Mario and Luigi: Quest for the Scepter

By SuperLuigi46

Chapter 1: A Disturbing Night

Inside the Mushroom Kingdom Castle it was as quiet as the nighttime breeze. The halls were empty besides some marching guards. Mario was inside his room, reading a book about science fiction while also thinking about his life…

He had saved Peach from evil again, and then he had proposed to her. They had gotten married, and here he was, 2 years later. All of this was in his mind when he heard some noises from the 3rd floor living room.

Mario: Hello?

Mario heard no reply. He shrugged as he got back to reading his book.

5 minutes passed and then he remembered something. Peach was supposed to come back a while ago. All she was doing was checking on the kids and coming back. Concerned, Mario then walked to the security speaker and pressed the button.

Mario: Hello? Anyone here?

Guard: I can hear you loud and clear, Mario. What is it?

Mario: I heard some noises from the 3rd floor living room, can you check that out please?

Guard: Sure, but for the time being, you should probably be in bed. Don't worry, we have this under control.

Mario: Ok.

Mario then released his finger from the red com button and headed back to bed.

10 more minutes later, Peach still hadn't appeared and everything was now REAL quiet. Finally Mario couldn't take it anymore, and decided to snoop around.

He went to the living, which was about 14ft from his bedroom, and saw that only one light was on. He then began to hear groans and moans coming from the couch. It sounded like Peach's voice.

Mario proceeded to the living room couch, now hearing her voice even more loudly. It sounded miserable and cold, like it was the only thing she could do.

Mario then looked around the couch and almost yelled. There was Peach, her eyes looking up and her mouth wide open; and there was one word written countlessly all over her: the word "Fury".

Then Mario heard a voice behind him.

Guard: Mario. I told you not to leave your room.

Mario then got hit in the head and fell to the ground…

When he came to, Mario saw a pair of feet on the ground. Then he looked up and saw, not the guard, but someone else. Mario couldn't see clearly. but he could see the man's skin color: green. Then-

???: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Mario then regained full consciousness as he finally saw the man's face. It was an average-made face with a horrible crooked smile and a hypnotic pair of glasses.

???: Now, does Mario remember me? Ah ha ha ha ha!

Mario finally remembered, and his look of confusion turned into a look of pure hate.

Mario: Fawful.

Fawful: Well, it’s about time you recognized me. I was getting worried poor Mario would forget old Fawful. Ha ha!

Mario was dumbstruck and angry at the same time.

Mario: How'd you get in here?! The guard-

Fawful put on a mouthpiece.

“Guard”: -was plotting against you this entire time!

Fawful took off mouthpiece again.

Fawful: Like the addition to my voice stealer?! Now I can steal someone's voice, put it in this, and sound just like that person!

Mario: Why did you come here? Was Cackletta really nice to you or something?

Fawful: Who, that old hag?! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! She was nothing to me! Just another fool to survive!

Fawful then turned around and walked over to examine a portrait of King Toadstool.

Fawful: After she vanished I lay low until my plan for revenge on the princess was complete.

Mario slowly got up.

Mario: Revenge? What for?

Fawful was still looking at the picture.

Fawful: Not her. It was something her father did.

Mario: What?

Fawful then stopped cold. He slowly turned to face Mario, now wearing a face that showed dangerous anger!

Fawful: Oh nothing, really. All he did was send me to THE NUT HOUSE!

Fawful then grabbed Mario and threw him to another side of the living room. Then Fawful lunged at Mario and grabbed him.

Fawful: That's all, really.

Fawful dropped Mario to the ground.

Mario: But (panting) you-you were trained by Cackletta-

Fawful: Yeah, when I escaped! Jeez, you really are an idiot, aren’t you?!

Mario slowly got up.

Mario: You’re-you’re insane!

Fawful: Oh, bravo! That's a brilliant remark!

Mario then fell down, but tripped Fawful as well. Fawful fell down suddenly and Mario got up. Fawful then grabbed a little piece of chocolate but Mario lunged at Fawful and pinned him.

Mario: I've had enough of you! Now tell me what you did to my wife!

Fawful: Ok, ok! I'll tell you! I gave her some Brain Nummer!

Mario: Brain Nummer?

Fawful: It’s a candy that disconnects half of your brain signals, making you nearly brain dead, except you’re still conscious and can groan.

Mario started choking Fawful with his right hand.

Mario: How do you cure it?!

Fawful jabbed Mario in the stomach with his knee. After Mario fell over, Fawful got up and pressed his foot on Mario's stomach.

Fawful: AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Did you really think I could be defeated just like that?! Oh no, Mario! It just isn't that easy!

Fawful then got out a match and lit it!


Mario looked at Fawful's foot.

Mario: YOU!

Mario then grabbed a shard of glass that came from a vase and threw it at Fawful's chest. The attack caused Fawful to drop the match as Fawful screamed. Mario grabbed Fawful's foot and pulled it off his stomach. Fawful started staggering and Mario grabbed him and pushed him to the window. Fawful almost fell out the window but Mario grabbed him by the back.

Mario: Now are you going to tell me how to cure Peach or am I going to have to let go!

Fawful: I don't know! How ‘bout we talk face to face, huh?

Mario: I'm not falling for that!

Mario's hand then began to let go of Fawful's coat.

Fawful: I'll never tell!

Mario then let go of Fawful's coat and pushed him through the window. Mario looked out to see Fawful, but Fawful was already on the move. Mario couldn't see where Fawful was, all he knew was Fawful had cheated death again.

Mario then grabbed the phone nearby and called Luigi.

Luigi: Hello?

Mario: Luigi! Call help! Peach is sick!

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