The Amazing Race MK III

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 2
Title: I hope he turns off his turn signal first.

Phil: Previously on: The Amazing Race MK….

Phil: 12 teams began a race around the world… for one million coins!

Raz: Go, go!

Hammer: C’mon! Hurry up!

Phil: Each team is made up of two people with a pre-existing relationship. There were partners…married couples…best friends…a separated couple…and even some famous personnel. Immediately, teams were faced with a tremendous surprise when they discovered that the first leg of the race would take place inside the body of Bowser.

All: *Screaming as they get eaten*

Phil: An even bigger surprise came halfway through the leg when Dr. Mario & Nurse Toadstool, having arrived last at the overnight rest, were eliminated on the spot. Teams continued the following morning, when they either battled enemies or mastered special items. Throughout the leg, many teams became lost in the confusing labyrinth of Bowser’s body. Yoshi Jr. and Baby Yoshi were unable to recover from becoming lost twice and were eliminated. Now…10 teams remain… Who will be eliminated…next?

The opening plays with a Red “X” over Dr. Mario & Nurse Toadstool and over Yoshi Jr. & Baby Yoshi.

After that we zoom into Bowser’s castle and get a close up of his stomach.

Phil, voiceover: This…is Bowser. King of the Koopas.

We cut to Phil standing in the Challenge Node.

Phil: …and inside his body is a confusing mess of tunnels and organs. This…was the first Pit Stop in a race around the MK. Teams arrived here for a mandatory rest period that allows them to eat…sleep…and mingle with the other teams. Spending the night inside the body of Bowser was not pleasant for many of the teams…

***Raz: I can’t tell you how anxious I was to leave this place. I didn’t trust any of the food they gave us…

***Boomerang: I have no idea how Mario & Luigi managed to adventure through here… Kudos to them, man!

***Bruce: It was terrible! I had to protect my sweet and keep her spirits high!

***Bombette: I didn’t mind…

Phil: Teams will depart in the same order they arrived. Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro., who were the first to arrive at 9:58 AM…will depart…at 9:58 PM.

Boomerang: Get us out of here, man!

Hammer: Gladly! *Riiiiiiiiiiiiiip* Find the Pipe Plaza and take the black pipe, then head outside the castle…

Phil: Teams must now find the Pipe Plaza, a location in Bowser’s body that contains many warp pipes that can be used to exit. Once back safely in Bowser’s Castle, teams will exit and find this military base nearby, where Bowser keeps his arsenal of tanks, ships, and airships. Teams will find their next clue here.

Hammer: Let’s hurry up!

***Hammer: It wasn’t a surprise at all that we got first place. It was expected! We’re the strongest competitors, and no one comes even close to our level. We’re unstoppable!

***Boomerang: There’s a reason we’re at the top of Bowser’s legion!

Boomerang: I guess it’s this way…

Hammer: The clue says to go up…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds – 9:59 PM
Raz: We’re getting out!

Raini: Finally!

***Raz: Our love for each other is what’s going to guide us through this race. We understand each other, and we see each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so hopefully we won’t fail.

***Raini: Yeah!

Raz: Up…I guess this is up…Hmm….

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple – 10:02 PM
Monsieur: Find zee Pipe Plaza!

Madame: Does zat mean we can exit zis body now?

Monsieur: Oui! Come on!

***Monsieur: Our strengths…we ‘ave zee intelligence and zee brains. We can outwit any of zese teams to zee finish line.

***Madame: Zee point is, we won’t be getting lost. Zat is trés important in zis race.

Monsieur: Zee Pipe Plaza ees just up a bit. Not far.

Madame: Bon!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Aha! I think I found it!

Boomerang: Yeah, I think this would be Pipe Plaza.

Hammer: What gave it away? The pipes? Where’s the black one?

Boomerang: Up there! Come on!

They jump up.

Hammer: Goodbye, Bowser’s body!

*Pipe sound*

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Over here! I found it!

Raini: Really?

Raz: Yeah, and I just heard the Bros! We’re right behind them! Come on!

*Pipe sound*

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating – 10:08 PM
Bruce: Oh good! We’re getting out of here! No more need to worry, hon!

Bombette: Yeah, yeah…

***Bruce: I’ll protect Bombette from everything!

***Bombette: I’m not the biggest fan of how he views everything as a threat to me…That could hurt us in the long run. Because, y’know, if we have a Detour and we can Sky Dive, you’d better bet I’m skydiving!

Bruce: It must be this way!

Bombette: Yeah. This is up.

The front doors of Bowser’s Castle open.
Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Come on!

***Boomerang: We’re both been to the military base plenty of times, so we knew exactly where it was. We just had no idea what we’d be doing.

Hammer: Where’s the clue?

Boomerang: There! Over there by that airship!

We see a shot of the imposing ship.

Hammer: Haha! Come on!


Hammer: Oh, yeah! “Board this Airship!”

Phil: Teams must now board this Airship and ride it into the skies. These Airships, an integral part of Bowser’s fleet, pose the biggest threat to enemies. Once the ship has reached an altitude of 5000m, they will receive their next clue.

Hammer: Boardin’ the Airship, baby!

Boomerang: Awesome! I love these things!

They step onto the ship.

Hammer: Hey! What up?

Rocky Wrench: Airship departs at 700 hours!

Hammer: 7:00 AM? Really?

Boomerang: Aww… Everyone’s gonna catch up.

Hammer: Yup…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Wait for us!

Hammer: Stop running. It’s a bottleneck.

Raz: Aw, boo!

Raini: That stinls a lot.

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends – 10:15 PM
Brighton: “…to find your next clue.”

Twila: Great! Let’s go!

***Brighton: We’re the best of friends, so we won’t fight. We know exactly how to not get on one another’s nerves.

***Twila: That’s sure to help us out!

Twila: Let’s win this leg!

Brighton: Hahaha!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends – 10:23 PM
Birdo: Oh good! We can leave his body.

Mouser: Heh! I bet Bowser’s happy about that.

Birdo: Who wants to have 12 teams running around inside you?!

***Birdo: Other than being constantly mistaken for male, nothing really stresses me out. I can be calm and collected and I know how to focus on the task at hand.

***Mouser: Yeah, she’s pretty cool. Her strengths combined with mine are sure to win the race.

Mouser: Come on, dude!

Birdo: Don’t push it.

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts – 10:28 PM
Big Boo: All right! Let’s go catch up!

***Blue Boo: We’re a little bit behind on this leg. We got lost once, but it’s all right. We’ll bounce back. We can’t lose, and everyone knows that.

***Big Boo: Heh… Unstoppable!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor – 10:35 PM
Flurrie: It’s time to leave this foul body!

Doopliss: Tell me about it…

***Flurrie: Yeah, we got a bit lost. It’s okay! Any minor setbacks are nothing.

***Doopliss: I’m probably the strongest one here mentally! I’ll outwit them all!

Doopliss: Well, come ON! Hurry up!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer – 10:41 PM
Chanterelle: Ah! We can leave!

Toadofsky: Good.

***Chanterelle: Last leg…we placed third-to-last. It was kind of a disappointment… But all we have to do is try harder.

***Toadofsky: Yeah. We haven’t yet revealed our true strengths. And we’ll leave the other teams crying in the dust.

Toadofsky: Onward to victory!

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors – 11:01 PM
Kroop: Well…let’s go then!

Dour: Yup…

***Kroop: I still have no idea how we ended up in last place! I really don’t get it! When did we fall behind?

***Dour: *sigh*

Kroop: I’ll betcha all the teams are waiting!

Dour: I sure hope so, or we’re finished…

All the teams step on excitedly.

Hammer: Here we go!

Bombette: I’m so excited!

Twila: All riiiight! Here we go!

The airship takes off.

The classic airship theme plays as the ship flies through the starry upper atmosphere.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Wow! Pretty awesome, eh?

Raini: This is super cool!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: The stars are beautiful!

Bruce: Yeah…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Eh, seen it all before.

Boomerang: Heh…

A Rocky Wrench walks up and delivers a clue to each team.

Everyone: Thanks!

*Riiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiip*

Chanterelle: Okay! Detour!

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams will find out what it’s like to work aboard the airship. They will take on one of the major defences utilised here. They’ll choose between Deliver, and Return to Sender. In Deliver, teams will make their way to this deck, where they will find a collection of cannonballs. They must use this tray to pick up and deliver 30 of these extremely heavy cannonballs to the opposite end of the ship and these cannons. Once they’re all accounted for, teams will receive their next clue. In Return to Sender, teams will go to this area where a Rocky Wrench will show them how to perfectly throw a wrench. If teams can master the technique and gain the approval of their guides, they will receive their next clue.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: I believe we should learn to zrow zee wrenches, no?

Madame: Oui, zat is so much better zan carrying ‘eavy balls!

Monsieur: D’accord! Let’s go! (Okay!)

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Umm…I guess we’ll throw the wrenches.

Bombette: Yeah. We can’t really carry anything…

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: Do you want to throw wrenches?

Toadofsky: Sounds like fun! Come on!

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
Kroop: Who’s doing this Roadblock?.

Dour: *shakes head* We’ll throw wrenches. Return to Sender.

Kroop: Me? Okay!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Do you really want to lift cannonballs?

Doopliss: We only have to carry them from one side of the ship to the other. Don’t worry, I’ll transform into someone strong!

Flurrie: All right, fine, we’ll do Deliver.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Come on! We’ll do the wrenches!

Raini: Yeah. It can’t be too hard, right?

Raz: Sure! Let’s go!

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Brighton: Hmmm…

Twila: Come! We’ll lift cannonballs. It’s not too far.

Brighton: I guess so…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Hmm…I’d like to lift the cannonballs, ‘cus we’re so strong.

Boomerang: Yeah, but we’re so good at throwing things. It’s probably just like a boomerang.

Hammer: Okay. We’ll give Return to Sender a try.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Brido: Let’s go lift the cannonballs.

Mouser: Yeah. We’ll use our strength!

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: Wrenches?

Blue Boo: Fine.

*Camera Shift*
Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Right here?

Doopliss: Woah! That’s a lot of cannonballs!

Flurrie: Yeah. We’d better get started!

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Brighton: Oh my.

Twila: Here. Put some in the tray.

Brighton: Uugghhh…These are heavy.

Twila: Just keep going. We’ll work at our own pace. If we fall behind, then we’ll excel at the Roadblock.

Brighton: Okay.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: This is the spot!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Pick a guide!

Boomerang: Hey! Show us! Please!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Rocky: You’re going to want to twist it as you throw.

Chanterelle: Like this?

Rocky: Twist your hand more.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Rocky: And when it flies away, it must remain parallel to the ground.

Madame: So, eet can’t tilt?

Rocky: No.

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
Rocky: And if you can stick either of the pointed ends into that target so that the wrench is at a 90° angle, you will get your next clue.

Dour: Ummm…Okay…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Doesn’t sound too hard…

Bombette: It’s gonna be harder for us…

***Bruce: We don’t have arms, so we had to throw using our wicks…It didn’t really matter though, because we couldn’t lift anyway…

Bruce: Ya!

Bombette: No, you gotta spin it more.

Bruce: Hm…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Are we only allowed to use the tray? Can we carry them ourselves too?

Mouser: I think so, but you’re gonna need both your hands to carry the tray, so how’re you-

Birdo puts three cannonballs in her snout.

Mouser: Oh………..You disgust me.

Birdo: What?!

Both: ……….

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Boomerang: C’mon, man! It’s easy! Just do it!

***Hammer: For the wrench task, we both had to throw one properly. Boomerang Bro. got it easily, but I was having a little trouble.

Hammer: These aren’t like hammers! Give me a sec!

*Thunder claps*
Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Oh mon dieu!! C’est un storm! (Oh my gosh! It’s a storm!)

Monsieur: Worry not! We will be safe from zee lightning!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Uugghhhh…

Raz: You okay?

Raini: Yeah… Keep practicing.

***Raini: The ship swayed in the wind. I got a bit of motion sickness.

***Raz: She was a trooper! She kept going!

Raini: Okay, let’s see!

She throws a wrench and it spins perfectly.

Raini: Yes!

It bounces off the target and flops to the ground.

Raini: Aww…

Raz: Nice try! Keep trying!

Raini: We’ll get this…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Don’t choke on those, dude!

Birdo: Shaddup and stop calling me dude!

Mouser: *sigh* Whatever. C’mon! We’re almost done!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Boomerang: Wait, wait, wait. Try pulling your hand back this way. No, no, like this. Then snap your wrist.

Hammer: *throws* Oh, man! I almost had it!

Boomerang: It’s kinda like throwing a Frisbee!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: Very good! You got it!

Toadofsky: Thanks! It’s not too hard. You try it.

Chanterelle: Mine keeps flipping!

Toadofsky: It’s all in the wrist!

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Brighton: Ughh…Keep going!

***Twila: The cannonballs were much heavier than we anticipated. We got pretty tired.

***Brighton: But we didn’t give up! We kept doing our very best!

Twila: Go… Just go…

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
Kroop: Yeah! I got it!

Dour: No…no, you didn’t. You just…threw it straight up.

Kroop: That’s not what we’re supposed to do?!

Dour: …………No… Ugh…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: C’mon! Ughh…I messed it up again.

Blue Boo: Do it right! I got it on the first try!

Big Boo: I’m trying!

Blue Boo: *sigh*

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Wait…wait… Oh, I think I got it now!

Boomerang: Give it a whirl!

Hammer: … Ya!

*Fwoosh* *Smack*

Hammer: Oh! Oh, yeah! That’s good, right?

Rocky: Congratulations! Very good.

Hammer: Oh, yeah! I got it!

Boomerang: Great job!

Rocky: Here’s your next clue!

Hammer: Thanks a lot!


Hammer: Roadblock…

Phil: (Standing on the bow with the wind obscuring his voice) A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform! And no person may do more than 6 on the entire race! In this Roadblock, teams will have to pilot this immense airship…and find the Pit Stop. They will be given a rudimentary map and instructions on how to pilot the ship. They must safely manoeuvre the ship to the Pit Stop, where they will be able to check in. Since only one person may drive the ship at a time, teams must form a queue. However, if teams reach the wrong location, take too long, or perform an unsafe action, they will forfeit their place in line and must try again. The last team to accomplish this…may be eliminated.

Hammer: Who’s ready to take command?

Boomerang: You are!

Hammer: All right! Le’s do this!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Aw, man… They’re done already.

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Are you kidding me?

***Raz: We aren’t exactly fond of the Bros. They’re very strong and very competitive. They’re definitely a team to be worried about.

Raz: C’mon, hon! We can do this!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ah, oui! Tu ‘ave done eet! Bon travail! (Ah, yes! You have done it! Good job!)

Madame: Ah! Merci! We can get our clue now!

Rocky: Good job!


Monsieur: Roadblock… I will do zis one!

Madame: D’accord! (Okay!)

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Uugghhh! This is nonsense! Come on, hon!

Raini: I’m trying! I’m trying!

Raz: You gotta try a little harder!

Raini: *sigh* Okay… All right… Let’s do this right!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Are we almost done?

Birdo: *Pwaa* Yes, I think we only need to carry one more load.

Mouser: Well, come on! Let’s get going!

Birdo: I’m right behind you!

***Mouser: The cannonballs task wasn’t too much of a hassle. We got it done pretty quickly. The other teams doing this Detour weren’t doing so well, though…

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Twila: Just a…second… I need…to rest…

Brighton: Me too… This is tough.

***Brighton: It became increasingly evident that we had chosen the wrong Detour. However, we were already half done, so we decided to keep at it.

***Twila: Yeah. Switching would’ve just wasted a lot of time.

Both: *panting*

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Yes!

Bombette: You finally got it!

***Bruce: It took some practice, but we were soon masters of the wrench!

Bombette: Woo! Good job, Brucy!

Bruce: Ahhh! Don’t call me that! You know it drives me crazy!


Bruce: Roadblock.

Bombette: I’ll do it.

Bruce: You sure?

Bombette: Yes. Let’s go.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Uuuggghh… We’re falling behind…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Boomerang: All right, buddy! Listen carefully and do it right the first time!

Boomerang Bro, Broque Monsieur, and Bombette are all getting a lesson.

***Boomerang: I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I knew that if I failed, we’d be waaaay far back.

Boomerang: Gotta do it right….

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: Uuuuggghhh! How’d you go it?!

Blue Boo: You gotta twist your body a little bit too!

Big Boo: Whaddaya mean?!

Blue Boo: Ughh…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Done!

Mouser: Hooaaahhh! Yeah!

***Mouser: Yeah. Now the other teams will know how strong we are!

Mouser: Good job, dude!

Birdo: Shut up!


Birdo: Roadblock…

Mouser: You wanna do this one?

Birdo: I think I can handle it!

Mouser: Good luck!

Rocky: All right, you’re first up!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: A’ight! Let’s do this

Rocky: Here is your map…and we are currently… *points* here.

Hammer: Okay…Hmm…

***Hammer: My plan was to just follow the compass until I got close, and then figure out where the Pit Stop is.

Hammer: All right. *grabs the wheel*

Everyone: WAAHH!

Bombette: Dude! Careful!

Hammer: Sorry everyone! Okay… Let’s do this right the first time…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Ughh… *sigh*

Raz: Wait! Wait! Stop…stop, I think I see what you’re doing wrong.

Raini: Hm?

Raz: No, no…hold it down…here. *adjusts her arm* And then act…like you’re Karate-chopping a guy in the gut.

Raini: *snickers* What?

Raz: Just do it! Haha!

***Raini: Raz is funny, he makes me laugh. Whenever I do something wrong, he’s very good at making sure he doesn’t upset me.

Raz: Okay! Throw!

Raini: Ha!


Raz: You did it!

Raini:  I did?! I did! Yes!

Raz: Come on! Let’s go!


Raz: Roadblock.

Raini: Me!

Raz: R’ini’s doing it!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Okay… Smoooooooth sailin’…

***Hammer: How the Roadblock worked…everyone who was waiting in line had to wait in the hold.

Hammer: Yeaahhh…Okay, time to look for the…the place.

***Hammer: So no one could figure out the location ahead of time.

Hammer: It looks like…looks like the Pit Stop is somewhere in the ocean… Hmmm…

The ship dips below the clouds.

Hammer: Okay, let’s not crash the ship, now…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Blue Boo: That’s good! That’s good, we got it!

Big Boo: It didn’t stick!

Blue Boo: It stuck for like half a second and then it fell off! That’s good, right?

Rocky: Very well. Here’s your clue.


Big Boo: A Roadblock…

Blue Boo: You’d better do this one. You can probably command something…

Big Boo: Okay!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Toadofsky: Oh man! They’re done!

Chanterelle: Don’t worry! Nya!


Toadofsky: Oh, nice! You got it!

Chanterelle: Finally!


Chanterelle: I’ll do this Roadblock.

Toadofsky: Okay!

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Brighton: Uughh…There! We’re done!

Twila: I’m…so exhausted.

Brighton: But we did it! Be proud of us for that!

Twila: Yeah…


Twila: I’ll do it.

Brighton: Okay! C’mon! Let’s go catch up!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Come on! Break a leg!

Doopliss: This is HARD!!!

***Doopliss: We were one of the last two teams there! I can’t tell you how much that stunk!

***Flurrie: Oh, we were pretty frustrated.

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors

Kroop: C’mon… We have to…hustle…

Dour: Yes, we do. Now come on! Do it right!

Kroop: I AM doing it right! You do it right!

Dour: You’ve got it backwards, dummy!

*Camera Shift*
*Airship music*
*A camera on the water catches the ship as it descends*
*The camera zooms all the way into Hammer Bro. at the helm*

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Hahahahaaa! We’re almost there! Just gotta watch the compass now…Make sure we get the location correct!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Ughh….huff….There……we’re….we’re done…

Flurrie: We shouldn’t’ve picked that one.

Doopliss: Agreed….I’m…just glad it’s over now.

Flurrie: Me too!


Doopliss: Roadblock…

Flurrie: Your turn.

Doopliss: Okay! I’ll do it!

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
Dour: Oh, my….Now we’re the last ones…

Kroop: Hup!

Dour: You did it wrong again…

Kroop: Hmmm…

Dour: We’re out. We’re definitely out.

***Dour: We were sure we were gonna be eliminated. Absolutely positive…

Both: ……

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Looks like I’m getting close! Comin’ in for a landing!!!

The camera points off the bow, showing the Mushroom Kingdom Airport approaching in the distance.

Hammer: Is that the Pit Stop?

Rocky: Congratulations. That’s correct. All you have to do is safely land the ship in the water.

Hammer: Okay…….

***Hammer: Landing the ship wasn’t too hard. You just had to stop moving forward and let it sink slowly….

Hammer: Okay!

The boats rocks and splashes a bit.

Hammer: Ack…okay! We’re there!

Rocky: Good job.

Boomerang: You did it!

Hammer: C’mon! Let’s go!

They step off the dock and onto the small, isolated island that is MKA.

Hammer: There’s Phil!

As they run towards the mat, the ship behind them suddenly disappears.

Hammer: Whoa!

Boomerang: I guess it’s going back to where it started.

They step on the mat.

Boom Boom: WAUGH! Welcome!!!

Phil: Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro.? Congratulations! Once again, you are team number one!!!

Hammer: All right!!!

Boomerang: Woo! We did it!

Phil: Now, I have some good news for you. As the winners of this leg of the race, you have each won three free flights for two to anywhere in the world, compliments of MKA.

Hammer: Wow! Cool!

Boomerang: That’s pretty awesome!

Hammer: Well, we made it first again!

Boomerang: Yeah! Good job, man!

Hammer: I just hope that our good fortune will continue, and we’ll use our strengths to win the race!

Boomerang: Yup!

*Back up in the sky*

Rocky: It is now your turn!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ah, oui! Let’s take zis ship to zee Pit Stop!

Madame: Bonne Chance!(Good luck!)

Monsieur: Merci! (Thank you!)

He drives it down rather quickly.

Rocky: Be careful.

Monsieur: Ah, worry not! I will not ‘urt zis ship!

***Monsieur: Eet was quite a cinch! Un easy task!

Monsieur: Okay! Forward!

There is a slight lurch, then the ship flies ahead.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Hmmm…

***Raini: As I was sitting in the hold waiting for my turn, I was paying attention. I was trying to feel which way people were driving the ship. I thought that might come in handy…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: I’m so nervous!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: Yeah…It’s like taking your driver’s test…except more’s at stake.

Bombette: I just hope I don’t screw up…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ah, I see! Zis is zee way we need to go!

The boat skims above the water.

Monsieur: I must keep zis ship steady… We are almost zere!

Madame: Okay! Do not crash zee ship!

Monsieur: S’il Vous Plait! (Please!) I will not crash zee ship! I am a better driver zan zat!

Madame: Just be careful!

Monsieur: But of course! We are almost zere!

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
Kroop: Ah, I totally screwed that up!

Rocky: Congratulations.

Dour: No! You got it right!

Kroop: Huh?

Dour: You hit the target! You did it right.

Kroop: You gotta be joking me.

Dour: Unfortunately, no I am not…


Kroop: It’s a Roadblock!

Dour rudely grabs the clue.

Dour: I’m doing it.

Kroop: Ok!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Zere eet ees!

The airport comes into view.

Madame: Now land zee ship! Go slow!

Monsieur: Okay…..Let’s land eet….

Madame: Sloooowww!

Monsieur: I know, cheri! I know!

The ship lowers until it lands with a minor splash.

Monsieur: And zat is ‘ow you do it!

Rocky: Good job! You may proceed to the Pit Stop.

Monsieur: Come on!

Phil: *eyebrow raise*

Monsieur: Onto zee mat!

Phil: Broque Monsieur & Madame? You’ number two!

Monsieur : Trés bon! (Very good!) We ‘ave moved up a position!

Madame: Whoa! Zat is amazing!

Monsieur: No! Eet ees expected, because we are so amazing!

Madame: Haha! You are right!

Monsieur: Bon travail!(Good job!)

The ship teleports again.

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: All right! I’m up!

Bruce: Good luck, hon!

Bombette: Don’t worry! I don’t think I’ll be needing it!

She grabs the wheel with her wick. The ship shakes a little at first, but soon moves forward smoothly.

Bombette: Okay! Let’s just take it slow!

Bruce: Don’t go too slow! Remember, we have a time limit!

Bombette: Right!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Both: …..

***Flurrie: We were nervous because we were close to last place. If we screwed up, we’d be finished.

***Doopliss: We knew we had to finish the Roadblock perfectly.

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
***Kroop: In last place at a queued Roadblock.

***Dour: Could things get any worse? Someone had to fail.

Both: …

***Dour: It was our only chance

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Tak’er down…We’re almost there.

Bombette: It’s more left!

She spins the wheel.

Everyone: Waaahhh!

Bruce: Careful! Move it gently!

She spins the wheel the other way.

Everyone: Gaaahhh!

Bruce: Be careful!

Rocky: I’m sorry, but that act was too dangerous. You’ll have to move to the back of the queue.

Bombette: Ohmigawd! I failed!

Bruce: Now we’re in last.

Bombette: Oh no…

***Bombette: I tell ya, that was the worst feeling.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Looks like I’m up!

Mouser: Okay! Now don’t screw up!

Birdo: Shut up! I’ll do the best I can.

Mouser: It’d better be spectacular!

She begins to fly the ship.

Birdo: Okay…we’ll just ride the winds and take it smooooothly.

Mouser: Just be careful, dangit!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Uugghh! This stinks!

Bruce: Hopefully someone else will fail! We’ll just do better next time!

Bombette: Yeah…

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
Dour: Ooh! Someone failed! We still have a chance!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Like this?

Mouser: What are you doing?!

Birdo: I’m driving!

Mouser: You’re going too fast!

Birdo: Well, I have to go lower to find the place..

Mouser: WAAAAUGHH! Hey!

Rocky: All right, that’s quite enough. You’ve performed many unsafe actions. You’ll have to try again.

Birdo: You gotta be kidding me…

Mouser: What were you thinking?!

Birdo: That’s how I drive!

Mouser: Wow…Finally I have some proof that you’re female…

Birdo: HEY!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: We’re up!

Raini: Wish me luck!

Raz: You’ll do fine!

Raini: I don’t wanna fail!

They step out.

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Another team failed?

Bruce: This is getting interesting.

Bombette: Don’t worry! I won’t fail this time.

Bruce: Yeah. Then we’ll be fine.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: You were a maniac!

Birdo: Oh, shaddup!

Mouser: You have to treat it carefully! Move fairly slowly and manoeuvre carefully!

Birdo: SHUT UP! I’ll do it right next time!

Mouser: Well, it may not matter! We’re in last now!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: That’s it! You’ve got it!

Raini: I’m doin’ it! Yeah!

***Raini: Being in control of such a huge flying battleship was incredible!

Raini: Woohooo!!!

***Raini: With the wind in my face and the clouds whipping by! It was absolutely incredible!

Raz: Keep going! We’re doing good!

Raini: Where’s the Pit Stop? I gotta find it!

Raz: We’ll find it! As long as you use the map!

Raini: Okay!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: So, you gonna go slower?

Birdo: Will you leave me alone?! I’m sorry, all right?! I thought it was safe, but apparently it wasn’t.

Mouser: It just takes common sense, dude!

Birdo: Stop calling me dude!

***Birdo: Yeah…we had a little fight there…I don’t really know what happened. We’ve always been great friends.

***Mouser: I was pretty angry because we were in last place. At that point it was certain that we’d be eliminated.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: That’s how you do it! Now just set us down…


Raz: Awesome!

Raini: I did it! I can’t believe I did that!

***Raini: Oh, you’d better believe I was proud of myself! That was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!

Raz: C’mon! Let’s get to the Pit Stop!

Raini: We made it! Woo!!!

They step onto the mat.

Phil: Raz & Raini…you’re team number three!

Raz: All right! We made it!

Raini: Team number three is fine! We’ll be team number one next time!

Raz: Yeah! I’m proud of us! I’m proud of her! She did so well today!

Raini: It was both of us! It was a team effort!

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: All right!

Blue Boo: Drive it safely and quickly!

Big Boo: Don’t worry… Heh. This will be a cinch!

***Big Boo: It wasn’t too difficult. Just steering and searching.

Big Boo: All right!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: We’re up next.

Toadofsky: You ready?

Chanterelle: I can handle it. As long as we don’t fail!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: *rolls eyes*

Bruce: …

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: *growls*

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Blue Boo: Please be a little more careful!

Big Boo: Sorry! This wheel is too small for my hands!

Blue Boo: Then you should lose weight.

Big Boo: Shaddup! You’re as big as I am.

Blue Boo: *sigh* Look. There’s an airport. Is that the Pit Stop?

Big Boo: I see Phil down there! This is the place! Let’s go!

They hop off and run to the mat.

Big Boo: This is a nice airport…

Phil: Big Boo & Big Blue Boo….You’re Team Number 4!!

Big Boo: Great!

Blue Boo: Glad we made it!

Phil: Having troubles on this leg?

Big Boo: Not so much!

Blue Boo: We can do anything if we try!

Big Boo: Yeah! I’m sure we’ll win!

The ship teleports back again.

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: All right! Here I go!

Toadofsky: Good luck! Keep it steady!

***Toadofsky: I was confident. She’s a gentle person, so I was sure she’d drive the ship okay!

Chanterelle: Ooh, it’s a big wheel. Okay! Just like driving a car!

The ship sails off smoothly as wondrous music plays.

Chanterelle: Ahhh! This is nice!

Toadofsky: This is a real pleasant trip!

Chanterelle: Yeah…

***Chanterelle: As I was driving the ship, the storm was ending. The clouds were parting and the sun was coming out…It was really nice.


***Chanterelle: Very nice! Before we knew it we were done!

Chanterelle: It’s the airport!

Toadofsky: You sure that’s the spot on your map?

Chanterelle: I’m pretty sure! Look for Phil!

Both: …

Toadofsky: There he is! Bring us down there!


Chanterelle: All right! Let’s go!

Phil: Chanterelle & Toadofsky….you’re team number 5!

Chanterelle: Okay! Woo!

Toadofsky: We moved up a bit!

Chanterelle: This race is going really well so far! Hopefully our luck will continue!

Rocky: Brighton & Twila?

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Twila: Let’s go!

Brighton: This should be simple!

*Door slams*

Everyone Else: ………..

***Flurrie: We were all really worried. It was like being trapped in jail awaiting a sentence.

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Twila: So, I use this to steer?

Brighton: That’s the wheel, so I’d assume yes!

Twila: Let’s see how sharply this turns…


Twila: Whoa…Okay. That’s pretty good. Let’s get going.

They sail off.

Both: …

***Twila: I was driving the ship okay. I wasn’t doing anything wild or crazy.

Twila: How’m I doing?

Brighton: You’re doing fantastic! Just keep up with what you’re doing!

***Twila: But we soon realised there was a problem…

Twila: This…this is it!

Brighton: What? The Pit Stop? ... But there’s nothing here!

Twila: Well, I followed the map! I went north and then I turned at that island and…

Brighton: Well, I doubt Phil and the mat would be floating in the sea…

Twila: I went the wrong way, didn’t I?

Brighton: I think so…

***Twila: So I turned the ship and kept going, but…

Rocky: I’m sorry, but your time is up. You’ll have to try again.

Twila: Oh no! That’s horrible!

***Twila: I was scared! That put us in last place, so…I was scared!

Dramatic music plays as the ship teleports.

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: All right!

Doopliss: I’m gonna do this right the first time!

Flurrie: Good luck!

Doopliss: Won’t need it!

Everyone: ….

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends

***Mouser: We were so happy, you wouldn’t believe it

***Birdo: Someone else had failed, so we still had a chance!

Mouser: Oh boy!

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Twila: I screwed up…

Brighton: Don’t worry about it!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: That’s it! That’s where we’re going!

Flurrie: Great job! It’s a good thing we didn’t fail that!

Doopliss: Yup! Now c’mon! Let’s go!

They run to the mat.

Phil: Flurrie & Doopliss? You’re team number 6!

Flurrie: Awesome! Awesome, awesome!

Doopliss: That’s great!

Flurrie: Thanks, Phil!

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
Dour: Well, it looks like we’re up!

Kroop: Time for the Detour?

Dour: No. Amazing that we’re not in last place anymore. As long as we don’t screw up!

Kroop: Well…good luck!

Dour: Thanks…

***Dour: I was just glad that I was doing the Roadblock. Otherwise we’d be out…

Dour: Okay… Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll just take the wheel and take us there.

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: I hope he turns off his turn signal first.

Bruce: Heh… yeah. He’ll go like two miles an hour.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Haha! That’s right.

Mouser: Old people are funny…

Kroop/Dour -- Mayors
Dour: Okay! I’m doing good!

Kroop: Good job… If you do this fast enough we’ll be in first place!

***Dour: The task was pretty easy.

***Kroop: It took us negative three seconds to do it!

***Dour: Uhhh……..

*Time shift*

Phil: Kroop & Dour….you’re team number 7!

Kroop: Woww!

Dour: Yeah, we moved up a couple places!

Kroop: First place! What an honor!

Dour: He just said we were…ah, never mind…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Let’s do it right this time.

Bruce: Just keep a steady grip!

Bombette: I’ll try, honey!

***Bombette: And just like that, we were down to only three teams…the three who had failed.

Bombette: I think I can drive it a little faster.

***Bombette: I was determined not to fall behind again!

Bombette: All riiiight!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: This is it…If either of us fails, we’ll probably be out.

Mouser: All you have to do is take it sloooowww…

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Twila: This is it…

Brighton: Just be careful!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Okay, Bombette! You’re doing well! Just keep that wheel steady!

Bombette: I’m tryin’, Bruce!

Bruce: You’re doing good! Don’t worry. Look, we’re almost there!

Bombette: I…recognize the spot on the map…It’s the MKA!

Bruce: Yes! There’s Phil! I think you did it!

Bombette: I just gotta set the ship down…

***Bombette: I could barely see where I was going…but I did it…


***Bombette: And we were still in the race!

Phil: Bombette & Bruce….you’re team number…8.

Bruce: All right!

Phil: Congratulations, you’re still in the race!

Bruce: Thank you! We tried our hardest and we’re glad to still be in it!

Bombette: Woohoo!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends

Mouser: Now, you’re gonna take it slowly!


Mouser: Okay, okay! If we win, we’re still in. If we lose, we’re out! So be careful!

Birdo: All right!

*Tense music*

***Mouser: We knew whoever completed this Roadblock first would still be in…and the other team would be going home.

Mouser: Ohhh…boy…

Birdo: I got it, don’t worry!

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Both: …..

***Twila: I still couldn’t believe we were in last place. All I could do was hope…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay, bring us to the right-


Mouser: -GENTLY!

Birdo: Sorry…It’s okay….I’m going sloooooooooooooooow…

Both: …

Rocky: ……

Mouser: There’s the MKA. You sure that’s it?

Birdo: I’m sure. The map says so…

Mouser: All right…..

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Both: …..

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Okay…..


Birdo: Ack…okay….Good?

Rocky: ………..

Both: …..

Rocky: Congratulations. You may head to the Pit Stop.

Both: YESS!!!

Mouser: Oh, man! I knew you could do it!!!

Birdo: Yeah! See?! I AM a good driver!

Mouser: Shut up and let’s go! It’s Pit Stop time!!!

They run onto the mat.

Phil: ………Birdo & Mouser? You’re…team number 9!

Birdo: All right!

Mouser: We made it, and that’s all that matters.

Birdo: Yeah…

***Birdo: I’m just happy that we weren’t out, ‘cus if we were it would’ve been my fault…

Mouser: Good job, dude!

Birdo: Don’t spoil the moment!

*Fade to the ship flying through the air*

Brighton/Twila -- Best Friends
Twila’s at the wheel.

***Twila: I…had a blast on this race…I had a lot of fun. It was tough, but I never gave up and never quit.

***Brighton: It was an unfortunate end, but there wasn’t much more we could do.

*Fade to them stepping on the mat*

Phil: Brighton & Twila? You’re the last team to arrive…

Twila: Yeah, we know…

Phil: I’m sorry to tell you you’ve both been eliminated from the race.

Twila: That stinks. What an awful way to go.

Brighton: It sure is unfortunate…but, whatever…

***Twila: I came on this race with my best friend. We didn’t fight, and we’re still great friends in the end.

***Brighton: I wouldn’t want to do the race with anyone but Twila. No one!

***Twila: And in the end…we had lots of fun and don’t regret anything.

***Brighton: Yeah. Oh, well…it’s over…

The Credits Roll…

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