The Amazing Race MK III

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 9
Title: So many galaxies, so little time

Phil: Previously on: The Amazing Race MK!!

Phil: Six teams set off from Northern Mario Land for a race across the Cosmos! The first challenge took place at the Cosmic Cove Galaxy, where teams found a cold reception.

Madame: OH MON DIEU!! (OH MY GOSH!!)

Phil: Even though swimming underneath the ice in frigid waters was the Roadblock, something else was causing chilly tension between Birdo and Mouser.

Mouser: You know what? I HATE YOU!

Birdo: OH REALLY?!



Phil: As teams soared to the Starshine Beach Galaxy, they encountered the native Yoshis and had a blast completing the Detour. Birdo & Mouser, already in last place, had troubles completing their Speed Bump. Raz & Raini then headed to the Tall Trunk Galaxy. They arrived first… at what they thought was the Pit Stop-

Phil (Replay): You are still racing, and this is your next clue!

Phil: -but received a shocking surprise! Six teams remain! Who will be eliminated… next?

The opening plays with no new Red “X”s.

*Fast-paced music*
Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Look!

*Shot of Phil standing on the mat*

Raz: There he is! Come on!

Raini: Wooo!! Here we are!!

They step onto the mat.

Phil: …Raz & Raini?

Raz: Yo Phil!

Phil: You’re the first team to arrive!

Raz: Yeaahhh!! Woo!!!

Raini: That’s good!

Phil: However…

Both: ???

Phil: I have some news for you

Raz: Uh oh, what did we do this time?

Phil: *takes out a clue* This leg of the race is not over! You are still racing, and this is your next clue!

Raz: Oh… my gosh

Raini: Are you serious? *takes clue*

Raz: Auughh!! We have a whole ‘nother leg to do!

Raini: I don’t know if I can!

Raz: Well… we have to!


Raz: Find your next clue at the top…

Phil: Teams must now scale the branches of this massive tree to find their next clue at the very top.

Raz: Oh gosh… Well, let’s get climbing!

Raini: Did you ever climb trees when you were a kid?

Raz: Well, sure! But like, 50 times smaller than THIS!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: C’mon! Let’s do this Detour really quick!

Mouser: We’re doing Dash! We gotta ride on Yoshis… while they eat a Dash Pepper… and grab flags!

Birdo: Sounds easy! Two teams’re still doing it!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: GOGOGO!! HAHA!!!


Monsieur: I… GOT EET!!!

Madame: OUIII!!!

***Monsieur: Just as we were starting to fall be’ind, we finished zee Detour!

Monsieur: Bon travail, ma cherí! (Good job, my dear!)


Monsieur: Ees eet zee Pit Stop?

Madame: Eet says find Phil! So oui!

Monsieur: But eet ees written strangely… Oh well! Let’s go!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: C’mon, Doop! Let’s do it right this time!

Doopliss: Stop calling me that!

Flurrie: Sorry… Hey, there’s Birdo!

Doopliss: UUGGGHHHH…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: There’s lot of branches… we’re almost there!

Raini: Yeah… This is going well…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Hahaa!! Here we are!

Boomerang: There’s Phil over there!

Hammer: Woo!!

Phil: … Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro.? You’re the second team to arrive!

Hammer: Hahahaaaaa!!!

Phil: However, this leg of the race is not over, and I have your next clue here.


Boomerang: Oh man… That’s not cool!


Hammer: Climb up to the top of this friggin’ thing?!

Boomerang: Ugh!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: We’re close, girl! Just a bit more!

Raini: Woo! This is kinda fun!

Raz: Yeah! Just don’t look down!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: The Toads are up there…

Boomerang: Well, c’mon! Let’s catch ‘em!

Hammer: Ohhh… I’m exhausted… but we gotta keep going!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: HERE WE GO!!! Wooo!!

Doopliss: Grab the flags!!

Flurrie: I got one!!! Just hold on!

Doopliss: Yeah… okay… GOT IT!!!


Doopliss: YE-HEAHHH!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Well… they got it… Now we’re in last again.

Mouser: *sigh* Whatever…

***Mouser: We were behind for… like so long that we didn’t even care anymore.

***Birdo: We thought about just quitting…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Pit Stop! C’mon!

Flurrie: Are you sure?

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Woo!! That’s so fun!

Bruce: Here’s Phil!

Phil: Bombette & Bruce? You’re the third team to arrive!

Bombette: Yaaaayyyy!!

Phil: However… I have your next clue here!


Phil: You’re still racing!

Bombette: UGH!!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Here we are! Woo!!!

Raini: Look at the vieewww!!!


Raz: Fast Forward… we can’t take this.

Raini: Yeah… Route Info!

Phil: Teams must now take this nearby Launch Star to the Shiverburn Galaxy. This strange galaxy, with its mixture of boiling lava and freezing ice, is certainly an interesting locale. When they land on this platform…

*Shot of a platform in the middle. Half of the galaxy is lava, while the other half is frozen*

Phil: …they will receive their next clue.

Raz: Cool! More flying!

Raini: I wonder who will take the Fast Forward!

Raz: I’ll give ya two guesses!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: There’s the Toads at the top! They got the clue!

*Launch Star Sound*

Boomerang: They’re leaving already?! Aren’t we gonna do anything interesting in this Galaxy?

Hammer: Guess not…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Uugghh… This is hard… to climb…

Bruce: Just keeeeeep going…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: You fell in AGAIN?! Good LORD you stink!

Mouser: Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Birdo: *huge sigh* Come on! We’ll try it one more time!

Mouser: ……………………

Birdo: Hurry up!

Mouser: Stupid… male… thing…

Birdo: What?

Mouser: *false cheeriness* Nothing, Birdie!!!

Birdo: …………

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Almost there, Bro! Feel the burn!

Boomerang: Haha, yeah! Come onnn!!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple

Monsieur: Zere ees Phil!

Madame: Come on!

Phil: Broque Monsieur & Broque Madame…? You’re the fourth team to arrive!

Monsieur: Oh bon! Zat is good!

Madame: Sorry for falling so many times!

Monsieur: Eet ees okay!

Phil: However… I have your next clue right here!

Monsieur: What?!

Madame: Oh non!!

Phil: You are still racing!


Monsieur: Oh mon dieu… ”Climb zee tree.” Oh wow…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Hoo! That was awesome!


Hammer: Oh! It’s the other Fast Forward!

Boomerang: Let’s do it, Bro!

Phil: This… is the last of only two Fast Forwards on the entire race! The first team that finds it and completes it will be able to skip all tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop. In this Fast Forward, teams will be able to experience the universe’s longest slide. Both team members will take turns sliding down this long slide around the Tall Trunk Galaxy. Along the way, they will have to avoid enemies and obstacles, as well as jump over holes. Once both team members have successfully reached the bottom, they will receive the Fast Forward award.

Hammer: Whoa! Sounds fun!

Boomerang: We’re in second place, and the only ones ahead of us are the Toads, and they can’t do the Fast Forward anyway.

Hammer: We got a clear shot to win it!

Boomerang: Yup! C’mon!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Oh MAN!! That’s a big tree!

Flurrie: Where? I can’t see anything past this big wooden wall… OH!!

Doopliss: HAHAHA!

Phil: Flurrie & Doopliss? You’re the fifth team to arrive!

Doopliss: YEAAHHH! Mouser’s going home!

Phil: However… I have your next clue right here!

Doopliss: Wut…? What do you mean? Isn’t this the Pit Stop?

Phil: I’m sorry… but you are still racing!

Flurrie: Oh gosh…

Doopliss: Wait… I don’t get it…

Flurrie: Come on, Doopliss! We’re still racing.

Doopliss: Really? D’awww….


Doopliss: Oh man…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: You ready, Bro?

Boomerang: Okay… I’ll go first.

Hammer: Just be careful… and watch where you’re going!

Boomerang: Okay….Here I go! Woooo!!!

***Boomerang: The slide was so cool! I was going really fast! It was wild!

Boomerang: WOOOOOO!!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
They land.

Raz: Oh wow! Look at THIS!

Raini: It’s so hot…..

Raz: HOT?! What are you talking about?! It’s freezing!

*Shot of them standing halfway between the hot and cold side*

Raz: ………….. Whoa…

Raini: Oh! Grab the clue already!

Raz: Right!


Raz: Okay… The next Detour…

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons! In this Detour, teams must choose one of two tasks taking place in the stark environments of Shiverburn… In Shiver, teams will make their way to the frozen side of the area. Then they must skate around this figure 8 that has been outlined in the ice. Then, once they receive approval from the guide, they will be able to retrieve their next clue… by climbing up this frozen volcano with ice picks. In Burn, teams must traverse these platforms on top of boiling lava. While enduring the blistering heat, they must make their way to the end by hopping over many platforms. The course is fairly easy, but the scorching heat may cause teams fatigue… sooner than they’d like.

Raz: Shiver or Burn? Haha… Clever…

Raini: I don’t wanna go into the heat! It’s bad for my complexion!

Raz: But I don’t wanna go back into the freezing cold… I already swam under the ice…

Raini: Oh c’mon, Razzie! It’s just skating and climbing! It’ll be easy!

Raz: Well… all right… I guess so.

Raini: Yay!! This is gonna be awesome!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Boomerang: Waahhh! Wahh!! WAAAHHHH!!

***Boomerang: Things were coming at me left and right. I barely avoided spiky plants… jumped over an enemy… it was so fast!!

Boomerang: WHOA!! Augh!! Uh oh!! GAAHHH!!

***Boomerang: Unfortunately… I fell down a hole…

He gets trapped in a multicoloured bubble, which brings him back to the top and then pops.

Boomerang: Augh, sorry Bro! I almost had it!

Hammer: No worries! Let me try!


Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: It’s a Fast Forward!!!

Bruce: No, Bombette… The Bros. are up there doing it… They’re gonna get it done in no time.

Bombette: Awww!

Bruce: It’s okay! C’mon, we get to go to Shiverburn! Sounds exciting!

Bombette: Woo!!


Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: GRAAHHH!! Forget this!

Flurrie: Hm?

Doopliss: *transforms into a Paratroopa* Climbing stinks.

Flurrie: Hm…

Doopliss: You can float, so I can too!

Flurrie: 9.9

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Boomerang: Good luck, Bro!

Hammer: Woooo!!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Auughh… It’s so cold…..

Raini: I know… but this’ll be fine…Where do we get our skates?

Raz: We don’t GET skates! We have to skate with our feet.

Raini: Oh… really? Um….

Raz: Still wanna do this one?

Raini: Yeah, this should still be fine. Look, here’s the track! C’mon, let’s try it!

Raz: Okay. You go first, you’ve got more finesse.

Raini: Heh heh… I guess I just slide forward and- WAH!

Raz: There you go! Just stay balanced!

Raini: Waah! Okay!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh mon dieu… ’Ere ees zee clue!


Monsieur: A Fast Forward… ”Ride zee slide.”

Madame: I do not zink we should go for zis one… We will be fine wizout it.

Monsieur: I zink you are right. D’accord! Off to Shiverburn!

Madame: I do not want more cold…

*Launch Star*

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
They land.

Mouser: Whoa… Big tree…

Birdo: Gee, nothing escapes you, eh?

Mouser: Here’s Phil… *sigh* Come on.

Phil: …….. Birdo & Mouser…? You’re the last team to arrive…

Birdo: Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Phil: If given the chance, would you like to continue in the race?

Birdo: Well, of course! I mean, the race is fun!

Mouser: Yeah… We love being in the race…

Phil: Well…

He takes out the clue.

Phil: This leg of the race is not over. Here is your next clue.

Mouser: Oh NO WAY!! HAHAHAHA!!

Birdo: Are you serious?!

Phil: You’re still in the race!

Mouser: All riiiiight! We’ll see you at the real Pit Stop! And we WON’T be in last!


Mouser: “Climb the tree”. No problem!

***Birdo: When Mouser found out that he still had a chance, he, like, gained a boost of energy! He really got going!

Mouser: Woo!! C’mon, Birdo! You can do it, girl!

***Birdo: He even called me a girl!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Here we go! Aw, yeah!! This is so awesome!

***Hammer: Oh, MAN that was a blast! The slide was so long, and I was going so fast! It was just awesome!

Hammer: Am I almost there? Ack! Hole! *Jumps* Hahahaaaa!!

***Hammer: It was tough, I won’t lie… but I made it down just fine!

Hammer: All right!!! *speaks into radio* I’m at the bottom! C’mon, Bro!

Back at the top…

Boomerang: Okay… I’m gonna do it this time!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Detour….

Bruce: Oh wow… I’d love to skate, but I think it’d be too hard to climb up the ice wall.

Bombette: Yeaahhh….We’ll do Burn

Bruce: That’s fine! We’ll do just fine!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: The Bombs are here… but no Bros…

Raini: They probably did the Fast Forward.

Raz: Yeah…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Aha!!! The other Fast Forward! Come on!!

Flurrie: What, you want to take it?! We’re in fifth place!

Doopliss: I don’t care! There’s always a chance, and if we win, it’ll really help us!

Flurrie: I… don’t know…

Doopliss: C’mon! It’s just right here! It’s a big slide!

Flurrie: Oh… all right…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Boomerang: All right! Here I go! WOO!!

He begins to slide down.

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Oh, SEE?! The Bros. are still here.

Doopliss: That’s fine. Once he fails, then we’ll get a turn, and we’ll WIN!

Flurrie: What makes you think he’ll fail?

Doopliss: He just will, okay?!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Oh WOW it’s hot…

Bruce: Hoo… I might blow up….

Bombette: Heh… Okay, we just have to get to that flag over there, right?

Bruce: Yup… But wow… it’s hot!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Hey R’ini, should we try the figure 8 now?

Raini: I guess so! C’mon, let’s try it!

Guide: Get into position? Okay three… two… one… GO!

They push off and begin skating.

Raini: Woo… Okay, just don’t go outside the lines!

Raz: Yup!

Raini: We can do this!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Boomerang: Whoaaaaa!!! WOOOO!!!

***Boomerang: I was trying to concentrate so that I wouldn’t fall this time… but it was too much fun!!

Boomerang: HAHAHAA!!!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Do you see him?

Flurrie: *looking through binoculars* Yeah, he’s like three quarters of the way down… He’s doing pretty well.

Doopliss: Don’t worry… He’ll fall… I know he will!

Flurrie: …………

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh wow… C’est un etrange galaxy… (It’s a strange galaxy)

Madame: Oui! I see one team on zee ice and one team on zee lava!

Monsieur: Zat can only mean one zing!


Monsieur: Detour!!

Madame: We can do zee skating and climbing! Eet will be fine!

Monsieur: I agree! Let’s go zen!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Okay! One more lap!

Raini: I got it! I got it!

***Raini: It was actually quite fun!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Uggghhh… I’m never climbing a tree again…

Mouser: Well we made it! Here’s the clue!


Mouser: Cool! We get to go to Shiverburn!

Birdo: Do you even know what that is?

Mouser: Nope! C’mon! :D

Birdo: :[

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Boomerang: Whoaa!! Big hole!! Gotta jump- ACK! Goomba!!

***Boomerang: At the end there… I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it… I had to jump over this huge hole, but this stupid Goomba kinda got in my way!

Boomerang: Whoa! Take this! *throws boomerang* ACK!

***Boomerang: I almost didn’t make it!

*Shot of Boomerang Bro. hanging onto the edge by one hand*

***Boomerang: But luckily… I did!

Boomerang: Huff…WOO!! That was cool!

***Boomerang: And before long, I was at the bottom, safe and sound!

Hammer: There he is!! Woo!! Great job, Bro!!

Boomerang: That was hard… but it was also fun!!

Hammer: Woo!! We got the Fast Forward, dude!


Hammer: Congratulations… Take the nearby Launch Star to the end of the Rolling Coaster Galaxy! Oooh!

Phil: Having won the Fast Forward… Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro. may now skip all tasks and proceed directly to the next Pit Stop: the bottom of the Rolling Coaster Galaxy.

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Both: ………….

Doopliss: Wait… He got it?!

Flurrie facepalms.

Doopliss: Wha… How?! I was so sure!

Flurrie: Come on, you idiot! We have to do the regular race now.

Doopliss: But… but…  :’(

Flurrie: The Shiverburn Galaxy. Come on!!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Here we go, Bro!

Boomerang: Yeah!!

They launch.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Oh mon dieu… So slippery…

Monsieur: Eet ees okay! We will learn!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: There we go! How was that?

Guide: Perfect! You may now climb the volcano!

Raz: Excellent!

Raini: Oh wow, this should be interesting!

Raz: Yeah!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: D’accord! Eet ees time for zee figure 8!

Madame: Okay! I think I can do eet!

Monsieur: Ready, and go!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Bruce… Hold up….

Bruce: C’mon, Bombette… We’re more than halfway…

Bombette: I know… It’s just so hot…

Bruce: I suppose we could take a quick break…

Bruce: If this platform wasn’t SINKING! Gah!! Jump!

Bombette: Waaahhh!!! *Panting* This… is nuts…

Bruce: Heh… Nothing we can’t handle!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
They’re all hooked up in the harnesses.

Raz: Okay! Just follow my lead!

They begin to climb using ice picks and spiked boots.

Raz: Aw, yeah! This isn’t too bad! How you doing?

Raini: Just… fine…!

Raz: This’ll be a cinch!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Whoaaa!! This is neaattt!! Ice and fire!

Birdo: Wow, you’re right… That’s crazy!


Birdo: Detour…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: R’ini! Look!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh mon dieu! Zey are ‘ere already!

Madame: Whaa?!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: How did they beat Flurrie & Doopliss?

Bruce: What?!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Raz! Flurrie & Doopliss must’ve tried to go for the Fast Forward!

Raz: Hahaha! Well, that’s interesting!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Wanna do the lava stuff?

Mouser: Yeah, I think so… I could climb the volcano, but I’m not too good with finesse…

Birdo: Got it! Let’s go!

Mouser: WOO!! We’re back in it!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Both: Woooooooo!!!

They land at the hole at the end of the course.

Hammer: Woww!! Look at this!!

Boomerang: Hey cool!! Nice colors!

Hammer: Too bad we had to skip it, eh?

Boomerang: Haha, whatever!

They step onto the mat.

Co-Star Luma: Hi!! Welcome to the outer reaches of space!!

Hammer: Thanks a lot, bud!

Boomerang: …

Phil: ......... Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro?

Both smile.

Phil: You’re team number one!!

Hammer: All riiight!! Yeah!!

Boomerang: Boo-yeah!!

Phil: Congratulations! Congratulations to you both. Great job winning the Fast Forward. Now, as the winners of this leg of the race… you’ve each won a vacation to three galaxies of your choice!

Hammer: Oh wow!!

Phil: All courtesy of Rosalina and her fabulous Comet Observatory!

Hammer: Oh my gosh! Which ones do we choose?!

Boomerang: Yeah! There’s so many!

Hammer: We’ll have to spend like a week deciding!

Boomerang: Haha! Well, thanks, Phil!

***Hammer: Winning that Fast Forward and hitting the mat first once again… It felt absolutely spectacular.

***Boomerang: Yeah! We’re gonna ride this success all the way to the end, baby! Woo!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Oh wow… This is hot… My mascara is running!

Mouser: Just don’t get it in your eyes!

Birdo: Don’t worry!

***Birdo: All of a sudden… we were doing really well!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: C’mon, sweetie! Birdo & Mouser are kinda catching up!

Bombette: Are… we almost done? … Bleah…

Bruce: Yeah… we’re almost there… Keep going…

Bombette: Hoo….

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Just…a bit… further!!

Raini: You’re almost there! Keep going!

Raz: Sure is cold…. but…I’m there!

Raini: Woo!! Very good, Razzie!

Raz: Wow… A frozen volcano…Crazy…

Raini: I’m coming!

Raz: Great!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor

Doopliss: It’s a Detour…

Flurrie: We’re in last now, so let’s make sure we pick the right one!

Doopliss: Yeahh… I think the ice one.

Flurrie: You think so?

Doopliss: Sure! It’ll be fine!

Flurrie: Okay…

They run off.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Come on, hon! Everyone’s here now!

Raini: Ugh… I’m getting tired…

Raz: You’re so close! Just a few more feet!

Raini: ……

Raz: ….

Raz: I gotcha! Beautiful, R’ini!

Raini: Wow… That was cool! Heh… See what I did there?

Raz: Haha, yeah. “Cool” I get it!


Raz: Launch yourselves to the Rolling Coaster Galaxy!

Phil: Teams must now make their way to the other side of the Shiverburn Galaxy to find this Launch Star, which will take them to the Rolling Coaster Galaxy. It is here, at the very top, where teams will find their next clue!

Raz: Oh wow, we’re going all over the place, aren’t we?

Raini: So many Galaxies, so little time! C’mon!

They begin to climb down the frozen volcano.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ah, c’est beau!  (It’s beautiful!) Very good! You are zee good skater!

Madame: Merci! Zis ees fun!

Monsieur: Okay, ‘ave we finished?

Guide: Very good. You may now climb

Monsieur: D’accord… Let’s ‘urry, Doopliss ees ‘ere!

Madame: Okay!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: You sure about this?

Doopliss: Positive! C’mon!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: C’mon, Birdo! Just a little bit more!

Birdo: So… hot… It’s hard to breathe…

Mouser: I know! Just keep going!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: There’s the clue! Come on!

Bombette: We made it? Woo… We made it!

Bruce: Heh heh… Yeah…

***Bombette: I was excited… but boy I was exhausted…


Bruce: “Launch yourselves to the Rolling Coaster Galaxy!” Oh good! We’re going somewhere else!

As he stops talking, a hissing noise is heard.

Bruce: … What’s that?

Bombette: … Oh… Your fuse is lit -_-

Bruce: Oh……. Shoot…


Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh mon dieu! What was zat?!

Madame: Eet almost made me fall!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Geez, man!

Flurrie: Whoa…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce is black and smoky.

Bruce: ………..

Bombette: Yikes…

Bruce: ……. Ouch…

He falls over.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay… We’re getting there…

Birdo: Are we almost done? Oh, good…

Mouser: Yeah…

Birdo: Can’t… take much more of this heat…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Ah, I screwed up… Let’s start over.

Flurrie: Okay…

Doopliss: *transforms into Daisy* She’s good at skating!

Flurrie: Whoa… Okay, one more try!

Doopliss: Yeah! We’ll get it!

Flurrie: All right!!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Almost zere! Almost zere! *slip!* Wahh!! Be careful!

Madame: Are we almost to zee top?!

Monsieur: I ‘ave reached zee top! Come on!!

Madame: D’…d’accord!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Ughh… Okay, I’m all better now…

Bombette: Good. Here’s the Launch Star!

Bruce: Cool!

They launch.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: I did eet!! I did eet!!

Monsieur: Oui, oui! Very good! I am so proud of you!

***Monsieur: Zis race… eet shows me why I truly fell in love with ma petit cherí. (My little dear.)


***Monsieur: Makes me wonder… why we ever split up in zee first place…

Monsieur: Oh, wow! Zee Rolling Coaster Galaxy?

Madame: Sounds frightening!

Monsieur: Don’t worry! Everyzing will be parfait!  (…perfect)

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Be careful! You almost knocked me over!

Doopliss (as Daisy): Sorry! I’m trying my best!

Flurrie: It’s okay… We haven’t made any big mistakes… I think we’ll be fine.

Doopliss: Yeah… Figure skating… Not so bad, actually! Haha!

***Doopliss: … Shut up...

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Can we… take a short break…?

Mouser: Yeah, I guess so. We don’t want to overdo it…

Birdo: Ugh… Nothing should be this hot… Nthing…

Mouser: Hoo… It IS pretty hot… But nothing we can’t handle, right?

Birdo: … Sure…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: ‘Ere we go!!

Madame: D’accord! Off to zee Rolling Coaster!

They hop in the Launch Star and launch.

Both: Wooooo!!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Both: Woooooo!!!

They land.

Raz: Oh wow…

*Shot of the Galaxy: the green courses, the spherical planet, and the rainbow roads*

Raz: This is spectacular!

Raini: What are those big balls?

Raz: Uh oh….


Raz: Yup… Roadblock…

Phil: A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform, and no one can do more than six on the entire race! In this Roadblock, one team member must hop atop one of these large glass balls and roll themselves across the galaxy. They must keep themselves balanced on top, enduring mazes, enemies, and great speeds, until they reach this hole at the end. Once the ball has safely entered the hole, teams may check into the Pit Stop. The last team to check in here… may be eliminated!

Raini: Uhh… uhhh…

Raz: Do you want me to do it?

Raini: Well… no, I think I could do it… Yeah, okay!

She opens the clue.

Raini: “Ride the ball. Stay balanced on top.” Oooh!

***Raini: I’m actually very balanced… so it turned out that it was good that I took the Roadblock.

Raz: There you go! Hup! Great! I’ll see you at the end!

Raini: Whoa… Okay… Let’s get rollin’!

***Raini: Yeah, lame joke, I know. Shaddup.

*She rolls off*

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Is that good?

Guide: Very good skating. You may now climb

Doopliss: *transforms back* Okay! Let’s get climbin’! Woo!

***Doopliss: I was rarin’ to go! I was ready to climb that thing!

Doopliss: Wow, it’s cold… but it’s nothing! Woo!

Flurrie: Let’s get going!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Hoo… We’re almost done! Look! There’s the flag!

Birdo: Coming!

Mouser: We’re gonna beat them! Come on!

Birdo: Yeah! I got it!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Whoaa…

***Raini: So I found myself on this… weird, round planet with pencils or something. The next thing was locked, so I was looking for a key.

Raini: Over here? Gah!

***Raini: It was really hard rolling around on a round planet like that! Really weird!

Raini: Gotta… not fall…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Okay! I’m at the top! C’mon!

Flurrie: I got it! I got it!

Doopliss: Yeah! Come on! We gotta win, here!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Here it is!! Wooo!! Nice job!

***Birdo: That task was absolutely awful.

Birdo: Oh gosh…

***Birdo: I never want to do that again.


Mouser: The Rolling Coaster Galaxy?

Birdo: I don’t care… I just wanna get to the Pit Stop… This leg is too lonnggg….

Mouser: We’re almost there! C’mon!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Aw, man! They’re done!

Doopliss: Well c’mon! You’ve almost reached the top!

Flurrie: I got it, I got it! Let’s get out of here!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Whoa fast! WHOA FAST!

***Raini: Then I came to this big hill!

Raini: Waaaaaaahhh!!

***Raini: I was running SO fast on top of the ball. I still don’t know how I managed to stay on top!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating

Bruce: Roadblock…

Bombette: Balance… Probably me.

Bruce: Are you sure?

Bombette: Yeah. I’ll get it done, don’t worry!

She hops up onto the ball.

Bombette: Whoa… Just gotta run backwards…

Bruce: Yeah. It’s like log rolling!

Bombette: O…okay… I think I got it…

Bruce: Just be careful!

Bombette: Okay! Here I go!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Here’s the Launch Star…

Mouser: Get in! Quickly! Here comes Doopliss!

Birdo: Oh! Okay!

They quickly get in and launch.

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Aw, man! There goes Mouser! We’re in last now!

Flurrie: Come on! Don’t get discouraged or anything!

Doopliss: Yeah, yeah! I’m comin’!

***Flurrie: I wasn’t giving up… I didn’t want to be eliminated…

Flurrie: Here we go! Woo!!

They launch.

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Oh my gosh… what am I doing? I’m, like, stuck on this pencil planet thing…

***Bombette: Yeah, I got a little stuck there. I wasn’t sure what to do.

Bombette: There’s no exit… just pencils and this weird dome thing…

Raz: …

Bruce arrives at the end in a Starshroom.

Bruce: Hello!

Raz: Hey! Things going well?

Bruce: Ugh, we did the heat Detour… That was awful… I blew up…

Raz: Ouch… Well, at least Doopliss & Mouser aren’t here yet…

Bruce: Yeah…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Okay! I’m almost there… but this place is nuts…

***Raini: There was a big, metal platform with holes in it… and there were bombs! Holy cow!

Raini: Wah! Stay away please!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: We are in zee final stretch!

Madame: Oh, bon… We ‘ave done two legs in a row. I am worn out…

Monsieur: ‘ere is zee clue… by zese balls…


Monsieur: Roadblock…

Madame: Oh…I zink you should do zis one!

Monsieur: Oui… I agree. D’accord!

***Monsieur: I read zee clue and found out I ‘ad to balance on a big glass ball!

Monsieur: Oh wow…

***Monsieur: I do not balance so well… I ‘ave a big ‘ead…

Monsieur: Whoa… Okay… Zis may be a leetle slow…

Madame: Eet’s okay! Just get eet done and don’t fall off!

Monsieur: Whoa… Whooaaaa… D’accord…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Holy cowww… Go away!

***Raini: Those bombs… were REALLY annoying me…

Raini: Wah! Careful!


Raini: Whoaaaa…

***Raini: I still don’t know how I stayed on after that…

Raini: Dude… Not cool!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: What’s this thing… a key?

***Bombette: I felt so stupid.

Bombette: Okay… C’mere you…


Bombette: Okay, I got a key… Time to move on…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: What does zis ‘ole do?

It launches the ball.

Monsieur: WAAAAAHHHH!!!

***Monsieur: Zat was insane. People roll zese balls into zee ‘oles and zen fly through zee air! Nuts!

Monsieur: Whoaa! WHOAA!!!

The ball lands. Broque Monsieur falls off.

Monsieur: Ooof!!!

***Monsieur: My landing was not so smooth… so I ‘ad to get back on my ball…

Monsieur: Ughh… C’mere!

***Monsieur: But eet started rolling away!

Monsieur: No! Wait!

Raz: Hello!

Madame: Oh… I am ready for zee Pit Stop…

Raz: Join the club…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Waaahh!! Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!

***Raini: Then it was some rails, where I moved REALLY fast… but I saw the finish!

Raini: Whoa, whoa, whoaaa!!!

Raz: Hahaaa!! There’s my girl! Woo!! C’mon!

The ball rolls off the rails and lands on the final platform.

Raz: Right here! In the hole!


Raz: All right!

Raini: That was… nuts!

Raz: Come on! The Pit Stop is over here!

They run a short distance to the mat.

Raz: For REAL this time, right Phil?

Co-Star Luma: Hi!! Welcome to the outer reaches of space!!

Raz: Wow! Thanks a lot!

Phil: … Raz & Raini? You’re team number two!!

Raz: Cool!! You did so well, hon! Excellent!

Raini: We did well! We’re going to win this race!

Raz: Haha, yeah! Wooo!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Roadblock, Mouser…

Mouser: I’ll do it!

Birdo: Are you sure?

Mouser: Yeah. I can handle it!

***Mouser: I decided to do the Roadblock… I didn’t know it had to do with balancing.

Mouser: Oh man…

***Mouser: But I didn’t give up

Mouser: Whoa… Okay, these aren’t THAT hard to control…. Yeah…

Birdo: Just get going! I’ll be at the end!

Mouser: All right!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Well, I unlocked the cage, but there’s only this hole… I mean, what do I do?

She gets in and the ball launches.


Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh look! I ‘ave zee key! I am catching up to vous!!

***Monsieur: Zat task was pretty easy… except for zee balancing!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay! We’re on our way!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Oh boy… Here we are…

Flurrie: We’re in last…


Flurrie: Roadblock…

Doopliss: I’d better do it since you don’t have feet…

Flurrie: Okay…

***Doopliss: Rolling that ball was hard enough, but man! The course was nuts!

Doopliss: I assume this hole thing is a teleporter- WAAAHHHH!

Flurrie: *facepalm*

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: I’m almost there! Almost there! Woo! Just this rail thing!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: *distant* ‘Allo?

Bombette: Ack! It’s Broque! He’s on the bombs thing already!

Monsieur: I am catching up to vous!

Bombette: It’s okay. I just have to go down the rail and not fall off… He won’t pass me…

***Bombette: So then, I got on the rail!


***Bombette: It was crazy! That ball was rolling so fast, I had to run faster than Sonic the Hedgehog just to stay on it!


Bruce: Oh boy! Here comes Bombette!

Bombette: GAH!

***Bombette: I have NO idea how I stayed on, but I did…

Bombette: Whoaaa….

Bruce: Great job! Come on! You did it!

The ball smashes open.

Bombette: Ah!! *panting* That was crazy…

Bruce: Come on!

They run to the mat.

Phil: Bombette & Bruce…? You’re team number three!

Bruce: All right!! Woo!!

Phil: I must say that you’re doing spectacularly well for two contestants with no arms!

Bruce: That isn’t gonna stop us from winning!

Bombette: Yeah!... We want to prove… that Bob-ombs can do… anything!! Hoo…

Bruce: You did awesome!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Oh wow… This is kinda difficult…

***Mouser: Yeah, YOU try rolling a big ball on a small, circular planet… It’s not easy!

Mouser: At least I got the key…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: I see Mouser over there! Gotta hurry!

Doopliss: Now where’s the stupid key?!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: D’accord! Just a rail!

***Monsieur: Zat rail was deceiving…

Monsieur: Whoa… Okay, ZIS is fast! Whoaa…

Madame: Look! Is zat mon ‘usband?

Flurrie: Oh my! He’s gonna fall off!

Birdo: He’s going REALLY fast!


Madame: Oh, I am not worried… ’e ees more zan meets zee eye!

***Monsieur: I ran as fast as I could…and I managed to stay on zee ball.

Monsieur: Whoaaaa!

***Monsieur: When I landed at zee finish line, I did fall off, but I made it!

Madame: Bon travail! (Good job!)

They run to the Pit Stop.

Phil: Broque Monsieur & Broque Madame…? You’re team number four!

Monsieur: All right!!! Woo!! We made eet!

Madame: Oh Phil… zat leg was too long! S’il vous plaît (please)… please don’t do zat again!

Monsieur: Heh… Yeah…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Woo!! Rainbow Road ain’t got nothin’ on this!!

***Doopliss: So I was rolling down the rainbow-colored part. It was starting to get too fast, so I transformed into a Yoshi, which let me run faster.

Doopliss (as Yoshi): There’s Mouser!

***Doopliss: Mouser was just launching off to the metal part… I was RIGHT behind him!

Doopliss: I’m coomiiing!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Oh great… He’s coming… I gotta rush!

Doopliss lands on the metal part and they both attempt to roll past the Bob-ombs.

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: C’mon… C’mon… Yeah!!!

Mouser: WAH! Don’t blow up here! Gah!

Doopliss: Woo!! Here I go!

***Doopliss: And I was about to pass him!

Mouser: No! Go away! I’M winning this!

Doopliss: See ya! I’m-


Doopliss: AHHH!!

***Doopliss: But a Bob-omb blew up nearby…

Doopliss: Whoaa… WHOAA…

***Doopliss: …and I fell off my ball…

Doopliss: Ouch…..

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Wahh… Oh wow….

***Mouser: Somehow I managed to stay on, so I put the pedal to the metal!

Mouser: Go, go, go, go!!!

Birdo: …

Flurrie: …

Birdo: Someone’s coming down the rail…

Flurrie: Who is it?

Both: …

The ball rolls down the rail.

Birdo: Oh…

It falls to the finish planet.

Flurrie: Oh gosh!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Whoa… That wasn’t fun!

Birdo: Come on! Doopliss is right behind you! Let’s get to the Pit Stop!

Mouser: Right! C’mon!

Flurrie: ………….

Birdo: Here it is!! Hahaaa!! You did it!! You DID IT!

Mouser: I can’t believe… we’re still in the race!

Birdo: You were so great, Mouser! Excellent!

***Mouser: That was the nicest she ever treated me! She was so proud of me! It… felt good!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: *transforms back* I’m here! C’mon!

Flurrie: It’s too late…

Doopliss: NO!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Phil: …..

They run up to the mat and land on it, out of breath.

Mouser: Hey …Phil…!

Phil: … Birdo & Mouser?

Mouser smiles.

Phil: You’re team number five!!


Birdo: I can’t believe it! I cannot believe it!!

Mouser: We’re still in the race! We’re still in the raceeee!!!

Birdo: Great job, Mouser! You did excellent! I couldn’t’ve done it without you!

Mouser: Aw, shucks!

***Mouser: It was a good feeling… definitely…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Come on… Let’s get it over with…

Doopliss: …

Phil: … Flurie & Doopliss?

Both: …

Phil: You’re the last team to arrive…

Flurrie: Yes…

Phil: … I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve both been eliminated from the race…

Both: ………

Doopliss walks away.

Phil: Doopliss?

Flurrie: Yeah, he’s not happy. He had… the biggest drive to win ever. He wanted to win… really badly.

We see a shot of Doopliss sitting far away, dejected.

Phil: But did you still enjoy the race?

Flurrie: Oh, yes I did. It was absolutely spectacular… Doopliss?

Doopliss: Mnn…

Flurrie: I’m sure he enjoyed it too, Phil!

***Flurrie: The race was… so much fun. Even though it was so hard… it was a lot of fun… Doopliss and I were just business partners before… we weren’t really friends…But now I think we’ve grown closer…

***Doopliss: I wanted to win this DANG race… I was going to win it… I had all the skills to win! It’s… very disappointing…

***Flurrie: Even though we didn’t win, I think we had a great time… I wouldn’t change a thing.

***Doopliss: Oh well… I guess it was… kinda fun…

The screen turns black.


The picture comes back. The camera is shaky as the cameraman attempts to focus on the action.

???: Dude, are you okay?!

???: Uggghhh….

The camera comes into focus. It’s inside a large Starshroom, apparently being used to accommodate the teams during the Pit Stop.

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Owww… Owwwww…

Boomerang: Can you stand up? Come on…

***Boomerang: Something bad happened during the Pit Stop…We had to sleep in bunk beds because there wasn’t very much room in the Starshroom… and there were solar winds or something, I dunno. The cabin shifted, and Hammer Bro fell out of the top bunk.

Some medical Toads arrive.

Boomerang: C’mon, Bro… They’re gonna take you to the ambulance…

Hammer: Ugghhh…

***Boomerang: He looked like he was in a lot of pain…

*Shot of a large, white Starshroom with a red cross on it*

Hammer is laying on a bed.

MediToad: Okay… We have the X-rays…

***Boomerang: It wasn’t good…

MediToad: It’s definitely fractured…

***Boomerang: Hammer Bro had broken his arm…

*Shot of them both looking distressed*

The credits roll…

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