Peach and Luigi's Adventure to Save Mario

By Quirky Quipster

When we last left Peach and Luigi, they were taking a long, hot, and just plain exhausting trip through Desert Land. When they made it to their destination, they were surprised to find Toad ninjas and Koopalings. More than anything, the Koopas gave them grief when their airship blew up. With Luigi being in that explosion, is this the last of him we will ever hear?!

When Peach made it to Water Land, she was exhausted; fortunately, she knew a Toad who lived there. Peach went to the Toad's house and knocked on the door. The Toad answered with a smile.

Toad: Princess, what a pleasant surprise, I wasn't expecting you to be in town!

Peach: Well, I am, and I must come in!

Toad: Okay!

Peach sat down in the Toad's living room. The Toad made some tea and gave some to the princess, then sat down himself in another chair.

Toad: So, Princess, what brings you here?

Peach told the Toad the happenings of her adventure. When she had finished, the Toad looked at her sympathetically.

Toad: You poor, poor person! If there's anything I can do, please let me know!

Peach: I still need to get to the king's castle so I can get his wand! The only problem is, the castle is on an island, and it's very hard to get to from the mainland!

Toad: Well, I have a boat!

Peach: Really?! Will you let me use it?!

Toad: Of course, of course!

Peach: Oh, thank you!

She was about to leave when, suddenly, she became very tired and fell asleep in the chair.

Meanwhile, Ludwig was flying over Giant Land, looking for Iggy's airship. It was just so hard to find, considering the place had been turned into a forest. Ludwig was just about to give up when he saw smoke. He flew down to where it was coming from and, sure enough, it was Iggy's airship! Ludwig lowered his anchor and climbed down.

Ludwig: Iggy, Iggy? If you're alive, say something!

No reply was heard.

Ludwig: Oh, okay, I guess he's dead then!

He was about to climb back onto the anchor when he saw Iggy behind him.

Ludwig: Ahg, Iggy, you scared me!

Iggy: Sorry!

Ludwig: Okay Iggy, this is the seventh airship you've crashed this week, and it's only Monday! The next time this happens, I will not come for you, understand?

Iggy: I didn't do it this time!

Ludwig: Oh, just like the other times you “didn't do it”?

Iggy: No, I mean I didn't do it! Someone came onto my ship and blew it up!

Ludwig: Oh, and was it the “three-headed neon worm” again?

Iggy: No, it was a Paratroopa, a really big one! He had these bombs and he threw them onto the ship!

Ludwig: Sure, Iggy, sure! Just hop into my airship, I have another rescue mission!

After Iggy got onboard, Ludwig flew to Desert Land and, eventually, to the castle. Larry and Lemmy were glad to see him.

Larry: Ludwig, you came for us!

Ludwig: Unfortunately.

Lemmy: It was terrible, Ludwig, the ship just randomly blew up!

Iggy: Wow, just like mine! What kind of Koopa was on yours at the time?

Larry: A Hyper Koopa.

Iggy: I bet he blew it up, just like my Paratroopa!

Larry: No, he was a passenger.

Iggy: So was mine!

Lemmy: Interesting.

Peach woke up from her nap and looked at the clock; it was six o' clock!

Toad: Are you okay? You slept for three hours!

Peach: Well, I do feel better now, but I must leave!

Toad: Right away, Princess.

The Toad got his boat out and went to his backyard, which, of course, was all water!

Toad: Okay, Princess, just go east until you get to the castle.

Peach: Thank you!

Toad: No time to thank me, you gotta get a move on and save Mario!

Peach set sail. She went for an hour and suddenly realized she was hungry.

Peach: I wonder if there's any food on this boat.

Just then, she saw a shadow underwater.

Peach: What was that?

After that, she saw nothing, but heard this faint, strange tune that sounded like the Jaws theme. Before she knew it, it was getting louder and quicker! She was about to worry when a big fish splashed out of the water and ate her! Was this the end of Peach as well?!

Meanwhile on Ludwig's airship, Larry and Lemmy were talking about their adventure.

Larry: ...and that's when I saw my airship had blown up! It's all Luigi's fault, I tell you!

Iggy: I still say the Koopa did it!

Larry: Say what you want, Iggy, but we just have to get to Water Land!

Lemmy: Yeah, Ludwig, you have to take us!

Ludwig: No one's going anywhere until I call for backup, this could be dangerous!

Larry: Great idea, Ludwig; that way, if Luigi blows up this ship, we'll still have another!

Lemmy: Who are you going to call?

Ludwig: Certainly not Ghostbusters!

Iggy: Drat!

Ludwig: I'm calling the only Koopa who truly knows her way around Water Land-

Larry: Oh no, not-

Ludwig: Yes, Wendy.

When Peach regained consciousness, she found herself in the fish's stomach.

Peach: How terrible, it smells like rotting fish!

Just then, she heard a voice.

Voice: Hello, is-a someone there?

Peach: Did the fish just talk to me?!

Voice: I'm-a no fish, are-a you?

Peach: No, I'm Princess Peach, ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Voice: Peach, is that-a you?!

Just then, a torch was lit by the person that spoke; it was Luigi!

Peach: Luigi, you're alive!

Luigi: Yes!

Peach: What happened?

Luigi: Well, did you-a see the airship explode?

Peach: No, but I heard the explosion and saw the aftermath.

Luigi: Well, despite popular belief-a, I did not-a blow up the ship, the Koopa we-a saw before did! I-a noticed that he-a had many bombs on the-a ship and was-a getting ready to light them! I-a had to act-a quick, Larry was-a coming and I-a didn't want him to be blown up-a too! (Though, it-a would've been nice...) So, I-a detached the anchor and saved him! Unfortunately, it was-a too late for me-a! The Koopa lit the-a bombs, shouted “Take that, Koopa Clan!”, and-a jumped off the-a ship! It was-a very weird, isn't Bowser loved by all Koopas? Oh well, anyway, when the-a ship blew up, I was-a sent flying. I-a flew so far, I went-a soaring straight for-a Water Land's castle! Right when I-a thought I was-a going to make it, this-a fish jumped out of the-a water and ate me; so I've-a been here ever since! Luckily, the-a wands went with me, so I-a have them here.

Peach: Wow. So, how are we getting out?

Luigi: I'm not-a going there!

Peach: No, I mean, there must be another way out! Don't you have something that could make the fish sneeze?

Luigi: Well, I-a have this pepper I-a always carry around!

Peach: You carry pepper around?

Luigi: Yeah, you-a never know when something may-a need pepper!

Peach took the pepper from Luigi.

Peach: Hold your nose, Luigi, it's about to get really peppery in here!

Peach tossed some pepper around. It didn't take long until the fish began sneezing. Eventually the fish sneezed a mighty sneeze that forced Peach and Luigi out of it. Luckily, when the fish sneezed, it was facing in the direction of the castle; so they flew into the castle. There was a great crash and they found themselves in the hallway of the castle. There was something odd about that hallway, though: it was filled with Toad guards wearing fish suits! The guards came up to Luigi.

Luigi: Whoa, not that I'm-a fashion freak, but don't you-a find that a bit odd-a?

Toad: No, these are traditional fish suits; everyone of Water Land's heritage wears one!

Luigi: You have a freaky heritage!

Toad: You dare make fun of our heritage?! Let's get these fools and bring them to the king, then we'll see who has a freaky heritage!

The Toad guards brought Peach and Luigi to the throne room. The king (who looks like Mario, by the way) took one look at Luigi and smiled.

King: Ariosto, my brother!

Luigi: Mario?

King: Oh, what a joker! No, I'm your brother, Dario!

The king took a look at Princess Peach.

King: Look, you even brought the ruler of Mushroom Kingdom here to see me, how thoughtful, Ariosto!

Luigi: I'm not-

Peach (whispering to Luigi): Shush, Luigi! As long as he thinks you're his brother Ariosto, we may have a chance at getting his wand! Just play along, okay!

King: You're not what, Ariosto?

Luigi: I am-a not happy with the way you-a let this castle go!

King: What's wrong with it?

Luigi: Everyone's in a fish suit, the only one-a here who's not-a wearing one is you!

King: Oh my gosh, Ariosto, you're right!

Luigi: Of course-a I'm right, what are you-a going to do about it?

King: The only thing that can be done!

Later, Peach, Luigi, and the king were dressed in fish suits.

King: Oh, Ariosto, you were right about something being wrong here! Here I am, being king, and I'm not wearing the traditional Water Land fish outfit! I've insulted our heritage!

Luigi: This is not what I-a meant!

Peach: Well, at least it's all good now!

King: Yes, now nothing can stop me from ruling the way I need to rule!

Just then, a hole was punched through the ceiling overhead. Larry Koopa looked in from the roof.

Larry: Hey fishsticks, we're back!

A rope was lowered into the room. Larry, Ludwig, Iggy, and Wendy slid down it.

King: Oh no, not her!

Wendy: That's right, you Rollie Pollie Fish Head, it's me!

Iggy: Something seems awfully fishy in here!

Larry: Yeah, so we'll have to fish those wands right out of your hands!

Ludwig: Then, we'll make you into fish salad!

Everyone Else: Seriously, that's the best fish puns you could come up with?

Ludwig: Hey, I'm no good at making up puns!

Larry: Anyway, we're going to- Hey, where'd they go?

Wendy: They're climbing up the rope!

Ludwig: Cretinous fools, you let them get away!

Larry: Cretinous? It's your fault for distracting us with that horrible pun of yours!

Iggy: Yeah, seriously!

Ludwig: Well, you shouldn't have listened to me then!

Iggy: Like we have a choice, all you do is bark commands at us like we're your mindless younger siblings!

Larry: Yeah, and we're forced to follow them!

Ludwig: You are my mindless younger siblings! Let's just face it, I have the brains of the family, you don't!

Iggy: That's not true, take that back, Ludwig!

Ludwig: Why would I take back something that is true, Iggy? Or should I say, Iggiot!

Iggy: Oh yeah?! Well, if I'm “Iggiot,” you're LARDWIG, because you're just so fat!

Larry: What about me?!

Ludwig and Iggy: Shut up, Larry, you're not in this fight!

Larry: I wanna join, I wanna join!

Ludwig, Larry, and Iggy got into a fight.

Wendy: Hello, fishy foes getting away here!

The boys ignored her. Wendy hopped onto the rope and started climbing.

Wendy: Ugh, if you want to do anything right, you gotta do it yourself! Let's just hope Lemmy's ready for them once they get to the roof!

Meanwhile on the roof, Lemmy was doing some sightseeing.

Lemmy: Oh, a whale! Wow, a giant fish! Oh my dread, a seal! I must go down there and see it!

Lemmy climbed down from the roof and ran after the seal.

It didn't take long until Peach, Luigi, and the king made it to the roof.

Peach: We'll be safe here for a few moments.

King: Why is that monster chasing me again?!

Luigi: We-a have a confession to make-a.

Peach: Luigi, no!

King: Did she just call you “Luigi”?

Luigi: Yes, because that is my name-a! I'm-a not related to you in-a any way, shape, or form-a, and we are not here to-a visit you. We're-a here to take your wand-a so we can rescue my brother, Mario! He's-a been kidnapped by-a Bowser, we-a need your wand-a so we can save him-a!

King: You aren't Ariosto?

Luigi: No, I'm-a Luigi Mario!

King: Mario, Mario-

Luigi: That's-a my brother's name!

King: No, the last name “Mario”, that's my last name too!

Peach: King Mario?!

King: Yes, the Mario family is royalty, after all!

Peach: Really?!

King: Yes, and I know see what's going on!

Luigi: You do?!

King: My kin's in trouble! Yes, you may take my wand, take it and help our kin!

Luigi: Thank you!

King: No, thank you!

The king gave Luigi a hug while, of course, still wearing a fish suit.

Peach: I hate to ruin a priceless family moment, but Wendy just got onto the roof!

Wendy: I have you now, there's no place to run! (Or swim!)

Luigi: No, but there is a place to climb!

Luigi and Peach grabbed onto the anchor of Ludwig's airship and started climbing.

Wendy: I've heard of flying fish, but not climbing fish! No matter, Lemmy will get you!

Lemmy never showed.

Wendy: Lemmy, Lemmy, LEMMY?!

Luigi and Peach reached the airship. Right next to the spot they climbed to was a note.

Luigi: I think this is-a for you.

Luigi dropped the note down to Wendy. Wendy read the note.

Note: Dear siblings: Went to check out seal. –Lemmy

Wendy: LEMMY!!!

Peach and Luigi raised the anchor on Ludwig's ship. Before Wendy knew it, Peach and Luigi had hijacked Ludwig's ship and were flying away. Wendy called down into the throne room.

Wendy: Hey, Dudwig, Luigi just hijacked your ship!

Ludwig ceased his fight.

Ludwig: He did WHAT?!

Wendy: You know what he did!

The boys climbed up to the roof.

Ludwig: How could you let him get away?! Where's Lemmy?!

Wendy: The foolish guy went off to “check out” a seal!

Ludwig: A SEAL?! He neglected his duty just to check out a SEAL?!

Wendy: Yep.

Ludwig: LEMMY!!!

Lemmy heard Ludwig all the way from where he was.

Lemmy: I should've been there, shouldn't I?

Seal: Yup.

When we last left Peach and Luigi, they were in a bit of a fishy situation. First, they had been eaten by a fish, then they were forced to wear fish suits! (The horror!) Now, they're heading to Giant Land. Only one thing, how do you get a wand from a freakishly huge king?

Peach and Luigi were on their way to Giant Land. Peach had taken off her fish suit, but not Luigi.

Peach: I don't get it, why haven't you taken your fish suit off?

Luigi: One-a, I'm-a not wearing any clothes under it (because the suit wouldn't fit-a otherwise); and two, because it's-a kinda comfy.

Peach: I'm sorry I asked. Hey, how far are we from Giant Land, anyway?

Luigi: According to this-a convenient radar-a, we're only a few-a miles away! This will only take-a a minute, considering the-a engine in here-a!

Peach: How do you know so much about airships?

Luigi: Really, Peach, I'm-a smarter than you-a think!

Peach turned around and started talking to herself.

Peach: If Luigi knows about airships, who knows what else he knows!

Luigi: Hello, I can hear-a everything you're-a saying!

Peach: Hee, hee!

Just then, they made it to Giant Land's castle. It was perfect timing, too, because it was nine o' clock and it was getting dark! Peach and Luigi parked Ludwig's airship just above the roof of Giant Land's castle; ironically, since the castle was so big, they had to park in the stratosphere instead of the troposphere. Peach and Luigi found the longest rope possible and lowered it down to the ground. It took them a while to get down to the castle, but when they did, they were forced to look up at the doors.

Peach: Wow, they really don't kid about this place being Giant Land!

They were practically the size of bugs compared to everyone else! Peach walked up to the door. It was so big, she could crawl under it with ease! Luigi eventually did the same.

Luigi: This place is much bigger than I remember it being!

Peach: Well, with all the trees that cover Giant Land now, they had to build a bigger castle that could be easily seen.

Luigi: Well, I think they did it!

Peach: At the rate we're going now, we'll never make it to the throne room in time; we need something fast to take us there!

Luigi: You're right, but what can someone with three magic wands do?

Peach: I know!

She poofed up a jet car and climbed in.

Peach: Come on, Luigi, don't be a slow poke!

Luigi climbed in and they took off for the throne room. Princess Peach was a speed demon! When giant bugs came into her path, she ran them over with her jet car! Eventually they made it to the door that would take them to the throne room.

Peach: Okay, Luigi, we have to get out now!

Luigi stayed at in his seat, terrified.

Peach: Oh, Luigi, the ride wasn't that scary!

Just then, she saw why Luigi was terrified; there was a giant foot in front of them, the foot of the king! Peach honked the horn in the jet car; the king picked it up.

King: Who left their toy car in front of my door?

Peach got out of the car and waved her arms.

King: Oh, look, a little princess! She will go great with my little toy wand!

The king took Peach and the car to a shelf where he kept all of his “toys”. The king put Peach next to the wand; then, he walked out of the room. Peach grabbed the wand.

Peach: Let's hurry, Luigi, before he comes back!

Just then, Peach realized she was on the top shelf.

Peach: Oh no, there's no way we can get down from here!

Luigi: Nonsense, this is-a the wand from-a Giant Land, it will make us big!

Luigi waved the wand. Before they knew it, Peach and Luigi became the same size as the king; unfortunately, they broke the shelf in the process, causing a racket that got the king's attention.

Peach: Quick, shrink us before the king sees us!

Luigi shrunk Peach and himself. The king came in, looked at the mess, and started crying. Peach and Luigi took advantage of this moment to become big and run out of the castle. Before anyone could see them, they turned back to their normal size and started climbing the rope attached to the airship. When they had finally made it, they decided to rest. Unfortunately, their rest didn't last long, for they heard a voice from a loudspeaker.

Voice: Luigi, you fiend, give me back my airship!

You probably know who that was. Luigi went to the loudspeaker on Ludwig's ship.

Luigi: Not a chance, Ludwig, wherever you are-a.

Ludwig: You ship-hijacking cretin!

Luigi: Hey, I-a didn't just hijack your ship, I hijacked your-a ship in a fish suit!

Ludwig: No matter, fool, I know where you are!

Luigi: How do you-a know?

Ludwig: I've been following the sound of your voice! Ha! You thought you could outsmart the great LUDWIG VON KOOPA?! It appears you have not! Ha, he has outsmarted the enemy again!

Luigi got off of the loudspeaker as soon as he could, but it was too late; Wendy's airship was right behind him!

Ludwig was driving Wendy's airship, due to the fact that he was the best driver of the bunch. He was giving commands to the rest of the Koopas onboard.

Ludwig: Wendy, can you make this ship go any faster?!

Wendy: Give me a break, Ludwig, we don't all have a fancy engine in our airships like you do!

Ludwig: And now I regret it. Larry, get ready to throw some bombs, we need to threaten those ship-hijackers!

Larry: YES, finally, I can get my revenge on Luigi!

Ludwig: Iggy?

Iggy: Yes?

Ludwig: Make sure no one gets on the ship!

Iggy: Okay, but if the neon worms come back, should I tell you?

Ludwig: Yes.

Iggy: Well, they're back, and they're right behind you!

Ludwig looked behind himself and saw nothing.

Ludwig: Okay, maybe that's not the best job for you. Wendy, you can make sure no one gets on this ship; Iggy, just stay here and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!

Iggy: Aye aye, Captain Ludwig!

Ludwig: Lemmy!

(Lemmy was actually there by that time and Ludwig was not happy with him!)

Lemmy: Yes?

Ludwig: Go slap yourself in the face for being an idiot!

Lemmy: Again?

Ludwig: Yes, those twenty slaps you did before just weren't enough, you need to do two hundred!

Lemmy sighed and started slapping himself in the face two hundred times.
Ludwig grabbed the loudspeaker again.

Ludwig: Luigi, this is your final warning, get off my airship or be blown to bits!

There was no answer from the other ship.

Ludwig: Then it's war, Luigi!

Ludwig ordered Larry to start throwing bombs at his ship. It was a very hard thing for Ludwig to do, since he took a lot of pride in his airship. Larry happily threw the bombs, he stunk at aiming! Just then, there was a blast from the other ship. Luigi and Peach were firing their wands!

Ludwig: Idiots, they don't even know about my complex laser system!

Just then, Ludwig realized he had had his hand on the loudspeaker.

Ludwig: Uh oh!

Luigi and Peach took advantage of Ludwig's mistake, and billions of lasers and bullets fired from Ludwig's ship; it looked like a laser light show!

Iggy: Look, Ludwig, they're having a disco party! Can you believe their nerve?!

Ludwig: No, Iggy, it's worse than that, they're firing billions of bullets and lasers right at us!

Iggy screamed like a little girl. Ludwig screamed at Larry to fire more bombs, so the bombs and lasers could counteract each other.

Meanwhile, in Sky Land's castle, the king was going out for a nice, relaxing night on his balcony. He was surprised to see not just stars that night, but a laser light show and fireworks - heading right for him! Holding his wand in his hand, he hoped dearly he would not be hit by the disco party of doom.

Ludwig was not willing to lose this battle, neither was Luigi. The two duked it out for some time until they hit something, Sky Land's castle! Luigi and Ludwig climbed out of the airships and met each other face to face.

Ludwig: I know what you're trying to do and I won't allow it!

Luigi: I-a know what you're-a trying to do and I won't-a allow it!

While the two were fighting each other, they had no idea what was happening to Wendy's airship! Thanks to the crash, the ship had caught on fire; this was not good, considering it was loaded with bombs! Before the ship could blow up, everyone evacuated. It was only seconds later that the ship blew up. Unfortunately, this ship was on the balcony of the castle, where the king was! The wand was blown right out of the king’s hand and sent over the railing of the balcony, which had nothing but the ground under it, and that was a long way away! Larry saw what was happening and jumped off after it. Lemmy freaked out.

Lemmy: Larry!

Lemmy ran over to Ludwig and stole his wand. Before Ludwig could say anything about it, Lemmy ran over to the king (who was miraculously still alive) and turned him into a good-sized bird. After that, Lemmy hopped onto the bird king and plunged after Larry. Lemmy had to take a serious dive to catch up to Larry, who was still trying to grab the wand.

Larry: I'll never let Luigi win, NEVER! I would rather die than be defeated by that plumber!

Lemmy finally caught up with Larry.

Lemmy: Larry, forget about the wand, grab my hand!

Larry: NEVER!!! The wand will be mine or no one's!

Lemmy: Larry, we're running out of time!

Just then the ground came within viewing distance. Tiny lights could be seen from the ground. Larry was still trying to get the wand.

Lemmy: Larry, it isn't worth it!

Larry: It is too! Just think, if we don't get this wand, Luigi will! Think of what would happen if he got them all, Lemmy!

Lemmy: So he'll get his brother back! It doesn't matter, because if you fall with the wand and hit the ground, I'll never get mine back! I was so upset when I thought you had died, Larry, just imagine how upset I'll be if you actually do!  You should never be too bent on winning, Larry, it can kill you!

Larry thought about it for a moment.

Lemmy: Please, Larry, the ground isn't that far away!

Larry looked at the ground, which was much closer than he remembered! Larry grabbed Lemmy's hand and jumped onto the bird king. They were so close to the ground that when the wand hit it a few seconds later, it bounced back up to them and Larry grabbed it. Before Lemmy and Larry could hit the ground, Lemmy forced the bird king to fly back to the sky; the king happily agreed, for he didn't want to be a royal, feathered pancake.

After a while of flying, Larry and Lemmy made it back to the castle's balcony. Everyone was still there, including a furious Ludwig.

Ludwig: Lemmy, you fool, are you working for Luigi?! I needed that wand! You are going to slap yourself in the face two-thousand times for this! I am going to-

Larry: Shut up, Ludwig! If Lemmy hadn't stolen your wand, I wouldn't have this! (holds out king's wand) Actually, I wouldn't have even been alive if it hadn't been for that!

Lemmy: I know you're angry, Ludwig, but Larry jumped off the balcony to get the wand, I had to save him!

Ludwig: So this wasn't for your amusement?

Lemmy: NO. I may like to do tricks, but this was not something for fun!

Ludwig: In that case, you no longer have to slap yourself in the face. I'm sorry I was angry with you, Lemmy; Larry, on the other hand, needs to slap himself in the face ten times for doing such a stupid stunt over a silly, immaterial object, but also pat himself on the back an infinite number of times for getting it.

Larry: Thanks- I think? Hey, what did you do with Luigi?

Ludwig: I trapped him in something he will never be able to escape from!

Larry: A room with you while you perform symphonies?

Ludwig: You wish!

Larry (mouths): No I don't!

Lemmy: A jail cell?

Ludwig: Nope, something even more pathetic than that, a cardboard box!

Larry: Yeah, there's no way he's getting out of that! Not even I can escape from those!

Ludwig: That's why you're pathetic.

Larry: Aw!

Lemmy: Hey, what happened to Iggy and Wendy?

Meanwhile, Iggy and Wendy were battling Peach.

Wendy: I have always wanted to battle you!

Peach: Why?

Wendy: You are so annoying! You make every girl look like they must be girly in order to be beautiful or accepted in society as an actual girl! Maybe I don't want to be girly, ever thought of that?! Oh, you also make them look weak and defenseless, you and I both know we are more than that!

Peach: You want “weak and defenseless”, I'll show you “weak and defenseless”!

Peach grabbed Wendy and threw her into Iggy. She then ran over to Ludwig, who actually had his back turned for once, and not to plan an attack! Peach kicked Ludwig, stole the king's wand (which he just so happened to be holding at the time), got Luigi out of the box, jumped back into Ludwig's airship, and started it. When Ludwig got back on his feet, he screamed.

Ludwig: She can't do that, the ship won't fly with the damage the crash caused to the propellers!

Ludwig jumped onboard the ship, along with everyone else. Unfortunately, Luigi and Peach were not aware this. Luigi did know of the damage caused by the crash, and was terrified to know how they were going to get out of Sky Land. Just then Luigi saw a button on the “dashboard” of Ludwig's ship labeled “In case of propeller shutdown”. When he pushed the button, the entire airship transformed into a giant jet plane. The ship was suddenly able to fly, so everyone took off for Ice Land.

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