Badyoyo is writing some other stories in his office.

Badyoyo: Now that I finally got THAT story out of the way. I can focus on all the other projects.

Suddenly Badyoyo spots something under his door.

Badyoyo: What’s this?

Badyoyo sees it’s a letter, he opens it.

Letter: Dear Mr. Yoyo, I just read the final part of the Journey To Brotherhood. I found it fun, but I sincerely want you to complete it. Either continue the story, or I’ll stuff Candy down your throat until you no longer will Lust for Life. Then I’ll call Ghost Busters and have you captured by them. Sincerely, Iggy Pop

Not wanting to get caught and possibly forced into Ghost Busters 3. Badyoyo goes back to his laptop and starts to write the next chapter.

The Journey to Brotherhood
By Tenacious B

The Chomp falls toward the team all right. Fortunately, the Chomp has very bad aim and hits the floor in front of them. They fall into the inner-inner sanctum of the pyramid.

Meanwhile with Tutankoopa, all he sees is a giant hole.

Tutankoopa: YES! I think that finished them off! ... But wait, there could be more of them! ... I’d better get out of here!

Tutankoopa tosses his headpiece to the ground and runs off.

Meanwhile with The Team and the giant Chomp…


Suddenly a bunch of Chomps gather around the giant Chomp and morph together to turn into a Colossus Chomp. (It looks like a bunch of little Chomps as the body and limbs while the original giant Chomp is the head. It’s wearing the pyramid as a dress.


Jenny tries to jump onto the beast. All she manages to do is rip off a chunk of the temple.  Chauncey starts flying up to the arms and begins ripping them off.

Chauncey: For such a giant creation, it’s not really strong.

Ignacio: Yep. I don’t think this big thing is going to fall hard.

Ignacio hits the legs with a blast from his wand, making the entire colossus fall. The Pyramid Dress drops on Ignacio.

Chauncey: NO!

Clam T: FOOOOX! Wait… I mean IGNACIOOO!

Jenny: DARN! First 575! Now Ignacio!

However, suddenly the dress starts shaking.

Chauncey: Huh?

Clam T. runs around the dress, seeing a bit of it lifting up.

Clam T: No… It can’t be!

The dress lifts up to show Ignacio actually holding the colossus.

Clam T: But how?!

Ignacio: I’ve been beaten down by Roy, Doopliss, Waluigi, King Boo, Shadoo, Mr. L, and Count Bleck! All that pain has been stored in my muscles! So like Bowser when his castle crushed him, I’m using my adrenaline!

Ignacio pushes the colossus down, then grows to a large height and grabs the Chomp Colossus by the neck. He tosses it into the distance.


Meanwhile with Tutankoopa...

Tutankoopa: *pant, pant* Gosh, I’m tired of running. I need to lay off the Royal Hershey Bars I steal from Ludwig. I should stop making friends with Chomps, they keep ending up turning on me. Yeah, I don’t want to see another chocolate bar or a Chomp until I lose a couple of pounds and gain a new minion… Maybe the Pokey could be of use to me.

Suddenly something is seen in the distance

Tutankoopa: Huh? What’s that?

Tutankoopa sees that Chomp Colossus is being thrown straight at him.

Tutankoopa: … Oh Flying Unicycles Coloring Kites!


There’s only a pile of rubble left of the Colossus Chomp, Tutankoopa’s headpiece begins flying in the air. Ignacio suddenly drops to his normal size.

Ignacio: Aw man! My adrenaline seems to still be subpar. I can only stay super for a few seconds. Oh well.

Clam T: Hey! Look!

Clam T. points to Tutankoopas headpiece flying in the air. Jenny grabs it and pulls out the Sapphire Bicep.

Jenny: I think this belongs to YOU, Ignacio.

Jenny tosses the Sapphire Bicep to Ignacio.

Ignacio: One left… then we can destroy the Shroob King. All right guys, let’s get going to Castle Koopa. I have an idea on how to get the last one.

They begin walking through the desert looking for the warp pipe, eventually finding it.

Ignacio: Lemmy’d better appreciate the work I’m doing. This desert is making me swelter.

Meanwhile up in the Shroob Castle, we cut to the Shroob King’s office. He’s talking on the phone.

Shroob King: What do you mean he ran away?! That was the only Sapphire Charm I thought I could keep from harm! And YOU had to give it to Tutankoopa! You’re FIRED! Don’t even bother sending us those Shroob Chomps, I can control them telepathically. I’m thinking of them having a Shroob for breakfast.

There are a lot of screams coming from the phone. Lydia appears, and hides in the corner of the mirror. The Shroob King hangs up, and starts talking to himself. (The subtitles come up.)

Shroob King: Well, look on the bright side, Kingy. At least you still have the last Sapphire Charm and it’s stuck in space guarded in New Shroob City. And best of all, Dr. Smith told me he found something better than any giant Spider.

The Shroob King coughs.

Shroob King: Boy, being king is harder than I thought it would be. I mean, sure, it was easy for me to get the title. But I didn’t expect such an annoying Koopaling would end up screwing up my plans! But those Shroobs need me, these things are so incompetent that they couldn’t even figure out Iggy was after these Sapphire Charms. You know your colony is stupid when you make your leader someone who isn’t even royalty!

The Shroob King begins coughing again.

Shroob King: I think I’m coming down with something. I still can’t believe I was so easily made king. Go to Castle Shroob and pretend to be Princess Shroob’s long lost mother and father. All Shroobs look alike, and they think, “Why not?” It was a plot so simple, even a Goomba could do it. Now why can’t the Koopa Kingdom be captured as easily? ... Oh well, it’s not like The Shroobs are going to live for much longer.

The Shroob King walks over the portrait of E. Gadd.

Shroob King: So Professor, what’s your favorite color? ... Purple? ... Mine too! ... You always have to pretend purple is your favorite color to be a member of the Shroobs. I swear, if Waluigi was their leader, they wouldn’t even care he is a human. They also won’t care about a lot of things once they die.

The Shroob King takes out a Bob-omb and paints a giant skull on it. He begins laughing.

Meanwhile in Castle Koopa, The Team enters through a warp pipe.

Ignacio: All right, one more Charm. Thankfully we know where it is. All we need is a way to get up into space.

Kamek wakes up.

Kamek: SPACE?! Ignacio, you need one of your father’s Spaceships from Super Mario Galaxy to get there! You’ll need his permission to even touch them! And I just calmed him down. I don’t want him angry at you OR ME!

Ignacio: What do you have him doing now?

Kamek: I have him yelling at horrible Mario movies.

Ignacio: Good.

Ignacio walks up to Bowser’s room and knocks on the door.

Ignacio: KingDadcanIuseyourspaceshiptogointospacetofinda

Bowser: QUIET, IGGY!

Ignacio: (whispering) Ignacio!


Ignacio: So you’re permitting me to leave?


Ignacio: Okay King Dad!

Ignacio runs off.


Ignacio runs up to his team.

Ignacio: We got it!

Kamek: What?!

Ignacio: Let’s go, guys!

Kamek: Hold on! I’m coming too!

The Team run into that giant spaceship he used to kidnap Peach in Super Mario Galaxy. Kamek grabs the controls.

Kamek: Me and your father are the only ones who can actually fly this thing!

The spaceship takes off and flies away. After some space exploration, they reach the bonus galaxies. However they soon meet a Shroob Armada.

Kamek: Let me handle this!

Kamek grabs a microphone that’s connected to the speakers on the outside of the ship. (Hey, if you can hear things in space in Super Mario Galaxy, you can use speakers to talk to other ships.)

Kamek: Gra-ah-ah! This is Bowser here!

The Shroob Armada begin firing at the ship.

Ignacio: BATTLESTATIONS! CLAM T! JENNY! CHAUNCEY! Fix any damage that is caused to the ship! Kamek! Place my wand in the plasma ray!

Kamek: HEY! I’m captain of this ship! And I say-

Ignacio: Not anymore!

Ignacio shoves Kamek aside. Ignacio takes out his wand and places it in the plasma cannon. He presses the giant red button that says “Fire”. A giant spell gets blasted out and explodes. The entire Shroob Armada is caught in the blast.

Ignacio: That should take care of them.

Suddenly the Plasma Cannon accidentally fires the wand itself.

Ignacio: NO! My wand! Curse you, Lemmy! If you didn’t get captured, none of this would’ve happened!

Kamek: Ignacio! How can you say that?! You care more about your wand more than your brother?

Ignacio: Well he’s putting me through all this torture! I’ve been attacked by Princess Shroob, almost burned to death by Shroobio, scared out of my wits by King Boo, captured by Dr. Smith, hit with an explosion, almost eaten by a Mecha-Dad, and crushed by a pyramid! I could care less about Lemmy!

Kamek: Ignacio! Listen to me! You need to remember what’s at stake! Not only Lemmy, but the entire world of Plit! So stop going all crazy over your wand!

Ignacio: I-

Suddenly a Shroob Battlestation appears on radar.

Ignacio: Another battle?! ... BATTLESTATIONS! BATTLESTATIONS! KAMEK! Use the Mega Laser!

Kamek turns on the mega laser that he used to cut out Peach’s Castle in Super Mario Galaxy. It cuts through the Battlestation, which explodes. However a bit of the battlestation flies through the window of Bowser’s Spaceship. Things are beginning to be sucked into outer space.

Ignacio: GUYS! Block up the hole!

Kamek: With what?!

Ignacio: Bronze!

Clam T. takes out a bucket of bronze and tries to cover the hole, the bronze flies out.

Ignacio: Uh… STEEL!

Jenny rips out a steel plate and tries to cover the hole. It flies out. Also there’s now a giant gaping hole in the ship. The team gets sucked into it. They land on some platforms.

Ignacio: Now where are we?

Kamek: Let’s see, I think we’re on the tail end of the Grand Master Galaxy. We just need to jump across a few platforms, and we should find the Sapphire Charm of Passion somewhere.

The Team look up to see a giant city where the Charm SHOULD be.

Ignacio: Uh, I don’t think that was there before.

Clam T: Well, we have to go in I guess.

Chauncey cracks his knuckles.

Chauncey: Well, whatever’s in there, I’m ready for it.

Jenny: Me too.

Ignacio looks down, then lifts his head.

Ignacio: Me three! Come on guys!

Ignacio leads the team into the center of town. The Team notices that it looks very similar to Earth’s New York City, only it’s a lot more purple.

Jenny: Where are we?

Ignacio: Uh… New Shroob City?

???: That’s right.

The Team looks to see a Shroob wearing a PTOS. He’s dressed up like a standard white rapper who’s not cool in any way.

Rapper Shroob: Yo Yo!

Ignacio: Excuse me, do you happen to have a Sapphire Charm of Passion on you?

Rapper Shroob: Yeah! I got one!

The Rapper Shroob pulls out his “Bling”. In the middle of his “Bling” is a Sapphire Heart.

Clam T: Cool, hand it over!

Rapper Shroob: No way, homeboy! You gotta beat me first!

The Team begins laughing.

Ignacio: I just had a TEMPLE fall on me! How can you be of any higher threat?

???: Perhaps I could be of assistance.

Dr. Smith flies down in his hover chair.

Dr. Smith: Rapper Shroob-

Rapper Shroob: I’m Purple T!

Dr. Smith: Whatever, why don’t you show them your dance moves? I’ll handle the rest.

Purple T: Sure thing!

Chauncey: Okay, I’ve heard white people rap, they barely bring justice to the music genre. But PURPLE rapping isn’t going to do anything!

Purple T: Oh, I don’t rap. I sing… on Shrooboardway!

A background track starts playing. It sounds familiar. Some freaky-looking Shroob gangsters and Shroob schoolgirls come out.

Purple T: There’s my backup! Now let’s get it started! I mean, we’re all freaks!

Purple T pulls out his microphone.

Purple T: If you’re looking for a night on the town, you just found me!

Shroob Backup Singers: A freak like me, needs, company!

Purple T: I’m a 65 karat golden rapping tragedy!

Shroob Backup Singers: A freak like me, needs, company!

Purple T: I’m not rollin’, baby rollin’ In the purple, but I’m unique

Shroob Backup Singers: …a FREEAAK!

Purple T: I’m the new Goldust, and all the matches are five stars and free… on me!

Shroob Backup Singers: A freak like me, needs, company!

They all gather together, even Dr. Smith joins in.


They all pose in a strange fashion. Kamek claps, the rest of the team just stares at the Shroobs.

Ignacio: … How was that supposed to do anything?

Dr. Smith: Here comes the good part.

Dr. Smith pulls out an old book.

Dr. Smith: THIS is Tenacious B’s book of non-quality ideas, every bad idea they had has been put into this one book. I had to break a lot of fourth walls to steal this off-camera. But now I finally have it! And I’m going to use it!

Dr. Smith pulls out a cannon.

Dr. Smith: THIS! Is the Creative Cannon! Drop any drawings in the cannon. Then fire the drawings, and they come to life!

Dr. Smith rips out six pages and plops them into the cannon. He gives it to Purple T.

Dr. Smith: You do the honors.

Purple T: Thanks Spider Guy! Introducin’! The R! T! B! V! (Rejected Tenacious B Villains)

Purple T fires the cannon in random directions. Some groans and yells are heard in the distance. The first strange thing to come in is a blob of fat.

Purple T: Here we have a man made entirely out of fat! He was designed to be a Fatman Villain. But his main weakness, liquids, was too stupid. So Badyoyo tossed that idea away! Ladies and Gentlemen! The brilliantly named… MAN OF FAT!

Man of Fat poses. Meanwhile a giant, three-headed bagpipe monster walks in.

Purple T: This giant creature was going to replace Tikimon in a different Tenacious B Interview! However Ex-Tenacious B member Storm Koopa didn’t like the really good Luigi Interview. So this was scrapped! Ladies and Gentlemen… The Sasscot!

The Sasscot begins playing Bagpipe Music. Suddenly a portal rips open and a giant, rabid-looking beast with a Mario hat goes through it.

Purple T: Designed to be Mario in an alternate universe, an evil creature that uses Mushrooms to become stronger, and now he wants to destroy all of Humanity… He’s too confusing for the writers… PRIDE!

Pride lets out a roar. Suddenly a jock with spikes coming out of his back walks up.

Purple T: This poor football player accidentally morphed with Bowser and became… Killer Koopa! (There are so many things wrong with this character).

Killer Koopa hides his face, he doesn’t want to be looked at. Suddenly a woman wearing a flowing dress with the cycles of the moon on it walks in.

Purple T: She does every crime on a different phase of the moon. She gets caught easily, so Tenacious B scrapped that idea. Ladies and Gentlemen… LUNA!

Luna twirls and giggles. Finally, a skinny-looking man wearing drab clothing walks in. He’s followed by a dog.

Purple T: It is he! He who shall not be named… Say your name…

Skinny Man: … WALUIGI SYKES!

Purple T: YES! Before Wario’s Apprentice was made! Badyoyo made a Fun Fiction called “Mario Twist”, which basically was “Oliver Twist” but with Mario characters. Waluigi was supposed to play “Bill Sykes”. However Lemmy rejected the idea.

The RTBV walk up to the Shroobs and Dr. Smith. The Shroob army get into battle stances.

Ignacio: … Well… let’s battle!

Ignacio’s Team and the Shroob Army let out a roar as they charge at each other. Kamek fires a giant bowling ball at the Shroob Gangsters, knocking them out.

Kamek: STRIKE!

Suddenly, Man of Fat jumps up and bodyslams Kamek. He then grabs Kamek’s wand and tosses it into a warp pipe.

Man of Fat: PULL US UP!

A Shroob Airship appears and fires a steel net at Kamek and Man of Fat. It begins pulling them up. Meanwhile Waluigi Sykes and Jenny are in a sword/claw fight.


Suddenly Jenny snatches Waluigi Sykes’s dagger and throws it away.

Jenny: HA! Now what are you going to do?

Waluigi Sykes: THIS!

Waluigi Sykes pulls out a gun and shoots Jenny in the shoulder. She drops to the ground, clutching it. Some blue gunk begins bleeding out. Waluigi whistles as a steel net grabs Jenny and pulls her up.

Waluigi Sykes: HMPH!


Chauncey smashes Waluigi Sykes into the ground. His dog starts barking at Chauncey, but Chauncey grabs him and tosses him to the other side of town.

Chauncey: WHO’S NEXT?!

Luna: ME!

Luna pulls out a wand with a moon on the end. She starts swirling it around, and a giant ectoplasm moon falls on him.

Luna: I stole this wand from “The Guy” who likes to smash people with spikes, apples, and moons.

Clam T: Outnumbered, but still no match!

Clam T. knocks Luna into space with his golf club. Pride jumps up and starts attacking Clam T, but Clam T. holds his own. Ignacio jumps onto Pride and covers his eyes. Ignacio makes Pride run into a building.

Clam T: Thanks.

Ignacio: Don’t thank me yet! Look out!

Purple T comes charging, but Clam T. knocks him back with a tennis racket.

Clam T: The Shroobs are actually pretty tough for once.

Suddenly the Sasscot begins playing bagpipe music. Ignacio and Clam T. cover their ears.


Ignacio jumps up and digs his claws into the Sasscot. It explodes. Clam T. uncovers his ears.

Clam T: Ah. Much better.

Suddenly Pride jumps back in  and grabs Clam T.

Ignacio: NO!

Pride opens a portal and jumps through.

Dr. Smith: NOW I HAVE YOU!

Dr. Smith fires a spider web at Ignacio. This time, Ignacio can’t be freed.

Dr. Smith: I GOT HIM!

Dr. Smith flies up to the ship in his hover chair, while a steel net carries Ignacio up. Now the Team is in one big room, with Lemmy, Roy, Mario, Peach, and Luigi. Everyone is tied to poles.

Ignacio: Where are we?

Lemmy: Iggy?

Ignacio: It’s Ignacio!

Lemmy: Whatever, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be saving me. Not joining me in being caught with everyone else!

Roy: What do you expect with that nerd? I’m surprised he was even able to get six of those stupid charm things the Shroob King guy was talking about.

Mario: Well-a, we’re done.

Peach: The Shroob King told us that he’ll be back here, just so we can be tortured at once.

Luigi: And because of me, he’s already halfway to becoming ruler of all Plit.

Clam T: Wait… Where’s Chauncey?!

Ignacio: He’s still stuck under the moon!

Kamek: WHAT?!

Jenny: Yeah, I saw it before I was pulled up.

Jenny lets out a howl. She’s still in pain and a lot of blue gunk is still bleeding out of her shoulder.

Lemmy: Now what?

Roy: We wait, until Shroob King comes in and tortures the Koopa Kingdom’s weak points out of us.

Mario: WAIT!

Peach: Yes Mario. That’s what we’re going to do.

Mario: No, I just remembered something.

Luigi: What is it?

Mario: I have the ability to turn back time!

Ignacio: What?

Mario: I can use it only once! That’s what the Time Gods said. So I’ll use it now and send us back to a time before the Shroob King kidnapped Lemmy.

Mario starts concentrating really… Nothing happens.

Mario: Oh wait, I already used it.

Kamek: *Sigh* And to think we would’ve had a happy ending.

The door opens, and the Shroob King walks in. He’s followed by King Boo, Dr. Smith, Pride, and Man of Fat.

Shroob King: Well well well. It looks like the villain wins this round! Now I have all the potential obstacles in one room for me to torture individually. Now I’ll claim your world, your riches, then the Mario Galaxies, then Earth, then Mars, then Venus, then Mercury, then the Sun, then the Milky Way, then THE UNIVERSE! ALL OF THE UNIVERSE’S RICHES… Wait… No… ALL OF THE UNIVERSE WILL BE MINE!

King Boo, Dr. Smith, Pride, and Man of Fat: …

Shroob King: My apologies... OURS!

The Shroob King examines the heroes.

Shroob King: Who should I torture first? ... How about the biggest pain in my side! IGNACIO!

Ignacio gets released from his pole and falls down a hole. He lands in a dark room.

Shroob King: I finally have you, you’ve been a very nasty thorn in my plans. Now I not only have you, but all of your friends! So have fun in this dark room. But don’t worry, I’ll let you out… if you can defeat this guy.

King Boo floats down into the room. He charges at Ignacio. Ignacio, without any real weapons with which to fight King Boo, starts to run.


Read on!

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