“What’s this?”

Larry wondered what was in the box. He was in the forbidden closet: a place of remarkable treasure and adventure, perfectly suiting the world’s best spy ever.
That’s fancy talk for, he was in his dad’s closet snooping in a box. Larry wasn’t the world’s best spy, but he was pretty good.

He began to open the box, slowly, carefully...

Drat. Padlocked shut.

Oh well, Larry had a lock picker anyway. It was just a hairpin Wendy used to have before she went bald, or realized she didn’t have hair. Nobody knew. Not even her.

Anyway, Larry picked the lock and flung open the chest. He peered inside.

“WOW! 57,392,957,390,639,573 Rubees!!!” Larry whisper-shouted. “They’re not worth much on Plit, but in that place in Super Paper Mario, I could end those slaves’ debts and bring happiness to the world! ... Or I could buy a golden doomship from Mimi. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.”

But his siblings, oh, so greedy. “MORE MORE MORE!” they shouted. Larry gave until there was none left for him! How sad...

Larry snapped out of his daydream. “Maybe I shouldn’t open it...”

But no! This was Larry Koopa we’re talking about! Of course he opened it!

Maybe if he hadn’t looked in the box...
Maybe if Roy hadn’t locked him in here....
Maybe if he’d returned Wendy’s nauseating perfume... No wait, that had nothing to do with it. Oh well, who cares?

Larry grabbed the lid, braced himself for whatever was inside the chest, and flung it open. He gasped as he was engulfed in a blinding light...


Iggy and the Ultimate Stars

Starring Iggy Koopa
And Larry Koopa
Written and Narrated by Hop
In association with the Koopas
And the Mushroomers




“Wanna hear my great, good, cool, awesome, neat speech? It’s about...”

Ahh, a normal day at Kastle Koopa. Roy was beating up Larry and Iggy, Wendy was complaining and being a brat, Morton was talking, and so on. Nothing could go wrong on a day like this, could it?

If you said yes, you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

Why? I’ll tell you why. Don’t rush me. What? I’ll show you, c’mere- What? What about Cranky Kong? Fine, I’ll continue the tale. (Gosh...)

Anyway, you’re wrong because something WAS going to happen. Something bad. Something good. Something that could save the world. Something that could destroy the world. A race against the odds, and (other) villains, good guys, and more.

What happened exactly? Well, when Larry opened the box, nothing weird happened, right? Wrong. Nobody seemed to know it, but this day started , the greatest adventure Plit’s ever seen. The day the Ultimate Stars returned...

Now then, nobody knew it, but deep in Bowser’s castle, there were Shroobs. How did they get there?

Well, after the events of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, Bowser grabbed some Shroobs and froze them in a freezer.

None of his children knew, but then in Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, Mario and Luigi went to Bowser’s Castle and turned off the freezer. Three Shroobs quickly defrosted, these being  the same three that knocked out Mario and Luigi at the beginning of Partners in Time. After defrosting they fought again. The Marios defeated them this time and left, but forgot one important thing.

They didn’t turn the freezer back on.

It took a while, and it was beginning to look like they would never unfreeze, but they did. As the Koopalings played and Fought upstairs, the Shroobs were locked in the freezer. This included the three Shroobs, some Jr. Shrooboids, and one scary figure.

Princess Shroob.

The Shroobs just sat in there. Staring into space. Shivering.

When suddenly...

Shroob: &%#(#(%&! ( *&%#( %#)&% #)%&#) &)#% #)!!! (Princess! I just felt a major power burst from inside the Castle!!!)

Princess Shroob: #%*#&?!?! #(*% %)*% %#*%*)%? %*& #)%*% #$)^ )#%*^! (What?! Inside the castle? All Troops! Let’s get outta here!)

Jr. Shroob: (%^#(# *(#&%(# #*%&# )%#*%) &#@)( #*(#$? (But Princess, we’ve tried to get out a million times. How are we going to get out now?)

Princess Shroob: ... (… Drat.)

Shroob: #(%#&(%(&! %#)*%#) #)^ *$)^*$) *^)$*#! (Wait, Princess! We can get out using Technique 2468!)

Princess Shroob: (%#&( #%(! %#() %*#)#, #%*#()%)!!! (Good Idea! All Shroobs, WHAT HE SAID!!!)

All: ($@&$%@(!!! (CHARGE!!!)



Ludwig stops working on his invention.

Ludwig: What in King Dad’s name was that?

He goes into the hallway and peers down the hall.

Ludwig: Hmm, nothing abnormal…
Siblings fighting, normal.
Roy beating up Iggy and Larry, normal.
Bowser Jr. attacking Morton, normal.
Wendy being a brat, normal.
Shroobs attacking, normal

Ludwig begins to go back into his room, but then realizes what he just said. Shroobs attacking?

He dashes back out into the hallway.

Lemmy: HELP!

The Shroobs are attacking. Ray guns. Claw things. Teeth. But the Koopalings fight back.

Roy: What the-

A Shroob shoots at him. Roy reflects the blast off his arm back into the Shroob.

Roy: Ow!

Shroob: %(^(! (Ow!)

Iggy looks around in terror. Before he knows it, he’s surrounded! This looks like the perfect time to try his new move... Iggy Koopa’s Dizzy Flame! Iggy spins around and breathes fire at the same time. The Shroobs get roasted and Iggy runs off to help Lemmy fight off some more Shroobs.

Wendy: Shroobs?! GET OUT OF MY CASTLE!!!

The Shroobs are thrown against the wall by the force of Wendy’s scream. Meanwhile Ludwig bodyslams three Shroobs. They fall to the ground, all flat.

Princess Shroob: $@%^$#? #%!!! $& &$&$&! $&@ (%#)%& &%#) *%*%! (What? No!!! All Shroobs, spread out and find that power source!)

Shroobs: *%#&! (Ok, Boss Person!)

The Shroobs all run down the hallway, knocking over the Koopalings. Iggy gets up first and rushes after them, followed closely by Larry.

Larry: Stop, Shroobs!

Shroob: %&#$@*(^^* #*%#(% *#(^! (No! You can’t make us!)

Iggy: What is happening?!

Larry: No clue! Just follow those Shroobs!!!

WHAT are the Shroobs looking for? WHY doesn’t Larry remember the mysterious chest? WILL the Shroobs succeed? WHAT does this story have to do with Iggy so far? WILL I finish this story? Eh, probably. FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON IGGY AND THE ULTIMATE STARS!

Read on!

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