True Love Has No Limits

By Angel E. Koopa

Prologue: Exile (Flashback)

“Ludwig, I’m sick and tired of you never being able to do anything right!” Bowser was saying, as he paced back and forth.

Lately Bowser had noticed that Ludwig had been paying less and less attention to his work of helping defeat the Mario Bros, and more attention on other things… such as his girlfriend Karma. That despicable hybrid, King Koopa figured, was the reason for all of his son’s mistakes and also why he never focused on any of his work. At last Bowser had decided what he would do…

“Ludwig, I have decided to send Yoshibutt to the forest, where she will stay. It will be forbidden to conduct any manner of business with her, speak to her, or even LOOK at her; she is now in exile. Anyone caught disobeying these orders will be sent to the dudgeon until I see fit to overlook their crime.”

“What?! No! Karma has done nothing wrong!! Don’t take her away!!!” Ludwig yelled, trying to get at his father, but the guards were holding him back to keep him from hurting his father. So he was forced to watch helplessly as the guards struggled to pull Karma away from him and drag her to the forest.

After the guards dragged Karma away Bowser continued. “Ludwig, I have also decided you are to marry Kissy and become the next King of the Koopas.” But no sooner than he said those words he realized he couldn’t talk to his son so soon after what had just happened. “Ludwig, go to your dungeon for two weeks and then I’ll talk to you.”

On his way to the dungeon Ludwig mumbled, “Karma, I swear I’ll find you again someday, and then we’ll be together again. I promise.”

Meanwhile the Sledge Brothers were struggling to haul the screaming Karma through the rain.

“LET ME GO, YOU %$%@! LUDWIG!!! HELP ME!!” Karma yelled, trying to get back to Ludwig.

Soon the Sledge Brothers had gotten Karma to the other side of the stone wall outside of the Kastle Koopa grounds, to spend the rest of her life in exile.

That night she cried herself to sleep in the rain…

When Karma woke up the next morning she was curled up by the stone wall, soaking and shivering from the rain the previous night.  The only things she knew were that she was now an outcast uncertain of her future, and that someday she would find Ludwig again… But for now she was going to try to find shelter close by.

Chapter 1: The Fight

That dreadful, rainy night was nearly six months ago, Ludwig realized, scowling as he fiddled with what appeared to be a heart-shaped tracker, which he had in his hands.  Over the past five months he had searched the entire forest and done everything he could in his own power but still had not found Karma. Now he had finally come up with something that could find her even in the furthest reaches of the UNIVERSE…

The Koopaling soon opened the back of the device to reveal a complex series of wires, and was getting ready to finish soldering the rest of the wires to the inside of the machine when he heard someone call, “Ludwig, in the throne room now! I need your help!”

“I’m busy, Bowser! I’m not coming!” he retorted, continuing his work of soldering his invention together.

“Ludwig! Over here!” Another voice called silently from near his window. It was a voice that Ludwig knew by heart, the voice of his girlfriend, Karma. When she climbed through the window Ludwig ran over and kissed her and… completely forgot about his father’s command.

“LUDWIG!!!!! WHERE THE #$%$# ARE YOU?!” Ludwig’s furious father yelled again as he stomped to his son’s lab, his footsteps almost shaking the whole castle… yet Ludwig never noticed. “LUDWIG!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING KISSING THIS DISGUSTING THING?! YOU’RE ENGAGED TO KISSY, REMEMBER?!”

“I’M NOT MARRYING THAT WITCH, BOWSER!!! I’M MARRYING KARMA, AND DON’T YOU DARE CALL HER DISGUSTING!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!” Ludwig yelled back at his father, all the while trying to stifle a fireball.

“WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT! YOU DARE TALK TO ME LIK-“ Bowser never finished because Ludwig literally turned him black and grey with soot from a fireball that he could no longer keep himself from launching. The smell of burnt scales was almost overpowering.

While Bowser was getting over the shock of his own son burning him, the two teens used this moment to make their escape to the forest to hide until the next day…

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