Bowser: King of the Koopas

By ShadowGuy94

Prologue: The Birth of Bowser

It was May 8, 1968 and the second son of Morton and Lena Koopa, the king and queen of Koopa Land, had just been born.

Lena: What should we call him, honey?

Morton: Well, I really canít say it matters to me.  Perhaps Number Two.

Lena: Number Two?  Oh, thatís a horrible name for a baby.  How aboutÖ?

As Lena began to think, Kamek, King Mortonís chief advisor and the chief Magikoopa, entered the room.

Kamek: Sir, I have some news.

Morton: Wait a minute!  You forgot toÖ

The doctor entered the room.

Doctor: What have you decided to name the baby, maíam?

Morton: You still havenít said it, Kamek.

Lena (overhearing Bowserís and Kamekís conversation): Bow, sir.

Doctor: Okay, Bowser it is.  Nice name.  Very original.

Lena: No, wait.

Doctor: Whatís wrong?

Lena: Oh, never mind.  I like it.

Kamek (bows then gets back up): Iím so sorry.  I just came to tell you that King Toadstool would like to meet with you next Thursday.

Morton: That nitwit again!  Fine, so be it.  Just make sure he brings his servants.  I canít stand but so much of that idiotís voice.

Kamek: Of course, sir.  I will inform him right away.

Kamek then turned to the door and left.

Lena: Oh, honey.  His name is Bowser.  Donít you love it?

Morton: Sure, itís great.  Look, Iíve got to go.

Lena: Wait!  He was just born.  Donít you want to hold him?

Morton: Iím busy.  Perhaps I will some other time.

Morton left the room.

Chapter 1: Tearing Apart

Later that evening, Lena, Morton, and Martin (the coupleís 4-year-old son) gathered around the dinner table.  Lena had already recovered from giving birth.

Lena: So, whatís new, Morty?

Morton: You have no idea.  I have to meet with King Toadstool about improving ties between our nations.  If things go well, some Koopas may be allowed into the Mushroom Kingdom.  And as great as that is, we have to be extra careful because the king is easily offended.

Lena: Oh, I see.  Well, you are a very smart man.

Kamek and his older sister Kammy entered the room.

Kammy: King Morton!

Kamek: Your Highness, if you choose to follow tradition, you will need to bless the newborn baby within four days of his birth, just to let you know.

Morton: Very well.  I will take care of it later.

Lena: Perhaps it would be best to perform the ritual tomorrow, so that you donít forget.

Morton: I donít know.  There is much work to be done concerning the kingdom.

Lena: ButÖ Oh, never mind

Martin: Daddy, will you play with me?

Morton: Sure, Son.  Iíll always make time for you.

Lena: Then why canít you make time for Bowser to hold him or bless him?  I do pray that you will make the time.

Morton: Look, Lena.  Bowserís a cute baby, but heís not all that important.  Martin is the firstborn and thus the heir to my throne.

Morton picked up Martin and carried him around piggyback before eventually leaving the room with Martin.

Lena: Not important?  Oh, he makes so mad sometimes.

Kamek: Donít let it get you down, Your Majesty.

Kammy: Kamekís right.  King Morton knows what is best.

Lena: How can you be so sure?  Heís not perfect, you know.  If youíll excuse me, Iím going to see my baby.

The next week, Morton attended the meeting with King Toadstool.  He was now entering his home after a long day.  He walked in to see Lena, who was rocking the baby.

Morton: Oh, Lena.  You wonít believe it.  It worked.  Koopas are now going to be allowed into the Mushroom Kingdom.  Isnít it great?

Lena: Oh, honey.  Thatís wonderful.  Maybe now you have some time to spend with Bowser and I.

Morton: I donít know, honey.  Iím tired.

Morton started to leave the room.

Lena: Oh, no you donít.  Iím tired of your excuses.  Itís always something.  You never have time to spend with your baby or with me.  All you care about is yourself and Martin.

Morton: Whoa, cool it.  I do care.  Iím justÖ

Lena: Oh, yeah?  If you care so much, then why donít you prove it?  Why wonít you hold the baby or play with the baby?  Why wonít you hug me or kiss me anymore?

Morton: Maybe I have more important things to worry about.

Lena raised her hand to slap Morton, but withdrew it.

Lena: You know what?  Iím tired of this.  Weíre through.

Morton: I donít think so.  You canít leave me.  Iím the king and what I say goes.

Lena: I donít care!

Morton: Oh, I think you do.  If you try to leave, I will have you thrown in the dungeon and I will send Bowser off to some foster home in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Lena stared at Morton angrily and then went back to rocking Bowser. Morton exited the room.  His fury was plain to see.

Lena: Donít worry, Bowser.  Someday I will make things better for us.  I promise.

Lenaís butler entered the room.

Butler: Are you all right, madam?  Perhaps I can help you with something?

Lena: Thank you, but I donít know if thereís anything either of us can do right now.  You know, Morton never even blessed the baby.

Butler: What are you going to do?  It doesnít seem like he has the least bit of concern for Bowser.

Lena: Well, if Morton wonít do it, I know someone who will.

Butler: Who, Your Majesty?

Lena: Kamek!  Send for Kamek.

Butler: Yes, Your Honor.

Lena: Thank you.

It was a little after midnight and Lena and Kamek were in the courtyard with Bowser.

Lena: Thank you for doing this, Kamek.

Kamek: Youíre welcome, Your Majesty.  Itís my pleasure.

Lena: Let us begin.

Kamek: Hip Hop Iggy Pop!  Cheatsy Wheatsy Easy Stop!

Kamek cast his wand over the infant Bowser and a glow was seen for a brief moment.

Kamek: I have blessed him with courage, determination, and strength.  Strength that will likely outweigh that of Martin.

Lena: Oh, Kamek.  Thank you so much.  I love you.

Kamek didnít say anything for a moment.

Kamek: Your Majesty, IÖ.

Lena: Iím sorry, Kamek.  What I meant wasÖ

Kamek: I know what you meant, and I love you too.

Kamek and Lena hugged.

Lena: Well, Iíd better get Bowser to bed.  See you tomorrow.

As Lena left, she had a pleasant smile on her face that had been lacking lately.

Chapter 2: Kamekís Vision

Three years had past, making Bowser three and Martin seven.  Kamek and Lena had been seeing each other for some time now.  It had been nothing more than holding hands, hugging, and kissing up until this point.  But now they realized just how serious their relationship was.  They were in love and they wanted to get married, but since that was never going to happen they decided to settle for acting like they were married.
Lena was nervous about this night.  She felt like she wasnít necessarily doing the right thing, but it didnít feel all that wrong either.  After all, Morton had become a cruel, selfish man who neglected her and Bowser all the time.  Kamek had basically become Bowserís father.  He played games with Bowser, held him, fed him, rocked him, and even helped change his diaper.  Not to mention the fact that Morton had certainly been involved in many affairs with women he didnít even care the slightest bit about.

Kamek was now in his room, waiting for Lena to come.  Morton was going on a trip to another part of the country to gather troops for the draft for the war that Koopa Land was now fighting with the neighboring Sarasaland.  As soon as he left, Lena snuck into Kamekís room.

Lena: Hello, my love.  You have no idea how nervous I am.  I am ready, though.  I love you and I promise that one day I will try to find a way for us to be together forever.

Kamek: I love you so much, my darling.  However, I am in great distress right now over a vision I just had.

Lena: A vision?  What about?

Kamek: I saw two babies being born on Yoshiís Island.  Then I saw the babies grow up and destroy our troops and even attack who appeared to be Bowser.

Lena: Oh my goodness!  Could it be true?  Is our kingdom really in danger?

Kamek: Iím afraid so.  I think we should tell Morton, since this does concern the kingdom.

Lena: Yes, and my son as well.

Lena saw a servant walking in the hall.

Lena: Excuse me, sir.

Servant: Yes, madam?

Lena: Could you summon Kammy to the parlor, please?

Servant: Of course, Your Majesty.

Lena: Thank you.

Lena and Kamek made their way down to the parlor.  In a few minutes, Kammy came in to join them.  Kamek explained the story to Kammy.

Kammy: Oh, my.  This is not good at all.  Well, I say the best way to avoid the problem is to gain as much knowledge as possible about these babies.

Kamek: Well, I do remember one more thing, now that I think of it.  I saw one of them riding a Yoshi whose name appeared to be Yoshi.

Lena: A Yoshi named Yoshi?  That is awfully strange.  Do you have any idea when these babies are to be born?

Kamek: No, Iím afraid I donít, butÖ

Bowser then ran into the room.

Bowser: Mommy, Iím hungry.  And thirsty, too.

Lena: Thereís some milk and cookies I made for you on the table, honey.  Now what was your suggestion, Kamek?

Kamek: Maybe Kammy and I can see.

Kamek and Kammy cast a spell at the same time.  A puffy, cloud-like object began floating in the middle of the room. In it, a calendar could be seen on the hospital wall right after the twins had been born.  It read June 24, 1971.

Kammy: Thatís only two weeks away.  What do we do?

Suddenly Morton came into the house.

Lena: Morty, what are you doing back so soon?

Morton: Iím not back for long, sweetums.  I just forgot to remind you that Martinís official heir-naming ceremony will be next week.  If Iím not back in time, Kamek knows what to do.  Well. Iíve got to go now.

Morton then left the castle again.

Lena: Oh, great.  Something else to deal with.

Martin came running downstairs all of a sudden. He swiped a cookie and the glass of milk from Bowserís hands.

Bowser: Hey!  Thatís mine.

Martin: I want it, loser.

Lena: Martin, give him that back.

Martin: Fine!

Martin poured the glass on Bowser, threw the cookie at him, and put the glass on the counter.  Then he pushed Bowser down.

Lena: Martin, that was completely uncalled for.  Go to your room!

Martin: No!  I donít want to.

Lena: Now!  And if you say one more word youíll get a good spanking, too.

Martin headed on up to his room.

Lena: Are you okay, Bowser?

Bowser: Yeah.

Lena: Good. Get ready for bed, sweetie.  I love you.

Bowser: Okay, Mommy.

Bowser headed upstairs.

Lena: This is outrageous.  Martin has been very rude and mean lately.  No thanks to his fatherís bad influence.  I donít know what to do about him.  I hope itís not too late.

Kammy: Well, you can think on that while Kamek and I figure out this vision.

Kamek: So, shall I see you tomorrow night, my dear?

Lena: Yes, of course.  Goodnight.

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