Paper Iggy and Lemmy

By KGuy1

Prologue: All your Star Spirits Belong TO ME

One day in Star Haven…

The Star Spirits are talking, but you can’t understand them. Why? Well why not?

Anyways, Mario bursts through the wall, using a hammer!

Me: He really bursts through the door.

Be quiet! Anyways…

Mario: Oh shut-a up. You will now bow before me as ruler of Plit!

Eldstar: Uh, no.

Mario: Fine-a then. We’ll do this the easy way.

RPG Battle

Mario 100/100
Eldstar 10/1

Me: 10/1?

Eldstar: Bwahahahahaha! I am powerful!

Me: But wouldn’t 10/1 be the same as 10?

Eldstar: Oh %#%#$^$%#^!

Mario uses jump. 9.99999 + 0.00001 damage.

Eldstar: Noooooooooooooo! Curse you, Author!

Several battles later…

Mario: WooHoo! I am the winner! All your Star Spirits Belong TO ME!!! Now to take revenge on that Koopa.

At Kastle Koopa...

Bowser: I see that you're all here, except for Iggy and Lemmy. What? WHERE ARE THEY?!

Mario crashes through the wall (or enters the door for you lazies).

Bowser: What?

RPG Battle (Again)

Mario 99/100


Bowser 50/50
Koopalings 25/35 (Each Koopaling has 5 HP)

Mario uses POW Block. Everyone (except Mario) is flipped over.

Mario uses Multibounce + Power Bounce Combo!

Me: There are no combos like that in Mario games!

Look at the shiny thingy.

Me: Oh, shiny!


Mario 99/100
Bowser 1/50
Koopalings 1/35

Mario uses Fire Flower. Mario wins. Mario kidnaps Bowser and the Koopalings (except Iggy and Lemmy) and then leaves. He also stupidly leaves a letter.

Iggy and Lemmy come and discover the letter blah blah.

Iggy: We must-

Lemmy: -save our family!

They save their game and leave.

Read on!

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