Larryís Adventure 3: Brotherhood

By P.T. Piranha

June 11, 2011

~ Once upon a time Bowser died. Larry Koopa was sent to avenge his fatherís death and along the way he met many allies. In the end, it was all the work of his most trusted ally, Kamek. He was finished off and Ludwig took over. Larry become Vice King.

~ One week later, Axem Purple and Shade the Shy Guy, two of Larryís allies, had their own adventures with some old and new friends. This time Tabuu was trying to drown the world in Subspace. Sacrificing himself, Axem Purple saved everyone.

~ It was believed that Axem Purpleís sister and Larry Koopa traveled together shortly afterwards to rectify their family problems. But this didnít really happen. Hereís the TRUE story of Larryís Adventure 3Ö

<Theme Music: Again, by someone>

Prologue: The Real Third Adventure

Three years after Larryís Adventure 2, an X-Naut is running through the Mushroom Kingdom. He is Rudy the X-Naut, fired for being too generic. Since then heís made a living on Plit. Soon he makes it to a cemetery to meet his best friend.

Rudy: Hey there!

Heís talking to a female version of Axem Purple. Sheís slightly bluer than Purple and has black hair. This is Axem Violet. Purpleís sister.

Axem Violet: Oh... Hi.

Rudy: Hey howíd Purple get a grave if his body was in the explosion?

Violet: Itís just a memorial.

Rudy: Look, when Purple died three years ago, it was awful. But now itís time to move on. Visiting him is all youíve been doing!

Violet: But-

Rudy: No buts, Iím gonna cheer you up with a vacation!

Violet: I guess itíd do me some good to get away from it all for a while. Where are we going?

Rudy: Isle Delfino!

Violet: Sounds fun!

Meanwhile at Ludwigís (formerly Bowserís) castle...

Ludwig: Koopalings! Assemble!

Morton, Iggy, Bowser Jr., Wendy, Lemmy, Roy, and Larry all rush into the throne room.

Roy: Yeah, what do you want?!

Morton: Oh Iím so excited that Nintendo put is in a new game last year! It was so fun, exciting, invigorating, wonderful, fantastic-


Lemmy: Iggy, youíve changed...

Wendy: *sigh* This is such a waste of time!

Larry: Meh.

Jr.: Iíll listen!

Wendy: Suck-up.

Ludwig: Someoneís been saying that someone who looks like King Dad has been running around and causing havoc!

Roy: So?!

Ludwig: Heís just randomly attacking! King Dad would never do that! Theyíre ruining his good bad name!

Lemmy: Everyone knows King Dad died three years and one week ago!

Ludwig: Exactly, thatís whatís so strange! Someone is trying to fool people into thinking King Dad lives! And theyíre wreaking havoc in ways he wouldnít! So weíre going to have to do something about it!

Morton: What do you propose, suggest, theorize, hypothesize-

Roy: If you do that one more time-

Lemmy: Watch it, Roy. Mortonís as big as you now.

Roy: Well I can still take you, clown! And yer new ponytail makes a good idiot handle!

Ludwig: Roy, not in my throne room! Now... This imposter has been spotted in the Sunshine Sea. Wendy, I think thatís your specialty, itís right next to Sparkle Ocean, your area from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Wendy: Iím not doing that, I could chip a claw!

Ludwig: Wendy, King Dad isnít here for you to manipulate and have your work shoved onto us! Iím in charge now!

Roy: Dude, youíre kind of letting power go to your head.

Ludwig: What do you mean?!

Ludwig takes a bite out of his chocolate throne.

Roy: ... Well... Okay, I canít think of anything right now.

The other Koopalings, minus Ludwig, put their palms to their faces.

Jr.: Iíll-

Larry: Look, my nameís in the title and I was the star of the very first story, so let me go!

Ludwig: Fine.

Larry: But where in the Sunshine Sea is it?

Ludwig: Isle Delfino.

Larry: Okay, how do I get there?

Ludwig: Why are you asking me?! Youíre in a castle with tons of artillery and you canít think of anything?!

Larry: ... Oh... Okay...

Meanwhile, Violet and Rudy are walking through Bumpsy Plains when they hear a voice on the other side of a bush.

Violet: Shh, I think someoneís on the other side of the bush.

Rudy: The narrator just said that.

???: So I asked Lemmy if I could rewrite the story because, well, I wasnít really happy with it, and I donít think he was either-

Rudy peeks over. Itís P.T.

Rudy: Hey, itís you!

P.T.: Who are you?

Rudy: Iím Spikeís friend!

P.T.: Spike?

Rudy: Heís the Rex that works for you.

P.T.: Rex... Rex... Nope! I have a Shroob Rex, though! His name is Mii T.!

Mii T.: Iím right here! The Shroob Rex is Shrike!

P.T.: This guy wants Shrike?

Mii T.: NO! Spike!

P.T.: I do? Oh well.

Violet walks around and the Goomba that P.T. was talking to runs away.

Violet: Um... Hey... Do you have a boat or something? We could use a ride to Isle Delfino.

P.T.: Nope.

Rudy: But what about Daisyís boat? Isnít she your sister?

P.T.: No, I retconned that. Now I only have a brother and three cousins. Want to meet some of them?

Rudy: No! Look, are you sure you canít get us to Isle Delfino in some way? At all? My friend here really wants to go. See, her brother died and now Iím cheering her up.

P.T.: Her brother? Hmm...

Just then, a purple blur knocks out Yaridovich. Itís revealed that itís a new character named ďAxem PurpleĒ. Yes, I made him up.
Larry: Who are you?
Axem Purple: I am Axem Purple. The author was going to make me blue, but then thought it was too cliched.
Purple looks over the hedge.
Purple: P.T.?
P.T.: Huh? Oh, hi person!
Purple: ... Itís only been a week, and you forgot my name?
P.T.: Relax, I know your name. Periwinkle, right?
Purple: Wrong.
P.T.: Burnt Sienna!
Purple gets up on the rail and leaps off the ship.
Tabuu: (Japanese: I DO NOT DIE! IT WILL NOT DIE!)
Purple (Falcon) punches Tabuu right in the face, defeating Tabuu.
Everyone Else: Purple!

P.T.: ... Oh yeah! Well I donít have a boat, but I have an idea!

P.T. goes off, and Violet and Rudy decide to follow him.

Mii T.: What am I, chopped liver?

In Toad Town...

P.T.: Thereís a harbor around here somewhere and a guy named Charon gives rides to places since getting kicked out of the Underwhere. And here we are!

Theyíre in the middle of the mall district from Mario & Luigi 3.

P.T.: ... I couldíve sworn there was a harbor around here.

Rudy: Where have you been for the last three years?!

P.T.: DeviantART.

Rudy: The connection to the ocean was blocked off and the harbor was drained! Thatís when they built the new shopping mall!

P.T.: I didnít notice, I was avoiding the Blorbs.

Violet: Well it looks like weíll have to find another way to get to Isle Delfino. Thank you anyway.

Violet and Rudy walk off, but P.T. follows.

P.T.: Wait! Take me with you! My interview studio is being refurbished, I have nowhere to go! Let me come!

Rudy: ... Violet?

Violet: ... I suppose.

P.T.: Chess!

Meanwhile aboard the Koopa Kruiser...

Larry: Ah, it sure is good to have this thing ready to go after not being used for so long!

Koopilot: Yes, sir!

Larry: You! Minion #2582, how long until we get to the Sunshine Sea?

Another Koopilot: Uh, about... it wonít tell me sir, it appears that the plot has taken over. We get there when the story deems it to be the right time.

Larry: Grrr! Stupid plot! I oughta have that kind of thing imprisoned!

Peppy Hare: Youíre becoming more like your father.

Larry: Whoís that guy?

Third Koopilot: Just ignore him, sir.

Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone notices the Koopa Kruiser flying overhead.

Toad 1: Oh no...

Toad 2: Whatís the Koopa Kruiser doing here?! Bowserís dead! King Ludwig Koopa hasnít launched any attacks, nor has he kidnapped the princess! Is he going to now?!

Toad 3: Mommy!

Rudy: Hey Violet, that thingís headed to Isle Delfino, letís hop on!

Violet: How do you know?

Rudy: I majored in plotology.

Violet: Uh, okay.

P.T.: I dunno-


P.T. *incredibly detailed face*: FINE, GEEZ!

Rudy hits a ? Block and three Propeller Mushrooms come out.

Rudy: I am so glad they stopped producing Wing Caps in favor of these.

Violet and Rudy eat their Mushrooms and get propeller suits, but P.T.ís Mushroom flies away.

P.T.: Awwww!

Rudy: Sorry... Okay, letís go!

Violet: Right!

Violet and Rudy blast off into the air. They land on top of the Koopa Kruiser. Meanwhile, P.T.ís crying in the middle of town.

Toad Kid 1: Whatís wrong, Mister?

P.T.: (crying) I canít fly!

Toad Kid 2: You just need to believe in yourself! Like this!

The two Toad kids flap their arms and are able to levitate a few feet above the ground.

P.T.: 0_0

Aboard the ship...

Rudy: That was short.

???: HALT!

Violet and Rudy are surrounded by Koopatrols.

Koopatrol 1: State your names!

Violet: A-A-Axem Violet! Donít hurt me!

Rudy: Rudy the X-Naut.

Koopatrol: By orders of Prince/Vice King Larry Koopa, youíre under arrest for stowing away!

Rudy: Vice King Larry? I heard heís a pretty cool guy. Rules the castle of World 1 and doesnít afraid of anything.

Violet: Donít you mean isnít?

Rudy: You donít do a lot of Internet memes, do you?

Violet: No.

In the Captainís Quarters...

Larry: Who are you?

Violet: EEP!Iímsorry!Wedidnítmeantostowawayonyourshipitísjustthatmybrotherdiedand

Larry: I didnít understand anything you just said. But I think I heard something about Isle Delfino?

Rudy: We just wanted to go to Isle Delfino, but the harborís long gone and we couldnít think of any other way!

Larry: You couldnít take a boat from Water Land?

Violet/Rudy: ...

Larry: Iím feeling generous today! Look, Iím going to Isle Delfino too. If you two help me with what Iím doing then you can get off scot-free. Got it?

Violet: Thank you!

Rudy: Yay!

Koopilot: That was nice of you, sir.

Larry: If the other minions hear about this then- Wait... was I speaking into the intercom the whole time?

Koopilot: ... If I told you ďnoĒ would you instantly believe me?

Larry: -

Before Larry starts cursing, letís move the scene to Cavi Cape.

P.T.: Hey whatís that?

Green Pirate Shy Guy: Thatís a boat.

P.T.: Cool story, bro. Look, my new friends are going to Isle Delfino, so take me there on your fancy boat!

Green: Fancy? Itís a mud boat!


Green *highly detailed*: FINE, GEEZ!

P.T. and Green get on the boat and head towards Isle Delfino.

P.T.: So whatís your name?

Green: Green.

P.T.: ... I spy with my little eye-

Green: Water.

P.T.: ... I hate you.

Meanwhile the Koopa Kruiser has landed on Delfino Airstrip.

Larry: Ah, here we are!

Violet: Wow, this place looks nice! Iím glad we came!

Larry: Hold on! You two have to help me or else Iíll throw you in the dungeon! These four Koopatrols are gonna keep you in line while you help, got it?!

Violet/Rudy: Yes...

Pianta Police: Arrest them!

Violet/Rudy: What?!

Larry: Not again...

Chapter 1: Impossible Island Revisited

Axem Violet and Rudy the X-Naut decided to take a vacation to Isle Delfino, but to get there, they needed help. P.T. couldnít lend a boat, so they had to use an airship. Larry Koopa was the owner of the ship, as he was headed to the island to investigate a Bowser doppelganger. As the three made a deal, P.T. was finding his own way to Isle Delfino. But why have the three been arrested?

Voiceover: This is Sunshine Courtroom. The case you are about to see is real. The crimes, plaintiffs, persecutors, and defendants are all real. To protect their identities as stated in the Delfino Constitution, the names of the defendants have been changed.

Judge Pianta: Order! Order in the court! Would the defendants like to say anything for themselves?

Harry Koopa: Yeah, can my television alias be ďSuper Cool GuyĒ?

Judge Pianta: No.

Ruby the X-Naut: ... Ruby?! Thatís a girlís name! Iím not a girl!

Judge Pianta: I couldnít tell under that suit.

Axem Schmiolet: You gave up with mine, didnít you?

Judge: Order! There will be no further discussions of the names! Would the prosecutor please speak?

Prosecutor: Very well.

The Pianta stands up.

Prosecutor: Hello jury. Look at the defendants. Now back to me. Now back at the defendants. Now back to me. Sadly, they arenít me. But if they stopped committing crimes against our island and started being responsible citizens, they could look like theyíre me. Look down. Back up. Where are you? Youíre in the courtroom with the man those guys could look like. Whatís in your hands? Back to me. I have it. Itís a briefcase with two pictures of that thing they did. Look again. THE EVIDENCE IS NOW DIAMONDS. Anything is possible when you look like a lawyer and not a criminal. Iím on a Yoshi.


Judge: The defense has their work cut out for them. Any words?

Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION!

Harry: Can I say something?

Judge: Sure.

Harry: Well fir- OKAY, THATíS ENOUGH! We all know who we are! Iím the freaking Prince/Vice King of Dark Land for crying out loud!

Judge: *sigh* Fine. Killjoy.

Larry: Thatís better. As I was saying, why are we in trouble again?

Judge: A bluish turtle monster was seen running around the island and breaking things! Youíre a turtle monster and that girl with the axe is bluish! We think youíre guilty!

Larry: Can we have a witness?

Judge: No.

Larry: But-


Larry, Violet, and Rudy are put in jail.

Larry: ...  Weíre in jail.

Violet: Yep...

The Koopatrols are in the next cell.

Koopatrol 1: Donít worry, Boss! We think youíre innocent!

Larry: ... Thatís not really the problem... So anyway, this doppelganger Iím after must vaguely resemble me too, though reports say he looks like my dad. I guess they must look like any royal Koopa! Hmm...

Meanwhile, Greenís boat makes it to Delfino Plaza.

Green: I told you that reef would get us here faster!

P.T.: Fine! Hey look, I see someone in the jail!

P.T. and Green head over to the jail.

P.T.: ... Mom?

Rudy: No... Wait, itís you! Hey, someoneís framed us! Tomorrow the three of us have to stop them.

P.T.: What do I do?

Rudy: I dunno.

And so the next morning, the three are freed.

Policeman 1: Now go after him. But weíll be watching you, so no slacking off!

Policeman 2: Yeah, or weíre gonna have to let Sprinkles beat you up.

Larry: Sprinkles? ...

Policemen: Oh, Sprinkles!
Larry, Kamek, and P.T.: *snicker* What a wimpy name!
A big, ripped policeman comes out. Thatís Sprinkles.
Larry: Uh, did your parents name you that before they saw you were tough, or after?
Sprinkles punches Larry.
Larry: Ouch!

Larry: Then we beat him up.

Policeman: Well heís gotten a lot tougher since then! Now, the perpetrator is at Noki Bay. So yeah, have fun with that.

P.T.: Hey, where are they going?

Policeman: Oh, them? Theyíre going to Noki Bay.

P.T.: Can I come too?

Policeman: No.

P.T.: ... Well tough, Iím going anyway.

The party takes the shortcut to Noki Bay, meaning they stand on the dais and look at the sun. Instead of burning their eyes, the sun warps them to the bottom of the bay.

Noki Bay
Episode 9: Dark Bowser Atop the Waterfall

Old Noki: Who are you?

Larry: Thatís not important. Whereís this bluish Koopa?!

Old Noki: Oh, heís at the top of the waterfall.

Larry: All right then, letís go!

Rudy: I want more lines.

Violet: Uh, Mr. Koopa? Where are the Koopatrols?

Larry: Oh, theyíre still in jail.

Violet: Shouldnít they be-

Larry: Letís go!

At the top of the waterfall, they run into Dark Bowser!

Larry: What?! You?!

Violet: Bowserís alive?!

Larry: No, thatís Dark Bowser! But I donít get it! You died!

Dark Bowser: No I didnít. I was nullified and left for dead! But thankfully I came back to life!

Rudy: How?

Dark Bowser: Donít know, donít care! Iím going to cover this world in darkness like I originally planned! Starting with this island!

Larry: By destroying it?

Dark Bowser: Thatís just to get their attention. Now... Iím going to have to crush your skulls.

All: Gulp.

Larry: 300/300
Violet: 350/350
Rudy: 290/290
P.T.: 300/300
Dark Bowser: 9000/9000

Larry: Oh thatís just not fair.
Larry uses Koopatrol Corps! Total 250 damage!
Violet uses Figure-Six Axe! 100 damage!
Rudy drinks an Enlargement Potion! Rudyís giant!
P.T. throws a brick at Dark Bowser! 50 damage!
Dark Bowser curls into a shell ball and slams into Larry! 200 damage!

Larry: 100/300
Violet: 350/350
Rudy: 290/290 (giant)
P.T.: 300/300
Dark Bowser: 8600/9000

Larry: Dang, man!
Violet: Weíre not doing much damage...
Dark Bowser: Itís a million, billion, trillion years too early for you to face me!
Larry uses Shy Guy Squad! 400 damage!
Violet slashes! 20 damage!
Rudy uses Bodyslam! 150 damage!
P.T. throws Larry at Dark Bowser! 100 damage!
Dark Bowser throws an energy orb at P.T.! 200 damage!

Larry: 100/300
Violet: 350/350
Rudy: 290/290 (giant)
P.T.: 100/300
Dark Bowser: 7930/9000

Rudy: Heís averaging 200 damage! Weíre losing ground!
Dark Bowser: Are you telling me that you gained any?! HA!
Larry uses Broggy Bonker! 500 damage!
Violet uses Star Candy on Larry! Larry regains 999 HP!
Rudy breaks a potion on the wall and jabs the broken end into Dark Bowser! 20 damage!
P.T. pimp slaps Dark Bowser! 10 damage!
Dark Bowser punches P.T.! P.T. faints!

Larry: 300/300
Violet: 350/350
Rudy: 290/290 (giant)
P.T.: 0/300
Dark Bowser: 7400/9000

Larry: Hmmm...
Yellow Bird appears.
Yellow Bird: 100/100
Larry rackets a fireball at the bird. 40 damage!
Larry: Attack the bird!
Violet: But-
Larry: DO IT!
Violet slashes the bird. 20 damage!
Rudy throws a potion at the bird! 30 damage!
Dark Bowser punches Rudy! 200 damage!

Larry: 300/300
Violet: 350/350
Rudy: 90/290 (giant)
P.T.: 0/300
Dark Bowser: 7400/9000
Yellow Bird: 10/100

Larry rackets a fireball at the bird. The bird faints! Whatís this? A Shine Sprite appears!
Dark Bowser morphs into the Dark Star and flies away.

Larry, Violet, and Rudy win!
Battle over!

Larry: ... Well that was... Well...

Violet: How did you know attacking the bird would help us?

Larry: I played Super Mario Sunshine once.

Rudy: Well we got rid of your guy, now we can leave! Right?

Violet: But Rudy, donít we have to fix the damages?

Rudy: ... Shoot.

One rampant sprucing-up later...

Policeman 1: Good job cleaning everything! Youíre free to go!

Rudy: So Larry, now we can have the vacation, right?

Larry: Not until we stop the Dark Star we canít! We still have to figure out where it went!

Violet/Rudy/P.T.: Awww...

Pianta: Going back to the airstrip? Only ten coins!

Larry: Shoot, I donít have any money.

Rudy: Me neither.

Violet: What? I donít! How were we going to take a vacation if we didnít have any money?

Rudy: ... Good point.

P.T.: I donít have any.

Green: Hey guys, Iíll take you back to the airstrip for free!

Larry: Cool, thanks!

Pianta: Curse you, Pirate Shy Guy! CURSE YOOOOOOU!

The party hops aboard the mud boat and it sails away.

Koopatrols: Hey, what about us?!

Larry: (Dang it! Thereís no room...) Uhhhh... Enjoy your vacation!

Soon everyone gets to the airstrip.

Larry: Okay, to the Kruiser!

Violet, Rudy, and P.T. follow Larry onto the boat, as does Green.

Larry: Woah, what are you doing?

Green: Iím following you!

Larry: I can see that. But why?

Green: Iím bored.

P.T.: Hey, thatís my reason!

Violet: I thought you said you had nowhere to go.

P.T.: That too.

Larry: I donít like having only one official Mario character in the party and four unofficial ones. Lemmy really got into my head about that. But fine, letís go.

Everyone gets onto the Koopa Kruiser and it flies away.

Chapter 2: Steeple Standoff

Larry, Violet, and Rudy were sentenced to fix the island. The dark copy turned out to be Dark Bowser. But what is he doing on Isle Delfino? He became the Dark Star and got away before any answers could be given. The trio left Isle Delfino to search for him as P.T. and Green Pirate Guy joined the party.

Larry: Minion #598, did you happen to notice a star-like thing flying away from the island?

Koopilot: Uh, as a matter of fact, yeah.

Larry: Go the same direction as it!

Koopilot: Yes, sir!

Below deck...

Violet: Oh... This isnít good at all! I thought the Dark Star was destroyed! What if it tries to takeover the world?

Rudy: I think it pretty much is already trying.

Violet: Well what if weíre not strong enough to stop it?

Rudy: Oh, whatís the worst that could happen?

Violet: Game Over.

Rudy: Oh.

On deck...

P.T.: Didnít I help you once? Three years and a week ago?

Larry: A lot of people helped me, I donít remember who was who.

Green: So what are we after?

Larry: The Dark Star, itís an ancient, evil thing that was buried underground. But Fawful released it and it tried to takeover the world. My dad stopped it, but apparently it wasnít destroyed. The good news is, we know that itís weak to light!

P.T.: Cool story, bro.

Violet appears.

Violet: Mr. Larry, where do you suppose the Dark Star went?

Larry: I dunno.

Violet: Couldnít we use one of the machines onboard to track dark power, and if we find a whole lot of it, that would be where the Dark Star is?

Larry: ... Maybe... MINION #48, USE THE DARK RADAR! Glad I thought of it.

Violet: ...

Koopilot: On it, sir!

Soon the Koopa Kruiser lands in Twilight Town.

Larry: Well, here we are!

Violet: UHH, are we sure?!

Rudy: Well it makes sense that a being that hates light would go to a dark place like this.

Violet: But... can I just wait here?

Larry: You baby!

Violet: B-butÖ

Larry: Fine, wimp! Us non-babies are going to Creepy Steeple!

Rudy: Iíll stay with you, Violet.

Green: Why didnít we land closer to the Steeple?

Larry: Because thereís no room. Now letís go!

P.T.: Whee!

Larry, Green, and P.T. run off to Twilight Trail.

Violet: D-do you think theyíll be all right?

Rudy: Iím sure they will!

At Creepy Steeple...

Larry: Okay, there it is. Looks like the gateís still unlocked.

P.T.: I bet heís at the top!


Larry: You were wrong. Dead wrong. You fail.

P.T.: Aww...

Green: He wouldnít be up here with all this moonlight. Maybe heís in the basement.

Larry: Now thereís an idea!

In the basement...

Parrot: Shine get! Shine get!

Larry: What?! Hey! Bird! Did you see a purple ball thing?

Parrot: Shine get! Shine get!

Larry reaches into P.T.ís pocket and pulls out a cracker. He feeds it to the bird.

Parrot: Yeah, heís in one of the hallways with the switches. RAAAAWK!

Larry: Awesome.

At one of the hallways...

Larry: There you are!

Dark Star: Yes, you found me. And what are you going to do? Iím stronger than you are!

Larry: Weíre not letting you cover the world in darkness! Ludwig still has to takeover the world!

Dark Star: Ha! You Koopas arenít even fit to look in my general direction! Youíre like the dirt stuck to the bottom of peoplesí shoes! Or the dirt stuck to that dirt!

Larry: Hey, I can still do this!

Larry shines a flashlight on Dark Star.

Dark Star: GAAAA!

Dark Star shoots a laser at the flashlight, knocking it out of Larryís hand.

Dark Star: You want to know my power?! Iíll show it to you!

Dark Star cuts off a strand of Larryís hair (somehow) and inhales it. He turns into Dark Larry.

Larry: Oh no! Itís my most handsome foe yet!

Green/P.T.: *gasp*

Dark Larry: Bring it on!

Dark Larry rolls into a shell ball and heads right for the party. They get out of the way and Larry rolls into a shell ball too. He rolls into Dark Larry and the two ram each other over and over. P.T. intervenes and hammers Dark Larry into the wall. The dark copy uncurls and breathes fire on P.T.


He runs away into the grass and Green starts hitting Dark Larry with a pirate sword, but itís doing no good. Dark Larry grabs Green and smashes him into the ground. Larry, still as a ball, rams into Dark Larry, knocking him into a wall.

Green: Phew...

Dark Larry: Why you...

Dark Larry charges up fire breath, but Larry just starts punching him over and over until Dark Larry retracts into his shell and slams into Larry. The shell scurries along the hall, hitting Green, hitting the wall, and bouncing back in its original direction, hitting the two heroes again. The shell bounces along the walls, hitting Larry and Green each time.

Larry: Dang it!

Larry jumps up, retracts into his shell, and slams down on the ground, making a shockwave that flips Dark Larry over but also hurts Green.

Green: HEY!

Dark Larry: Grr... Canít... move!

Larry rolls into a shell ball and heads at Dark Larry. Larry runs over his dark clone.

Dark Larry: OOF!

While heís in the air, Dark Larry is hit with a boomerang. Itís P.T.! Then Green pulls out a hammer and smacks Dark Larry over to Larry, who uses his racket to knock the enemy to P.T., who uses his hammer to knock it to Green; and the three take turns volleying Dark Larry.


Dark Larry breathes fire onto Green, who wouldíve caught him next.


Green runs away and Dark Larry lands on the floor. He starts spitting rapid fire purple fireballs at Larry, but the prince rackets them all away at the same speed. A stray fireball hits the rafters.

Larry: Uhh-

Dark Larry: DIE!

Dark Larry morphs into the Dark Star and shoots lasers all around, causing Creepy Steeple to catch on fire! He charges a big laser, but Green comes back and jabs Dark Star in the back with a sword.


Dark Star starts rotating and everything turns white. He starts inhaling parts of Creepy Steeple around him.

Larry: Aaah!

P.T.: Woah!

Green: No wa-AAAAAAA!!!

Green gets inhaled.

Larry: No! Hey, weíve gotta leave, now!

Larry hops onto the grass with P.T. and they run away from Creepy Steeple. They leave just in time for the entire building to collapse onto itself and for Dark Star to inhale all the life within.

Larry/P.T.: ...

P.T.: Weíre not good at this.

Larry: It has been three years since anythingís happened.

P.T.: What about the Finally Fantastic stories?

Larry: Alternate universe.

P.T.: Oh.

At town...

Rudy: So, howíd it go?

Larry: Well we got beaten up, then Dark Star inhaled Green, and Creepy Steeple collapsed. But we almost had him!

Rudy: Is the Dark Star dead?

Larry: I dunno. Why not? It got crushed, Iíd say so!

Violet: So we can leave?

Larry: Fine, I guess I can drop you off at Isle Delfino for all youíve done... Wait, you two didnít help out at all!

Violet: Pleeeeeease?

Larry: Oh fine! Come on, everyone.

Everyone gets onto the Koopa Kruiser.

P.T.: Are we there yet?

Larry: No.

P.T.: How about now?

Larry: No...

P.T.: Now?

Larry: NO!


Larry: What was that?!

Koopilot: Sir, enemy fire from below!

Violet and Rudy run onto the deck.

Rudy: Are we being attacked?!

Larry: Yeah!

The Dark Star rams through the ship from below, breaking through the floor of the deck.

Larry: Holy moly, itís still alive!

Dark Star: Iím not that weak. Now, you four are getting in my way. So DIE!

Dark Star charges up some lasers.


Dark Star starts blasting the Koopa Kruiser with all kinds of lasers, causing the ship to break. Everyone falls.


Dark Star: Thatíll teach you! Iíd say you got off lucky!

Oh no! What will happen to our heroes? What will the Dark Star do next? What became of Green? Will anyone notice the destruction of Creepy Steeple? Will Violet stop being scared of everything? Stay tuned!

<Ending: Uso, by someone else>

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