi jumps up and the A Button appears. Itís pressed and Boshi goes higher and higher. With each jump one can hear-


The garbage whizzes beneath the two and they land back on the ground.

Junker X: !!!

Violet: Thereís the exit!

Everyone gets onto the trampoline and bounces onto the rim of the volcano.

Boshi: Wait, I have an idea.

Boshi flutters and then ground pounds all the way down back into the crater, landing on Junker X.

Junker X: NOOOOO!!!

The robot is defeated.

Boshi: Ha! Owned!

P.T.: Yay!

They go back onto the rim.

Boshi: ĎKay, now that we took care of that, letís mosey on to Sky Land!

Violet: But Boshi, what about Hinopio? We still have to help him!

Boshi: Aww, do we have to?

Violet: Come on!

Boshi: Ohhh... Fine! Well Hinopio, I think the most important thing would be location.

Hinopio: Anywhere in mind?

At Koopa Kastle, Private Goomp is walking down the halls, but stops when he hears a voice.

Goombaís voice: So thanks again for helping us rebuild Junker.

Other voice: No problem, nerr. But do you have the Durmite Catch Card?

Goombaís voice: Uh, yeah itís in my... car... Yeah, thatís it.

Francisís voice: Schweet!

Goomp: (Francis? Didnít old King Bowser mention him once? Whatís he doing here?)

Private Goomp walks into the room.

Goomp: Hey guys, whatís going on?

Goomba: Well those guys that helped with Fawful? Turns out theyíre after Larryís life! So weíre beefing up security at the castles. Meanwhile we took in Junkerís scraps and had this guy rebuild him since he already has a grudge against those guys.

Francis: Yeah, Junker X is so high-technicaaaaaal compared to the original model!

Goomp: Violet and her friends are after Prince Larryís life? Seriously?

Then it hits Goomp like an anvil.

Goomp is walking back into the wreckage of Larryís throne room.

Goomp: Hold on a minute, guys, I dropped my wallet. ... Whoís that voice?

Goomp walks over and sneaks up on Goomba and Hot Roderick talking on a communicator, telling Ludwig the lies about the party and Larry.

Goomp: !

Goomp: Oh... Well good luck!

In Ludwigís Throne Room...

Goomp: King Ludwig, I think Goombaís lying!

Paraplonk: Yeah!

Guy: We were there, we know what really happened! Fawful possessed Larry, and everyone did their best to exorcise Fawful, and it eventually worked!

Hot Roderick, looking mangled from his scuffle previously, is wheelchaired into the room by a Koopatrol.

Hot Roderick: Lies and slander! In fact. when I pursued them, one of the assailants and his buddy beat me up!

Ludwig: And it wasnít out of self defense?

Hot Roderick: I didnít lay a finger on them!

Ludwig: Well, due to Hot Roderickís evidence in the form of being bruised, Iíd say you guys are moles for those guys! SEIZE THEM!

And theyíre in the dungeon.

Paraplonk: This stinks.

Blue Toad: Just remember, the bunk beds belong to me and Wolley on Monday, you and Goomp on Tuesday, Guy and Poochy on Wednesday, and then we go from there.

At Toad Town Mall...

Hinopio: Are you sure this is the best place?

Boshi: Itís the stupid mall, of course itís fine! Just sell things here and people will notice!

Violet: You are the only one using wooden crates as stands, so that should get peoplesí attention.

P.T.: And your hotrod flame cap.

Hinopio: All right, I guess thisíll do. Thanks!

The party leaves with the Fire Crystal.


Dr. Toadley: Is that the new Fire Cape? It certainly is. Will I buy ten of these? You bet I will.

Violet: See, Boshi and P.T.? Arenít you glad we decided to help him anyway?

Boshi: I say we celebrate with a trip to the food court.

Violet: Okay.

P.T.: (Iím famished... Oh wait, no! Heís going to hit on Axe Lady! Rudy wonít buy me that game! I must sink Vishi! Or Bolet? How would fanfic shippers mix their names together?)

Boshi: Where was it again?

P.T. tries to act natural but itís obvious what heís doing. That is, if Violet and Boshi were really listening to him.

P.T.: Uh yes indeed, we are certainly lost. Uh-huh. Yep, I donít think we can ever find that food court now. If only we had a way of getting directions, yesiree.

Violet: I have to use the bathroom.

She leaves.

Popple: I know how to get you guys un-lost!

One dance montage later, theyíre at the exit of Toad Town.

P.T.: Oh, looks like we accidentally danced our way out, now we canít eat, darn shame. Letís go to Sky Land or something!

Boshi: ... Rudy put you up to this, didnít he?!

P.T.: ... No?

Boshi gets P.T. off his back and throws him into Blubble Lake.


Violet appears.

Violet: There you are, Boshi! Iíve been looking all over! Whereís P.T.?

Boshi: You know what, itís not important. We should go to Sky Land now.

Violet: Youíre right, the others couldíve gotten their crystals already.

Violet and Boshi head off to Sky Land.

P.T.: ... Mark my words, Boshi, Rudy will buy me that video game!

<New Ending: Shunkan Sentimental, by Scandal>

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