The Crystal Keepers

By Pyro Guy

One day in Castle Koopa, Ludwig and Morton are in the lab. Morton is standing on a platform while Ludwig works the controls to another machine.

Morton: You are completely, entirely, undeniably sure that this is safe and will not harm, injure, burn, or electrocute me in any way, shape, or form, right Ludwig, oh brother of mine?

Ludwig: Yes Morton, this device will warp you directly into Peach's castle and back. All you have to do is capture her and activate the switch I gave you.

Ludwig then activates the teleporter and Morton starts to disappear before his eyes. But just as he believes that it is working, he hears a popping noise and the machine starts to break down as Morton is electrocuted.


Ludwig: Oh No!

Morton falls off of the platform and Ludwig runs over to his unmoving body.

Ludwig: Morton, speak to me. Morton? Morton!

He quickly realizes just how injured Morton is, and grabs an intercom.

Ludwig: Roy! Get to my lab now!

He runs over to the door and opens it just as Roy enters.

Roy: What is it, Kooky?

Ludwig: Something went wrong in the testing of my teleporter. Help me carry Morton to the hospital wing.

Roy: Kay then, where is he?

The two of them carry Morton to the hospital. Soon, the whole family has heard and is waiting outside to hear the news. A pink Medi Guy comes out of the operating room. This is actually a Medi Gal named Bonnie, who wears a blue bow on her head.

Bonnie: That accident rearranged Morton's organs. He'll be okay, but he is still too injured to see anyone.

Ludwig: Good, I was worried that I might have killed him.

Wendy: At least now the castle will be quiet for a few weeks.

Bonnie: You didn't need to worry, Ludwig, your machine didn't have a powerful enough voltage to actually kill him.

Larry looks a bit quizzical at this, but decides not to say anything.

Bowser: Thank you, ummmm...

Bonnie: My name is Bonnie, sir.

Bowser: Right. Thank you, Bonnie.

The Koopas quickly disperse throughout the castle. Ludwig immediately heads for his broken teleporter. He goes over the blueprints, trying to figure out what happened, unaware that he is being watched by two figures. Neither of them notices the other.

First Figure: I hope he doesn't figure out what happened. If he realizes what truly happened then the other keepers will have my head.

This figure slips out of the room unnoticed, as the other walks up to Ludwig.

Larry: Any luck with your teleporter?

Ludwig: Larry? I didnít hear you come in.

Larry: No one does.

Ludwig: Well no. It doesn't make sense. This should have worked perfectly. I think that someone sabotaged it. But why would anyone do all this to hurt Morton?

Larry: Huh. It's funny, that Medi Gal knew that this wasn't powerful enough to electrocute Morton to death.

Ludwig: What are you saying, Larry?

Larry: Just that I find it odd. I can also say that she was unaccounted for last night.

Ludwig: How? Don't tell me, you stole her employment file.

Larry: Yup.

Ludwig: It still doesn't add up, Larry. A Medi Gal sabotaging my machine to hurt, but not kill, Morton?

Larry: I can always spy on her to see if we're jumping to conclusions or not.

Ludwig: You do that. Let me know if you find something important.

Larry: I will.

He leaves Ludwig alone and goes off to the hospital wing, still unaware that he is being watched.

Figure from before: Larry, Larry, Larry. You don't know what you're getting yourself into. Of course, you'd probably have become involved sooner or later.

At the hospital, Bonnie is taking a blood sample from Morton when the phone rings.

Bonnie: Yes, this is Bonnie from the hospital.

Figure: Larry and Ludwig are on to you. Be careful. They can't be allowed to find out what you're doing.

Bonnie: Thank you. I'll keep an eye out for Larry. Don't worry though. I should be done with the procedure by morning.

Figure: Good.

Bonnie hangs up the phone and, before going back to Morton, covers the air vent with some papers.

Bonnie: Don't worry, Morton, we will be done shortly. And then we will know if it's you or not.

Little does she know, Larry bugged her phone before he went to see Ludwig, and hears the whole conversation.
He goes back to Ludwig that night and plays the phone call for him.

Ludwig: This isn't good. I may not know what they're talking about, but that voice sounds familiar.

Larry: Yeah, but who was it? And how did he know we were on to them?

Ludwig: It matters not. We will just have to stop this "procedure" before it's too late.

Larry: Agreed, we can handle a Medi Gal.

Ludwig: And hopefully our mystery man.

That night the two of them sneak into the hospital to see what Bonnie is doing. They see her working at a computer, and Ludwig uses his night-vision goggles to zoom in on the screen.

Ludwig: (reading, whispering) 3 percent, likely side-effects from time with sibling, will continue with plans, six remaining, Wendy to be tested next.

Larry: What?

Ludwig: She's looking for some type of energy within Morton. He doesn't have it but she thinks another of us does and will go after Wendy next.

Larry: We have to find out what that energy is and stop her.

Ludwig: Bonnie! I demand that you step, erm, float away from that computer and explain yourself.

Bonnie: What?! You two?!

The two of them back her towards the wall. She quickly sends her Email to the unknown receiver before shutting off the laptop.

Bonnie: Why are you here?

Larry: Cut to the chase, Bonnie. We know you're testing Moron for some kind of energy and sabotaged the teleporter.

Bonnie: My, my, such smart children. Fine then, I'll explain. I am one of the seven crystal keepers. Each of us possesses the power of a Crystal Star, and together we could rule the world. Unfortunately, one of the keepers is unknown. We believe that person to be living in this castle. So of course you Koopalings are the obvious choices.

Ludwig: So you sabotaged my teleporter, knowing that whoever tested it with me would be hospitalized and you could rule them out of your search.

Bonnie: Exactly. Morton is not the one, but it could still be one of you. Why not let me test you? If it is you, then you could have the world.

Ludwig: And share it with creeps like you? I don't think so.

Larry: We'll have the world on our own, thank you.

Bonnie: Fine then, I'll just have to take you two by force!

She flies straight at Larry with a scalpel, but he sidesteps and slashes her arm so that she drops it. Ludwig then shoots a fireball at Bonnie, but she flies out of the way.

Bonnie: Time to show you what I can really do!

She forms a pink energy sphere on her hand and throws it at them. Larry tries to racket it back but it explodes on contact, sending him reeling back. Ludwig pulls out his wand and fires a scatter shot, but she dodges and throws back more energy spheres.

Ludwig: GAHH!

Larry: Hey, Bonnie.

Bonnie: What, how are you still conscious?

Larry: My mirror took some of the blow. Oh, and next time, make sure you watch the guy carrying explosives.

Bonnie: What? You didn't!

She turns just in time to see the micro bombs on her hovercraft go off and blast her through the window. She spirals out of control before getting stuck in a tree outside.

The next day, Bonnie is locked in the dungeon, awaiting her execution after Larry woke up the rest of his family and explained what happened. As she sits there in her cell, a short figure in a blue robe comes down the stairs and walks up to her cell.

Bonnie: Hello Kamek.

Kamek: Bonnie, you should have been more careful. I won't be able to rescue you again.

He opens her cell and casts a spell to send her out of the castle and back to base. He will need a story to explain her escape, but he knows that no one believes the full story about Bonnie to begin with. Her laptop was destroyed when she hit the tree, so there is no proof of her mission.

Later that day, five people sit around a table. The first is Bonnie. Also there is a Tanoomba, Popple, a Dry Bones, and a man dressed in all black. He wears black boots, a black top hat, a black cape, and a mask split down the middle. The left half of the mask is black and happy, while the other is white and sad.

Bonnie: It is definitely a Koopaling. I just don't know which one. Any thoughts?

Popple: I've got nothing, see. Swaps?

The Tanoomba jumps at the mention of his name.

Swaps: Um, no. Drystone?

The Dry Bones rattles himself and snickers.

Drystone: I think it's one of the two that defeated Bonnie. Paradox?

The masked man doesn't move. Though no one can see, he smiles under his mask.

Paradox: It may be. But they could have gotten lucky. You didn't tell them everything, did you Bonnie?

Bonnie: No. They have no idea what the power of the Crystal Stars means.

Paradox: Good. Drystone, I believe you should help Kamek to test Wendy. We will proceed with the planned order, even if those two proved themselves worthy of fighting us.

Swaps: Why don't you just go, Paradox? You can sense it, after all.

Paradox: You know very well why I cannot go to that castle. I will do my part when the opportunity presents itself. Until then, I shall wait.

Drystone: Well then, meeting adjourned. Soon the Crystal Keepers will rule!

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