The Journey to Brotherhood

By Tenacious B

Iggy and Clam T. pop out of the warp pipe.

Iggy: N-now w-w-where are we?

Clam T: If I know King Boo, this should be the forest we need to enter before we find his place.

Iggy: W-w-w-what makes you think that King Boo is around this c-creepy place?

Clam T: That house on the hill should explain everything.

Iggy and Clam T. look up at the top of hill, seeing Luigi's Mansion has been rebuilt.

Iggy: Oh come on! Why the creepiest place?!

Clam T: You've defeated King Boo plenty of times in Luigi's Mansion, right?

Iggy: Well... Yeah.

Clam T: Just follow me... *sigh* I'll let you hold my han-

Iggy grabs Clam T.'s hand before that line was finished.

Clam T: ... *sigh*

Iggy and Clam T. walk through the forest. A few minutes later Clam T. accidentally steps on a twig.

Iggy: EEEK! What was that? That's it! I don't want to become Jack The Ripper's sixth victim! I'm out of here! Let Lemmy find his own way back home!

Clam T: Iggy... stop! That was just me snapping a twig! If you get so jumpy!... I'm sorry, I can't have you weighing me down.

Clam T. shakes Iggy off his hand and runs off.

Iggy: WAIT!

Iggy runs off and chases after Clam T. Soon they're both out of the woods.

Clam T: Hmph, I thought that would get us out of the woods faster than the original plan.

Iggy: That wasn't nice! WAAH!

???: WAAAH!

Iggy: YIPES!

Iggy jumps behind Clam T. The crying continues, as Chauncey crawls out from under some bushes.

Chauncey: WAAAAAH!

Iggy: It's just Chauncey? Oh, I can take care of a little baby ghost-

Chauncey slaps Iggy. Iggy cowers behind Clam T. again.

Chauncey: I'm not a baby! I'm 23 years old in Earth Years! I just happened to die when I was a week old! Besides, you would be crying too if King Boo found all your relatives worthless and locked them inside paintings!

Clam T: I don't follow.

Chauncey: Recently, King Boo found a jewel in the Treasure Room. He put it in his crown and now he thinks he can just kick us ghosts around! So he sealed my Mom, Dad, Cousins, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles. All of them. I was the only one who escaped since I'm so small. *sniff* However *sniff* they took away my rattle so I can't hurt people with it... *sniff sniff* WAAAAH!

Clam T. tries to comfort Chauncey as Iggy ducks behind a tree.

Clam T: There there, it's okay. We'll take care of the big bad Boo for you.

Chauncey: Stop treating me like a baby! I'm just as powerful as my family, maybe even stronger! They just all treat me like the most precious baby just because I died as a baby. Hasn't anyone heard of "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover" in this Mansion?

Clam T: Geeze, sorry Chauncey.

Chauncey: *sigh* It's not easy being forever young.

Clam T: Look, Iggy and I are on our way to find King Boo. Maybe we can get him to listen to you and set your family free. Does that sound like a good plan?

Chauncey: ... I guess so.

Clam T: Good, let's go, Iggy.

Iggy: NO! I don't want to!

Chauncey: I'm pretty sure werewolves live in these woods though.

Iggy: You're bluffing!

Chauncey: Are you willing to take that risk?

Iggy: ... Coming.

The three enter the Front Yard of Luigi's Mansion. They spot E. Gadd's hideout.

Iggy: Hey look! Maybe E. Gadd's home.

Clam T. knocks on the door, the entire hideout falls apart.

Iggy: Yipes!

Chauncey: What's this?

Chauncey picks up a piece of paper. He begins to read it.

Chauncey: "King Boo was here, Luigi's a loser."

Iggy: Aw man!

Clam T: Let's go!

Iggy, Clam T., and Chauncey enter the house.

Iggy: H-h-hello? A-a-anyone home?

Clam T: Doesn't look like it.

Suddenly two blobs flow down the stairs. They start growing vertically until they become two Bogmire Shadows.

Bogmire Shadow One: BlAGABLABAAG!

Bogmire Shadow Two: BALBLAALBALABAL!


Iggy tries to run out of the Mansion, but the front door is slammed in his face by Bogmire Shadow One. Meanwhile Clam T. whacks Bogmire Shadow Two with a golf club. It looks like it took damage. Chauncey punches Bogmire Shadow Two. It gets launched into a wall.


Bogmire Shadow One pops right in front of Iggy, making him run away again. Bogmire Shadow One laughs. Iggy notices Bogmire Shadow One is leaving himself vulnerable. Iggy slashes his claws into Bogmire Shadow One's back while he was laughing.

Bogmire Shadow One: BLAGALGAGALBA!

Iggy takes out his wand and blasts Bogmire Shadow One in the hole he made with his claws. Bogmire Shadow One explodes. Meanwhile Bogmire Shadow Two pulls itself from the wall, only to be hit in the face by Clam T.'s frying pan. The head seems to have disappeared. The slime that got caught in Clam T.'s frying pan forms into a head. Chauncey bounces on the Bogmire Shadow body, and Clam T. tosses the head at a wall far away from its body.

Iggy: Is that the last of those two?

Clam T: Hopefully.

The bits of the Bogmire Shadows fuse together to create bodies. Luigi turns out to have been Bogmire Shadow One, and Yoshi was Bogmire Shadow Two. They wake up.

Luigi: Oh-a, what-a happened? All I-a remember is us walking into the parlor looking for King Boo, and then Bogmire jumped us.

Yoshi: Yoshi no feel so good.

Luigi notices Iggy, Chauncey, and Clam T.

Luigi: IGGY! CHAUNCEY! I-a should've known you two were working with King Boo! Yoshi! Prepare for battle!

Yoshi: Yes sir!

Luigi jumps on Yoshi's back and pulls out his hammer.

Luigi: I-a knew it was a good-a idea to bring you with-a me, Yoshi!

Chauncey cracks his knuckles, and Iggy jumps behind Chauncey. Clam T. simply steps toward Luigi.

Clam T: Wait! Luigi! We're not here to fight you! We're here to battle King Boo! He holds a charm in his crown that Iggy needs to rescue Princess Peach from the Shroobs. Let's team up for now. Are we not a peaceful nation? (whispering) When we bring the princess to safety, we'll toss him in the Big House.

Luigi: ... All right-a, Let's-a find King Boo! So he can-a return E. Gadd!

???: You idiots don't have to search very hard!

The gang look up to see King Boo at the balcony of the lobby.


King Boo: Well well well. Look what the seventh cat dragged in?

Iggy: Seventh?

King Boo: Get it? Because cats have nine lives? And seven is a lucky number? So the cat had to die six times?

Clam T: No.

King Boo: Oh never mind! The point is I'm very lucky. Not only is this a horrible rescue team to challenge my new mansion, I can defeat most of you in one shot! Hey Chauncey! You know that chandelier you liked to drop on Luigi in Luigi's Mansion?

Chauncey: Yeah why?

King Boo: Oh nothing... Just wanted to say I have control over it… NOW!

The chandelier drops on the team. It knocks out Luigi, Iggy, and Clam T. Yoshi just barely avoids it, and it just goes through Chauncey since he's a ghost.

Chauncey: You took away my only position of power in this house?

King Boo: Yeah, you never used this thing correctly anyway!

Chauncey: Shut up! I'm getting tired of having my responsibilities taken away from me!

Chauncey grabs the chandelier and begins swinging it around with the knocked out people inside it, creating a mini tornado that sucks King Boo in.

King Boo: D’OH! Curse Boos for being so lightweight!

Chauncey: Take this!

Chauncey flings the chandelier into a wall. It smashes through it and lands in the parlor. The knocked out people and King Boo get up.

Yoshi: Yoshi getting out of here!

Yoshi fearfully runs out of the mansion. Luigi pulls out his Polterghust 3000.

Luigi: Get-a in the machine, King Boo.

King Boo: You don't scare me!

Luigi turns on the Poltergust 3000, but King Boo gets out of range.

King Boo: HA!

Chauncey pops up in front of King Boo.

Chauncey: WAAAH!

King Boo: YIPES!

King Boo lurches back and into the path of the Poltergust.


Suddenly Luigi lets go, and begins choking.

Luigi: …

Clam T: What the?

Chauncey: Luigi!

King Boo: HAHAHAHAHA! Now to finish you!

King Boo transforms into Bowser. Chauncey and Clam T. try attacking the Bowser Bot, but have no luck.


King Boo summons a spiked ball. Iggy looks at the helpless Luigi and then notices something. He strikes the back of Luigi, revealing a Purple Grabbing Ghost. It runs away once it notices it's been spotted.

King Boo: Ha!

King Boo throws it, but Luigi dodges at the right time. Suddenly Iggy starts choking.

King Boo: What useful minions I have.

Luigi: Hey-a! Let my-a enemy go!

Luigi runs up to the Bowser Bot. But the Bowser Bot pushes Luigi aside as it does to Chauncey and Clam T. It summons a spiked bomb.

King Boo: Any last words?

Iggy continues to choke.

King Boo: Good... HA!

King Boo throws the spiked bomb, but Iggy suddenly whips out his wand and fires at the bomb, which explodes. So does the head of the Bowser Bot. King Boo flies out of it.

King Boo: But... how?! You were stuck there choking to death!

Iggy: No, I just made you THINK I was being choked to death by your henchmen. I was just waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Clam T: That takes guts, I must admit.

Luigi: And King Boo's speed just went to zip!

King Boo: Ok, first, that didn't rhyme at all. Second AAAGH!

Luigi freezes King Boo with ice.

Clam T: And now for what we came here for... here we are.

Clam T. whacks King Boo's crown with his golf club. A sapphire lion in the center of the crown falls out. Luigi catches it.

Luigi: Here you-a go.

Luigi hands it to Clam T.

Clam T: Thank you... Which charm is this? Strength? Or Courage?

Iggy: Well this isn't the Wizard of Oz. So it's obviously strength.

Clam T: Hmm.

Luigi walks up to King Boo.

Luigi: All right-a King Boo, where did you-a hide E. Gadd?

King Boo: Forget it! I'm not talking!

Luigi holds the Poltergust 3000 right up to King Boo's face.

King Boo: All right all right, I'll talk. He's in the same place I hid Mario when you first battled me.

Luigi: And-a where is Mario?

King Boo: Mario? I never kidnapped Mario. The Shroobs did.

Team: What?!

King Boo: Yeah, after Iggy and that Toad defeated him and set your house on fire, the Shroobs captured the knocked out Mario and teleported away.

Luigi: WHAT?! You two battled Mario?! You're supposed to HELP us find the princess! Not ruin our chances.

King Boo: Oh, by the way. I forgot to mention something. I upgraded the head of Bowser Bot.

The head of the Bowser Bot flies up and spews fire, melting the ice on King Boo. He escapes and the Bowser Bot disappears.

Luigi: ... Grrr... First you-a defeat my brother, then you-a let him get-a kidnapped. Now-a you let King Boo get away!

Iggy: HEY! Stop blaming this on us! Mario was turned into a Shroob! We were fighting that version of him.

Clam T: Yeah! He's also the one who burned down your house!

Luigi: I-a don't care! You-a defeated my brother! That will cost you your lives!

Luigi pulls out his hammer, but Chauncey whacks Luigi in the head. This knocks him out.

Chauncey: I thought he wouldn't be helpful to us.

Clam T: We should've asked King Boo where he was holding your family.

Chauncey: ... Well, a little while after King Boo got that charm, a giant spaceship appeared. King Boo gave them the paintings of my family.

Clam T: What color was the spaceship?

Chauncey: Purple. Why?

Clam T: That's the Shroobs! They've got your family, Mario, Peach, and even Lemmy!

Iggy: …The Shroobs are planning a takeover of Plit.

Chauncey: How do you know?

Iggy: They captured Lemmy to torture him into talking about Koopa Troop's weak points. I'm sure they'll do the same with the Mushroom Kingdom. I don't know what they want with Chauncey's family though.

Clam T: Either way, follow us. We'll get your family back and everyone else too!

Chauncey: Sure!

They leave the Mansion, head through the woods, and jump down the warp pipe back to Castle Koopa.

Meanwhile in Shroob Castle’s Male Torture Chamber Level…

Lemmy wakes up, seeing that he’s tied to a pole.

Lemmy: What’s in that stuff you spray on me? I fall asleep every time you use it!

???: Lemmy!

Lemmy: Huh?

Lemmy looks to his left. He sees Peach in a one-piece bathing suit and Mario tied to poles as well.

Lemmy: Mario! Peach! ... How did you guys end up here?

Peach: I was swimming one day and those Shroob idiots sucked me up!

Mario: I-a don’t remember what-a happened.

Suddenly the Shroob King appears, wearing some kind of high-tech necklace.

Shroob King: Hello people, I decided to bring you all together just so we can have a little talk about our armies... Oh forget this stupid voice.

The Shroob King adjusts his Portable TOS (the high-tech necklace). He now has the voice of Hulk Hogan.

Shroob King: Where was I? Oh yeah. Tell me your Kingdom weaknesses before I have to bring the thunder AND lightning.

Shroob King places a portable TOS on Lemmy, Peach, and Mario.

Shroob King: … Well… I’m waiting!

Lemmy: Forget it, you ugly brute! I’m not talking!

Peach: Me neither.

Mario: I’m as silent as a brick-a.

Shroob King: … Very well.

The Shroob King pulls out some boxing gloves. Something strange is attached to them.

Shroob King: You know those pads doctors put on you when giving you a shock of life?

Lemmy: Yeah.

Shroob King: Imagine that shock, amped up by a hundred. Then put the shockers into boxing gloves. Then, use your hostages as training dummies… except for Peach.

Peach: W-what are you going to do with me?!

Shroob King: I’m still a gentleman. So I will not punch a lady.

Peach: ... Um… Thank you?

Shroob King: Instead, I will send you up to my wife! The Shroob Queen!

Peach’s pole starts moving up through a hole in the ceiling to the Female Torture Level.


The screams continue.

Shroob King: As for you two…

The Shroob King punches Lemmy in the stomach. Sparks come out of the glove.

Lemmy: OOF! YOW!

The Shroob King punches Mario in the chin, more sparks fly out.


The Shroob King continues to beat up Lemmy and Mario until the scene fades out…

Soon Iggy, Chauncey, Clam T. enter Castle Koopa and show Kamek the sapphire lion.

Kamek: According to the story… this is the Sapphire Charm of Courage.

Iggy: Dang!

Clam T: Ok, where’s the next place?

Kamek: Like I said, I don’t know!

The charm begins glowing, it shows Dorrie swimming.

Iggy: Are we going to battle Dorrie?

Kamek: Unless she swallowed the charm, I don’t think so. She lives in the Hazy Maze Cave. Go search there.

Iggy, Chauncey, and Clam T. go through the warp pipe back in the Shroob Castle bathroom.

Iggy: Ok, the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave is in this castle at the bottom level… unless Super Mario 64 has lied to me.

Chauncey: I’m pretty sure it has.

Iggy: Don’t be ridiculous! Where else could the entrance to the place be?

Chauncey: In the bathtub right next to us.

Iggy: Now why would the entrance be there?... Hey, where’d Clam T. go?

Chauncey: He went into the bathtub. I don’t blame him. It’s filled with the same liquid as the pool in Super Mario 64.

Iggy: … Whatever, but if we die, I’m blaming him.

Iggy and Chauncey jump into the bathtub. They land in the Hazy Maze Cave.

Iggy: Ok, but REALLY. WHY is the entrance to this place through the bathtub?

Clam T: I imagine it’s to make sure no one can follow the strategy of Super Mario 64. They’re already aware that we can pop up at any time. They just don’t know where.

Iggy: Well, at least they haven’t changed the place TOO much. The design is still the same.

Chauncey: Yeah.

Suddenly an Elder Shrooboid appears, walks over, and notices the three.

Elder Shrooboid: %*#$&$#*($^*#(!

He starts spinning at the three, Iggy fires his wand at it. It blows up.

Iggy: However, who knows WHAT they could’ve changed.

Clam T: Let’s split up!

Iggy: Are you insane?! Here?! We can’t split up! We’ll get killed!

Clam T: Look, Chauncey will follow you down the left path. I’ll take the right. There’s nothing to be scared about.

Iggy: … All right.

Chauncey: Let’s go.

Clam T. walks down the right path, Chauncey floats over the pit on the left. Iggy gets second thoughts before he jumps.

Iggy: WAIT! I want to be with you instead!

Iggy runs back to the start and down the right path. He notices Clam T. is gone, however his golf club is left behind. He picks it up.

Iggy: Clam T? Where are you? ... CHAUNCEY!

Iggy runs back to the pit, seeing Chauncey is gone too.

Iggy: Oh man… Wait… Chauncey probably went ahead of me.

Iggy hops over the pit, however in mid-jump some gooey substance grabs Iggy.

Iggy: What the?... HELP!

Iggy slowly starts getting pulled up by the gooey substance. He begins biting it to get out of its hold. He soon snaps off, but falls down a pit.


Iggy thinks the end is near. He closes his eyes.

Iggy: LordSONIamasinnerbutIbelievethat youdieduponthecrossformeThatyoushed yourpreciousbloodfortheforgivenessofmysinandIbelievethatonthethirdGame-Overyouroseinto OvertheretoprepareaplaceformeIacceptyounowasmySaviormyLordmyDADmyfriendComeinto myheartLordSONandsetme freefrommysinandbecauseyouarmySaviorSONI“shallnotdiebuthave everlastingone-ups”ThankyouSON!


Iggy soon notices he’s alive. He opens his eyes and sees he landed on the side of a spike. The spike is slightly ripping through the gooey substance.

Iggy: *PHEW* Thank DAD.

Iggy gets an idea.

Iggy: Hope this works.

Iggy rolls away from the spike, which holds onto the gooey substance. Iggy gets free.

Iggy: YES!

Iggy turns around to a see a giant “Thing”. To describe this “Thing” in Earth terms, it looks like a mix between a bear and a werewolf.

Iggy: YIKES!

Iggy jumps backwards and pulls out his wand.

Iggy: And I thought King Boo looked menacing!

“Thing”: Why thank you.

Iggy is startled, seeing that the “Thing” can talk.

Iggy: You speak English?

“Thing”: Yes, see?

The “Thing” moves part of its hair to reveal a PTOS.

“Thing”: This is called a Translator of Shroobs. They put this on me when they recruited me, so now I can speak in all languages.

Iggy: … Who… and exactly what are you?

“Thing”: In English translation my name is Jenny Fur. I’m the last Zonemancer of Mimosa Delta.

Iggy: Zonemancer of Mimosa Delta?

Jenny: Yes, my home planet was destroyed by the Shroobs. They captured any survivors they could grab and put them in an arena. I was the last one standing. So they enslaved me and tried to make me one of them.

Iggy: Why would they capture your place? I don’t remember these guys having troops like you.

Jenny: It’s probably because they want a species that reproduces on its own. We are an all-female species. They still tried to make a Shroob. After I refused, they locked me down here with this.

Jenny reaches into her fur and pulls out some kind of spray deodorant.

Jenny: One spray with this stuff and you become a Shroob. Here, catch.

Jenny tosses the Shroob Deodorant to Iggy. He catches it and places it in his shell.

Iggy: So… how do we get out of this pit?

Jenny: Follow me.

Jenny moves a boulder, revealing a passageway.

Jenny: Follow me.

Jenny leads Iggy down the passageway, which ends at some prison bars.

Jenny: These gaps are big enough for a Shroob to pass through, however even if I went on a diet for 48 years, I still couldn’t fit through the bars. They made it so I have to take the Shroob Deodorant if I want to escape.

Iggy: Thankfully I can get through these.

Iggy turns sideways and tries squeezing through the bars. It’s harder than he expected, but he gets through.

Iggy: Now where am I?

Iggy sees he’s in Dorrie’s Cavern, only the lake is frozen solid. The ceiling is also covered in webs.

Iggy: What happened to this place?


Iggy looks up to see Clam T. tied up in the cobwebs.

Iggy: Clam T!

Iggy looks right next to Clam T. and sees Chauncey frozen solid.

Iggy: Chauncey!

Iggy hears some loud chuckling echoing throughout the room.

Iggy: What the?

???: Oh just give up like your friends. It will be much easier for my little friends.

A metal, circular platform begins to drop down from the center of the ceiling. There’s nothing on it except for cloaked figure.

Iggy: Dare I ask who you are?

???: Maybe some clues will help you.

Iggy: A’right, shoot.

???: I was at first considered an obvious villain in a horrible movie.


???: No you idiot! After my movie was reviewed by a certain famous web show, I became a popular meme that no one respected.

Iggy: … ”Pitch the Demon” from that Mexican Santa Claus movie Mystery Science Theater 3000 reviewed?

???: NO you idiot! It is I; the Shroobs’ greatest technician… Dr. Smith!

The figure removes his mask to show he is Dr. Smith in his spider form from the Lost In Space Movie.

Iggy: …

Dr. Smith: That’s what I get all the time from you stupid kids nowadays! No one respects me anymore! All I’m good for is a running joke about spiders on the Nostalgia Critic Show! I will no longer stand for this! I’ve made friends in high places! I was hired by the Shroob King to show the wonders of my future technology! Such as the TOS! The Hyper Speed Drive! And many others! Such as… THIS!

A giant robotic spider jumps down from a hole in the ceiling. It lands behind Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith: Did you know that the Shroobs have their own religion? They say that their karma is based on what they do to improve their planet. The good ones get reborn, and the useless ones are said to be sent to the lair of The Icerachind, a giant spider that freezes the Shroobs and sucks out all the nutrients in them. Now let’s see how YOU deal against the Shroobs’ equivalent of the devil!

Dr. Smith backflips into the head of the robotic spider. It turns, starts moving, and lets out a roar.

Dr. Smith: Do you like it? I have the best power source! It’s a small piece of sapphire that was found by The Shroobs. They found it stuck in the ice of Cool Cool Mountain.

Iggy jumps back, realizing that Dr. Smith is talking about one of the Sapphire Charms.

Dr. Smith: And to make sure I don’t screw up, I’m going to bring in my best friend.

Dr. Smith starts to whistle, and a Shroob in a mini-UFO flies down to Dr. Smith’s side.

Shroob: $&#*$#*^$*#!

Dr. Smith: Here’s a nice guy we haven’t claimed, let’s take him out and put him with the others.

Iggy: NO!

Dr. Smith presses a button and the spider shoots out some webs, beginning to pull Iggy into its giant mouth. It gets ready to make a giant bit.

Dr. Smith: Any last words, Mr. Iggy Koopa?

Iggy: Stop calling me that! I am Ignacio Hopper Koopa! And I won’t let some stupid spider beat me up! That’s Roy’s job!

Iggy jumps into the air before the monster bites. It snaps off the web.

Iggy: Take this!

Iggy spins around and turns the webbing into a whip. He wraps it around the Shroob UFO.

Shroob: %&($&%$*%&(*&$%*&$*!

Iggy: HIYA!

Iggy lashes the UFO into a wall. However Dr. Smith does a 180-turn, tripping Iggy with the spider legs. Iggy ends up in front of a gun of some kind.

Dr. Smith: Enough fooling around! You killed my best friend! I’m going to make sure you join your little friends in the frozen cave of The Icerachind!

Dr. Smith presses some buttons and begins charging an ice beam. Iggy rolls out of the way just in time. Dr. Smith freezes a patch of the ground.

Dr. Smith: A simple patch won’t do! I need an ice beam!

Dr. Smith presses more buttons and makes a beam of ice come out of the robotic spider. He begins chasing Iggy around the room with it. He freezes most of the wall, including the bars that Iggy fit through to get into the room.

Dr. Smith: ENOUGH! If one man can’t do it, maybe three can!

Dr. Smith presses more buttons and makes three clones of him and the robotic spider to corner Iggy.


Iggy: … Not really.

Dr. Smith: NOT REALLY?! We’ll see about that! FIRE!

The robotic spiders prepare their ice beams. However, Iggy jumps out of the way and lands on the real Dr. Smith’s controls, then jumps off. Dr. Smith’s controls explode. The clones fade away.

Dr. Smith: Hmph! Not bad! I doubt we will meet again! Because I’m going to blow you up! AUTO PILOT! SELF DESTRUCT! EJECT!

Dr. Smith leaves the robotic spider in some sort of hover chair. The robotic spider starts charging towards Iggy.

Dr. Smith: See you later, Iggy!


Iggy fires his wand at the machine; it explodes before it can even get close to Iggy. Dr. Smith is in awe.

Dr. Smith: I don’t believe it! I’ll have to tell the Shroob King about you!

Dr. Smith leaves through the hole in the ceiling. Jenny breaks through the ice bars.

Iggy: Don’t you think you could’ve… HEY! AUTHOR! STOP CALLING ME IGGY! IT’S IGNACIO!

Author: Sorry, Ignacio.

Ignacio: Thank you. Where was I?... Oh yeah! Don’t you think you could’ve broken through those bars SOONER?!

Jenny: Sorry, I never even saw them turn into ice until I heard the explosion.

Ignacio: Hmph… Hmmm.

Ignacio looks down and spots a Sapphire I.D. Card.

Ignacio: Let me guess, the Sapphire Charm of Independence?

The Charm begins to glow. It shows a Pianta dancing.

Ignacio: Ok, first we get my pals down. Then we show this to Kamek.

Ignacio and Jenny walk over to the web and begin pulling it down.

Ignacio: So, tell me what your home planet was like.

Jenny: Like I said, not only are we an all-female race, we also are a largely social race. We use what you Koopas call “clothes” as weapons. Spike Armor Shirts, Missile Hats, Radioactive Gloves. You name it. I was laughed at all the time for never using these things. I used my natural strength, and my claws. They ended up helping me in the battle against everyone on my planet who survived the encounter. I don’t care that I killed them all. I just wanted a proper excuse to destroy things. What about yours?...

While they talk, the scene cuts to the Shroob King, still covered in shadows. He begins talking to some Shroobs in Shroob language. Some subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen.

Shroob: Sir, how do you wish for us to torture the hostages?

Shroob King: Cover them in water, then shock them. Simple as that.

Shroob: Yes sir.

The Shroob leaves, The Shroob King’s phone rings.

Phone: Sir, King Boo and Dr. Smith are here to see you.

Shroob King: Send them in.

The doorway to the Shroob King’s throne room opens up. King Boo and Dr. Smith walk in. The Shroob King turns on his TOS.

Shroob King: Protocol first, gentlemen. Report your posts.

King Boo: Iggy, some Toad, and Chauncey attacked my mansion and stole the Sapphire Lion charm I found. They also know that we have Mario kept up here.

Dr. Smith: Iggy defeated my robotic spider, sir. My troops investigated the wreckage and saw that he had stolen my power source.

Shroob King: GRRRRR! You two are useless! How are you letting someone as weak as IGGY KOOPA defeat you?! I might as well… Wait a minute… Shroob! I summon you!

A Shroob runs up to the Shroob King.

Shroob: Yes sir?

The Shroob King: Bring me a report of Mario Mario before we turned him into a Shroob.

Shroob: Yes sir.

The Shroob leaves and comes back with a report.

Shroob: Sir, his physical health was at its peak. His mental health was above average, and there was only one foreign object in his body. That foreign object seems to be some sort of sapphire object.

Shroob King: … Do you two realize what this means?

King Boo: … Iggy is attacking our troops because we have these sapphire items?

Shroob King: That’s right! Iggy must want something!

The Shroob King goes to his computer and begins typing something.

Shroob King: Sapphire Lion… Search… Here we are. The Sapphire Charms, it says that if we get all seven of these things then we would be teleported to where we most desire… OF COURSE! Iggy must be trying to collect these Sapphire Charms to get to our location!... In every plan there’s a kink that wants to ruin everything. I don’t respect Iggy enough to fear he’ll defeat us single-handily. However, I know heroes. Give them enough time and they’ll destroy all your defenses! And I WON’T be defeated! No, not when I’m so close to breaking Bowser and Princess Peach’s armies.

The Shroob King begins typing things on his computer. Holograms of a volcano, Delfino Isle, and the Grand Master Galaxy appear.

Shroob King: So Iggy ended up swiping another charm. So we only have three lives left before a potential game over. I will not allow this to happen! I must get my information before any rescue is achieved!

The Shroob King pulls out an intercom, switching off his PTOS. The subtitles come back on.

The Shroob King: Now hear this! Now hear this! I want Shroob ships invading all volcanoes on Plit to search for Sapphire Charms! I also want a Shroob Armada to capture The Grand Master Galaxy! I want this done NOW!

The Shroob King puts the intercom down and turns on his PTOS.

Shroob King: KING BOO! DR. SMITH! You both failed in your last attempts, so I want to see if two negatives can really make a positive. Go find and capture the Sapphire Charm in Isle Delfino. And DON’T screw this up!

King Boo: We won’t, sir.

Shroob King: Good, out of my office!

King Boo and Dr. Smith leave. A secretary Shroob runs in.

Secretary Shroob: Sir! We have apprehended Roy Killer Koopa like you requested, sir. However he’s showing more restraint than Lemmy.

Sunnycide comes in with Roy in his tentacles. Roy is struggling to get out.

Roy: HEY! What’s the big idea?!

Shroob King: *sigh* … Where’s that Lydia portrait I got from King Boo?... Ah, there it is!

The Shroob King takes down a portrait of Lydia from the wall and hits Roy with it. Roy is knocked out cold.

Shroob King: Throw him in a cell on the other side of the cell block. So he can’t communicate with Lemmy!

Sunnycide nods and carries Roy off. The Shroob King tosses the now broken Lydia portrait into a trash bin. Suddenly some spirit flies out of the portrait and into the Shroob King’s personal mirror.

Meanwhile with Lemmy…

Lemmy is shaking from his last torture session; he stares into the mirror to see how much damage the torture did to his looks. (He had been severely tortured for a while now, and he still cares about his looks!) He tries combing his hair with his claws. However, Lydia’s face appears in the mirror.

Lydia: PSSST!

Lemmy: YIPES!

Lydia: SHH! (whispering) Not so loud! The guards will hear you. I’m Lydia, one of the portrait ghosts that were captured by King Boo and the Shroob King. Listen, I can only communicate through mirrors. Me and the other portrait ghosts heard everything the Shroob King said. Iggy is coming here to get you.

Lemmy rolls his eyes.

Lemmy: (whispering) That’s just great, send in the weakest member to capture the most popular.

Lydia: (whispering) Actually he’s proven to be a threat to the Shroobs. I just wanted to let you know not to worry. I just heard where all the locations of the remaining Sapphire Charms are.

Lemmy: (whispering) Sapphire Charms?

Lydia: (whispering) Long Story. Listen, just stay here and continue to be tortured and just hang on. Help will be on the way.

Lemmy: (whispering) Okay, I’ll do my best.

Suddenly a door begins to open.

Lydia: (whispering) Someone’s coming! I’ll inform Iggy. Gotta go!

Lydia disappears just as Sunnycide fully opens the door to the cell block. He drags Roy down a dark hallway.

Lemmy: (whispering) No… Not Roy too!

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