The Adventures of Mario- Sheepy Time

By TheBlueJ

---Chapter 4---

~Inside Peach’s Castle~

Mario is looking around for Peach. Sheep-Luigi is standing by the main door.



“Peach, are you here?”

*muffled* “maaahh.”


*muffled* “maaahh”

Mario opens the door at the top of the stairs, and a small, pink sheep with extra smooth and curly wool walks out.

“Peach! You’re a sheep too! What’s happening?!”


“I can see that you have seen that I’m not a sheep. I’m not sure why, but Luigi (yes,he’s a sheep too) thought that it might be these.”

Mario pulls out the Lucky Socks (which he had put in his pocket) and shows them to Peach and explains what they are, then puts them back.

“Personally, I’m not so sure, but you never know.”


"Anyway, I think we, well, I, need to find out what's going on."

While they were talking (well, Mario anyway), they had walked back to the front door. Sheep-Luigi is still standing there.

"So what do you two think?"


"Wow, I really am going crazy, talking to sheep. And even faster than I thought I would, too."



"Queit you two, I need to think."

Mario sits on the floor and, well, thinks. Aren't you listening to them?

"Ok, the way I see it, everyone but me (for some reason) has been turned into sheep."


"Was that sarcasm?"


"Good. Anyway, so, even though I have NO idea how this makes sense, it must be Luigi's socks that saved me, that or I'M THE CHOSEN ONE!"


"Well it has happened before."

“maaahh maaahh?”

"Good point, Peach, I should stop talking to you, but, then again, I've obviously already gone crazy, so it doesn't really matter."


"Right, back to the subject: I think that this is probably, somehow, Bowser's doing."


"Quiet Luigi, I don't blame everything on him."


"THAT WAS ONCE! ... Well, okay, I guess bad things aren't ALWAYS his fault. But I still had a feeling that he, or someone near him, has caused this. Any ideas who?"



"Right. I really need to stop doing that. Anyway, the way I see it, the only way to find out who's up to no good, is to go to Dark Land.... Anyone know how to get there?"



"Right., it stinks having no one to ask for advice. I guess I'll just, um, walk around looking like I know what I'm doing. That usually tricks the villain into thinking that I actually AM doing something, and must be stopped. Well, here goes nothing."

Mario starts to walk off in some random direction, in this case, down Pleasant Path. He and the two sheep keep walking for multiple hours.

---Chapter 5---

~The aforementioned Somewhere~

Random Magikoopa: "Kamek, sir, we have reason to believe that Mario wasn't turned into a sheep like everyone else."

Kamek: "And why is that?"

"One of the scouts that you had us send flying over the Mushroom Kingdom has reported seeing a human walking with two sheep down Pleasant Path."

"Did they see the body shape of the human?"

"No, sir."

"Did they at least see the color of the human's clothes or of the sheep?"

"Ummm...No, sir."


"Um, well, we were low on Magikoopas to send scouting, and since Pleasant Path usually doesn't matter, we sort of sent someone who was colorblind."

"WHAT?!"*ahem*"Ok, so that explains how he-"



"It was one of the female Magikoopas."

"Anyway, that still doesn't account for how she missed the size and/or shape of the human."

"She's a poor flier."

"And that means...?"

"She hit a tree."

"......And lost her glasses."

"Yes, sir."


"No, sir."

"So we have a vague, possibly mistaken sighting of what might be someone who is the same species as Mario."

"Yes, sir."

*sigh*"Well, I guess I should take care of it. Go ahead and have the Magikoopa that sighted the human go and confront him. I *cough* WE can't have my plan fail."

"Sir! Yes, sir!"

To the sound of Kamek sighing, the Magikoopa runs off to find the, um, other Magikoopa to, I dunno, attack Mario? I'm not the one reading this, you are! Figure it out yourself!

---Chapter 6---

~Back on Pleasant Path~

Mario: "HmmhmmhmmhmmHMMhmm. Man, I did not realize how boring randomly walking around is."

Luigi: Baaaah.

"Ok, at least when I'm not looking for hidden things."


"Hey, Peach you're being awful quiet."



Mario turns around to see sheep-Peach lying down, looking exhausted. He then notices that sheep-Luigi looks tired as well.

"Geeze Luise, you guys are already worn out?What's wrong?"


"Oh. I see. it's your legs that are sore. Must be because of how stubby they are. Do you want me to carry you two?"

Sheep-Luigi gives him a "yespleasethankyou" look.

"Right-o! should I go about this?"

Mario then proceeds to try multiple ways of carrying the two sheep, none of which look comfortable, if not for Mario, then for the sheep. He then sits down, leaning against a tree.

"Um...we seem to have a problem here. Let's see... maybe like-"


Before Mario can try out whatever it is he was planning, an orange Magikoopa wearing extra-thick glasses comes flying at Mario, but it miss-aims and crashes into the branches above him. It then falls out on to him.

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