Peach and Luigi's Adventure to Save Mario

By Quirky Quipster

When we left Peach and Luigi, Bowser had kidnapped Mario, with a nasty plan to lure Peach into his grasp by using Mario as bait! Luckily, Luigi had been there when the appalling event had occurred, so he told Peach all about the plan. Right when things seemed hopeless, Peach had a plan to take the wands from the kings of the Mushroom Kingdom, for together they would overpower Bowser. After playing a pitiful piece of music, Peach and Luigi managed to take the wand from the King of Grass Land. With their new wand in hand, they easily made it to Desert Land; only one problem, they are utterly exhausted!

Peach: Luigi, we still have many miles to go and I don't think I can hold out much longer!

Luigi: Neither can I! We're-a doomed, HELP!!!

Just then, it got even hotter and they heard a voice.

Voice: Yo, what 'chu doin' stand'n on mah propertay!

Peach: Who said that?

Luigi: Was it a mirage-a?

Voice: Up heya, foo!

They looked up and saw an angry sun. The sun was glaring down at them.

Sun: I'm gonna ayask yew again, WHAT 'CHU DOIN' ON MAH PROPERTAY?!

Peach: We were just walking along, we didn't know this was your property!

Sun: Just wawlkin' along, eh; a likely thang! This makes me so mayad, ah could-

The Angry Sun started throwing fireballs at Peach and Luigi. They started running around in circles, dodging the flames.

Peach: What are we going to do?!

Luigi: I have an idea! *pulls out wand* Hey-a Sun, you have a problem with-a me standing on your property, come and-a get me!

The Sun swooped down at Luigi, Luigi fired a magic blast from the wand and turned the Sun into a puppy.

Peach: Aw, it's so cute!

Luigi: I-a know, right?

Luigi tried to pet the puppy, but it bit his hand.

Luigi: Ahg, angry puppy!

Luigi ran away into the desert someplace.

Peach: Well, at least he's running in the right direction, but how is this going to help me?

Just then, Peach saw an airship flying in her direction.

Peach: Koopas!

When the ship was about to fly over her head, she saw its anchor. Realizing they must be heading to the castle, Peach grabbed the anchor and took off with the ship.

Lucky for Peach, the Koopalings flying the ship had no idea she was on the anchor; they were more concerned about getting to the castle.

Larry: It's a good thing I took my airship to Grass Land's castle, isn't it?

Lemmy (driving the ship): Yeah, or we'd never be able to catch up with Luigi! Say, how's that crazy Hyper Koopa doing anyway? He's not going to slow us down, is he?

Larry: I don't know, I'll check!

Larry went into a passenger room. The Hyper Koopa was bouncing around.

Koopa: I'm in an airship, I'm in an airship, I'm in an airship!

Larry: Hey, calm down over there!

Koopa: Airship, airship, AIRSHIP!!!

Larry went back to Lemmy.

Larry: He's hopping around, talking about airships.

Lemmy: I don't see any harm in that.

Larry: Yeah, but I just don't want him to break anything.

Lemmy: Aw, it's nice to know you care about the guy!

Larry: Care about him? Ha, I couldn't care less about him, I'm talking about my airship!

Lemmy: Of course, Larry, of course.

Just then, Larry and Lemmy reached the castle.

Lemmy: All right, we're here; tell the Hyper Koopa it's time to get the wand.

Larry walked up to a speaker system.


Lemmy (sarcastically): Yeah, that's how you tell someone nicely!

Upon arriving at the castle, Peach jumped off of the anchor after passing over the gate. She looked around.

Peach: That's odd, I don't seem to see anyone.

Just then, a Toad ninja jumped out from behind a bush and grabbed her. She tried to scream, but the Toad covered her mouth. Things seemed pretty hopeless for her when, all of a sudden, Luigi broke through the gate and knocked the Toad ninja away. When the Toad tried to recover from his fall, the angry puppy ran over him and knocked him out. Peach was being carried by Luigi, who was still being chased by the angry puppy.

Peach: It's a good thing you came, Luigi; who knows what that ninja would have done to me!

Luigi: No-a time to talk, just-a gotta keep-a running!

Eventually they ran into the castle and the door shut behind them. It was very eerie, the halls were deserted and there wasn't a single sign of life.

Luigi: Are you-a sure this is a castle and not a haunted house?

Peach: I don't know, but this place is giving me the creeps!

Peach and Luigi took a few steps. When they tried to go further, stars flew over their heads; but these weren't just any stars, they were ninja stars!

Peach: Run!

Peach and Luigi started running down the hall with Toad ninjas right behind them, throwing stars. Right when they thought they were in a hopeless situation, the throne room appeared before them. Peach and Luigi jumped into the throne room and shut the door.

Peach: Whew, that was a close one!

Luigi: But it's not-a over yet!

Peach and Luigi saw what appeared to be a spotlight shining on the throne itself, which was turned around, facing away from them. Mischievous laughter was heard from behind the throne. Larry, holding the king's wand, jumped out from behind the throne.

Larry: Ha ha! So Luigi, you thought you could outsmart me, did you?! Nonsense, no one outsmarts Larry Koopa!!!

Lemmy came out from behind the throne.

Lemmy: They just did, look.

Luigi had taken the wand out Larry's hand while he was talking, and was already heading for the “spotlight”, which was actually a hole in the ceiling that would lead him to the airship.

Larry: What?! Errrrrrr!!!

Larry was getting furious. Lemmy decided to stay back so he wouldn't get hit by one of Larry's “fury swipes”. Larry jumped after Luigi.

Larry: Oh no, I'm not going to let you get away this time!

By that time, Luigi was on the roof of the castle, climbing onto the anchor of the airship. Larry hopped on the anchor.

Larry: You can't run now, Luigi, I blocked your only exit!

Luigi: Ha, running was not-a my plan!

When Luigi got on board, he went to where the anchor was attached and, well, detached it.

Larry: Curse you, Luigi!

The anchor fell through the roof of the castle and into the hall with the ninjas.

Larry: Heh, no hard feelings about stealing your king's wand, right?

The Toad ninjas beat up Larry.

Meanwhile, Peach and Lemmy were still in the throne room.

Lemmy: Well, this is awkward!

Peach: I'll say; what are we going to do now?

Lemmy: Wanna see me do a trick?

Peach: Sure!

Just then an explosion was heard overhead.

Peach: Wow, that was amazing! I didn't know you had fireworks, Lemmy!

Lemmy: Uh, no I don't.

Peach: This could be bad, I have to see what happened!

Peach left the room, leaving Lemmy standing alone.

Lemmy: Drat, I'll never get to show the world how awesome I am!

Peach and Lemmy ran out to the front of the castle to see what had happened. Larry's airship had blown up!

Mario was sobbing wildly. A terrible thing had happened to him, he had lost something near and dear to him, his hearing! Ludwig was still playing his first symphony and it was a long one! Unfortunately, Ludwig composes very long symphonies, symphonies that go on for hours! Was this the end for Mario, or would a random stroke of luck occur? All of a sudden, Bowser walked into the dungeon.

Bowser: Ludwig?

Ludwig continued playing. Bowser spoke up.

Bowser: Ludwig?

Ludwig continued to play, he was in his own little world.

Bowser: LUDWIG!!!

Ludwig fell out of his seat and looked up at his father.

Ludwig: Wh-what?

Bowser: Something terrible has happened to one of our airships, I can't seem to get a signal from it! I need you to investigate the area where it crashed.

Ludwig: Where did it crash?

Bowser: Somewhere in Giant Land!

Ludwig: This has “Iggy” written all over it!

Just then, Morton came into the room.

Morton: Dad, another airship has blown up! This one's in Desert Land!

Bowser: Two airship explosions?! Gosh, I just can't trust you kids with airships these days! Ludwig, investigate them both!

Ludwig: What about the prisoners?

Bowser: I think they've been tortured enough for one day, Son.

With that, the Koopas left the room. Mario sat, feeling so happy to have silence again. Mario's cellmate came up to him.

Koopa: Ghastly song, right?

Mario: Song? The horrid Ludwig von Koopa settles for-a no mere song, he composes symphonies! I've-a never been so happy to have complete silence in all-a my life!

Koopa: Eh, you get used to it. On the bright side, it's Bowser Junior's turn after Ludwig's!

Mario: So?

Koopa: He shows us his art gallery. That kid, what a gifted kid!

Mario: You don't-a think that when you-a have to clean up after him!

Just then, Bowser Junior walked into the room.

Bowser Junior: Hiya, prisoners!

Everyone: Hey, Bowser Junior!

Bowser Junior: Are you ready for my really special art gallery?

Everyone: Yeah, what is it?

Bowser Junior: This one's called, “What I Can Do With Mario's Face!”

Mario knew right away it was going to be a long day.

Back with Peach and Lemmy, pieces of Larry's airship rained from the roof. Lemmy was crying.

Lemmy: Oh, Larry, he was so young!

Peach: Luigi, he was so brave!

Lemmy suddenly remembered the Hyper Koopa and cried even harder.

Lemmy: Three lives, three lives were taken!

Peach: Three?

Lemmy: Yes, we had a Hyper Koopa in there, but now even he's gone! (It's not like I loved the guy, but still, it's never a good thing when someone dies!)

Peach: That's terrible, what's your father going to think about this?

Lemmy: I don't know, but I'm sure he won't be happy about it! Oh, Larry, why?!

Larry limped out of the castle and over to Lemmy.

Larry: Why not?

Lemmy: Larry!!!

Larry was attacked by Lemmy with a hug.

Lemmy: Oh Larry, I thought you were dead!

Larry: What, they were just Toad ninjas!

Lemmy: Huh?

Larry: That jerky Luigi, he detached the anchor and dropped me into a hallway full of Toad ninjas! Just wait ‘til I get my claws on him!

Larry looked at the roof.

Larry: MY AIRSHIP!!!

Lemmy: Yes, I heard it happen, I thought you had gotten on and…

Larry: Oh.

Peach: It's nice to know Larry's okay, but what about Luigi?

Larry: I HOPE HE'S DEAD!!! I bet he destroyed my airship!

Lemmy: Larry, that's not a nice thing to say; it could have been that crazy Hyper Koopa who destroyed the airship!

Larry: Yeah right, he may be the single, most annoying being on the face of the planet, but I doubt he'd do something like that!

Lemmy: Yeah, you're right, he could never do something that stupid!

Larry: That Luigi is such a jerk, let's do something to get him back, something like kidnapping the princess!

Lemmy: There's only one problem with that plan, how would we get home?

Larry: Erm, good point. No matter, we'll kidnap her anyway!

Lemmy: There's only one problem with that.

Larry: What?!

Lemmy: She's fleeing to Water Land.

They looked into the horizon and saw Peach far, far away. Knowing they would never catch up to Peach, Lemmy and Larry sat and waited for help, in the middle of the desert.

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